November 27th, 2014
RSD Bootcamps in Vancouver, Canada
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  We can do bootcamps anytime in Vancouver with 30 days notice if you place a deposit down, and this can be done via email to whereby you send your name, phone and email to us, and we give you a call and give you full details. Get full information about bootcamps by visiting In addition, you can place a deposit for a bootcamp down online and choose your city and date at the top of There is a section at the top that states "Take a Bootcamp in ANY Major City in the World". Use the pull-down menus to choose your city and a date near the time in which you wish to schedule a program and we'll reconfirm with you bootcamp!
Building the RSD Inner Circle community ( around world from the friends I made - find your own wingman within the program, and I hope to see at the regional conferences or RSD World Summit (
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 Is it true that Tyler cant come to Canada?
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He has made the decision not to leave the united states.
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