November 19th, 2018
Jeffy HOT Seat MUNICH 8/11/2011 -Private Notes
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My notes from the Munich Hotseat  in a very stream of consciousness fashion.

Jeff's YMCA Dance (4 Steps)

1. Core confidence:
being confident independent of social context/situation/location
Don't be Starbucks. Be the little Boutique coffe shop people fucking love and get a tatto of.
express yourself 100% and let the chips fall ->self amusement

2. Bringing Value:
-add value to the interaction
-whatever you feel, they feel
-Building Rapport by
1. sharing of positive feelings,
2. being a well coordinated duett,
3. me-you communication opposed to me-it communication
Adjusting to verbal fuckups by shifting sands/Tetris Techique (change subject when she seems upset quickly, so girl has nothing to hold on)

3. Leading:
-if you're not leading the interaction there will be a vaccum that will eventually be filled by the girl leading YOU which is a very sorry situation
-When going for the kiss:
green light = she kisses you (it's ON)
yellow light = she gives cheek (aka not yet)
red light = she RUNS away (no go)

4. Unreactive

-Man to woman communication, opposed to freind to a freidn communication
-tonality: postive-dominant (slightly cocky, smirkey)
-being dangerous beginning from the word "Hey", checking her out seductively, "there's to be dick behind it"
-she touches you->she's receiptive
-freedom of outcome: imagine you're an archer: You can't be angry at the wind for distracting your arrows. The wind cannot be predicted. So take ownership for the things you can control (You) and not the things you cannot

criteria for successfull approach:
1. Approach
2. express yourself as a man to a woman
3. amuse yourself

-Conversational Leading: change subject when convo goes into wrong direction
-drop statements of intent throughout interaction: "damn, you're hot

wait for her to get "quiet and attentive"
If you sense this: Go! You have to escalate sexually before this window closes and she's gone

-"boners, not kino", touch not mechanically, but to get aroused or an errection yourself
-open her coat to check her out
-"you make me feel very funny"
-grab hands, kiss her
-after kiss-> rapport time, just  blah, talk about yourself and check out logistics (what do you work, where do you live

-in da club: act like retatds in the Zoo, enjoy yourself, No mind mind-state, Mihael Csikszentmihalyi's Book "Flow"

-Social momentum: You need the harsh blowouts at the beginning of the night to gain momentum
30 seconds game: wing hast to approach within 30 seconds (freind is counting you down) or else he gets punched in the stomach/face/balls
-when getting blown out, laugh, make fun of it
-directly into next set

-erradicate all trying to impress behaviours

-sucks to be a girl, girls cannot approach. They have to rely on their appearance
-When you have smth in common, like tattoos "They don't understand our lifestyle"
-Chode comes into Jeffy's set. Jeff shoves him away, "fuck off faggot"

Escalation Ladder:
-spin handshake
-neckbite (ok neckkiss)

-establish man to woman interactionwithin 20 minutes (e.g. mouth rape) or else you get "uuuuh...but no)

-put her arms around your shoulders (later in the interaction)
-put her arms around our waist (earlier in the interaction)

-not verbal Game causes Attraction, Escalation does

-when a friend of hers joins the set, engange immediately, don't just stand there
"Hey, Jenn and I are in love and I hope you approve of our Union"

-when buildng rapport, ask for logisitcs:
who are you here with, where do you live, what are you doing tommorrow, you like to party etc)

-When number closing set an excamation mark at the end of the interaction (eg you or she leaves venue and you dont see each other again),
kiss good bye "talk to you later"

About state:
-Just execute the Program regardless of how you feel

-be positive, but don't take shit from 'em. (Jeffy: "Kill yourself")

In the park:
sit right next to them, face them, use their often to a)remember her name and b) that she knows you care

verbal game: lower the bar for what is interesting. It's not what you're saying but the energy behind it.

-leading her around (it's an indirect yes-ladder) "walking the dog"
Do baby steps (to the bar, to the entrance, out of the club, a bit away from the on)
be aware of all steps but execute one step at a time.

-Subcommunication: look at her like a predator.
-right before the Pull, talk gibberish to get adventerous side out
-Don't say where you're going, just say: "It's near", "it's cool"

To be continued.
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thanks for sharing. good stuff!
Step 1: Get Girls
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit

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I remember this one, LOL
devinastytramp wrote:

-Chode comes into Jeffy's set. Jeff shoves him away, "fuck off faggot"

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