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Last week was welcome week at my university. Monday night was also my birthday.

So I called up a good friend of mine, D. He picked me up and we went to go pick up his co-worker Landon from his shift. Turns out he was with a girl, and she immediately recognized me.
We had met at the beginning of last year and had texted a few times and tried to meet up but it hadn't worked out. We'll call her E.
So we went to Landon's apartment to take some birthday bong-rips. We got there and I didn't know what the relationship was between Landon and E, so when she sat on the couch i sat in a chair next to her but left the couch open. Landon didn't sit on the couch. We talked, chilled, and it was good vibes. Some Bruce Lee movie was on in the background and we decided to take some shots. Also, E recommended that we go to her house to.. lol i don't remember what the reason was. But she was giving ioi's and we were having a goodtime and her roommates were all girls so made plans to go over there before hitting the bars.

Got there and we went through some introductions. I introduced myself to L who was sitting on the couch. (coulda/shoulda sat next to her but i didn't for some reason). When i went to introduce myself to her friend S that I had met before (the first time I met E) I told her that I had met her before and she gave me that look like "i don't remember u so why do u remember me" type bullshit, so i made sure to say that E had pointed it out to me, and reminded her where we had met. I don't think this was necessarily bad, although maybe it was like me giving her an IOI/validation too early which was unnecessary? Anyway the chairs in this room are spaced pretty far apart. I sit in a recliner in the opposite corner of E, but we can see each other well. She goes to get me "the last beer" since its my birthday, and then offers to make corndogs. I don't say anything, and she goes to the kitchen. I then announce to the rest of the group that i want a corndog and am going to tell her; i ask landon if he wants one too. he says yes. Sometime during this their other friend A comes home and is super cute.

So i go into the kitchen which is connected to A's room. E is talking to A in her doorway and I come up behind them smiling. E turns around and I tell her that we need two more corndogs. I also introduce myself to A who is giving me those nice big eyes that I like :). The 3 of us have some conversation about their place and I make them laugh a little bit. A left the room and I talked with E for awhile. don't remember about what I just tried to focus on maintaining good eye-contact (which is something i need to work on) and making her feel comfortable.

Went back to the main room and shot the shit for awhile, I got E's # before we left. We went to Kilroys, a popular bar where I live. My friend Max told me he was going there but I called him and he said he felt kinda sick cuz. he told me his other friends (we had all went to highschool together) were still there though; I see them as soon as I walk in. They are facing the bar and don't see me, so I go for a double hug kind of thing between the guy (Greg) and a girl (E2) that has wanted to fuck me in the past/gives me IOIs whenever I see her. The problem here was that once I did the hug thing, both of them acknowledged me at the same time and when I should have made eye contact with Greg, I was looking between them and not giving either of them eye contact.. lol. And then I leaned back and gave E2 another hug but still didn't give her very much eye contact (proly half a second). I feel like Greg felt like I brushed him off b/c im just interested in E2, and E2 felt like I am not genuine, because I came up high energy, and hugged her twice without even really looking at her. I acknowledged their other friend (B) but she didn't reciprocate even though she is usually nice to me. I think there was some drama going on in their group (there usually is) and she began to comfort E2. This may also have to do with the fact that she noticed Greg's reaction when I didn't really acknowledge him. Wasn't the best on my part. I think the lesson here is: when in doubt, make sure to make eye contact/ too much eye contact is better than not enough of it.

Anyway I am friends with the bartender so he gives us like 6 shots for $4. At this point I do not remember as many details cuz im kinda crunk. An old friend of D's and mine (Kylie) comes up and is all over D telling him that she misses him and kind of ignoring me. D points out to her that I am standing right there and its my birthday and she gives me a hug but its almost like she doesn't want to lol stupid bitches. I used to make this girl laugh super hard and now she's being bitchy for god-knows why. anyway i should have given her one of those "disapproving looks" but i just ignored it and started talking to her friends. Once again I have no idea what was said here but apparently these girls were scheming to get some other guy so i left the set. Went outside and D bought a beer which we started sipping on. He started talking to some girl i noticed earlier but I was feeling like a puss since i had basically been kicked out of that last set or whatever so I didn't join in the convo, which had turned into a 4 set of D, Landon, and the two girls. SHOULD HAVE entered this set and i could have at least tried to elicit some emotions from the girls and maybe gotten a #, which neither of them did.

I notice another girl (S2) that i have met before. she gives me ioi's when i come in and interrupt her conversation w a couple of dudes. Her body then becomes oriented toward me instead of them and one of them offers to buy her a drink. I just keep talking with her, working on my intent/eye contact/ expression/tonality and the guy mentions the drink again. I am having fun self-amusing and i think she is too, cuz she stays with me rather than going w dude who hasn't said anything besides talking about buying her drinks. The other 2 leave and i get her #.

I'm chilling outside and I spark up conversation w a cute blonde girl who is on her way out. I talk about her style and find out she is with her mom who is asian?? talk about her n her mom and as she is about to leave she says something about adding me on Facebook. i give her my phone n tell her to put her # in and she does.

I'm outside and a cute girl is leaving and I go in with STRONG EYE CONTACT, and a genuine smile cuz she is genuinely turnin me on :) and say something like "hey… i love your top… you look like a sexy dr. suess character." My eye contact/expression/tonality and even pausing was on point here. I sounded very flirtatious from the beginning starting with "hey" and she gave me that look like "look at you ;) mr. smooth-talker". I continue talking with her for about 15 feet down the street until I feel the conversation "die" (thats some SHITT!!!) and her friend look at us strangely like "who's this guy??". I somehow also rationalize leaving her sexy-ass because my friends are back at the entrance. <<----DUMB. They had also apparently been watching this since they started clapping.


we walk back to the car and i see a girl in the distance that i know. i hide my face till we cross paths then grab her and she freaks out and then realizes its me. we end up talking to her and her friend for 20 minutes. I hug her and her friend pretty early on. I hug them again later,, but i didn't use my center of gravity from my hips on the friend the second time :( - something i need to work on. i tell her im gona get at her about partying for welcome week and she's down.

-ok night

i texted E the next day: Hey E, still hungover? Lol. If corndogs n bongs cant cure a hangover i duno what would
E: hey! haha the corndog for sure did the trick haha did you have a good birthday?
me: U kiddin? Bruce lee, girls, corndogs n weed- I had the time of my life. Was just debating how im goon top that tonight
E: hahahaha! wouldn't have been as good without the Bruce lee though…I don't think I've ever been that high in my life haha I went into pure retard mode
me: Whats life w/out retards? U guys provide variety lmao. its cool i probably had better days myself. Atleast all my braincells will b gone by the time i get this "diploma"
E: hahahaha! are you goin out tonight? I think we'll all be at kilroys later!
me: Actually yea, what time y'all headin there?
E: probly in like an hour we just started pregamin

Another girl I know, AW pulled up to the restaurant I was heading into earlier in the day, so I texted her seeing what was going on that night. She didn't respond, so later I called her and left her a voicemail talking about how she should be nice to the birthday boy and hit me back, and also how its just good manners to return phone calls. she texts me

AW: Sorry I've been super busy. Not doing much tonight.. Gotta get up at 7am
me: *emoji icon w tears rolling down cheeks* o thats cool gangsta. Well im goin ham this week we should party. U gona b available?
AW: Okay where?
me: Errwhere woman. Get ur party boots on n bring some trailmix; shit aint for the weakhearted
AW: Hahaha sounds great

I also texted S2 from last night:
me: Hey S2 wat it do
s2: Who is this
s2: Lol
me: Had a scruffaduff beard goin lastnight. Some girls call me sexy, but you can call me… Alfonzo
s2: Haha oh really? Well nice to meet u "alfonzo"
s2: Haha for reals who is this? Lol
me: Lmao girl i wish i could say the same. But i think that dude that was tryin to buy u drinks mugged me in the alleyway right after..
me: Woke up covered in redbull
me: It's cool i used axe afterward
s2: Haahahaaaa oh my lord who is this!! Makin me laugh too hard

My roommate and I smoked a blunt around this time and my friend J (guy) told me that him and his buddies were gona be at the bar next-door to kilroys.
So I walked up to the entrance super-high and immediately the bouncer tells me to walk around some ropes- that were clearly out of the way and completely pointless to walk through. I realize that I was not in a confident "I'm the man" type of zone and that I get treated differently when I am not. I walked around the bullshit but it pissed me off so much I even wrote a note about it in my phone:

when bouncer tells you to walk around the line, just walk up to him without looking at him, then when he says it again when you get up there be like "oh, its cool man, don't worry about it" and say it with confidence and like you are doing him a favor.

Cuz realistically, he is making more work for himself in this situation. I need to make it my responsibility to alleviate him from creating extra work for both of us.
I think this would work, and i will have to try it. made a note to EXPERIMENT MORE with things I wouldn't normally try- often gets better results than my standard procedure.

Anyway i was kinda pissed w myself walking up the stairs because i feel like i didn't take the initiative there. As soon as I walk up I lock eyes with S2, who continues to talk to her friend. I went up to her and gave her a hug and she seemed excited to see me, and I was trying to tell if she had realized that it was me who had been texting her. She looks at me for a second but continues the conversation with her friend. I didn't want to stand there and listen to them talk, so I went inside to find my friends.

J is at the bar with a girl and a guy, and like 2 other girls hovering around them. There's a bunch of shots on the bar. J had told me earlier that he was buying like 100 shots. I chill standing behind them since there's no room at the bar. Im just trying to vibe, but that's my problem, is that I'm TRYING. I'm trying to fit in with people that I don't know and I want them to like me… sounds pathetic- but this is what I realized after the fact. Since they were obviously already having fun I had that "may i join the fun??" type attitude which is totally wack. I could tell by the way J's friend (whom I had not met yet) was interacting with the girls and J that he was alpha and very naturally dominant in a fun way. We'll call him Forest. He turned in his chair halfway toward me, and I extended my hand and introduced myself. J told him it was my birthday, and he acknowledged, but then quickly turned his attention back to the women. Some time passes and I take a lap around the bar, and text E.

me: Yo we at _____ orderin up shots *Image of like 50 shots*
E: hahahahahaha! those are all for you right
me: i mean we're down to share im w my boys, where y'all at?
E: hahaha we're t kilroys
me: Yall should come thru, theyre gona order 50 more lol just ordered 50

I realize maybe this last text was unnecessary, esp since i texted her that picture. but i was just trying to meet up with her and i had told j and forest that i had girls at kilroys.
Anyway we get tired of the bar we're at around the time i send the last text. We go across to kilroys to see if we can find my girls.
We do a lap through the whole bar together; at the end we get separated and I see E and her friends. I hug E and then A turns around and gives me those eyes again ;). And I hug her. but once again it wasn't a hip hug wtf. gota get out of these old bad habits
I want to find the guys I came with cuz I figure they'll order a bunch more shots so I leave the girls to go find them. I don't know if this was a mistake? what do you guys think…

I go get them and by the time we get back there my girls are getting chatted up by a bunch of dudes and I end up hovering behind them and not included which is a bigass DLV. My friends wait there for a little bit then leave, I can't blame them I was being a little pussy. What I should have done was clap my hands together and be like "it's time to take some shots!!!" and then introduced myself to the guys they were talking to or something. What do you guys think ?

Anyway I end up getting E's attention and telling her that I'm leaving but that it was good seeing her and she says the same.

I make conversation with a couple more girls that night but it was friend-to friend and shitty. I really got myself out of state with the bullshit that happened and its no excuse. I think I also started blaming myself for smoking because I think it made me think less on my toes but this just put me in a negative spiral of blaming myself for things that were no longer in my control.. I realize that this is problem I have. What I really need to focus on is Executing the fucking Program. And Fucking SEQUENCE!

The physical accosting stack would have atleast turned my last interaction of the night into a blowout or uncomfortable shit but at least i would have been pushing my boundaries AND NOT OVERLY CONCERNED WITH HER REACTION TO ME. jeez.

I don't go out the next two nights. I am moving into my new place and feelin a lil under the weather.


Hit up my bro Alfy who lives with a bunch of wrestlers at my school. he tells me to come over an pregame and that we're going to a house party. Im like jeeaaaaaaaa and my roommate drops me off at his crib.
Walk into the crib and go into Alfy's bro's room cuz i hear music. It's a dude I've never seen before getting pumped up to music in his boxers. Lol. He turns around and I quickly explain that I was Alfy's boy. He understands..

So I go into the back where they always drink and see four guys I've never seen before. They look at each other and then look at me and im like "Is Alfy here?" they tell me he doesn't live there anymore haha. I speak well and explain that I literally got dropped off there. They invite me to play Blackjack with them and are all surprisingly friendly. Haha I think its cuz Alfy is fuckin hilarious. Anyway we take some shots and are having a good time playing some card games and then decide to go to the party. We get there, it's not exactly a party but it's a girl's house and theres some cute girls there. We chill and the guys actually introduce me to the other wrestlers that come in. I talk to hb A3 who lives there but I stutter and do some dumb shit. I need to have more intent. For instance she asked me my name, and then was deciding to say my first name or my nickname that a lot of people call me. For girls I've decided im pretty much always going to use my first name.

Alfy comes in finally with his roommate stuart and its pretty much a celebration cuz Alfy is hilarious.

And he knows one of the girls (CU).

I talk to another girl (E3) and have some good eye contact. She has really beautiful blue-green eyes and I ask her whether they are green or blue, cuz they look turquoise, and I talk about them. Alfy does something funny and we both look over at him. I can see that she is smiling so I tell her I want to introduce her to him. I pull him over to her and let him do his thanggg.

We walk over to the attached house and theres a party in there. I talk to a few girls but i don't remember the subtleties of the interactions, just that they didn't really go anywhere. One girl i left in the middle of our conversation.

Our crew ends up walking to a nearby apartment complex and go into an apartment in there. Turns out I know the guys that live there. I end up talking to this chick and it turns out that she recognizes me from last year when I spent the night there..

We talk and I get her #. I text her right when I get it since i think this reduces the chances of flakes if u already have a conversation going. We had been talking about where she lives and if she is going to be throwing any parties. She said yeah and i sent her: You better be ready to pop bottles. And break shit, don't worry we're trained to kill cops

Cops are always busting kids in that area. There were actually a couple cop cars and an ambulance outside at the time.

I eject from her set and leave with the original crew.
We almost get in an argument w some dudes on the way back cuz they're hollerin at the ladies we're with,
I'm back at CU's crib and theres not much goin on. Somehow everyone leaves and its just me and A3. we sit kind of across from each other in the room and just talk. I figure here that since everyone is so close-knit i don't want to burn bridges by making any big moves, and I could always use some more female friends. So we talk about school, dogs, our families. I need to get better at eliciting emotions and going into deep rapport for these kinds of situations. But the conversation wasn't bad.

Eventually Alfy comes back and we meet up w an incoming freshman wrestler and go back to Alfy's to smoke. I get a ride back home.

I go straight to Alfy's real house tonight and it's him, his girlfriend (A4) who visits from a couple towns away, and her gf (A5) who I have not met yet. The girls are not particularly warm when I enter the room so I make no attempt at introducing myself to her friend. They're kind of whining so I just talk with Alfy. We get in his car and pick up some 4 Lokos. The guys who's house I entered last night are throwing a party tonight, so we head there even though its kind of far from the rest of the rest of the parties. I don't mind cuz they're cool guys and I know i can have a good time over there. We get there at like 9:00 pm and enter and the partys poppin! Definitely didn't expect that many people to be there so early. So me, Alfy, A4 and A5 go upstairs to the drinking room where I had played blackjack the night before. We draw attention to ourselves since we are sitting w two cute girls and have our own area upstairs with a table. Also we're seniors and we've been around here before, and know the guys there (Alfy used to live in that house although I just met em last night) so theres this air of comfortability around us. Alfy and I smash at least 7 shots in the midst of talking to people/fuckin around. A big wrestler g comes up to the table and is talking about how he's just 'not feeling it' down there yet, and I can of course relate (social momentum) and how some of the freshman were saying some weird-ass shit to girls. I immediately empathize with this since i've been around my fair share of guys that creep girls out and we have a good little chat about it. I could tell that even though it was very brief we connected on that shared experience and the FEELING that one gets when his friends/whoever he is with is CREEPING girls out. We actually build up quite a bit of rapport in a very short time.

I wander a little, talk to some girls and am getting in that zone where I can feel pretty well what others are feeling-- i go back to our room with Alf and the blondies (A4 + A5) and open them up a little bit w some teasing and lighthearted convo. Things are goin good but they're not drinking that much and theres hella girls downstairs so i tell Alfy legggoooo.

I go down there and immediately talk to this cute girl I saw on the way in. Just buildin momentum here, then I go and talk to some other girls. One of them gives me a dirty look or something. She basically just has this bad attitude about me talking w her friends, so i tell her she's being rude, and immediately turn my attention to her other friend and am very friendly. There's another girl who has a pink leopard purse and a leopard shirt on and I compliment her for it. I'm getting pretty smooth here now cuz the friends are looking at me and smiling even after I called their friend out for being rude. The leopard girl, (SH) starts talkin to me IOIing. There is some dispute about the bitchy friend here again and my reaction is "Naa, she was rude to me earlier." and dismiss it. Im bored with them and go open another set of two girls wearing some oldschool style clothes. i open about their clothes and the 1st one is very receptive, the other is kinda sorta. talk to them for awhile and some freshman kid comes up and tries to introduce himself to me but i am busy flirting. I turn around like 10 seconds later to shake his hand. he is trying to offer us all shots but has the "can i join the fun??" thing going on n the girls aren't interested. i go talk to a fineass mixed girl sitting against the wall and tell her she reminds me of a girl I know. She says "oh so I have something to live up to :)" i tell her "yeah ur gona have to impress me". I find out who she came with, and talk to other girls. On the way back up i see two girls she had pointed to before and say "hey ____'s friends!" making eye contact with a cutie and she giggles. I go back up an chill w Alf n the blonde crew, they're taking pictures of each other. A5 is being a little distant/ i don't think she drank much at all. I later find out that she was waiting for some boy to come over. I go outside and talk to the sexy mixed girl. I then turn my attention to her friend that I saw on the stairs (ZK) I hug them, ask them if they like tacos, and pretty much pimp their set fo the next few minutes while I tell them we should make tacos and they're like "yeah mexican monday!!" and talk about chocolate and bs. I get ZK's # and she agrees that we should all make tacos… although i realize this plan is not going to work with a bunch of girls and one guy they just met. I text her while standing next to her cuz im trying to practice this like I said. but the tex was lame cuz she figured out what i was doing insta and i just asked her if she likes light or dark chocolate. she said milk and i set her a text like an hour later after we had both left.

me: Lol were makin margheritas n im bringing my lucky sombrero. Lmao n i gota pinhata full of godiva
me: Last yr we had taco tuesdays but the pool has potential. Whered yall emd up goin anyway (she has a pool)

she doesn't reply. We head back to CU's house. When I get out of the car I recognize some girl I had seen earlier, so I open them. Her and her friends end up asking me to "save" them from the guys were with so we take them to CU's deck. There's people out there and im not paying any particular person any close attention. A blunt is being passed around and I hit it. I end up talking with one of the girls (O) who I had recognized from earlier. I get her # before I leave.


O texts me at 6:15pm: Are You partying?
me: Im moving stuff into my apartment, whatre u up to
O: Just went on the longest jog of my life cause i got lost! Ha ha. But are You drinking tonight at all?
me: Yeah for sure. You heard bout anything?
O: No. Lol but it doesn't matter we can have fun my friends and yours. Just hang out and drink
O: We all have our own boos.. Soo..

-whats interesting to note here is her eagerness to kickit. She is visiting with friends from another town and doesn't have shit to do tonight, which of course factors in. But when she said we can just hang out my friends and yours, the way it came across to me was as if she is suffering from scarcity cuz she doesn't even know me that well/ i feel like we didn't build up much attraction from the night before. So I feel like I am beginning to get an understanding of when I come across as coming from a place of scarcity, which is a definite turnoff and good thing to observe.

me: Yeah we could party hop. My house is close to campus
O: Awesome. What time and where do You want to meet?

The rest is logistics and i tell them to come over after im done working out. They arrive at my house about an hour after they say they will, and I decide we should just head out since they got there late. She apologizes when I point this out to her. And we go to CU's house cuz Alfy had said he was over there. We get there and he isn't there, but his friend Stu is. We chit chat and its funny cuz he was there last night when we met these 3 girls n now were all back. O and I are sitting on wicker chairs on the deck and she says "why are you so quiet?" I say "Why are you so quiet. you haven't said much" she smiles. We're over this spot cuz there's not shit goin down and she says lets leave. I go in to see if Stu wants to come with us and he comes. We find some house party that one of O's friends is at and go inside. It's nothing big but better than where we had been earlier. O hasn't been drinking cuz she is driving but she hates this and wants to drink and I can tell. So I tell her I'll drive and give her my jungle juice. She smiles. She keeps giving me these seductive smiles and flirtatious touches. And I barely reciprocate, just enough so she knows she's not wasting her time. I'm being super icy. Anyway she starts drinking and getting a little more touchy feely. I go upstairs and then come back down and asks where I went. She takes my hand up the stairs. At one point we are looking at each other and standing close. And no one else is directly next to us. I lean in and kiss her. She bites my lip pretty damn hard and it makes me laugh. We chill at this spot for awhile and I don't even really hang out with her. Her and her friends are making plans to go back to their hotel and She says "He's coming with us." pointing to me. So I go hang out with Stu and try to convince him to come also cuz it'll be more fun. he's down but apparently some other guys are coming too.. atleast they're bringing alcohol. I drive us back and Stu doesn't even end up comin cuz he's hammered and is meeting up w some buddies.

We get there and all of a sudden like 7 dudes pile in.. I'm like this is wack cuz I already spent a bunch of time waiting for them to get their asses together. They're all deciding what frat to go to and I don't want to go cuz i know we wont be able to get in with like 7 dudes and 3 girls. I call my roommate to pick me up and tell O that he's coming. When he gets there She walks me outside and we makeout. She sticks her tongue like as far as she can in my mouth twice and its making me fuckin cheese. She asks "what" and I say nothing. I tell her to call me later.

I leave w my roommate and he drops me off and picks up some girl. he fucks her in his room and I pass out in my bed cuz im fuckin tired. We had spent most of the day moving shit into our place. O calls me at 4:00am. I ignore it and she texts me

O: I want to stay with you.. My friends are being pretty selfish right now
me: Where u at
O: This same house (we were at before) I had to drive us here cuz they all got completely wasted at the fraternity. I have no idea how to get to the hotel
me: Soo, whatre u suggesting
O: Give me directions? Then we can come hang out with You
O: These dudes are so rude
me: I mean i was layin in bed if i meet up w u you should just come here urself, not tryin to party right now
me: *gives her directions*
O: Okay that's fine. I know how to get there from *hotel* I just need someone to tell me how to get to *hotel*
me: U got the text explaining right
O:Yea i know where im going. This sucks. Pray for me. Lol. Ill text you when we get there.
O: We made it. Geez ugh . Thank You for the directions

I'm so tired and not into the idea of sleeping with her. I turn off my phone.

Aside from being tired I realize that if I truly want to get really good at this shit I should have just picked up a redbull and told her to come over. I don't know, sometimes i just get turned off and am so desireless for sex with that girl after that. This is a sticking point of mine that I realize I need to deal with. Even my roommate was like dude, you need to fuck these girls for practice. They don't all have to be dimepieces. I know this and its definitely something I need to work on.

It's about me learning, and has nothing to do with the girl.

Anyway this is a long report and I almost didn't write it, but I think it is good that I did. When I go back and analyze each interaction I come out with a lot more than if i didn't take the time to write and analyze them. helps me internalize. Anyway I'll post some more stuff soon.

Thanks for reading guys and I would appreciate any comments that you have.
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I'm getting dropped off at my house by my dad after i help him load some couches n shit in his truck, and AM who lives down the street and is FINE AS HELL… is walkin back to her house. I get out and say whatup and she's all smiles. However I am not that smiley/all about it b/c this has told me to text her before/given me her # multiple times, and i do n she never responds. im like "yeah i just moved in." I'm standing in front of my new house. She's like "wow you're even closer now." I let the conversation die here cuz i got shit to do and im not trying to waste time talkin w some who is acting. she's like "cyaaa laterrr ____!!!"


Wake up n go to class and AW (girl i texted over wknd) is actually in my class. we sit next to each other. i says some shit intermittently throughout class and she cheeses of course ;)


I'm walkin into geology, glance at a girl walking next to me, she smiles :) . I ask her if she's going to geology too

hb: "nooo, englishhh"
me: "w131?"
hb: "yeahhh"
me "i remember those days.. bla bla bla" i don't remember the rest but the point is she was smiling and interested in the conversation. Getting a lot better at runnin my mouth. Million dollar mouthpiece here i come!!!

I get to theatre n the kids are sittin around talking. i make some conversation w some girl but she is wrapped up trying to memorize some text.
The prettiest girl in the class gets there (SH) and is telling someone how she is sick today :/ . we go upstairs.
she is sitting on the floor and i sit next to her and stretch.
i forget how i open the conversation but i ask her if she knows what she has (sickness wise)
don't remember what she said but we talk a lil and i say "well at least you've got cool socks on :)"
SH: thanks! :)

we do yoga and all kinds of body movement in this class. i stand infront of her for a good deal of class showin off my shittt ;) i know she's watchin my butt. (she isn't participating today since she's sick)

At the end of my theatre class one of the guys is ilke "what part of california did you move from?" (we told the class about ourselves on monday) i tell him san fran/bay area. SH is standing next to me getting stuff from her locker and is like "im jealous."
me: you've been to san francisco?
SH: yeah just last summer bla bla
me: thats cool, what do u like about it?
sh: bla bla bla

she gets done getting her shit and says "See ya!" she is blushing and its fuckin cute.
me: bye

i get done getting my shit and follow her down the stairs.

me: so where'r you from SH?
SH: ____, what about you?
me: here, you see my __________ t-shirt! (im wearing my highschool t-shirt
SH: thats cool! i love _______
me: yeah its a good place to grow up, go to college
SH: yeah :)

we go separate directions
SH: cya!! :))
me: yeah have a good--- feel better :)

Walkin home from class and i turn around n see AM in the distance. i walk a lil slower and stop to say whatup to some kid i hadn't seen in a min so she can catch up to me.

once she's a few yards away im like "You gottttaa quit stalking me :)"
she cheeeses.
me: "i know im cute but this is getting kinda creepy…"
she touches my hair and says "yeah i can spot you out of the crowd with your mohawk"
me: "on the real though i feel like i see you randomly more than anyone. we have the same classs schedule, joggging schedule, and now we live right next to each otherrr..."
AM: "hahaha yeah you moved i think you're the one stalking me!"
me: so what're you up to today
AM: oh i don't really have any plans, what about you?
me: yeah i don't really either….
we pass by my house and there's construction going on
AM: oh they're fixing up your house huh?
me: yeah, makin it fresh, i mean i told em you were comin over soo….
AM: hahaha! good you know me then, you know what to expect. Text me later!
me: alright.

Damn gurrrlll u fineeee.


walk into my gender studies class and AW is sitting w no seats open next to her and she doesn't even acknowledge me when i walk in. wateva she a dumb and doesn't know whats good for her. so i take a seat where i find one. the girl in front of me turns around and it turns out to be the second hottest girl from my theatre class (MM).

MM: "heey!
me: oh hey (surprised) that's crazy
MM: yeah bla bla bla…
don't remember anything she said lol.
sooo.. class begins and we partner up also w the girl infront of her who she is friends with.
they both give me eye contact and are being pretty cool.

The discussion is about Disney and its "corruption" of youth lol.
the teacher is a feminist and has armpit hair. She asks us to raise our hands to share how a Disney film impacted us when we were children.
I raise my hand
me: "well i really related to Aladdin, since he was the underdog and a really cool guy who did the right thing. And so i always thought that as long as I did the right thing, I'd end up with a genie, magic carpet, and a really hot princess too"

sorostitutes in the back laugh their panties off.
MM and i joke some more in class about how this whole topic is ridiculous, and she shares with me how Halloweentown impacted her when she was a kid. haha….


Enter the theatre building and the students are gathered at the top of the stairs. I walk up behind them and MM looks at me, along w a couple others. I am standing behind SH and she turns around and blushes SUPER HARD and says "Hey!" with a BIG smile/nervously. I smile and say Hey.

I LOVE that shy shit. MAKES ME WANA FUCK

She promptly recommends that we all go upstairs to the classroom and we do. She puts her things in a locker next to mine and I ask if she's still sick. She says no she's feeling much better. We walk out to the room and I ask her a couple things and she informs me that she wants to be in an improve group. I love improve so I'm like "Adam, (teacher's name) if we have time in class we should totally do some improve," he asks what kind and i say "the game where you freeze people and then it's a new situation" and touch SH on the shoulder. He says something, I don't hear what. SH turns her attention to some other girls in the class and so I start talking to the girl to the left of me, and eventually go sit with other guys in the class, but they're mostly strange. Haha it's theatre.

At the end of class SH is writing something on her arm and I say "you write a lot on yourself". she's got other notes on her arms and some marker on her foot. she says yeah its for "bla bla". I start walking downstairs. MM turns to me on the way down and says "OK. DId you notice how our teacher has armpit hair?"
me: haha no i didn't
MM: "ok well bla bla I love the theatre building bla bla" I'm like "yeah its cool are you a theatre major?" she says yeah bla bla. My RAS is picking up on the fact SH is behind us. She joins in the convo and MM is talking about how her legs hurt from the yoga and shit we did in class… I literally killed myself in the gym doin squats and lunges the night before so I tell them that. MM is like "wow that was a bad decision." SH says "MM's just like "that that was dumb" haha." im like "yeah she's like "your stupid"" (in my dumb girl impression voice).

The thing about this whole interaction is that I am not speaking loud enough/ commanding their attention enough. Although it is clear that they are both interested in conversing with me (they pick up on what i am saying although i am speaking quietly, and make effort to include me in the conversation) my game is not tight here at all and is actually pretty wack. I need to command attention. MM parts ways with SH and I and SH mentions how she has to go to the union for some course packet. I ask her what its for and she says either the class we're in or her other class. I tell her if its for this one to let me know since i didn't hear anything about a packet for this class. Then I get to my car.

I probably should have just asked her what she was doing tonight.

As soon as class is over I go home to change and go to work at my father's martini bar. I text like 6 hoes when i get there. One of em, S2 from lastweek:

me: Wadup girl
S2: Sorry who is this
me: Lmao ur gona have to figure that out cuz this is too fun. Refer to the previous tests and try ur best.
S2: Ahh i have no idea! Haha. Plse tell
me: How bout u tell me what ur doin tonight n maybes ill tell ya if i see u out
S2: Whaaat? Who is this? Ha
me: Babe the CIA wouldn't like it if i told you. Im part of the… Federal Booty Inspection agency. And they want me to keep this shit wrapped up like a virgin on prom night.
S2: Hahahaha oh lord! Well have i known u a long time or did i meet u last night, cause i was like blacked out last night
me: Nah i texted u last week when i saw u out. We know each other but i don't believe youve had the pleasure of enjoying my company for more thana few min. Anyway im goin out after i get done workin- what u gona b up to
S2: Ok seriously who are youu ha
S2: Please tell meee

I work for several hours and the general manager Mike introduces me to this fine blonde that is the new hostess. She gives me some NICE EYES and I return them :). Later I walk over to her podium and I'm like "yo" i open the convo with something dumb like "so are u really good at hosting" lol. Whats good though is my eye contact and intent. I am obviously standing there talking to her cuz im attracted to her and my father and the general manager walk by while im on the clock just talking to her. We talk about how the job is easy and how the other workers are friendly and i say something like "yeah you just have to stand here and look cute". I think she likes that. I get her # right before I get off work.

I text her right when i leave: Wadup Morgy, its ____ from the ______

I get home and change, and call some girls. One of them is S2, she doesn't answer and calls me back.
me: Yooo, whats up, what're you up to
S2: Haha who isss this!
me: What're you doin
S2: tell me who this is
me: What're you wearing
S2: hahahaha tell me who u are
me: Im not gona tell u till u have a conversation w me
S2: conversation haha ok what do u wana talk about
me: i just wana know what ur doin
S2: im at a _____ gamme

i find out she doesn't even live here anymore. eventually she's like "i gota go, tell me who you are", im ilke "have fun!" and hang up
I call some other girls n fuck w em

Btw B1 from the previous weekend texted me earlier: "Party tonight!" and im like where at. she says her house so i go there after work.
We're playin pong n MG texts me back.

MG: Ha nothing just sitting here still
me: *picture of me and a cute siberian husky puppy (at B1's house) and im holding up a shot, and i text the words*: Join us
MG: Haha
MG: Cute dog. And i think im about to get off
me: Well whatre you bout to do, cuz ive been dominating this beerpong table n shits gettin boring
MG: Prob go to the villas and run by a friends first to change. Then im not sure.
me: Well lemma know, im right by the villas
MG: Okay i will

During this time Ive been mackin the cheese out of the girls at this house. I am straight alpha g'd up to the max at this place where there's 10 or so girls and like 3 dudes. Me and B1 have been dominating the beer pong and we take breaks to take shots with her friends. I tell her roommate chloe that Im gona come to their house all the time bc of their dog. and I have her take that pic of me with it. somewhere in there i also tell her that she's my favorite out of B1's friends n she digs it. There's another girl there (Claire 1) who says something kind of bitchy but i can tell she's joking. so i play along and say something bitchy back. Then she's like "i don't like you at all" I put my shot out to cheers her and she's like "umm no" and walks off. B1 is like "theres a great friendship developing here" and is laughing.
I see Claire 1 over by the fan later turning it toward her and i go over and turn it toward me and go "ahh that feels good" she's like "wow I really don't like you, who are you anyway" i ignore the question.

She ends up comin back over while im talking to some dude and trying to talk to me. I just push her away. im pushing and she's trying to get in my face to tell me about how now she remembers where she met me from and im just like not paying her any attention. Finally she says "your'e really cool."
im like "oh really" and pull her in towards me (from the hips this time :) she puts her hands on my chest and i let go of her.

More girls come in and i talk to them and they're givin me those BIG EYES that i love. I tell em their gona get their ass beat if they play pong against me and B1 n how we are bff's. One of them is also named claire so im like "oh so you're the sexy claire and she's the freak claire" (pointing to the claire who has been fuckin w me). her friend dani is ilke "look atchyouuuu!!" for saying that.
Talk to more girls etc, eventually go upstairs after B1 does, and go in her room. her and another girl Tab are layin on the bed. i get in bed with them and B1 turns the lights off. Tab is super hammered even tho she only took like 5 shots, B1's pretty drunk too. I am too i mean shit i proly had over 10 shots by this point.

I let my hands wander around B1s body and undo her shorts. Finger that biatch.

she goes into the bathroom and throws up LOL. I pull some similar moves on tab and although she lets my hands wander she isn't lettin em down there. I'm ilke this is weird anyway, so,

i go into the hallway and then into the room across from b1's. claire1's in there w a couple dudes n a girl. i sit on the bed and claire1 introduces me to her gf saying "he's so cooool!" I ask her if she saw the picture of me and the dog and she says no,
I'm about to show her when the JACKASS standing there knocks my phone out of my hand???? and it almost hits claire 1 in the face. i stop for a second like "did that really just happen"
claire 1 is immediately like "omg he's so stupiddd, don't even talk to himm, he's drunk" she tells him "just leave, just leave the room". he does, i do too to use the phone

During this time ive been talkin to a couple other girls. one of them being WEIRD n the other one is MG from my dad's bar earlier. She calls me and asks what im doin, i say "im fuckkinnn bla bla bla" and she's like "you're rude." im like "wait what, what did i say that was rude?" i really didn't say anything rude so she either misheard me or is testing me or some shit. She says she's gota bla bla bla so im like cool well call me after that.

The fagboys from earlier are outside and i decide to give them the benefit of the doubt and maybe they were just super drunk?? i introduce myself and then the other one is like "the thing is man, you were messin with some shit that isn't urs" . HAHA im like "man, that girl doesn't belong to anyone, it's every man for himself out here, know what im sayin?" i don't think they know what im saying. I go back inside briefly and then get a call from my boy D who is picking me up. Go back outside n fagboy #1 is like "hey its the big ol' queer" im like "what." he's like na im just kiddin man, yeah its the big old queer" I walk thru the dude and bump into him. he puts his cigarette out all like he's gona fight me and fag#2 does also. I dip outa there.. if i had had D w me shit woulda escalated but im not tryin to get hit by 2 dudes

Tell D about this shit n he's like "i'll kill em" im like lets just roll outa here n find another party- this other indian girl has also been calling/texting me ilk e" pleeeaasee comee to meee" etc. so we pick her up from pita pit. THe vibe is immediately that i dominate her ass. i clown on her for holding a box of pizza while standing inline for a pita. fuckin fattie. she gives me the pizza. we roll out to some party and she's holding my hand n shit. get there n go in solo cuz the was too slow. talk to some hoes, kiss one on the cheek that says she's heard of me ;). say whatup to some peeps. there's a girl there named chelsea who i hadn't seen in awhile n is giving me the EYES. i ask her where her friends are that Im pretty cool w n she says smoking a bowl in the car. I go find them and talk to Jessica thru her window for a bit. talk to her bout how ive been gone most of the summer but her n her friend in the passenger seat still owe me jello shots. they're like yeahhh but apparently jessica has moved to a diff town. chelsea and passenger girl however still live here. they say their going camping tomorrow so i tellem ima hit em up the day after she's like ok!

go back in there n indian girl is chillin on the couch w D and another compadre. they're talkin bout dumb shit n i grab indian girl and lead her out there. she talks to some more ppl on the way out n once again i just grab her and start walking.

she's like "you're being a douchbag" im like "why" she's like "i was talking to those ppl" im like "yea i don't care"

she talks my head off about random shit i don't care about while we walk to my house.

she's frontin saying some shit about how im not that cool n im like then why were u textin me "comme seeeeeee meeeeeeee" and she starts kissin me.

get to the crib n i wake up my roommate. we chill for a bit n i take her to my room and take her clothes off. we fuck around but i cant get it up so she sucks it n i finger that hoe. she's' all like 'am i not hot enough?" and i assure her "na it just happens sometimes"

she wants to cuddle n im definitely NOT so i walk her to her house.
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This girl Emily from highschool texts me in the afternoon cuz i had texted her last night and she wants me to go run errands with her. im like doin my own errands n besides she used to go out w one of my best friends n im not really into her like that. But she reminds me that i need to go to the bookstore to grab a textbook i don't have yet, so i agree to meet her there. I get there n she's not even there. I buy the book. couple CUTie patoots come in. I don't have my contacts in which i feel like prevents me from making good eye contact but im like whatevs. The girls ask where the batteries are and sound like their from chicago w their accent.

im like "you guys from chicago?
caitlyn (alpha one): *both kinda startled they turn around and look at me and at each other* um no were from michigan
me: oh yea u guys sounded like you were from chicago
them: *smiles and looking at each other, one of them is especially excited, but she is the beta of the two*
them: haha
me: yea i know some girls from the region and you guys sound like them
them: haha
me: so your both from michigan?
caitlyn: yeah, this is my sister, she's visiting me
me: oh yeah for welcome week, good time to visit
them: haha yea

i let them go find their batteries while i look at some clothes
i come back around n they are in line. I am about to walk past them when caitlyn reinitiates the convo

caitlyn: "so is this the line where we buy these?"
me: "yea… so… (i turn to the beta) you're here until tuesday?"
beta: "monday actually"
me: cool, cool, you guys got plans for the weekend?
caitlyn: just hangin out..
me: well what're u guys doin tonight?
caitlyn: trying to find somethinn, just whatever our friends find i guess…
me: yeah, well uhh, my friends are throwin a party tonight, if you'd wana come
caitlyn: where at?
me: ________
caitlyn: yeah i mean let us know
me: ok well here put your # in here *puts in*
caitlyn: ok let us know
me: yeah… good luck w ur.. batteries :)
them: *laughs*

i text her like 5 min later
me: yo its ___ so u got my numba
caityln: Ok

So obviously i text my friends Saturday to see if there actually IS a party, since i didn't know about one at the time. Many of them are out of town. I guess since it's labor day weekend.
So no one really had anything going on, until Stuart finally got off work. I went over to where he was and it was a bunch of people from his hometown pregaming.
He and his boy had nearly cashed a bottle of 1800, and i took a couple shots with them. I only talked to a couple girls there cuz most of them were giving a bitchy type vibe.. hard to explain but i would look at them and they would just avoid eye contact. i wasn't in a high energy mood anyway so i just chilled.

Stu decided he wanted me to drive his car to the party, so me, him n a couple of his boys got in. We start rolling away and this fatty Cheyenne starts yelling "STOP!!" thru the window.
I stop and she gets in, and immediately starts talking about how her friend Kacy (hot) was supposed to be with her… and complaining about it. I'm thinking WHYYd you get in the whip then bitch?
SHe is fuckin yelling like to whole car ride its annoying as shit.
When we get there she asks me if I will pick up Kacy, im like "no, definitely not."

Me Stu n the boys roll up in the party and I do a couple laps scoping shit out. there's a hottie wearing a tight green dress but i don't talk to her cuz im chodemode :(
Go back to the kitchen which is hot as balls and take a couple shots w Stu n the boys. Lol one of them- Rich- is makin a kid cuisine in the microwave which he brought over. Theres a couple girls that are chillin w our click -hbV and her friend. I talk to hbV and we are all kicking it i start to get more in the zone. Walk around the crib again and this time i open up this hbMichelle who is wearing a mexican-lookin blouse.

me: hey are you mexican?
her: haha no do i look mexican?
me: yea well your shirt looks mexican, but you don't. shit i mean you could be adopted bla bla

we start talking and somehow the topic of smoking comes up. Stu has some bud n she apparently has a bluntwrap so i tell her lets go find Stu. i tell her to come w but she says she's goin to the porch. I get Stu and bring him back over to the porch. Turns our hbMichelle has cigarillo's w filters in em. im like "wtf is this lol i can't roll this". So i end up smokin one with her n find out she's turnin 21 in a couple days. I talk w her n a couple of her guy friends for a little n tell her im goin back inside to find my friends but she should give me her #.

I text her while im standing there
me: You just got me so fucked up off that cigar i duno if i can forgive you
her: Haha yes you can
me: Maybe if you buy me a burrito ill get u a shot of patron on ur bday
her: Haha i'll think about it

on the way back inside theres this hottie wearing a tanktop that says "SOBER" on it.
i tap her on the arm while she's talking to someone but it gets her attention and she kind of actually smiles. I think this is because i am so socially relaxed at this point i really couldn't care less if she straight ignored me or told me to fuck off.

me: "are you really sober?"
her: "yeah actually, its for my sorority we had a party earlier bla "

i introduce myself n find out her name is Brittany.

not much else was said here but basically she was going inside to find some of her friends or something.
I go back into the kitchen and see another girl wearing the sober shirt. I ask her if she's friends with Brittany, and she's like "yeah!"
me: "yea me n brittany are bff's" im hugging her from the side n stuff (her name is kelsey)
kelsey: "oh yeah? hahaha
me: yeah u guys are cool i think im comin over tomorrow (to their sorority)
kelsey: haha ok !

i tell her that she can take a shot with us and that it'll be our little secret. I was in the zone here having fun. But looking back on this, i am generally pretty fun once i get in a certain rhythm, and people like me. The thing is though, is that I feel like I was not applying sequence enough (once again) and I should be learning how to calibrate my escalation, even if i end up getting blown out. I think i was playing it too safe here, when i could have easily gone for the fingerlock, and then brought her hips toward mine and had a more intimate conversation, and eventually led her somewhere else. The thing is when I get in the social zone i get focused on how i can put everyone at ease, and make them have what i KNOW will be a good time, but really - i am preventing all of us the opportunity of a GREAT time by not escalating. I fall back into bad habits of not escalating hard enough.

I ask her questions about her sorority, and i tell her that im coming over to lay out with her and use her ice cream machine.

She is laughing at all this but yeah no escalation.

we eventually part ways - i start talking to some girls by the keg. they give me the EYES and i fall in love with them. pretty much any girl that gives me those fuckin eyes.

I go outside and overhear a hb talkin bout how she likes French onion soup. I immediately insert myself in the conversation, literally walking into their group also, and say something like

me: "French onion huh, you guys are talking about soup over here (addressing the whole group i look at all of them) i like broccoli cheddar myself"

the girl who was talking about french onion starts cheesin pretty hard and a few others giggle

me: "you guys ever hit up Panera Bread?" (i address another girl) "get the soup n salad combo… Are you a soup or salad girl?"

these girls are laughing pretty hard but don't really say anything they're just looking at each other. so i turn to another girl hbPupils and introduce myself.

I tell her she's got really big pupils, and that it's hot. She's like "what?" im like "its hot" and she's like thanks or something. these girls aren't giving me what i want. the original hbFrenchonion girl has been laughing this whole time but is like covering her mouth and hiding in the corner, so i go over to her and she is like refusing to look me in the eye. I ask her some more food questions and she just keeps cheesing. I ask her if she likes beer, and pizza, and how ive got a special going on for half price beer n pizza.

She is cheesing nonstop but wont frikin look me in the eye and im getting closer to her, i put my hands on her waist ask her if she wants to go get pizza with me. she's like "no" but is laughing still uncontrollably n i say not now i mean later and she still says no. I think here instead of asking her I should have told her we're getting pizza. I duno maybe there was something else going on here which prevented me from taking this any further. I would appreciate your guys' input on this.

Her friend tells her to come back over to lame corner #2 and she does. I go back inside.

Stu and I leave pretty soon after this. I had forgotten to text MG who I told i would text today, but by the time i left it was like 2am n i figure ill just text her tomorrow.


i text MG at like 4pm

me: Wadappp
MG: With the fam drinking eating <btw these texts are spaced pretty far apart, like a half hour to an hour…>
me: Patron shots fo dinner yeeeaa
MG: Haha more like bud light for dinner
me: Do u have plans for the evening
MG: Not really but im already drinking and heading back to _____. To meet up with friends

She send this last 1 at like 7pm
I pass out and wakeup later cuz my roommate n I are lifting at 930

I kill myself in the gym doin deadlifts, n right when were bout to leave at like 11 i text her

me: Girl ima take u to Chick fil-A once i get my paper right (she texts back right away now)
MG: Lol what? Who are u
me: ____. Ouch. I was gettin ready to buy a ring too :(
MG: Hahah please but i was saying ur a tard really chick f.
me: Girl have u EVER had their chicken tenders???
MG: Yes but really? Lol that place
me: I mean we could do burger king but i was tryin to keep it classy
MG: Ur stupid bye
me: Lmao touchy touchy
MG: No bye please stop

Lol… so i dunno what i did so terrible here. i mean she's obviously insulted by the thought of fast food restaurants but i figure its pretty obvious im clowning around.

I'm not textin her again cuz she works at my dad's bar n im not tryin to make things weird. i figure when i see her there next ill just be ilke "Hey, just wanted to say that I was just clownin around about chic-fil A and stuff. Just wanted to make sure u knew that so u don't feel like weird around me cuz i was JOKING. anyway ttyl"

and then pretty much not pursue that shit cuz I don't get what i did that was so terrible.

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Looking back on the previous post I guess I should have cut thread sooner when I found out she wasnt into the fastfood. But honestly I was just joking and clowning around. Still would appreciate thoughts on this.

 Monday was labor day so I chilled w fam.

Tues morning- get up- walk to class. Chilly out, less girls on the way to class cuz i leave my house late.

Courtyard area outside my building... HB9 lookin finee from a distance. She is takin pics- looks like for class but i am pretty far away from her. 
I rationalize in my head that im so tired, not well-dressed, late for class etc.. n dont go talk to her. gay shit-   replace with 3 Second rule.

Get into class. Sit with fine females :)
Our teacher is a feminist with armpit hair and she's talking about how there should be like 6 genders b/c of those w different sexual orientations. And apparently heterosex shouldn't be what we call normal...

I raise hand: "Heterosexuality is how we continue our race so don't you think that's pretty normal?"

I was so tired,  forget what else was said but she had some retarded arguments

I don't talk to any girls today :(


Walk into geology. I hadn't gotten the syllabus for this class yet so Walk to the front of lecture. Grab a single page on the desk that looks like part of a syllabus...

Sit in front row next to some EXTREME nerdy girl that talks to me. I am cool . reserved. Stoic.

To my right there is an hb8 that has a cup that I recognize from Sam's club.

P (for Program): Is that from Sam's club?   <----- ok one thing i notice while writing these is my desire to shorten statements I made when transferring them to my FR, cuz they sound better and more direct with less words.. I think this signifys that I should work on speaking slower and putting more emphasis on each word. (i think I said: "DId you get that from Sams club?" instead and rushed the "did you get that from" part of it. 

I just need to slow my tempo down and have the release from outcome like Jeffy talks about. She tells me no its from somehwere else, that it keeps her water warm or cold.

I ask her if she knows _____ another girl in her sorority) and she says "yeah, she was in my pledge class" she opens up here and smiles
I don't handle this right, and break eye contact at a point where I should have maintained, and let my eyes do the work. This is such a wack sticking point. I'm used to maintaining eye contact briefly and it's a terrible habit.
Anyway I look away as she's smiling to answer the question (im not drawing her into my reality here) i think its also cuz im used to looking off in the distance while im thinking about something, like answering a question etc. but i have to look at HER while doing this.

Anyway i miss my window of opportunity to amp up her state here but when I am done talking with her about our mutual friend I turn away, and she asks my name. We exchange names right as class begins.

My phone rings in class and its a dog barking ringtone. The professor's like "Oh, that's a cool ringtone," and I apologize. He doesnt acknowledge the apology but says thanks for reminding him to turn his on silent too. Then he comments on my haircut and tells me nice mohawk. I say thank you and he asks if the top part is the way its cut or a headband, and i tell him headband. The class is laughing here and im gona start bringing my laptop to class so I can write these but I tell him its a "crosscut mohawk" cuz he is teaching us about crosscutting on rocks and hb8 laughs at this although others dont hear it.

The thing is I didn't look back at her this whole time. I've been getting told people (and my roommate specifically) to not be as aggresive.. but i feel like its fucking up my game cuz i want to be fucking aggresive. like the bonobo times thread. And I would rather have a get weirded out than not fuckin remember me

Aywayy after class I was going to ask my prof. if I had the whole syllabus, but he got a whole bunch of kids up there so I asked hb8. She just said "yeah" and went back to packing her stuff. I should have stuck in set here and seen where it continued.. i.e. so what lab are you in... 

but i did not. I swear to G tomorrow im not gona pull this type shit. ANother thing thats important is to get to class earlier----> im not rushed so i have time to talk to bitties on the way (this is huge) and time to talk to kids before class starts. and then im flowing by the time i get to class. Even opening one set before class makes me feel significantly happier.

I'm in a computer lab in geology and a HB9 comes in that makes my shorts moist. She sits at a computer across from me but I dont open her. I was waiting for her to leave the lab and try to get her at the same time but my class was starting and she was getting help with the printer.

Theatre: I go in and MM is laying down on bench, I sit by where her feet are. Chit chat with her. Ask her what she thought about the feminists lecture. SH is looking at me and I explain to her that we've got this feminist teacher with armpit hair that was talking about how there should be 6 genders. 

I drop my keys on the way up stairs and SH picks them up for me, I look at her bracelet and tell her that I like it/ask her about it. talk to her pretty much all the way up the stairs. i <3 her butt. 

Classss and i definitely notice moments here where I am not HOLDING eye contact when I should be!!! aka her lookin over and blushing and i am first to break eye contact when I should have held it 

This is definitely my biggest lesson from today. 

Apart from this I go down the stairs and talk some more with her, and then LEAVE when should have just continued conversation like: is this ur last class?

ANyway im still obviously learning and daygame is definitely a different wavelength than night game at least for me since I am still in the process of trying to break bad habits. And i am used to having had a couple of drinks when I go out, or at least allowing myself some time to get into "state". in the day I think it really comes down to me forcing myself to talk to more people. I drive so maybe I should walk.. but then I cant hit up the health food store for a goodass lunch for cheap. Fucking balls. 
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Im at the gym finding my roommate on the bball court when hbNevada catches my attention.
Roll up like

“Waitin for a friend? :)

talk to her tell her my friend is on bball court too. tell her im gona do a magic trick and take her phone n call myself. shes like what was the trick im like nothing i just called myself so i have ur #. talk to her some more and some lame comes in and tells her to come watch his friend play bball. She says she feels like a tool i tell her she is.

TEXT over next several days:

p: Wadup hb Nevada

hbNevada: What up Program haha

p: How was ur date

Nev: It was not a date. And it was kinda awful so I left and got really drunk instead haha

p: Its friday today- also known as Take shots Day. The question is. Are u man enough?

Nev: I actually don’t think so. I took 18 shots last night and am so hung over that I missed my class this morning. I need to take a break haha

p: Whoa woman. Yeah take a shower an brush ur teeth ok.

Nev: Haha one of those is already done. But thanks for understanding lol

p: Still hungover as fuuuuuuuu?

Nev: Haha nope and now ready for round two lol

p: Im bout to hitup this fly playaz ball, what are your coordinates

Nev: Like a dance? Haha jk. Not sure. My friends house haha

p: Girl if u wana see my face ur gona have to do better than that

p: On the directions

Nev: Haha it’s just a small get together. I can’t invite anyone over :(

p: Hi liter party tonight *address*

Nev: Im currently trying to find me and my friend a ride

p: Get here. Now.

Nev: I just got to some frat party. I don’t drive.

p: Wtf girl this shit im at is cooler. U still over there

nev: Haha yeahhhhh

got sh's # after class. Didnt make much eye contact which mightve fucked me. Texted her shortyl after: Yo SH its ____ from the best class ever

No response. That evening hitup my boy J he was kickin w his gf n her wag friend.

Hungout w them for a bit took some shizots. Escalated on wag a lil askin bout her bracelet but remained pretty chill on it.

We went to a WACK party an we brought the only girls there basically. During this time i was clownin on the party and trying yo find another party. I get ahold of bree who was at one. We head there.

I talk to every wag there that i see.

Talk to some “straightedge” girl for far too long. Tell some girl she looks like the queen from 300. Tell her she needs a spartan warrior. Her friend tells her togo back to her bf. Endup rollin back to J's gfs w original wag n were just sittin there but i start touchin her hair n eventually touchin on her boobs/ass while were all just sittin there.

J n his goto rm. Me n mine in living rm. I take her to the ground she isn’t that hot (still havin trouble turnins myself on when wags are subpar) n she’s ontop of me. I wana just put my dick in cuz im not into kissing her but it wont get hard enough. Then the fuggin roommate comes in n we quickly get off each other. Now she pretends like shes asleep or somethin i just take her shorts n panties off n start eating the puss

Its very acidic :(

I push her on the ground n have her suckit. She does this for a longtime. I’m getting bored and not hard. I tell her she can stop. I duno if she doesn’t hear me or what but keeps going. Eventually i just softly pull it out of her mouth. Should have instructed her more on how to do it. More intent. Anyway we pass out on seperate couches I end up leaving at like 5 in the morning.

Next day

Cool day, went to Alfy’s n there’s girl (hbFish) sitting on couch. She greets me friendly (unexpected since we’ve partied before (last weekend included) but never talked to eachother. (she was the girl who i refused to go pickup).

Anywayy talk a lil. go into kitchen an clown w Alfy. I do a beerbong. lol i had never done it before. Some more peeps arrive and we make our way to the tailgate area.

I get some bbq ribs from a stand and spot a girl from my HS. Had never interacted w her much either but she used to go out w one of my best homies Quin. Tap her on shoulder and she turns and is big smiles :). talk to her she’s in the parents section n i tell her to find us in student although i dont know exactly where we’ll be :(

We get to the tailgate finally. I haven’t been drinking. Everyone else has. I am chodemode. Too much standing around and I can see that hbFish is not feelin me like she had been previously. I decide to take a walk thru the field. I do, but dont approach.

Im like fuuuu i need the magic elixir of confidence so i start pullin shots.

Ahh better now.

Start clowning on girls. Drunk/dont remember specifics. I go tell some girl she looks like christmas. Her friend digs it more than she does but leaves to talk to her bf.

Get several girls #s. There’s a girl there named Hope that J’s gf had told me about. I recognize her and tell her its Destiny that we met :)

She loves it but eventually her friend isnt having it and she says she has a bf too :(

Another girl has an amazing butt. i get her # n tell her we should hangout and shes down. but this other g comes in and keeps grabbing it. Eventually leave after swagging up and talking to many girls.

Its a wrestler party tonight an I already know tonight is gona be the shit :)

Get to Alfy’s around 9. Soon as I walk in his roommate Foster is suckin on some girls titties LMFAO. Alfy joins him. I can tell everyone here is hammered so I am a lil disappointed cuz i brought a 5th over for Alf n tha boyz. NO MATTER

Go to the kitchen and rip shots with Clayton. Go outside some girl jumps on me. She is way too hammered.

Make our way to the party an i lose track of everyone by the time we get there. Oh and some girls stop us otw there asking us where it is? They get my #

Once there, I go hard introduce myself to those who are not completely familiar w me. Go downstairs. Its dope. Hi-litered out.

The girls from otw appear. Sits next to me, I casually start holding her hand while talking to her. then my hands on her lap.

I kiss her. We makeout.

Grind. Danceflo is poppin just us lol.

People come in. I hit on other girls in front of her. Go back to her. She leaves the area.

I go upstairs to beast. Its fun I open the set of girls from the other week’s “mexican monday” and they remember. Atleast one of them’s there from last time and she’s cheesin cuz she knows me :). her friend is cute/has a scarf on so i take it around both of them and pull them in. KH (frm lasttime) says “I love this guy :)” :). I let them go after taking some shots w them.

Go outside to find Andrea (girl from otw). And start talking to 2set. “Have you guys ever been talkin to a dude an u guys are making out n everythings awesome n then u text him n he doesn’t respond?” start getting close to them and they are loving my shit giving the fuckus eyes when one of their bf’s comes in “Hey man fuckoff.” grabs em.

hahaa. i go downstairs and find Andrea. I bring her close to me. The dudes her n her friends are talking to think im the shit. I smoke their weed. Andrea leaves because she has to ___ i dont remember. Im like whatev this parties sick anyway.

I am outflowing awesomeness.

Girls walk in to the party and i lock eyes with them like a cheetah.

They try to move around me, but there is no choice. They are forced to meet the man of the house.

Openers I remember using was *intense eye contact- “Who are you” or “I dont beleive we’ve met” or something. Then getting hands on almost immediately.

I got a good reaction for this from like every girl there. Got too intense for some and they would leave the room if they noticed I came in there lol. One girl I’ve met before and was surprised to see me. I instantly grab her hand and spin dance move her she is shocked haha and her friends are like “omggggg _____!!”

I resolved to have fun tonight.

One girl was lovin the shit but finally was just like “i have a bf i cant” after multiple attempts at making out w her right in front of her friends. andd putting her # in my phone w a description of where we met lol.

OMGG my arch enemy from the other weekend comes in and is like “its you again!” shes a professional cockblocker. She carries my girl away from me and i tell her shes my arch nemesis the girls start laughing. I tell her im gona murder her in the night or something and leave. lol.

See this girl later n shes like u should apologize to Cockblock for saying your going to kill her.
I kind of comfort? her and tell her I didn’t mean to freak them out. I shouldve just left b/c i didnt care.

Move in on Elise who is with KH and try to get in that shit but KH keeps bringing her to talk to black guys. Point this out to Elise and she laughs but im just not trying to sit on the side while she is getting introduced to other dudes. Meet lots of women but this was a week ago nothing much else stands out to me.

On a weekday I am scopin bitties as I drive on campus and I see KH, she is looking at me and smiling/laughing i cant really tell :). She sees me whip my head around and laughs more but I dont have time to talk w her im heading the other way.

I fb request and message: Checkin me out on campus todayyy ;) totes makin me blush omgggg

She doesnt respond but accepts the request.

Theatre class is now kinda gay cuz SH like avoids talking to me as compared to before. I couln’t give a fuck.

As the week goes on I open girls as I walk to class. One of them being superfine hbKristen I say “that looks good :)” as she is eating a scone leaving her sorority. She’s like “yeah i’ve had like 6 of them already!”

“I wish I had chefs cooking for me :)”

hbKristen: “I know I’m a spoiled little Brat”

our conversation is cool and she digs but she has to go T/A some class and leaves as our paths diverge.
I tell the girl who had been walking close to us: “Yes! thats how u spit game before class” she’s and is proly jeal.

Walk into class doin a dance and listening to music- girl i know is cheesing when i acknowledge her and shakes her head.

I post up like a king- but fail to talk to the other hotties in my surroundings.

New girl Kristen at work. I introduce myself and clown at work and make her laugh :)

Some other black hottie Rihanna comes in. She obviously recognizes me but doesnt know where from. When I check her ID she is nervously laughing (she has always loved my shit in person somehow cant manage to make things work over text). I go in there later and she asks me where she knows me from. I tell her. Maybe should have left it a mystery tho. Turns out she still has my #. Theres another girl at work who she knows so i dip n let them talk.


Ok so the other girl MG- who I texted couple weeks ago, comes into work. She avoids eye contact w me. Eventually I go up to her hostess stand.


MG: *smiles

“So I just wanted to say that I was joking about the whole fast food thing

MG: “Yeah I know, I was drunk, I dont even remember bla bla

So she’s cool :)

Talk to her for a bit tell her im gona take my dog to a party she tells me im a mess i say im kidding just random banter but she smiles it makes me happy :)

Tell her ima text her later.

Go hangout w J n his gf. We go over to some Wags house one of them makes me a quesadilla.

I am awesome. We play kings. I try to escalate on HBsalamander. not too much happens i dont wana do anything crazy since theyre all close friends or whatever. At one point she goes into a rm n i follow. Shoulda went for k-close here. shit.

They gota getup early or some shit so we dip n smoke the ganja.


my car got towed. Its no biggie we go there and i drive it out of the damn lot. My friend later informs me that this is a felony?

I dont care there was nobody onthe lot anyway if they call me then so be it I will pay.

get lunch at the healthfood store. As im throwing my tray away i turn hb w bunch of bracelets on.

“Thats an impressive bracelet collection :)

hbFag: *taken aback by my awesome swagger that takes up the whole room

I dont even remember what she said here she is like stumbling over her words and clearly wanting to talk to me/keep the conversation going. Find out she is going to octoberfest (oldguys drinkin beer) she aks me chode questions like what do i study and stuff. I tell her i am leaving but put her # in my phone. She does and reminds me of her name.

I text like 10 min later: Hey hbFag, have fun hangin out w old guys ;) - Program

Go to tailgate and meetup w friends. Theyre being lame hanging in the parents section. I tell them theyre being gay and leave after eating the food there.

First set of hotties i out on talking to.


Pass by hottie LP who I know. Was gona walk past but she engaged me. Talk to her for a bit. She is sexy but has a bf.

Ask her where her hot single friends are. Some appear. I introduce myself. I am gaming now. hbRenee walks into my set and has the most hot fire smoking fire ass. I can tell she is frisky.

She makes out w a dude infront of me. I ask her if he will get mad if i touch her butt. She tells me I can touch her butt anytime I want :)
I love her ass but she keeps going away. Her friends Marissa thinks im cute. I go for makeout. Nogo. I ask Renee for her # because i want to play w her butt later. She tells me its broke and tells me to get her friends #. So wack.

I get in set w some fools who went/still go to my h.s. Mainly talk to hbWolfpack’s bf. Shoot the shit. Clown. Tell him to bring some girls to parties sometime. Intermittently i interject and say something funny w hbWolfpack and other girl there. She eventually tells me to text her sometime :) I leave

Open set w a guy in it.

“Whered u get those cute ass tattoos” to hb

hb acts tells me to go to tattoo parlor. (theyre clearly stickers

I end up talking to the dude in the set b.c i can feel the pressure like who’s this random dude talkin to these girls. This is foolish however and I should just do what i want. I was wayy to easily pushed around by the social pressure in this set and could feel it. i make the decision to eject. the girl says it was nice to meet me. i tell her i wish i could say the same.

Spot some other women I know

“I do beleive we are acquaintances :)

They smile :) :)

Talk to them for awhile. Tell them that me and one of them hbBipolar are still figuring out what we’re going to do tonight when they ask what im doing. haha. one compliments my shirt.

it says “Your Majesty the King, But you can just call me, DAD”

pretty awesome shirt i got in panama. Anyway im over this shiat. so i leave the area. At some point hbFag had texted me back:

hbFag: haha will do! btw what is your last name?

I dont care about this girl i just want to see what happens so i text her:

“Secret. If i tell u u have to send me a sexy pic :))

she doesnt text back but i hadnt really expected her to.

on tuesday i text her

p: Hi :)

hbFag: Please do not text me anymore.

p: Dont worry deleted ur # fag. I dont talk to fags

hbFag: Um, your texting debut consisted of asking me for dirty pictures. and now you called a woman an offensive word. sorry bud but it’s definitely your loss- - i can do better. :)have a good life though!

p: Whatever helps u sleep better atnight babe :)

I get to my car now and call hbSaylor

She is watching the wringer at her apt so i tell her im coming over.

Get there, hug her, but wtf it wasnt a hip hug?

get into the rm n her roommate is there :/

Jump onto couch behind her where she is laying down (L-shaped couch)

and close the gap between us as I talk to her about her phone. I get a pillow and put it over us and slowly start massaging her thigh.

She has to leave to grade papers. I leave

she is grading 5th graders i text her later:

“Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Haha

hbSaylor: Haha thankfully

I text crazy shit to wags i met at tailgate they dont respond. Delete a bunch of #’s. Send couple fb messages to some wags they don’t respond either. one of em has a bf now it looks like.

Saturday night is dead everyone i texted is chillin cuz they tailgated too hard.

finally my boy Allen hits me up. I pick him up n we go to some housething. not much of a party. I go in and post at the table where theyre playin.

I have swag. Dudes ask me who I am.

I start some light flirting.

Go into the other room to try and see if anything else is poppin. texting ppl.

hbfish2 asks me what im doing in the corner by myself

hbfish2: *dancing


Her and her friends cheese. I get up

p “would you prefer if i danced with you instead.”

shes already dancing on some other dude now.

I go outside and call MG:
p: “ay wassup?

mg: not mucchhh just leaving the (where we work)

p: thats cool what you bout to do after that?

bla bla shes going to change and get beer from her friends.

im like ok hit me up later

MG: “ok i will. byeee :)

I pass through *yelling to myself "YES! MY GF'S ARE DTF!" ppl i pass by are completley frozen then burst out laughing

i am a thug. I go talk to other girls on porch. they like my shit after realizing i never gave a fuck about what they think about me.

I leave

Call D and head to where he is chilling w 2 hbs.

They are sitting at a table. I sit next to hbCoolio.

I am intune w with the vibe. I start teasing hbCoolio. She laughs :)

I ask her if she got her jeans at the dollar tree cuz there is nothing on the tag.

I rub the leather stitch part- basically her butt and she is just giggling. then i put my hand onher shoulder and tell her its okay to buy used clothing.

Her friend hbButtface is like “yourebeing akward!”

p: “Who, me??”

buttlicker: “yeah!

p: no, you’re being akward.

i reposition myself slightly more away from coolio and am now unreactive to what is going on.

D changes the subject to go get pizza. I just talk to D on the way there. Immediately buttface notices this change and asks me what i am talking about because it of course wildly interesting.

Clown w ppl in Papa Johns once again buttface asks me what happened in there. Im like “nothing
Go back to their house i am making fun of coolio about how she has to do her hair before she can go out an im pulling her hat off. at one point she goes to change music and i try to grab her hand but she pulls it away smiling. I then half heartedly grab it again and swing it kind of dancing but dont look at her. I should have engaged her here and danced w her. Fuck

I let D know im bored n give coolio my phone bc im leaving. i make the motion of entering digits into it so she puts her # in.

there was an inside joke about me not being allowed to talk, and them missing me - so i text her

p: Missin me alweady

no response- next morning (she’s a psych major)

p: Dont hate the player babe hate the game. Im so sophisticated i could perform psycho analysis on penguins

coolio: Huh? Haha

p: Lets hangout :)

no response


Im digging the not caring attitude. Feels good to not be bothered by rejection and its awesome talking to so many girls.

yayy :) :)


nothing really in the world of beasting.

TUESDAY- skip class in the morning cuz i needed rest. Wakeup and gota get a leak in my tires fixed.

Text a couple wags:

Butterflies are blue :)

hbCheer: Haha what?

p: Girl i just robbed Mcdonalds. Wana share the food w me?

hbCheer: Haha what the heck?

p: Haha how are you

hbCheer: Haha good how are you?

p: Good. Cleaning my car so I can have romantic dates

hbCheer: Haha how cute

p: :) Do u like lemonade?

hbCheer: Yes love it!

p: Would u like to get some sometime :)

hbCheer: Haha sure

p: K. I get done w class early on tues/thurs. Whats ur sched like?

no response

Okayyy so after considering this I beleive it was cool up til the last one where I gave her control and should have either just not texted back, then texted her when I was trying to hang, orrr. to have been like ok lets hangout on thursday then :) . I duno what do yall think?

Either way after looking at it that last text is fuckin n i gota move away from that shit.

I’ve been reading Mastery by George Leonard and its tight!!

Almost finished in one sitting. but it really makes me realize the appreciation for something one must have to become a master. Like enjoying the process rather than the outcome. thats why i enjoy all the interactions with women i have been having :)

Tight shit
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 Sep 24

Been playin this track as I cruise thru campus. Scopin bitties down :)

Some love it, some hate it. Beginning to realize thats pretty much how it goes when I say whatever the f I feel like.

Been ignoring girls in my class cuz im not trying to sexually intimidate them too much I can already tell some of them are uncomfortable lmao lamos.

Wednesday I got this girls number as we were cumming out of class. hehe. Really I just timed it so she caught up w. me but she likes walking fast so I started talking to her slow it slowed her pace. we talk about some environmental club that she is the vice president for.

She is so cute :)

We had pretty much parted ways-

p: “Hey wait!”

hbCollins: *turns *smiles embarassed

p: *goes back to her -(something like) ”hey, do u have plans for this weekend? :) cuz its my friends birthday he’s throwin a bigass party. You should totally fuckin come :)

hbCollins: :) *happy that this hot guy in her class has swag :) “I dont even know your name”

Anyways i get her # she acts all shy n embarassed the whole time but its turning me on i literally get a boner while getting her #

I text her a lil later
p: Hey President hbCollins, goodluck at your screening :)

get a text back and apparently i got the wrong #. either she gave me the wrong on one purpose or messed it up when she put it in ill find out next week :) dont really care either way game is going to be spat

went to the lil grocery/deli/store thing on campus after a workout. some bittie was askin her friends what she should eat, i told her to get what i was getting.

hbStore: I’m not that hungry

p: Yeah well i just got back from the gym :)

hbStore: *laughs

some other girl inline i started to ask her about where shes from cuz her hoodie said Indian Creek. we talked inline, I told her bout the CEO office hoes party this weekend and that she should come she said okay :) lol but it was time to go I didn’t even get her #

on the way out some girl points to me an my roommate and asks us if were going to the gym. I come up to them n say wassup. they ask me about this girls wig i tell them its ugly. DISSSED
bet they werent expectin that shit then i grab hbStore’s #


p: My wrap tastes better than your kitkats :)

hbStore: Debatable! Wait I never even got your name

p: Program the great :)

hbStore: Hahaha okay

next day

p: So theres this girl i met who likes chocolate. I wana flirt with her, what should I say? :)

-read this on Braddock’s forum n wanted to test it out. got no response. after reading it looks kinda like lame game, and didnt really fit the style of the interaction i had w her so far. inauthentic.

i love that theres so many girls at my school i can make plenty mistakes :)
earlier on thursday i smoked a blunt w my stepbro n we went into the restaurant he works.

He told me he’s been spittin at this girl there she digs etc. To be expected.

anyway we get there n sit down. SHe is FINE.

she comes over

p: Hey

hbDeli: Hey

p: Whats ur name? :)

hbDeli: hbDeli

p: oh, my names _____ :) (our names rhyme)

hbDeli: *evaluating me making sure i am congruent *smiles “really?”

p: Yeah :)

hbDeli: :) “Program and hbDeli” *leaves

p: Sittin in a tree :)

she doesnt hear this me n my stepbro just cheese.

We eat. The whole time my stepbro spits his game at her and i am frustrated lol cuz i wana lay the mack down. He says she’s got a fine roommate.

Problem w my stepbro is, he talks a big game but doesnt follow thru w this type of shit. Ive tried to get him to come beast w me these last couple weekends and he just doesnt. He is too used to gettin blown and not going out and he has this girl hes been on n off with for like over 2 yrs. Shes fuckin crazy. i hate the wack relationships my friends get into.

Anyway i hold back from gaming her too much for now- but i give her the fucking eyes of love and she returns them. game set for the future. plus ive just been working on being loud, smooth/authoritative when i speak which is working pretty well.

We leave she says it was nice to meet me.

The whole time im telling him to make plans with her later and hes fucking beating around the bush i dont get what this pussyfoot bullshit is.

i invited her to the ceo office hoes party tho.

No surprise i call my stepbro on friday and he doesnt answer. My other homies dont answer either and i am tired but i decide i would be a complete if i didnt go out.

SO i smoke a blunt w a couple peeps they drop me off at the party. on the way i see some office-lookin hoes walking so I ask them if theyre heading there

officehoes: “Yeah!”

p: “OK see you there :)”

officehoes: “okkayy!!

Not too many people there yet. Im findin my swag.

Dance w some girl on the dancefloor just us. She later comes over and asks if she can add me on facebook. I was so taken offguard by this i didnt even think to tell her just take my #


plus i was of course talking to another girl while she did this. Ive made a point to go from one person to the next instantly and i end up looking like the fucking man :)

I tell some girl her wrist looks like gucci’s . talk about her n her friend are lookin retro. ask them if theyre bff’s. grab em n hug em tellem we should all be friends. the less hot one is being an akward faggot. Later i try to group hug w them n they keep pushing me off them, so i push them back. they call some over and tell him i shoved them. i try to talk with him he’s acting like a faggotass hero and wont talk to me. i just smile and leave.

Im talking to some girl who is loving me, when I see this FINE girl walk in, and just stare at her and stop talking blatantly. i tell the girl im talking to “that girl is lookin GOOD.” she cheeses :)

I realize its hbDeli. i tell the girl ill b back.

I immediately go up and hug her and she gives me a big smile she is surprised to see me.

She feels good in my arms :) she introduced me to her friend and tells her i am cool :)

her friend is on some dumb shit and keeps trying to get me to leave them alone bc she wants to go to a frat cuz of some guy she likes, but the dude isnt really hitting her back/isnt interested (i inferrred this from hearing bits of their convo)

from hbDeli’s reactions I can tell her friend is being dumb/dramatic. I try to talk to her alone but the friend is just too much I cant get her away from her.

I hug her from behind and tell her i want a hug like mystepbro gets :)

She smiles and puts her # in my phone and tells me to come with her. like i said her friend is being gay i end up going to talk to other girls.

Then I go look for her-

i overhear some girl talking about how she’s pissed (downstairs its darker n music is loud)

i come in yelling

“I’m so fuckin pissed!”

hbMeg: “me too! why are u pissed?

p: *looks at her “im fuckin pissed cuz u havent been makin out with me *grabs her by hips n pull her to me while saying this

hbMeg: *laughing hysterically

I makeout with her within 20 seconds after her friend asks for a thumbs up or down n they talk

lol some fagbag is standing behind me whatching this and tells me we should let them talk and have our own conversation?? i totally ignore this guy.

So here i am w this girl who says im cracking her up and were kissing and shit. and all of a sudden i remember i had been looking for hbDeli.

I have been joking super cocky shit and so i say something like

“I was with this other girl earlier, but its cool cuz im with u now :) she was a lil cuter than u but its cool”

she instantly gets really pissed off, shoves me off her. I try to bring her back and she shoves me away again and tells me im not funny. hahaha whatever
I text hbDeli

p: U leave?

hbDeli: Who’s this?

p: Program :)

hbDeli: Ahh lover!!! Haha were so cold

p: Im sorryy u should have stayed :)

at some point i also call her and she tells me shes way too far away to meetup

MG -hereon referred to as hbWork texts me (saw her at work earlier asked her if she wanted to hangout she said maybe and that i should text her)

hbwork: Whats up punk

p: At this party, come over

hbwork: Where is it at again. I have to change

p: *adress

nothing of relevance in the following texts but i call her and agree to meet her in the apt complex shes at. Takes me way to long to find it my gps is not working and its organized pretty strangely.

She meets me at the mailboxes with arms wide open saying shes cold. Big hug :)

We go to an apt. she introduces me to people. I’m chillin, vibin, being cool. by this point iv already been out fora while so im sharp as a fuckin razor. I get bored easily and leave to go talk to other girls. my girl asks me whats wrong. i ignore her and touch her ass. leave again etc.

haha these dudes are looking at me like im from another planet or something.

i talk to the girls playing bp while my girl goes outside. i notice that she is looking for me so i tell her lets play pong. we win the first round and are being playful pushing each other and i hug her when she does well.

we go outside after losing. one of her male friends is there and were talking.

he says “your cocky”

im like “who me?”

hes like “yeah u keep looking at me its making me uncomfortable”

im like “i mean the 3 of us were having a conversation so yea im looking at you”

hbwork: “omg boys are so sillyy stopp!

i leave the porch

she talks to that dude for abit n comes n finds me im posted up on some airconditioner thing outside, i pull her into me with my legs and hug her, tell her shes cute etc. finally get a kiss outa her. she says she likes to take things slow. i make her admit that she digs me. she says sorry we didnt have more fun tonight. im like we coulda had more funn :) and kiss her on her neck which she also reciprocates several times

she waits for my roommate to pick me up. as my roommate describes i was lifting her up by her ass cheeks when he saw me.

she was like no im too heavy i was like na :)

that works real well actually the spinhug where u grab em right below the ass, cuz they always wrap there legs around u if theyre diggin it- which is what happened

but yeah that was friday night

haha i just left hbDeli a voicemail but i my voice wasn’t strong enough on it.
Definitely something i need to work on. im going to start recording my voicemails/phoneconvos :) im excited
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 Yeah I've pretty much been getting at least 1 girls # every day.

I am very satisfied with my progress thus far- 
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