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 Hey CB,
Nice to see you are persisting. I just came back from carnival, I got the most blow outs ever in my life. My results were pretty dissapointing up to the last night. I had gotten 3 makeouts(All my buddies had more, some of the girls they kissed where pretty cute), I was seeing chodes all over the place getting makeouts pretty easily(even laid) while I couldn't open some sets to save my life. Me and my buddy had made out with 2 girls from the camping we were staying, I said to him "we should break on their barracks at night and fuck them" he kinda agreed but didn't really wanted to do it(I guess he was too afraid)

I got to the camping early and kept waking up in the middle of the night to see if the girl was at her barrack. Once I saw she was there I just opened it up, started chatting, went inside and made things happen. You got to persist, it was on that night that I saw a lot of my work paying off because I have been facing my fears for a long-time, when the opportunity appeared I took it

It also made me realize that every person has their strength and weakness, for myself Carnaval is totally non-ideal pickup enviroment people everybody is having so much fun that state is really important, I was walking around playing caveman LA Tyler style game, which does not work at all in Carnaval(Every drunk guy is using the claw and face chicks). In that enviroment you either have to be quite good looking(which will get you a ton of makeouts without much effort) or to be having the time of your life, otherwise people are just going to go after stimulus

The success I had was only because I met the girl in the camping which is a much lower energy, daygame type enviroment. You got to play to your strengths and avoid picking up for too long in enviroments that won't suit your current level of game
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Nice, k, you sound 'amusing enough' then lol.  I guess I was reading into your FRs and just realizing it sounded so much like 'the grind' which is cool, I guess you just need to keep doing it and letting the epiphanies click and happen like you're doing.  Gjob on staying focused w your shit, with each and every one of us thinking we need to be telling you what you need to be doing ;)
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Yo CB: I like what you're doing, just some things I noticed reading this:
I wonder if you're almost trying too hard, like saying 12 for 2012 etc, at this stage you're 19 and you ve had 1 girl. Remember this is a process. At this stage you don't want to think ahead too far, just go for the next girl, next girl etc. Even if u get 2 or 3 this year that's still improvement. Remember what Tyler is saying in his last post: it's took him years to get to the level he is and he still gets blow out nights. It takes time to get to that level, some of it comes with maturity and being older anyway. Relax and trust it will happen, otherwise it becomes more of a outcome dependent mindset. Read Tolle if u haven't already. Also if u want these sorts if lay figures look at other stuff like online dating sites, the more avenues u have to get action the more likely u will get more.
Also remember to be yourself, not Alex, Jeffy or anyone else. Use their stuff but remember its your style. And don't neglect the gym, your Internet career etc. all this stuff is just as important as getting action, just less fun!
Keep going and trust yourself
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 I will start doing indirect Alex style of daygame...

My best interaction and the most valuable interaction in terms of lessons was from an indirect daygame approach...Reinforced this "I am enough" mindset sooo so much.

@ Jimbiz: Yep it´s a goal...but I am not too focused on that. BTW: 12 seemed kinda reasonable if I am going out like daily and approaching 30-100 girls a week for 9 months.

I think my main focus is just to keep going out daily and just learning as much and as fast as possible (that means approaching and then writing the field report to analyse and get eppiphanies).

Hahaha...Tolle is not my thing. I read it but once I started going out this much I kinda do not like Tolle nor do I like the Blueprint (it just makes me analyse every little thing and worry about my value, etc...).

All these other stuff I also important...but do not really have enough energy and willpower for it...hopefully as the weather gets better I won´t feel so tired/sick/have headaches.

Time to sleep...tommorow just a longer daygame session as I don´t wanna go out solo to a club.

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 Read this post by Saad:

I think it will clear some things up for you
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I AM OBSESSED. Now I really do not care about school, fitness nor internet business. I just want to get good fast and get laid.

[/b]Here's your problem.....
Do the opposite you will get results.
Guess there's a Slim Shady in all of us
Fuck it, let's all stand up

Diary de DJM
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 Thanks guys, I´ll keep going at the simmilar rate of going out, but gonna take it easy and care less about results. As long as I acknowledge the good things I did, it´s all good.

24.2.2012 Daygame- Long ass session, seeing progress

The weather was sooo fraking good...11 degrees of many hot/cute girlies outside. YAY!

Went out with my wing...We had a ton of fun just shooting the shit...

I did like 4-5 indirect approaches on girls that were walking...everytime when I changed the topic and introduced myself the girls would just get creeped and leave. There´s calibration needed :)

Then I did a few direct approaches as the situation called for them...well when you have to chase some girl down it´s just plain weird to me to use indirect...

Whooosh set (DesignerGirl)
A girl walks in front of us...I look at her, look at her again...I am feeling like I am lingering so I didn´t want to approach, she looks back at us, my wing said this girl and he wanted to go...I started to protest and started to run up to her, but the fucker blocked me...My adrenaline shoot through the roof from AA, running and competing for the girl...He let me approach her...

I run up to her and she´s already smiling...Say it direct light heartedly...We talk, she´s in a hurry and suggest that we walk, I agree..."where´s your friend" I point at him and she´s all dominant like let him come over...Nope I don´t really want that...She´s in a hurry so I suggest I walk her...I tell her to wait, go to my wing and tell him that I am gonna go for a while with this chick...then come back to her and we go off.

We walk and talk, just me being antagonizing, talking shit, saying contradictory things, having fun, qualifying her...She wants to study design.

She´s the same age as me. Pretty cool girl. We should stay in contact "I´ll give you my number"...She gives me her number and thanks me (hahaha)...I go for the facebook "I´ll text it to you later..." I also did some cold reads on her and they were pretty accurate.

Her tram is here so I hug her and we part ways.

Wow this is the set when you guys just click...I love those sets. I had only cca 3 of these interactions in my last month of daygame.

The thing I need to correct in that set was "Value inversion point" just look at her and say nothing to let her invest and let her talk more.

Acknowledge the good:
-I chilled out "Hey, I have the mixture of nervousity and excitement, I need to slow down and chill out"
-Not leaving immediately after getting the number
-"....but you are cute" I said it in light hearted and kinda fun+casual way
-Cca 10 min convo

I get some blowouts...I know why...

It was usually those chaos approaches with people around her or me having to approach her from a weird angle etc...Also me getting suprised/confused by headphones and having to run up to girls just cause me to go into TR tonality.

We go to the mall. My wing get the number from a pretty stunning girl but he said that something was not hte girl suggested exchanging numbers and when my boy rang her she didn´t even save her name and also said that they should go...It can be the case when the girl is giving you the number to blow you out. These hot girls are so smooth with these kind of shit...Well, who knows? Last week also a stunner pulled out a fake number on me and it was soo smooth that I didn´t even notice.

Monopolise your emotions...well I didn´t and fucked it up :)
I approach 2 girls just going into the HM...But I stopped her, she was pretty suprised...I lead her a feet away from the entrance of HM while her friend goes inside (nice cheerleader). We talk shit, I am antagonizing etc...just pretty fun conversation, she was into me and I liked this girl, pretty inteligent (studies medicine). But my state started to drop and I could literally feel how it was projected onto her. We kept chatting, I go for the number, get the more and try to get the number again...but no go. Like a 10 min convo.

We get out of the mall and I feel pretty chill and charismatic. 

I hear this song...resonates with me (the vibe not the content of the song)

I do some more direct approaches...the only difference is I am doing it very differently...the vibe is different. Before I did it as if the direct opener was something of most importance and with a very serious I am saying it casually, light heartedly and casually...this makes girls more at ease and yield better results.

Engaged chick
I see this hot small brunette...My wing doesn´t want to run...I said fuck it and go...I see this guy just looking back at her ass (he´s such a chode for not approaching)...I run up to her, direct casually. We just click and just talk random shit, not logical but emotional (big sticking point for me). She´s going shopping to the groceries...So I ask her "So you live like in the city center"...yes she lives like 5 mins from me...I am all excited in my head. We keep talking, turns out that she´s engaged for 4 years and is 25. She´s just sooo so cute. And also we just shot the shit...We just clicked. Got along soo easily. I go for the facebook. My wing is pissed at me...The girls welcomes him into the set. 

She tested me:
"So you do this all the time (approaching girls)?" 
"Yea" casually
She cracked up "does it work for you"

"I am gonna take you on a romantic a vietnamese fast food restaurant"
"blabla you know I don´t really like the romantic stuff."
"You mean the chocolate, flowers, etc?"
"So you love rough sex?"
Cracks up "that´s not what I....blabla...But yes"

My wing comes in and he says something about me being attractive.
"well actually I think you (pointing at my wing) are more attractive."
"hahah...I was in a good mood before and now my mood just crashed" while laughing

We talk some wing tells the girl to give mer her number...I eventually get it. Hug her as it feels natural, she giggles but gives in so we hug and part ways.

So natural, so, I got the taste of how I might be in a few years time consistently...sooo motivating. It´s not the results but it was just how easy going I was.

I just walk feel so relax, unappologetic...and in my head this song is playing

I walk my wing to the tram station...approach another one...she´s kinda nervous, but has a BF. He leaves and I stroll around alone...This was at 5:30 PM.

Well I walk around for 10 min and see not set...Decided to roll down the street and approach at least once...This "At least one girl" turned into like 5-7 approaches.

I go approach this first she´s startled but then relaxed as I was light hearted and casual. We talk, I am antagonizing and shooting the shit.

"So you do this all the time (approaching)"
"Yea" casually.

I get her number. And keep walking with her...She was ok, would fuck but definatively not have her as a GF...

I say bye to her and say her name wrong...then correct myself. She didn´t seem to notice. WTF? I always took pride in how good with name I was. smile

15yo? Fuck, I am taking it.
Note: I am a pedophile. Thanks RSD with game I can become the ultimate creeper. teethtounge

I see 2 girls...Go approach them. Direct, she´s kinda startled at first but relaxed. I cold read them on being in like some art highschool or something...turns out her friend paints and she´s like a music freak (plays on a lot of intruments etc...).

We talk some more...I "cold read" her on being open, adventurous etc...

She´s like "Are you like stalking me before or something...your predictions are so on point"
"yea, so you feel like we have known each other forever"

We keep talking...I also got the number and facebook. I like that the girl is kinda a rebel.

I walk with them...they are going to McDonalds...I didn´t want to join them cuz I did my "one last approach" and wanted to go home cuz I didn´t ate all day (school and gaming all day).

I go to our restaurant and the food is not prepared..."Fuck off mom teeth, I am going outside for a while to approach, so see ya" I go for another round.

Get some BF objections...nevermind.

I pickup my food and start to walk this point It´s 6:30 PM and I just want to go home to rest and eat...But I was still looking around for girls. I was one blonde "Bingo!"

39yo instadate
I see this blonde going in my direction...then she suddenly turns around and goes into the another I just speed up. I see her walk through a big group of gypsies and I see her start walking fast, in my head I didn´t want to approach as I was certain that she´s get scared off with gypsies around her and me running up to her...did it anyways...

Direct, talk, shoot the shit. She gets a phone call, after like a min...I start telling her playfully that she´s being unpolite...I suggest we talke a walk to the market square...She talks a lot. I do some hand leading and jewelry inspection. Keep talking some more...find out that she´s 39, no children, no husband...I try to hug her, no go. She mentions a BF...WTF? (you could have saved my time gurl!).

I keep talking to her as I like her attitude on life. "What do you dislike about men that you are so picky" She´s like: "That they are not men" "Needy? Weak?" "Yes, Weak"

I hold her hands at some point and lead her around. I try to kiss her style.

But no go, she didn´t even want to get that close...Talk for another few min and then part ways...Hug her, try to kiss her cheeks but no go. I got her number, she has a BF and isn´t that receptive to physicality so I guess there´s no point for a day2. This was a 40 min interaction.

I go on my way home...having my dinner get cold sad.

LOL...Again I was looking for girls. I see 1 girl...start walking up to her, as I get close to her I found out that she´s not cute I FINALLY go home.

-Was soo relaxed, so charismatic, just being myself, unappologetic
-Approached a lot
-Got some results
-Tried indirect
-Learned that I need to be more casual and lighthearted about the direct opener
-Also pushed my comfort zone by chasing a girl for like 2 mins and then finally approaching her in a store, got blown out hahaha
-Met some really cool girls
-Was relaxed therefore it was so easy to click with people. I think Alex said something simmilar (something along the lines of easy to get along with other people)
-Hahaha approached 2 girls that I have already approached (1 was annoyed, 2nd was like pokerface telling honestly that hse´s not interested)
-Hugged 3 girls (kinda a weird win...but acknowledge the good is about every small thing is a win).

-5 hours (3,5 hours with wing + 1,5 hours solo)
-15+ approaches? (maybe even 20?)
-5 numbers (2 are BF/engaged)
-3-4 FBs

-No more TR tonality...this usually happens on those chaos sets (Would usually say "wait" in T tonality)
-With some girls it´s just it´s done before you even approach her. You guys just have chemistry...but that doesn´t mean that you bypass qualification
-Success barrrier? LAME (Eric Cartmen tonality). The girl was into me and it fucked with my head so my mood slowly started going down so I started being more and more off...that´s why I got the FB not the number...The open was strong...then my mood dropped.
-Romantic revolution...No need to be in this pickup mood...Sometimes just enjoy the girl even though it´s higly unprobably that you won´t get laid
-Direct opening has to be about the say it casually, light not say it in a serious way
-Cool instadate...just go for it when you are solo.
-I feel kinda uncomfortable getting physical off of a daytime approach...but no problem in a club...nevermind i will get there with time.

Also some other dude contacted me...gonna meet him for the 1st time...if he´s cool then I have a new wing for clubbing...Not many people are going out consistently in Brno. I am the most dedicated guy in Brno, for sure.

Also he wants to go clubbing...fuck it...I am gonna go. Now I need to eat and rest I am soo destroyed. Time to stop have been rambling for 1,5 hours.

Haha, also the 15 yo started messaging me on FB...sorry, no time for you girlie tounge.

Also had a lil talk with my wing...
"It´s weird that you are not getting any results"
"yep, like 15-20 numbers in last month"
"Weird, like you are really working hard...harder than me. I am like working on it but not like you but still I got 2 are probably pissed"
"Yep I kinda am...when I am at home then I sometimes do feel frustrated...But when I am infield I just focus on finetuning the skill and just completely forget about my shitty results"
"This is kinda odd...when you told me that you got laid, I completely lost my appetite...not like I do not wish you success. I do...But it just kinda reminded me of how shitty results I am getting while girls enjoy meeting guys and having it´s so normal, sex is no big deal"

Edit: hahaha...Told myself to do indirect...but once I got in a good moon I just wanted to open directly in a fun and casual way. I think this was the missing piece so results should be shooting through the roof nao.

I DO HAVE SOME INNERGAME ISSUES...ENTITELMENT? I remember after walking away from the Designer girl that my state started to drop and I felt kinda down (like you don´t deserve her?)...and also with the fuckup set in the mall.

Signing off

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I may get shit for saying this, but this might help.

Im not saying looks matter, but appearance does and looking at you I bet most girls would feel weird having a ONS with you. You have to look at everything from all angles, it just doesn't add up. With your looks, some girls would find you cute, maybe a 6 or 7 will be receptive to a meetup another day (if they think your good enough), and if your lucky get a lay eventually with her or she wants you to be her BF. I cannot see a rediculously hot girl hooking up with the way you currently look, but I can see rediculously hot girl hooking up with a buff, rougher, scumbag version of you.
If you want to be sexually direct as possible, you have to look at the entire picture to make it easier on you and her. Get a tattoo, grow out your hair, get some muscles. Do you drink alcohol? Ive pulled drunk, and im sure that it was because that I was drunk and loose that ive gotten laid.

If you don't want to change your appearance, I think you will do ok with a different form of gaming but going direct for a ONS it looks weird.

There are logistics that need to be looked at, how can I make it easier for me to get laid consistently? The answer is through not living up to your bullshit ego, that you just want to get good at this but still keeping your looks, as if your sticking the middle finger to the world by showing them that you can look dorky and have rockstar sex at the same time.
Thats not how the world works. You don't even need tattoos, or long hair, but the question is do you believe are your looks tolerable enough for a ONS in her eyes.

Though I would love for you to prove me wrong and get hot girls consistently with the way you still look, but you have to stop for a minute and think what is going on, and what changes need to be made to improve results.
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 @ExtraordinaryDump: Kinda agree...But I am not using it as a limiting belief so I approach them anyway...

But it´s also true...when I go up to these clubber bitchy looking girls all done up etc...I always get blownout from these.

But when I approach different girls in the same those college chicks then sometimes they maybe into me...

My approach in the club is just "Hey, I am Ivi"´s in progress.

Using proactive? Check...but it´s not working fast enough...there´s some slight improvement with my acne but not good enough. Gonna keep using if for a few weeks and then change something.


Muscles...not yet.

Clothes...Improvements are needed here also.

24.2.2012 Night

Wow...I overstrained myself...last time something simmilar happened was in August when I was in Poland.

I am underslept, didn´t eat much for the last 2 days and then went for a 5 hour long daygame session that´s taxing my immune system. Before going out I felt really sick and my heart was pounding...went to the toilet and puked it out...after that felt much better.

So I met 2 new was some fat dude that really needed to work on his image, wasn´t really happy hanging out around him...2nd guy was kinda a and walking around him in the club I felt like we both just had this pickup blackhole vibe...

Entered Caribic...

Good set turned bad
The 1st girl I see in on her phone near the coat´s pretty chill over there...introduce myself, hug her, talk some shit (wasn´t really verbally smooth but it didn´t seemed to me that it mattered), I get the number, she bounces off.

I later see her walking by and she´s pointing at me..I go up to her and her friend. I lead my girl by the hand to the bar...they don´t know what to drink...hahaha they are both studying maths...weird both too cute to be some math nerds...nevermind. I am not in the best mood so I don´t talk that much...I get the toilet excuse and of course they are not going to the toilet.

Later I walk by her and see her hiding her face...I go up to her "You are hinding from me" laughing, she´s like "no, I got a headache"...

At the end of my night I see her...I noticed that she´s gesturing to her friend that she´s going home. I go up to her and I am like "I am going home, what about you" Her too...I suggested we go together, she brushed it off and just kept going fast and didn´t turned back...I knew this is done. I am in the long as cue and see her again...So i go up to her "Gimme you hand" "No" I take her hand, no go...OK, I give up (also deleted her number as i know it´s not worth even contacting)

Bad mood nevermind
I am all alone at the bar...she girls come next to me so I approach them...I say something and a brunette just leans over...I introduce myself and kinda pull her in I see her going in to kiss me...I notice that and hug her and then kiss her on the lips...I guess kissing on the lips is socially acceptable with some girls in some countries.

Then I talked to her...I was not in the best mood, just talked retarded shit..accused her of being a racist which with the vibe i had was just awfull...nevermind...after a while they all left.

Then I just got a ton of blowouts...Some blowouts were from girls that I already approached.

Funny thing about the friend
I approach a blonde and she seems kinda into me...but her friend remembers me approaching her, starts talking shit on me...then whispers something to the blondie...and now they are both blowing me off...Funny phenomenon.

The rest of the approaches were all blowouts...usually insta blowouts.

Yes they were bitchy and harsh...Nope, it wasn´t intimidation by my high value this time...

I felt really shitty and also I was a long time on my own in the club (which didn´t helped with my mood)...I was like a giant blackhole going around "please like me" Also didn´t felt good about the fact that I was all the time circling around the club to approach girls...Totally deserved those blowouts. Forgot to just relax and remind myself that it´s all good (And that I have been in a club so many times and done so many approaches).

I leave around 2 AM as I feel tired and kinda down from having this value sucker mood.

-Approached some really hot girls
-Had 1 set go pretty well
-Approached regardless I was feeling beaten down
-Physicality is getting more calibrated...Clawed a chick, got the feeling that she´s not comfortable with it so immediatelly removed my hand

-2 hours
-10-15 approaches
-1 number (but deleted it)

-Type of girls...some type of girls will just blow you out...but some probably not
-I can attract those college chicks
-I always get blown out by those club bitchy looking girls (these kind hang out with those muscly douchebag type of guys)
-Girl do meet chodes in the club...why do you see people making out on the dancefloor
-Loud and high energy clubs are all about Patience (and reapproaching them)
-Quieter venues create more solid interactions and are easier to pull from
-Ton of insta blowouts? You are approval seeking, sucking value or just have a bad vibe
-Improve your appearance
-Create iniciative (talk), if you don´t the girls will leave

Clubs are kinda less enjoayble for me than daygame...I don´t have to deal with having a bad vibe from being alone in the club (fuck i am too wing dependent in the clubs), also sometimes I get a bad vibe (usually when the wings are in set/go to pee/etc. and I am gets me in my head).

Appearance will be finetuned.

Tired as fuck :)

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 25.2.2012 Daygame

Went out again with my wing....I am pretty tired, very low energy.

The scariest approach ever
For me the hardest sets are when they are sitting down and with their family (including dad)...I see this very cute teenage girl...I had to chase her down to the 1st floor. I look around and finally spot her. She´s sitting down with her mom and dad. I go anyway. Approach her direct, her parents are pretty ok...Her dad "We are not from this city and are leaving soon"...I keep talking and ask her if she comes here often...nope. I wish them a good day.

My intuition is really good
I see this cute girl...she´s not hot but cute. I go up to her direct, she´s kinda shy but obviously into me and I was not weird (aka not putting her on the pedestal). I get this sense that she´s going to a train so I tell her "you are not from this city, right?"...nope, she´s from this city, but later tells me that she´s going to the train to meetup with her BF. Cool approach, made her day...Fuck my instinct is sooo rad. I felt here that if she didn´t have a BF then I´d get the number.

Racist? hahaa
I see a girl with her mom... I am kinda hesitating and my wing insists...I go. I say the direct and she starts leaving "Wait, one more thing, I am Ivi" "well, I am racist" we wave eachother goodbye.

Got a blowout from a daughter mother set...nevermind...It´s always the blowout from the girl not from the mom...probably these teenage girls cannot deal with the social pressure of their mom...nevermind.

I feel like a beggar
Approach this hot chick...I put her on pedestal and walked up to her...say it direct, she maintains her pokerface and I get the feeling that I am about to get blown out. I introduce myself and she´s like "Does it even matter?"...I try again, no go. I leave while laughing at myself of how weird I was in this situation...

I approach her, she cries
I go up to a girl...I see that something is not right about her...she had like tears running down her face...I say my direct opener and she covers her face and starts crying while walking away...WTF? haha

-Went from not wanting to approach to approaching
-My intuition is getting fucking rad. Even cold reading people and getting a sense of what type of people they are
-Finally approached a family set with a dad
-Pushed my comfort zone by approaching families and 1 seated set

-1,5 hours
-cca 10 approaches

-My intuition is starting to get fucken tight
-I can attract a certain type of girl...other type of girl I kinda put them on the pedestal or it´s like we don´t really go well together
-Mom daughter set on a teenage daughter is kinda a lost cause...these girls are too immature to handle the social pressure of their mom being there
-I am putting certain type of girls on pedestal and come off weird as fuck
-I need to switch to indirect style of daygame.

My wing is kinda good looking or at least girls check him out all the time when we are that´s probably why his direct approaches go usually pretty well.

But for me it´s better to go indirect.

Quoting Alexander:
with the direct stuff, i have said it before... it works when you are clearly significantly higher value than the girl, DJ, famous, hot guy whatever. Right now you arent abundant enough to make this work. But i know it works real well for beautiful brad and DJ Tim. The direct doesnt work as well for me as the illogical stuff. For ryan, at first his direct was fail times, but with experience he got real good and now it works well for him. IN the future i can see you going his way.

If you want to get solid results from solid interactions: direct will 'i like you' openers will get you some shock value but yield lots of flakes - like buying temperature at the time but buyers remorse later. With my method and my ways they will usually ignore you instantly only if they have a boyfriend. I went through a stage when I i followed through hard with instant day game blow off and after i got them talking they would genuinely say im so sorry but i do have a boyfriend but you are nice etc. Genuine stuff. So my way is better for screening the relationship girls. And, with my way, if its a good interaction then its usually an extremely good chance you'll get the date.

BTW: About appearance...this is how I the club it´s without the leather jacket so just a shirt. Just need to gain more muscle and clear out my face and i think it´s all good.

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