January 16th, 2019
Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Epic Fail
Hahaha soo much for starting a 30 day challenge...

Thursday, get retarded drunk, my friend told his personal driver to take me home but while inside this suv ALONE i realize i am a burden.
- Run into my escort gal
- Some chick grabs my ass

Friday, was basically the same theme although while SOBER i was actually killing it effortlessly. Basically some girl wanted me to take a pic and i just accuse her of hoping that i'd comeback just so she could meet me. It was a done deal before i even spoke, she was waiting to be kissed but i wanted to chill aka GET VERY FUCKING DRUNK so i introduced her to a friend. Other girl i meet is a gorgeous blondie who #closes me.

Finally i get drunk, which i must confess i'm a total dick. I try to ignore everyone and just get wild. My boy introduces me to 3 girls an i walk away. Some chick is on sofa behind me trying to flirt but i dont even notice. My boy told me. Later, on as i sober up abit i chat 1 of the 3 and #close...

My boy is killing it, got some chick who was on him hard and said he better call her tomorrow because if he does then she knows he really does want to be inside her. After that girl, i had 3 girls showup, plan was to take all 6 girls to my boy house BUT i couldnt coordinate.

Long story short, 3 girls with my boy and I, he's taking it too extreme and the girls become annoyed by him. They sorta ditch us as we hopped out car. Meet hipster crew who always have tall women, meet one of my russian gals there. My boy and I are fucked and want to hit the streets.

What ends up happening, my boy amogs this guy hardcore and i wing and record. It was sooooo fucked up because at one point i just ask the girl if she's bi and i mention swingers and monogamy being BS. My boy was dying inside because i completely took over the interaction in such a finese sort of way.

My phone broke so i lost all my contacts and i no longer have a qwert keyboard using landscape mode. Annoyed at this shit non-keyboard phone. Which is why i writing in this incohesive manner. Its annoying!!!

Starting from scratch again!!!!
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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dkahuna wrote:
Ive just started reading My Big TOE and its good stuff it just might take a bit of thinking on it for things to really sink in.
Is there any more material you'd recommend to read?

Nope, mbt stuff can span many lifetimes over...
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Fuck!!! I'm in my in own way...Models love me!!!
Let it be know i've been disappointed in myself, couldn't even begin 30 day challenge and always feeling so sick. I keep doubting myself massively...

Brunch, i show up meet all these random girls, not sure why but 3 girls i facebooked. I saw bitchy russian and i had a blast just giving her shit and yelling at her. Then i notice my boy he's always with models so i go say hi and sorta get distracted...

Meet the gorgeous 6ft czech model but i'm ready to leave and i got 2 girls with me, one who i madeout with. I also met this girl but i dont even remember...

Outside walking to girl car i keep approaching chicks, i end up with these two aussies and accuse them of trying to have a 3some with me. This seems to be my routine, we start walking together but i bump into this girl who seems to know me and the girls never stop. I take these 2 new girls to meet with my group. Theyre lesbian and i keep takinf model chick hand and putting it on the other hand. Once again i keep accusinf them of wanting to have a 3some.

At next venue, i am fucked and soberish hahahha. My 2 girls leave cause 1 is drunk, i seeded for me to come over for dinner and have a 3some. I not going to follow through though i gotta take 2 buses. Too much hahaha. At this venue i spotted fake tits but i honestly was debating because i dislike short girls. Chick had huge fake tits and a nice curvy ass i opted to go for it. Turns out i know her friend last year i was partying with her. Now this fake tits chick is on my dick but i already decided i wanted to leave so i left. Love me some fake tits ever since the ex glam model who was begging me to fuck her and pulled out these DD fake tits. Chick tonight was venuezulean which i noticed lots of them get fake tits.

Also met a african model but i didnt reall bother giving the opportunity since my boy was on it. Overall i left this venue too and met my boy who knowa lots of models. Before leaving this GORGEOUS BLONDIE shows up saying "hi distant light" i had no clue who she was i later find out its a russian chick from last year changed her hair color to blond. Chick look so much hotter now than in this pic...

3rd venue see my boy with 2 6ft models again!!!! I'm trying to recover, ate food on the way over. All i remember is bottle dudes show up and are on them hardcore. I do my own thing meeting a few girls around me somehow i see a model...

No clue how it all happened but i take her outside to smoking area, all i remember is somehow i talk about how i am sorta over models ans love edgy hipsters. Next thing i know she starts going crazy stating she's a model and obviously wants me to keep liking models hahaha. At the same time i meet 2 new girls and ironicalky a 3rd girl shows up who seems to know me and loves me. I kiss her infront of model and then leave with model. As were walking i randomly lift her up and hit my back on something that hurts me hahahaha. I drop her call her fucking crazy and makeout. I had #closed earlier. She had revealed that she usually parties with these model promoters that i happen to alsl know.

Upcoming singer?
I'm again unsure how this all went down but i meet an isreali singer who says she was performing earlier. All i know i ran standard textbook shit and basically...
- Yelled n Challenged her majority if the time, its my MO to yell at girls
- Play with her underwear, i of course yelled at her for not wearing sexy underwear which she claimed she did soooo i felt all over and put my hands all the way down her pants feeling the material haahaha, it was lingerie
- I tell her i wont makeout with her and then i later kiss her

All i know i #closed and her manager texts her so she had to leave. However i was palming her ass cheeks and she had no control or influence of my being. She of course called me crazy cause i am like a bi-polar one mintue yelling and next minute asking questions. When i say this chick loved it all, damn.

Overall, what irks me is how consistent everything is. Majority of women want me like i rarely get blownout or ignored and on top of that the interaction is irrelevant they are down from the start. All i am doing is amusing myself for abit.

I'm insanely good but also hold myself back wayyyy too much. Almost every girl i seen and wanted i've fooled around with.
Thing is i still am "closed off" at times and also dont want to outshine everyone so i am very passive. This bad because i know 100% i could be meeting atleast 10 gorgeoua women a night who all i atleast madeout with.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Quick update
- Last night that singer gal texted me at 530, i know shes dildoing herself after all that tension i built hahaha. The best part for me is the fact that she is isreali, i'm a black guy who grew up in the hood and has no religous affliation at all hahaha
- i'm done drinking my body is so turned off by alcohol now
- I might go out in the daytime finally
- Losing all my contacts is good and bad because now my phone is back to 90% tall women
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Butters Stotch

Butters Stotch


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 Awsome thread bro. Very Inspiring. 
im high right now.
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Why do the girls chase you in your opinion? I'm having trouble transitioning from "hitting on them" to getting them chasing. How loud do you yell at them? Haha. Thanks for sharing so much.

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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Butterscotch You pic in your sig looks very similar to a girl i used to know. It almost scared me hahahahah....

Its all about who i am, i have a philsophy of life that caters to women chasing...

On a "game" level its because i am alwaya probing the women and never complimenting or expressing interest. Either i am neutral or giving them shit. I let them figure me out, i keep it 100% social although i do flirt BUT i do that with everyone so its still social.

I am not a loud yell but more like a person who is quick to challenge or call the girl out. I will delay escalation due to something that came up and she must then pasa my hoop. I will walk away if need be and since i do talk to many people ita obvious a new girl can meet me like that.

Thata just the surface of it all will make a full post sometime

Live My Life & You'll Be Tested
Ridiculous night, I almost stayed home due to being annoyed at missinf the whole day and parents takint all my cash!!!!

Went out, met miami girl i was gonna stay sober but was too hyped so i drank to chill them drank to block out the world. There was a hottie there that i wanted at a table, i somehow met one of the black models there but i never even gave the opportunity. All of a sudden model from sunday is here with model promoter FUCK i didnt want to see her hahaha.

Introduce to my miami girl who of course her and her friends mention how gorgeous she is but i dont wanna see her tonight. We bounce and hang with a bottle buyer. While there i notice model coming with guy i know. In venue while having a blast she approaches me...

We hang abit its going well but when we go to go outside she sees model promoter, then just says she is going home, grab some guy hand in that group and bounces. Most guys cant take such shit, i dont care after 2mins.

Go back to hang with bottle buyers, bump into an african model i know, she is probably one of the hottest black women i know her body is soooo slim. Somehow we end up taking a pic where were all kissinf, this was a mistake on all our parts we didnt mean to kiss...

Then i meet some girl i transition of all this and #close turns out she is a new stripper at a strip club thats what one of my gals told me. What happened was inside i seen my friends friend who fucks the girl who will live with me. We chat, i till him the deal and turns out this guys style is similar to me, we both dont care at all he fucks way too many models to care. Tn he goes to pull my gal friend not realizing i have zero interest in my gal she is a legit friend.

He says no worries because he already has a girl at his apt waiting. I also seen my model gal from americas next top model, she is always very flirty and sexual. This is why my standards are so high i am spoiled...

Also met a girl from ibiza #closed then left with my female friend, seen 2 my natural friends chatted for abit. Stripper texted me but i told her another time i wasnt gonna figure out where she was.

Ok night overall, tired of running into girls i know...
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DL, some years aog you said you were very inside your head. This is a problem for me too, I analyze too much, think to much, like hmm why does he look like that, hmm I wonder what they are thinkin bout me right now, is this weird etc etc

How did u fix this, how did u become outside your head? Was it by just taking more action, or adjusting something conciously in your head?
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Also, how do u recommend fixing social circle? I have few contacts here and there, but its so consufing who I should hang out with. I got the PU dudes, some cool, some fun, then I got some old classmates, but they have a crew and Im not sure I like all of em. How did u build ur social circle? U seemed to be somewhat lonely (if im not mistaken)
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Thesteak: Main concept was for me to just BE and let the chips fall where they may...
- I don't calibrate so people can "take it or leave it"
- I don't care what people think because i love being how i am, it was my choice
- I dislike following or looking to others because whether its truth or not its not MY TRUTH based on my own personal experience

When people would say things i'd be open minded BUT i wouldn't simply listen just off their belief when i know my own experiences is consistently showing something else. I got out my head because i no longer had to question, there was no need for a belief or assumption since i knew probable truths based on my own experiences.

As far as "social circle" goes i do both. I have my own and i simply go in and out of others bringing along people in my OWN social circle. Building from scratch allowa you to perfectly mold it, which is why i know so many hotties. (They are the only ones i would bring in) However, other circles are cool peoples and hang at places i like so every so often i'll passby. Many times if i am club hopping i will visit 3 different clubs to check different friends/groups.

P.S...Not sure what you ment by lonely...I enjoy being a single entity but enjoy group "shared experiences". I don't like any sort of dating since there is nothing profitable about them. The processes of my lifestyle is already awesome and neverending. I have option of going solo, with a crew of my own or or a friend's crew. No woman can tell me not to socialize or flirt and so i can have as much fun as i choose. Yum!!!

About Model On Tues
This shit is honestly abit sad, thankfully i have parents who can support me by letting me stay with them but at the sametime i want out since its very limiting...

So basically my girl from miami told me model chick left tuesday night because she had no money to go home and since model promoter is her ride and possibly other guy is her "provider" ticket she LEFT. This is very sad because it further shows why MEN WITH MONEY can fuck these girls. The woman either go "broke n hungry" or get spoiled by a rich guy. In NY lots of broke girls trying to make a living modeling. Whether its right or wrong, game or not, these rich guys are capable of fucking some of the hottest women in the world through Provider lifestyle!!!!

The sad part is that model girl on tuesday has alot of fun with me, she is the one that came to me that night and when she magically just left i knew not to ANALYZE because it couldnt have been my issue at all since i didnt change who i was. Many community dudes over-analyze BS not realizing if the big picture shows consistency its not YOU. She was with me at 1st venue for abit and 2nd venue she was biting my lip. As we go to smoke she got the signal that it was time to leave and she had too, its not she would tell me she has no money. I did text her pics we took and one of them i message her photo as "Tourist Pic!"

Its now friday and i texted her, she said "she's think about it BUT i know its money issues holding her back"

Progress Report: Pissed n Annoyed (Wrote this thurs morning coming home on train)
Cant even follow through with 30day challenge for even 1 day...

Yes my overall picture is great no compliants but in terms of growth and changing small habits that will make me efficient is proving difficult. This is the 3rd night in a row i wake up past 11 and it fucks up my whole night because of how i planned it out and the fact that i wont get to a club til 10...
- Monday i just didnt even bother going out cause i woke up so late and was broke, i knew one of my gals wanted to hang tuesday
- Tuesday, have to let my gal wait in club for me for over an hour. I hate this because it kills the vive/energy. Thankfully i was so pissed that i showed up ready to go mental.
- Tonight, wake up 1130 i have 6 girls meeting me BUT i am nowhere near where were all meeting. One shows up and leaves because i nowhere in sight, other girl i know doesnt want to wait in venue again.

As a result time to start giving massive value game wise. I am writing a huge post breaking my whole game fully...

Ever since that retarded and highly important experiment of "Expressing Interest" which ended in 2days. To recap the utter failure/lesson
- French trust fund baby, loves me too much, i express interest KILLING IT ALL, meets a chill hipster sitting by us and possibly went to an after party. Everything just crumbled and of course we never spoke again
- Gal same night who i madeout with a few times doesn't want to hookup at all. I simply let it go and keep her as a friend now.
- Met this girl, left with her and everything, i express my interest, couldnt even kiss her nor wouldn she exchange #s hahaha.

Better believe my whole way of being boosted up as i learnt exactly what it is about me that makes women love me. I noticed patterns and tweaked my texting to be more ME. All I can say is insane consistency.
- All new #s in this week were SOLID as in we text and there is some substance
- Interactions are becoming very

Last night time i was out...
It was the club owner bday night it still amazes me how many nightlife dudes dont truly live it up. It really is a huge misconception when you read things in the media about this scene.

Nonetheless there were celebs but of course i don't know em. I did bring my girls to one of them though. My boy had to point out LINDSAY LOHAN (did i spell that right?) but honestly she looked like a normal hipster, nice looking hair but i'm not attracted at all. My natural friend approached her though not sure what happened. She was at table next to me but why go for her when there is like 10 5'11 girls already with us?

More girls show up for me, i drunk, my gal sister likes me so i kiss her but they have beef cause of them cblocking each other along with guy they were with cblocking, wtf!?!?!?! I did meet one girl but she instantly gives up when she notices i know other women. Tn wasnt a night for me to scout so its no biggie. I just wanted to take 2 of my gals out cause one of them is leaving NY.

More positive note my 5'10 swede moves to NY in a month AND my danish "live-in" gal comes oct 4th or 5th. O shit!!!!!

Why I abandoned traditional community stuff"

So i am biting a chicks tit for no other reason than me simply having fun. I have women coming from so many avenues that i would never go back. Tonight, not only is model chick possibly coming out BUT also stripper and girl who knows venezuealan fake tits. Not to add that i can still cold approach.

What i love about my life
- I can always cold approach
- I have my own circle of girls i know who i've handpicked which is why 90% of them are 5'8+
- I have friends who knows lots of women
- Since i don't date, women coming in and out of relationships tend to come back (Most recently cool chick)
- Its all social so women flying in and out of NY hit me up

I honestly could hang with 2 different groups and just meet models and never cold approach BUT thats limiting. Tn I am sucking on some fake tits, i've been craving some for a few weeks. Also noticed one girl i used to hang with got fake tits and now i like her hahaha.
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