October 23rd, 2018
Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Go back to another chick house
So 3rd time in a row a pull comes up and this time it wasn't logistics...

The warehouse party was amazing despite not coming close to my first two experiences. I basically danced ALL NIGHT DEAD SOBER. I learned the distinction of me on E and Sober...
- On E I want to hype up the world so I talk to everyone
- Sober, I am "closed off" and abit selfish/uninterested

Did not do even one approach, somehow me this chick who actually LEAVES ME for a gay guy. For whatever reason she cameback an everything was just textbook
- Me remaining aloof
- Maintaining/Battling for the frame of "I the chooser" (Had to do lots of misinterpretations
- Screening Hard

She was out with her roomie who met a guy but all he got was a #. I had this chick following me around, taking random water/beer and getting my jacket. Pull was interesting cause I set it up where she basically says she can cook and I future projected that we'd have wine/food. It was code for "Wanna get fucked?" When it came to actually leaving I just let her know "Food/Wine?" We walk to subway and near her house.

BAM, the pill she took was laced with acid and she is tripping. Basically plan was to fuck and she gets up to study with her friend by 1pm. NOPE, total disaster as we talk about lots of deep consciousness shit. She mentions how she is seeking this next level type of love that transcends everything in this life. I was obviously not that canididate. She admited that I was a interesting/cool guy BUT would not have sex tripping on acid since to emotions would be too deep and she already knew where I stood. She wouldn't even kiss more than a peck.

The funniest thing was indirectly stimulating her using only her ass cheeks, she just burst out saying how she really wanted to have sex but can't on acid. The deep talk really made me dislike her BUT was also an opportunity because she pointed out that I don't even try. Like I said long talk which she called me out on a lot of stuff. Eventually I get kicked out because she can't sleep (to getup and study) with me there. (my hard dick on her ass)

Went home to change for brunch, there basically 5mins in some chick tried to pull me. Keep in mind, I short set the room by MISTAKE due to lots of hosts knowing me. Reason I didn't pull was because like chick I had long talk with she said I don't try.

- I was ALWAYS willing to leave, I must've motioned to leave atleast 20 times and at one point actually just went to sleep
- I'm a very closed off person, majority of the time its my fault and not the womens fault. (Last 5 nights have been potential pulls only because of some random luck that chick gets to interact with me, I never proactively socialize anymore)
- When I short set aka "work a room" I do best (I basically would run into people and chicks around us would chat me, I wasn't proactively doing this)

Potential 30Day Challenge?
So people like me a lot in general, most women find my presence very attractive its just that I am now looking back and noticing that I'm "Very Closed Off" not in an AA sense...

This is possibly the biggest problem because if I'm not even "open" to socializing then I can't even take action. I notice briefly hanging with community friends they were walking train platform to chat chicks and I had ZERO INTENTION of actually chatting anyone on the train. Samething at night except not as apparent. Nighttime I'll hang alone or joke around with someone I know.

Will see what's what, in meantime getting new jeans!!!

I've been posting a lot of half-assed stuff since I been back out due to just getting the experiences on paper without forgetting. (I don't write anything in my phone anymore, WHICH I SHOULD)

So much subtle stuff I want to point out but I just rush these posts now, stuff like...
- Me no longer asking women's name or saying mine (unless asked) since its just a random person who I probably will never see again.
- Exactly how I took chick back home while her roomie was with us. Chick was shocked/fascinated by how different I was. There were lots of things subtly going on. For instance, she knew I liked eastern euros and how I just have FUN/SEX. We never stated "we'd have sex" BUT in bed while she's pissed about tripping she mentions how she did want to get fucked. (Subtly subtly subtly) Her whole perception of me was hilarous.
- Walking through life with NO MINDCHATTER and the total indifference I have day to day.
- The countless external feedback that I simply ignore which causes me to miss a lot of learning opportunities.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

New Tech/Mindset, Go Explore & Report Back
Prob most useful post since I been back out. Possibly the only text game I've done in possibly a year or two...

ME: Made it to brunch!! On zero sleep, ha! - Distant Light (7:44pm)
HER: :) crazy hahaha (8:05pm)
HER: Did you enjoy it? (8:05pm)
***Did not want a whole back n forth so didn't want to respond
(Next Day) ME: Always enjoy going out ha! Mistakenly fell asleep just woke up... :o (6:29am)
***Her roomie and I were joking that I couldn't remember the last time I woke up at 7am
HER: You woke up pretty early surprisngly ;) just finished my financial accouning exam :/ but atleast its over with...So now german/asian int'l relations class what are your plans for the day? (9:27am)
***Didn't take this bait because no way I was going to be willing to see her today, had plans already and I want to stick to them
ME: Survive! Sore from Saturday...Might go to a few parties later tn...When are you done exams? Might be able to do wine/food times soon... (4:55pm)
HER: Might be able to hahaha (6:25pm)
***She laughs at "might" due to how I am as she jokingly once pointed out that she's practically playing the roll of the guy and I of the girl. (I'm always like that, "supermodel" mentality) Everything with me was always a maybe/might/possibility. Keeps women on there toes snce there is uncertainty and most guys just simply say YES just to say YES.
***Talk about subtly, "Food/wine" means SEX, its the agreement for me to come over that means "Let's hookup"
HER: Thurs I get out of work at 6 same with Friday (6:25pm)
HER : I work in xyz area (6:25pm)
HER: Actually I take back hanging out on Thursday...Roommates birthday dinner :) (7:24pm)

Main reason for posting this was to give an example of what "getting to the point" looks like when it comes to texting. This is the 1st chick in ages that I experimented with texting, since she said due to something her mother once told her about male/female dynamics, she'd never text first.

Indirectly she has raised the bar in terms of my critera because now majorit of women must be able to cook that way during the transition of day to night I have a place to hangout before hitting the nightlife.

Also, although not really a technique I noticed something powerful. Women know I don't go on dates, open up about my life, nor try to get women. In this case what happened was that I literally said "Watch, I will tell you a very brief overview of my life and like the 5-6 other girls our interaction will never lead anywhere."

Don't know what to call it but feels like she is trying to prove that she's not like the other 5-6 women. Keep in mind the whole time she knew I was willing to walk away or lose her. This is why a qualification mindset is more important than actual actions because essential the action is me basically stating "If I say/do this then we won't hookup like the last 5-6 girls". So basically I'm implying if you don't wanna have sex like the other 5-6 women allow me to say/do xyz. Then you can raise the stakes like in my case where I simply said "Let's experiment, I'm going to say/do xyz and will see if it too doesn't lead us to having sex". For some reason I think this can massively lower flaking.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

Haven't posted since I am essentially "turned off" by community culture now. Had a situation last week where I reverted back to your normal community dude and man o man did it make me see why there is so much inconsistencies. I've since stopped all community related BS and stuck specifically to how I am and what works for me.

Haven't had time to write my "final post" although many people are saying I should keep posting. For now I simply no longer keep track of my nights. In real life, I now record each night so as a result its not really forgotten. Supposedly I pulled 2 nights without knowing (I must've been blackout drunk) Asked a friend what happened last Thursday since I had 0 dollars, ended up in a club downtown and after party across the street. Turns out, he has no idea just I showed up out of a taxi with 2 girls. (Also sent text/pics of me licking some chick to another chick who I was sleeping with day before)

Like I simply got so turned off that I just do whatever I want now because I now see why community dudes in general are inconsistent. Tonight simply put...
- Me kissing this gorgeous model type tits repeatedly
- Some chick introducing me to her friend and saying "I want you toe FUCK MY FRIEND, no take her home and fuck the shit out of her"
- Chick introducing herself to me stating how she has seen me many times. Similar shit happened about 2 more times
- 2 Chicks in the daytime approach me

Honestly nights have been a blur mentioning all the other chicks would simply be repetition since its all similar shit. The mistake as that we got everyone so pumped up and drunk that by 1am chicks were just DONE. Atleast 20 girls were GONE because we were annoyed by how drunk we mistakenly got them. If this wasn't the case, model chick and I woulda hooked up, we were all over each other and she tried PULING ME.

P.S...I say 2 nights I mustve pulled without knowing because a bouncer asked me about a chick with huge tits that I went home with. I couldn't recall and 2 nights I couldn't recall atleast 4hrs of the night.
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What do you mean by community mentallity?

is it thinking things like "I'm not openning"

or "Does she like me" etc...

Just curious what you mean by that.
The journal:

The blog:

"Man is a political animal" -Aristotle
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Why am I turned off by community culture?
A week ago I was in a situation where I ended up reverting back to your typical "community" dude which made me aware of a perspective that utterly "turned me off". As in I simply stopped and REFUSED TO PULL...

Basically a chick texts me to come over to basically hookup. Without realizing it I had reverted back to a community dude who was now PERSISTING to hookup. She is saying "things are getting too intense" as I am rubbing her pussy. Keep in mind, I NEVER get lmr since I've been being how I am either it happens or it doesn't. In a nutshell, while its looking like an MMA fight of me TRYING to gain a series side control and full mounts I realize how fucking pathetic this is and I simply STOP.

All I could think is "no wonder community dudes have so much obstacles wtf type of mindset is this!!! Its a waste of time!!" I went on my phone to plan my night since the original plan was to hookup and go party after. When I am normal me, she is chasing again trying to make shit happen. I fell asleep, woke up, her alarm was set 2 hours before work so we can fuck, I get ready and leave. She texts asking if I'm ok, I text her that we should just be friends and that the process of hooking up got too formal for me. She states she knew I'd do that.

Most are thinking "Wtf!?!?"
However, most community guys think they're alpha/dominant because they're taking action, plowing, persisting, "blow me or blow me out", "burn the venue to the ground", etc and every so often they pull. For most its very uncommon to fool around with women far less pull.

The lesson from that experience is that "game" is 100% "how you are" naturally attracts women and if the process in life makes hooking up an easy/common process then the possibility of fooling around and hooking up with women will be VERY CONSISTENT. As of late there hasn't been a single night where I was NOT fooling around with a chick and I am not even proactive at all. Last night, chick is telling me to fuck the shit out of her friend and some hot model chick is trying to bounce me to another venue meanwhile I'm kissing all over her body.

Why I loved that experience though was because for the 1st time I got to dig deep as to WHY this chick was fascinated by me...
- She CLEARLY STATED that she finds me fascinating
- She was shocked that she was pissed at me and expecting the worst but some how in the moment it all went out the window. (I showed up at her place late)
- She implied I was too smooth and hoping she wasn't being setup. She started purposely playing "hard to get" which usually I'd just shutdown. (Interaction should've ended here) She literally said, I'm too used to getting what I want and how when I met her I was real cocky haha
- She mentioned how thankful she was when I let her experience the "homo erotic mating dance". She genuinely stated all women should be able to experience.

Meanwhile most community dudes have ZERO RESPECT FOR THEMSEVLES and their TIME. Meanwhile they're CHASING WOMEN thinking its alpha to smash through resistance taking what they want. Essentially they're WEAK because a man of value is given in abundance...
- I don't remember the last time before this situation that I got LMR (keep in mind she wanted to hookup after I reverted back to normal BUT I woulda failed the lesson presented)
- Chick hit me up 2hrs ago, she's in city and wants to see me. Nuff said, I didn't do anything.
- Lots of women have been coming up to introduce themselves stating that they've seen me before and never got the chance to say hello.

What is game to me?
Essentially, we are ATTRACTION and "game" is 100% personal self discovery. All you have to do is SHOW UP and PROVIDE OPPORTUNITES. You are not dominant/alpha/valueable if you're persisting to bypass resistance. If a chick doesn't perceive your value that's her issue/lose because ITS NOT YOUR OPPORTUNITY ANYWAY.

The other aspects that make up "game"
- Having a criteria of the type of women your willing to possibly hookup with if you so choose
- Having boundaries so she knows that there are certain things that will cause you to walk away regardless how much she's on you
- Allowing her the opportunity to attempt to win you over

What is missing from MAJORITY of community guys is the whole aspect of having a chick highly emotional aka "on her toes" due to her having to win you over and at the sametime not trying to fuckup by not crossing your boundaries.

Since I've STOPPED EVERYTHING I already notice myself much more upfront about my criteria and each interaction I'm screening VERY HARD as to whether they meet my criteria or not. I WILL NOT PROCEED unless the woman makes the cut and I feel the situation is suitable.

Live Example
Last Thursday, I was blackout drunk for maybe 4 hours and showed up coming out a taxi with 2 NEW girls to hit another club then went to an after party across the street in a luxury building. I had pics of a 3rd chick who I was basically licking/kissing and last night when I showed up 2 gorgeous chicks spotted me and was ALL OVER ME. I just assumed they were a girl I met that night.

For me it wasn't even about any of these girls, it was the amazing time I had and the great moments. Heck, some hottie was all over me saying how sexy I was and then proceeds to bite bi-natural dick. Another crazy russian ballet dancer slapped 5x in the face talking about she wants strong man and want me to hit her. Then its more mundane stuff such as a tall older german on me or a norwegian who I was hoping to be german was qualifying herself hard. An with all that I don't think I proactively do even ONE approach. So imagine if I actually set shit up...UNREAL CONSISTENCY.

It is time I start using past experiences to lead me forward towards more knowledge/truths. Video is similar to when I first noticed this nightlife scene and I broke into a mixed group of about 40 or so models. This resulted in about 4-5 chicks and what lead to me meeting one chick Ill never forget because I was sucking on her DD fake tits in the club ha!
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WOW... you sound like a guru who I like who advices not to persue.... anyway......
how did you get this mindset down?
I mean like how do you stamp "I am fcuking awesome" mindset to your brain???
Guess there's a Slim Shady in all of us
Fuck it, let's all stand up

Diary de DJM
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Good times hahaaha, as I figured PULLED...

1st girl wasn't with it, she was prolonging shit (didn't makeout so I STOPPED) and while being a dumbass met a 3set. 1st girl I have straddling me pressed on a wall making out but later rolls off to the bathroom. SO 2nd girl who is friends with 1st girl is on me and I move her, makeout. Were are getting BS from bouncers so we taxi to her place (she pays) where we hookup before her friends show up.

Loving things, no community BS just me being me and hooking up cause the situation suited me. BEST PART I just wanted to bugout so I literally was holding 1st girl while focused on buggin out. I was not willing to stop having fun in order to GAME...fuck game!! (In its traditional sense)

P.S...Hell yea, I was hyped after at the simplicity of life again. Meanwhile the chick I FRIEND ZONE hit me up to meetup for the sake of meditiation hahaha we all know why she wants to meet.

DjMarco Reply
Its mainly due to me understanding myself that I realized I am awesome. I fucking LOVE how I am and my level of enjoyment. The other aspect is hearing chicks mention all the BS about me that fascinates them. Everyone knows I am CRAZY cause no one enjoys partying like I do so I embrace it.

All the stuff that one chick mentioned, I already knew is what attracted women to me because I've attracted TONS of random women in the past. (whether I like them or not) Also I was rarely approaching and as women probed to figure out my criteria/standars/boundaries I noticed how HOOKED they were and aware of certain aspects about me.

The other aspect is certain past experiences...
- The passion from "homo erotic mating dance" makes women think I am a professional dancer. Like greek chick mentioned every woman should experience it since they feel like a kid again who can let go.
- I have a blast 100% of the time so regardless if a woman is present or not I know the least that will happen is me having so much fun that I could die in the moment. Most people are lucky to have one fun day whic generally there bday. For me EVERY NIGHT its like I got cancer and celebrating the last night. I swear people probably think I am DUMB/RETARDED cause not once have I ever been serious/logical.
- Lots of women try to influence me to do sexual stuff. I have been assumed to be gay many times just because I don't move due to a woman trying to use her LOOKS to get me riled up. I take action when I want too, not because some chick is being provocative.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Was drunk typing last post...

So after my boy told me NOT to stop posting and since I am very turned off my community culture I decided after "final post" I will simply just post observations in this. No more "what happened" since its nowhere near traditional "game".

Last night I essentially was just drinking and having fun with random women. No clue how I even met the 3set, girl I banged was old (40s) but tall. Its obvious in the 80s lots of "movers/shakers" were going or her. I originally was on the friend who I had straddling me pressed on the wall.

On bus headed to a brunch party, I no longer even associate going out with "pickup". I just go out have fun, no longer care about anything in terms of success. If all I do is dance dance dance great! If I bang some chick great! If I go home to sleep great! Ironically, each time I go out I know I can get laid if I so choose. Getting laid in my mind is now as simply as "Yea I'm hungry let me go eat"

Overall currently feeling total freedom!!!!
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because i find your style very similar to mine in some areas i want to ask you how you respond to girl asking "what do you want from me?" do you tell her some vague shit like "we'll see" or "to get to know you better" etc or do you tell her outright that it's all just fun and games, can't be your bf ever, keeping that fun frame 100% no matter what?

i ask this cause i keep interactions very informal and fun fun fun (while i'm closed emotionally) to the point that the dynamic turns into friends with benefits. i see chicks getting kind of confused what's up with me cause i don't come off as potential boyfriend and not outright man either. i'm in that suspicious in between space
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 2390

For me its never actually come up due to how my interactions are. Majority of the time I am just having my own fun and its like the woman was sorta "In the right place at ther right time". So say I am on sofa, notice a chick who's looking at me, I'll give her a jumpshot kiss. Later, if I pass by her I'll say what up.

I'm always conveying "fun fun fun", I'm never on chicks just because there hot, they have to get me interested. If it did though I would tell them they peaked my interesting so I wanted to see if she can handle me. I keep fun frame 100%, friend zoned that one chick because we were falling into a dating frame. I told her the process of hooking up is getting too formal and that we should just be friends.

The thing is my mindset is very qualification based so while women know I'm not BF material and know lots of women like me and have fun fooling around with me. They know there is a certain type of woman that actually gets the chance to hookup with me. Many women call me picky, all girls know I like tall women. (I always say "tall ice queen EE women")
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