January 20th, 2019
Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Huge Breakthrough
As of tomorrow a whole new lifestyle will begin to take form...

Its hard to explain the internal shift but as of late "Exploration Of Consciousness" been playing a massive role and it feels as if I'm FINALLY reaching a balance between "other" and physical life experiences. Last night, I played back the 25min video that I recently made and like a huge floodlight it revealed.

I'm Intimidated By Myself
I use my understanding of consciousness as an excuse not to use any form of personal power (unless external pressures force me) and I block out experiences to act like I have no evidence of the things I know are true. As a result I can sorta "hide" from my fear of knowing my true potential.

However, when truth reveals itself it can't be denyed. What I experienced for those 25mins...
- 100% of nights are epic whether I label it that or not
- MAJORITY of women (people) are massively attracted to me,
- I have massive amounts of influence on other people

The thing that I couldn't come to terms with that was clear as day is that I AM THE BITCHY/UPTIGHT person. 95% of the time I'm interpreting someone as being "closed off" because it is I who is the closed off one. Many of those "moments" were NOT how I remembered it. The videos show many of these women in a blissful moment with a look of fascination. Making me clearly see that I'm so caught up with trying to "hide" from myself that I'm not even aware of how inspired others are by simply being in my presence. This goes much deeper but I want to leave it at that.

Example of me blocking out experiences, a few things that clearly shows this is the problem...
- My boy introduces me in a HUGE WAY and I totally downplayed myself TRYING TO HIDE. 30mins later they all seen what he was saying was true.
- Two girls I instantly coined as uptight turns out to be the chicks who are mentioning how awesome I am. One of them was actually all over me despite me still interpreting her as being bitchy.
- On 3 different occassions from 3 different girls, they proceeded to qualify themselves and try to maintain my attention on them.
- I exchange #s wih about 4 different women but never actually saved the names or anything so its getting lost in the cludder of my unorganized phone.
- 2 models I coined as bitchy that night, on camera it was a whole different story. They were genuinely having a blast.

Keep in mind, I tend to block all this out...

TONIGHT, was abit fucked up because it was a girl who live with her BF who likes me ALOT. We were making out hardcore an she wants to have sex badly, was even willing for me to take home her friend. I was so drunk that morally I didn't give a fuck but seeing her say goodbye to sleep with her BF really made me think "poor guy". The stuff I was saying was cocky and over the top. She really wants me to text her, she said she thinks I'm amazing just like the other women have said.

P.S...I was out earlier, still standoffish, don't even know how I manage to meet this one chick. Thankfully, my female friend who likes girls was on the friend. (Who I wanted to have a 3some with haahha) Meanwhile, just got home and a 2nd text of chick saying "better invite me out thursday".

P.S.S...Ms friendzone was pissed that my boy said something about me putting her in friendzone. She was annoyed by it but I didn't even know my friend mentioned such a thing till she texted me. She basically has been trying to get me to react but I am so indifferent that she's realizing it doesn't affect me and actually making things worst.
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 Great Journal bro, 

keep it up
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Progress Report = "Living Life Got Interesting"
So basically every night I'm with a chick and it comes down to logistics.
- Wednesday bumped into this hottie that I've always wanted to hookup with, not because she is hot but because she is fucking insane and cool to have alongside me. 2wks ago she tried pulling me back to her place. Wednesday she kept kissing me.
- Thursday, polish big tits rolled out and basically gave me an update about us hooking up. She simply stated I need to come over when her brother isn't there.
- Friday, chick from Tuesday messaged me that her BF wants to hangout s>u we didn't bother meeting. So setup for SUNDAY which I can have sex in that club.
- Saturday, was total shit plan wise, ended up in a hotel with some dumb trust fund babies. Not good at all, didn't meet my criteria at all. I lost so much points, I assumed an easy 3some BUT got total waste of time. Lots of marshmallow fighting and abit of making out. Did I mention the chick claimed to have known me from WAY BACK like summer 2011.

What's been going on as of late is me and the girl setting up a "date to hookup".

Attract Women In General
Friday I met a new tall girl, she loved my energy...

This is why I say DO NOT TRY, she left this guy who was on her hard for ME. She reopened me about 3-4 times mentioning how amazing I was. We soon start making out, I didn't do anything besides BE me. Then...

One of the most overt things happens...
Her friend goes CRAZY, why? Because a simple "cool" guy couldn't show up and take her home. This was shocking to see, she was PISSED at my girl because I was with her and she was going home to no sex. Inside the club she was complaining to my girl that she is horny and wants to have sex. In the end, random guy she met earlier in the night passes by outside, she grabs him and hops in a taxi.

My girl liked me because of my so called "unreal" energy. When a woman finds you fascinating and is trying to win you over she will "make it work" there is NO REASON TO TRY EVER. This is what started getting her friend pissed because she seen "me" who seemed like the only fascinating guy.
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 hey distant just read through your entire thread. you are a legend. truly fearless and authentic and you're really inspiring me to push the boundaries of what is possible, not what society tells us is possible...

best of luck with everything i'll be following along
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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...Sitting in the diner with a chick "knocked out" all I know bouncer demanded I take pics to show him hahahahaha...

Nothing is gonna happen though, originally it was suppose to be this hot russian. Basically I got a text from this hot french woman that I know so I rolled out. She was here for 1 day. Russian shoulda been my ideal but this other chick was so nurturing that end of night I was baby sitting. A girl I know actually wanted to pull her.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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So Monday, was another pull, biggest lesson...

"I love gorgeous women over amazing body"

This was a weird night in the sense that I wasn't even thinking about this chick because she was my type SIX YEARS AGO. Big booty black chick. Keep in mind...
- 6ft Canadian French hottie hit me up she flew in for 1 day.
- 6ft Russian saw me with french and grabs me, I like this girl

We had free food, tequila and whiskey. 30mins in the group goes from 15 of us to 6. Also noticed the girl who has a BF, I completely forgot what she looked like until I remembered a girl on FB (her) adding me.

The 6 of us are buggin out, russian and I like each other. Seen her again tn slapping her ass BUT nothing can happen due to me needing to meet a friends lawyer due to situation that almost got me banned. WELL, once they realize my friend lawyered up I am FUCKED work wise and almost all my connections will be severed. :o

Anywho got home 3:30pm Tuesday, woke up and went out again. Insane night, ran into my boy "katalyst", for some reason we were really going crazy tonight. LOTS OF GIRL ON GIRL ON GIRL action. Pouring whiskey on table, then mixers, poor bus boys were probably pissed.

End of night met 3 hipster chicks YES, ass slapping, I wanna pull but need to be up early. Thankfully, the 3rd girl was too hammered when I bounced them to another club. Also seen this bum-looking gorgeous blond I wanted to meet her badly but was so pre-occupied.

As Of Late
Been changing it up, "exploration of consciousness" had some new breakthroughs that I've been looking to implement in my phyiscal life.

The main thing for genera audience is that...
- assumptions/beliefs is my poison that's been killing me
- My interpretation of planning is so off/wrong which is why it has almost NEVER worked. Finally changing up what I considered "planning"

Overall loving life more than ever, all time low in all other areas of life and still going home with women everyday practically.
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 I like your way of seeing things, 

which city are you in?
Being a Pimp doesn't mean that you don't get afraid, being a Pimp means that you don't let fear stop you. Your life consists of single days. Your days consist of single moments. If you try to be your best self in every moment, you will realize your full life potential. Every big journey consists of small steps.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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^^^ NY

Progress Report: Changing It Up
Past few days I've changed my way of "planning" as I come to realize 90% of my plans ALWAYS fail. If knowledge/truth is based on first hand experience then the truth is my way of planning was a total failure and needed to be changed a long time ago. So far...
- Focused more on a routine/process/habit that proactively handles everything and makes sure I don't slack
- FINALLY, cleaned up my phone abit, it looked like a "party girl" who has a shit ton of unsaved #s. I didn't respond to certain texts from 2 days ago and a few a week ago.

Last night, 1st time in awhile I was sober for a few hours, it was actually a great feeling since I couldn't stop talking to random people (guys & girls) and if alone I was genuinely enjoying myself. Drunk, I just act wild celebrating alone or whoever I know.

After Monday night I noticed a change in my criteria. There were LOTS of models last night BUT I have very particular LOOKS that I like and wasn't willing at all to mess with many women on that level. This in itself made things much more powerful when I did take action.
- Some tall chick with big tits tries to isolate me
- Gorgeous tall chick walks by, stop her, 30sec interaction (me screening) and #close. THIS WAS SOLID, time and time again people assume you need like 10mins of comfort or something NAH waste of time. Her friend kept trying to get her to keep going BUT my girl basically said "Wait!" Cause she needed to get my # first. Then I slap her ass goodbye. 30secs
- Lift 2 different girls up, 1 wants to play games other can't handle it

Night turned into a crazy party night as I finally decided to drink. Think I need to start remaining sober again, its such a refreshing state of being especially since I'm not as "closed off" as I used to be. What's insane though is how many of my friends I've run into who LOVE MY LIFESTYLE despite me not making any cash to take it to the next level.

Now noticing its abit uncommon for anyone to live like this on a consistent basis. Last 3 nights out were RIDICULOUS and its only now that I am aware of this. Each night its common to hear me say "Please tell I'm not the only who thought xyz day was INSANE". My boy from Tuesday mentioned everyone when back to model chick house just knocked out on the floor, he woke up freaking out and his brother started looking for him since he left the house. He didn't even remember the night.

In a nutshell, why my friend commented on loving my lifestyle is because big tits and another girl who liked me were making out in my arms while I bang their heads with a tubestick. EVERYONE WAS LOOKING due to the amount of passion. I just seemed like this is the norm since I do hang with a lot of gays/bis/lesbians.

The "New" Plan
Essentially its all about keeping it simple while creating "tools" aka processes that help me focus. (I do this in "exploration of consciousness") When it all runs together it basically facilitates the certain things that I need generated naturally.

The other aspect is exploring different states that helps facilitate certain probable outcomes that way not only am I actually meeting new people and giving out my # BUT the probability of them being fascinated, coming out with me and trying to hookup with me goes higher and higher.

As of right now, majority of nights a handful of women try to hookup with me and I barely even execute "approaching". Only time will tell when I implement this new plan and see the massive difference.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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---------- This delay is too drastic, I just cameback home, was in the club's pool with a topless model chick who turned out to be crazy. Its sad, but I'll keep her around despite my boy attempting to pull. Of course got footage, been recording lots of things. Wanted to post a video but abit of problems. This is semi good since I can now add abit more clips when time comes. :)

At the moment just loving my life, I'm making money, meeting new women, and have a wide range of options. End of the day it simply comes down to the experiences and lessons. Tonight I learnt a huge lesson. Chick was pretty (model) but personality wise was LEGIT CRAZY, I felt bad for her.

Potential Possibility: The Ultimate Being (LONG)
I'm changing drastically, haven't had such an internal shift in a very long time. Like author of MBT says, "Actual change is as obvious as a broken leg"

Point Consciousness
My "exploration of consciousness" has spilled over into play a huge role in my phyiscal life as I work more on developing strong intention. As a result...

Lately, I've had this rather aloofness about me where its like my "dream" state of mind where my mind is blank. I'm running on less assumptions (which were a massive issue for me) and ego/needs/wants/fears are even lower. Its apparent in how free I feel and me thinking all my actions are an expression of the quality of my being.

In laymans term, I no longer judge or second guess my way of being or behavior because how I am is simply based on how I enjoy expressing myself most. 2nd hand opinions are irrelevant to me good n bad because regardless I enjoy being this way. So longs I'm well intended and not purposely dominating others then "I don't give a fuck".

Biggest shift though, I'm losing my materialistic viewpoint that most westernized people have. I now view things based on experiences, lessons, and growth. I now only plan processes and just ride the unknown wind letting the experience playout. As you'll see this is what has inspired new possibilities to manifest.

Total "Relationship" Freedom
I once said, "Sex has NOTHING to do with a relationship, its just a FUN activity...People in relationships want to have fun so they have SEX"

All this might sound abit weird...

On the surface every woman is my FRIEND and I treat them that way. HOWEVER, the subtly of "having fun" we also tend to fool around and even hookup. This has broken so much social conditioning, the longer the person has known me is the more they act accordingly.

This has lead me to become VERY LIBERAL, in the sense that its literally "friend's I hookup with" because I have ZERO intention of following culture norm of a "relationship". I have absolutely ZERO drama/issues/stress when it comes to my social/sex life. Its amazing and changing me in so many ways.

Even better is the oppotunity for WOMEN as they have total freedom to interact in a non-needy environment. Almost every man is trying to seek a hot girls validation. Most say they aren't but what's the difference between an average chick and a gorgeous chick for MOST men? THE VALIDATION OF KNOWING YOU FUCKED A GORGEOUS CHICK.

While I think some of the women I mess with are "gorgeous" I actually focus on "looks" that drive me wild internally. When I think about her "coked out on pleasure" face while I provide a sexual experience. Which is why with my friends I call women "distinct ugly" because HOT is only relative to my filter and to help me focus in on what I like. It just so happen that many others happen to like the women I like too BUT I don't bang any girl cause of what others find hot.

With that said, it leads me to the fact that I get ZERO VALIDATION from women. Its allowed me to be very "open" because sex is literally "JUST FUN". We are just friends, if we wanna fool around and fuck cool, if not, cool. Do whatever you want so longs your having fun. This is what has fueled...
- Seeing polish girl, makeout, exchange #s and ultimately get fucked. I had told her awhile back, "If you like a guy go for it I don't care were just having fun and I like it this way cause I do my own thing too" (She went home with a guy TWICE)
- I was with the girl polish brother banged (originally a girl I fooled with) and my korean "wife". She seen me kissing my korean wife and flirting HARD. They talked, danced, had fun and nurtured each other throughout the night. Later I am tonguing down the girl "polish brother" banged.
- Chick I've been fooling around with for years reunites HAS a so called "awesome BF" and yet I have her in the air making out and then go directly to another girl making out. Nothing serious at all.
- This one girl who I really think is awesome, she wakes up yelling to her roomie like I do while partying. We see each other and its just wild times and kissing each other like its nothing.
- I'm seriously "on call", learnt this from my pornstar friend who has "pets". Chicks text me an try to schedule in time. Soon Ill have a waiting list since I never compromise "partying" for "sex".
- Most recent, brought out friendzone and she seen me meeting new women and was completely cool about it as she sees what I'm about. In this case it was 4 new women. 1 of them who she cleary knew was my type. (5'10)

The kicker, all these are my "friends" I never text any sexual shit, I don't tell them how Ill fuck them. All I do is have fun being ME. I'm very flirtatious with ALL WOMEN, I am always probing to see who peaks my interest, and every interaction I fucked around in a "Your trying to kidnap me" manner. I got a text the other night where chick said I seen her and even KISSED her. In the club, another recent night this tall girl showed up somehow knows me and was on me HARD. Which leads too...

Social Dynamics: Passion/Intent Fuels Everything
I've probably ran into 10 girls in past week who supposedly knows me and another handful who have seen me before or "wanted to meet me". The other night some gorgeous chick is saying how she knows me. Random girls always come up kissing me. What's my secret? My drive for creating memorable moments...

I'm a crackhead towards having a blast, it has changed me into a being of "pure enjoyment" which at times its 100% clear intention with absoulte ZERO fear or ego in it. I notice this specific peak because I start laughing uncontrollably and feel most complete as if the system is rewarding me for clear/clean intent. Its also HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL, I've seen many things happen as a result of this. (As MBT book states, were all simply interpreting other based on our self. So people seeing me are at times seeing NEW POSSIBILITIES which draws them even more t me.)

While I've only tried mdma 4x, smoke (when super drunk) and drink a lot. I am not attached nor do I use it for the state of mind it takes me too. I do it for the shared experience of "being on the same frequency". There is a certain bond taking shots, making noise, chilling back smoking a cig, etc. HOWEVER, I don't fuck with any hard drugs just due to how crazy I already am. People tend to think I do drugs due to certain moments. In actuality I am just so free I am willing to express myself in such forms.

Social Dynamics: The Foundation
Name of the game is called "time management". My outer game could be simplified to "How can I LIVE LIFE, while still maintaining a sex life?"

I keep everything 100% social, everyone is a "friend" and because I have a lot of "friends" I get to bring them along into my life 7x a week if I so choose. I DO NOT HIT ON GIRLS EVER because to women...
- subtly = obvious
- obvious = BOLD or TRY HARD (depending on the woman and moment)

SUBTLY is fucking KEY, I can't even begin to describe this but it comes on many forms. Last night, natural friend starts chatting this gorgeous russian who I had just met. The whole 30mins was him sitting/talking, he'd joke with the group every so often, use the hookah, drink, etc. All of a sudden he says goodbye and she is leaving with him HOLDING HANDS. I don't think he ever really touched her. What also helpped was the fact that our group was having a blast.

Being social, being "friends" is very subtle. I remember when I first started as a GUY I couldn't even understand this since its such a gray territory. HOWEVER, proof is in the puddng nowadays this stuff is VERY CONSISTENT.

The key things about me...
- All my approaches is almost zero investment from me at all
- Push/Pull is a way of being for me, I love having fun in such a manner since "I am the hot chick, she's the one trying to win me over"
- Physically, I'm VERY CHILDISH and highly flirtatious. There is no technique to this I snap womens thongs, kiss there tits, kiss there foreheads, bite there face taking pics, etc because its my way of having fun/flirting. ITS NOT SERIOUS, I'm not hitting on them, just fun times.
- "Qualification" is both passive/active and overlaps in my whole way of being that to go deeper would be like asking me to explain my life philosophy.

Proof In The Pudding
My criteria has risen, the social/sex life that I offer is insanely easy going and fun. I value myself and life way more than ever before to the point that I no longer like BORING PEOPLE or better yet "people not open to having fun". Lately I've been abit more blunt especially when drunk when I am in a crowded venue full of BORING PEOPLE. For instance, last night thursday...

There were about 15 girls at table I was at and 7 MODELS directly behind me. Now the models were all gorgeous BUT I was annoyed that I had to move over to make way for people who looked like they didn't even want to be there. This all stemmed from Tuesday night. It used to be a "hipster" party with a full room but not crowded, heck sometimes it was half full BUT it was the best times, chicks would even randomly flash their tits.

WELL, it changed to a "house music party" which it was "weekend" packed. I expected the usual good times NO so damn packed full of people just looking at each other that when I realized a friend had a table upstairs overlooking club I took a girl up and we had the time of our life, group of 8 (including an asian playboy bunny) Last week Monday was first realization of "I want fun people only" when group was 15 and broke into 6, we CRUSHED IT with a team of 6, utter madness. (The whole club just watched us)

Back to the models though, one of the girls disgusted me I almost wanted to tell her go the fuck home. She was crammed up near the railing as if she was told to sit in a corner. The people I were with weren't any better as one girl I swear thought I was on drugs NO I AM NOT, I don't need excuses to be a certain way.

In a nutshell it opened my eyes because my interest for all of them were ZERO. Later on as the night went on though I noticed all the boring ones left and the 3 of 7 still there were trying to get my attention. I was already disappointed though so minor flirting from afar is all they got. MOST GUYS, woulda still gone for it just cause there hot but I know hot girls too who are FUN FUN FUN that I can see myself stumbling in a train frisking each other to fuck right then and there. If I fucked one of those models the before and after would suck an I probably won't even be inspired to have sex. My criteria has surely risen hahaha.

Sticking Point?
Execution of the processes...

I'm abit lazy, Sunday bi-natural was calling me out for not approaching this GORGEOUS WOMAN just as hot as the russian my friend pulled last night. Now usually he doesn't do such a thing but...


Her whole time was spent gazing at me and I didn't do shit just having fun in my own world. It was only after the fact realizing there was no other girl who came close to her looks wise.

Next night, redeemed myself meeting the russian my boy pulled, meeting this tall chick, a part time model from london, and a few others. What I wanted to point out was how EASY GOING it all was. These chicks were asking for my #.

Which brings me back to me simply not executing...

If I truly were to go out in the daytime and work the room in the nighttime everything would build at an insane rate. The experiences are consistent because I'm just being me HOWEVER many times I just like being in my own world.

Till next time...

P.S...Threw together a few clips to give an idea of what "having blast" looks like on a more larger scale. Keep in mind, last clip I was told that MANY people kept coming up to my friends wondering who we were and asking if we were famous. This is due to us having so much fun. We rolled in ready to bugout and as a result met so many women. Lifestyle!!!
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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As I post all this BS...

My boy fucked the crazy model for like 1min on coke while she was on COKE. I don't even wanna make a post about this, just know its open season for me on his girls too. Was on one of his girls today he got her back slightlly hahaha. Its hilarious cause I am the soft one letting girls go BUT next venue I was Housing shit even though there was nothin really worth housing.

Its insane how he fucked model chick for 30secs on some manipulative BS she is crazy though. Women like him though so regardless it doesn't even matter. I read all the crazy text she sent, she really might be a schizophrenic? Either its funny. Me an him are much more cooler with each other now that we know the drail.
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