May 29th, 2017
Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Another Epic Fail...
Now broke, again!!!! Would have to use savings in order to go out FAWK!!!!

Last night was so random...
- Daytime, 2 black models approach me, its obvious that they liked me but I was so in my own world I just kept it moving
- I go to a sunset party since my friend I met in the community is on an instadate. I get sooo drunk and talk to none of the 12 girls.
- My cousin and his boy shows up, I am wasted, don't remember like an hour of life. My cousin just texted me stating we had to leave due to me falling asleep.
- Next venue, I am out of it and fall asleep downstairs, bi-natural shows up and is utter shock. I am no longer blackout mode. He's with this african chick I know
- I somehow meet this black london chick, bring her to table. We leave to go to another club which in back seat I makeout with london girl. Then as her body is forward, I makeout with african chick. African and bi-natural keep giving me shit for bringing the african girl along since she asked too much questions to them. I not sure how I met her was just on auto pilot. In 3rd venue african chick states the london chick really liked me.
- 4th venue I spot the 2 girls that I once planted the 3some seed. I was just way too fucked up. I was just sitting down.

The worst aspect is that I was drunk texting one of the models who likes me. Backstory, saturday I see my boy and supposedly now she's his gf. I wouldnt do shit BUT at the sametime, it doesn't stop me from keeping her around. Saturday she had came up to me funny enough she didn't know I would be there. She is hot, I forgot how attractive she is. These texts mid-way on is drunk but you can see my mindset...

I wasn't drunk here, this was from saturday, I didn't know her supposed bf was my friend at this time. In reality, its abit ridiculous cause 2 weeks now she is his gf hahaha.

This is how I know I was blacked out because I would never text so much and I am texting what i would actually say to a chick if we were in person. This is all qualification-like stuff. Apparently it was solid texting HOWEVER this is way too much in a sober world. I would never do any form of text game. Anywho, outcome...

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Wait, which goal were you failing at?
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Was suppose to go scouting for women so I can start working 2x a week with a friend on wednesdays and model promoter on saturdays for next week. If all went well i'd end up on fridays with bi-natural at a house music oriented venue.

I'm not allowed to go out at night if I don't do atleast SOME scouting for that day and unless I am getting paid WEEKLY, I am not allowed to hookup with any chicks.

Challenge was to start sunday and go atleast until this danish chick shows up oct 10th. However day1, I failed and now broke so have to stay for 4 days. Model chick in text, I canceled on since I can't even afford to take train.

The other problem is bi-natural constantly talking about how I changed for the worst and stating how people were messaging/calling ask about me.

Sunday, I probably blacked out twice and now that its so easy for me to mess with chicks, I disappear which pisses off bi-natural. He hated the london chick and kept talking shit to her, then gets annoyed at me for telling him to stop with the condescending "throw aways". Stating I shouldn't have brought her along, he essentially got rid of her by telling her to stay at 3rd venue and throwing us in taxi. (which I ended up paying due to them taking too long to simply pay)

I've become much more serious about making money ever since I no longer worked the day parties due to summer ending. I simply don't party hard like I used too, instead I switched up and mess with alot of chicks. Went from 1 unproductive manner to another. To bi-natural this is bad since its no longer a group shared experience of fun. Its just me randomly all over the place and turning up missing. For instance, sunday he thought I left last club. I was actually fucked up in dj booth with 3 girls until eventually i burnout.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Bebopjoker wrote:
you want to stay away from the community YET YOU POST HERE! LMFAO fucking retarded

If you've followed my journal you'll notice I kept posting due to the fact that people found this DIFFERENT perspective helpful. I think it was back in march where I had an experience that made me see alot of flaws in "community culture" to the point that I personally would never get caught up in all the BS.

Beyond the fact that these venues dislike me bringing along guys, I don't hang with community guys just due to the fact that I don't want to go around TRYING to pickup chicks and I would be a buzz kill if I showed up and not be an approach machine. If a community guy noticed me they will see nothing community-like because I am never BEASTING or burning the venue to the ground. Instead I am just this maniac having a blast which at times I might be bouncing around.

As of right now, its assumed that I do hardcore drugs just due to how I am consistently. Irony is, with the exception of my boy twice giving me mdma without knowing NO ONE in this scene has seen me on any form of drugs. I know 2 non-rsd community guys who know I am aware of all this JUST they don't know I keep a journal and helped/inspired many people. Both guys just always thought it was weird that I only knew lots of girls and if out solo would end up hanging with a new crowd of people.

When I say community I am talking about community culture...
- Anything that has to do with me TRYING to get the girl
- Game in the sense of attraction, comfort, close...All a waste of time
- Day2s and phone game...waste of time
- Cold Approach Mastery...Time could be spent living/building your life
- Wings...Ask anyone who has met me in past year it was not on the basis of PU or winging. Other aspect is due to nightlife culture of not bringing guys. I bring 1 guy and its like i walked up with 5 guys and no gals.

Main issue is TRYING, majority of community mindsets is based on trying to get the girl. Just because I post doesn't mean I am out hitting up sets. I am out because I love to party, if I didn't I would never set foot in a club. You won't catch me 4am trying to pull with my wings on the corner last minute because I am not going for cold approach mastery nor am I going out of my way for a lay. 4am, I am trying to hit an after party and rounding up people.

This is more about whether I want to live my life or not...
- I could go back to trying every new thing on the front page
- Play with each instructors method and mindset.
- Hit it up hard everyday
- Rack up a ton of lays

However, I would miss out on so many moments that I find valuable such as shared experiences with a group of fun people. Each day gone by focused on cold approach mastery could've been spent actually doing things I enjoy and just bringing people along. Its funny talking about this because most people consider me douchey due to having way too many stories. In actuality, I simply decided to live and build an incredible life so of course I will have stories.

Yes a community dude could say
- He had 3 lays in 1 night
- He banged 5 girls in this week alone
- He pulled a model looking gal off the street 4am
- He instadated this amazing fashion student
- He has a harem of 5 and one of them goes along with a fuckbuddy

What he can't say...

Dressed up with a crew of fun/cool people for 4th of july to eat for free and party hard at a pool party listening to hard rock sofa dj. Meeting new women is the norm BUT not only are you a potential shag BUT even if she never gets to kidnap you she has come into this FUN life amongst other like-minded people. Who says you haven't hooked up with some or all of the girls you have coming along.

Did I mention free food? Thats one of the beauties of knowing managers and owners. An since your connected, welp FREE DINNER before you go out and partay!!!!

Yep, I should focus on cold approach mastery, right? I might not be able to fly into dallas for 2 days and bang the hot receptionist of the hotel BUT I am decent enough skill wise to meet a chick and bring her into my world which is a more likely situation than me flying into a city that has a hot receptionist at my hotel and banging her in 2 days.

Why am I doing this again? What validation am I seeking? High lay count? Instructor level cold approach skills? Sniper out gals? FUCK ALL THAT haha. This is just regret due to focusing on cold approach mastery back when I was in acting school instead of living it up.

Proof is in the pudding, you can continue burning venues down to the ground searching for one girl to finally fuck. Or you can LIVE and simply select which girls you want to hookup with.

90% of the community can never even round up 2-3 gals to come along with them into there life because they simply chase all women and waste all there time trying to bypass her resistence to finally hookup. A sadder question, strip away pickup and they have no legit life.

This is the main purpose of my journal and why i still stick around. In 10 years how will you be living? Still exploring the latest community methods on the corner? If you died now can you say you enjoyed living your life?

If you've seen my "1st step" lifestyle video, that was the beginning of my life and honestly i could die now and still rate my quality of life after 1 year as ridiculous, book worthy.
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Bebopjoker wrote:
1. i rather practice cold approach than build a social circle. why? what are you going to do if you dont got a social circle to get laid?

2. those dudes in those social circles are idiots, any decent pua would run circles around them. why? cus they know what the fuck they are doing in the interaction. these social circle dudes may be consider naturals but constantly make the same mistake over and over again with woman whether is attraction, qualification, comfort etc.

3.  They will go through life fucking broads here and there in their social circle and the occasionally drunk chick  and finally settling down with a girl who likes him who he is.... never realizing he could do better. Never realizing, he had control of his love life.
He didnt know how he got  her but it must be his soul mate right? LOL

i feel like a puppetmaster when talking to chicks cus i seen the same shit over and over again. I rather have a girl tell me she thinks im a player and im good at this (pick up) and run away than to be some dude who relies on his social circle.

Social circle is the end objective.....  BUT Why not master pickup? its a fucking game and its fun

Social cricle is a cop out

1. thats why you BUILD a social circle, plus social circle does give you more LONGTERM options than cold approach ever will, if you can build one you can do it again
2. there are LOTS of people out there who have no idea what "game" is, yet they get laid like rockstars, you dont have to be smart to get good with bitches.
3. if your social circle consists of ALL STUNNERS or your ideal type (such as Distant Light's does) then does he not have more control then the pua that just goes from approach to close with whoever will take him

your being very closed minded about this.
DL has options and resources that the average pua would fuck up (myself included) due to the fact that he works at it from a social circle perspective instead of going cold approach style on girls.
and his goal is not to be a manipulative prick that bangs a lot of girls, its to build the ultimate lifestyle where women that HE ACTUALLY likes come and go through his life.
you go to a club and you have to build state and talk to fatties and shit in order to be able to somewhat comprehensively pick up a girl of your ideal caliber, meanwhile hes completely
surrounded by it ALL THE TIME.

i think everyone that is good at cold approach should take on his style of game because he has actually made pickup EFFICIENT. approaching 50 sets until one girl decides she'll fuck you
is a terrible waste of time for someone who has his shit locked. 

im biased because ive been a fan of distant light since this journal started, however it doesnt change the fact that the idea behind it is completely genius.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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BepobjokerI'm glad you posted bruv, I think this is the stuff skeptics need to know about...

For me its not about cold approach vs social circle its more about the larger picture. IMO, 100 lays from cold approach and 100 lays from social circle are the same "100" lays. The question is, did you truly live your life in the manner you wanted? Better yet...

Would you rather followup through texting/calling/day2s with 100 women OR simply live your life with 100 girls calling/texting you? You can generally tell from that answer which community dudes are chasing validation.

My lifestyle was built from cold approach, if I moved to a new city I would simply BUILD ANOTHER SOCIAL CIRCLE. Keep in mind their are diffefent avenues when I say "social circle"...
1. Cold Approach, its a TOOL that allows you to create your life
2. Your Social Circle, allows you to hand select the people thanks to COLD APPROACH. For instance, 90% of the women I know are 5'8+ and all of them are very upbeat/wild. (Many openly bi)
3. Other's Social Circle, if your part of the right circles you technically could work your career 5-7 days a week and still hookup with gorgeous women. My circles consist of lesbian/gays, models, fashion chicks, and euro crowd. One day I am with the gays and next day I am with models. Its my choice, women i meet off cold approach love this aspect of seeinf multiple worlds.

If all you do is cold approach you are dead ending yourself, PERIOD!!!

What happens if you don't hookup with that girl? Especially if your chasing, that relationship is DONE. There is a girl I messed with who I ended up messing with two of her friends, she got herself a BF and I still mess with her to this day. You know what she texted when I first met her "I am engaged, even if I wasn't I wouldn't be interested". Its only when I changed drastically, she is now the one who loves me and wants a relationship. As for the PUA vs Natural BS

Don't believe the hype...
Yes these guys are lucky to end up in this scene which has molded them BUT no pua can catch up to the quality or quantity. This is the only scene where a HOT chick is a chick. Seeing naturals in this high end scene is what opened my eyes and had me EXPAND MY AWARENESS. Not only did they have options of the hottest women in the world BUT they had tons of free time.

Yes, only a handful are competent at cold approaching BUT that compentence is more than enough to propel their lifestyle. What I'm doing isn't NEW to these people...
- A guy once PM'd me wondering if I was this guy known to cold approach models during the daytime. He supposedly knows 600 models. The guy is now under contract with a nightlife group that pays him 100-200k a year.
- The girl I COLD APPROACHED that ended up becoming bi-natural girlfriend, how she got into this scene was some guy COLD APPROACHED her at the airport. He brought her out to the two toughest clubs to enter and from there she met some promoter guy's gf since she too is bi. I met her when she was with a bottle buyer and she realized he was boring I was fun. That guy who met her at the airport didn't try to fuck her at all. Irony is, he doesn't even have to due to the almost infinite amounts of gorgeous women going to those 2 clubs that he apparently is connected too.
- My hipster friend is a really good dj, plays in a band and hosts a table 5x a week. I didn't know until recently MAJORITY OF NIGHTS he simply goes home to have sex. He's had a 3some with one of my gals and banged another one of my gals.

I won't even get into the crew of about 10 guys that I sometimes hang with. All I know 10-15 years from now they will be the playboys of NY. What was our method?
- Show up, bring girls along
- Have a fucking blast
- Choose the one (or ones) that you like

As a crew they roll with no less than 12 girls and now split in TWO different teams since the tables can't accomodate 25+ girls. I have seen girls begging to get these dudes and I have been called a dick for not banging certain chicks just due to me being caught up.

None of these guys would switch places with a PUA because not only are they having tons of sex with hot women BUT they have more than enough time to focus on living. Regardless your type its accessible...
- Celeb women
- Supermodels
- Video Vixens
- Artsy Hotties
- Barbie Plastic Gals

You're looking at social circle as black and white when really, everything overlaps and should be based on your overall vision in life. Yes, my boy approached lindsay lohan. Yes, leo dicaprio was interacting with one of my gals who he clearly could've banged. (Maybe leo should practice cold approaching too?) That is meaningless in the grand scheme of things because all leo has to do is show up to his "other" social circles and my boy is still with 12 girls who are hotter than lindsay.

Few last words...
I am not trying to convince anyone about anything, I rather they explore for themselves like tastycurry and his boy is doing...

Its only when your with 4 guys and 50 girls that you realize "community culture" puts you in a box and cold approaching is a TOOL nothing more. I know 5 years from now you don't want to feel horny and have to daygame at 5pm or constantly texting/calling to get a meetup.

Its not some affirmation when I state you're naturally attractive. So YOU around 50 girls its obvious you can have your pick with as many as you can handle. An this is why...
- I don't need to chase nor try
- Making out is like shaking hands to me
- 3somes and orgies might be the norm in the future

Last time I was out, in back seat of car feeling sick I makeout with girl to my right. As she moves forward to talk to people infront of the car I makeout with the 2nd girl. In the dj booth, with 3 other girls while my boy djs. He has one girl waiting it out to go home with him BUT he pulls a new girl instead. Meanwhile, a community dude is at the local bar burning down the venue.

I am not trying to sound douchey, i want people to step back and see the larger picture. Did you get in this for validation of cold approach mastery or actually improve your overall life socially and sexually?

I wasted 08 practicing cold approach and have NOTHING to show for it. In a matter of 1yr, I have access to a scene that caters to hot women and I hang with some amazing people. I don't regret nothing, its just back in 08 that was where I was at. Now, I am trying to balance it back and make money to support myself or else the train ride is over before it even starts.

Edit: Noticed new replies...
Poster who's question i skipped, I will get too another time forgot to reply. Anywho...

Tastycurry: you brought up some good points, the insecurities and retarded dynamics are the worst. Similar to model chick who is know the gf of my friend and isn't allowed to go out without him so she wants to sneak out and hang with me. MEN PRESSURE WOMEN, stop dating let them do what they want. If you leave the door open for people to come and go you will know who really values being with you.

I guess these are the aspects i rarely mention on here BUT in real life I always do. Women generally have shitty lives in terms of social and sex life no matter how glam it looks. Maybe I will get into this another time BUT this is essentially how I became abit of a hardass on women.

The latest thing that is FUCKED UP is watching how petty women will get if they don't get laid but there friend does. I used to joke that women dildo themselves to sleep most nights, I now wonder how true that is based on certain shit I seen.
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 Yo DL,

This shit you post up is so interesting to me. Lately I have been asking why to alot of things. Like why do I do the things I do. I have been asking myself why I do pickup. And I really dont know a good answer for myself.  Of course there is the superficial aspect of banging hot girls. I have banged some hot girls, but it is not as fulfilling as I hoped it would be. I am realizing that I should search for fulfillment in my lifestyle. And then is a life style of cold approach really what I want? Theres the rejection aspect where I am now pretty numb to rejection, its just not the funnest thing I could be doing. I also find myself alone facing the world. Maybe thats how the world really is? I distanced myself from many of my relationships which were created prior to pickup because I felt like they were limiting my progress (Probably accurate). I am single now. I got laid about a month ago the last time, but I have no idea when it will happen again. I go out 1-3 hours a day in the week, and 6-10 hours a day on the weekends. It is alot of time commitment. Maybe theres a better way to do things. The vision I have for my life is kind of like the playboy guys that is probably your social circle in NY. Like I live my life and then when I go out for fun, I just have an amazing time with hot girls around. That sounds like the funnest thing in the world. Rather then going out solo to some random place and meet girls who for the most part act retarded and bitchy. Im just getting started on reading MBT on my kindle.
I just want to enjoy amazing girls. Crazy what sort of journey ive embarked on pursuing this quest.
My adventures in Dallas - 2013
 My adventures in Austin - 2012  
Tyler/Julien, Honolulu Bootcamp July 2011
Tyler hotseat2 x5 (2011-2012)
Alex hotseat x2 (2013) 
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Hey DL been trying this stuff out every night... I have a few questions,

I'm having trouble holding the "I'm the one to be chased" frame... was in taxi with two girls couple nights ago, and said something like "oh are you guys trying to kidnap me? where are you taking me?" ... They ran with the frame with something like "oh we arn't TRYING! ;)" ... I wasn't sure where to go after that so the frame kind of faltered and fizzled. We also got talking about how they have done some crazy stuff in taxi's, I was thinking I probably should have just took my dick out in the taxi and let them play with it.

On qualifying: What are the traits you qualify for? And are there "right" questions to ask?

I'm thinking something like:
Open Minded
Can dance
Low Matinence / Low drama

Your post a few pages back really made an impact, the one about what if a hot girl was coming up to me saying the stuff that YOU say. I'm trying to integrate that, but I seem to hesitate saying the "did you just say you wanted me to eat you out here? i mean we can do it later, but this is right out in the open!!" What's the tone of voice used, whenever I say these I think it sounds like I'm joking too much.

I'm still chasing chasing chasing, doing my best to recognize when I'm doing it. I'm also walking around saying in my head "she wants a dick, she wants a dick." But I'm forgetting it, my way of being is changing but it's still a work in progress, still search for that validation.

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 What DL says is the truth. You guys should be taking notes.

I used to love the PUA school of thought about cold approaching. I had a lot of successfull players tell me it wasn't the way to go, but I ignored their advice. I knew that it was a path I had to travel and discover for myself. I feel like that's the way for everybody. Other peolpe who have been down the path can tell and warn you about better routes to take to get to your dreams, but in the end you have to discover it for yourself.

I tried out the lifestyle game thing for a bit and liked it, but was still wavering between the PUA mindset, until I read a book about Hugh Hefner's secret sex life. That book made me toss my old ways and strive to be a Playboy.

At the end of the day, a PUA is no competition for a Playboy. But that is something that has to be discovered by yourself.
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 Great response DL. I've always found your shit a great perspective and really helpful ever since being on here in 2009. Best wishes to you man. 
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