July 21st, 2018
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 15.3.2012 Date- Suprise!

I wrote a text to the girl I got number yesterday ("I almost killed a baby").

"We are hanging out today :) Ivi"

She didn´t really responded...So I got home, made myself comfortable, overeat. I get a message by her.

"Ok, when and where?"

I feel really sick, my head is burning, mild nausea...and I gotta admit, even nervous. LOL. Then I reminded myseld that I actually had some dates and that there´s nothing to worry about as it´s within my reality.

My dates history (6):
-In october, like few days into the game (actively). Met a polish girl. Went out with her, refused to kiss, it got shitty and she started shit talking on me to some other guys and giving them her number.
-In september I met a college chick, made out with her in the club, later she texted me for party, had like 2 dates with her and she refused to kiss me on those dates (probably a virgin?)
-In november I was desperately horny, got a fatty of some internet site, went straight to my place, she was a too tight virgin otherwise I´d fucked. I am glad that I didn´t officialy fucked her.
-In november I double pulled with my friend in Prague, logistics sucked, but at least I walked home, endured milion tests, went on a date, refused to even kiss me
-In december I met a girl on the street with indirect, everything went sooo smoothly, went to my place, made out, but I was retardedly uncalibrated, never to be seen again. Hottest girl I ever made out with
-In december in Shanghai, called up a columbian chick, she was late and also took her friend with her. WTF? Refused to kiss me.

I really didn´t expected anything. As she didn´t even wanted to go on a instant date yesterday even though she had nothing planned and was kinda evasive. I am glad that I "ran the train" anyway. Grils are unpredictable, so no expectations. But it´s always to assume the best.

LOL. I think I am like the best KJ as I analyse and just think too much. Even my wing made fun of me "You lil philosopher". True. LOL. I´ll get rid of this as I don´t like it. Agree with Alex.

So I got out of my house. There´s people every-fucking-where. I am regretting not going out today with my wing. There was a protest or sumthin...Oh well, I should actually get informed. I like in the fucking city center and I don´t know what´s happening.

I am talking on my phone with my wing, telling him about the people, She (Gonna call her RebelGirl- RG) came. I gave her a hug, weak, I demanded a warmer hug (boundaries, leading- for all KJs like me smile)

I noticed that she must had put on some makeout as she looked prettier than yesterday. I give her a 7.

We started talking about some random stuff. I like some stuff about her, kinda a rebel, does what she wants. Though kinda shy with me (read: quiet and attentive). Only did jewelry inspection. So not much physicality (no need to go full throttle, full on NIM)

We took a walk for like 20-30 mins, then I casually told her that we are going to checkout some horror movies (already mentioned that before so it wasn´t sooo out of blue).

We get to the elevator and I sense the shift, was even more shy. But the whole time she was laughing at even my weak jokes (do not hangout with me I am boooring as fuck, nope, actually I am cool as a fuck machine).

I showed her my view, which is actually really fucking awesome (but it does not matter). I smell her neck and kiss it, she pulls away. Go to my room, tell her to sit on my lap, she does. Eskimo kiss? She´s kinda hesitant, but does it.

Put on Hostel with czech dabbing (it sucks donkey balls, czech girls need2learn english).

On the bed I go for the kiss, I go like really close, but I sense she doesn´t wanna kiss So I pull back. She gets red, tests me on being cocky...I realised that I need to qualify her more, another Alex quote: "Girls won´t have sex with you until you compliment on her personality". This was GOLDEN. Thanks Craig~ for posting this up:

Go for it again, get the cheek, I push her away playfully. I again chill back. A big lesson from my december date. This time I wasn´t all pull pull pull. This time it was more like pull chill pull push chill pull...

We kiss. Chill. Kiss again, she pulls back "You don´t even know me"

We talk a bit during the movie. She wants to smoke, smoking is restricted at my she suggested going for a walk. I agree.

She stands up, I go up to her, we make out, it gets intense, neck biting, push her against the wall. Move her towards the bed "nooooo" "it´s cool, it´s no big deal, we don´t have to do anything"...resistance.

We go for a walk, Glad that I did otherwise I think she wouldn´t wanna ever meetup. We go for a loong walk. Chat, hold hands, kiss lightly. She mentioned that she doesn´t have a dad, nope I am not going this way, Ignored it and talked about something else.

Probably gonna meetup with her on monday/tuesday.

Actually more time=more arousal. I never really got that more time equals more arousal until today. "I am enough" + chatting= wet pussy. Nothing really matters because I am enough.

On Thursday it´s MUNICH. WOOT WOOT! Munich people, prepare for the arrival of ChinaBoy!

-Ton of lessons
-Better escalation
-More chill
-Went from headache, sick to relaxed
-Went to my place after 20-30 mins, yep it´s no biggie. Never had a girl that didn´t wanna go to my/her place
-Getting better at calibration
-Realising what I need to do (like qualifying when she was resistant with kissing)
-Full expression mode, being myself, not trying to impress.

-2,5 hours

-No need to be anxious or worried. Because I have done a ton of uncomfortable shit, like ridiculous shit. So I just remind myself that it´s within my reality as I have done it before or done things harder than that
-Chatting, doesn´t really matter what you talk about as long it´s within the Fine brackets.
-Time IS your ally. More time=more arousal, more influence
-The goal is to get her comfortable with me in an isolated place (for sex)
-LOL. I really lack intimacy with girls, that´s why I am pushing for sex too much. So now I am learning to be more like pull chill pull push chill etc...
-If she´s on a date with you "You are in" that means it´s all about wasting time with her, getting to know her, enjoying her company, making her more comfortable as Alexander says. Brad says that the purpose of a D2 is more time and there´s no need to convey value.
-"Girls won´t have sex with you until you compliment on their personality" So qualify. Verbalise how you are enjoying her personality
-Silence is golden. Let her talk more.
-I am enough
-It´s not what you do, but what you deal with. Endure tests. (She didn´t really gave me any harsh tests :sadface:)
-It´s impossible to make a good impression. How cool you are is revealed through social tests (cool when you remain calm and collected)

Guys. Really read this success story about Alexander Hotseat...Was so useful!

Tiem to get positive reference experiences.

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Professor Hughes~

Professor Hughes~

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 AWESOME.  This chick sounds totally down to fuck, just needs some more time.  See how much easier it is to get intimate on dates rather than trying to pull!

BTW though, you showed her Hostel in your room?  WTF dude  LOL  Nothing puts a girl in the mood more than watching people getting kidnapped and tortured to death LOL.
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Dr Feelgood

Dr Feelgood

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Awesome, Chinabeast! You wanted progress? See, this is huge progress!

Professor Hughes~ wrote:

[/b]BTW though, you showed her Hostel in your room?  WTF dude  LOL  Nothing puts a girl in the mood more than watching people getting kidnapped and tortured to death LOL.
[/b]Lol, true! What a nice romantic movie!

BTW, this movie sucks so bad, I was at a screening in LA where Eli Roth and most of the crew seemed present shortly after it came out, and I wanted to punch him in the face...
"Failure is caused by unwillingness to adapt!"

"If it's not rough, it is not fun!"
- Lady Gaga, Philosopher

Sluts, Butts and Bubblegum - my Field Reports live from Vienna:
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 Dear Professor Hughes teeth,

I never thought that it was easier to pull then dates. The thing was I COULDN´T get a date to save my life. Like bajilion flakes.

I love horrors. Though Hostel is weak. Why I chose it is because it´s pretty sexual. Like on those sexual scenes i was kinda paying attention if anything with her is changing (if she´s getting turned on or not)...that means if she´s breathing faster, etc.

So Mister...what´s your fucking recommendation for a movie? tounge

@Doctor Feelgood:

LOL. Loved Eli Roth as the Bear Jew in the Basterds. Hostel indeed isn´t the best movie, BUT it features some Czech actresses and it´s kinda softcore porn.

Girls DO watch porn.

LOL I have became such a ball´s kinda reflecting in my writing (well, I can´t actually say that it´s I suck at that)

EDIT: Added a pic of Caprice from that forgot to take a pic with them. It´s on page 68.

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 16.3.2012 Daygame- A New System for Daygame

(some pretty hot chicks, motivating, love Dada Life´s vibe, they are having so much fun)

As usual. Another day at the office.

At first we are pussying around.

I do an indirect, but I am not warmed up, so I just fuck it up...

Another indirect. Nope.

We decide to go to the mall and just push our comfort zones.

It´s not what you do but what you deal with. If you react then you are done
I see this ridiculously hot girl with an ugly fattie. They are crossing the walking street (in the middle there are rails for trams). I stop them right in the middle of the street where the rails are. Center of the attention. I don´t give a fuck. Just walk up, relaxed, smile, totally assuming a positive response.

"blabla direct opener"
Kinda confused, goes away from those rails.
"Hey I am Ivi" with a smile
Still evasive.
My smile disappears and I immediatelly thought "Fuuuck, aaaaand I am done"
"Wait wait wait, what´s your name, I am Ivi"
"We are in a hurry" and they left.

The very moment when my smiled disapperated I knew that I reacted, and I knew that I am done. I leave the set, feeling kinda disgusted by myself (in a good way). "WTF? You reacted. Wow. Really? Seriously? Oh, well, next time"

So I did like 5 more direct approaches. All blowouts. Some even ignores.

Blowouts are funny. Girls laugh at it even harder than me. Lesson to be learned from them :)
I see this girl with sunglasses and headphones. Walking kinda fast. She´s walking towards me.

I gesture her to take out her headphones while walking up to her (blocking her path) with a smile. Total ignore. me: "OK, whatever, have a nice day" in this tone of voice faking that I got hurt.

Some girls walking behind me just crack up. Like giggling. I laugh with them. YES, blowouts are funny. I need to laugh harder (like those girls) as they are funney.

Go for more indirects. Nuthin.

I am the pedo leer king
As I am walking I turn my head backwards and see this cutie. I just registered her face, I was lookig at her for like a sec while I was walking. I bumped into a tree. My knee hurts cryteeth

I go up to them.

"Hey, I was just over there and I noticed you and because of you I bumped into the tree" "I thought you were really cute so I had to met you, LOL my knee hurts"

She freezes up and leaves with her friend. I take a closer look at them, they must have been like 13-14 yo.

"I am Ivi, wait what´s your name"

They keep walking.

My wing: "So you aren´t even say your names? You guys aren´t even gonna say that you´re not interested?"

I texted a girl from tuesday. No response.

-Pushed my comfort zone
-Approached some hawt ass gurls
-Blowouts are funny. Some girls observing me cracked up.
-Bumped into a tree
-Started approaching more

-2,5 hours
-10+ approaches

-Enduring tests is THE key to attraction. The second you react, you are dooooone
-I was pussying out. Always it´s better to find out by approaching than just assuming a blowout like a PUA.
-Teenage girls cannot handle direct approaches. It´s not me, but them.

The key thing that I realised is:
1. Go approach some harder sets, go be assholes to eachother by sending eachother into kamikaze sets. The focus is on courage. (prefered are direct openers)
2. Do some easier sets and focus on the skills. (prefered are indirect openers)

Not going out tonight. But in Munich I´ll go out 3 nights in a row. Long time no clubs.


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Dr Feelgood

Dr Feelgood

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Me likes, me likes! Pedo leer king bumping into a tree, lol!

Looking forward to daygaming with you!

Glad things are looking a bit brighter for you at the moment! Because if that crying at night keeps me awake, I will not be fit for the hotseat the next day, ha ha!

Seriously, glad you got back on track!
"Failure is caused by unwillingness to adapt!"

"If it's not rough, it is not fun!"
- Lady Gaga, Philosopher

Sluts, Butts and Bubblegum - my Field Reports live from Vienna:
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@Dr Feelgood: I have no comeback. You win. But when I cry at nights and you have zero sleep. I win tounge

LOL I had to put this vid here:

This video really made think less of the USA. Seriously? Only in American you guys can have dump tv talk shows like THIS.

Props to the girl. She really doesn´t give a fuck ON TV.

Girls luv sexxxxx.

She looks hawt...would totally HATE fuck her for her annoying voice.

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Hahaah chinaboy that video was awesome.
That girl has some vendetta against her mom I bet.

There are people in america who refuse to marry an American woman. Because they are lazy, spoiled and retarded as a stereotype.
Even Tyler got a Mexican girl to be his baby momma
I just want to enjoy amazing girls. Crazy what sort of journey ive embarked on pursuing this quest.

My adventures in Dallas - 2013
 My adventures in Austin - 2012 
  Tyler/Julien, Honolulu Bootcamp July 2011 Tyler hotseat2 x5 (2011-2012) Alex hotseat x2 (2013)
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 @roadrally: Europe > USA

I love it sooo much in Europe. Now with Shenghen you can travel without visa to most of the countries.


I feel so retarded for getting depressed about the "game".

I got so many freaking awesome adventures (in Brno)...I just failed to acknowledge them and like completely forgot about them. Also I got negative and impatient about my results.

Just posted this in my old journal...6 months later

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Yeah.. it's SO HARD dude but when you stop givng a fuck and TRULY "trust the process" even though it seems hard it gives you the ability to stop caring about the blow outs.. to start being able to laugh at yourself and to progress without cock blocking yourself for trying to hard.  YOU ARE ENOUGH 
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