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Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Buddhagames: I am a legit mess (as you'll see in this post), just looked at phone and realized I had saved a text to send you. Next Friday, will be solid!!!!

Maca Day ???: Am I Mental!?!?!?
This night is sooooooo unclear...

6'2 Danish girl and hipster I met blacked out on a Thursday were suppose to meet me early BUT I was late. Only managed to meet hipster girl at 1130. I like this girl a lot...
- Bi (More lesbian than straight)
- Very Upbeat Hipster Gal
- DIFFERENT LOOK, very short (5'6) with amazing full hips
- Way of being is similar

HOWEVER, I am sooooo "closed off" that I was feeling bad. I show zero empathy or passion. She's trying to show me music, she's grabbing/holding me, she's hyped at my "lifestyle", and I'm just multi tasking calmly on texting and calling. She'd later reveal that she has an artsy video where its a collection of her orgasming through masturbation. She's also down for orgies since I know many bisexual women.

I was blacked out that Thursday that I met her BUT I remember us heading to her place and me not fully understanding why I couldn't come over. She revealed that she lives with her aunt who sorta dislikes her. That night she wanted to take me home but logistically couldn't. Overall this woman, is setting the bar for how cool a gal has to be.

Am I Crazy!?!?!?
Sooo series of BS, no manager/owner for free shit at venue #1 and venue #2 which was a wild card denies me for wearing white sneakers. (All my boots are fucked up from partying) This is shocking to me given that fact that this isn't my scene at all I just wanted to hang with 19yr old hipster girl. We end up walking around until 145ish...

145ish, I am waiting for bi-natural and my danish gal by 230 I am about to go to my usual venue. I spot danish walking with the guy I know. (who brought her out that night I 1st met her) At their table its 4 other euro models BUT I don't wanna hang at the table. Bump into one of my gals who is kissing me and this black model chick says hello and obviously knows me. We start drinking massively this is when things turn "weird"

In the span of 1hr...
- I find out guy I know who brought out Danish was the guy she was pissed/sad about because she likes him and he went home with his ex the night she met me. They've been fooling around for awhile now AND its also why she was chatting to him 1 on 1 the night we met.
- Unsure how I met this group or what the girl looks like BUT 15mins later I'm telling them about an after party and were in a bmw headed there. Girl I'm with gives guy ok to take her friend home. My girl leaves after party instantly in disgust saying its not even worth me paying to go in (not that I woulda paid anyway) and actually takes my # and leaves
- For some reason I see a bizarre status update on FB of me talking about how annoying men are and thinking I want their girl or some shit. Have ZERO memory of that. Of course danish likes the status.
- Sent text to 19yr hipster at 5am "Babe I better see u in a non-party setting again sooooooooooooo refreshing to interact with...I just made a huge mistake!!!!!!...Some girl tried taking me home it didn't feel like the thiing to do and wasn't sexually attracted so its like "fuk that" I will play drunk despite me... Being legi drunk...these girls were sooooooo annoying and I wouldn't even give out orgasms!!!!!"
- I end up on about 100 train stops from 6am to 10am I was in the subway too tired/drunk to even recognize I keep missing my stop

When I pieced it altogether I realized after the girl left in taxi I BLACKED OUT HARDCORE, possibly met these girls. 6 girls and 2 guys were going into an apartment I was in the back. I was "aware" at that moment and had ZERO KNOWLEDGE that I was with them. I just walked off, not even knowing I knew them.

Its only after telling bi-natural about my night I realized...
- I have 3 new #s but 1 of those I have zero collection of
- The drunken rant was right after I walked off and blacked out again which means I was with that group because it was very weird how I was right behind them waiting for door to open and I simply didn't know why I was there
- I have split personality, women LOVE the "other" way of being because my default state is always trying to tame/control the "other". (Laymans term, I try to hide my true personality as my actor teacher once said)

P.S...I got opened in the club while enjoying the music, chick came up to me saying I'm perfect hahah.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

Progress Report: BORED!?!?!?
Sunday was very basic, bi-natural opens these 2 average chicks and invite them to hang with us. I kiss one of them, the other #closes me and I tell her "maybe she can kidnap me one day". She says she seriously wants to 3x to make sure I know she is saying Yes. Girl I kissed, hates the music so they bounce. 3 Big booty black chicks are on bi natural and I. I kiss mines goodbye before leaving. (The big booty black chick woulda been a 9 in my eyes, if we were back in 2004)

Monday, went to free tour, hung out with a community friend, parted ways as I hit venue solo. Had ZERO INTEREST in interacting. It was so bad that...
- I wouldn't give this gorgeous model (my ideal "model" look) the opportunity to meet me. When bi-natural showed up later in the night he actually approached her for the sake of trying to bring her to me. I think he does this now because I introduced him to the gorgeous chick who he's now in love with to this day.
- Chick opens me in a very upbeat manner and I'm just trying to cut off the interaction
- Two young but very sexy hipster 80s looking chicks are infront of me and I don't say anything
- Venue bounce, its packed and I'm annoyed!!! Go upstairs area hottie with glasses I somehow was chatting to for 2mins and I just leave her. She stands waiting for me to comeback but I get distracted somehow.
- Chick who knows me is grinding on me HARDCORE, my dick was sooooooo flaccid, so much for maca hahahahaha.
- Nightlife friend is sorta AMOGing infront of this model black girl talking about how I only mess with white girls. This was hilarious/entertaining since I was bored and got to sorta flex my verbal muscles.

I left venue at maybe 230am, drank soooo much in hopes of atleast acting crazy to the music. Wasn't even borderline drunk and decided to get pizza instead. I was sooo annoyed at how bored I was and truly didn't want to chat. HOWEVER...

In pizza shop its apparent I need to kill time or else I have to walk 2 miles home. Sooo, tall gal right next to me in this empty pizza place and BAM its on...

Keep in mind, its amazing how once the pressure is on its as if I put my best foot forward. 1min in, chick is gets her food and is sitting with me. I give her lots of shit for sitting across. 5mins later she #closes me and her dyke/lesbain friend shows up. She's drunk, I'm chillin wasting to clock out so I don't have to walk 2 miles. Girl keeps insisting I take her out with me to a warehouse party. I ask lesbian if she's bi or lez since all women no matter how lesbian wouldn't mind a dick UNLESS the don't use dildos or put anything in there. She's bi but obviously much more lesbain. I finally bounce once I notice lesbain trying to chat 2 girls that the club owner was most likely "seeding" the pull back to his place.

NOTE: I love seeing this owner interact with women because he seems very similar to me in the sense that on the surface everything is social but a lot of subtle things going on. An of course his lifestyle is at a level that is sooo easy logistically and overall enjoyable.

Boredom = Re-Evaluate Life
Soooo the whole train ride home was spent thinking "why was I bored?" This felt like it occured as an indicator that I'm moving along a path that I truly don't care about...

The highlight of that night was realizing my friend's table had amazing sea salt fries and gourmet sliders. Although I seen my ideal type it was forgetable and the music wasn't hitting me deep inside at all. Two reasons as to why I go out. As I dig deeper I kind of feel like I am trying to walk two paths at the sametime. What I really want and what I "thought" I wanted as a "community dude"...

Its obvious to me internally that I had to choose sex 7x a week with the hottest women or a fine dining experience 7x a week I'd choose the fine dining. My promoter friend is in the works of developing a concept for a 60person space to have 1 of his 3 chef friends that he manages get on board, which will lead to him actually owning/running a restuarant. (He's mentored by a guy who is a well known promoter in the high end scene) When I heard this Monday I was excited and highly intrigued that he has the ability to realistically make a decision to do that.

Meanwhile, I can attract women in general BUT highly limited in terms of doing things I truly enjoy. This resulted in me starting to read this "rain maker" book and instantly it was like golden nugget after golden nugget in terms of what I needed to hear. Keep in mind, I don't regret anything because as I continue on I realize more and more how these new "potential possibilities" that I'm aware of is only possible due to how I am.

At the sametime I'm in utter disgust that I am still even exploring this area of life now that I'm actually competent and only have one side of the coin of my lifestyle handled. A nightlife friend of mine who makes 200k a year was shocked to realize that I'm not making money nowhere near that level. Like I continue to post to help others see a different angle on all this BUT its as if Monday showed me I need to stop focusing on an area I truly don't even care about anymore and develop parts of my personality that is severely lacking.

As I read more and more of this "rainmaker" book it now makes perfect sense as to why 99% of people who I know are shocked when they realize I'm not making nowhere near as much money as them. I possess many qualities but had the wrong purpose/goals.

P.S...I know this is the right decision as I now feel that spark/fire like most people have when they first found the community and was thinking of all the "possibilities". Interesting times to come.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Progress Report: Burntout!?!?!?
This all might simply be an opportunity to "FINALLY" step up!!!!

Past few day I've been legit BORED, I've stopped with the maca pill and also have zero desire to have sex. (Its time to stop masturbation completely, its like I have the sex drive of a 90 yr old) HOWEVER, when I saw the photographer I know through nightlife video (above) I was pumped up to work on my own video and reconfigure my lifestyle to make it addictingly enjoyable again.

Friday = Total Mess
First, FLAKES on the days I actually host BUT on a normal outing my phone is blowing up. I still have a blast meet an "apologetic" chick due to her so called creepy opener she did on me.

I'm a total dick sticking to myself, venue is slow due to rain and I'm having a BLAST. Its interesting I truly now only have to show up. All night chicks were just watching. I got drunk with a friend, somehow met some chick who instantly starts grinding. I am not into that stuff at all so cut it off, she #closes and kisses me before I leave.

Drunk with friend from acting school, end up in time square...
- 1st group 2 german looking girls who turn out to be american BOOOO!!!
- 2nd girl was solo BUT an older couple was in ear shot and next thing you know its my boy and I chatting the 1 girl along with 2 girls and their PARENTS for 15mins.

- 3rd group, 2 swiss girls and WOOOOW were doing so much "selective hearing" (I told him about the on concept and we do it 24/7 to each other) I kept interpreting everything as them trying to get me to fuck. Keep in mind this extreme way of being caused me to say lots of stuff. 2 things that really stood out. "Wait wait, do you know your deep spot? Ok, so g spot is here right, deep spot is..." and "Look what my pornstar friend text me, I love her" (Her stating she was ass stretching for a shoot coming up)

My boy was dying because at one point I'm like "Wait you wanna kidnap my friend? O yea when? Tomor, ok!!! O what!?!? Y'all both with him at the same time!?!? OMG, wow this is crazy..." The whole time they're dying of laughter. It was so much that 30mins later, I have to cut this off because buddhagames wants to meet me and I gotta get them stamped. These chicks had ZERO INTENTION of leaving us, we made there NY trip worth it. Did I mention, they have boyfriends, I playfully go for the kiss saying goodbye and my boy was lifting them up in busy time square? (He is not community)

Hanging With Buddhagames
It was actually refreshing not being solo BUT, I was done before I even entered the venue. Only problem, while nowadays I just need to show up. I don't even wanna approach BUT its like autopilot i'm bam bam bam hopping from one girl to the next and they're in love. HOWEVER, I wasn't there mentally...

Atleast 3-4 tall gals are on me hard, I simply leave later on and hit another club where again 3 other tall girls on me hard BUT I simply leave the venue due to boredom and hit a 3rd venue. Went home EARLY for the 2nd time!!!! I never feel bad about such things but this was utterly ridiculous, zero interest despite majority of the women on me hard.

These pressures of "boredom" is slowly inspiring me to develop my lifestyle on another level. Its like a crackhead who needs harder drugs or a higher dosage.

Saturday Playtimes?
I tried to sike myself up to have a blast because MY FAV PORNSTAR FRIEND came out...

Holy fuck, was the "daytime party" venue amazing and full of women. Its the old, amazing me who caused a bottle buyer to spray champagne. Keep in mind, this place isn't champagne shower friendly. We are going BONKERS and I notice a chick in one of my "drunk" vids. This womans body was a 10, insanely tight stomach. A 2nd girl wanted to get fucked as soon as I looked and smiled (just show up) Another girl next to me I am playing with her g-string. A 4th girl I am doing similar undies pulling but we bounce (pornstar and I) with a bottle buyer to eat food. Lots of amazing talking, love this pornstar she's an insane gal.

Later, meet bi-natural, I literally recovered and got drunk 3x in one day. Were with these 2 girls, I am standoffish, get drunk a 3rd time and have a blast. I'm getting opened, people inviting me to the table. One of the girls keep flashing us and I at one point just sit down BORED. This somehow gets me opened, chick makesout with her friend inches from me and I am super chill/uninterested. We kiss, bounce back to her friend place, I am not into it at all and just bounce.

What's my problem
Low sex drive and intense moments of complete boredom...

I've been reading the "rain maker" book and its possibly the new foundation of my "model of reality". I need to work towards building an over-the-top lifestyle and do mini "weekly" challenges to help facilitate it all one step at a time.

I'll whip something at end of the night, computer broke again so lost majority of my notes/data
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yeah, man...  could tell you weren't "feeling" it...

But here's the thing.. even though you weren't super "high energy" and whatnot... you just have a very very "relaxed" vibe and you're very calm- zero nerves... it's just the effect of going out as long as you've been going out.
Like, we were doing pretty much the same style of approach when we were standing against that wall- but because you have been going out for so long, and you're so relaxed, girls were reacting to you MUCH better than they were reacting to me...

I saw that one tall girl you hooked... she was cute, seemed def. interested.

haha I love how the second you entered the venue- you were just instantly talkin to people... I was like, "Well, fuck... if he's doin it like this... I can't just stand around like a dork" and it got me to start approaching a ton of girls, faster than I probably would have done if you weren't there. Was cool.

lol who was that girl you introduced me to? She was scary lookin... haha not in a bad way (she was tall and def. hot- for some people) she just had a VERY unique look lmao.
Yo- and sorry for bailing on your hosting stuff... I legit just fell asleep and couldn't get up in time.
I was outside most of the night with blondie... so I didn'tt get to see you operating inside, but I'm sure it went well... honestly, your "issue' of just not "feeling it"... is just about your own willpower and whether or not you wanna fuck... don't trip on it. You're a good dude and fun to chill with.

i'll hit you up this week for some more shit.
90 Days Challenge (Currently in the Final Third): "It's Just Something You Have To Do If You Want To Be Great"  The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars A man may fall down many times, but he won't be a f ailure until he says someone pushed him" Buddha
My review of training with
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Hahaha yea, that girl is unique looking indeed. She's one of the gals who likes me alot. Its all good, it was very slow anyway. Literally just 2 of my friends who brought 80% of the girls in the venue. Surely will do it up again...

Turning Point: Split Personality!!!!!
Soooo, it seems my whole "normal" self is spent taming/hiding the real me...

For some reason I came out super bored, showed up and just sat around. Hilarious women were eyeing me a ton just due to how comfortable I was. I wasn't drinking at all, just chillin. Bi-natural shows up, one of his gals #closes me and likes me a lot.

Bi-natural tells me to taste this champagne drink, FUCK, I taste molly!!!!! 15mins I then say "fuck, if I'm gonna end up at a gay party later, I better atleast enjoy the music" and actually take one...

This is why I say I have split personality...

The otherside of me RUSHED OUT, I had to work the room. All I could think was "Have fun with everyone". I can't even describe how eye opening this was. It was like 08 taken to the EXTREME. 1st venue I must've went to every table, talked to every interesting looking person, hyping up guys hooking up, and making sure everyone was having a great time.

Bi-natural model friend is laughing stating she needs to get into molly and is joking on me ALL NIGHT because I keep bouncing around interacting with everyone

2nd Venue
First of all, the way I was walking VERY INTENSE...

Don't even roll in yet and I joking with staff, I'm asking people how is it and calling them out for leaving. Inside I am dancing as usual but hitting up so many different tables and mixed groups. Every guy I know is SOOOO HAPPY to see me. This girl in a cat suit, I start flirting hardcore.

Gay party
Saw 2 gay guys who danced like me, I wanted to #close...

BUT forgot because I met these 4 very elegant women, dancing hardcore. Took #. Went downstairs, spot bi-natural model gal with some girl. 30secs later I kissing this girl and #closing her too. Then a random chick in 2nd venue who has an edgy look, I facebook. Take girl I kissed upstairs to dance, more fooling around.

End of night though, drugged up model keeps insisting on seeing my girls tits and I wanna dance soooo I simply left.

Lessons Learnd
- I'm always switching on/off, there is a clear push/pull in personality
- I am so expressive (my gay friend says I should do voiceovers due to my voice)
- I'm very into the conversation aka LISTENING PASSIONATELY
- I'm very very very giving, I wanted to talk to the world

Tomor will see what's what...
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Maca Day #1: Restart!!!!
Gonna finish out my batch of pills, does it work? No clue its too subtle...

Anywho, monday night, I assumed i'd work the room like on molly, NOPE!!!! I am at table, in my own world. However, I somehow meet these 3 french women who are FASCISNATED...

Later on, I bump into tattoo girl from last night who apparently was telling people about me. I was undecided between her and a LEGIT MODEL who was by far the most gorgeous girl in the venue. I somehow end up liking the model girl A LOT!!!!

Later in night end up in venue that is size of a living room, meet a girl, makeout, not into her. Then meet ANOTHER LEGIT MODEL. She love me but her gay friend was abit too protective and I don't wanna deal with the BS so eventually I just let her part ways with me.

My friend told me 30mins before I arrived atleast 30 models was in this living room venue. FUCK!!!!

It then occurs to me that the orignal model likes me a lot and I am just so unaware that I was treating her like some random girl who held no significance in my life haahaha. She was truly cool though, qualifying herself hard BUT I admited that I'm into hipsters and models. Ironically I take a pic with both of em...

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 DL how do i learn to dance like a badass?
Looking for a solid wing. 
Chicago - Daygame / Nightgame
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 also seriously, tonight i went out hardcore danced for 25 mins and im tired as shit. i lift. i run. how are you building stamina?

EDIT: do you have more vids like this ? they really encourage me to go at it hard every night
Looking for a solid wing. 
Chicago - Daygame / Nightgame
No Path No Journey - My Journal
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Novel: I had 2 other videos (lost recent one) and in the works of making another. Its hilarious because many times I could potentially collapse of dehydration and those are ONLY when in a BK warehouse dancing 6-7hrs non-stop. I'm just never aware of being tired. Although lately my body feels it when its time to get up and get ready. (It once took 2hrs just t leave my house due to a super slow pace)

A Drunk Mess
I'm not too sure what exactly happen all I know I have 4 new texts from 4 different women...

Its insane how I will literally go about the night but have ZERO CLUE of maybe 30secs of different moments. I only remember meeting ONE girl and yet my phone has texts of me telling my friend if there is an after party since I supposedly have a huge group. Looking at the times of the texts, it appears that I met some women in one of the high end venues full of models.

P.S...The night started off SOLID, this tall girl with an amazing ass and a hipster one too. However, I didn't plan on sitting with one of my many social circles all night so I bounced despite one girl begging me to stay with her. This is how the night started, 4 girls infront of me shaking there asses...

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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Another Night!!!! Reunion!!!!
So bi-natual is pissed at me for forgetting about this one girl who was soooo de-validated that I didn't know it was her. I simply showed up wayyyy tooo hyped up. (I was sober, this is why I drink) I tried to calm down. Bi-natural said after the fact I was VERY DOUCHEY!!!! Supposedly this tall hottie left because of me and at the next venue I run into maybe 7 ppl that I know...

I give this girl my # turns out I am the guy who cold read her impressively on the street while blacked out (she didn't know) so I just make out with her. She is BI like every other woman. She is loving me, model gal (in last post pic) who I tell I like but were now in the same circle circle starts kissing me. Thing is she will start promoting next monday so I framed it that its best we just fool around. She now kisses me goodbye and shit.

Meanwhile, gal I cold read I makeout with and this girl I know through a friend I fucked is also here. Too many people I know!!!!!! My boy leaves me, friend from 3,4,5th grade spots me!!!

I with this average size (big) hipster who wants nothing to do with me, she found a guy who will take her home. I'm with my model gal who is sexy as fuck BUT its established she's just my flirt.

My contacts are still very confusing right now...

Also, some girl with an amazing ass grabs my ass but once she noticed my model gal who was elegantly dressed she GAVE UP!!!!!! This was a lost on her part (The "other" model) since I know this girl now has a BF the furthest i'd go is kissing. Other girl was also HOT!!!! However, I didn't see her again.

P.S...I like the model gal a lot, we were making out abit. Another girl I madeout with also my "new" partner in crime. My one hipster gal simply missed out!!!!
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