September 21st, 2017
ChinaBoy~ 1.0
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i dont know why but im listening to a marketing seminar , i stumbled on this threat by accident i skimmed over it
it kinda reminds me of my first years . so im gonna make it easy for you
find borrow or steal
womanizing by stephane
read chapter two
do it for 18 houras per day until it becomes natural
plus stop being weird whatever comes thru youtr mouth is fake dont worry we have all been there stop forum for 6 ,mounths detox for all material
burn baby burn
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Enigma wrote:

Voeoe wrote:
Damn you've changed a lot. By the way, could you at some point write about how to make yourself approach like a machine.

From my own experience, especially in daygame: go out until you can make yourself approach. For me this meant going out several days with 0 approaches until I finally managed to get myself to do it.

Something that helps me is literally not think about it.  Keep your mind simple.  Don't think about what to say or how you going to say it.  Simply see and approach and it makes everything so much easier.  When you think too much about it is when it's hard.  Just see the girl and approach and it'll be easy.  Simple.
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Fear wrote:

ChinaBoy~ wrote:

LOL...I think she´s the 1st girl in 25-30 numbers that picked up the phone. PROOOOGRESSSS BIATCH.


I said it before, and ill say it should tape your interactions like i used to...

I used to get this.  Most of it had to do with the fact that I wasn't really connecting/vibing/building rapport with the girl before I got the number.  Getting a number shouldn't be a struggle, and after you get the number it shouldn't be a struggle to receive a response.  Some of us go blindly into it thinking we are doing the right thing but cannot see what we are doing wrong, which was the connection building phase with me and it may be chinaboy's problem as well.
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Hey Chinaboy you are an inspiration to everyone. Your work ethic is really second to none. Just nonstop action and no second thoughts.  Alex's style has been working great for me so far, I'm having so much fun with it and getting results. Just relaxing, chilling with the girl, not worrying about rushing or escalating too fast.
Good luck my man. Also I noticed you are a fan of starcraft and stuff on youtube. Awesome.
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 @bwidger85: True, most of my interactions are pretty short (few minutes), as I approach a lot of times on the street so girls are in a hurry...sometimes I cut it short if I don´t feel that we click together and get the number anyway (but not expecting a response). Weird that for my wing 3-5 min is enough. Most of the times it´s more like 3-4 mins.

@Feelthefear: Awesome mate! LOL U such a stalker.


Just wanted to write down some recent wins, thoughts, etc.

-My schoolmates giving me a shitton of peer pressure and even getting angry that I didn´t drink at our prom..."Why are you not drinkin" (angry tonality) "I just don´t like it" "Well, me too, but i still drink". Ha I know my boundaries I know myself, I am not gonna drink.
-Recognizing new sticking points: expressiveness + inner game (aka inner voice)
-Overeating is awesome. Not doing it as hardcore as before...but eating a LOT
-Read this blog today
-EC has been hammered enough for the past 1-2 months
-Acne is getting a lil bit better. Using proactiv daily (2x) but seems kinda slow. Have been using it for like a month consistently and 2 months inconsistently (so 3 months total)
-Kinda care less about PU. Not stressing over to keep being out 5+/week out
-Meditating consistently

So I am gonna focus on delivery (tonality + being more expressive with facial expressions and gestures) and a more positive inner voice.

I want faster results with PU, but pushing it hard has not proven to work very well for me so far. Eh, nevermind, let´s get balance in my life.

Also watched Yes Man. Imagined how would my life be if I´d say YES more. Yes to new experiences, not Yes to become a submissive little bitch. Gonna consciously say yes more often to new experiences.

New observation: The pickup agenda

Yep, I have a pickup agenda...i have a certain pickup mode that i turn myself into. It´s like "ahh, the streets, time to turn on the pickup guy."

As I live right in the center of city center I was just going home with no intentions of approaching girls, well what, missed on 2 girls who gave me EC...but when I walk on the same streets I feel kinda different.

I think there shouldn´t be this "turning on pickup mode"...instead approaching should be a part of my personality.

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"Why are you not drinkin"
"I prefer heroin"

That's just my fucked up humour though. I cant see any acne on your face but get benzyl peroxide from a pharmacy plus a moisturizer.

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 7.2.2012 Daygame

So after the gym I was kinda rushing towards the bus stop. All I was thinking about was catching the bus. Well, I saw a really cute girl and I just asked myself "Why not?"

I was feeling pretty good after the gym, so decided to go direct.

She´s shy, I extend my hand and she´s hesitant to shake my hand...then we just shoot the shit, the conversation is pretty emotional, I am expressive (suprised by myself)...But the chillout and just share my hobbies and ask about hers...She has a tongue piercing, YES!

Told her that I just got out of the gym...she gives me a test about my skinniness. I just brush it off as if she said nothing.

So I didn´t catched my bus...I see her bus comming.

My thought was "Fuck, what do I do?"
"1. assume she´s gonna stay
2. get her number real quick"

I opt for the 1st option...the bus arrives and she says she has to go and starts leaving, I go for the number, nope denied. This made me feel very down. Wow, usually single blowouts do not affect me as I am not emotionally invested...but this left me thinking this "I did everything right, charismatic, expressive, emotional, fun....and it didn´t work" "lame, this is the kind of girl i am into and it didn´t worked out"

So I walk to the traffic light and see another cutie...Even though the approach logistics were bad I went for it. I approached her while we were crossing the road going in the same direction, as we crossed the road I stopped and introduced myself....she kept going "wait wait wait, I am Ivi, what´s your name?" "It´s irrelevant" and kept going.

Haha...she probably say me get rejected by the other girl while the previous girl was entering the bus as this new girl was getting out of that bus...whatever.

On my way home, my negative self dominated my´s fucking toxic and made me feel very sad and frustrated.

It´s comming up with a lot of stuff:
"Maybe it´s your looks (skinnines and acne)"
"It seems to go nowhere, like there´s no point to approach, it´s like going for another blowout after blowout"
"Look at your progress over the last 6 months, zero. Maybe you will never get BETTER at it, maybe you should just GIVE UP"
"I did everything right this time, why the fuck it didn´t work out? I was charismatic, expressive, emotional, confident, WTF???"
"This pickup thing doesn´t seems to be working, like you are actually doing something and you are only getting reference expreriences telling you that it doesn´t work"
"Is something seriously wrong with me?"
"I am just banging my head against the wall and being too stubborn to actually admit to myself that it is not working"

Seriously? Wow. I have had a lot of lows...but this one is very serious. I have never seriously considered GIVING UP PICKUP.

But actually in last 1 month of intense daygame I learned 2 things:
-Approach a lot during the day

Game=focus+discipline. I kinda lacked focus. Gonna incorporate it.

-Approached this cutie
-Was expressive and emotional
-Went for the kamikaze approach anyway

-2 approaches

-Never let the negative guy dominate your mind...always have this positive guy in your mind. ALWAYS!
-Results are outside your control, never let it affect you

Also thinking about giving up going to college...But if I do that, then I am on my financial support from parents.

Wow...if I let my negative self talk to me more often...I don´t know much I can take´s my stubborness, persistence, leverage, obsession that´s keeping me going. But I dunno for how much longer I will want to keep this going. Pickup is kinda poisoning my soul, soooo many negative emotions are getting attached to pickup.

I am crying as I am writing this.

Last time I cried was when I was 16yo, lying in bed while being in physical pain (after getting circumsized) and in emotional pain- realising how my life actually sucks, no girl (just wanted a girl to complete me), lazy, no hobbies, no friends, had social anxiety, had no future...thinking that there´s no point in living and about ending it all.

Right now I feel that there needs to be some serious changes in my life.
1. Give up PU
2. Push harder with PU as it´s not fun anymore. Just endure the pain.

On the bright side...i have not developed hate towards women. I still have love for them. No matter how many blowouts I got.

What´s making me depressed and frustrated is that I am realising that I will still have a "lame life" and that my hard work is not paying off. That´s probably why I am going back to when I was 16yo, depressed about having a lame/loser life (no friends, no women, no money, no hobbies, no future). Also I cannot accept having no women in my life, they are THE biggest motivator for me. For me it´s either live an awesome life or die.

Wanted to keep this journal positive...but feel like I need to be honest and reveal it all.

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Stay strong. Remember Jeffy's book? He had about 100 moments like this. In a year you'll read that and laugh at it.

You're in the process of becoming a man and these are the wounds that make you stronger in the future. If you are interested in any of that, pick up a book called Iron John by Robert Bly.

Alex talks about the highs and lows in this:

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Dr Feelgood

Dr Feelgood

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Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time! Don't give up, hey, you can't - you have become a role model on this board and the consequences for all the PUAs on here would be unforseeable.. :)

Remember, you are still very young, so you got a lot of time to get everything handled; that's a huge advantage! In worst case, go step by step, put PU on a pause till June and make sure you get out of fucking Brno first. Then hit it hard again.

And one more thing, this is important: Take a close look at the first set there; look what you wrote there:

ChinaBoy~ wrote:
Wow, usually single blowouts do not affect me as I am not emotionally invested...
That's exactly the point. This is what I meant when I said "The more sets, the less AA  ---> the less authenticity (= emotional investment)." So do more sets like this! The blowouts will hurt more, but you need to go to where it hurts.

That one girl not giving out her number doesn't mean shit; maybe you didn't have time to build up enough attraction, maybe she has a boyfriend and just liked the attention, maybe her dog died that day, who cares.

You need to do more sets while emotionally invested. This could also mean doing less sets every single night.

All the best!
"Failure is caused by unwillingness to adapt!"

"If it's not rough, it is not fun!"
- Lady Gaga, Philosopher

Sluts, Butts and Bubblegum - my Field Reports live from Vienna:
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 I think you create too much tension in your head, you are outcome dependent to the max. All you think about is focus and discipline and having to be charismatic.

Come on JUST GIVE UP NOW, go out and make sloppy approaches. Just for fun... what else you gotta do? Focus on nothing DONT FOCUS. Let your tonality be bad, look to the ground... don't try to feel in any special way it doesn't matter. As an opener you just say "hi" and laugh at her. I also don't think this skinniness comment was a shittest at all. Just a her way to keep the conversation going. "Uhhh yeah? I'm bit skinny." Think "why does she make such an uncalibrated comment??" means--> it's her fault... You forgive her of course--> "But you're kinda hot, I bet you exercise the shit out of yourself everyday"
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