October 19th, 2017
ChinaBoy~ 1.0
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LoL someone made that thread about you on the MF. Wtf is up with that? Haha. You're a champion man.  
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Keep going dude, this is some inspiring shit.
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 hmmm you know what CB? Try this.... I did it and results were instant and AMAZING:

1. work your fucking ass off at work/study
2. pickup/going out is for self amusement/relaxation

for me, first day i started it -> got laid
Third day.. well read my journal, honestly fucking amazing vibe... It fixed by vibe issues, most of them.

So what I did was switch from PU being my primary concern to my business. Business is growing rapidly (even though i've only been doing like 8 hour work days for JUST A FEW DAYS, and pickup became just so fucking easy man...

Try it and see what happens..
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 @MyNameIsJosh: I dunno teeth The whole "daddy" thing seems creepy to me. Having black hoes calling me daddy send shivers up my ass!

@RezznT: Yea, practising it with my wing everytime we do daygame. When we are in between sets it´s soo boooring that we just talk absolute crap and have fun. What´s weird is when I go for the approach I totally shift into a logical, serious, business like vibe. As if sex was a business transaction teeth Yes, I am a genius.

@Mountaineer: Cheers, always a pleasure meeting you. Next time we are actually gonna kiss on the lips smile

@dave7: Yep. It´s fucking weird and creepy. Made me think about if I should keep posting (a lot of retards here), BUT I am gonna continue posting here. It´s for me. And I always journal, I think it´s one of the keys for consistency. BTW: U are gonna be such a beast at PU, just judging by your positivity smile

@synergist12: Yep, This willpower will be someday transfered to other areas of my life and I am gonna own it.

@wtf: yep, good tip! I want to be more productive, but kinda lacking willpower, probably I am using it up all in PU

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 6.4.2012 Daygame- Whoa

So the last 4 days I indulged in playing PC games...Starcraft 2 :D :D :D whoooops

I have weakness for PC/console games and tasty meat...I grew up playing on gameboy, pc, etc...and about the meat thing, I am addicted, I´d get very cranky if I don´t eat meat. Addiction.

I haven´t went out for the last 3 days and haven´t even gone out of my house that much.

So in the beginning it was very rough for me.

I want to put in more self amusement so I approached girls that didn´t have backpacks with this: "Hey, I saw you and I had to tell you that I really like your backpack." 

Approached 2 kinda intimidating girls, very hot, bitchy looking, one was a lot taller than me. Noticed that I didn´t had clarity of intent on the tall girl. divided intent: "1. not wanting to look bad and 2. wanting to approach her"

Approach a blondie. The first 4 sentences she said "what?" I guess I was talking very fast or quiet...I was really nervous :D :D :D. Find out that she´s 14, didn´t looked that young. Got her number. I think it´s gonna be a flake. But I want to find out by trying :). That´s definatively a flake, it was me talking mostly, when asking questions she didn´t answered that much, she needed more time to relax as this was her first time (someone approaching her lol). But I was very off this time.

Approached a brunette in the mall. In the 1st 30 sec she was dismissive and wanted to leave, but with my persistence she stayed and after another 30 sec she finaly found out that I am a cool guy and started asking me questions. I was much much more relaxed, which made me not put her on pedestal, more unstifled to express this interaction was fun because I was having fun. Unfortunately she doesn´t come to this city often so I didn´t bother getting her number and just ended the set.

At the end I felt much more relaxed. Awesome!

-Approached a lot after staying in my cave for a few days and not talking nearly to anybody
-Got 1 number
-Really good interaction
-Put in more self amusement. Not even caring about the result...approaching not to get the number->date>sex, but deliberately approaching with some bulshit to amuse myself

-2,5 hours
-6-8 approaches
-1 number

-It´s all good, no need to be concerned
-I got a lot of blowouts because I approached them with a too serious vibe. A little smile is sufficient. At least a little bit. No fucking poker face or business seriousness face
-No indulging in games. Then I am just fucking myself over and when I get infield I am extra nervous

Urrrrgh. That girl I had a 1 hour insta date last week. So I messaged her. She tells me she has a BF. I told her why she didn´t tell me earlier. She said that at that time she was single. LOOOOL. In just 1 week when I didn´t contacted her she got herself a BF. Good for her.

Time to get moar numbers and just go for volume. Self amusement approaches + indirect approaches. No need for direct.

Uh, Got sick again...suckzzzz

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Angry Dave

Angry Dave

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LOL another brilliant line; gonna have to steal this one :)

I notice you haven't done any night game since hotseat. any reason for that?

ChinaBoy~ wrote:

[/font]"Hey, I saw you and I had to tell you that I really like your backpack." 

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 Yep, basicaly self amusement. I have a lot more that I am gonna try out just for funsies:

"Hi, do you think that beer will make me inteligent?"

"Hey do you know where X is? (while standing next/in front of X)

"Hi, my toilet really hurts" (I love this one, it doesn´t even make sense)

Too time consuming, also takes a lot of energy and I am pretty tired/lazy the next day.

Not good in this crucial time of my life. I need to study hard to get accepted to college and then study so I can graduate. Don´t wanna fail :D

Bur I am itching for the clubs. Inspired by Julien/Tyler. I am gonna do mixed sets and couples just for fun. Just trying to steal their girls (have tried a lot of times before mostly it´s fail times BUT was successful once and it felt sooo good)

Yep, just seeing the upsides for approaching, not the downsides. That was me like in the 1st month of the game, before I returned back home.
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my wing from the pre-rsd times.. long long ago:

"hi, you're rubbing up against my ass while dancing, i have diarhea, it makes poo comes out, stop it"
"hi, i have diarhea, got tissues for me?"

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 @wtf: Toilet humour isn´t really my style :P

Exciting times ahead!

Over 2 years ago I spent a lot of time researching, learning about healthy diet. So for 1 year I was really into Primal Blueprint

Over 1 year ago I was really into weight gain for cca 1 year. Did stronglifts. Gained 30 lbs, achieved pretty good lifts (2 BW deadlift, 1,5 BW squat, 1 BW bench)

Over 8 months ago I started dedicating myself fully to PU (before I was just a KJ, but at least RSDnation motivated me to eat healthy, hit the gym, read books and also improved my english a ton by reading RSDnation, watching movies, etc.).

As I have a shit ton of exams that I am gonna do in upcomming 3 months.

So what´s the focus? Where will be my willpower chanelled?

Balance + studying.

What do I mean by balance? That means eating healthy (easy, been there done that), hitting the gym (easy, been there done that), overeating (less easy, but gonna do my best), meditation (never stuck for longer than 2 weeks, but gonna create a routine and it should get easy), going out (mostly daygame, but hope to put in a club session once in a while).

Healthy diet (+overeating)
Going out


-Czech literature + world literature (extra important)
-Maths (extra important)
-German (mainly conversation)
-English (some grammar and english+american history)

Healthy diet:
Basically Primal + probably beans/rice + milk + protein powder and gainer

Lots of green veggies (spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts), tomatoes, avocadoes, berries

White tea, dark chocolate, nuts

Supplements: fish oil, multivitamins, b complex vitamins, zinc, probiotics, garlic, ginko biloba, ginseng

Also milk for weight gain.

Gonna yet to decide if I want to do Tim Ferrisses Geek to Freak, which is like 2x a week for 30 min everytime.

Or do Stronglifts 3x week for 1 hour everytime.

Most likely I am gonna give it G2F another shot and do it for another 1-2 months. If I am not satisfied, then back to SL 5x5 which has proven to be pretty good.

Either vipassana sitting/lying for 20/30/40 mins (gonna find out what suits me best)

Or those holosync for 30-60 mins.

Going out:
Few up to 7 days a week. Mostly daygame sessions (30 min-3 hours). Maybe 1 club session once in 7-14 days.

Also want to watch comedies while I eat and probably play Starcraft 2 max 1-2 hours a day just fun. Also gonna try to limit porn. If I have some freetime then it´s reading books.

At school we pretty much do nothing, so at least it gives me time to study what I need to study. Fuck yea!

Most of those habits I have already implemented before and stuck with before. Time to get back which should be much easier than the 1st time. BEEN THERE DONE THAT!

What´s the most challenging thing is not spending time on the internet and porn.

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I'd do Stronglifts - and I'd do the 4 liters of milk a day on top of good diet if I were you.

If you can get powdered milk  - and it's cheaper than buying fresh milk - do this - make up a liter of powdered milk - if you can get the skim milk - drink that 4 times a day and also add in 2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and just drink that with it too. Works out to be an extra 3000 calories or something a day - and you're an extreme ectomorph so you won't be getting fat at all from that. I went from 65kg to 95kg in about a year and a half doing that. Not a skinny guy anymore - and my bodyfat is around 10% now at 90kg :) 

Good luck :) 
  TOOBAD *Parental Advisory* Awesome Adventures Ahead - A Journal - Alexander~ Sydney Bootcamp of Unproportionate Glory - Feb 26-28 - [/u][u]
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