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 22.3.2012 Night (Munich)- 1st club session in like eternity and meeting Julien in the club

I did 2 daygame approaches. One was a direct on a girl, there was very little chance of ever meeting up so I didn´t even went in for the close. 2nd approach was this really really hot, got an instant blowout.

I have not gone into a club for like a month.

I went with Feelgood to the freetour with Julien. It was epic, learned a lot and relearned a lot. The biggest takeaway from it was "Moment of realness" I am need to just chill out, slow down and be myself. But I probably won´t remember much information from it...I listened to his speech like 4 months ago and don´t remember anything except 1 thing....HIS VIBE (so chill, easy going, friendly)

Went with Feelgood to Pacha. Meet some guys from the freetour.

1st set...just go in low energy, pretty normal...just a chit chat for a few minutes...then it somehow ended.

I see 2 girls at the table...I had a negative" durrr, no i don´t wanna approach, i don´t wanna a rejection"

I go in anyways...approach the blonde, but kinda switch into the brunette...weIt was just a chill genuine approach, then an approach with sexual intent focusing on my target girl...we started talking in german, got physical, got Feelgood into the set. He gets physical I let my girl see it so, she knows her friend likes Feelgood so I lead my girl away. The whole talk before I was always leading her, turning her back against her friend.

We go near the dancefloor. Eskimo kiss. Try to kiss her 2x, then she was I am thirsty...go to the bar, I lose her attention just for a while when I was talking to her friend, she started talking to this guy at the bar...then She got hooked by this guy, I tried to pull her away but no go.

At the end of the night I saw her again, hug, try to pull her, got ignored.

ChinaBoy the attention whore
2 really hot blondes walk by Julien. He immediatelly approaches one and the 2nd is also there. His girl is completely focused on him. I thought that I just might help him so I went in to approach the 2nd girl.

Went in probably kinda hard and incongruent. She was immediatelly put off...I try to calm her down "it´s ok, it´s ok,..." Nope, she had none of it...She got so put off that she draged Julien´s thought at that moment: "soooorryyyyy, not intentional"

After this blowout this bellow started to happen

Downward spiral
I arrived to the club at midnight...probably 30 mins later my mood just started going downhill.

I´d just approach, get a blowout, go for another approach, blowout...just endless blowouts.

I remembered that Julien said he puts no value into girl´s looks so he will also talk to ugly girls and have fun with them...So I saw a fattie and approached her (I almost never approach unattractive girls). I was really incongruent, I was just resisting the fact that I was in a very bad mood. Like a huge social blackhole sucking in all the positive vibe and fun.

Me being me...I just kept on approach, though had some chody times here and there...but I was doing a lot of circles around the club to approach a shit ton of chicks.

I got in such a shitty mood that I forced myself into approaching, but as soon as I got the initial reaction (which was always negative) I´d not wanna even persist...or when the drag away came or the drag away guy came in...i´d just let them go without persisting. Or I´d get pushed out of set too easily...

I was fucking stifled, I couldn´t even SMILE. But fortunately I just kept going and going. Then the idea of assuming value came in. Started implementing. The first approaches were incongruent and after like 3-5 approaches I could finally get into a 1+ min interaction.

Now I get what Self amusement is
I approach 2 chicks at the dancefloor. Full positive assumptions. Opens pretty well, I am in this crazy mood, so I am very expressive, shooting the shit, being physical, kind high energy and flashy. I tried to lead her a lil bit away. Eskimo kiss. Try to kiss her 2x but no go...then I tried to isolate no go, then tried to venue change both of them no go.

I was just talking rubbish and it was amusing me...also when I just soo fucking persistant about the venue change it just pumped my made me feel good.

At this point I feel like I am in state and don´t have much approach anxiety.

Chill talk with an american and a german girl...then we full on focused on me...then after like 10 mins I said probably something too assholish and my girl started being completely bitchy, not even looking at me, then they left, tried to make them stop, no go. Felt like a huge accomplishment to even hold a 10+ min convo after tons of insta blowouts

Another chill (HB18)
I see a chick sitting down on her phone and think "fuck yea, you are doing this and she´s gonna love you"

"Hey, I am Ivi" (That´s my default opener, do it all the time). Extend my arm. Try to make her stand up, no go but she´s giving me full attention. I sit down with her and talked to her for like 10-15 min. I think I tried to kiss her but nope. I got her number, I seeded it for tommorow (but not gonna contact her)

I made fun a Feelgood for looking at us over the window and for being creepy...hehe fuck you FeelBad :)

Also approach some sets in front of Julien as the attention I am. I noticed that Julien has a really good peripheral awareness and zero reaction time...even better than mine (stop thinking whether it´s a mixed set or not...just approach and figure it out later)

Fucked up a pull opportunity? Lame
2 girls walking. I approach the latter one. She´s focused on me, I see it in her eyes. I take her hand and had to lead her to her friend who was walking in front of us. They were just about to leave the club...but we sat down for a while. She´s saying to me that I am so cute, she was drunk, I got a boner, so I tried to make out 2x but no go, I tried to isolate/venue change them like milion times, nope. Then a faggy chode with a VERY deep V-neck and a revealing tattoo on his chest walks girls comments it and they started talking.

From my previous amog fucking in Shanghai, where I felt into the guys frame by trying to take her away and by losing my cool (getting stressed). This time I decided to just chill and let himself blow himself out.

After they were talking for 5 mins, I realised he´s a socially well adjusted guy, so he´s not gonna blow himself I tried to pull them away, no success with that.

Julien wants me to push hard and tries to steal my girl (really good experience)
I am just doing some sets near Julien as usual.

I just bump into HB18 from above...I lead her to a "hallway" just to chill. I tried the rocking rapport but no go. Julien probably saw us so he came into MY set and did the hand of god.

I knew what was happening, I didn´t even looked at him and just took my girl´s hand and pulled her away from him just a few feet away. She didn´t wanna venue change as she had to watch her friend. I tried to pull the background I see with my peripheral vision and her Julien say "push, push, harder,...."

So I go "hey, quick, one second, one second, come, go,..." while pulling her. No go.


I really like this game with stealing each others girls...the problem is that I am not really good at PU and would just get blowouts so no challenge for my wing. But I like more skilled guys doing it to me. It´s fun.

The reason why I didn´t wanna do it is to alienate our "friendship"...but he should be cool with it after he did that to me smile

At cca 5:15 Feelgood does NOT feel good and wants to go home...OK, we hit the streets where I manage to approach 1 girl, ignore.

-Approach machine=right action taker (probably approached more than 30 different sets and from some girls got like 2-3 blowouts, I hope thst they´d forget but no)
-I took responsibility of my state
-Pushed my comfort zone
-Went from total shit social blackhole mood to relaxed, unstifled state
-Applied a lot of new stuff
-Being the at the cause and not effect (not letting Julien "steal" my girl)
-Did some pretty good congruent approaches
-At some times I was a persistent mofo (4 times rule)
-Going for the makeouts
-Talked like 70% in german (fuck yea!)

Embarrassements (the negative part):
-Told myself to approach couples (as there was almost nothing left to approach) and I did not do it (WTF? I have nothing to lose)
-Getting ignored by chicks
-Having a shit ton of guys just stare at me getting blown out
-Getting pushed away by the girls
-Was kinda dependent on my wing....i usually get really dependent on them when I have a bad night and just get a shit ton of blowouts so I like to have a wing to talk to between sets

-5 hours
-cca 35+ approaches
-1 fb, 1 number

-You are responsible for your mood/state/actions
-Going for makeouts in a CALIBRATED way is a the way to create shit tests and therefore attraction. (uncalibrated would be if you are nonstop trying to kiss her and just always refused, you do it to the point that she freaks out, think that you are a sociopath and runs away- this is what I´d do in the past)
-Fuck girl´s reactions...use what you do in the set with the girls as a way to pump your state (like laughing your ass off if you get resistance, etc)
-Be yourself, don´t go overboard with the push pull where it´s like putting on a persona
-Being real, just slow down, pauses, 20 of no talking, no talking approaches
-EC was pretty good. But I can make it even tighter
-I am not gonna let other guys (Julien/chodes/...) steal my girl.
-Be positive, pin off of yourself, not pinging off your environment= not going downward the spiral as you get more and more blowouts. More blowouts should pump your state by acknowledging taking action (which is a good thing)
-Dr Feelgood is GAY

The biggest lessons are: Taking responsibility for my mood + being congruent

What I have implemented today?
-"one sec, one sec, quick"
-Seeding the date
-Hand of god

What I plan to incorporate tommorow night?
-Silence openers (first 20 sec)
-Silence to makeout openers (if  I will be in the zone then I might try it)
-Very strong EC
-Being congruent

Fuuuck, over 1,5 hours writing this shit down...cheers maggots :P

BTW: will write a review on hotseat+freetour

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 23.12.Daygame (Munich)- Wow. I so negatiiiiiiive, it no fair is, me so saaad

LOL I should stop watchin Starcraft 2....this video is sooo troll.


Turkish blonde
Go with FeelAwesome for some food...I see this hot hot hot chick...when I saw her, she was looking like a model. Before going up to her my thought was "she´s really really hot"

I go up to her.

"Hey, I like your style, I had to approach you"
She smiles. I notice that she´s not THAT hot, but still would spend time with her all nite long in a bed :D
I introduce myself, but as I feeling very tired so I just don´t know what to say so I just keep looking at her.
She starts asking me questions and we started talking.

Then I used a complete bullshit excuse to move her a little bit (to bring her into my reality).

Get to know her, qualify, get FB, number. Parted ways. Was like a 5-10 min interaction.

Eat our food and go back to hotel. I call this turkish girl up. Does not answer her phone, gonna try calling her on sunday.

Also text the blonde from yesterday night...she messaged me on FB, so maybe gonna hangout with her on sunday afternoon.

Nobody wants to go for daygame, it´s just me. I procrastinate (meditated). Then I go out alone deliberately for daygame.

LOOOL What have I gotten myself into?
2 pretty short girls get out of the store and just registered with my peripheral vision that the blonde must be very very hot (in my eyes). Without hesitation I go in.

"Hey, do you know where Marien Platz is?" smile
Lock eyes with the blonde.
I change the topic, introduce myself.

And then just started randomly chatting. Looking at them I realise that they are FUCKING young. So I had to figure it out, the blonde was 15yo...this is no big deal for me, but the fact that she´s short and very skinny and that makes her look like 13-14yo...NOPE, I have boundaries. She just looks too young for me to even try get intimate with her.

We keep chatting. They are also going where I am going...they suggest we walk together. I agree.

From then on it´s just a normal chat like between friends. Just being normal, chill.

We sit down for a while. Exchange only FBs, I thought about the number and a date, but she just looked too young, so nope.

Some religious people approach her and start giving her some questions...after 3 mins I get impatient...thinking "I need to move on, wasting time with them is cool even for my social skills but I want to get laid :)"

So I stand up...I am about to leave, but the girls doesn´t want me to leave so she excuses herself from those religious creepers.

Tells me that they scared the shit out of her and that the guy told her that she´s a bad person. Who the fuck is this R-tard to tell you are a bad person. If someone would tell me that I would just ignore and leave. I am astounded by these religious people.

I just lie to them and get myself out of the least I made their day. Was like a 20-30 min interaction. Very hot face, blonde croatian, 15 yo.

Now it´s the learning part of the day...I started thinking "WTF dude? Why are U wasting time with girls you are not gonna fuck? You such a huh? Do didn´t wanna approach so you couldn´t get blown out huh? Just be honest...(more negative thoughts)"

Then I realisede that I was being negative and cut it off by acknowledging what I did good and by patting myself on the back.

Also realised how indirect is done on 2 sets...It´s just you approach them, be social, be chill, pay more attention to your girl, get the contacts/maybe try to isolate...

I walk around wanting to approach a single girl as I wanted to more solid interaction with her focused on ME.

After 5 min I decided to just approach whatever...waiting for the perfect approach is a waste of time.

Bitch just INVEST! Nope she just wouldn´t
I see 2 tall girls and go approach them indirectly. Lots of EC from my girl, they are kinda shy, I really slow down and talk kinda quietly. Wanted to be as congruent as possible and not put on any persona. I used pauses but she wouldn´t fill them in, so it started to feel kinda weird as I am gaming them and trying to make her invest but she wouldn´t invest. So I end the set and go for the number, tried 2x and then gave up. At least It was a 10 min convo.

Then do another indirect...after introducing myself she left hahaha.

I see this hot hot hot lone girl, she was on her phone. I just think "fuck, you shudda dun it anaway, wut the fuuuuuck Ivi. Remembah refirence expiiiiriences"

ChinaBoy. You fucking pervert :P
I see 2 girls near Hauptbahnhof...I approach them indirect, we are like blocking the whole I move them immediatelly.

Then we talk, again practising my german. But I am just being weird instead of chill. Like everytime I´d not know what to say something I´d do a lil freak out and complain (in a good way)...But yes, it was weird. After like 5-10 min convo I left. I got the number and FB...but not gonna add them I am 100% sure that it´s gonna flake. Well, actually I should try to contact her, getting a flake fucks with my ego hehe and devalidates my success of getting the number so I cannot mentally masturbate about getting her number.

Did the date screening, but not logistically possible to meetup.

She was a very cute.Italian. 16 yo.

Then I just went to the hotel.

-Had a few longer interactions
-Was pretty chill, just normal, being myself
-Approached some really hot/cute girls
-Went out alone
-A lot of new lessons
-Trained my german

-Pussied out a few times (Too bad. I thought I was god, but I am just a guy :sadface:)
-Was kinda weird in one set

-1+ hour
-5 approaches
-3 fbs, 2 number

-I am enough. I cannot even stress this enough. Realised it after approaching that turkish chick
-I need to work on my facial expressivity as I am poker facing.
-Don´t forget to use pauses and let the girl talk
-Indirect 2 sets? Just be a cool social guy, focus more on your girl, get contact info/isolate...that´s how it´s done
-Girls take zero responsibility. If I hadn´t stood up the lil croation girl would let the religious guy insult her forever.
-Letting the girls game you is key. You ain´t getting laid unless the girl is gaming you
-Just be chill

I am doing a lot of technical thing right...cuz I am a fast learner (I implement stuff a lot and have a lot of focus)...But now it´s time to focus on innergame and also my facial expressions as I am too stiff with my face :)

Tonight going out. Woot woot!

ChinaBitch signing out
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 @david: yes, in highschool for 5 years.

23.3.2012 Night (Munich)- Relaxation is the holy grail, Met Ozzie

Went to Max und Moritz. When we get in I just say WTF is this place. Basically cockfarm, didn´t really liked the venue.

Did my thing, approaching.

As I was walking around I saw Julien, what a nice suprise...unfortunatelly I didn´t saw him for the rest of the night, they left the club, no woder as it wasn´t a good learning envinronment for BC. I was sooo piiiiised that Julien left...Cuz I wanted my revenge :D :D :D. I wanted to steal his girl. "No Julien she is mine!" Stealing each others girls? Very fun for ChinaBoy.

I just do a ton of sets, such a most of them didn´t lasted even 30 sec.

Just remember one set which went really good, instantly close proximity, being physical, I even pulled her like 3 feet away from her friend (friend occupied by my other friend). Then I went for the eskimo kiss, when I did that she resisted and just left, tried talking to her again, but nope.

Also remember these 2 girls dancing really sexy, just enjoying the attention. I go in, I get pushed away by her friend, even try t persist but no go.

I approached some mixed sets, also got some harsh blowouts where the girls just push me away.

Mixed set fucked up my mood
My friend comes up to me and says let´s go do something. I spot a cute blonde in a hude mixed set. I go in. Talk for like 2 mins, try to pull her away, no go. Then some guy comes and just grabs me by my neck, I just ignore him, don´t even look at him and say "it´s ok, it´s ok", tried to reengage the girl but no go. Then I just leave.

I saw Ozzie before, but I didn´t really acknowledged him and just did my own thing. Later I introduced myself to him. He´s a cool relaxed dude, you can tell that he feels at ease in clubs. In my mid sentence I see a cute girl walking by, I just abruptly leave and approach her, lol a blowout. Never saw him in set though, he was just taking care of his students. LOL I also approached quite a lot near him.

Attention whoring
Again see Ozzie at the DJ I just approach a blondie in front of him.

She wants to leave and just starts to leave. I just hold her up from leaving and just keep talking. But she starts to leave this repeated itself like 3 times...and this all happened in like 2 minutes. I was a persistent mofo.

After like 20-30 approaches maybe more it was 4 AM...venue pretty much burned down from my part. Me and Dr FeelCreepy decide to leave.

My "state" had a wide variety...A lot of times I was kinda pumped up to approach but still stressed. Also had my times when I felt sooo bad that I couldn´t even look girls into eyes.

We go to another club...Rote Sonne.

We go in...I probably do 1 approach and then I just sat down as I was tired as FUUUCK. I probably would fall asleep in the club, sooo tired and my feet hurt like hell. I couldn´t even make myself to standup. After a while me and FeelGay decide to do a round of approaching and then leave. I agree.

Then we stand up, I pump myself up by clapping. Start approaching, just bbow out after blowout...but hey at least I didn´t felt so tired anymore. I was soooo out of state. I couldn´t even hold EC with girls...I was kinda sneaky with it, I deliberaly went in to the girls really close so we talk to each others ears so I can avoid EC...cuz the instant the see my eyes then will see how shitty I feel. You sneaky bastard.

After 5 or more blowouts thing start to click. I get sooo fucking relaxed. I am aware of it. "Hey, FeelGood look into my eyes...I am sooo fucking relaxed, I am in the zone."

I go approach some more. Everything opens very good. But I am rushing sets, I am trying to isolate them too early and generally rushing the set.

Girl with a few dudes? That´s for me
I see this pretty cute chick with some dudes...I just went int. "Hey, I am Ivi"

Start talking, making pauses her asking me questions, just me being pretty chill. She was really into me, I tried to isolate her like a few times...but then I decided to let it go, I was just exhaused, she was there with some guy friends so I didn´t wanna deal with the bullshit of logistics when pulling. I just wanted to go home and sleep (and not write this fucking field report for hours).

FeelGood actually pointed out that I was really chill in this set and that I have really improved in terms of my relaxation in the set, thanks´s good to have feedback from others as this is harded for me to even acknowledge and compare.

I was feeling so relaxed so I walked around and did like 3-4 silent approaches where I was silent for the first 10-20 seconds...all went pretty good, but they all lasted only few minutes.

Then my last set in the venue was a blondie. Go in. She hooks immediatelly. Hug, 3 kisses, no peck on the lips...I guess hugging, kissing on cheeks is not very common in Germany...and peck on the lips as saying hi/goodbye is probably not that socially accepted. Try to kiss her in just few minutes but no go, she was engaged, I let her go as I am just too tired to even try.

We get out the club at like 5 AM...Go to Hauptbahnhof for food.

My awareness is the best
I see 2 hot blondes, start walking towards them...2 seconds before I approach them some other dude approaches them for cigarettes. I go in anyways. I am kinda putting on a persona. I felt like she was about to blow me out and that I was not being I just chill the fuck out, slow down...and from there it´s all good. But I am too exhausted and didn´t wanna keep going so I just eject. Damn she was one of the hottest chicks I approached tonight.

-Achieved relaxation
-Met Ozzie
-Was sooo persistent
-Did mixed sets
-Did silent approaches

-5+ hours
-30+ approaches

-I need to chill the fuck more pumped up pickup superhero ChinaBeast...but a chill social guy (sometimes just deliberately chill on your own)
-I am responsible for my state and I can always change it
-I am progressing. I am getting more and more relaxed
-Time is your ally. Don´t always try to isolate way too soon
-Just be yourself, when you find yourself putting on a persona then: slow the fuck down, step back, relax, use a pause,...
-Read the checklist all the´s sooo valuable.

Some tips that I gave Feelgood that may apply to me:
-Don´t be so gamey
-Stop looking for reactions. Stop pinging off the girl

Long fucking nite. I hate myself for my discipline to always right the fucking report right after getting back from the club...I always would love to sleep instead of writing this wall of text.

Tommorow it´s hotseat timezzz.


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 @Kahlua: Yes. I think I am very good at applying outergame stuff. Remeber Alex telling me that I am a fast learner because I apply stuff immediatelly. Applying stuff is my real strength, I have such a good memory and focus...I am amazed by myself.

Other goals? Travel around the world, get very fit, strong, being financial independent, fuck hot chicks...I have specific goals for these areas which are too long to write about.

Good luck, keep taking action, you will get there :)


Today when I was in the shower I got pissed at myself: "Dude WTF? You need to push yourself harder. Mixed sets, even couples."

Hotseat times
We went to the hotseat with Dr FeelBeast. Review is gonna be up soon. This whole trip (including freetour and hotseat) was sooo valuable, It´s beyond words...If you want to change your life, take a shitton of action infield, go to freetour and hotseat!

On the 1st half of hotseat a had hard time focusing...I just wnted to go out and apply all of that shit. So when we had out 45 min pause. I approached 8 girls and managed to even eat a salad :)

Approached 3 chicks at the lobby, blowouts, moved on...On the street I had to run up to some chicks, then in the mall I saw a mommy with a stroller and a baby in it (my thought: "why not?")...blowout.

Comfort zone pushed
Then I went into subway and saw this very very hot hot hot chick in a traditional bavarian dress. I felt nervous and it didn´t matter. Approached her anyways...Just remember that her eyes were on me, but her RAS was fighting between me and her friends. I went in kinda hard and then just completely chilled down (moment of realness). I got her number, screened for a date (not good logistics) and then she ran away...hahaha. I was also too intense (haha after watching hotseat)...she was sitting down and I just hand of goded her to stand up :)

I come back and talk to her again, also introduce myself to her friends...then leave to eat. Definativelly a flake but texted her anyways (element of randomness).

Go back to hotseat. Do some exercises which fucking wreak my voice...I was yelling I guess too much.

Get out of hotel, approach 2 chicks, blowout, then hurry back to hotel and then the clubs.

Around 1 AM we are at Pacha, hoping that Julien would be there. We tried to get in, but nope. I guess we weren´t in a chill party mood or maybe it was cuz FeelBad dresses like a homeless person who need as better jacket tounge

I do some street sets...but all instant blowouts, why? Because I was outcome dependent...I cared too much about the result of them joining us, basically taking value.

We decide to go to Ruby. Huge line, again stress and self doubt arises a little bit...but I just try to push down. "I am awesome, I am enoughm of course I am getting in"

Still a bit of self doubt so me and FG (Feelgood) take turns on street sets to try to make girls join us...nope none of us managed to get girls to come with us.

We got in and I just relax sooo much. Get in yell "OIIII" fucking loud, I am kinda suprised how unstifled I am (I am a lot more unstifled when I am travelling then in my hometown).

Approach almost immediatelly on the stairwells to the club. RAS on me. Some physciality, but let it go and check my coat in.

I like the venue, it´s big enough for me.

Remembered Jack Off theory (minimize the time between approaches). I do like 10 sets in like 15 mins? Mostly blowouts/insta blowouts.

I see Julien...I am super excited thinking: "Time for payback biatch :) now I am gonna try to steal your girl."

Jack off theory didn´t worked very well for me...seemed kinda unproductive as the more I approached the more I tensed up (outcome dependence?) also I could burn the place down way too fast...

Then kinda chilled off and decided to be congruent...I was feeling down, out of state, low energy...So I just went approaching girls kinda low key, not trying to be awesome/loud and just saying "I just came here, I feel like shit."

A chubby in a mixed set hooked cuz of the congruence...but I didn´t wanted it to move it forward...I wanted hotter chicks.

Also remember this hot girl on the stage, me approaching her and just trying to make her step down, no go, but i guess her leaning in was ok? I guess I was being incongruent by trying to pull her down when I was out of state.

Julien makes out with my girl while I was holding her hand (highlight of the night)
I just go up to 2 pretty cute chicks just congruent (that means at that time: low key, kinda quiet, but solid EC)...Also some light physicality like hugging. This was enough to "hook the set"

I just talk to my girl with her friend standing there. Just assuming it´s on, I am enough, letting her invest. having her leaning in. But the proximity was not good, she was standing like 1 feet away leaning in...also I wasn´t like static physical with her (for example claw)...

Julien saw me on thursday night and I asked him for feedback. Julien: "You are not leading"

He was probably standing near me and observing me...while I was talking to the girls, just out of the fucking blue a hand comes in. When I see it in a split second I realise that it´s Julien. I just grab both of the girls hands and start pulling them away. BUT Julien made EC with my girl and from that instant I was DONE. He was just more on than me. That´s it.

I really take pride in myself taking massive action and being a persistent motherfucker...I just refuse to give up. And I will NOT be fucked with and just be pushed around socially by some guy called Julien.

I just hold my girls hand and just keep pulling...but the girls RAS is fully focused on Julien, he´s even like laidback, leaning back, fully assuming it´s on. I just keep fucking pulling her away. She wouldn´t move. I go into my head and reassure myself: "I am the man, I am enough, Just be chill of course Ivi". This calms me down (but I still already reacted by tensing up in my chest). I just keep trying to pull her away. I even tried to lift her up but heavy resistance from her part.

After this 2-3 minute shenanigans of my trying to pull her away and her fully focusing on Julien I see the faces getting in close. BAM! Makeout. I burst out laughing and decide to give up. I walk by Julien and he just pats my arm. I am happy, why? Cuz this was sooo much fun, it was out of my comfort zone, it makes me icey. It´s just sooo valuable LONG TERM.

I go back like 2 minutes later and that fucker Julien is out of the set...He just wanted to fuck with me teeth. Just steal my set and bobytrap it (by making out with her) was I am reapproaching, who wants to make out with a chick after Julien thumbs down.

I see Julien and go up to him and just say genuinely: "Hey man, I really love you, it was awesome". I couldn´t be more grateful for this. Stealing each other chicks is soo fun, even when you lose your best set of the night (it was my best set of the night results wise).

I go around pissed "Fuck, he just fucking stole MY girl? hahaha I am gonna have my revenge, I am gonna steal his girl, time to get into state." and started approaching more. There was the fury.

My turn Julien :)
I see Julien making out with a blondie...I was committed and willing to even approach his girl mid makeout, just full "nothing to lose" especially when it´s Julien there´s zero risk of him punching me or something :).

I walk up but unfortunatelly they stop making out. I go in and he just ditches the girl....this really spoiled my fun. Why are U doing this to me Julien? Why do you hate me? :) :) (I am not being serious)

Tug of wars with guys is where the fun is at...

Later I found out that they left...kinda sad that I didn´t had my chance to even try properly.

I just keep approaching. But then I get a little bit stifled as I am fucking scared of fights. The guys were kinda agressive.

What made me stifled
I approached a lot of mixed sets.

One guy was staring me down and yelling at me, If I would let it escalate by looking at him I´d get beaten up. 

Then I approach this really hot girl...within the first 20 seconds a guy just pushes me away by grabbing my neck (was pretty rough that turned me into spectator mode), I decide not to push this interaction.

Another mixed set. I see my girl acknowledge the guy so I shake his hand...that fucker nearly crushed my hand telling me to leave. Some drunk fucker.

What I was happy about was that I applied another stuff from hotseat. "What you do in between sets is as important as what you are doing in the set."

Just positive self talk "I am enough, I am awesome, I take action, I am better than anyone, Cool I approached, Awesome I pushed my comfort zone."

Also this thought pumped my state: "You have a insane amount of leverage. Almost no one that I know have more leverage then me. I am the one with the necessary motivation to take it to the elite levels. I am gonna be the man with time. I am progressing actually."

4 guys 2 girls tug of war
I see Feelgood approach 2 chicks. One of the hotseat guy goes to approach the friend. I go in hand of god on FG´s girl, he deals with it pretty god by removing my hand and blocking me, then MrCreepGuy goes in and gets her attention and it´s man to woman between them. FG is done. I try later also but no go. FG goes on a roid rage and go just burst in tears teeth

It ended by girls freaking out, BT sooo high and them leaving all of us.

PU is fun!
I approach this couple. I observed them a little bit. Seemed like the guy is chode and the girl was very into him. I go in anyway.

I approach, I see her looking at the guy so I say hi to him and keep talking to the girl. I try to pull her away immediately, no go. I just persist and just fucking stay. She just grabs the guys head and gives him a kiss while having opened eyes looking at me. This really cracked me up, looked ridiculous. Also the girl was more of an action taker then the guy. Probably it was their first kiss. I could tell it by the vibe of their interaction.

Generally the sets where I was conguent (low key) went pretty good. Weren´t at least insta blowouts. Whereas when I tried to force something then just pooof gone, doesn´t matter if you are persistent, does not matter.

After burning this club down at 5 AM we decide to go to Milchbar.

Go in immediatelly start approaching. I see Julien leave, I am sad as I am not getting my chance to even try stealing his girl :(

Again almost burn it completely down. Noticed that it was much more random in there.

Approach a really really tall blonde. She´s immediatelly kissing me cheeks, leaning in, I just grab her and do the hug hold...body pressed against each other. Talk, she´s laughing...then out of the blue she just points at some guy and says it´s the BF and rans off to him. I think it wasn´t her BF.

Approach another hot blonde...she immediatelly kisses me on the cheeks and I keep talking. I guess I didn´t escalated right off the bat (window closed) she just ran of to her friend, I tried to reengage but nope, ignore.

EYES=subcommunication-> EC is everything
Hand of god on a walking girl. She grabs my hand and I pull her in. I see the anime eyes and before I fully pull her in she looks at my lips. The very instant she looks at my lips I go into my head "She looked at my lips it´s on" this has probably been shown to her through some little twich in my eyes that I even couldn´t feel-I lost the girl. Like I am aware when I am being weird/inauthentic/gamey/...

I see a MrCreepGuy...just hand of gods a girl, then pretty soon makes out with her...I look around and see some couples making out...this makes me feel "YES, of couse" I feel sooo much progress, my mindset is changing, I am just taking a ton of action, pushing my comfort zone, starting to get more relaxed and applying to ton of shit.

No I am not gonna get myself into a fight. Nope I am not gonna into your reality chode
I see 2 hot blondes with some turkish guy...they are definativelly into him and I know it´s most likely not gonna work, but do it anyways...I felt like there was like 0.01% chance.

I go in. Tap, hand of god, she does not grab it, after persisting i go in and introduce myself, she´s evasive....then the guy cuts in and just starts staring at me and telling me to come here...I just ignore him and hear him continue to say "come here"

I also realise that my approaches should be it was towards the end of the night, you gotta screen by being sexual so oyu know who´s DTF.

After almost approaching everything we decide to go home.

I observed FG....and there´s some thing he needs to have from what I have noticed (putting it here for me as something also applies to me):
-Buyer sellers dynamics
-Bringing girls into your reality (not invading her space but bringing her into your space)
-Zero reaction time
-Man to Woman towards the end of the night
-Push pull. Don´t be all pull pull pull

-Best night ever
-Pushed myself and got a number from a very hot chick during the hotseat break
-1st time approaching a mom with a stroller and a baby
-Did probably 40+ sets and over 50 approaches?
-Was congruent sometimes
-Tried jackoff theory
-The Julien robbery with a makeout
-Was super persistent and refused to give up even when I knew I was done with the Julien robbery set
-Tug of war with Julien was sooo much fun
-Tug of war 4 guys 2 girls
-Positive self talk between sets
-Acknowledging the good
-PU is fun
-Realised my strengths
-Approached a lot of mixed sets and couples
-Was freaking unstifled with my voice
-Sooo many lessons

-5,5 hours + 45 min HS break
-40-50 approaches
-1 number

-Moment of realness. I in hard to get the attention in high stimulus area and then chill back and be normal.
-Jackoff theory is not good for me...just makes me more tensed up and burn down clubs faster
-Incongruent=insta blowouts
-Congruent + feeling low may equal hooking the set
-Who´s more in state is the one that gets the girl
-I am a persistent mofo
-I am a competetive mofo
-Tug of war with other PU guys is sooo much fun
-PU is fun!
-EC s everything, she can see what type of guys you are through your eyes
-No need to be scared of couples or threesets
-Hand of god (fully extend your hand/hand near your wairst) then pull them in or even pull them into rocking rapport
-"Why do you hate me?" "one sec, one sec" "it´s ok, it´s ok"
-Buyer vs seller
-Beastmode (screening) towards the end of the night. Be more physical and sexual.

I decided to get better at taking action and pushing my comfort zone by:
-"Why not?" (poking the box mentality)
-Zero reaction time
-Approach everything (fuck external circumstances, also approach couples and mixed sets
-Always push your comfort zone
-Being shameless about jackoff theory (not caring if the girl you just approached saw you approach another chick)

Also watching hotseat it reminded that clubs are fun, that I should just work hardcore on other areas of my life so I can go to clubs simultaneously.

Also realised that I have soo much leverage, then I will become so good at it...also I am getting better at analysing myself as I have been analysing every night on a report. I believe in myself that I will become at the elite level.

Another lesson? Reports are gay....this took me 2 hours to type.

I do really have a lot of leverage...slept 4-5 I am gonna sleep 3 hours so I can do some hardcore daygame and attend the Bonus Julien seminar.


Life´s good. Chodes can fuck off!

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good job man!! really hardcore nice stuff :)

Also, hmm, I need to wing you in the near future, said it before, will say it again :)
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How about if you just told Julien to fuck off, held onto your chick, span her around for a bit so he couldn't hold onto her hand. All's fair in love and war, right..
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 I just realized last night I'm gay. Couldn't keep my hands off Feelgood.

I came while telling him my field report. That was pretty hot.
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just throwing my 2 cents in here but your response to alex's advice saying "just been banging my head against the wall." (in regards to your progress im taking it?) runs conter to alex's advice of just going out to have fun and not having prime focus be on pick-up. Seems u havent quite embodied that mindset yet.
ChinaBoy~ wrote:

Yep, basically I just realised that Alex´s advice (just go out and have fun and let the innergame part handle itself)...does NOT work for me. As I have been just banging my head against the wall.
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 25.3.2012 Daygame (Munich)- Taping myself made me creepy as fuck. Fun timezz

Video related to creeping girls...but during the day biaaach.

Last fucking day in Munich. Decided with FG to sacrifice sleep for daygame-

We get out of the hotel and I immediately spot a very cute turkish girl. What do I do? I think to myself "Well, I am ChinaBoy so..." I ran across the street and approached her direct. Not interested.

We go grab some food and I go alone back to the hotel for my camera. On my way I see a blondie. I ran up to her....she´s flattered. I slow down as the running tensed me up. We talk. I moved her just like a feet away. She actuallly was yesterday at Ruby (the venue which I burned down yesterday), when she said that I had a huge inner grin thinking "hahaha, she didn´t remember/recognize me...the guy who burned down the fucking place" I chat, pretty normal. Get FB (not even going for the number)

From now on Feelgood is taping me. I got a lot of insttant blowouts (like they would stop, hear my opener and then leave)...

At the end of my part of daygame....I talk to a blondie for at least 5 it was not taped.

Another good set...again not taped.

Dr. CreepGood wants to do his own now all the focus is on pushing him.

He´s sooo creepy that I just fucking laugh like a retard in the middle of the street...laughed until I was crying. Another reminder that PU is lighthearted, not serious and just fun. I was just mean sending this middle aged guy into teenage girls. He approached a lot.

I also approached 3 girls just for the sake of appproaching as we were in a hurry for the hotseat...a really fucking hot blonde, bring in MrCreepGuy as I don´t know what to do...he´s doing pretty well by being chill, normal.

FG wants me to approach some girls in the middle of a square with some people looking at me...I just directly walk up to them chill. But nope, got blown out. Social pressure is irrelevant. I guess the teenage girl couldn´t deal with the social pressure and the unusualness.

Then we go to the Hotseat Bonus day...which was better than Tyler´s footage. My thoughts: "Tyler? Fuck Tyler....Julien is 10000x better than him." Also Juliens footage hammered some concepts hard into my mind. So now it´s time to apply it :)

-Approached some really hot chicks
-Shameless, nothing to lose
-Taped myself for the 1st time (it´s short and it suckz)
-Approached quite a lot
-In some approaches I was normal, congruent
-Laughed my ass off...seriously this has been the most entertaining thing (FG) in this year...I don´t remember myself laughing till crying tears out

-2+ hours
-cca 10-15 approaches
-2 fbs (not gonna even add a dog!)

-Taping myself is not ideal. Makes me very outcome dependent
-Girls don´t remember you burning down clubs
-Act through your own intentions...I kinda wanted to kiss the chick that was at Ruby...but she wasn´t very compliant and going for a daytime kiss felt too intense for me
-No excuses. Approach even if oyu have to cross the street (though be aware not to get hit by a car- which almost happened in my hometown)
-Shameless. Social pressure? Fuck off. She´s with mom? Irrelevant.
-It´s good to have 2 types of daygame sessions. One for just pushing the comfort zone and approaching a lot...2nd for just being chill, solid interactions
-PU is much fun

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