November 21st, 2018
Sex: Some Hard Hitting Techniques
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Hey guys. A couple years ago I wrote a sex guide that covered material that dramatically changed my sex life. It includes the stuff that took me from having a difficult time getting a girl to cum to being able to regularly get a girl to have multiple orgasms and, on some occasions, even be able to get a girl to have continuous orgasms.

If you haven't read that, go read it right now.

In this post, I would like to talk about some things that I have learned about since then. The approach I took with this guide is to fill it with practical advice that can help take your sex life to the next level and be great long-term. I hope you like it!

Topic 1: Better Missionary

I wanted to pass along a variation of the missionary position that I read in one of Tim Ferris' books that is absolutely AWESOME. If your girl has a hard time cumming in the missionary position, give this a try.

Here's how you do it: put a pillow under the small of her back. The man then moves his hips as close as possible to the woman’s hips while keeping your heels under your butt. You should be sitting Japanese-style, sitting on heels with knees spread as wide as is comfortable. The lower you keep your hips, the better the angle to hit the g-spot. Use the bottom of the opening of her vagina as a fulcrum for the penis, which will act as a lever.

Here's a picture to demonstrate

Have her rotate her legs up and all the way down to where her feet are touching the ground. One will feel really awesome :-)

Topic 2: Daoist Thrusting

If you aren't doing this, then you need to do this right now. I learned it from a guru who cannot be named on this forum ;-)

Here's the idea: alternate the depth of your thrusting. Here is a basic variation to try.

9 shallow, 1 deep
8 shallow, 2 deep
7 shallow, 3 deep
1 shallow, 9 deep
9 shallow, 1 deep

Play around with the variations. What you will find is that she will be BEGGING you to give her all of ur penis. When you do go in deep, she will go absolutely crazy. Frankly, iIt's as close to a magic bullet as I have found with sex.

Topic 3: Condoms

Always, always, ALWAYS wear a condom when you first start having sex with a girl! This is not negotiable. When you don't wear a condom, you are at risk of...

1. Getting her pregnant
2. Getting a nasty disease
3. Cumming too quickly
4. Getting her too clingy too quickly. When you cum inside a girl, she feels much more attached to you than she does when you cum with a condom on

While condoms don't feel as good as going in raw, when it comes to performance, condoms can be your best friend. They help you last longer.

As a rule of thumb, I usually wait a month before pushing to get off condoms. Obviously, it is important that she is on birth control and has demonstrated to you that she will reliably take it. If she is on the pill, here is a great resource for helping her remember to take her pill:

I have tried out a lot of condoms, and I frankly don't have a "best condom" to suggest to you. What I can say is never, EVER use a Lifestyles condom. They break like crazy. Unfortunately, it seems like college campuses love giving them out for free :-(

Also, don't keep condoms in your pocket unless you absolutely have to. They will get too much wear and tear. I like to keep them in an empty Altoids case- they don't get worn down and won't randomly come out of your pocket, which has happened to me before, lol.

Topic 4: Lube

When you get off condoms, you should definitely get some lube. Lube opens up a world of opportunities for you and your partner. It means that you don’t always have to do a ton of foreplay in order to have sex. It makes sex for comfortable for both of you, makes it feel better when you finger her and it allows for comfortable anal sex.

At first, I used Astroglide. This was by accident- frankly; it was the only one that I knew about. Astroglide is great for lubricating condoms because it is water-based, which won’t break condoms.

My girlfriend, however, has an allergic reaction to the glycerin in the Astroglide. This caused her to have frequent yeast infections, so I had to go out and search for a new lube. Boy am I glad that I did!

Basically there are three types of lubes: water-based, silicone-based and oil-based. Water-based lubes like Astroglide are good in that they are easy to clean up but have serious problems, including drying up and getting all sticky after a while. There have been times where I needed to stop and apply extra lube in the middle of sex because it got so sticky.

After trying out a bunch of different lubes, I have come to find that silicon based lubes are the best. They don’t dry out, they work with condoms and they didn’t give my girlfriend an allergic reaction. Here is my personal favorite lube.

This lube in particular is great for anal sex. My girlfriend absolutely loves the way that the lube feel when it’s in her butt, maybe even more than my penis ;-)

Topic 5: Toys

Let me tell you something: I was very resistant to using sex toys. Part of it was because I irrationally felt they were a little pervy wanker and part of it was an ego thing. If she can get off with a vibrator, then what the hell am I there for?

With this mindset, I went over two years in my current relationship without using any sex toys. I finally relented this summer when I bought a vibrator for my girlfriend to entertain herself with while she was in Europe. Now, four months later, I can confidently say that it was the best thing for our sex life in a long time.

First of all, it is really important that your girlfriend cums at least once a day. It keeps her feeling like a sexy tigress, which is great for you. Unfortunately, right now I live in a different city, so I can’t see her every day. The vibrator and my sexts fill in this gap.

Second, when I am not really in the mood to do a whole lot of foreplay, I have her masturbate for me and frame it as her putting on a show for me. The vibrator is great for this, especially when you encourage her to be creative with how she uses it.

Third, the vibrator is great to use during sex itself. My girlfriend only cums regularly in missionary or when she is lying directly on top of me. With the vibrator, she can cum in any position. I really like it when we are both sitting together like this, looking directly into each other’s eyes. While my penis is inside of her, she stimulates her clit with the vibrator and has a powerful clitoral-vaginal hybrid orgasm. It’s pretty awesome!

If you are getting her ready for anal sex, the vibrator is your best friend. The best way to have anal sex with an anal virgin is to associate anal stimulation with orgasm. This is best done by sticking your pinky in her butt as she’s cumming. Having her use the vibrator to stimulate herself while you focus on her butt works great.

When you are actually having anal sex, anal stimulation alone probably won’t get her to cum, especially during the first few tries. Use the vibrator to stimulate her so that she experiences powerful orgasms during anal sex.

All in all, don’t hate the vibrator; it can indeed be your best friend.

Topic 6: Sensual Massage

I also recently learned how to give a sensual massage and let me tell you, my girlfriend friggin loves it.

Before I learn how to give a massage, I had no idea how truly badass it is. In fact, I had never even received a massage in my whole life. What an eye opener it was when I finally “got it” and then an even greater eye opener when I received one!

Instead of writing up what I exactly do, let me direct you to a great video on Amazon called “Sensual Massage Made Easy.” You can rent it for $2, and it’ll be the best $2 that you ever spend.

Once you go through that video, go to the store and buy some massage oil (I got some great massage oil for like$10).

Something that I found is that when I learned sensual massage, our sex life got better. This is because sensual massage is all about touching a woman for the purpose of giving her pleasure. When you can touch a woman properly, her potential sexual pleasure goes way up.

It’s something that you really need to experience for yourself in order to understand. Go learn sensual massage immediately!

Topic 7: Cycles In Your Sex Life

One of the best books out there is a book by Tony Schwartz called The Power of Full Engagement. In that book, Tony talks about how your energy level is not linear. In fact, you level of energy goes through cycles that last for about 2 hours. In short, you are able to maintain a high level of energy for two hours but then experience a drop, which is your body telling you that you need a break. When you try to plow through that, your level of happiness and productivity drops.

In other words, to best manage your energy, you should alternate between being 100% engaged and 100% disengaged.

It’s like you’re being a sprinter versus being a marathon runner.

I have found that my sex life has improved over the long-term when I take on the sprinter rather than the marathon mentality.

There will be periods where the sex is red hot, where we cannot get enough of each other and are fucking over and over and over each day. Then there will be periods where things chill out a little, and we have sex maybe once every other day.

Instead of resisting this and getting frustrated and insecure, embrace it. See those “recovery” periods as an opening for the next thing that will make your sex life red-hot to emerge. These periods are perfect times for having the kind of sex that really builds up your emotional connection rather than the super-dominant sessions that usually happen during the other period.

That said, you should never have periods where you have no sex at all. If you have a long-term dry spell, that is a very bad sign for your relationship.

Topic 8: Staying In “Sex Shape”

If you want to have a great sex life, then you gotta be in shape. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be thin- it means that you need to have a lot of testosterone flowing and be able to keep thrusting for a long time without getting super-tired.

Here are some things that I do that helps keep me in “sex shape.”

- Sprints twice a week
- Weights twice a week (I find that compound exercises like squats are best for testosterone)
- Never allowing myself to be hungry. I eat a lot of protein from grass-fed animal meat and eggs.
- Zinc supplement daily
- Cold showers

I actually don’t know if cold showers really help my testosterone, but they do save money on utilities ;-)

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little guide. I hope it is filled with enough practical advice that you can take action IMMEDIATELY.

Happy fucking!

- Caligula
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I'm still subbed to your original thread from back in the day.
Love it.
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That hour long video done by porn stars changed my life.
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Great stuff man. The vibe is definitely your best friend. There was a time when I felt threatened by it. Now I know, I could fuck her with fresh produce, it wouldn't matter. If she's cumming her rocks off with me, then however she got there, she just associates it with me.

Btw - wasn't there a vid or something of Jeff picking up girls with a vibrator?
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Great guide man - speaking of grass feed meat, I just found a place in my town that has that.

Good post.
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Good stuff, i always do that 5 shallow 1 deep thing.  Drives dem hoes crazy.
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I saw this thread and I knew it was going to aewsome, based off what the original was like. Reading that stuff was great and prompted me to read the sex god method and since then...... wow. You get the picture.
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gonna try that thrusting thing this week. cheers for the info
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I posting cuz I cant read now so is easy to find later (;
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thanks for posting this!!
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Lol @deep shallow thrusting

Is this like a kung fu manual now?

Just pokin at yah man. It's just that I find it funny.

One thing about toys. They're fun to use and had enjoyable sessions with them before. I got the one with the battery. You wear vibrates when u press. I don't use toys anymore btw.

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