October 19th, 2017
Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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 I got kind of sold by the link you sent to a video from "The Yacht Week". It sounds really awesome. Do you have any friends with references from it?
- Keep up the posting, it's rocking.
I am the best
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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jais wrote:
 I got kind of sold by the link you sent to a video from "The Yacht Week". It sounds really awesome. Do you have any friends with references from it?
- Keep up the posting, it's rocking.

Yep, that was one of the first videos that really motivatd me. A handful of others... (bored at home)

By far one of the coolest pool party videos, I would love to fly out with a group and hit this place up. This is one of the 1st videos that reminded me of "shared" experiences and fun being highly important for all.

Hot Women + Luxury = "High End" Illusion

This video is the pinnacle of "luxury" which IMO no club in NY could compare to this venue in moscow in terms of QUALITY. (A few can come close) If even 8 of these hot chicks flew to NY these venues would be giving us the best table, unlimited "champagne", free entrees at "trendy" restaurants, introduced to wealthy people, invites to all sorts of other events.

NOTE - I'm very bias in favor of eastern euro women, while NY has hotties. Being in such a venue where majority are "eastern euro" hot is #1 in my book in terms of quality.

When you see next video, what do you think? I personally, see a venue where I would simply "clean-up" easily just by being in that room. Give me 2 months and wild experience would have manifest.

Why, I love energetic women is because ideally I love women who move like go-go dancers. This chicks moves would get my attention face. Even women who aren't as hot as her, if they move like this I get very turned on. There overall vibe of a woman should be as enegetic as this

These next few video is essentially what "homo erotic mating dance" is. By far, the most effective thing for me personally. Back in the day, I used to almost exclusively rely on it since MAJORITY of women would end up making out.

Guy's overall rhythm is usually how I am since its much easier to control what's happening. I sometimes wonder if I should WORKOUT as some of the more basic things I tend to always do. (that transition where her tits is in his face, usually leads to sucking on em)

International "Hot Spots"
While I will forever want to be in NY overall...

There are certain other "high end" regions and overall party cities that I find really intriguing and would mesh well with my lifestyle in NY. For instance

Floripa - one place where I currently could go with my "model" promoter friends for NYE if I had money to live there for 13 days.

South of France (Cannes/Monaco/St Tropez) - One place that knows how to make that formula of luxury illusion. Like chick mentions, its a big deal for people to see 20-30 models in one group. Expensive places, is just due to the fact that its a hot crowd so it'll attract people with money allowing businesses to charge a shitload.

If you are naturally good with women you have a HUGE ABILITY to create any lifestyle you want...

Mykonos, Ibiza, & Marbella - These places, I am intrigued by more so for a marathon of partying hard with an outrageous ratio since well known "party islands" tend to have a bigger ratio imbalance due to lack of door policy. So my dream is to go to these places book out a hotel with just my social circle of about 30 girls and 4 guys.

P.S...Lots of other "high end" areas of interest such as vegas, miami, beirut, certain cities in china. Then eastern euro places like warsaw, krakow, belgrade, bucahrest, kiev. Berlin is #1 though do to me wanting to get lost in there underground scene.
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So you usually open mixed groups just by bringing the party, i.e "we are the champions!" befriending the guy/s with small talk, and knowing fully well that you're the shiny object to the girl by default?
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Bebopjoker wrote:
shit like thismotivates the fuckoutof me. not your babbling bs distant light but those videos...

Hahaha, ironically enough making that last post with all those videos was the worst thing for this thread... ;)

Now, I have re-aligned with my "goals" of traveling at different hot spots and partying hard. With the added effect of...
-  Gadget problems, so I can't make nor post videos
-  Phone problems, no music or storage to watch vides
-  Money issues coming back as I keep wasting time/money ordering the WRONG shit


I care more about making money and hanging with a mixed group than ever having sex. The aspect of living in manhattan and partying around the world has hit me.

I to this day still haven't bought new condoms I am shocked I was gonna pull the other day and TONIGHT. Thankfully, the girls left. Met some german with a big ass who was trying to get me drunk drunk drunk. She disappeared though...Earlier some scandinivan chick liked me but I had to put an end to that since she was abit (normal sized) big.

Met some russians who liked me a lot but I just wanted to setup a "host" frame to kinda get the ball rolling...

Thing is I looked up places like ibiza and marbella seen the price for a villa holding 10+ and thought I WANNA TAKE A CREW THERE. Community is about pickup and sex, I on other hand want hot women around me partying so I can get paid, getting laid is easy now.

With that said, was on subway crazy shit happened SWAT TEAM had to come in, while a crisis was going on I met 2 new girls hahaahha. Its easy to meet and get girls so now its time to


Y'all know my method, no chasing, be FASCINATING and live a sick lifestyle. Why am I still here? My 2000th post outlined the gist of what I know...

So now ima change and be a businessman which is TOUGH for me. I am so used to being center of attention having a blast just whoring it.

Let's get deeper
I am shocked at how easy it is for me to influence people, its so easy they get my vibe and think YEP. I witnessed how things like terrorism could be an easy thing...

Normal people live in fear, while I didn't feel weird I did feel like I was the only one willing to die for the sake of closure and the lives of others. (Long story don't ask)

I just wanna party, don't complicate my life nor bogg me down. I learnt sooo much after tonights dilemma.

Another reality is SO MANY WOMEN KNOW ME that I don't know...

Community dudes in small towns swear about BAD REP, I got spotted 5 times today due girls loving me. Its sad I don't remember them. Anywho...

Its ago, I wanna align with hotties, introduce them to guys while having fun and MAKING MONEY to continue the party...

DO YOU KNOW I THOUGHT the gals around me hated me due to shitty reactions. I didn't bother with them assuming something was up WRONG they were just so subtle that I didn't notice they loved me.

Maybe I start posting again when I am spraying champagne while some random euro is begging to suck my cock. (A euro was beggin me to stay to have sex in bathroom)

I just no longer see low level pickup benefiting me at all...
-  No validation
-  No happiness
-  No memorable experience
-  No "I am advanced!!!!"

I just feel like a kid who opted to stay in pre-school when he should be getting his PHD. Time to go for my PHD...

For now thread is closed, but I will still answer questions...helping people is apart of me heck, I was willing to die/save a whole train full of strangers.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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The End Is Near...
Once I start working again, I stop posting...

For the most part everything up to this point has been said with the exception of the last article I'll make, my OUTER GAME in actual interactions.

I haven't been updating my journal because so much stuff have been going on, I have no clue where to start...
- Atleast 4-5 women, that's right FIVE FUCKING WOMEN each night say hello and I don't remember them. (Bad!!!)
- Downgrading my phone has been problmatic because I can't group through my phone. Even worst I lost the habit of always sending invites
- I am more influential then ever, 3x in one night girls who know me state that I am AMAZING not in the normal sense neither. Model chick states at her model house they always talk about me and love me.
- 2sets are becoming more fun than mixed groups as I know allow BOTH WOMEN to fool around with me.

Night before 2 germans and 2 russians were on me, tonight madeout with 2 hotties who were friends...

Had to meet a girl for a warehouse party and so my russians from last night missed me. At warehouse party I DO NOT APPROACH but of course I GET #closed and madeout with a cutie.

I must say, I am sorta glad I am starting from scratch because my phone right now consist of nothing but above average women. Meaning I can take any girl to ALL VENUES with the exception of 2 spots.

Looking into the future
I wanna focus on working and generating income...

Also, I raised my criteria to banging hot women ONLY because I realized the stuff I do when it comes down to sex isn't something I am capable of doing if I am not HIGHLY ATTRACTED.

Bonus: #close In Time Of Crisis
Friday, train stopped abruptly between stops for 10mins with conductor stating a train up ahead has an emergency. 20mins in train shuts off, some drunks start singing. Later, conductor states there waiting for the police to get to the OTHER train...

Now at first I was focused on not being late to pregame BUT once I heard such things I decided "I am going to the front" because I wasn't gonna just sit here waiting for whatever crisis is happening to spill over. I wanted to atleast attempt to end the situation even if it meant I die. NO ONE but one other guy followed when I stated I am going to the front.

Had to pass a 5set smoking between carts, at front NO FUCKING TRAIN. Turns out guy thinks he hit someone but not sure. Long story short, there was a guy hiding, swat had just arrived, he got tazered.

After all that, I simply get off train and #close the hottest of the 5set. On a MBT level, I wasn't fearful at all and was actually shocked at how people just sat there and was waiting for me to figure it all out.
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 Hey man i've actually read through this entire thread and bought MBT because you recommended it also. I was just wondering, how has your experiences with Meditation/NPMR/Altered States affected your lifestyle, social group game, and achieving your ultimate goals?
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Welp, slowly leading towards the end, once I start working I will only be replying to questions on here, no updates on my life...

I noticed, I never mentioned the "expressions" I tend to project when interacting with an actual group. (Usually, I only vaguely state that my interactions avg 2-5mins) So I decided to mention the most consistent things I am aware of...

Main frames for me is, "she already wants me, question is does she meet my criteria? And do I want to give her an opportunity?"

I am all over the place, "random", just doing/saying whatever I want because its just me just being me...

Everything is coming from a place of HAVING A FUCKING BLAST as if I am going to die of cancer tomorrow. Its all about "fun fun fun" so longs no one kills the vibe then everything is gooood.

On an advanced level, by expressing myself so raw and uncut I am actually passively screening since I can tell a few things...
-  Whether we will mesh well together
-  Whether she'll be able to handle me

Self-Amusment "Frame"
She wants my body/soul/cum...

Everything about me is expressed through that frame which tends to manifest me expressing in the following manner...
-  I randomly/playful challenge her or call her out on things
-  I playfully assert boundaries conveying that I'm willing to walk away
-  I sometimes create false barriers, saying I only fuck tall women, if tall I only fuck feminine women, if both then only fuck women who can keep up. Other times, I tell chicks nothing is gonna happen because I ran out of condoms.
-  My favorite, is misinterpreting things that she says in order to steer the interaction in the direction I want.

Poker Face = Default State
Even seen a russian model looking at her phone or interacting with new people? Deadpan

While I do have an upbeat expressive energy about me, I am generally relaxed with a "poker face" vibe. SELF CONTROL is the name of the game keeping it all neutral/social.

Advanced Qualification: Discovery Channel Mode
When a chick peaks my interest I seem like an animal who heard a distant voice and I become very curious...

SCREENING HARD, blantantly assessing whether I should continue interacting or not. Seeing what she's about, all she is doing is qualifying herself and investing. THIS IS VERY POWERFUL almost always leads to a makeout (if I choose to take it there)

Advanced Qualification: High Energy
This is old school tyler shit, using "emotionally unexplained"...

When I am pumped up and don't wanna chat I just throw abstract BS mentioning how well our energy meshes together or how she is surprising me by being so awesome. Asking, her where the fuck she came from, anything that is very vague and conveys that I like how she can keep up.

Advanced Qualification: Your Philosophy Of Life
As you gain more experience through interaction, you deeply learn what you like and dislike...

Using soundbites, ancedotes, short stories easily can frame a concept. One thing about me is my massive dislike for monogamy. I use soundbites "1 on 1 sex is boring", ancedotes in 3rd person "my friend had a relationship, now he is in a shitty state of mind" or 1st person "I hung out with a chick for 1 month sooooo boring despite her being one of the coolest women ever". Short stories, mentioning how I seen an argument on the train.

Escalation aka "Giving them an excuse/opportunity to do what they already want to do"
If I want to push play I do 1-2 of the following...
-  Kiss her neck
-  Play with her ass
-  Grab/hold her thong
-  Rub her clit

I can do it whenever because all she needs is an opportunity. If I am not willing to push play then I won't do any of this. Which, could still mean I sucked on her tits and kissed her BUT that for me is just having fun not actually pressing play.

Most Potent Technique? "Homo Erotic Mating Dance"
Essentially nowadays its me stealing different moves of people I've seen out who I thought were in the zone having a blast...

The foundation is all about being stripper-like in a childish/playful manner. Its about fun, flirtation as if your on dancing with the stars. Playing with the sexual tension, expressing sexuality and overall seeing how you to mesh together.

An that's it...Keep in mind this is all very potent for me since I don't have "long interactions". Women remember me wayyyyy more than I remember them.

With all that said, for the most part it was a great run and I'm glad to have provided so much value those who found it helpful. I will still continue to reply to any questions in this thread just no longer updating about my life.

In closing..
MASSIVE THANKS TO THE RSD LURKER who donated to me which kept my lifestyle afloat. I woulda disappeared about a month ago had he not came through. Also the other few who contributed its truly appreciated. Essentially, y'all saved my phyiscal life and the experience woke me up to stop playing "low stakes" game and truly focus on my weaknesses.

So, sorta of a motivational video from me to those who found my stuff helpful, since I didn't write any reports in the past week or so I pieced together videos of the last 2-3 weeks that I was out and about PHONELESS. Enjoy...

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I will miss this FR... 

and I'm totally stealing the "who's that womaaaan" line

take care man! 
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Yep, I'm aware of this...

My biggest problem is not being able to do things for money ESPECIALLY things that I love. (Have had multiple people offer to pay me money to help them out) It simply goes against who I am.

Also in the past, I never took responsibility so I allowed the "up n down" cycle and then the randomness of losing phones, contacts, giving wrong facebook info or number.

When I TRY TO WORK, I always do HORRIBLE, but as soon as I revert back to normal doing shit for free I am at some nightclub with 7 girls acting like a "table host". Other jobs I may be good at I can never do because I can't relate. IN MY MIND, I don't understand how people spend money..
-  I would be living BLISSFULLY off of...900/mth (with parents)
- I would be living BLISSFULLY off of...2300/mth (1 stop from manhattan, roommates)
-  I would be living BLISSFULLY off of...3900/mth (Solo in Manhattan)

When I say blissfully, I mean living how I live while having enough money to have savings, investments and paying off debt. I can't comprehend buying majority of things in the world, I've been living off the same 525 dollars for almost 2 months now.

When I read business/marketing books its mindboggling to read about billion dollar industries as I sit there thinking "who the hell would buy? I surely wouldn't". When I do things out of LOVE I do great when I try to make money its bad. My friends once pointed, when I was working they noticed a difference. They thought I was bringing them out just to do it up like usual BUT they could feel my vibe that I was doing it because I wanted to make money.

P.S...double edge sword, I can never work 9-5 because all that time to make money I don't need beyond basic living.
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White Tiger

White Tiger

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 Read this whole thread. MONEY!!! 
I think Jeffy is the closest guy to all this.. 3some /orgies and all that. Its very much into his reality.
Would love to see you in the scene.. 
Learnt a lot..

Still trying to learn how you frame the convos. May be some text examples == how girl tries to steal your frame and u put it back and more sexual misinterpreation examples. 
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