October 23rd, 2018
Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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TnTDub1000: There alot of different factors but mainly most of it came due to exploration of consciousness and reading MBT since that is where I learned that we self-inflict all emotions. The earliest psi-like experience I had was me basically realizing that its so easy to be negative you just be it BUT remaining positive was a whole different ball game. I don't do any new agey type things such as cleansing, fasting, energy works, etc. It might be helpful for sure, I just don't like getting deep into all the "stuff" since its possible to become stuck or relying on those things.

Last Night: Sober Edition
I'm starting to become aware of something I never really noticed until maybe saturday...

I've been at this for years an for the most part I'm now a certain way going about things in a manner I chose. So basically I accumulated all this FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE and instead of accepting the truth/knowledge, I tend to latch onto dogma/beliefs which completely constrains/limits/squanders my potential. For instance, its obvious "I am the party" to the point where I know its like a personal power given the experiences I've had. HOWEVER, many times I overlook this and instead latch onto shit that isn't even verified. Why do I even mention this?

Saturday, me approaching those 3 chicks mix told me to talk to on the street was like a 1 out of 10 chance of me actually doing it. I didn't want to go across the street at all and in my mind I was thinking "Let me just go over, get blown out so I can just come right back". I went over, the chicks loved me, rolled with me in 30secs and next thing you know inside the club one of the chicks is trying to win me over and taking my number. That is just a glimpse of me not using my knowledge/truths and instead latching onto random/dumb beliefs that rely on FAITH and doesn't have any first hand experience to backup its supposed knowledge/truth.

Last night, I rolled into the club with ZERO dogma running through my mind. It's possible because I used to enter each club as if I'm making a wrestling entrance that now people always gazing at me when I roll in. I know this for a fact (knowledge/truth) because not even 5mins I outside in smoking section and 2 women already pointed out that they noticed me. At the table, there are lots of gays and this tall chick who was big (I hang around so many model-types that anything beyond skinny is seen as big in my mind) and was on me hard. All I did was just SHOW UP...

For about 5mins this girl was really all over me and then suddenly she stopped when her tall friend (average sized) mentioned that I'm gay. Based on the people around me and how I was it could be interpreted so and blond chick stops hitting on me. At this point I never spoke to this tall average chick, only once or twice I was laughing at her about something. Next thing you know she asks if I can go outside an smoke with her, I LEAD and stop at the entrance to kiss her. I don't even really talk to her outside but LEAD her back inside where I makeout with her before we walk all the way in. Back inside, her blond friend is super drunk which some random girl helped her, I help get her in the cab and then tell tall average chick we will leave in abit I wanna have abit more fun. 5mins later I'm like "Lets go".

I DID NOTHING - "What I Learnt About Myself "
It seems as if all my knowledge/truths I've accumulated are high probablistic and that all these random beliefs/dogma I latch onto is what fucks up my experiences since excuses then come up due to assumptions/expectations. If I follow my knowledge/truths I will basically be experiencing highly probable things as seen on saturday and last night.

We were in a taxi making out going to her place which she was going to pay the cab. (couldn't find her credit card) She then tried to get me to setup this elaborate lie at her dorm which security wasn't having any of it. It was clear that her and I were just trying to get in so she could get ravished. My image of women wanting my dick is so hilarious so inside the whole time I'm cracking up as I just imagine her almost praying that this works so she can have this fascinating man brick hard passionately railing her. The validation alone of her knowing she's getting dick from a cool ass guy is PRICELESS...

We end up trying to hit a park which this walk was the first time we ever really spoke about anything, she pointed out that I'm unaware that I have a swagger about me and implying that I'm one of those cool ass hipster dudes. At the sametime, she never stated it but I was aware that she was implying that I might be abit douchey/arrogant due to me TAUNTING the whole "Yes, I have stolen the frame of the supermodel chick everyone wants". You had to be their to hear my wordings...
-  I told her I don't have gfs, I'm just a woman's toy to provide fun
-  I told her friday about after hours karaoke and how my intention was to bring a girl so we can fuck randomly in the building (Give her the option to be that girl, she was up for it but might have a friend in town)
-  I was joking about how the school obviously wants no sex going on because clearly the security didn't want her getting fucked
-  Everything I reframed as "It's all up to you, this is about what you want, I can leave/stop whenever, just say the word"

I pointed this out because last chick I banged she REALLY put this taunting like way of being on display which might be a bad thing since its all suppose to be subtle. Nonetheless, she had school in morning but abit of dick grabbing and pussying rubbing. We eventually go home. Funny enough I called all my guy friends who live in manhattan and she simply blurted out "You shoulda have your own place!" in a way that implied "See, because you don't have a place now I can't get fucked by you right now...Its a nightmare".

Potential Possibility
This is something I'm noticing more and more as I continue on this journey. I noticed with last chick I banged, this chick and the russian chick who knows CC all of them I subtly was thinking/planning "How would I be able to not have to fuck them again after the first time?" For some reason I have zero interest in repeat sessions, heck I almost didn't even want to make the plan of meeting this chick in the afternoon to bang before I go out and party. I feel as if I'm only capable of having sex RIGHT NOW, in that moment.

Chick I banged wednesday, I haven't really contacted with any intention of having sex again. Russian chick who knows CC flaked and texted about how she went to movies and bed early but wanted to see me very soon. It almost felt too dating-like and in my mind I was ready to just cut it off. This type of attitude has been growing more and more, which might lead to an interesting experience.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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The Ultimate Being?
As much as I continue to focus on making some good income, it amazes me how indirectly how I am is changing...

So I'm still abit of a "closed off" douche but for some reason my overall vibe is oozing "this moment ONLY" as I now see easy pull opportunities everyday. I've been more aware than usual due to girls I mess with giving me feedback that I am crazy and have swag. (hate that word)

Thursday, I was at the venue mix works at and I was purposely ignoring everyone around me. When I say chicks were trying to meet me, imagine 1 dude surrounded by 7 chicks. Two were on my left and two on my right. Both sides the girl were bumping into me. Team "right" there way of trying to gain my attenton was by shaking their ass and grinding hard. Team "left" asked for a picture then 1 of the girls overtly just grabs my hand. Honestly, none of the chicks were tall and I only showed up to speak to mix hahaha.

The real adventures came when I met up with lesbian model where we just went crazy. I'm noticing more and more that women focus in on me like a hawk when I'm in this care-free state of mind. Even when I am not upbeat/energetic there is still this vibe where chicks are looking and wondering. When this "group bonding" commences women start flocking to our area and there is always atleast ONE chick hoovering around waiting to get pulled. It happened 100% of the time so far. Also seen chick who I was pulling on tues (but security of dorms wouldn't let me in) she was looking real hot.

Friday, was a similar theme as I roll with mix and quality at this club is horrible compared to high end venues. I literally only seen 3 chicks who were tall and decent. (Ironically there at our table hahaha) Bounced to one of my fav venues which as I walk in I see chicks looking. I swear its always this "omg who is that guy? I wanna kidnap him so he can fuck me" look.

While simply standing at table 1 chick approaches me HOT, tall, and eastern euro. She is on me, 30secs later her bf just pulls her away which I chuckle. No more than 5mins later this chick approaches me and I can feel she wants to makeout right now. I didn't though, just played with her ass abit and then walked away. (She finally met another guy who probably pulled)

Saturday, I was at one of the newer spots which had a hot crowd. (Jared! Was there surrounded by what looked like hotties) I was with bi-natural were looking like 2 coke heads but again I notice women giving that LOOK. (Bi-natural and I will most likely no longer hangout) This is all foreshadowing to...

Personal Growth? Is how I am changing?
I've got zero care when it comes to dating, last night chick I banged a year ago was in the venue, CC was with a wealthy middle eastern, and CC is with russian who's apt I was running to on a Sunday and I rolled in with 2 girls. Even more of a twist CC is so excited to see me and gives me a kiss.

Another aspect is the polish, this tall indian gal, and orgy chick all hit me up earlier last night which gave me tons of options. I forgot about them as the night continued. Meanwhile, I met 3 new tall attractive women to add into my circle.

Where is the change? More and more I'm turning into a "right now" guy who is only capable of "in the moment sex" for one time and one time only. If for whatever reason shit doesn't go down I am DONE, never presenting the opportunity ever again.
For instance, this gorgeous tall blonde model type is caught my eye. Heck, girl I was with was checking her out too cause she had an open back top. I go over, instantly ON. She was leaving venue before I got to her and she stayed BUT when I decided to exchange numbers her friend was ready to bounce. I didn't bother tapping her since in my mind it was just 1 of many.

This is sorta carving a structure that is starting to run on its own...

New Structure - "Plant Seeds & Live"
I've reached a point of indifference and gained enough experience to form a structure that I can let run itself as I ride the wave. What I do is very potent, its just I'm rarely active and more or less "closed off" to people...
- Majority of the women I meet are brought into my life smoothly in less than 5mins. Its to the point where the probability of me meeting a chick and us atleast exchanging #s is very very probable. (The minority, is actually women who ignore me haha)

- Women love me!!!! I notice 3 things that women universally like. 1st, a care-free guy who influences good emotions aka "fun". 2nd, a guy who introduces people to them and lastly, a guy who is either chasing her OR letting her chase him. Women who had a great night generally loved the night because of those 3 things, I noticed I do all 3 more or less with each girl.

- Building a farm, I noticed bi-natural sorta does this too, if your in contact with 40-50 women who want to be in your presence, the hottest girl of those 50 that don't want to makeout can easily be replaced. This is more of a mindset than actual process. The way of being that develops from the process I've noticed has caused me to become very non-needy which might explain why many women misinterpret me as arrogant. It really is her opportunity if I am in contact with 40-50 other women. (Bi-natural approached a tall chick and #closed)

- Sexuality!!! Sexuality!!! Sexuality!!! Not sure if this due to hanging with lesbians, gays, bi's, trannies, and cross dressers but sexual undertones must always be brewing. Bi-natural was talking about his friend of a friend tits and literally was pulling them out infront of the club and licking her tits. (She was in shock as her friend was telling him chill) I was flirting with this lesbian who we started kissing and she bit my lip. More and more I have this "yea sex...its real"

The thing is in my head the structure is very simple, straightforward and kinda like maintaining/expanding a farm. I'm in the process of complete overhaul of my life so gonna piece together this structure in my head into writing. So many women I see and just think "Interesting, let's just process her into the system..." because based on my personal experience its that easy aka probability is high...
- Fav venue bottle girl likes me
- Friday I spotted that gorgeous bottle girl I mentioned in my old journal. She is like 6'1 without heels model type. We saw each other and as usual all smiles.
- Countless random tall women I never actually approached or met for 5secs and kept it moving
- Met another eastern euro who was all over me at after hours karaoke

None of these girls make or break the system, while I like them and all, in the grand scheme of things there not siginficant but play a small part in the whole.

P.S...All this is coming about due to me having MBT ebook on phone so I can reread it. Needed to get back at being efficient again.

P.S.S...I did bounce to after hours karaoke with tranny friend (bumped into her) and 2 tall gals at the last minute. Met the owner who wants me to work with him.

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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Gay Gay Gay (Edit that picture off looks horrible hahaha)

Selfish & Self-Destrucitve
Anywho, tonight should be pretty epic as monday I got a text from russian saying "Miss U", I put sex on table asking for address and she backed out. Then text me tomorrow saying her, CC and I threesome. I'm over both though so bringing them out to where I hangout with my lesbian model and will most likely see a few chicks I fool around with. It'll be a total cluster fuck of craziness as I also have miami chick and her friend rolling...

Monday, I realized I'm selfish as fuck as I try to use being "closed off" as a way of not having to express the aspects of myself that make people gravitate towards me. Basically went to meet a connector friend who I haven't seen in awhile and I literally talked to NO ONE although one girl did start chatting to me. 1hr later I left to go visit another connector friend who does photography for clubs. I'm standing smack in the center of the club scanning for him as I dance like an idiot and who do I see looking dead at me, this tall euro hipster looking chick who completely ignored me on the street on saturday. then one of my female friends boyfriends spotted me and brought me to a table where I was still being anti social. A hottie on the next table opens me, she was real nice but I left about 15mins later to go hang with my gay connector friend. Over there, I see two tall euros who completely ignore me too.

Then somehow I meet some other tall blondie from west coast she's trying to take the frame of me chasing her which I keep reframing. This basically causes us both to accept that we won't be hanging out because I wanted her to put my number in her phone to text me and she wanted me to just put her number in my phone. Past experiences has shown anytime I put their number in my phone I forget them or it turns out to be a waste of time. Around this time I also meet 2 lesbians (russian and a polish) which I found out their getting married after I was about to makeout with the russian one while holding the polish. They makeout with each other infront of me, I watch, since russian would push me away when I go to makeout with polish and polish will say "no no no" when I go to makeout with russian haha. I got their #s though...

From here I basically party elsewhere and waste 60 dollars on taxi and food because we hopped in a taxi following 3 chicks and a guy to tribeca for after party. However, the whole time I'm telling my boy (who I ran into at the last venue) "This is wasteful, I don't know any of those girls and your girl was wishy washy". Well 15 dollars in on cab fare and she calls him saying not to bother following us.

Main reason for posting...
I push my body to extremes now, partying so hard!!! I've been coming home everyday between 7-10am when clubs close at 4am. When actually partying its abunch of selfishness as I simply make sure everyone I KNOW is having a blast with an occasional smile/hey to a random chick. There is ALMOST never anyone who is having more fun then I am. This is what ultimately draws most people towards me...

Since thursday each time I've woken up its been like this grand dream where I created chaos and just thinking "Damn, lets do it again but even harder than the last time". When I'm in the zone, especially when actually partying with people it feels as if I'm partying like I got cancer and will be dead tomorrow so just going all out in this moment.

Lets see where it takes me... :)
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Fuck You, Money Matters!!!
Another pull goes down the drain...

I had enough money for more condoms or taxi, took me 18mins to get there. This night started off horribly as I had CC, CC russian friend (one I met at a high end venue who I #closed) and CC tits friend. All 3 are pissed at each other and qualifying themselves to me all at the sametime. I was so indifferent to it all which helped keep everything together...

Main problem stemmed from the 4th friend (fat) caused them not to get in. (Possibly CC tits friend who is attractive but short, height matters) All this dumbass drama, I chill, plan was to hit top/new spot then hang with lesbian model. End up meeting up with lesbian model with CC russian friend. Its doorman bday, tyson beckford is there. (I realized I always say what up to him its only last time we met I realize its him)

At table I drunk, making out with CCs russian friend. Meanwhile a black chick is grabbin me and has...

This chick is smack in my face, keep in mind I'm on a sofa, she is even higher than sofa. Finally some more flirting with russian, CC texts I get her and mz tits in. (There 4th friend the fattie left way back) They don't even hang for 30secs at table, I end up being straddled on russian making out and when I say "we bounce in 30mins" she says NO. 10mins later she leaves with CC and Mz Tits. I bounce to hit next club, can't get in NEW DOORMAN who I know but is being trained so isn't gonna let me in without girls.

Then russian calls saying she lost CC n Mz tits and that I should come over. Now this is where MONEY MATTERS, I blew all my cash on a taxi n meal for friend and I on Monday. I only had cash to either taxi or get more condoms. It took 20mins to get to her place which by then SHE FELL ASLEEP...

Next day she texts..." :( I fell asleep. Soo sorry. :( thanks for talking with me last night your maturity really impresses me. I was really upset but by you being so cool you made my night . Thanks distant light you really are the best. "

Building the lifestyle!!! Staying on radar!!!
I stay in like a fool on Wednesday, Thursday got massive headache and got a chick wanting to know where I'm at. I've been listening to some audiobooks based around branding n luxury marketing. I remember from the book "rainmakers" it talked about your never sick, in a meeting or on vacation. Your always with a customer or out of the office. I remembered, took a pain killer and went out at 130am.

The second aspect was that you must always always be aware of the perception your giving and making sure you are sending that clear simple message that illustrates your brand...

The venue jayz n kayne hangs at is on the way to where I am headed and since in the doorman mind I am a model scout I approached him to apologize about the other night. THIS BLEW WIDE OPEN, few mins later he's saying "Wanna go in and check it out?" I have ACCESS...

All I did was let him know my girl fucked up bringing her short and fat friend. Then we agreed about how promoters/hosts bring these women knowing they won't get in and then HE looks like the douche doorman. (More knowledge gained for me)

Due to be sober for 1st time in awhile, I notice how much noise I make purposely. Some model chick approached me but I was OFF so it fizzled out. More models looking at me, I did nothing. A chick approached me saying we've met, I didn't remember so I gave her my number. (She was tall and hot) I am glad I went out...Never taking a day off...

Side Note - Chick I banged a year ago, ran into her. She was jokingly telling me not to look at her cousin in such manner. I kinda feel like a douche since it is not her who is standoffish, its me seeming like I want nothing to do with her. Its a clear example of us just seeing a reflection of ourselves as I always misinterpret her as being standoffish, when in reality its me.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Na I'm not, last handful of chicks no go due to logistics... (Exception of chick who fell asleep)

I don't followup with any of the chicks who wanted to bang "in the moment" because I only wanted to bang in the moment. I kinda PISSED at my money situation as I went broke Sunday due to after party with a russian (no pull) and tonight after party which my friend pulled and I didn't. (Was with 2 models at an after party) I've never messaged chick who wanted me come o her dorm in afternoon to fuck.

Thing is I am so money oriented right now, I don't care about anything else. Basically, in a situation where I can possibly make 400 a week just working 1 day a week. (Friend liked that I bring hot tall white women so they are going to pay me weekly) This is a good start so I started daygaming for potenial women...

That's a total failure as I have a poor mindset, did approach a 6'2 chick who turned out to be...16!!!

Just saw some of the girls I recently fooled around with, their hot and all but I haven't really thought about pulling and especially since I have a deadline to bring out some chicks. (So I can eat a fine dine meal and make 400 dollars) I honesty think I want the money way more than sex.

EDIT - Two new gals I know somehow... (So longs they're tall and above average I don't care)

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Distant Light

Distant Light

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synergist- wrote:
I see the point of what you're doing and I really feel like it's still "coming together" and not fully formed yet. I think once you have everything lined up you're going to have decades of dominance if you want it.
Yep, its still in its infant stage...

My friends at the moment get to enjoy the perks of all this forming, meanwhile I'm simply dissolving old ingrained beliefs and slowly changing as a person. I can't even imagine how I'll be or what my life will be like in 2 years, far less 10 years. At the moment I am slowly starting to feel like I have some form of personal power. I kind of hold the key to people having an incredible social life as I see old friends and regular everyday people seem to have a very passive social life. EVERYDAY, I'm having a blast with different groups of people, its like hanging with your best friends everyday.

Lately, I've been walking around with this mindset of "I got what they need..." because this life that I've created for myself (and others to come into) has alot of value so to me this is a priceless opportunity and I'm doing these women (people) a favor by giving them access to my lifestyle. This has caused me to become very time efficient (I like to create urgency now) as I've become more straightforward and direct. Any chick who is apprasive or indecisive I just let go instantly and move on. I've got nothing to prove to anyone, so I simply just be how I enjoy being as I see no need to TRY (hype myself up) which is why qualification is probably the only true community aspect that I internalized heavily on so many levels.

A side effect, I'm noticing is that majority of my guy friends are having much easier/efficient interactions with women as a result of coming along. At the moment I can generally bring along atleast 1 guy friend with me and it has sorta made them stop thinking of things as cold approach and more of just socializing. Everyone in all my social groups know I talk to random people, its perfectly normal to see me approach someone and even invite them into the group. Due to that, when my community friends are with me and they meet random women it is not weird at all, even if they get blown out. But blowouts aren't even the case, majority of my friends are fooling around or hooking up with a chick when they roll with me and their doing it much more efficiently.

Right now, my boy who took a bootcamp with tyler (back when my buddy lprince took a bootcamp in 09, lprince introduced us to him) rolled with me on monday and pulled some random chick in less than 5mins. The next night I bring him out for one of my model chicks bdays where he had this asian chick all over him and then ended up focusing on this hot black model chick. I didn't do much girl wise besides kiss some german chick without even saying anything to her in the first 15secs.

I already planned with my boy that he should roll with me on friday since one of the girls I mess with is gonna be rolling with 2 tall chicks so if he wants to roll not only is he going to meet these girls BUT he is going to meet girls through the people I'm going to be hanging with on friday and all the randoms in the club. All he has to do is showup an he will have different avenues where he could potentially meet and hookup with a nice woman.

An this is why I like what I'm doing now, especially since its much more fun. ALL MY COMMUNITY FRIENDS have concluded what I do is far more fun than the whole "Go out to random place and hit up sets until you pull". I'm waiting for the day when I bring the whole crew out and tons of chicks as we drink and celebrate. The closest thing to that so far was about a month or so back when Jared!, VanillaGorilla, and I were all hanging out on a sunday at my boys table and all 4 of us (1 non-community friend) were fooling around with chicks right next to each other.

P.S...A few pics from last night

1 of 3 models that was in our group

Our table (Most of the women either gravitated their or were cold approached)

Boy with some gal he just met (She wasn't part of the group and I'm standing onto of the table)

P.S.S...What I love most about living like this is the fact that certain experiences wouldn't be possible if I wasn't focused on having fun. I basically was on the table (not sofa, the actual table) and the crossdresser friend was on the same table. I had on that mask an we were just acting so stupid. Everyone who walked into the venue was seeing these characters just having a blast. Meanwhile 2 of my good friends is all over chicks and we got a handful of chicks flocking around our area just to be part of the fun. FUN IS POWERFUL.
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Damn, I'm really loving the lifestyle abudance you got bro. Everytime I read this I see a jump in your growth.

I'm 18 and still at school in the UK, all the partying 24/7 would be too manic for me right now but I sure as well want to go down the same path as you cause I got a similar crazy vibe when I get going. It's just that sometimes I don't feel entitled enough because of my age, or lack of money because I won't have access to certain things which I would with a job.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Drunk pull...not even sure if we banged...

I got #s in my phone, rolled out with 6 girls hung out with none, madeout with one of the clubs go go dancers. Got new pictures, I pre gamed before tellling my gal its a solo night for me...we never really hung out, I still feel like shit waking to train...FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN though...
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Progress Report: "I'm in my own way"
Last night was by far one of the most productive nights in awhile and I must say it was because I got super drunk. For me, its as if I'm an observer just watching in 3rd person as the person (me) simply does what it does. An man o man is it an awesome sight to see...

Lets just say I met 7 new highly attractive women and was simply KILLING IT. This was suppose to be my solo night where I get drunk listening to a good dj because I hate the venue I was going too. Long story short, I allowed russian to roll which lead to me hitting up a few other chicks, which lead to me standing on the corner with SIX above average women. My boy came out and was SHOCKED at the quality chicks I brought and he was even more stunned when I brought in a 20 year old 6'1 chick. (He basically texted me saying to bring her to one of the hottest clubs in NY known for having the toughest door ever)

Irony, I was so drunk before the club that I never actually hung out with any of the girls I brought. I went around just having fun meeting people. I'm not even sure how many chicks I kissed or #closed since everything was happening so fast. All I know is at one point one of the GO GO DANCERS in the club was infront of me on stilts and I was doing my usual BS. Don't ask me how but somehow I get her to lower herself and we start full blown KISSING.

I've started to see myself as highly valuable lately because its becoming ingrained that all these women actually need me. This is causing me to really become a very straightforward/direct person. I notice myself creating alot of urgency and any chick who is apprasive or indecisive I instantly cut off.

This all stemmed from me slowly understanding that I'm a PRICELESS opportunity which explains why I've constantly been on this whole "I got nothing to prove" mantra for the past month or so. All I'm doing nowadays is having fun flirting while simply screening and processing women into my lifestyle. Ultimately I don't need these women at all...

Instead its as if I'm doing them a favor by approaching them aka "giving them the opportunity to meet me". What I give these women access to has value, it has loads of value because it is MY LIFESTYLE. Why would I undervalue my lifestyle, if I did, it would mean I don't like my life which should be a great reason as to why you should change it then.

I mention this because I got blown out by this model chick who I became sad for because she just fucked up. 15mins later I seen another model chick who I grabbed an as usual she was into me BUT the guy she was with pulled her away which she then stood at her table all night never to meet another guy again. (I was very physical with her which she obviously loved since she had this smile like she never had a fascinating man embrace her before)

Sticking Point
Other than money/logistical stuff, I'm noticing my biggest problem is letting myself just GO GO GO GO GO and simply plant seeds as if I was a farmer working on a huge field alone. These were the only two MAIN differences between most nights and tonight. Imagine if I actually just let shit go for the next 6 months, how crazy would things get?

With that said, the women have reached a level of hotness where they are all more or less top notch. It's funny because most people swear I know some of the hottest women which in my mind is far from true. Especially when many of these people see me fooling around with hotties who I just met that night and never see beyond that "moment". I think its just the level of consistency is what makes them inspired to take control of their life and get out there. (Non-community friend has been bang lots of chicks recently)

Only question on my mind is, "What the fuck will all this look like when I'm meeting hotties by the boat load?" Last night gave me a glimpse of what is possible and that is only 25% output. For most this would be an ideal night BUT I thinking long term and overall picture. I want my life to be EPIC!!! An environment where even my friends have too many options within my social network. I think the best part about this whole change is the fact that I refuse to bring in women who aren't tall and attractive into my life. This criteria alone has helped me so much in so many ways. The most obvious is that all the women surrounded by me are attractive and the women I allow to take me home is more or less hot.

P.S...1st girl has that classical euro look I like, in person though she isn't as feminine as I thought she would be. Were gonna probably hangout tonight. 2nd girl I forgot about until I check the pictures on my phone and realized she might've been the chick who I kissed. Honestly can't lie her face is gorgeous (I generally don't care for american looking chicks at all) and its only now I'm realizing she also has a smoking body too.

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Distant Light

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Personal Bootcamp Times!!

Not an actual bootcamp, more like me having fanatical focus on changing my way of being for the next 3 weeks since the past few days have really changed me for the better. Which is why starting soon (maybe thursday)for the next 3 weeks...
- No drinking or dancing allowed
- I must focus on experimenting and ingraining different concepts I read about in some luxury/service marketing books along with new social/sex life concepts
- I'm not allowed to hang with the crew nor hang with connectors/promoters

Friday was the night of total opportunity since none of the 8 girls I was originally bringing out showed up and instead got my fuckbuddy and her friend to show up for a tyson beckford event. One group couldn't make it since her friends were being lame (I've made out with that girl) and other chick I bumped into later in the night which she claims she didn't roll since her 2 friends like black guys. My fuck buddy friend probably disliked how I live because there was a constant "You think your sooooo coool" condescending vibe coming from both of them. I don't even play with it because its a waste of time IMO to even respond to it.

Later in the night, I bring her to my fav friday spot where I'm having a blast and for some reason maybe 3-4 chicks at the table really really likes me as alot of ass grabbing and embracing is going on. My fuck buddy sees this, her and her friend go to dancefloor area. I show up there later DRUNK, her friend leaves, 20mins later I do the whole "In 10 mins were bouncing" she wanted to leave now so we left. Taxi time comes an she says "Wait...Were taking seperate taxis right?" This was utter retarded an next thing I know she is talking about how she just wants to go home alone and sleep. WTF!?!?!?!? I was drunk/annoyed that I basically shutdown and was done here. I was a total dick an simple said "iight cool..." and walked off. What annoyed me was that she was giving these petty boyfriend/provider ASSURANCE type of kisses that a chick would do to her husband when she knows shes about to be sucking someone else dick in the next 30mins. This reaffirmed to simply own how I am and let everyone deal with it in whatever way they see fits them best...

Saturday = Connecting Success
I slammed this out of the ball park!!! Rolled with 2 hotties to meet my connector friend (couldn't get 2 hungarian fake tits I met through jared! in) and simply started having a blast. I sent fake tits to roll with my friend from NYC crew and had a 3rd girl meet up since we were gonna bounce to the usual late nightclub later. Meanwhile inside the spot I brought the 2 hotties to I see bottle girl who loves me and I'm just having abit of fun while telling my boy "When are we going to xyz club? Yo!! Yo!! I'm ready to get my IN!!"

He was under lots of pressure that night which resulted in me going to the place alone and him texting me to say he sent me and joining some guy. WELL, this worked out well because I rolled up with 2 hotties and worked the door flawlessly. ON TOP OF THAT, I come back out to get a 3rd hottie in and noticed a girl who knows me but doorgirl said no. I went to doorgirl after and said "Thx alot for being straightforward with me, I was always suppose to check this place out but I put it off for a long time, I must say its pretty good...Thx for everything babe!" *kiss on cheek*.

Inside, I met the model promoters who go to st tropez (the one where one of my international model gals flew in to hang with them) and introduced my girls to them, basically doing what I've done to connect with all the people I've connected with in the past 120 days. Well, things were great and we were going to bounce to the late night spot BUT 1 of my girls is being annoying not wanting to leave already. (1st venue she met a arab, this venue she seen a well known celeb) I'm annoyed at her and 10mins later I basically tell them were going.

Next venue, I meet bodyguard of some arab prince who one of my hotties know. I get whisked in with my gals and were at a bottle buyer table. I go back outside to get one of my girls who I sent to hang with my NYC crew boy. (Chick isn't hot enough to get into the 2nd venue we were at, there was literally only model looking types) Doorman is telling bouncer to get me a w-9 form aka "Get this guy on the payroll we want him working here".

All this wasn't as smooth as it sounds, there was alot of issues I was having with 1 of the girls and I also was so drunk that one of my girls was telling me to put down the champagne because I wanted to throw it all in the air. (I was soaked in champagne all night due to being stupid) My night ends with 5 dudes trying to fuck one of my female friends (including a connector friend) which she said she doesn't like none of those guys so I had to grab her hair state to all of them that I'm about to fuck the shit out of her and BOUNCED IN TAXI hahaha.

Sunday = Real Social Dynamics
SUNDAY, brunch party opened my eyes to a whole new level of lifestyle. The whole area during the daytime is so trendy its got such a "cool" vibe...

First of all I made a mistake of not checking the weather and had a jacket along with this silk-like shirt which sweat was showing immediately. I roll in greeting and introducing myself to everyone within the area I'm in and notice something 10mins in...

THERE ARE 5-8 GORGEOUS MODELS BORED AS FUCK!!!!! I swear watching infomercials at home woulda been much better for them. It was so sad because for atleast 2hrs they just sat there spectating. No I didn't talk to them, I was too busy hanging with a bottle buyer I had just met that day and ended up getting about 10 girls to gravitate around there table. We were having a BLAST and one of my friends comes to me saying "Man, people are talking, they say your always being the center of attention and the women should be the center of attention" as if I'm some attention whore. I basically tell him, its not my fault people don't want to live and I can't control the women they either have fun or they don't. I know Ima have fun.

An I did, met so many chicks, one chick was hot but also being like those bored models SO I started chatting with her and the power of simply chatting having abit of fun caused her to not only to reopen me but to also open up and have fucking FUN. She later came back touching my shirt saying "I know you threw water on yourself before coming out". The fact that we were having fun is the reason why women were hanging at the bottle buyers table, who were FUN FUN FUN.

After brunch I got knocked back to reality as my gal wanted to go dine out and I had to tell her straight up I can't afford it. Luckily she is a foodie (LIFESTYLE!!!!) so she made a reservation through this site she's a member of where she gets 30% of and introduced me to some amazing food which always annoys me because it makes me think "Dude fuck everything, I need to make MONEY!!!!". (I'd trade money over sex anyday)

Later on, black model came out which was a rather interesting experience because I brought her to the venue that always has rappers/sports players. BASICALLY, everyone was gazing, I got approached by a guy saying my chick was "bad" (hot for those who don't know slang) and all the girls were simply looking at her in awe because she was clearly the hottest chick.

Monday = "I plead the 5th"
Lets just say I did text book socializing and hanging with friends...

MO was cold approach, screen, flirt, takeaway, number, flirt, socialize and thats how I met this gorgeous woman who had an amazing body. Bounce outside to smoke meeting another model-like chick and plant seed to bounce to another club. Tell my boy who is with me and next thing you know my connector friend wants to bounce us to this new new spot that only holds 50 people. Fun times continues, we finally bounce to the orignal place I was planning to bounce to but by that time its dead. So, off to my boys place in harlem which I have taxi stop cause chick says "O thats my place". WRONG, it wasn't and my boy and the chick taxi it to her place which is a luxury apartment. Meanwhile, I'm dealing with some stuff revolving around her life which I won't talk about. Start making out, taxi more making out, outside luxury building is more making out. Upstairs chick on floor with dog, I go on floor more making out. No dice, logistics along with my girls problems fucks everything up.

My boy and I realized we should've pulled a switch because in the 50ppl venue red head was all over me and my boy said my girl was his ideal type. Logistics wise it would've been perfect as he would've pulled to harlem I would've been in luxury building. Regardless we were both annoyed at the whole situation, I was willing to walk away before the 1st bounce. An the irony is that I liked the gorgeous chick alot despite the BS.

Huge Shifts
I started noticing that I am abit (very) intimidating in the sense that when I reach a certain point of having fun and being care-free, the women around me can no longer relate and they lock up. I've noticed ZONING OUT and coming back like a bi-polar person is much more profitable. On sunday black model was with me and we were having fun. Next thing you know I kicked it up a notch an she just froze up and backed off. Her friend did this too, which is why on monday I was more aware. The only time buggin out to such levels is profitable is when I'm not interacting with no one.

Other aspect is that i've been using my PHONE!!!! I now text once in a blue moon and CALLING when what I need to say is too long for 1 text. It's been highly profitable since its no longer that totally detached guy who due to the whole "wanting to be a host/promoter" they mistake all my invites for promo mass texts which isn't true at all, especially when I don't even work as a host/promoter right now.

I've also become aware of where I tend to always fuckup everything and that is after making out. I revert back to my old 2008 self who would just constantly keep escalating in the whole "pulling is messy" sense. I became aware when on monday my girl finally blurted out "Stop stop stop, back off for abit". I then noticed every 1-2 mins I'm going in to makeout ever more which is completely incongruent to how I am. So good to know.

Overall, once I start this whole personal bootcamp stuff shit will be taken to newer heights...

P.S...I had to be vague about alot of things, it was due to rushing, it was due to many issues/problems/personal stuff which doesn't help this report other than entertainment. All I know, I'm a crazy motherfucker hahahahaha. Since I'm being vague, I put together a quick video...
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