October 23rd, 2018
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 @LethalLex: It wasn´t that rough....i got a shit ton of worse nights where i feel frustrated.

Do it sober! I never drank anything (very strict about it)...alcohol is for pussies.

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Good effort - you'll get there - make sure you're really making those distinctions on what worked and what didn't - watch Tyler's videos here - this is you -
  TOOBAD *Parental Advisory* Awesome Adventures Ahead - A Journal - Alexander~ Sydney Bootcamp of Unproportionate Glory - Feb 26-28 - [/u][u]
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 @TOOBAD: Yea, saw them and love em. I feel like my progress is going to accelerate since I am going back to basics...focusing on EC.

17.1.2011 Night- Love the state crash

So went out at 23:30 and spent 30 min finding a venue...Uni students have their exams and Brno is pretty dead at night.

So go to 2faces. We enter, I talk to my buddy for like a min, spot some girls and immediatelly go approach them. No hesitation. Ended up talking to them for like 20-30 mins, it felt a bit awkward and boring but I decided to stay anyway. My buddy wasn´t feeling well so he just stood there, not saying anything. I am lacking a bit entitelment and play not to lose...lame. I try to brush and lead one of the 2 go.

I go to toilet and when i get back I see this red head and a brunette...immediatelly go up to the red head. She seems a bit freaked out so I back off. We talk, she´s not very compliant but at least is giving me a lot of EC...After like 3-5 min she wants to leave but I make her stay...but eventually she leaves, later I talk to her, but she´s ignoring me...

Chodin at the bar...I see this girl with a ill fitted T-shirt...I thought to myself that this is a dude but probably a girl. I tap her "Sorry, I thought you are a dude from behind" while holding EC...I saw in her eyes how her mood started to change (looked like hate). She turns her back...I tap her, she ignores...I laught, tell it to my wing and he´s amused. Well, I guess I was distasteful and took it too far.

The kind of girl I always wanted to fuck (a few tattoos, a few piercings, party girl, lower class)
My friend is in chode mode, there´s not many girls to approach, so i chode too for a while, until a girl passes by and orders cigarettes, i turn around.

"Hey, it took me 10 years to muster up my courage to talk to you"

She laughs "how old are you?"


Me: "What are your plans for tonight?"

Her:"Party, get drunk and then have sex" this response kinda woke me up (like in my head i was like: "ding ding ding jackpot")

We talk for a little bit, hug, 3 kisses, I was going for the cheek but she´s clearly going for the peck on the lips. I take her hand and move her 1 feet away. We talk for another 2 min.

"hey, blabla" and take her hand and we go to this more private area of the bar. We talk, sometimes hug, sometimes i am being positive, sometimes negative. She has a tramp stamp a tattoo on her hips also 2 piercings, I am turned on, want to makeout with her but decide against it...she mentions her Ex-BF being here, also that she comes here every friday, etc.

"You´re a bad girl"

"No I am actually quite good, but not in bed"

"I assume you like it rought" pull her hair. Come in almost for the kiss "I am not gonna kiss you"

We talk some more, she´s constantly not facing me full frontally so i made her face me...Get FB, number, ask about what she´s doing tommorow and on thursday "I dunno". Logistics are bad, her ex bf is living with her at her parents place, then she starts to talk about how fucked up his life is (in debt, kicked out by parents)...I see her state going down, I immediately change the topic.

I tell her I live like 3-5 min from here and that we should drink tea tonight real quick and then get back...she says yes, she wants to pee and dance, I make her stay...after another while she´s like I need to go, but I´ll find you later and we can go tonight...i agree.

Wait 5 mins, she´s not comming so I go else where to chill...while being in this set for like 20-30 mins my wing left...I see these girls I wanted to approach before, very hot girls.

"Hey, It took me 10 years...look at muster up my courage to talk to you"

She laughs

Intro. Unfortunately they are leaving, "Intro me to your friends" She does it, i thought that it´s going well, we talk for a min while she was putting her coat on. I say let´s be friends, gimme your number, no go...They leave

so now I am alone in the club. Not my girls to approach so my state starts to go down.

Later I see her and she´s taking her coat, she´s like she´s commin back in 10-20 min and that she´ll find me, I say ok...My state is fucked, EC isn´t on point, I am value taking...I think this fucked up my future chances, durrr.

By now my state is a wreck...So I started taking responsibility of my mood...approached like 4-6 times, blown out everytime. As my state was super low I even stop being persistent, lame...but at least on my last set I followed the 4 times rule.

It was 2:30 AM...I approached probably 90% of the sets...why should i stay? Pros: being in club alone is an opportunity to expand my comfort zone, cons: I approached/burned down like 90% sets and need to get up at 8 AM.

So I decided to go home. Going home I thought about what I did right and made me feel satisfied with myself.

-Started out my night by approaching without hesitation
-Stayed in the set for pretty long even though I didn´t felt like staying there
-I am more calibrated, I start to get how girls did this happen so quickly? Well, cuz I actually started looking girls in the eyes haha
-Said something very uncalibrated to a girl and noticed the shift in the emotions in her eyes, she hated me.
-Met the kind of girl I always wanted to fuck...though she´s def not a GF material, having a loser BF? That says something about her too.
-Again been abandoned by my wing/wings and deciding to stay in the venue alone
-Experiencing a bad state crash and trying to deal with it by stepping up
-Got blown out like 4-6 times while my state was low...was pretty fun and made my laugh (the blowouts)
-Went home aknowledging the positive stuff

-3 hours out
-7-10 approaches
-1 FB, 1 number

-Make this rule: Approach immediatelly when you enter the club, without hesitation...just go
-Focus on EC, do not break it, this will allow you to be calibrated and empathetic
-Just stay in the set, even if it feels awkward.
-Don´t be a douche and tell girls that they look like a man...oh well, I was speaking my mind.
-Always lead the girls, even a few feet will bring them into your reality. This is very useful almost like a "trick". Brush and Lead is the shit.
-Girls can like me for are complete, you are enough
-I am responsible for my when you experience a state crash, then take action.
-EC is key...Do not break it cuz it allows you to see how she feels (actually I did the mind in the eyes 29/36 which is above average, So I am good at it but I wasn´t using it, I wasn´t looking girls in the eyes enough)
-Being in the club alone is OK...who cares? nobody.
-Do not forget to be persistent...I forgot when I was feeling bad

Was an awesome night....learned a lot.

So my main focus:
-Approaching immediatelly when entering a club
-EC, just maintain almost 100% EC
-Staying in the set
-Moving them (even a few feet it enough)

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Shit looks like tatoo girl missed out on ChinaBoy's free sperm sample.  

Good stuff on basic eye contact.  Going back to this a lot and its KILLER.  
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whoop de whoop got 30 on that test.  i think i got 29 like 6 months ago.  yay 1 pt improvement lol
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 @U5: Nice man, I think when i´ll improve my english I could get even more points...English is my 3rd language (but it´s better than my mother tongue-chinese)

Messaged Tatoo girl on FB, she responded until I suggested a meetup...whatever, I am oging out a lot and feel like I do not need to care. Abundance (this is what you get from going out often).

18.1.2012 Night- Amma the bast with tha guuuurls biatch

So arrived into the venue with my wing at 23:40...

Immediatelly upon arriving I follow my new rule (from yesterday): Approach the 1st girl you see. She´s kinda suprised/ a bit, she´s in a mixed set...then leave the coat check i didn´t even try to do anything about it.

Elegant blondie
I am in the row for coat check, see a girl look at me briefly, I give my shit to my wing and then approach them (2 blondes), strong EC, they are into it...laughing, they are out of town. We talk, I see that my wing has left...So I tell them let´s go find my friend...and take Elegant blondie´s (EB) hand and lead them...We go around the bar. Then want to go to the toilet, I wanted to find my I let them go after talking to them like 5-10 mins. (I already got the number and facebook)

I see BH girl (like from 3 months ago, the girl I took home from a date and wouldn´t even kiss me)...I go talk to her expecting a bad response (cuz i blew it with her by being a frustrated retard), she´s kinda friendly and happy that I talked to her. I leave cuz i know that here´s no future for sex.

Haha but no-waste of time
I find my friend and immediatelly approach this another blonde. From the beginning she´s a bit started...I hold EC and she´s laughing and takes a lot of time to say her name...but i persist anyways. We talk, I make her stand up (she was sitting down). I sit down with her, my wing is talking to her friend. As I am talking, I get the FB, go for the number, no some more. I see EB and my state goes down, I have weird thoughts "Oh, she was me with another girl, she´s not gonna like it", WTF? whether she sees me with another girls is totally irrelevant (though can be positive thing-creating a jealousy plotline).

I keep talking, some physicality, she talks a lot. Go for the number again, no go....leave after 20+ mins of talking to her. I felt like a pimp, not getting insta blowouts and at least have girls want to talk to me. 

EDIT: just found out that she has a BF...could have figured it out, the interaction was a little bit too friendly.

I made a big mistake...i should have left this blonde and talk to EB...After this haha but no set I walk around looking for EB...I find her with some dude, she seems very into him and he´s kinda laidback...looks like the Alex´s style (he´s kinda chill and she´s all over him).

My state started to gooo down...I wanted to pull this girl and when I saw that. I felt like shit, thinking "fuuuck this pickup shit, I am not having fun, this shit suuuck"

I go approach some girls, get some blowouts, in some sets I don´t even want to put in the effort.

I go around, spreading my influence...I know quite some people there.

Getting recognized
I walk around and this hooot girl approaches me, I notice that it´s a girl I met from another club and have her FB...She´s all smiley, says that she got out of a 2 year relationship, in my head I am like "ding ding ding, we have a winner"...nope, I wanted to isolate her but no go, she was there with some guy and didn´t seems so responsive. I thought that she was drunk (all smilley but not responsive, not receptive). Messaged her on FB when i got back (she was online), no response.

Girl from daygame
I recognized this girl that i have in my FB (I approached her on daygame when I was buying dressing shoes for the bootcamp, so it was in september). Go up to her. She says that she came her alone, "ding ding ding we have a winner"....well no, she´s not very receptive. Talking to some guy, later tried to brush and lead her, no go. When I got back i messaged her, she lives near the club...she wanted a dick tonight. Fuuuuck, I want to get laid bad hahaha.

I get some funny blowouts...I tried to persist but no go. Whateva.

At least i tried
Approach this girl SBRU (small brunnette), she´s kinda into it, but not giving much EC, probably drunkness. I also met her friends which happened to be some girls that used to go to my highschool (I used to be strictly against approaching girls from my highschool)...Later I find them, she´s talking to some guy, I go up, talk, she shifts her attention completely to me. I wanted to get the contacts, so i pulled her by her hand, stopped by her female friends, So i talk it over to her friends while she talked to the guy, I get permission by her female friends, I pull my girl but the guy is holding her...I tell her let´s go, she doesn´t want to...I give up nonchalantly (not worth the effort).

But at least I got to know her friend TB (tall blondie)...We talked briefly when i was in the set before...some guy offered me champaigne, i refused (no alcohol rule) and he started talking to TB, I saw that she didn´t liked him and said "I know how you feel, do you wanna help with him?" "No, I gave him the signal, I think he got it" "OK, just making sure, some guys don´t get the message"...The guy left.

Boyfriend? Lame
See this tall blonde.

"Hey, It took me 10 years to muster up my courage to talk to you"
"But you haven´t been in this club for 10 years"
"I am Ivi"
"I am...I have a BF, so if you have any expectations, then you need to find some other girl"
"It´s cool, blablabla" (thinking it´s a test)

I move her a bit away. Talk, then grab her hand and sit down. We talk, she mentions BF again. I try to eskimo kiss, no go. Get facebook. She likes me, but she has a BF. We talk for cca 20 mins. So she was being genuine, it wasn´t a test.

Starting to have standards
I see this girl looking at i felt that i need to approach.

Talk, she´s testy, has these hiphop kind of behavior which i dislike, she´s not hot enough, in her midsentence i left the set. Looking back at her, she´s suprised, I am amused.

We have a winner? Not actually.
I see this blonde behind me...I go up without hesitation.

"Hey, I feel very shitty, but i had to come meet you"
"Hey, Actually I am here alone, blablabla"
In my head I am like ding ding ding, fuck yea
I lead her to a sitting area...she sits down like a bit away from me...We talk, it´s not going the best and she just stood up and left. I am confused and amused.

I see EB and the guy...Still a litlle butthurt. But i started to be more positive and took some lessons out of it. This guy spent the whole night with her, like when even i look at them, he was with her, he never hanged out with his friends, he was in the set with her for like 3-4 hours. This is how you pull natural instincts method, no rush, spend the whole night.

See this girl looking at me, go approach. They are testy, I persist...we talk for 3-5 mins...then lead them to the bar. Talk some more, she´s not that into it, i go for the number, i get some excuse, i tell her to pullout her phone, she rolls her eyes and i punch in my number and call myself. Glad that i went for it, but i do not expect anything from this set.

Approach this lone blonde. She´s dismissive right off the bat. I persist and after like 4th attempt we shake hands. Talk for a while. Tell her to take her stuff, i take her hand and lead her to the bar...we talk, she´s tells me she´s here alone (abandoned) but that she´s here cuz of 1 guy. I keep talking, she´s looking away, after another 3-5 mins she just leaves abruptly, i followed her (wanted to stop her), she goes up to this guy and makes out with him.

I go sit down with my buddy...I see TB at the table...we sit down and she comes to sit next to me. We talk very briefly, I get FB, number, tell her let´s cook something, maybe she´ll have time this work week.

We are about to leave with my buddy...I see this tall blonde sitting down, approach, sit next to her, talk for 1-2 min, "what do you want from me?" "I want you" "You are like 1 meter shorter than me" while she stood up. "Actually you are 2 meters taller than me" she left. We are both amused.

At the coat check i tap a girl from behind, no go, i persist, no go, i persist, no go...

Wow tonight I was on i approached like a madman, It was really fun tonight, I was in set like 90% of the time, I see a lot of progress. Like rapid progress...i used to be on this very long plateau and now it´s amazing. I decided to sacrifice sleep cuz i was determined to pull tonight...But left the club at 4 AM.

-Approached immediatelly when arriving to the club
-Very good at EC
-Had girls into me, brush and lead them
-My state went down, but i took responsibility and left the club feeling really good
-Got approached by a girl that i approached before, this time she looked way hotter "You look hotter than before" "Yes, that´s because I go out of a 2 year relationship"
-Met total of 3 girls that vere there alone, 2 of them came here alone (most definatively looking for a dick)
-Approached some mixed sets, I was so on that i didn´t cared
-I my mood was like a rollercoaster, sometimes i felt so go and stepping up was a piece of cake, sometimes i felt very shitty
-Was persistent, well it still didn´t help but whatever
-Some weird shit happening and amusing me
-Was amused by blowouts
-Approached like a madman, but this time it was comming from a right place, I wasn´t like all stressed like before...this time it was much better. I probably approached 90% of the sets in the club

-4,5 hours
-20-25 approaches
-4-5 FBs
-3 numbers

-Follow the rule. Approach immediatelly when you arrive to the club.
-I am enough
-Brush and lead is like a magic pill
-Follow your instinct, go for the boyfriend question so you do not waste time
-State crash? Go do something about it. Glad that i did.
-I am getting so much better with seeing how girls feel, that´s because i started looking girls in the eyes
-If she´s very nice, figure out if she has a BF, if yes, then escalate on her ass. No NIM on these kind of girls, if i cannot fuck her, i´ll try to at least makeout with her
-Some people in the club are stupid, some are totally not worth your time. I start to value my time in the club
-NIM Pull: Approach, physical rapport, stay in the set the whole night (stay no matter what, do not even hangout with your buddies), pull
-Bringing them into your reality is the shit...just moving them a few feet away is a magic pill
-I am progressing very rapidly, very happy about it
-I am actually capable of being social, tonight I was this social guy, Let´s become this social sexworthy guy

Fucking awesome night, A lot of positive reference experiences, a lot of lessons...Glad that I gave up sleep for this.

Fuuuck gotta go to school in like 30-45 min hahaha

BTW: I am sorry that my reports aren´t very readable...but my primary purpose is to analyse my night and take the most lessons out of it. So it isn´t well written text.

EDIT: Seeing progress. I am actually starting to believe that I will become good at this. smile

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 20.1.2012 Night- I need to change something cuz I am getting too many blowouts

So I had to go with the pua community guys...Went out at 22:00 just to hangout. We arrive to Caribik before midnight.

I follow my rule immediately. Approach the 1st girl I see. Goes ok, but it´s a mixed set and they wanted to go inside.

I turn around and see this tall blonde in red dress. Go up to her, talk, move her a little bit. But she isn´t that receptive so as her friend came in I changed to her friend. Got the friends facebook, then they ran off as a song came in. Late found them again, lead them...but they started to dislike me, especially the original blonde, so maybe cuz i got stressed talking to them?

Then approach this blonde at the bar, I was a persistent mofo, turned into a 10 min interaction and then her telling me to leave, after she said it like 4 times I left.

My classmate is in the club, I do not like that...Later I go approach girl and he´s observing me, telling me that he doesn´t have the balls to do that, blabla, Also he pointed out a girl, I just went in...I hope he´s not gonna tell other people so I don´t get harrassed and get annoying comments from classmates. But at least now I do not have to care at all about the classmates seeing me in clubs.

Approach some more girls, always I lead 2 girls to a same spot. I see this very hot tall (like 6 feet 4 with high heels) looking at me. I noticed that she was looking at me a few times as i was in set. I was her with some dude so i go in. "Hey I am Ivi" She hesitates but introduces herself, talk, intro to the guy, she says something about her having a BF (now i realise that it probably was not true), We talk, had been in Shanghai, she´s a model, we talk, the guy is physical with her, I left. Later I see her looking at me/saying hi to me....but she was always with some dude, So decided not to go in, I´ll another chance.

I see TB from wednesday night...hug, kisses on cheek, then go into the club, while i stay outside for a while...later i find her, brush and lead her, I try to go to somewhere to sit but no go, so we went to the bar, minimum talking, she´s like depressed, wants to cry, "would you mind if i just left?" and she left before i could do anything....later saw her with some dudes. My plan is just talk to her everytime we see each other in the club and then go for a date.

Go approahc some more...nothing memorable, just blowouts, Always tried to be persistent but no go.

My approach would be. See, no hesitation, approach, go up to her "Hey, I am Ivi" In BR tonality (probably it was too high like kinda stressful nasal sound instead of deep BR tonality), shake hands, then random talk.

I got so many blowouts, I was pretty relaxed in the middle of the night but probably turned girl off my by "try-hard BR tonality" that sounded very high and annoying.

My wing was going to this after party club, but my voice was too fucked up to continue...well, I guess it because I focused on BR tonality and I force it hard, which fucks up my voice and also gets me blown out.

-Followed the Approach Rule (immediatelly approach a girl as you enter the club)
-Was a persistent mofo
-No hesitation, tonight I approached a lot because I just cut off the reaction time and just went
-Did pretty well during the beginning of the night (just leading girls around the club), unfortunatelly I got worse results as the night went on
-Now onem ore step towards being unappologetic, now even my classmate saw me approaching (I used to want to avoid that cuz I still have some chode "anchors" from the chode days and still feel pretty chode around my classmates)
-Went to the hardest bar with bitchy girls
-Approached a lot, I used to out in my hometown (to keep myself low profile)
-Was like 80% in set
-Approached mixed sets, approached a "couple"
-Several times I knew I´d get blownout but still went for it
-Was in a good mood even thought I got some many blowouts. Before When i´d get like 10-15 blowouts in a row I´d start to feel down and frustrated, but not nowadays

-5 hours of club time
-25-30 approaches
-1 FB

-I get good results in the beginning of the night, where I am more like Neutral tonality
-Tonight as the night went on I got inspired by Brad, so I started to turn up the intensity, by BR tonality
-I suck with BR tonality cuz i force it and it just makes me stressed, fucks up my voice and annoys girls (so they blow me off)
-Doesn´t matter if my classmates know about me meet women, unapplogetic, I am not doing anything wrong
-ZERO hesitation is the shit, that´s what allowed me to approach so much
-Just focusing EC will make the words arise, i do not have to think about verbal content

So the main lessons be the same as at the beginning of the night. Do not do the BR tonality. It was a long night but not much to write about, just so many blowouts and there´s like nothing I can write about the blowouts.

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 True dat smile.

This week has been very "productive".

Fixing/fixed my EC, zero hesitation with approaching.

And last night found out that I am not doing BR tonality right and probably I need to smirk or smile (which I am probalby not doing on the opening).

-Voice (BR, loud)

Also the timeframes of the night are kinda unusual...Much easier in US than here.

Last call is at around 5 AM. But people start to leave after the apex of the night which is at about 2 AM. So sometimes it´s not wait till the end of the night, but they sometimes wanna leave at 2:30-4 AM. Also when it´s wednesday/tuesday which is mostly college students then more people leave before the end of the night.

Not that happy with the results? What can I do to get better results? Go out everyday, I noticed that everytime I go out EVERYDAY after like 2-3 weeks the results start to go up (last time I pulled like 3 times in 2 weeks, with no sex but it´s still success).

EDIT: Fuuuuck, Going out so long made me really tired all day, did nothing all day and gonna go out tonight again, if I didn´t made plans to go out with my wing i´d rather stay home for once so I can get shit done. Like I felt sleepy, tired and sluggish allday.

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 21.1.2012 Night- Penetrating social circle? Meh

Tonight I planned on going home early. Cuz today I was really unproductive, I did nothing all day. Was soo tired/sleepy/sluggish from being out last night for 7 hours. Well, tonight I stayed out till 4 AM. Fuck, that´s too much.

So went out to Metro...the place has a lot of 25-30 yo´s not very classy, rock/punk music and later in the night house music, cuz of the rock music it attracts the less hot chicks.

Again when I entered the club I immediatelly approached, before I even checked my coat...Was persistent but blown out.

Get some blowouts.

See this bored chick sitting down, Go up to her, make her stand up, then lead her away a little bit...we talk, she´s kinda disinterested and is looking away, I get the number (forgot to save her name). Justed texted her get home save but I have zero expectations. Weird interaction, was able to make her stand up and to lead her a few feet away by the hand but she was giving me no EC, looking around, not was definatively not "quiet and attentive". It was more like disinterest.

Tyler and Julien Stealing Game
I am getting bored so I thought of a way how to have fun...steal each others chick with my wing. Tyler and Julien style. This is the most fun and exciting game ever! BTW: my wing is like this over 6 feet talk, very handsome (notice how girls check him out when we do daygame). I am short, not very good looking and skinny.

So I go approach a little blonde, my wing goes in and tries to talk over me. I take her hand and lead her away. Yes, I win. We go to the bar, get FB, didn´t wanted to give me the number and left pretty fast after that.

He goes approach some older girl. I go in, introduce myself and tried to pull her right away from him, no go. He wins.

I go up to these 2 tall blondes. Intro, talk, he goes in and talks, but afte a while he left. I stay there for another 5 mins and then also leave, forgot to take the number (even though they weren´t into me that much)...I win again, he´s like he got a blow out from these girls so they didn´t want to talk to him.

This is the most fun set. He´s stalling so i go approach these 2 blondes...At first one is kinda blowing me out but i persist and get into the set. Intro. I start to talk, my wing comes in. He´s talking to these girls and I also allowed him to talk shit on my to the girls so he started talking shit to me...I completely ignored him, focused on the girls, when he tried to talk to them again i just cut him off with my back...after a while he left. I keep talking with them, my wing comes over and tells me he´s going home (durr maybe i was a little bit too rough on him? he didn´t liked this venue neither do i). The blonde said that he was kinda weird. I ended up talking with these chicks for about 30 mins. The initial blondie who was blowing me out is again kinda annoyed by me but her friend was into me, could see it in her eyes, but i think she may have a BF. I did the questions. "What´s the name of your BF?" "I dunno". She wanted me to stay I wanted to lead her away but no go. They were givingm e shit about my age, told them I am 13. then actually told them my age: 19, they didn´t believed me so I showed them my driver´s licence. Also giving me some other tests which I passed by looking into their eyes, saying nothing and being icey. Later went for the number but no go, she took mine (tried to call myself but no signal), so just got the FB.

After my wing left there were these other guys but they were kinda pussying around and I also approached so much, so nothing was left. I see some girls from my highschool. They come near me and I just instantly approach them even though I saw them earlier and didn´t wanted to approach them. This ginger is really hot, there are there with my classmate (used to be my best friend, feel kinda chode around him). I hug her, then I take her hand and lead her to sit down, we talk for like 5 mins, I get the FB, get the number. Then she leaves to get something to drink, made her stay just 1x and then left her go. Kinda got the feeling that towards the end she wasn´t diggin it, but whatever.

Later met the other girls from my highschool, just hanged out for another 1 hour...then went home at 4 AM.

-Started playing this stealing game, it´s soo awesome. Makes me not care about getting sex but about funny situations that can happen.
-My goodlooking wing didn´t stole any girls from me
-Had a long interaction
-Focused a lot on brush and leading
-Hitting on girls from my highschool-tapping into social circle (duuurrr I have like zero girls in my social circle)

-4,5 hours out
-10+ approaches
-3 FBs
-2 numbers

-Use the stealing game to make yourself more icey, not care about getting sex, have fun
-To win just pick them up/lead them away/block away your wing/ignore him
-Tests? You can just say nothing and look them into the eyes, they will see whether you are reactive or not.
-Social circle? Physical rapport on that, definatively not beastmode.
-Fuck my programming from the past, hanging out with my classmates makes me go back to my chode identity.
-But having classmates in the club si a good thing, makes me care less.
-Looks don´t matter, I am enough
-Brush and lead is the shit, just focus on moving them away a little bit and on isolation
-It´s all good. No need to worry
-Getting contacts? Well, have zero expectations for the meetup. Getting the contacts doesn´t equal to a meetup.

Found out why I am getting worse and worse results towards the end of the night. It´s not like I gain momentum, it´s more like I get stressed because I still have no girl to pull around the end of the night. That´s what´s causing me to be stressed and therefore get only blowouts towards the end of the night. So I need to stop caring about pulling and just focus on the process (approaching/having fun).

Durrr, have no social circle...just some wings i go out with and some friends from highschool, but almost no girls...So I need to improve my skills and then expand my social circle.

Probably had low blood sugar or something and that maybe cause me to feel sluggish and tired. Tonight it´s not gonna be this case. Eating Ham n eggs and corflakes + milk.

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