October 21st, 2018
Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Just woke up, its funny how every night is supposedly "epic"...

Yes its ALWAYS fun but some nights are more productive than other nights and last night WAS NOT PRODUCTIVE. Honestly, don't even understand how I manage to get by. Last night was suppose to hit an event early in the night (9pm) which door person didn't like 2 of the girls rolling with our group since they were SHORT. This is why I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS bring along only tall women in my life because not only do I find tall women most attractive but I then have no problem going anywhere and doing anything I want nightlife related. As a result, I waste money dining out with one of my fav gal and about 3-4 tall chicks. It's always funny rolling with so many "above average" women because it almost looks fake. Everyone in the place stopped an looked at us out of curiousity and later as we go to the club we were followed by many people.

I say UNPRODUCTIVE because essentially there was no attempts or progress towards anything at all...
-  Didn't talk to any chicks during the daytime (Have this attitude where I don't want to even bring any women into my life)
-  Didn't really chat with the german hottie who was with us (Was flirting with her for maybe 2mins)
-  Been acting abit "closed off" again

Like, I'm seriously in my own world enjoying/chilling within that mind space alone. Yea, I was flirting hard with a asian chick but all this stuff just "happened" its not like I proactively was creating anything. By default, my eyes closed acting like a dumbass was my MAIN state of being last night. Monday night pull was a "just happened" type of deal only actual thing that could be considered "game" would be that I actually took action to kiss her. The chick just happen to be right where I was at the right time and I happen to be joking flirting. As for the escort chick last night, again "just happened" as I walked by a taxi where she's yelling at him for taking her to the wrong place. She opened me about directions, I ask for cigarette (smoke when drunk) and next thing you know I'm screening like crazy and now she's following me, wanting me to take her to the club thats still open. Eventually, I just didn't want to deal with this so I BOUNCED. I'd later realize, one of the girls who really is trying to get things going with us too, texted/called me at 6am wanting to no where I am. Lots of times I never respond to her because its just bad timing on her part and me too lazy to set things up proper.

Caught In A Belief Trap
Told a friend recently how when I went out 70 days in a row to connect and gain access to lots of venues, I always had this feeling on weekdays that I was the only person in the world going out on weekdays. Like, I'd be leaving my place waiting for public transportation and thinking "WTF, am I the only person alive? Why am I even going out? There is no one in the world going out tonight besides my dumbass". Basically, looking at the external world for feedback, of course this was shattered because weekdays are my favorite times of the week. It essentially taught me to stop jumping to conclusions and to be aware of "assumptions" that I might make without realizing it.

My current biggest problem is that I'm not maintaining a GENERAL view and instead focusing on specifics which not only causes a very reactive causality but the creation of dumb beliefs/assumptions. What I mean is, instead of focusing on the process of  meeting chicks and potentially bringing them into my life...

I'm CURRENTLY focusing on the specifics of different women who come in and out of my life which is BAD BAD BAD. There is nothing at all profitable about me looking at the detail of those experiences. How its affecting me is that I'm now measuring whether stuff is happening or not which is BAD BAD BAD. Its similar to when I was going out 70 days in a row, had no clue how I'd gain access to any of the clubs BUT I just focused on the basic processes which in 2 months I was connected enough to be able to go somewhere good 7x a week. I noticed I had eventually slowed down to the point of unprofitablity because I was now focused on the DETAILS.

Overall, things just seem much more reactive as if I am not letting the processes create the consistent experiences and instead TRYING to force/wish the experiences come up since I don't trust the process. Everything about my life has seem to have this vibe especially with how I interact with certain doormen. Before they'd always see me with women or on another random adventure with another random bunch of women. NOWDAYS, they see me solo EVERYTIME. If I went back to focusing on the big picture, it would be like a "platform" videogame where you just keep collecting the fruit/rings/coins. I wouldn't be thinking about any experience at all just the fact that I'm approaching new women always and potentially bringing them into my life. So when its a night like thursday coming up I'm suddenly with a handful of women.

Its not about who is going to be there on thursday with me, its the fact that I naturally just told women about my plans thursday and as a result women are coming along. Nothing else is needed or relevant, its like focusing on the CORE processes that keeps it going and that's what I've been neglected. Nowdays, life just feels like I'm "hanging on" because I'm too focused on the details.

Gotta change this ASAP because its possibly the biggest/worst sticking point in ages. Its' like living life driving a bogged down jeep, yes eventually I'll get where I'm going but the CORE of the vehicle is essentially limiting and slowing down the destination.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Progress Report: "Unleash The Potential"
Last two nights were a huge eye opener...

The 1st night, I ended up going to one of my fav clubs in terms of quality. (Almost exclusively tall women) As usual, I always do amazing here. However, friend I ran into asks me not to pull the chick who was drawn to me since he likes her a lot. What made this night interesting is the simple fact of HOW MANY WOMEN just straight up love how I am. Chicks who didn't even get to meet me were hoping/waiting to meet me, keep in mind this venue has nothing but hot tall women.

The 2nd night, could've potentially been MONEY but I got so royally plastered that my video camera had to playback my night and I ended up 35+ train stops from where I needed to be. This was a great opportunity though because I learned some things...
- Only difference between me drunk and sober is that I forget more. Every video, I am talking/interacting normally and manage to record vids, use light app, etc.
- GORGEOUS women (women in general) are really addicted/drawn to my presence. The videos showed atleast 7-8 different women who I don't remember ever meeting. One clip my fav female friend is trying to bounce 3 of the girls with us.

After last night, I want to stop drinking and explore this way of being because I have the potential to really crush it on all levels of my life. Thinking back on some of the women I met last night makes me want to get my shit handled so everything is like CLOCKWORK. Two women, I really found attractive was this colombian chick who was beautiful and this girl who based on vids, I was flirting with a lot and giving her shit. My female friend says she did exchange numbers with a girl I met and I'm hoping it was her...

Chick in video is surely one of my ideal looks that I am attracted to. The colombian looked similar to her. (taller too) Based off the other clips her and I was vibing real well. Sucks, I had no memory of this interaction and many others. Bottomline, no alcohol for abit since I wanna do abit of exploring. There are certain qualitites about myself that I'm starting to notice is what is drawing women to me.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Lots of people woulda loved to be in my position last night, I somehow managed to NOT hookup with any chick...
-  1st girl is a tall attractive blondie who is FASCINATED, I'm talking about were very sexual with each other and tension is very high. There was a girl before her BUT that girl wasn't going to cross that line between flirting and FLIRTING. This girl however was ready for some fun fun fun and lots of dudes were basically gazing wanting to talk to her. It was only 5secs where we stopped interacting and 3-4 different guys approached her which creeped her out and she bailed.
-  2nd girl was a black girl who sorta caught me in a similar position as the 1stg girl. I'm partying hard, they're observing and then happen to be in a position where they are right next to me. I never really planned on messing with this girl anyway but the option was there
-  3rd girl APPROACHED ME, literally asked my friend if she could climb up on the sofa to be next to me. HOWEVER, it went downhil when she realized I didn't even acknowledge her at all so she assumed I wasn't interested. We flirted abit but nothing extraordinary.
-  4th girl APPROACHED ME, like literally grabs my arm and wouldn't let go. She was with some dude, so I just move her to another area and when I turn around this guy is still wrapped around this girl. She is trying to get off him to latch onto me and next thing I know her legs are all wrapped on my boyd and the people around me are looking in SHOCK because she is literally all over me. SO, I makeout wtih her so the guy could leave us alone. Then her friend shows, I get distracted by something and decided to LEAVE instead of re-engaging the chick

Keep in mind, the whole night I was dying from the hangover on thursday night. Honestly, I wasn't even going to post about tonight BUT what makes it amazing is...

A good friend is going to be away for 2 weeks and decided to let me stay at his place for those 2 weeks in MANHATTAN. For the hell of it, I'm going to see how many times I pull since there is no excuses. 14 days at great venues and 14 days of easy logistics in case of pre-game or after party. (not full blown parties but me and 2-3 girls) Maybe this will motivate me to really get my shit together so I can live like that EVERYDAY. I was pumped up big time and looking forward to this amazing adventure.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Stuck in my ways...
Feels like I simply picked up where I left off in terms of simply living life.

About to meet a friend to roll out with maybe 5 girls (3 of who I fooled with, 2 I never met) but haven't bothered to scout for new girls nor have I even gave any women I met in the past 7 days a chance to come into my life. More so due to my sloppiness since I was clearly interacting with gorgeous chicks that I could take to ANY venue. One of the gals coming out today I told her I may have an apt to have SEX so she can come out 1 day on the weekend to partay and have some fun indoors. Think this is a great opportunity since it'll essentially change my reality NEVER had good logistics or simply put a place where I can bring a chick back and have lots of wild sex uninterrupted.

This just my be my turning point to step it up because one thing for sure is that I'm going to attempt to pull for those 14 or so days. As of right now though just feels like I've been sloppy with all this. So many gorgeous women met in the past 7 days that never even got the opportunity.
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Dude this might be a chance for a level up for you. This two weeks of goo logistics and you can pull pull pull. I been reading your thread for a while pretty cool stuff. For a guy that has the life style you do, I would thunk that ou would be getting alot more LRs.

Make these two weeks awesome. It wouldn't surprise me if you pulled every single night
I just want to enjoy amazing girls. Crazy what sort of journey ive embarked on pursuing this quest.

My adventures in Dallas - 2013
 My adventures in Austin - 2012 
  Tyler/Julien, Honolulu Bootcamp July 2011 Tyler hotseat2 x5 (2011-2012) Alex hotseat x2 (2013)
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Yep, in my mind lots of sex will be happening hahahah...

Honestly though I rarely even bother to pull, I have to be in the right mood. Beyond that though like my other friend pointed out logistics is probably my biggest thing whether I would be in the mood or not...
- Model chicks stay in there agency dorms
- Euro chicks always random either outskirts of manhattan or hotel (hotel good)
- Hipster americans usually go to some fashion school with dorms

Mention those 3 since there the most consistent logistical problems. Many nights though I have zero interest in pulling especially since I am broke broke broke but somehow maintain this insane social life.

These 2 wks are kinda gonna be like "clean up" where I hookup with a handful of the women who I never banged due to logistics. Also wanna bang a few bored models now that logistics permits :)

Let's hope this whole thing falls in place bout to begin tonights adventure
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Last Night = Waste Of Time
Now I see why I really enjoyed being how I usually am. Ended up getting this chick to take me back to her place despite resistance and NOTHING HAPPENED. Atleast, I can say I learnt that my "inner work" is essentially what makes everything possible for me. Lets back up first...

The Hot Retard
Honestly, I'm not even 100% sure wtf was happening it was weird from the start. FIRST, the venue I was hitting was so crowded at 11pm, didn't even know it was a P-diddy event. By luck, some tall hot american chick stopped me cause she somehow KNOWS ME. I just act like I know her an walk up to the front with 5 chicks as if I work here and BAM, IN!!!

Not even 30mins go back and shit just goes south quickly since my girl loses her sisters coat ticket so my girl is sad and the sister is pissed. She is just telling me to come with them, I kiss her and decide to roll with them. Its not even apparent to me how much I fucked up BUT I roll with them to the next venue that I have connections so instantly were in and more problems arise...
- At one point my girl loses her bag for 5mins
- At one point my girl loses her coat for 5mins

Then I kiss her again but just pulls away saying she wants too but something something. I'm shutting down an flirting with the other girls who I were flirting with. (The whole time we were there I was going back and forth between 4-5 different girls) There was one russian looking chick who was gorgeous that I should've just interacted with instead of tall american. Nonetheless, my girl was one of the hottest in the room, VIP host wanted me to bring her group to hang with these bottle buyers. (Which never panned out since they left) An then like that they just POOFED and left. I was already so annoyed that I didn't even care.

Then I met some normal american girl who I end up lapdancing and kissing. Left to interact with others an some guy was on her but no dice for him. Then a 2nd guy is on her who is much better BUT I just pull her away from them. He then does what I did an moves her around the pillar which he's TRYING probably kisses her briefly but POOFS after he realize no dice. I go back in and just BOUNCE with her, hop in a taxi and go to her place.

NOW, it seems all good but fuck no there was so much wrong as she kept apologizing saying it can't happen tonight. I'm abit drunk an think "fuck it, I'm going to atleast sleep". I go up, undress and its lots of talking/recording/music/kissing. Then I like PASS OUT in her bed after about 15-20mins and when I wake up...

THIS CHICK IS SLEEPING ON THE COUCH while old tv sitcoms are playing on tv. This threw me off cause I now felt like I was some intruder/burden who FORCED his way into her place and housed her bed. When I wakeup she is fully dressed (she had to be somewhere for 930am) clearly hung over, I just put my shit on, exchange numbers for her to roll out tuesday and I PURPOSELY kiss her on the cheek because I'm done.

My criteria and boundaries were clearly compromised last night, I really disliked how I acted. Which I guess is the lesson because honestly, I would've rather both interactions end abruptly than going down this shitty path with both girls. Its like my criteria and boundaries are SAFETY NETS so I don't fall down certain roads.

This kinda reconfirms so longs you have good intentions you'll continually grow internally regardless of the external feedback. I feel like this was my WORST NIGHT despite how much fun I had and the amount of chicks I was fooling around with. It was just sad to replay myself breaking so many of the things that keep me how I am.

The Biggest Lesson
The situation last night is exactly why I started making it a criteria for women to be all on me in order for me to even think about pulling because I honestly would've rather stayed and partied with some of the gays than in the chicks house chatting/dancing/eating/kissing. Like, I'm become even much more HARDCORE about it after last night because the experience was bad. I know for a person starting out these would be great experiences BUT I honestly rather go months on months with nothing sexual going on than these random "wasteful" times spent with women who aren't even making the cut.
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Progress Report: "Ain't shit!!"
2wks of good logistics is a no go, I was texting wrong number for the longest...

I'm starting from scratch again cleaning out my phone, at this point I just know a bunch of connectors who want me to come out and create a sick night. I'm consistent at that and only that.

"Truth will always rise above"
I'm so fucked its not even funny, my life can either be SWEET or a total wreck. Right now, total wreck is winning. So basically, I go out...
- Monday brought to a table free drinks, meet bottle dude, with some average chicks going HARD. Only canidadte was some random hot blond who was 6ft with huge tits, RARE. I think she came by the table just to meet me but poofed
- Tuesday, some lil cutie tried to bite my tongue off and another chick I know kept making out with me while pouring alcohol in my mouth NOT GOOD
- Tonight, with a handful of women and run into THREE CHICKS who claimed they knew me. Like monda was lots of average chicks around me.

Now, let's rewind to all the BAD SHIT, I can't afford to do anyting in life. One of my fav gals invited me out which I blew too much cash. In the process her friend became FASCINATED. Let's just say chick job causes her to never take pics/vids and is on no social media sites. We are saying goodbye but holding each other about to makeout, she wants me to come dine out on Saturday. (I can't afford it)

Its annoying especially with where I live (long commute), money is becoming the most important thing that I need to focus...

Time To Manipulate/Influence
I'm feeling pressured to start using my personal power to shape the reality I WANT with total disregard of others. I got denyed at a venue again cause I had no girls. These aren't strangers a few months back I connected with these people...

I'm starting to feel it...
- Can't afford good food
- Can't afford rent in manhattan

It amazes me how a woman who makes CASH can become so fascinated by a guy who has 8in holes in his jeans. Lots of women who don't even know, know me just due to seeing me out and about. Yet I have the hardest time simply making a living. Ha!

P.S...Most nightlife dudes I know are SHOCKED that I make no money at all anymore. I'd get the #1 spot for being the WORST hahaha.
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 What the hell! What is holding you back from scoring a sick promoter job? Are you really taking action about it? Or just expecting it to fall into your lap. Seems like something that should be EASY for a guy who does the things you do. Where is the hangup and why arent you pushing it harder?  Sick of hearing about the lack of money, your life and this journal would be so much sicker if that was in place. Step up get it done stop wating for perfection
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Tastycurry: I wouldn't worry about disorganization, that's more of a personal issue on my part. If anything you'll have better focus. In terms of MBT, what I got out of it was sort of a "My Philosophy" based on my personal experiences. Haven't really gone deep on the experiment, learn and grow process that it talks about. I have a massive imbalance when it comes to PHYISCAL life and OTHER life since other than my philosophy I haven't focused on my current life at all. Ironic enough author of MBT once mentioned it being the worst because you have so much potential but can do much of anything in this life.

TnTdub1000: Traditional promoting isn't congruent to how I am and how I live at all, it has caused me to lose ALMOST all my connections with girls (Last summer relationships with 3 legit models fuckedup due to trying to promote) which is why I started hating it.

I can HOST, but I can't promote for the life of me. I would have to experiment my ass off to figure out a way to promote in a manner that is congruent to how I am...
- Having the chicks come to me and seek me out
- Rarely if ever texting/inviting them to come out

No girl currently comes out due to me promoting and that's because I stopped thinking about promoting and just been how I would be if I had money and was simply living life.

Beyond all that though, its just EXCUSES because at the end of the day I am no longer proactive. As the last night, 2 nights were a perfect example...


Thursday Adventures
It was the 1st time in ages I was going to roll out in the daytime scouting for tall women, never happened! Instead organized video recordings. Then decided I need to continue growing/changing/exploring so I wanted to experiment tonight for the 1st time in ages. DID NOT HAPPEN!!

Go to venue solo/sober, not even 5mins I see a guy who knows me and get invited to his table of about 12 girls. The russians got my attention. Then I bump into some model chick who like a dumbass I deleted her contact info 2 days ago. She is very happy to see me an I am reminded as to why I love tall slim women. The russians are SHOCKED because I tend be very relaxed/calm with an upbeat/energetic vibe so when model spotted me an the saw me flirting it was like "O I want him to do that to me".

Where did experimentation get fucked? Chick taps me asking if I have a video of her pizza on the floor BAM, she knows one of my fav guys I met in nightlife, he is here. I tell her to bring him over an say "She has a special guest". Let's just say everyone around us was looking because we were so hyped to realize us 2 are in the same venue...

(Couldn't add video from phone...will post it next week)

Its utter chaos with about 14 or so girls, were obviously wasted doing dumb shit (licking chicks face) and then decide to take taxis where we meetup with more nightlife dudes who know lots of gals. By time we hit he 3rd spot, we look like death BUT somehow still managing to each pair off with chicks.

I had option of 3 different chicks and unfortunately chick I choose doesn't have her keys and id due to her 3rd friend who left with a guy having them. SO my girl poofs with her 2nd friend and everyone else is GONE. What was hilarious was that I met a hipster chick I was gonna pull, who ended up having to just take my number because original chick grabbed me to be with her.

This is a typical night and of course didn't manage to experiment at all. This is what I mean with not being proactive or efficient because throughout all that and all the random other women I met I didn't even think to exchange numbers. In my mind its just, "I'm no longer trying to work so doesn't matter, I can create a similar night tomorrow with all new people".

Friday Adventures
Similar formula except now it wasn't about "Partying" which distracted me, it was FOOLING AROUND WITH WOMEN...

1st of all I was broke after Thursday, the venue I hit for a bday was MANDATORY COAT CHECK. We didn't even stay in venue for 10mins and bday crew bounces. What was cool though, we were taken through a hallway which lead to a restuarant and out of a kitchen, into the other clubs VIP area...Lifestyle!

On that walk I think 2 gals were talking about me and one stated she tried making out with me once. All I know the new chick just throws herself on me an I am not doing anything with it so 5mins later she walks off. I've been messing with so many tall slim chicks that I wanted to mess with a chick with huge tits and ass. HOWEVER, I was very "closed off". Not a single thing was done PROACTIVELY as you'll see in each example...
- 1st girl who knows me an is going to travel abit simply #closes me
- A chick I madeout with back in 2010 who is married now was there (she kissed me last night) and trying to bounce with me to another venue. (I've met the husband before, couldn't do this)
- 3 chicks I don't know are looking at me all night. Its weird, cause girls are reacting to my presence but I never do ANYTHING. I never spoke to these girls.
- 2nd venue, randomly meet a spanish chick with an amazing ass. I wanted to bang her in the venue, was all over her ass and screened for logistics. DUE TO COAT CHECK, couldn't afford to cab it to her place where she was staying with a female friend.
- Some chick runs into me an is always very nurturing with me. She then gets ignored cause I am hooked on spanish chick but when she goes to bathroom I mess with nurturing chick. She has work so I just put her in a cab at the end of the night. (Of course madeout, its pretty standard for me to kiss all girls)

Not one thing productive happened last night and tonight I am going to a warehouse party to bugout and flirt hardcore the whole night. Sunday is brunch party and late night adventures.

Gotta really make an effort to focus and maybe make up a series of 30day challenge.
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