November 12th, 2018
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Professor Hughes~

Professor Hughes~

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DJMarco wrote:
no offence ChinaBoy, I admire your workrate. but after all those 1000+ approaches if your results still sucks I think it is time to go back to drawing board and see what are you doing wrong.
I don't understand this at all.  Do you think he should stop taking action?  Seems like he is already spending a ton of time analyzing his nights out and identifying sticking points.  In fact, I'm honestly in awe of Chinaboy's work ethic and apparent ability to never sleep and still get through life.  

Secondly, who says his results "suck?"  My opinion (and his from the last page of this thread) is that he's made tremendous progress in only a few months and that he's having a great time.  What more could anyone want?  

That being said, I would recommend 2 things:

1. Communicate on a regular basis with Alex via PM and implement whatever he tells you.  (You maybe are already doing this).  You've got this super detailed thread for him to look at, so he can probably give you very targeted advice.

2. If you actually want to get laid more, I would recommend putting a little more focus on day 2s.  Remember time is your ally- if you can see these girls one on one with no distractions for several hours on a date (or several dates), they are going to be so much more comfortable around you and it's just natural that things are going to lead to sex.  Obviously, you can learn the one night stand skillset and pull consistently, but IMO it's a lot easier to get laid during dates.  Could be a good way to get some more tangible "results" while you continue to improve your night game.  Just a thought.

Chinaboy, I'm 33 years old and I wasted so many years of my teens and 20s being a total chode.  What are you, 18 or 19?  Even if it takes you 5 years of beating your head against the wall before you reach whatever your goal is, you will still be 10 years ahead of me.  
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 @Hughes: thanks for the tips...It´s not that I am not focusing on day2s...the problem is getting solid numbers and actually getting day2s. It´s not that I don´t want them, I don´t have any girls down to meet up. Yeah, I am 19. smile

24.1.2012 Daygame- I am becoming a beast at daygame

Ok, so went out with the same wing as yesterday...he´s pretty cool and takes action. Though he´s good looking and when he gets some results his motivation drops down.

2 min after we met I spot this cute blonde, immediately go in. Looked kinda into me, but i was a bit nervous and said "give me your FB" out of a blue very nervously...she gave it to me. I went for the number but she said no and went to her mom and sister who just arrived.

Shit so many approaches that I can´t even remember.

When I say run up to a girl. I mean that she´s walking in front of me, and that I ran up so I could stop her.

-Had to run up to this ridiculously tall chick, run in front of her, stop her, direct opener, "but I am not attracted to you" and left. I laughed so hard cuz she was sooo tall that I had to tilt my head up all the way. She was like 2 heads taller than me
-Approach this kinda slutty/high class (like those bitchy girl in high class clubs). She went to a McDonald window to order...I approached her while she was ordering her stuff. BF excuses.
-Run up to this blonde. She´s kinda in a hurry, walked with her, got the number.
-Approach this blonde, she´s in a hurry, I was persistent and said "one more thing, gimme your number" got it but not solid at all.
-Approach this hot girl at the tram stop, there´s people around her (like 1 feet away). I go in direct. She´s mostly looking into her phone. She has to go to the tram, go for the number. "Nooooo"
-Approach 2 girls. Go direct on the blondie and then regret it cuz her brunette friend had a tongue piercing and I almost got a boner then and there. Also the blonde was really shy, almost no EC. The brunette looked me in the eyes.
-I felt like shit, but went to approach a brunette sitting down. Direct, "why should i tell your number" after persisting for 4 times. I left.
-Approached in a bookstore having a cashier stare at me. Blow out
-Approached a very very hot girl while she was buying cigarettes at a kiosk, having the cashier and some people behind me (who were waiting in the cue) stare at me. Blowout.
-My wing pussied out, then he said "she´s going to the apothecary"..."Fuck it, I am going". Went to the apothecary and approached her. She was weirded out. Blowout
-Approached some 3 or 2 sets. That´s good.
-Approached a 2 set. The second girl was her mom, but the daughter was sooo hot. Blowout.
-I pussied out only once (rationalised that she´s too old). Did 7 pushups. My wings had to do like 4x7 pushups because he pussied out more (even had him do pushups on a wet ground)
-Approached some of those hot bitchy looking girls. Blown out everytime.

-Those highlights that are above
-Approaching very hard sets
-Approaching sooo much
-Approaching without hesitation
-Approaching even when I had all these "excuser" thoughts

-3,5 hours
-WHOOOPING 25 approaches
-7 FBs, 4 numbers

-Some girls didn´t liked me cuz I just ran up to them and was kinda nervous
-Daygame is awesome, why should I care? No need to. No need to care about people from your highschool seeing you.
-Me being a ballsy action taker made my wing also a one. He did 10 approaches.
-On some approaches I felt the anxiety/adrenaline and before the approach I took a breath to calm myself down
-I was still nervous, so I speaking in a kinda jerky way
-Focused heavily on empathy. Verbalising how they feel or what they could think. "You look like that I scared you away a little bit", "You look shy", "Sorry, I suprised you by my aprpoach", "I know that this doesn´t happen to you very often"
-Literally there´s no excuses not to approach. (I do not approach girls from my highschool and couples...that´s my limit)
-I am nervous...that´s causing: speaking fast (and in a jerky way), being stifled (aka not expressive with my gestures/facial expressions/smiling)
-Honesty is the best. "Hey, I had to run up to you, because i find you attractive"
-Did good with a little bit of leading. So if we are standing in the middle of the street I´d suggest to her that we move a little bit. Or suggest to sit down that my feets are tired.
-Saying "we should be friends, gimme your facebook and number" after a direct opener seems very weird to me...also kinda the opposite of escalation. Gonna stop doing that. It´s good for indirect.

I had a blast. Was really fun. Laughed a lot. Pushups were ridiculous. But I haven´t done many of them cuz I was approaching.

Gotta do this more so I will become more comfortable with it and this alone will fix the nervousness. My feet are tired, no club for today. Gotta get at least some shit done.

After I did like 12 approaches I started thinking about breaking my record with approaches (previous was 13 approaches on daygame)...I kinda approached a lot, wanting to approach a lot instead of wanting to meet a cute girl...that´s why that I almost got only blowouts after 12th approach. Gotta correct that. Looking at girls as humans not targets to make own records with.

I want to earn the right to identify/associate myself with these words:

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 Thanks guys.

Update on the numbers: Well, messaged all of them without putting a signature....lessons learned cuz no response. Then sent them a message to hangout (2 responded not this week), 2 with no response....gonna call them up probably on sunday.

25.1.2012 Night- WTF is wrong with me? I am just too motivated

Went out at 11 PM...planning to go home at 1 AM (max. 1:30 AM) so I can finally get some sleep...Fuck, got back at 3 AM.

Approach 3 girls on the street...they immediatelly asks us to take pics, my friend takes them...and they left. Well, I tried.

Enter the club, no girl near the coat i coat check and see 3 girls...go in. Talk for a minute, they are old and unattractive.

Go to the bar....see a brunette, immediately go up to her. Blowout.

Find my friend, the night is young, people are kinda stifled, the venue is a bit empty, got my didn´t approach for like 30 mins.

We go near the bar...Chode crystal, "Well, you cannot depend on other people, so i might as well start the party". Go up to 2 girls.

Dude, get the number quickly
"Hey, I am shy" Ended up talking to the 2nd girl Slovakian Girl (SG). Some hand touching, hugging, peck on the lips, eskimo wing talks to the other girls. My girl is asking me questions. Then my wing did something terribly wrong, the other girls took my girl´s hand and took her away. I won´t let this shit happen, So i went after them and tried to pull my girl. No go. She said see you later (seemed sincere). I am entertained.

This is how you get warmed shit like approaching fatties first and then as your entitelment rises you go for the hotter girls (this is where I do not agree with Tyler)
I see these 3 girls. 1 one them was a stunner, those typical bitchy girls at the high class clubs. Go up to them.

"Hey, I am Ivi"
"I don´t want to meet you"
"It´s ok"
She laughs "no go away"
"It´s ok"
they laugh. She pushes me away.
I go in "it´s ok"
She pushes me away, laughing
"It´s ok, you are shy, what´s your name"
She started turning her back and kinda going away, so i tried to introduce myself to her friends.
After 2-3 failed attempts with her friends I wished them sincerly to enjoy their night. Was not butthurt at all. And left with a huge smile on my face. Probably like all the guys in the vicinity were looking at me but i just screened that out, that shit doesn´t matter.

Some blowouts.

A girl is looking at me at the bar...go up to her...blablabla, she´s not very hot so i don´t care, then some guy comes in and is clawing her, thinking that he´s a pimp and took her away...i just watched nonchalantly, cuz I totally didn´t gave a fuck about her.

Long set
Hesitate at the bar for like 30 sec...then go up to 2 girls. It went suprisingly well.
"You guys look bored"
We talk, I am very push and pull. The girls are enjoying themselves. "We wouldn´t look like a perfect couple." They take pics with me (durr smile Ivi!). I get the number, facebook. I also gave her a peck on the lips, my wing comes in, he knew that the brunette was mine, but he still talked to her...I talked to her friend, not liking it. Then I announced that we are moving. Took the brunettes hand and lead her to sit down, they followed. My wing got the message finally duhh. We sit down and talk, she´s not talkative at all, kinda shy, looking away. I tried to make her talk more by looking at her. No go. Asked questions no go...Then she went away. Was a 30-45 min set.

As I was in this set I saw SG a few times and noticed that she was looking at me while I was 1on1 with this brunette. After I finished talking to this girl it was 1:15 AM and the SG left. Fuck, she was really into me.

Some more blowouts.

Persistence mofo. Never give up.
Go up to 2 girls.
They push me away after 2nd attempt.
Then a guy comes in and is blocking me with his back. I started talking with him, made friends with him. Later one of the girl was down to introduce herself...but she was in a party mode, just dancing and not even responding to what i am saying. I tried to go for the makeout just for the lulz, no go. Left.

Did some half asses approaches, where if the girl was giving me disinterest I would just not even put in the effort to talk to her.

Courage finally paid off
I see this hot chick dancing on the stage, her dancing is hoooot...I get nervous. Do 1 round around the club, no girls to approach...Fuck I am going in (thinking: fuck it, let´s get a blowout).

"Hey I am Ivi"
She´s drunk. She´s always looking at this dude. But I still persisted. Hug, high five...Introduce myself to the guy, ok, he´s not the BF, just some chode..."Hey, let´s go to the bar" and grab her hand.

I lead her to sit down. She´s drunk,  she´s not talking that much and not even responding to what I am saying...I suggest and after party. "Let´s go, stand up". She stands up and runs off to her friend, well, i follow. Try to talk to her, hey after party, no go, she starts ignoring me, suggested to go to the bar, no go...I left. Got the number but...

Hot bitchy girls? Love approaching them.
So I see this tall, very hot, kinda milf, all done up. I saw her before but was in set, so didn´t approached. In my head I am like "Fuck yeah, there she is, i want her"

"Hey, I am Ivi"
"Sorry, but i don´t meet people here"
persisting for like 4-5 times. After her ignoring me...I left.

Again a super tall chick. Lesson-Smile
Go approach this super tall blonde...seems kinda distant but at least is engaged in the convo. A photographer comes. Takes a pic. He´s like "Hey, smile!"...Take another one this time smilling...I need to smile more. I tried to talk to her, but was kinda getting stressed and she got angry.

At 3 AM, the club was getting empty, I approached almost decided to go home. Fuuuck was out for too long.

-Snapped myself out of the chode mode
-Warmed up the proper way. Starting with the hardest sets.
-Long set, which is a huge success for me
-Being persistent even with a guy trying to tool me, later befriended him
-Fuck yea, going for the hottest girls and hardest sets
-Approached these very tall chicks for lulz
-Smiled a lot, but only when I was in set saying some "push/pull" or when i got blownout

-4 hours
-15+ approaches
-2 numbers, 1 FB

-OK, so I need to be more disciplined. When I say go home at 1 AM, I mean not fucking stay out longer, I also need to sleep.
-Get the number quick, you never know what can happen. Stupid me for forgetting.
-Approaching the hardest sets makes me feel alive.
-I am a persistent mofo. Sometimes too much. But it´s fun for me to persist in a set that´s not going well
-I am enough
-Push pull and very fun. "You are done" "I hate you", teasing her
-Guys trying to blow me out? Just persist.
-Go for the hardest sets..Why? Being ballsy, that´s who I am.
-I need to be louder. The girls sometimes wouldn´t hear me. But being loud makes me feel very stressed in the chest area.
-I need to smile more. Even the photographer just reminded me of that. Probably It was because i wasn´t in a good mood.
-My EC is pretty good.
-Tried snapping them to focus their RAS on me by saying "HEY/her name" in a BR tonality, loudly (credit Julien) 

So main points:
-Be louder
-Smile more

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You ever talk super dirty to these girls?

If I were a smaller Asian guy I'd probably start getting more explicit once I hooked these girls (I mean I do as a medium sized at ran guy Sooooo.

Like I'd be asking them if they knew a little Asian man could fuck better than any n***** from Africa but who knows what that'll do for ya.

You see these hands? They fit in small places lemme show you.

What were u doing the week before your first fuck?
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Awesome - You're doing great mate - keep up the good work :) 
  TOOBAD *Parental Advisory* Awesome Adventures Ahead - A Journal - Alexander~ Sydney Bootcamp of Unproportionate Glory - Feb 26-28 - [/u][u]
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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UtopiaFive wrote:

You ever talk super dirty to these girls?

If I were a smaller Asian guy I'd probably start getting more explicit once I hooked these girls (I mean I do as a medium sized at ran guy Sooooo.

Like I'd be asking them if they knew a little Asian man could fuck better than any n***** from Africa but who knows what that'll do for ya.

You see these hands? They fit in small places lemme show you.

What were u doing the week before your first fuck?
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@U5: Well, i have been going out 6-7x a week for 2 months before the lay and a week before the lay had my BC.

I am starting to go out everyday again, this time mixing in daygame so it will be much more sustainable.

Noticed that going out everyday gets rid of neediness, i just dont care cuz i have the feeling of abundance or the feeling of potential abundance.

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 26.1.2012 Daygame

So went out...when we saw the 1st cutie I go in. She´s like I am too young and leaves.

Very hot blondie
My wing points. I go immediatelly.

"Hey, I know this is unusual, but you are cute"
We talk, I move her a bit to the side. She´s like do you have facebook? Get her FB. Walk a lil bit with her. She´s in a hurry, So i qualified, got the number.

After I walked away, i felt OK. I didn´t felt pumped up like "fuck yea, number from this hot chick"...I was more like "the number is cool, the girl is cool, but i do not need them." and walked away kinda chill, like nothing happened. I think this is key. Like this happens all the time so why should i get excited over a phone number?

Then get 3 insta blowouts blowouts in like 1 minute.

We get to the mall.

Very good approach
I see this very hot a 9, high heels, brunette, etc. I start following her, she goes in to a girl´s shop, I do not get discouraged and go inside. Walk up to her. Opener. "I have a BF" while she´s going away.

See 2 girls in a shop, Well, I had to go in the shop, approached them, they are a lil bit freaked out, I try to go for the contacts no go.

My wing tells me to go for a girl sitting down on a bench...OK, I go in. Sit with her, she´s not into it...but went for the number anyway, no go.

Another solid set
My wing tells me to go for 2 girls...I knew they were foreigners.

"Excuse me, direct opener"
We vibe really well, actually I am suprised. Was very natural, relaxed and charismatic. Got her FB, cuz she didn´t remembered her Czech number.

Then chase down this tall brunette walking fast...talked to her, then walked with her, felt pretty natural. Gave me resistance with the contacts, I wanted the number instead of FB. got the number.

Shocked girl
Approach this brunette...she was shocked. She even told me like several times. We talked, felt pretty natural and charismatic. My hands were ice cold, my handshake was very weak, but other things were pretty on spot. She even told me 2x that my handshake is weak, that i need to learn it. We talked for like 5-10 mins. I get the FB, she´s like I will see about giving you my talked some more, some qualification and genuine compliments. Get the number.

Honest girl, luv it
Direct opener..she´s hesitating and says "honestly I am not interested". "Ok, thanks for the honesty, i wish you a good day, hope you see it as a compliment, bye"

Then got 2 the girls didn´t wanted to give me their numbers, gave me some reasons...whatevar.

The hottest chick i have ever approached during the day
Also saw this fucking hot chick. Total 10, taller than me, model looking, slim, sexy face, high heels...I was her and had to run up to her. She was in a hurry and kept walking, I tried once again by running up to her again, but she said she´s in a hurry. Well, this was near the tram station. Urrrrgh, fucking hot.

-Approached without hesitation
-Did some ballsy stuff
-I completely screened out my suroundings and just focused on the girl. Not pinging externally.
-Approached the hottest girls ever. Like 2 of them today.
-Noticed that I am approaching for the approaching´s sake not approaching for meeting a girl. That made me do the direct approaches kinda incongruently and this yields blowouts
-In some sets I felt so natural, relaxed and charismatic
-Walked away from successful sets in a very chill vibe (not getting excited about results)
-Did 15 approaches and also helped my wing to do 12 himself.
-I qualified the girls, with time i´ll get better at this.
-Was not butthurt at all, if I get a blowout I just wish them a good day and hope they will take it as a compliment

-2,5 hours
-15 approaches
-3 numbers, 5 facebooks

-Need to be more firm with my handshake, have a weak handshake
-Approach girls that interest you, don´t try to get as many approaches as possible. This chasing a number of approaches makes your direct approaches incongruent
-Need to do more ballsy/uncomfortable stuff
-I need to dress warmer
-I need to go solo and do insta dates

Some stuff that I am planning to do:
-Approaching girls in a bookstore
-Approaching girls in a full tram
-Approaching girls in a cue (for example at some clothes shop)
-Approach girls in the center of the mall (high social pressure)
-Approach big sets

Going out often is sooo good. Makes me feel abundant, makes me more charismatic (by immersion and constant exposure to social interactions).

Tired as hell from yesterday...but glad that I still pushed it today.

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try this if they're in a hurry pull out your cell phone and start saying MAAM YOU DROPPED YOUR PHONE and when you stop her put it back in your pocket then you then beast.  

this "plowing" shit can fuck you up but most of the time their blowoff is autopilot and you have to snap them out of it to 'get started.'  

might not actually help out but worth trying esp if its a super hot chick
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 @Moey: Hahaha, thanks. You´re right not really bad looking. Always had the issue that I judged myself for looking so young (cuz I am very skinny).

When I am in a good mood I look very sexy.

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