December 11th, 2018
Distant Light:"10 Game" Lifestyle Design (Pics/Vids)
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Whenever i read this journal it's like opening my third eye to the evolution of PUA.

Like, this ain't going natural, its going supernatural if you really make this shit your life; reading your posts just sums up all that shit about intent, freedom from outcome and social momentum. Like literally.
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 Why do you keep "shutting down" when getting close to closing with girls? Whats the real intent? Growth clearly, but are you really living at your edge? The shutting down thing smells weak. Also why did you drop the promoter/fabulous money/lifestyle dream? If you want that shit GO GET IT!! 

This is one of my favorite blogs, great stuff
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Distant Light

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Couldn't keep it up cause my dumbass couldn't focus on generating money. I'm the only person NOT making money...

Last 4 days has been crazy...
- Turned 2 lesbians straight ATLEAST for the night
- Almost pulled, chick was gonna comeback to the venue ditching her boss
- Kinda got into trouble due to having a bottle buyers bottle in my hand. They spent 5-10k, sprayed champagne and everything. THEY INVITED ME but doorman was pissed when he spotted me
- Madeout with lots of randoms

I had a longer post, but computer broke. I no longer have basic things, I'm using wifi in a mcdonalds. Would go more indepth cause lots of stuff have happened. Like I stated I'm a dumbass for not focusing 100% on making money only. Cloth fucked, phone off (so many people have been trying to contact me) and no computer.

Only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I know I can create amazing nights. Was with 3-4 models the night before, but I think a few people DISLIKE like me due to me always having fun and women wanting me.

As for SHUTTING DOWN on some girls, that's due to them doing something that is a time waster. I don't try or setup things for hookups if they're not down at the moment then I'm done. I'm at a point where I don't even give out my name because now I have too many women asking if I remember them. Basically, me simply going for the makeout and a chick pulling away is an example of why I would shut down.

At the moment, I don't give a fuck about anyone or anything because I simply can do shit besides create these moments and enjoy it. The next 2 nights are already pre planned to be epic, all I do is hang solo going to random places. (on weekends)

Can't post indepth at the moment...
- promo/hosting, I simply suck at bringing people out since its not congruent. (I have everyone contact me) One of the model chicks said every invite seemed like I didn't give a fuck if she actually seen me. HOWEVER, every night I get mistake for being a host due to always having a blast with whoever is around me.

- Shutting down is my savior for not wasting time and helps me internally. Never chasing or trying to get women anymore. My sex life is super shallow where I don't even know the girls names. And its left with me not knowing the women but the women remembering my look.

Id love to host but not looking possible due to results shown. Want to move to berlin build a similar lifestyle and indulge in nightlife. Right now its my 4th day of indulging in nightlife. 1st night 6'2 hottie, 2nd night end up in bathroom with a gal at a very exclusive venue, 3rd night tons of models, 4th night get in trouble. Nowadays, I don't keep track just indulge. No one knows my name or who I am and I keep it that way. Weekends I've been hitting these high end hipster spots fooling aroundwith women. (The women aren't as hot as the top venues, I don't like american girls unless super edgy)

Will post clearly next time
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Join Date: 06/23/2008 | Posts: 575 broke.. no basic things.. cloth fucked.. phone off.. wifi in a mcdonalds.. oooooooooh shit DL so sad thing to hear.

this is the exact reason why i don't indulge into the clubbing lifestyle so hardcore. got more important things to take care of. but your story is still quite a wake up call.

good luck
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Yep slight speed bump...

The whole experience is a huge lesson for me because it clearly shows that I should've been focusing 100% of my time on MAKING MONEY. Its as if I completely forgot that working in nightlife was the aspect that would keep the whole system afloat. Despite many bottle buyers and random women mistakening me for being the HOST of the venue, I'm the only nightlife person who is making 0 dollars.

Right now I'm in restart mode, which means I'm simply indulging at the moment until I can actually start building this up. This is the exact state of mind I'd be in if I wasn't pressured to make money because I LOVE THE EXPERIENCES THAT UNFOLD. Whether its going to a "high end" hipster spot or holding/spraying champagne with bottle buyers, I purposely create amazing experiences to the point that I'm starting to see LOTS of 3some possibilities popping up.

It's always hard to describe how it all looks BUT to me the fact that I'm so unpredictable, uncontrollable and care-free makes it seem like my experiences always resemble those films that show a person drugged up in a club fooling around with women. Many people think I'm on drugs whether I'm low key (weed) or upbeat/energetic. (coke/Molly) I've concluded it's because I'm DIFFERENT from most so them assuming I'm on drugs helps them interpret "why I am the way I am".Experiencing all this while I'm highly limited has made me go as far as saying...

"No Hooking Up or Fooling Around until I'm making money"
Many people would be embarrassed/depressed to be in my position especially when you wield so much potential. I find it all laughable and at the sametime a huge opportunity/lesson to help me grow because after the past few days of no-holds-bar adventures something became as apparent as a broken leg...

Due to "exploration of consciousness" and my own philosophy thats been developing out of it, life is very easy to live. HOWEVER, due to external limitations (mainly money) its as if I'm a whale stuck in a pond who has all this potential BUT phyiscally can't do much. (Which at times can become very annoying) Instead of learning to jump out of the pond into a vast ocean I CHOOSE to simply create waves with my tail aka "Simply fool around with women". (and do everything at a very low level)

Now I'm willing to bust my ass to make cash in order to do things on the level that I vision them. Due to how I am and my interests there is massive potential to the point that I now simply want to do it all just to see "how far will this go" because a few key things always make me wonder about my potential...
-  Living in city makes going out 7 days a week no longer a logistical issue. I can easily setup pre-games and after parties whether it's my place or someones sick pad that I have access to through a connection. Basically almost everything LOGISTICALLY is solved by this simple change.
-  Traveling allows me to recreate this whole process of meeting new people, connecting with people and planning out my days. Ironic enough, I have more women waiting/hoping to bang me that live in other cities/countries than my own.
-  The ability to invest in my lifestyle, if I had lots of cash I would've have no problem buying the whole table different appetizers, buying/renting transportation for the sake of transporting my social circle, randomly buying tons of shots or even a huge bottle at a club. Heck, to this day I still vision me hiring or having a chef friend host a dinner party and if money is needed I'm willing to put down.

Many people think I'd get bored or tired of it all BUT there is always another level full of possibilties that I'm just unaware of at the moment. The fact that I have ZERO INTENTION of being any chicks boyfriend and reached a point where I don't even want to hookup more than once anymore makes my life that more exciting.

Which is why, if I see myself "dicking around" on my next attempt at all this then I'll implement this LIMITATION for atleast 6 months and force change because while its been an utter blast right now everything would be limited to such a low level and having a SHITTY job just to get by would annoy me since internal modifications could've easily allowed me to live this life at a much higher level aka "more possibilities to do things"

Will get back to everyone and update in a month or so...

P.S...Anyone who has motivation problems get a flip cam and record aspects of your life to make a "motivational video". I've made my second one which showed what me partying in a month looked like and it is a constant reminder to "keep going". The past 7 days or so I've been recording again an each moment is a constant reminder that "I'm making the world a better place".
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Progress Report: "Two Year Plan"
An so another opportunity SOON begins as I focus on changing from the inside and letting the corresponding reality unfold...

Its been 2-3 months since the structure of my life collapsed and more than ever I missed it a lot. It was the 1st time I was living my "ideal" life despite it being a very low scale. The flexibility of...
- Having my own social circle, rolling with women every night and having women hit me up almost everyday
- Being apart of different social circles that I enjoyed hanging out with
- Choice and options of women who fit my general "ideal" type

Most of all I enjoyed the experiences I had in those months. Its only after no longer "living" that I learnt I was addicted to this specific journey/experience and not the money nor women that came out of it. The last video I made (not on here) showing what 1month of living looks like basically kept me sane. How could I allow it all to fade just like that when it clearly was the ideal reality for me to learn/grow. So, although I doubted such an opportunity would come again another potential possibility has.

Those 1-2 months of no longer "living" caused me to go out alone off the radar having a blast. As a result of all the fun I had, I naturally wanted to create a huge social circle full of hotties who enjoy having a blast. This is essentially what has caused the idea for this 2yr "newbie" run...

The biggest issue I have about myself is being flakey/unreliable due to me not having full control of my life. (parents support me) When issues come up I'm forced to stop everything and when I stop all the processes, eventually everything collapses which is why I've been starting from scratch over and over again. (Juggling Act?)

Cell Phone = Lifeline
This is the most important tool for me especially since I have women generally text me. So if they get no invites and I'm also not responding to them at all then I must not be interested. This has caused so many issues. Ran into one chick maybe 3 times and she keeps saying she always texts me and I don't respond. Another chick thought, "I hated her" for whatever reason. My cell phone being off has caused atleast 75% of my issues. (horrible logistics being other 25%) Going to most likely miss fashion week parties in feb as model promoter sent me invite to another private fashion week event. Hopefully, if I can get back on the horse before that time then I'll possibly roll with 2-3 model types and get back into the groove.

"Want to go back out badly"
I really want to see what my experiences will be like now as I've totally gone into the deep end. I'm not normal at all, always pumped up in a "let me out my fucking cage" manner. Starting to embrace this aspect alot now so want to see how life will be as a result.

So what's the main difference from all the other attempts?

This time I'm taking the long view where the newbie phase will last about TWO YEARS simply small chunking and experimenting with a ton of concepts and processes I have running in my head which will potentially lead me to living my "ideal" lifestyle on an outlandish level. No focus on women, money, fun experiences, food, etc. Only thing is the process of taking one step at a time with complete exploration internally on "what's profitable?" Being in the house has caused me to simplify life even more, its starting to feel very abstract. Watched alot of things that the author of MBT did recently so I started integrating "exploration of consciousness" again.

Anywho, I've broken it down into small chunks focusing only on...
- The processes that builds and keeps my life going. As mentioned in MBT, if you don't keep putting energy into the system the entropy will raise
- Changing "why I do what I do" which will lead me towards hitting my goals

Essentially, I just want to have a blast creating memorable shared experiences and bringing people into my outlandish life every single day. Consistent experiences revolving mainly around high end nightlife, both "hipster" and "fancy" spots are key. No longer complicating life, just keeping it basic from now on.

Still going to remain bringing only women who are 5'8+ although this time around I really only want to be around women who want to have an amazing time with a fun group within a nightlife setting. For those wondering why they must be 5'8. Simply because, I like tall women in general, (Ideally 5'10/11) venues I frequent have tough door policies, and when I get invites from certain connectors I can simply bring shitload of tall women too. So kinda like the past penthouse party, instead of me rolling alone I brought 8 chicks.

So where do I see myself in the next 3 months? (Starting from when I actually start going back out)
- Out and about 7x a week (Its already apparent I'm addicted to partying and there is no reason to stay inside my house)
- Rolling with 2-5 women everyday (Love creating insane adventures with groups and also can club hop to all the best clubs on the best nights)
- Get paid hosting with one of my fav groups 1-3x a wk so my phone is never off again (If it happens it happens, this time around not attached to making money that shit fucked me up)

That's it, from there I'll let the crazy experiences handle themselves and see how much I've grown in 2 years. This time around I'm not pressured because I know regardless how long it takes past experiences shows I can always rebuild my life over and over so the only thing right now is CONSISTENT FOCUS and making sure I keep putting fuel in the system to keep it running. Who the hell knows where I'll be in 10 years or 30 years if I keep going.

Simple Living
The last few times I was out, I noticed I stopped caring about the specifics such as introducing myself. Basically, this time around when planning I decided just focus on the overview process. The reason why is because I noticed when I thought about building a similar life when traveling I noticed how much more "general" and free flowing it was and I guess you can say I'm at a point now where I'm seeing its the most profitable thing for me to do given how I am.

The simple process of "I meet women, I bring them along". Like me not even bothering to introduce myself unless the chick asks my name, I don't care who the women are that come along into my life. I'll simply live giving opportunities, if she meets my criteria then bring along into my life. If I happen to fool around with her and she shuts it down then I'll simply just "friend zone" her and keep it moving.

As for them actually rolling out, its no longer strategic purely generalized. Basically I already know atleast 95% of the women in my phone are all 5'8+. Phone is categorized based on type of girl (Euro, Black, Hipsters, Unique) and grouped in a way so I'm never over-communicating. From there, who ever rolls out rolls out shit is going to be epic regardless.

I already know I can have the same epic nights I have going out SOLO, I already know I am apart of many different social circles that I can do something 7x a week and now due to me not caring how all the pieces fit I'll simply hit let a handful of different women know each day that they can come out if they want.

I know my nights have nothing to do with who comes it. I'm simply going to have epic nights as usual, meet new people, connect with certain people, and fool around with chicks. I've noticed when I try to be strategic I fail.

The time when I went out 70 days in a row, I gained access to so many different venues not because of strategy. It was due to me having no clue how the fuck I'd pull it off and used generalizations of what was probable. Before I knew it, I was able to roll solo to many top clubs and I have access to basically every high end club. (because if I don't, a friend does) In a nutshell, I am more efficient with abstract exploration than specifics.

Until next time... (1st night that I go back out, and resurrect NY Nightlife, ha!)

P.S...Its crazy how all these experiences is what's needed in order for me to learn/understand things. Biggest thing I learned in my past 2 months is how important it is to be attached to NOTHING AT ALL. I felt like a drug addict who lost his drugs, watching videos of my life was highly enjoyable in a "Damn remember those days" type of deal. Started feeling like a guy who lost all his millions in the stock market because like that it was all gone. At that moment, I understood I need to be unattached to that too because if I did remain attached and for whatever reason I was on a roll for atleast 8-10 months only to be stopped again I wouldn't be able to handle it. I had to chill myself out and now I simply just focused on personal growth since whether shit is going good or bad I'm still learning and growing up from all the experiences. Bam!

P.S.S...To kind of put things into perspective of how I view things. From the time my phone had 1st came off and I was still hanging with one of my social circles, I was still living my ideal life and enjoyed everything despite the massive limitations. Simply put, this is the stage/props I enjoyed so if I wanted to just "give up" and indulge I could technically get a random job to party everyday FOREVER. That would be such a waste of potential though since I'd never get the see the potential possibilities if I were to actually continually build upon that lifestyle. In a nutshell, life is boring to me so I have to create a life that keeps me interested in living. I'm one of those living on the edge while majority of the world balances it out by staying in the mundane/middle. Growth is on the edgy but stability is in the middle.
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You are off the chart mate. It's inspiring to see just where you can take this shit. Hopefully one day I'll be able to draw some realistic lessons from your FR, until then I'll just gaze at it with admiration.

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Yeah dude, I respect the fact that you got really good at this, and you continue sharing your story.

So in some respect you are at the "fringe" of this "fringe" pick-up community lol.

In all seriousness bro keep doing what you do, it's an example to people about what is possible if you so choose to stay on this path 4+ years.
The journal:

The blog:

"Man is a political animal" -Aristotle
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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 Glad you guys find it valuable...

Start at 46:30...
I think this is very relevant to my whole thread and puts things in a deeper perspective in terms of "Being" and lifestyle design ("Life a work of art"). This is an aspect of my life I generally don't talk about but my inner game for the most part is what it is due to self-discovery through understandings of MBT.
The main aspect is around 52:00+ when he goes into how art applies to us and then closing towards 1:14:45+ is where its pieced together poetically (exactly 1:15:47 to 1:18:40) which might explain why alot of people connect easily with me. (The fact that I truly just want to have fun)
 Just thought I'd throw this out there, since I usually don't link to such things...

As for normal stuff...
-  Most likely will miss NY free tour for the 1st time, if I wasn't still "waiting things out" I surely wouldn't even think about going since model promoters wanted me to go to a private fashion week party.
-  Might've posted this stuff already but a girl I really enjoy having around is leaving NY soon
-  Another chick I fool around with got herself a "provider" (Although I've cut her off a long time ago)
-  Girl from high school trying to reconnect with me
-  Chick I banged a few months ago is back in NY, her best friend contacted me wanting me to come out and celebrate my ga bday

When I realized the best friend wanted me to come out this weekend I had felt some ANXIETY for a few seconds. (1st time in years) Reason being, I'm going to have to "friend zone" her because I just want my life back. If we hookup agian its like continuing where we left off which I no longer allow anything to happen beyond a simple "fun" hookup. Although given how she is I doubt anything will come up...

At this point, I just want to get the opportunity to finally LIVE again and actually focus on gaining full control of my life. I looked through my phone at pics/vids and naturally I smile/laugh because those were the moments of ME at its TRUEST form. With all that said, hopefully things will be back and running this weekend. I no longer like giving estimates unless I am the one who has full control of that decision.
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 definitely got sth out of the post, esp. why life is truly a piece and being of art vs. intellectual doing. keep sharing!
     Seriously, just fucking do it.

My complete transformation:
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