October 20th, 2017
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You sound like you're not having so much fun with this going out shit.  

Your FRs are the same over and over:
"So I went out saw some girl walked up to her asked about her hobbies, asked for the number" x 1000

Like you <3 Alex style shit, he likes to wear hats, maybe just wear a retarded hat one day (peacocking FTW) and have fun with it.  Other people go to the fucken stores at the mall and are saying shit like "The music here rocks yeahhhh" just pretending its a nightclub having fun talking to the girls there.  

Also I'd say you sound like you're "trying to" be in your own movie yet you're still not 100% on that.  

Switch some shit up about your stuff here...maybe go do it at parks where ppl aren't in some hurry, say more retarded shit etc.  I often stop girls and tell them they cannot pass, I'm the tranny police and need to make sure they're not a tranny, like I find it funny cuz if they don't just keep walking, its a FREE PASS to go for the finger "Inspection time!"

You're doing the right stuff by going out constantly, but try mixing shit up more, if I'm reading it correctly...make the shit like an adventure.  

Like you're asking them their hobbies yet they don't sound super into you yet...  

Small things to make interactions more interesting:
- cold reads, "You look like you're a yoga girl"
- sexual misinterpretation, once you get her talking " I'm a virgin, stop asking me if I wanna lick mom said no oral sex for me..."
- roleplays, "Wow, you're here for the blind date right?  You're looking so cute but I told you stilletos woman..."

You could probably get a lot out of doing the "million dollar mouthpiece exercise" before going to your daygame sesh, a lotta people here in the FR section are reporting that this shit makes them kill it... 
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ChinaBoy~ wrote:


Last 1 month I have been doing hardcore daygame...out 5-7x/week. Probably done 200-270 daytime approaches last month.

I AM OBSESSED. Now I really do not care about school, fitness nor internet business. I just want to get good fast and get laid.

I am gonna stick with going out everyday. Daygame isn´t that intimidating anymore, now the next step is solo daygame...once this becomes semi comfortable then there´s nothing holding me back from going out everyday.

This looks like a hefty goal...but I think I should be out in the field at least 80% of the year to achieve this goal...The goal is kinda out of my control, since I cannot manipulate girls into having me sex, but I can create opportunities for sex to happen (for example by approaching, leading, calling them, meeting up with them, etc.)

Pretty slow progress so far...I hope this is gonna be like a few/several things click and the results will skyrocket. But for now I am all about gaining mor reference experiences and pushing my comfort zone.

Jeffy was right about my leverage...Massive leverage.

That's a bold statement to make. If you're thinking like this, you're in the wrong mindset. Your persistence with pick up is one of your biggest strengths but I feel like it's taking over your life. Ignoring school, fitness, and learning IM will hurt you in the long run. Not only that but if youre in this mindset, you're going to vibe it off to other people and the girls can smell that shit out of you. You also said you had inner game issues, I think you should get that shit DIALED and refocus what you really want to do with your life.
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@U5: Nope...Just too lazy to write it here.

I do cold reads, teases...

"You look like you´re in 7th grade...of elementary school"
"My name is Ivi, like Ivana which is a girls name"
"You´re in this mall to buy everything out and pig out in McDonalds?"
"You´re so chinese people"
"What are you´re hobbies except (with this BR tonality and kinda disgusted tonality) facebook, partying and shopping?"
"You´re a nerd"
"You look like a uni girl, you´re probably studying physics or some other nerdy shit"
" look kinda suprised/ you think I am like a homeless guy who wants to rob you?"

I like the idea with the tranny...more like I am a thai ladyboy hahaha.

I am gonna inject some faux pass, more teases, role plays, misinterpretations, the 2nd degree (Alex´s term from his mastermind CD),...

The interaction with the gogo dancer and her fattie mom was the best so far...felt so natural, had a lot of fun and I was sooo charismatic.

@Furyx: Of course...You´re right.

But I am reaching a point where I am kinda like "enough is enough"

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 23.2.2012 Daygame (solo)

I think right now my wing is about to get laid by the girl he went on a date from solo today.

I 1st went to those less crowded streets for some more chill approaches and not blowouts from girls that are in hurry.

1st approach, I was pretty chill, we talked some normal stuff, I added some teases and misinterpretations...she studied medicine, i qualified her...after like 7 mins of talking I go for the number..."ok, yes we can hang out but only as friends cuz I have a BF" so I went for the FB but she´s too hard to I left. Had a good feeling from this approach.

Then I wandered through some other streets...Dead, no cute girls. I strolled through some more streets...nope.

I saw this girl...walked up to her kinda in a curve as I wasn´t sure if she was cute or not...she got creeped out.

Some girl is walking fast and she walks in front of I run up to her...she seems flattered, but has a BF.

I go to the mall. Approach some more. Either BF objections or creeped out or blown out.

I approach pretty hot girl, kinda those platics ones who seem to be bitchy. Her friend kept walking so of course she didn´t stop.

Approach a really hot blonde, she was even taller but never mind. Approached her in front of the door of a coffee shop...So I suggested I walk with her cuz I didn´t wanted to stand in that spot. We talked briefly. I qualify and go for the a load of excuses. "So you´re not attracted to me?" "ehhh, you know this is unusual and I do not give out my number..."

Then I see this young looking girl on a bench, probably 15, she was kinda cute...I told her she´s very cute (WTF? she wasn´t that cute, dunno why I said that.") She didn´t even looked me after the direct opener and was all bitchy and ignoring...Yep, teenage girl with low self esteem thought that I was making fun of that´s probably why she was so bitchy. This doesn´t happen that often. But I am not pissed at her or anything, just sorry for her.

Again did a curved approach...she got creeped out and almost didn´t want to shake my hands.

Got out of the mall and go to approach another girl, she says hi. I remember her, that´s the cutie with sexy eyes..."Hey, I am in a hurry I need to catch the train." She didn´t add me on FB nor did she picked up my calls nor responded to my 1 text not gonna contact her again.

-Was pretty chill
-Didn´t felt that weird doing solo daygame. It´s getting more and more comfortable
-Approached this really hot blonde
-Went for the number everytime if the set lasted more that 30 sec

-2 hours
-cca 10 approaches

-When solo I lack this decisiveness...It has to be see the girl and immediately decide that I am gonna approach her, this will avoid curved walk ups
-Undecisiveness yields kinda uncalibrated and curved walkups (which are kinda appologetic) and that creeps girls out
-See and go. Zero reaction time.
-Some girls have low self esteem and If you go direct on them they´ll be either evasive or bitchy
-"It´s all good."
-Emptier streets are good for approaching but they do not have enough girls
-Do not use this line "I know this is kinda unusual but you look cute"...This will make girls fall into the frame of "This is weird, I am shocked, I want to leave."
-Be more light hearted. Don´t say this direct opener in a very serious way (even though I am smiling)...Just say it casually as it´s something you do all the time.

YES!!!! Even though zero actual results...but a new eppiphanny that´s gonna amp my daygame.

To avoid creeping girls out-> You have to have zero reaction time. As you see a girl you have to already make up your mind if you are gonna approach or not.

To avoid girl thinking it´s weird and wanting to leave.-> Say the direct opener casually. I am doing it wrong by saying the direct opener in a way that puts importance on it (by the vibe I am saying it)...Nope, just casual and light hearted way.

Repetition is king. Soooo:


EDIT: Wow...just checked out FB of the gogo dancer from yesterday...yep, she´s fucking hot (Especially in those clothes). This is the 2nd gogo dancer that I have met during the day...would be cool to "penetrate" into this kinda of social circle. These girls are hot, really motivating me :)

Patience young grasshopper.


This video just clicked with at school I was sooo bored that I started doing silly shit, antagonize people, etc...for fun. Yep, this is the correct way to self amuse...too bad that this happens from time to time at school, but never in clubs...durrr also happened yesterday with my wing, just talked shit for my amusement, but when I talked to girls I stopped self amusing...weird.

Anyways, cool vid. Check it out. I have seen every vid on the channel...they are golden.

Some awesome quotes:

"I am enough"

"If it can be done, then I can do it"

"It´s all good"

"It´s fine"

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 Hey CB,
Nice to see you are persisting. I just came back from carnival, I got the most blow outs ever in my life. My results were pretty dissapointing up to the last night. I had gotten 3 makeouts(All my buddies had more, some of the girls they kissed where pretty cute), I was seeing chodes all over the place getting makeouts pretty easily(even laid) while I couldn't open some sets to save my life. Me and my buddy had made out with 2 girls from the camping we were staying, I said to him "we should break on their barracks at night and fuck them" he kinda agreed but didn't really wanted to do it(I guess he was too afraid)

I got to the camping early and kept waking up in the middle of the night to see if the girl was at her barrack. Once I saw she was there I just opened it up, started chatting, went inside and made things happen. You got to persist, it was on that night that I saw a lot of my work paying off because I have been facing my fears for a long-time, when the opportunity appeared I took it

It also made me realize that every person has their strength and weakness, for myself Carnaval is totally non-ideal pickup enviroment people everybody is having so much fun that state is really important, I was walking around playing caveman LA Tyler style game, which does not work at all in Carnaval(Every drunk guy is using the claw and face chicks). In that enviroment you either have to be quite good looking(which will get you a ton of makeouts without much effort) or to be having the time of your life, otherwise people are just going to go after stimulus

The success I had was only because I met the girl in the camping which is a much lower energy, daygame type enviroment. You got to play to your strengths and avoid picking up for too long in enviroments that won't suit your current level of game
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Nice, k, you sound 'amusing enough' then lol.  I guess I was reading into your FRs and just realizing it sounded so much like 'the grind' which is cool, I guess you just need to keep doing it and letting the epiphanies click and happen like you're doing.  Gjob on staying focused w your shit, with each and every one of us thinking we need to be telling you what you need to be doing ;)
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Yo CB: I like what you're doing, just some things I noticed reading this:
I wonder if you're almost trying too hard, like saying 12 for 2012 etc, at this stage you're 19 and you ve had 1 girl. Remember this is a process. At this stage you don't want to think ahead too far, just go for the next girl, next girl etc. Even if u get 2 or 3 this year that's still improvement. Remember what Tyler is saying in his last post: it's took him years to get to the level he is and he still gets blow out nights. It takes time to get to that level, some of it comes with maturity and being older anyway. Relax and trust it will happen, otherwise it becomes more of a outcome dependent mindset. Read Tolle if u haven't already. Also if u want these sorts if lay figures look at other stuff like online dating sites, the more avenues u have to get action the more likely u will get more.
Also remember to be yourself, not Alex, Jeffy or anyone else. Use their stuff but remember its your style. And don't neglect the gym, your Internet career etc. all this stuff is just as important as getting action, just less fun!
Keep going and trust yourself
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 I will start doing indirect Alex style of daygame...

My best interaction and the most valuable interaction in terms of lessons was from an indirect daygame approach...Reinforced this "I am enough" mindset sooo so much.

@ Jimbiz: Yep it´s a goal...but I am not too focused on that. BTW: 12 seemed kinda reasonable if I am going out like daily and approaching 30-100 girls a week for 9 months.

I think my main focus is just to keep going out daily and just learning as much and as fast as possible (that means approaching and then writing the field report to analyse and get eppiphanies).

Hahaha...Tolle is not my thing. I read it but once I started going out this much I kinda do not like Tolle nor do I like the Blueprint (it just makes me analyse every little thing and worry about my value, etc...).

All these other stuff I also important...but do not really have enough energy and willpower for it...hopefully as the weather gets better I won´t feel so tired/sick/have headaches.

Time to sleep...tommorow just a longer daygame session as I don´t wanna go out solo to a club.

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 Read this post by Saad:

I think it will clear some things up for you
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I AM OBSESSED. Now I really do not care about school, fitness nor internet business. I just want to get good fast and get laid.

[/b]Here's your problem.....
Do the opposite you will get results.
Guess there's a Slim Shady in all of us
Fuck it, let's all stand up

Diary de DJM
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