September 19th, 2017
ChinaBoy~ 1.0
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ChinaBoy~ wrote:
 @Me vs Me: Thanks this advice is really valuable to me...What I learned that the redness and iritation is OK and that I need to just keep going. So gonna keep doing Proactiv but this time more intensely...if that doesn´t help then try to up the ante.

@ExtraordinaryDump: Wow...another really really valuable post. Thanks.

I got the same feeling...but before it was kinda vague. But I totally agree. I guess I can´t imagine myself successful.

I remember how I started skateboardind at the same time with my friend. He got better faster even though we spend the same amount time skateboarding.

I also remember eating till puking, training very hard when squatting or deadlifting. But from the stories/journals that I read, also again my progress was much slower then other people´s.

Now pickup...again. I see the pattern.

It´s like I cannot imagine success in my life so I expect poor results and slow progress.

The thing about social circle...I like it. Slowly getting there. Also in the club there are people who I know so it´s more just social times...or sometimes I just talk to those super friendly girls that have a BF, just to be social.

Visualise successful version of you for 21 days, and act like you are a success.. That is the essance of Psycho Cybernetics,,,,,,,Think from the end....Read Neville Goddard.
Guess there's a Slim Shady in all of us
Fuck it, let's all stand up

Diary de DJM
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I really think you'll enjoy and appreciate this video.

Lots of useful bits. Maybe you've seen before...
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@Ky: Haha glad that you´re following it from the beginning :)

Agree. But not with the screening thing, I always hated when girls had like no hobbies or passions (Why? Cuz that was me). I also really hate dishonesty. Why? Because I used be lie constantly.

But thanks for giving me more "awareness" :)
@DJM: thanks for the summary.

@Lovehandle: thx...already saw it today :)

19.2.2012 Daygame (solo)

Wake up, have a massive headache...Well, the city is dead, I have a headache and have to go

Well, today I really really pushed my comfort zone.

Go the the mall...I feel kinda like a retard going to deliberately to do daygame by myself. Also feel really really nervous.

As I enter the mall I see the 1st girl. We talk, she´s in a hurry. So I go for the number. No go.

I see this very cute girl. The hottest I approached today. She has a good energy around her. Whereas I feel nervous as fuck and kinda down. We talk briefly, she has to meet her friend. I go for the number. No go.

I see 2 girls...I go up to them from the side. I startled the girl. I say the direct opener even though I realised that she´s probably 14 and not as cute as she looked from distance. After the opener they leave and they aren´t going away casually they are like walking really fast. Even though I felt really shitty this made me laugh just for a sec.

After I have done 2 circles around the mall I go out on the streets.

I see 2 girls. I out. Then they walk in front of me and I think "what are you gonna do huh? You gonna be a fucking pussy?" I speed up and approach them. Well, she must have been like 25. She´s suprised. I suggest we walk together. We talk, I ask about her hobbies.

Her: "I dunno if I want to tell you?"
Her friend:"Why don´t you just grab her number."
Me: "Nah, Like I said, I like her appearance, but I still don´t know if I like her personality."
Her: "You are really confident, aren´t you?"
Me: "yea, maybe..." and keep talking.

After a while they tell me they are going to this coffee shop. I go for the number, she told me to give her my number. I didn´t want to and told her to give me hers...She told me she has a BF.

I see this really petite girl...I go up to her, she´s all smiley that It makes me finally smile like almost for the 1st time on today´s daygame session. But she´s in a hurry. And she started walking away, I was confused otherwise I´d go for the number.

I see 2 girls from distance...I approach them. She´s kinda startled, not that cute, we talked. She´s kinda evasive so I said.

Me: "You guys look like you are in a hurry"
Her: "Yea" all excited that I gave them a reason to leave.
Me: "cool, gimme your number and we´ll see if it works out with freetime and we can drink some tea"
Her: "OK"
I take out my phone and give it to her.
Her: "you know, I don´t give out my number..."
In my head I am like "WTF? she just agreed to give me her number and a sec later she doesn´t want to give it to me....hilarious. I don´t care.

-I kept the idea of "Acknowledge the good" in my head the whole time
-Approached a lot
-Really pushed my comfort zone
-Slowly started to relax
-Went for the number almost everytime (5/6)

-1 hour
-6 approaches

-Daygame is all about relaxation
-I need to do more solo daygame to feel more comfortable
-More relaxation=smiling. Today I didn´t even smiled haha
-It´s all about emotional communication. Indirect or direct doesn´t mean shit. Words doesn´t mean shit. It´s all about you, not the words you spit at her.
-It´s all in you head. Doesn´t matter. Just go out solo.
-I feel really uncomfortable going out and deliberately doing daygame solo
-I feel very uncomfortable doing indirect approaches, especially on groups of girls. I feel more comfortable doing direct on groups then indirect. But like I said, words do not mean shit.

I want to start doing indirect Alex style daygame...But feel very uncomfortable doing it that way. Cuz I have fucked up beliefs. Like "asking for directions even though I live in the city center and know it?" or "indirect on a group of girls? feels awkward to me."

The correct ones are:
-I am enough. You don´t need to stand out or be flashy to impress girls.
-Words do not mean shit. It´s all about emotional communication.

Wow I felt so shitty. Didn´t had such a bad vibe around me for a long time. Wouldn´t want anyone to be around me cuz you´d feel very stressed and shitty around me hahaha.

YES. I am getting my shit together. Going back to working out, healthy diet, meditation. And adding working on business, studying and visualisation.

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 20.2.2012 Daygame- Feel like I am starting out again

Wow...I feel like a beginner again. Felt nervous before going out to do daygame.

1st- BF

2nd- I ran up to them, they are a bit startled, I say the direct opener, the girls says OK and leaves.

Need to be more chilled out, less excited
Then I see this girl walking pretty fast through the mall...The mall is like a joint to a bus station so a lot of people are just going through. I had to walk fast through half of the mall to catch up to her. She seemed flattered. We talked. I go for the number.

"No, you are too young for me"
I keep talking and after another 2 mins I go for it again.
"Hey, gimme your number, we can go out for a tea or something."
"Nah, maybe only as friends"
"huh? why? You have a BF?"
"No, but you are just too young for me"
"How old do oyu think I am?"
I laugh "I am 19, I just told you that I am senior on highschool" (thinking WTF? is she dumb?)

I get the number. I call her and tell her to save my name...but she doesn´t do it on the spot. She has to catch her bus. Then we part ways. I see her running, hahha I hope she catched the bus. Good thing about the set that when I was talking to her I noticed that I need to talk slower, chill out...cuz adrenaline was rushing through my blood from running and approaching this chick.

Then approach another girl...we talk, she´s like I am in a hurry...gimme your FB. I want the number, she does not want to give it to me...I won´t bother adding her.

Go outside the mall on the streets.

I see this girl. I go up to her. Approach her, she´s kinda startled, looking away thinking about escaping. We were in an awkward spot so I told her let´s move a little bit so we are not in the way. She follows me. I say something about hobbies and ask about hers. "ehh, yea but I need to go, bye" and leaves abruptly...hahaha

Approach another girl..she does not even want to shake my hands and is looking on her phone. I call her out on not shaking my hand...still does not want to...I say goobye and leave.

Then see this very cute teenage girl...I guess she´s 15. Approach her. She´s shy. She says they are in a hurry, I get the number and tell her to save it, she says yes but does not do it...Later saw her again, no they were not in a hurry.

Parents? I didn´t see
I see this cute blonde girl. Go up to her. I say my opener.
"Sorry, I don´t understand, I am french"
I say again the opener in english.

We start talking, she´s just here for a week, talked for like 5 min. Went for the FB, got it. Then went for the number, she told me she´s busy the whole week...We part ways. My wing told me that there were her parents the whole time, looking at me and that her father was staring at me pissed. Hahaha, didn´t noticed when I approached her cuz she was walking kinda away from them.

What´s weird is that I saw my wing approaching and his approaches look scary...but he still gets the number...WTF? Like he runs up to them and stops them while standing pretty close while spreading his arms almost like when you surrender. Also he´s super tall. I am mindfucked.

-Noticed what I am doing wrong
-Went for the close everytime
-Noticed where I was uncalibrated
-Approached, fuck yea
-Pushed, and got the number on 2nd attempt
-Finally started being a little bit teasing. Arousal= (+,-) emotions

- Almost 2 hours
-cca 10
-2 FBs, 2 numbers (from 4 different girls)

-SMILE (this is the biggest thing ever)
-When you see her a lil bit freaked out, back away a bit and do not lead her
-Be more chill. All that running up to girls makes you excited+nervous and out of breath, which makes you stressed and talk fast.
-Talk slowly
-Tease more, put in some negative emotions to let her open up and arouse.
-Even when you do not get the number on the 1st attempt just try. Usually when i go for the number and don´t get it, the set ends, but it didn´t today cuz i ignored it and kept talking.

Also texted 2 reply. Well, keep going. Getting like 7 numbers a week should convert...just a matter of time.

EDIT: Just read an article on top mistakes with daygame. Some mistakes that I am doing (or doing ocassionally):
-Jump too close in front of her
-Being way too serious (lack of negative emotions, like teasing)
-Talking too quickly (giving off a nervous vibe)

EDIT2: Thinking about my wing. He approaches less, goes out less, but has a lot more dates and less flakes...I think I know why. His interactions do not lack emotion. I am way too serious and logical and not emotional enough.

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 21.2.2012 Daygame

Another day at the office. teeth

I get some blowouts, some ignores, some don´t even stop, some do not want to give me their number, some have BF.

Also approached this hot brunette in a big standing crowd...unfortunately she had a BF...hahaha as I was going a way an old lady said to the girl "wow isn´t it nice? that was good."...the girl agreed.

I approached this really hot girl as she was entering a shop, so it was kinda awkward for he as we were blocking the path, I told them to move a lil go.

I approached some intimidating looking girls, cool convo, but she has a BF.

Approach this hot blonde girl but there was chaos around, she didn´t even stop.

I approach this really hot blonde with her really ugly friend. They are sceptical and are looking around for the camera...We talk for a while, I get the number. I ring she has my number. She calls me back but I missed it, I saw her again in front of me so I called her up, she didn´t pickup...later called me again but I was talking to another girl. Gonna call her up tommorow and see how it goes.

Then my wing had to go home...So I went solo for 30 min, cuz I wanted to get more number, cuz I just realised that all my numbers are useless, even though the ones I felt like that they were solid. Did 4 approaches, Glad that I did them, this time I didn´t felt like shit.

Today was really good that I was smiling in the sets and also more relaxed...the bad thing was that I felt kinda shitty cuz my wing is telling me how he´s going on all these dates every week...But he gave me a good tip. Do not invite them for a tea or to cook something together as this puts on too much pressure...but instead do something more casual like "hey, let´s go out/hang out"

Also saw a girl like the 3rd time in last 4 days...I got her FB, but she does not wanna go out with me...then I felt awkward approaching other girls, also saw people from my highschool.

Also saw the girl I got then umber from yesterday...just held EC...later I texted her...but this is the 2nd no erasing the number. (even the initial convo was bad).

Some girls didn´t wanted to give me their number...but i didn´t wanted their facebook. No need to spam my facebook :)

Good thing is I really do not remember how many approaches I did...I do not count them at all now...cuz it´s so irrelevant. Pua batting average is for weirdoes.

My wing has better results...but he does not have the balls and the emotional toughness and perseverance that I have. Some girl said something to him like "you approached all my friends is this a joke?" and it fucked with his head and made him upset...So yea, I got worse results...but in long term I should come out ahead with my courage, perseverance, emotional toughness.

-Pushed myself. Did some high social pressure approaches.
-Some girls were flattered but they had BFs
-Smiled in the interactions
-I was way more relaxed than ever before
-Went solo for 30 min and did 4 approaches
-Started reminding myself to talk slower. Yes, I did today.

-2 hours + 30 min solo
-10+ approaches
-1 number

-Invite girls to "hang out"
-Start calling girls more
-Use pauses before saying something important
-Always keep in mind to talk slower
-Do not use pauses when getting the number...Just say it decisively and in a slight commanding voice
-Do not "get the number" as the last thing you do. Get the number and keep talking.


Today I texted some girls before going on the streets...The girl from the club on friday- no go.

The girl where It felt pretty solid, just told me she has a BF (WTF? Why she didn´t tell me on the approach or on facebook when i messaged). This one hurt, cuz I made some fucking future projection bullshit around her...but I also liked this girl. This made me pretty negative and frustrated.

Also messaged a girl on FB...last time she didn´t confirm the meetup place. Let´s see if she shows up tommorow...If not. Then NEXT.

Today I realised that all my numbers are flakey and erased some more numbers.

This pickup thing will make me very emotionally strong. If I can "master" this I can do anything. This has been the most hard and frustrating thing I have ever done. If I can push through this I can do anything.

Enduring flakes timezzzz.

WTF? I have like 25 numbers...contacted all of them. No meetups hahaha.

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try Drunk day game....
Guess there's a Slim Shady in all of us
Fuck it, let's all stand up

Diary de DJM
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 Lol...I never drink. Even if it´s free.

22.2.2012 Daygame

Fuck the city was dead today.

Got blown out pretty harshly 2x by some really hot girls...kewl.

Then approach this girl, she´s so shy and suprised that she barely talks...this makes me uncomfortable so I want to eject. Well, I try to get the number from every went for the number even though I knew it´s going to be a no. So nope and I left.

Suprised to get the number
Then approach 2 girls...I had to look for a 1sec to decide which one is hotter...fuck, i chose the my girl smiled I saw that she has braces and is less attractive, fuck no going back now Ivi. We talk, it´s kinda awkward...I go for the number...say it decisively without pauses. She says yes...I my head I am suprised cuz it felt kinda weird...As she was punching the number in I started to relax and go back to a more chill and normal self.

Help from the fattie mom
I see this hot girl with a fattie. I go in, the fattie is all like "you guys wanna talk, I can go to a coffee shop". My girl is hesitating...but the openess from the fattie just makes me at ease...So I am all natural, normal, chill and charismatic...she´s a gogo dancer, uni chick, kinda cool...we talk. The fattie says that she´s the mom hahaha...I go for the number even though she mentioned BF before...She gave me her FB, said that she had bad experiences with the number. I said "Do I look like the type of guy that´s gonna call you up 5 times a day and that´s gonna be all needy over the phone..." and then imitating a needy guy over the phone...Well, no go. I leave.

My wing goes on a date ...he was pretty down today and didn´t approach much, I didn´t pushed him because if I saw some set i´d just go in...haha I am selfish.

Then on my way home I approach once again...looks pretty good, but BF.

Now In a few min...I am heading out, see if the girl comes or if I get stood up. We´ll see. Being stood up is gonna crush my ego, yay!

-Approached some really really hot girls
-The set with the mom, I was so natural, so charismatic
-Talked shit with my my mouth was flowing, this does not happen like ever

-1,5 hours
-almost 10 approaches
-1 number
-2 FB

-Just smile
-Remind yourself that it´s all good at all times
-You are enough
-Of course girls go out to "hang out" (better term than date)
-Of course girls like to have sex
-Do not fear the security our mall you have young couples hanging out on the benches and making out
-Relax dude, talk slower
-Go for the numbers decisively, do not use the word maybe as it´s chode...I used it in the past to put less pressure on the girl...but no. "Maybe" is the word nervous chodes use when they are getting the number.
-Punch your name into the girls phone after calling her right on the spot
-Also ask about when she does have time and then call her up to make plans to go out

Yesterday I approached this super hot blonde...went for the number and she told her friend to tell me her number as she has a new phone number...probably there was some subtle eye code or something...cuz today I called "her" up and some vietnamese guy picked up...OMG, fake number hahah. Wow they probably have done something simmilar before cuz it was so smooth, no weirdness around giving me a fake number. On the bright side-Funny laugh for me and a good lesson- Call them up immediately and punch your name in their phone (so you know if it´s real or not)

The girl that I was supposed to hang out with today did NOT showed up. Called her up, didn´t pickup. This girl is NEXTED. On the brightside-1st time I got stood up. Fuck yea.

Another phone cleansing...deleted another 3 numbers (flakey, fake number and a 15yo non responder)

No need to worry about flakes...cuz on the bright side I am getting 5-10 numbers a week, so just matter of time when I met the right girl (that´s just gonna be so into me) or matter of time when I make better approaches.

EDIT2: Today I am stopping porn-till I get laid. This is gonna give me extra 30 min a day and also make me more motivated in the field...Even more motivated to push harder. Also probably it can make me more relaxed. Also started meditating a few days ago, but this itme it´s gonna be consistent.

I like this quote: "There´s no phone game." It´s all about solid interactions.

This article is really bad Alex haven´t posted the other parts yet.

Looool. Wing just told me he got jerked off and some fingerbanging...also told me it looks like he´s getting laid tommorow. Nice. Fucker, bringing out the competetiveness in me. Tommorow solo daygame session. No excuses. Just hit it hard solo. I am sick of flakes. I just want to hit it harder. So far I am 16 days out in a row (I don´t see myself stopping anytime soon with going out everyday as I am slowly learning to get used to solo daygame)

Just lost my appetite when he told me...not because I do not wish him success...but because it makes me aware that I am getting zero results. The only solution I can think of is...push harder, approach more, spend more time infield.

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^haha the fattie is the mom

just wanted to stop by and say you're killing it.  so good to see people on here taking serious action.

i saw awhile back that you were trying to gain weight.  I was going to reply, but forgot at the time.  I'm a hard gainer too, but bulked up from 145 to 180 at one point.  Besides doing a body building workout program, I used this shit called Gain Fast 3300.  The 3300 signifies the 3300 calories you get from taking their shake and mixing it with their recipe.  That shake helped more than all the other creatine/no2/pro hormone products combined.   Good luck.  I can answer pretty much any questions you have in regards to gaining weight, if you want to get huge.  Or about fitness if you want to get in great shape.  I've done a lot of both in the past 10 years.
Tyler/ Julien Bootcamp Alum- July 2011 

Field Reports

Alexander Videos w/ Notes
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 12 girls for 2012

So far 0 lays this year.

6,5 months in.

Out 134 days out of 198 days. Some are only 30 min sessions but in early days a lot of 5-8 hours sessions, my record was probably 11 hours. I want to do a 1 week romp (just meeting women anytime, everywhere).

Cca 1650 approaches.


Last 1 month I have been doing hardcore daygame...out 5-7x/week. Probably done 200-270 daytime approaches last month.

I AM OBSESSED. Now I really do not care about school, fitness nor internet business. I just want to get good fast and get laid.

I am gonna stick with going out everyday. Daygame isn´t that intimidating anymore, now the next step is solo daygame...once this becomes semi comfortable then there´s nothing holding me back from going out everyday.

This looks like a hefty goal...but I think I should be out in the field at least 80% of the year to achieve this goal...The goal is kinda out of my control, since I cannot manipulate girls into having me sex, but I can create opportunities for sex to happen (for example by approaching, leading, calling them, meeting up with them, etc.)

Pretty slow progress so far...I hope this is gonna be like a few/several things click and the results will skyrocket. But for now I am all about gaining mor reference experiences and pushing my comfort zone.

Jeffy was right about my leverage...Massive leverage.

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 @Adjunkie: thanks dude...But I have no time and energy for that right now. This going out thing is my no 1 priority now and it´s sucking all my energy, willpower and focus.

I can´t imagine myself going hardcore on weight gain while going out hardcore and while spending 40 hours a week at school.

Thanks for checking in :)

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