May 20th, 2018
Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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 Haha always makes me chuckle when I see "Me and Bi-natural are no longer friends." You guys have gone through ALOT I'm sure! Keep killin it bro, still reading along here, and remember, it's not just collecting experience but learning from that experience.

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Distant Light

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Ahash31: Hahahaha, this time its a "high" probability that were through because there was always a vibe for the past few months that we'd part ways ever since he cameback from europe and I had my "solo" run. As much fun as we had partying hard, there was a subtle limitation on my part because he hated when I'd leave him and as a "good friend" many times I passed up hooking up in order to stick with him. This whole dynamic made me realize how powerful being "unattached" to things is because since I ultimately am willing to let things go instantly I know I can indulge in the experience since I know based on experience internally I have complete control of my emotions. Ironically, this actually meshes well with my outing report from last night because it shows I AM THE ONLY CONSTANT in this whole life experience. Yes we were good friends, had a blast, did some crazy shit and just overall enjoyed each others company BUT the show still continues on without him...

See I know 100% based on past experience that I have ZERO PROBLEM going out solo or hanging with different social circles because I'm still that "crazy" social/fun guy that' people are addicted too. It's always a very high probability that I'm going to have a blast so when OTHER PEOPLE come into my life they can either come along for the ride or not. I HAVE NO DOWNSIDE. This is why my inner game aka "frame/viewpoint" is so SOLID because to me it's like purposely investing billions of dollars in bow & arrows to go to war. It's such a stupid, unprofitable decision for a woman NOT to come into my life or want to be around me. An of course, i never actually state any of this in real life. My world is equivalent to some LOVING HIPPIE TRIBE where regardless of your views there is no judgment were all just here to "live, love, life". I don't get mad nor deal with petty shit, life is a big joke to me and so ON PAPER when you think about how much fun I provide along with the fact that their in an informal environment where its all about giving/love then it's just retarded to pass up such an opportunity.

Cutting Off A Relationship, Opened The Flood Gates!?!?!?!?!
Last night is a perfect example as to why regardless whether I lost a great friendship or not, its actually meaningless in the grand scheme of things...

I went to dinner (free) brought out two girls with me (8 girls, 2 guys) and for some reason I socially I was SOBER and ON A ROLL just chatting so much which I noticed my sober self still scares me abit so I started drinking to calm down because it was literally as if I came to dinner as the DRUNK ME x100. Anywho, this tall country american gal is sitting next to me and so we start chating BUT while sober I'm just chatting/cutting convos with girl to my left and the 2 girls I brought with me. It was a great dinner, no "formal" BS where it takes forever for everyone to introduce each other.

NOTE, I noticed a "flaw" in my interpretations, I'm ALWAYS misinterpreting my "closed off" viewpoint as THEM BEING STANDOFFISH. I state this because 2 tall attractive chicks showed up 5mins later and I didn't speak to them at all during dinner to the point that when we went to the club I forgot they were even at dinner with us. I'm foreshadowing right now, essentially many times I noticed I DO NOT help women open up to me because either they're intimidated by me or can just sense my "you better not fuck up" vibe. More and more I'm noticing how I sorta "write them off" whether it be a 30sec interaction or simply me just looking at them, if I interpret standoffish I let it be when in reality I AM WRONG. 

Anywho, we go to the club and polish big tit texts me that she wants to hangout and is with a friend...

The Power Of The "Short Set" 
The table was WILD, due to me simply focusing my attention on different things every so often, its hilarious how in the moment it just feels normal BUT typing it, its like "fuck this almost sounds like I'm using more energy than when I was chasing". In reality, its so effortless and almost no energy is actually being used because its all just in good fun letting it all unfold. So here is the run down...
1.   Polish big tits shows up with friend, we briefly greet
2.   We do shots with polish and her friend 
3.  I immediately do shots with the 3 espana chicks (the ones I never spoke too during dinner)
4.  I go chat with polish chick, they are now on me hard as I show them how my hair got burnt off
5.  My boy wants to do a group picture, espana chick is trying to get me to HOLD HER BODY TIGHTLY which I point out to her
6.  Polish chick grabs me to mention how much she likes me, her friend is saying I'm hot, polish and I kiss
7.  I go flirting with the 2 girls I brought out
8.  Leave to go smoke, meet new people
9.  Comeback, bottle dudes on polish and her friend...Let them be as I mess with country girl
10.  Grab polish gal cause now she wants to blowout bottle guys
11.  Somehow ice is between her tits and motorboat/suck on her tits
12.  I pour a drink, look at the general vibe of the room
13.  Dance dance dance for 2mins
14.  Meet some new gals
15.  Walk to polish, some new guys trying to hit on them polish friend is "yea, but there not as hot as DL" they start making out
16.  I attempt 3way makeout but polish friend not into it
17.  I pour drink, chat with my boy about club hoppin
18.  6ft cutie we know shows up and I start flirting with her
19.  Go smoke, polish comes out and wants to go ahead of me to the next venue (they don't get in so they just leave)

That was overgeneralized, somewhere in there a chick I know who works at a strip club showed up and eventually we bounced to the next venue. That's a blur, 6ft cutie basically mentions she is seeing someone and doesn't want to fool around with me COOL. As it becomes later in the night SOMEHOW I'm leaving with the espana chick who I thought was russian and would not let it go that she is not russian. Her friend was trying to fuck my strip club friend so everyone got seperated and it panned out that it was her and I. For some reason, she wouldn't makeout so I was basically DONE and just messing around. Next thing you know were talking about sex, her masturbating, what she likes sexually, why I won't have sex with her anymore, her wanting me to pull out my dick. It was honestly a fun 15min "downtime" where it reminded me of something...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tension of "fuck or fight" vibe where under a highly positive/playful context we just keep push pulling each other. The 6ft cutie was the first chick to help me realize that I enjoy it highly. The interaction just screams "get a room" I think this is the NEXT LEVEL for me to have some amazing verbal fun. I didn't go home with the espana chick BUT she had a blast, when I thought about it we had actually met in THAT MOMENT. An it made me learn a new "way of being" that I truly like that I can see being highly effective.

Potential Possibility: The Fun "Incognito"?
I almost NEVER sit down at tables BUT one day I had a massive stomache ache and was sober so decided to sit down while trying to maintain the fun fun fun...

I noticed, I could have that same upbeat energetic way about me while sitting down and it was rather interesting/different being physical while seated. Non-verbally it was fun BUT I noticed I would just sit there quiet enjoying the music or just asking questions letting the chick talk. For a long time now, I essentially dropped anything "fancy" verbal wise so my interactions verbally were very basic stuff as I never wanted to be in a situation where I'm TRYING to think of golden shit to say. HOWEVER, I noticed what I do play around with verbally alot is through having a "Challenging n Confrontational" vibe, some expressions I noticed...
-  I'm "push push push push" with almost zero "pull"
-  I am the one who is shit testing and throwing hoops
-  Always laughing at them
-  PLAYFULLY telling them "fuck you" or "I hate you" or "OMG!!!!"
-  I am almost addicted to calling chicks out (in a playful manner) and I notice I do it a ton as a SETUP TO A TEST or SHIFT THE DIRECTION
-  I love talking about my "philosophy of life"
-  All physical expressions actually builds tension (imagine, girl n guy wrestling on a bed which leads to sex occuring)

I'll come back to all this some other time, gonna experiment tonight, nonetheless as I stated a fun night lots of sexual expression and the friendship I had with bi-natural had ZERO influence on how my night would go. I am who I am and as a result I have a consistent experience in the cooresponding feedback. I'm a fun guy so of course every night is gonna be fun for ME atleast and anyone open too it.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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 Guy PMed me and I promised him an article on my sexual technique BUT, turns out I'm learning to be a busy bee so I can only give recommended readings...


Art Of The Quickie by Joel D Block

It helped me have "realistic" sex instead of all those karma sutra LONG & SLOW sex that never truly happens. There is never some mood set, 45mins of foreplay, starting off very slow til I reach an emotional peak. NO!!! It's finger banging in the taxi, making out as she opens the door and laughable trying to make our way to the bedroom where 5mins in she's begging for a dick inside of her. 10mins later a dick is in her.


Sexual Intelligence by Marty Klein

This truly taught me about how the world aspires for "normal" sex when in reality that means fear/ego based sex. Where your worried about performing, orgasm, thinking intercourse means sex, always able to get it up, unlimited stamina. Nowadays, I laugh/joke and just keep it light and fun like it should be. Intercourse doesn't need to happen nor anything for that matter. So longs were just expressing ourselves sexually. This has made me a much better person sexually and has resulted in chicks squirting and orgasming without my expectation, want/need for it to happen.

P.S...In the process of launchng a "blog" finally, so stay tuned. It'll help me organize stuff and be more willing to really pump out the value. From time to time I'll update about my life but as of right now everything is coming together and taking a leap over the end that posting in this journal is no longer profitable. Stay tuned!!!
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 Dude, I noticed you like your EDM which is awesome. Have you checked out Holy Ship at all? I really wanna hit that boat up looks INSANE.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Post a video, so many parties I wanna go too...
-  WMC & Ultra in miami, it sucks because ALL MY FUCKING FRIENDS keep saying "Yo DL!!! Were flying down to miami COME!!!!" and I'm just like "Na I stay here" haahhaha. My other friends I know in nightlife that are DJs are gonna rent out a villa and do it up!!!!
-  Berlin Berlin Berlin
-  Eastern Euro Tour, for the sake of partying and because I think those regions have the hottest women
-  Tomorrowland, after seeing that epic AFTERMOVIE on youtube damn!!!
-  Burning Man, I love the hippie/artsy lifestyle
-  South Of France, I love the high end shit and the fact that they attract some of the most gorgeous women in the world
-  Las Vegas, get my craving for huge fake tits out of my system
-  Marbella, oceanclub nuff said
-  Ibiza & Mykonos with a huge mixed group (of course 80% girls 20% guys)

Regardless though, I think NY is the perfect balance for me BUT I wanna travel to party like 1-2 months out of the year. Currently some of my girls are flying down to NO for superbowl and others are planning for coachella. My ass can't plan shit!!! Hahahaha
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Here it is man, I need to commandeer this ship! A cruise ship full of party goers, DJ's and it's in the bahamas. Hitting it up with a couple like minded dudes would be epic shit i think.

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 Hey DL, 

i have finally finished reading MBT. how does creating a fascinating lifestyle contribute to your personal big picture? how does it affect you quality of being..?
Looking for a solid wing. 
Chicago - Daygame / Nightgame
No Path No Journey - My Journal
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Just started reading MBT after following this thread for a while.  It looks pretty awesome, but it'll take a while to read.

Tried out your method of dancing completely crazy while sober at the club.  Had so much fun and girls were following me around and just coming up to me and dancing, I was rejecting girls that I didn't find attractive b/c I has so much selection.  Being chased by girls is nice for a change.

How do you give out your number out at the loud EDM clubs? Do you just go to a corner and give it out or what? I can barely hear myself talking, let alone anyone else (even with the ear trick) so I never get #s or give mine out at EDM clubs.
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 DL, took me a month to get through this journal. Your game is gold. I got through MBT finally last weekend after a month worth of casual reading. Spot on book. Best read ever. I incorporated bits of your style with my twist with great results. Fucking storm of chicks and that instant "connection". Being present and grounded must add value too. Getting to know bouncers, promoters, dj's, club owners and bartenders in seconds also really lets me own places better. I'm usually sober out, bot getting free drinks rocks.

Anyone can do it if it's their reality. It was mine, but I was supressing. Letting go of ego and fear and needs and wants in favor of understanding, love and high standards really is the shit. So much progress on my side in so little time. Gaming sucks, being owns.

As for EDM - invest in proper musician grade custom molded stoppers - they run 100-200$, expand hearing expectancy and let you understand what people are yelling in your ear. You still have to yell, but you get to hear sentences from other people clearly. All proper dj's have this stuff - ask em after a performance.

On that note being broke is not an issue any more for me. Fucking entrepreneurship.

Oh, being 6ft tall and fucking handsome really doesn't hurt. IMO it even helps a bit. Must be funny to game tall hotties when yer 5ft. DL u like 6ft4 od 6f6? 
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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As yall can see this thread is essentially done BUT please keep the success stories coming...BLOG COMING SOON!!!

Yooooooooo...HOLY SHIP!!!!!!!
- First of all, song at 4:04 is going in my next video!!!
- 6:57 guy in blue shirt was PUMPED THE FUCK UP!!!!

I agree, rolling with a mixed group would be insane!!! I'd probably die of dehydration hahahahah.

Its the stage/props I use to help facilitate experiences which causes me to learn/grow. I love the external environment :)))

So many concepts help me break stuff down and create my own concepts/processes/structure. Also I am no longer as westernized as I used too. Now I just wanna "experence" life I dont care if is good or bad.

Just yell hahahaha and give your #...

Usually I'm just like "your fucking awesome!! Loving the energy!! Were doing it up again, take my #"

HOWEVER, loud dance venues girls generally ask for my # because I generally am rocking out HARD to the point of dehydration hahahah. Glad your out there having fun.

I love posts like this...

Yep, tall women are the best, its very rare a short chick can attract me unless she is gorgeous & fiesty. (Met only 5 in past 2 years) I'm maybe 6'2 or 6'3.
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