October 17th, 2017
ChinaBoy~ 1.0
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I enjoyed your video mate.

I love the vibe about you in it. You're relaxed, a little down, but you're funny. You have a great smile, when you use it. Your vocal tonality is great. You're a cute looking guy too - no homo! You are also incredibly honest and authentic in the vid. Maybe you could be a little more expressive, but hey, you're a bit down right?

My question is this. Are you the above in your interactions when you are out missioning it?

Are you taking a sledgehammer to your interactions when really you're more of a chill, cool, sexy, funny kind of guy?

Based on what I see in that short video you should not be getting the number of blowouts you are getting.

If you were around my neck of the woods I'd party with you. Again no homo.
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 @SouffleHead: lol, thx dude....they way how much you are saying "no homo" makes me feel like your homo tounge

Yep I was down...this is as expressive as it gets, definativelly gonna work on that.


The Stories

This one was taped on 20.1.2012. The 3rd story about the girl was probably the most valuable interaction, gave a the taste of how I might be in a years/a few years time consistently. Also a big lesson was that I am enough. Reminding myself of this little interaction Is very motivating.

BTW: Cut out the first few minutes as I was talking about some negative shit that I have endured...But I want to keep this journal positive, so no need to post negative bulllshit on here.

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 2.3.2012 Daygame- Congruency, the missing piece

Today I felt kinda down and was really rusty. But glad that I was was sooooooo so valuable. Cannot even stress this enough.

Went with some 32 yo guy...called him Uncle Jim.

1st approach, she was in a hurry.

2nd approach was qith a 27yo girl, we talked, at one point i just leant back and let her talk, I was kinda feeling that the set was probably about to end...I went for the number but no go, whatever.

3rd approach approached her while talking really slow. "hey...i know this is unusual, but" she cuts me off "I am in a hurry" and walks away...haha

I feel very rusty as it took me like 1 hour to do 3 approaches.

Engaged girl from 24.2.2012
My wing points out a girl "look she´s not very much clothes" I look and think that I have met her I run up near her and yell her name. She turns around.

I talk to her briefly and then she puts her groceries on a bench...I tell her that I am here with my Uncle Jim, she´s teasing me (something about me stalking her) and also I thought that Uncle Jim was being chode creepy...I just fucking cracked up and just laughed my ass off...

Everytime I say something (which was kinda off)...she just didn´t say anything and just looked me into the eyes...I didn´t flinched and just held EC.

At first I was talking ot her and I was not being myself...I could feel the incongruency. Like trying to be witty and trying to be arousing (positive/negative). I am glad that I could notice it...sooooo fucking weird, just urghhh, yuck, bleeeh...

Uncle was talking to herand I just got a feeling that the girl thinks of him as a creep...It made me laugh even fucking amusing.

I sat down next to her on the bench. I started to relax and just be myself....were just vibing.  After I talked to her on the bench for like 20 mins and Uncle was standing and just listening, I felt bad for him and suggested that he should go back to the coffee shop to talk to his girl (he met her last week). So off he goes and it´s just me and her.

Just vibing, pretty relaxed shit with teasing, compliments etc.

She is engaged for like a few years...fuckity fuck. Really cool girl, we click together. She´s teasing me a lot and testing me a LOT...This gives me the feeling that she might be looking for a guy (probably I should try to fuck her?)? Feedback guys?

Her tests:
"yea, I don´t really know much about you, only that you are single and that you will be single for a looong long time"
"So you are stalking me"
"you are funny in a funny are weird. You are a funny weirdo"
"No, I am not confused, you are confused, at first you said that I am very nice and that it´s boring then you tell me that you hate me,..."
Something bad about my style
"He doesn´t even listen to me, last time I was telling him that I am engaged(in slovakish) for like 30 min and then he asks me about it"
Her trying to be high value by trying to be unreactive "I don´t care if you like me or not,..."
"Ahhh, you are moving to Prague, there will be plenty of girl for you to pickup"
"So this guy (Uncle Jim) is your wingman" (In my head I was really suprised that she even knew the word "Wingman")
"So you are everyday on the street meeting women, trying to get czech citizenship by marrying a girl" (hahaha...actually soon I will have czech citizenship...So I´ll be CzechBoy hahaha)

So many test and teases...nothing got to me. But her comment about "me being single for a looong time" and "me being weird" I didn´t flinched...but in my mind I was like: "ahhh, i know this is a test but there´s like a underlying message that it may be KINDA true"

Her fiance called her, and told her that he´s hungry (she was buying groceries). She´s like "I am here with my friend, the stalking, you know the guy I told you about, he ran up to me again..." I just crack up laughing. Hilarious.

Also talked about my plans (travelling and business) and about fashion, as I am interested in fashion...and she lived in London and worked as a stylist. She´s like the girl from

I didn´t had any outcome (as she has a fiancee)...just really loved her vibe, that´s why I talked to her. We chatted cca for an hour.

Some mistakes:
-I was too invested (me talking to her even though I was cold, her ending the interaction by "I am cold, I am going home.")
-Being incongruent (at the beginning)
-Also do more the value inversion. Just be looking at her expectantly while not saying anything.

Yep too invested (valued too much the interaction with her) I don´t really have many interaction when I click with the girl. Why? Because a lot of times I am being incongruent and just get blown out before we can even click.

WTF? I can feel myself saying "I actually like this girl". Lame, no need to care about individual girls.

Her: "We can go shopping together for FREE."
Me: thinking WTF? go shopping for free? WTF? aha, she´s a stylist, that´s why she said weird.

She was verbally telling me that she doesn´t like my company...but actually she loves it, otherwise she wouldn´t talk to me in this cold for so long and also wouldn´t test me so hard (just writing this down for myself).

-Approached 3x
-Kinda leaned back and just let the girl talk (2nd girl)
-The interaction with the lookbook girl
-Noticing when I was being incongruent
-Relaxing and being myself
-Passing so many tests
-Had some reality checks from the girl "you are weird" "you won´t have a gf for a long time" (Yes I won´t have if i keep up with this incongruent bullshit)
-Got another valuable reference experience of me being myself and having fun
-Got another valuable reference experience of how incongruency is soo weird and how yuck it is

-2,5 hours
-3 cold approaches, 1 warm

-CONGRUENCY: If you don´t feel super charismatic then don´t TRY to be. Dude. Chill the fuck out.
-You are fucking enough. Be yourself. You don´t need to put up a front to make girls like you
-Not interested in sex= being overtly nice or blowing you off, interested in sex=testing you.
-Thanks to the girl for reality checks...even though she was testing me, she was actually telling me that I was incongruent and that if i keep this up, then no pussey for mey
-That was a model of how an interaction should look (though more physicality, I wasn´t that physical with her as I wasn´t trying to pick her up)
-Don´t be too invested. If you are cold then do osmething about it. Don´t just talk to her even though you are cold. Makes you lower value. shit this doesn´t matter "I am enough"
-Let the girls talk more. Look at them expectantly. Don´t try to fill in the silences
-Talking to girls is actually a fun thing. Talking to girls is not a thing that you need to "endure" so you can get sex. Talking to girls becomes fun once you start being yourself, otherwise it will never be fun, just blowouts and frustration
-Be more social, because it´s fun. I still don´t really like socialising as I got a lot of negative associations with it from my highschool past. It just reinforced the "I am low value" mentality...that´s probably why I always shy away from I haven´t changed much. I am almost the same version of me who now can push himself to approach girls.

Wow...I am actually suprised by my lack of social experience...


I am hungry for more positive reference experiences...just getting the taste of the glory (of what I can be consistently on a years/few years time)

Ramble over!

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Yeah man I'm proper gay for you.

I think that long interaction was very positive. Maybe try suggesting a quick coffee after ten minutes or so to get out of the cold.

You analyse A LOT, you appear to be juggling a lot of goals on your list.

For example, for the next few nights out I'm gonna concentrate on approaching straight away, no choding and this is all I am focusing on. Once this is down I'll look into a new goal. Worth considering maybe?
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Fear wrote:
Well , Ive been researching pickup for awhile so heres some things that I can tell you that ive read:

you need to talk to the girl for she knows you (Mystery 7 hour rule)
talking kills sexual tension, talking leads to you saying something stupid (60 days of challenge/or Gunwitch)

you need to be indirect to convey higher value, too much interest and she loses interest (Mystery)
you need to be direct, its a numbers game, more polarity comes from expressing that you want her (Paul Janka)

kino alot, go for the makeout as soon as possible (Evil Stifler)
lay back, dont try to get her so fast, chill , be relaxed (Lovedrop)

dont go to bars/nightclubs too many guys , you have to shout to be heard (Ross Jeffries)
the bar/clubs are where you go to train, its hard to get an SNL in the daytime (Mystery)

get the girl to chase you (Tyler)
you're the man, lead the girl to where you want to go (Jeffy)

looks/race/grooming doesnt matter (RSD)
looks/race/grooming does matter (Sinn)

I hope this clears things up for you!

thumbs up
__________________ < self improvement (2010-2012)
the universe shall giveth and the universe shall taketh 
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This chick wasn't into you.  People talk about "shit tests" like it's a good thing.  Instead of thinking of what she said as a shit test, just take it for what it is--she wasn't interested.  Usually when a girl does that to me I stop talking to her and find another girl.  This isn't about shit tests as it is so much about normal human interaction.  She was basically degrading you, and this isn't a good sign, nor is it a sign of human respect or courtesy.  Think about it this way: would you like a dude who talked to you like that?  If the answer is no then there so be NO reason why you should like a girl for the same reason.  If a girl is disrespectful to me I say "fuck her" and move on to one that isn't such a bitch, period.  Stop trying to push through DISRESPECTFUL shit tests... theses plows aren't doing any good for some people.  I think the difference between a good shit test and a bad one is flirtatious behavior.  Take for instance when a girl flirts--her: "Omg, your sooo nerdyyyyy" (smile on her face)....that's a postive shit test and one that you plow through because she's FLIRTING.  The bad shit test is when a girl is deliberately stating she's not interested by disrespecting you in a serious manner unrelated to flirtatious behavior--basically by what the girl was saying to you.

Stop trying to be someone your not.  Remember what tyler said, "You are enoughf or the girl naturally".  This means that you need to be more authentic.  If youthink your authentic and you feel like your acting authentic then your probably acting in ways that gives women too much power.  If your trying too hard to look into a girl's eyes or trying too hard with anything and not being yourself then that's not attractive.  Try to stop giving a fuck what a girl thinks about you and just BE YOURSELF with intent + freedom of outcome.  This means you need to stop trying to do everything people tell you to do like "look into her eyes at this time" or "plopw through", etc...what you really need to do is be authentic and trust yourself and your emotions and respect your boundaries and other people will too.  Focus on being authentic and doing it for YOU.  Stop trying to change yourself.  Go in with the attitude that your enougha s you are; that you have everything you need to be successful.  If a girl doesn't like you then she's missing out ebcause you know and respect yourself and it makes no sense why she doesn't.  People respond to this.  When you stop trying to do all these subtle things that portray attraction and your just you; you look wher eyou want when you want; you laugh at what you want; you talk about what you want; you don't take disrespectful behavior....when you do this then everything just falls in line naturally.  Forget about all the subtle things because that in itself is portraying that your trying to "sell" your value instead of letting it naturally come from you authentically.  Get it?  People don't want to see you try to be someone your not.  People want you to be you unapologetically and naturally.
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damn. read the first 12 pages of this thread and really my mind is blown. i never went out tonight. i just read this thread.(first 12 pages + this one) I have to agree with bwidger, you have this weird delusional view of things where you never accept that these girls dont like you. you are really positive but just dont acknowledge reality. i dont have the balls to go through some of the shit youve been through. while i was reading your stuff i really didnt understand how you keep going, why you keep going? whats keeping you afloat. You show little emotion.. I read the field report where you said you were with this chick and she spoke to two other guys and told them youre a loser and that she felt sorry for you and you just stood there and said nothing, you just waited, while she spoke to them and even took the other guy's number. and then she blew you off when you got to the hotel.

i think theres only one puzzle piece missing in your game: Self respect.

being aggressive and being alpha are NOT the same things.

An alpha wouldnt take that shit.

Part of calibrating is being able to tell when you are being disrespected and standing up for yourself..

I say fuck shit test theory. REACT if your emotions tell you to. Get jealous. Get pissed. Have an Ego.

it forms part of the attraction process. She needs to see that you are a man. Perhaps it isnt the women you see as the "IT" but yourself.

I dont know how you handle so much negative feedback.. you are my idol..
Dont repress the negativity. I cant rationalise this shit. your dedication is amazing.. u tried to steal a chick from Jeff.. ur fearless...

Fuck being good years from now.. Your game should alraeady be a 10.

You couldve studied MM for a week and gotten a day.

You would have a girlfriend now if you just had standards.

Study MM and learn the abc's of being high value as well as how to punish a woman (learn synthetic calibration)

i know everyone is going for all this natrual theory, but sometimes you need to step back and acknowledge that shit isnt working.

calirbation is just about paying attention to what you feel

"So many test and teases...nothing got to me. But her comment about "me being single for a looong time" and "me being weird" I didn´t flinched...but in my mind I was like: "ahhh, i know this is a test but there´s like a underlying message that it may be KINDA true"

THAT IS YOUR CALIBRATION -FUCKING FLINCH if you need to flinch do not ignore HOW YOU FEEL - stop hiding how you feel behind the guise of SHIT TEST THIS AND SHIT TEST THAT. stop trying to portray alpha.. and be alpha..Your feelings arre telling you this shit isnt on.. LISTEN TO them.. be genuine.. really genuine... Your game is already the shit. Even telling her its a shit test is better than saying nothing

Youve inspired me to go out. This shit is gruesome.
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 Dude thats pretty cool, the girl is a stylist and she willing to style you up. 
I dont know how your style is, but I would be super down to have a stylist give me a look.
I just want to enjoy amazing girls. Crazy what sort of journey ive embarked on pursuing this quest.

My adventures in Dallas - 2013
 My adventures in Austin - 2012 
  Tyler/Julien, Honolulu Bootcamp July 2011 Tyler hotseat2 x5 (2011-2012) Alex hotseat x2 (2013)
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 @Souffle: yep, suggesting a walk would be sufficient.

Duuuude, we should totally hang out, you know, if this PU thing doesn´t works out, I might as well just hit up a gaybar after gaybar and just get fucked in the ass all night loooong WITH YOU. tounge

@Fear: thanks..."be your own guru"

@bwidger85: nope, I don´t view it was disrespect, but tests. Also the hotter/more quality the girl the HARDER and more on point the test will be.

Like Tyler said about that some of the tests he got were so on point and soo accurate. And that sometimes he just takes it instead of resisting "ah, that one hurt"...I basically did the same 1-2 times.

Also agree with what Alex said about how his interactions with hot girls look like: basically it´s her abusing him for hours and then they go home and he fucks her.

As you all know...I am this massive Alex fanboy "It´s not what you do, but what you deal with" that makes you attractive.

@rake_god: how and why I keep going? Because:

1. I love going out (though hate analysing it as it reminds me of the results hahaha)
2. I have massive leverage (I want to have this part of my life handled bad, I had a really chody past with zero friends and zero girls)
3. I am really obsessive (so when I get obsessed with something I work on it hard and don´t give up easily)
4. I have already taken the red pill (and literally there´s no going back, either keep going forward or death)

I remember that specific was in Krakow. Yep, I was just a massive newbie and I thought that she was really into me, when we hung out the 1st time she let her parents wait for her for so long so she could talk to me, then she called me up to hangout...but once we hung out the 2nd time, she wouldn´t even kiss, then talks shit on me to some dudes, gives them her number...i think my though process was "stick in and just try"...although now I´d probably just walk off.

I know what you´re talking about...."Boundaries"

The Jeffy situation...I just love being ballsy, creates good memories.

I was speaking like more realisticaly...but already having the "my game is a 10" and "i am enough" mindset is good...yep.

BTW: I don´t really take seriously advice from people who take less action than me. But I am always open minded to thanks dude.

@roadally: hahaha, yep.

What I was wearing yesterday wasn´t bad...but probably could be taken a few notches up to give it a unique look so I stand out. But first I want to gain muscle, I want to have clothes fitting me.

Thanks for feedback, apreciated

OHHH, gonna reread Physical game...and do some exercises focused on "not trying" and "outcome independence"

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it is all about vibe. how to change the vibe?? Positive self talk., positive motherfucking delusional self talk. watch Tim's interviews with Alex,

or watch Brent's videos. his only advices is "change your story"

when the most successful guys in this game tells it there must be some kind of truth to it. isn't it?
Guess there's a Slim Shady in all of us
Fuck it, let's all stand up

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