May 20th, 2018
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 @thedaviddeluxe: If you manage to read this all I'll give you a kiss (down there) :D :D :D. I myself haven't re-read this journal. But I will somewhere in future, looking back and feeling nostalgic.


I feel like I am about to hit a new fucking sky rocket.

Gonna focus on "I am enough", on self image, positive self talk, limiting beliefs and cultivating that awesome feeling inside of me (acknowledging the good and the feeling of being on your purpose).

BTW: looks like that girl i just had a date probably bombed. LOL i am just too horney and made myself too available probably. Nevermind she was very random from the start (her texts are very short, didn't expected her to go on a date with me as she didn't even wanna instant date when she had the time,...)

NEVERMIND. Moving on!

Glory times ahead!

oh, just recently felt in love with Skrillex. Time to explore the world of dubstep :)


ChinBoy (yes, chinboy not chinaboy :D :D :D)
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Dumbstep noooooo
I just want to enjoy amazing girls. Crazy what sort of journey ive embarked on pursuing this quest.

My adventures in Dallas - 2013
 My adventures in Austin - 2012 
  Tyler/Julien, Honolulu Bootcamp July 2011 Tyler hotseat2 x5 (2011-2012) Alex hotseat x2 (2013)
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 20.3.2012 Daygame- Applying this is the bomb

After like a 3 day break...I had to unleast my inner beast...LOL kiddin.

Just another day at the office.

We go down the street where the DateGirl lives...I thought it would be funny if she saw me approaching other girls...I think it´s probably done with her at this point.

Comfort zone pushed
I see this really hot ass girls. Skin tight jeans, fuck this is my fetish...looked so fucking hot.

Me: "Should I do this?"
Wing: "I don´t think so...she just told the guy at the fastfood to fuck off, it´s gonna be a harsh blowout"

I started running.

Direct, opens pretty well, I am not warmed up, my mood is pretty fluctuating. I am digging into my head for words...then I suggest we walk together as my wing also went into the set. We talk, they are like walking faster than us...evasive. I go for the number. Get it. I don´t think much of it. Later see then again 2x (the last time was arm in arms with some gypsies...probably some kinda trashy girls, but very sexy though, not gonna bother contacting her)

I have bad self talk
I see this another hot ass girl in the mall. My first thought was "oh no"...which meant "oh no, another blowout"

I go in with this kinda bad mentality. Go direct on her. Again had a self doubting thought "oh, she´s really hot I need to go direct on her"

Go direct, she´s giggling, she says something that I like, high five her, emotions pumped. She spots her friend that she´s meeting so she said she needs to go. I go for the number. Get her to punch in the number as I qualify her and let her go.

Then I go indirect on a 23+ girl...after I change the topic she leaves.

Hot party planner? Mine
I see this cute hot girl...not the sexy hot, but more a natural beauty.

She´s walking pretty fast. But instead of thinking that it´s not gonna work...I went in and found it out myself.

We talk. Then I move her like a feet away. We talk. I get pretty chill with the talking, just no rush. She´s a party planner or something + a pretty intelligent girl.

I talk to her for like 5 mins, get the number, go for FB, she does not wanna give me her FB...what ever.

"Gimme your number"
"You sound very confident/self assured" in this testy/teasing kind of way.
"yea" non chalantly.

Skeptical girl. Me pushing through tests
I saw this girl on a escalator and just waited for her to come out (I was on the same escalator). This time I consciously told myself "yes, this is gonna go awesome" and just smiled.

I let her pass by me. Run up to her.

I approach her and she has a grin on her face and a happy face...I think that this is not a good sign. I want quiet and attentive not overtly friendly.

I stop her, talk for a min, then lead her just like 3 feets away to talk. I just assumed it. "Hey, let´s go over here" and just went without looking for her reaction. Well done sir.

I suggest sitting down, she didn´t want to.

Her: "Do you have to do anything with Social Dynamics?"
Me:" huh? what? anyway...(keep talking about something else)"

Actually this is funny as here we have a PU forum called Socialdynamics. Later found her FB and 1 mutual friend- a pickup dude. LOL.

I tried to calm her she was pretty nervous. "it´s cool. I am not gonna bite. See my teeth? I may look like a vampire but I asure you that I am not. I don´t bite :)"

We talk for like 20 mins. She wanted to leave, but everytime I just kept talking or "made" her stay...Did some qualification.

We both love Skrillex. Fuck yea, my latest love is Skrillex. So fuck you roadally :P

I go for the number...she gives me like this 1 min talk about how she doesn´t really use her phone and that she´s more on FB than phone...this kinda satisfied my logical mind so I just went with the FB...

Then she left saying "You are really talkative (in a negative way)" I smile.

-Pushed my comfort zone
-Didn´t really cared about those results
-Found out some sticking points
-Was assuming attraction, compliance
-Was pretty chill with the party planner chick
-Went out. I didn´t wanna go as I was super tired and when I meditated I didn´t even wanted to get out of the bed.
-Some minor minor that I don´t even acknowledge them. I want more and harsher tests. I love em.

-3 hours
-5 approaches
-3 numbers + 1 FB

-Assume attraction. You can do this consciously.
-If it can be done, I am the one who can do it. So delusional, so true...loool this is contradictory.
-I am within the range of types of guys that the girl can be potentially attracted to. No more self doubting beliefs.
-Chill is what gets results...pumping up emotions is not good for solid interactions
-Swing the pendulum back to NON-STOP EC...I use to have full EC, not I wanted to chill out a bit but feel like the girls are giving me more EC than I give them...So no looking away when thinking about something.

Was a pretty good session. Tommorow we are gonna do some suicide missions with my wing...Just be total dickheads to each other and doing the hardest tests (except for mixed sets and BFs). Though I have unintentionally done 2 BF sets.

Got 3 numbers + 1 FB (so 4 different girls)...I don´t expect anything. They all had some non-compliance from the girls part...but I am gonna try anyway. Girls are very unpredictable (their emotions) and random.

Massive changes...gonna spend some time on Innergame as I have neglected it completely and took massive action comming from a wrong place.

-Holosync meditation
-Positive self talk + assuming the best
-Self image (visualisation)
-A innergame program from other PU company.

Change the way you see yourself to change the way other people see you. Thanks detourxl.

Munich is comming. Probably just for pushing my comfort zone hard and pushing for new experiences.

Check this article...another masterpiece by profound.

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Dr Feelgood

Dr Feelgood

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This reads totally like progress to me! Awesome, Mr Chinarapist!
"Failure is caused by unwillingness to adapt!"

"If it's not rough, it is not fun!"
- Lady Gaga, Philosopher

Sluts, Butts and Bubblegum - my Field Reports live from Vienna:
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3 numbers sounds like progress to me too. You know what to do.
And the beliefs thing is important. I have my beliefs on my wall. I should read them every day. It's like giving your brain a daily workout or something.
Its very simple CB, hit up online, day game, night game etc consistently, get as many avenues to potential as you can, I thought u were at college, can't u do some networking there with some hot students?
Make sure the rest of your life is as good as your pick up life, hit the gym, look at getting a good career for yourself so u can get your own place etc etc. Over time the girls will follow
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Oh yeah one more thing, if your weakness is going to date 2, date 3 etc, go on and go on Doc Loves column, or the relatonships forum here. Not saying Doc Love is the best way ever but he does have a good way to get them chasing you and it is common sense
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@dr feelgood: :P

@roadrally: stop trolling on my thread :P and go write me/us a field report. It is about time we make some girls happy sexually.

@jimbiz: I am not in college yet. Next year.


I failed to acknowledge a huge win yesterday.

I got 3 numbers from really hot chicks. I thought that I am not their type and would always get a blowout from them. What also allowed me to get their numbers was assuming compliance. I assumed that I'd get it instead of asking for the number and not being sure of myself.

Next time indirect approaches.

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Shit son, get off my nuts.
I can take a 2 day break if I want to.

Ps let us know about how the holosync goes. I've heard mixed reviews..
I just want to enjoy amazing girls. Crazy what sort of journey ive embarked on pursuing this quest.

My adventures in Dallas - 2013
 My adventures in Austin - 2012 
  Tyler/Julien, Honolulu Bootcamp July 2011 Tyler hotseat2 x5 (2011-2012) Alex hotseat x2 (2013)
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lol...I wanted to write LAY I checked out your journal and see a lay report...

Well done matey.

Keep on trolling :P 
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 Good luck Chinaboy. Send me a PM with your email and I'll email all the Alex bootcamp stuff he sent us and my bootcamp notes. You could just PM alex as well, I'm sure he's email you loads of shit.

I think you've realised you have been conditioned by RSD. I guess becuase you are so young you are looking upto Tyler and Alex like they are gods and doing everything they say. The problem with this is you don't realise they are just dudes. Just fucking dudes. Like YOU! Just take that which resonates with you. Discard the rest. e.g. say you've got a big exam coming up and Tyler says "go out till 4AM everynight!". That's tyler speaking from his current life situation. He has structured his life so he can do that. I mean the guy OWNS A PICKUP COMPANY! If he doesn't do this shit, his kids dont get food on the table. Be careful what advice you take onboard.

Do you think Tyler would go out the night before an important exam? (well that's a stupid question because he's fucking insane so he might - but I would think not). If you are sick - REST. BE NORMAL. The whole key to this is to be NORMAL. Then fucking EXCEL in all areas of life.

Remember, all the people who come to this community have SERIOUS psychological and mental wounds. They come in fucked up. Alex used to be in severe debt and work in a box factory, Tyler got bullied to fuck and was pure chode, Jeffy ...

Remember the advice that most people on the forum give you is coming from the wrong place. They are speaking from pain. The instructors are speaking from having transcended the pain. They used the pain for transform. Their pain is their biggest burden but also their greatest gift. I've only realised recently that I have come into this community due to pain (on the surface I'm a very successful "cool" dude - but underneath. Massive self esteem issues :-)). But the truth is, you can get your inner shit sorted and move on like a fucking champion.

I think the fact that you have put so much effort into pickup, with limited results has made you realise that you now need to think for yourself and do things differently. I'm sure you'll make the transformation (we all will), but it all starts with how you see yourself. IMO - Alex is a great role model socially for how a young man should live his life. The others in RSD are a lot older than you.

Pick your path carefully, and don't let school work suffer.

For me - this is not about "getting laid". When you get laid, you probably feel good for a day or so. But the real self is still there. I'm guessing you got bullied when you were younger and had a pretty conservative upbrining from your parents. When you start to do inner work, you have to face a lot of the pain from the past. The good news is, once it's faced you transcend it. You will be a lot happier.

Don't know why I'm wiriting this like I'm your big brother or some shit but I've seen guys your age in my city get completely fucked up and immersed in pickup. Instead of adding to their lives, making them happy, confident, healthy, high academic acheiving individuals with great friends and beautiful girlfriends ... they become ... WEIRD!!! They spend their time on internet forums and rather than having beautiful women and good academic success in university / college ... well they have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT.

Anyway, rant over. Good luck bud. Will be keeping an eye on your progress. Everyone here is rooting for you. Don't let me down ;-)
"let the game be beautiful" Ryan~

MY PRE BOOTCAMP JOURNAL - a very honest account of a guy trying to transform this area of his life


POST BOOTCAMP JOURNAL - holding myself accountable, seeing how far I can go.
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