January 18th, 2019
Nemo's Field Journal
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Hey Guys,

I'm Nemo and I'm planning on posting my field reports in this threat: But before I'll really get into it, some background information about the person who is writing this. I'm 26 years old,  live in Germany and go to university. When it comes to girls, I had a bit of a slow start. I didn't have my first time until I was 22, as I've always been very shy and uncomfortable around girls. When I went on an exchange year to Australia in 2009, I decided that I had to get this area of my life handled.

Through a coincidence, I picked up Neil Strauss's book "The Game" and so discovered the community. I read a lot of the stuff that was out there at the time, mostly the structured, routine-based stuff from Mystery, Style etc. It took me quite a while though before I actually got into the field and started applying these methods. Not until I took my first bootcamp with a company, based in Australia, did I really get into it. They didn't teach me any routines, but their approach was still structured and based on DHVing. I got some success out of it, more than I ever had before in my life, but I never felt completely comfortable with the material that I was using.

When I came back to Germany, I fell back into old, bad habbits. Most community guys that I met in my hometown where weird (as opposed to the guys that I was going out with in Australia) and I didn't enjoy hanging out with them. As most of my friends generally don't cold approach, I was by myself and my old approach anxiety kicked back in. Fortunately I met a guy who was studying in my hometown who wanted to get into this and we started going out together. He did not have as much of a problem with approaching as I had, and so through him, I got back into the field myself.

It was at the same time when I discovered RSD and their material. And in terms of game, it felt like coming home to me. Their approach to learning and teaching success with women deeply resonated with me and I've stuck to their teachings ever since. Especially the Blueprint and Tim's Flawless Natural, but also the free content on RSDnation, have influenced me greatly since then. I love the simplicity of the outer techniques that they teach and the focus on mindsets and core confidence instead. Now I feel that I can go up to any girl and talk to her and that I'm enough. I don't have to be some sort of performance artist that has to impress her first.

Last June, after saving some money, I took a bootcamp with Brad in Munich and that has taken my game to the next level. The core of what I learned there (when it comes to theory) is pretty well summed up in his article:
But the really valuable part is, of course, the infield portion and the feedback the next day. Since then, I've been infield as much as my time would allow it. Had exam period, unfortunately. But there has been some good stuff that I'm going to share.

So that's it. Over the next few days I'll post a couple of field reports from my time after the bootcamp until now, and keep updating this jounal as I keep going out. Any kind of comments, ideas and constructive critisicm is extremly welcome.

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Ok, so here is my first field report. It was the first night out after my bootcamp with Brad and it was Wednesday.

I live in a fairly small town, so there aren't many options on a Wednesday night. Pretty much the only good place is a small student bar that is located in a student hall. The nights in here are inconsistent. There are nights when the place is packed and there are nights when it is completely empty.
When I arrived, there were only a few guys and no girls so I played some table football with my buddy (and trusted wing). After a while a hot girl came in. She was clearly foreign, my tip was somewhere from South America. It later turned out that she was from Turkey. She sat down on a table alone. I'm usually not a fan of single sets in night time venues. No girls goes out alone, so they're usually waiting for someone and I prefer approaching when they're with their friends.
But I approached and introduced myself. She was very friendly and told me that she was waiting for a friend. We kept talking until the friend arrived (it was a guy, unfortunately). I talked to both of them but I couldn't get any kind of sexual vibe going between me and the girl. So after a while I ejected. I wasn't sure if the guy was her boyfriend, but it clearly wasn't going anywhere.

I returned to my friend and we continued playing. After a while we saw a group of three girls, one of them was really cute. My buddy approached and brought them back to the football table. We played with the girls, which was a lot of fun, always switching up the teams. When we had enough, we sat down on a sofa and started talking. I ended up with the cute girl. My friend was fine with it and so I tried to move things forward. After a while all three left to go smoking. We stayed. We knew they would come back, as we still had their handbags. Sometime later only the two not-so-cute-ones returned. When I went to the bar to get a drink, I saw the other girl sitting there with another guy. It didn't bother me very much so I got my drink and returned. After a while I saw them going to the dance floor. I finished my drink and decided to blow the guy out. I approached, talked to the girl and started dancing with her. I took her hands, spun her around, pulled her closer etc. The guy was standing next to us and didn't know what to do, so he admitted defeat and left. The girl was actually quite impressed with my dancing skills (tip: get some basic salsa skills, it's gold on the dance floor). We danced for a while and I tried to escalate things. After a while we decided to sit down again. There was only one chair, so I sat down and pulled her onto my lap.
I started talking about logistics. We were both there by bicycle, but lived quite far away and in opposite directions, not the easiest situation for a SNL. We went back to the dance floor and I tried to go for the kiss a few times but she avoided it. At this point, I didn't think I could get her that night, so I took her number and left.

Two sets that both opened, one that went pretty far (I think the girl was still into me even though she wouldn't kiss me) and blowing out another guy is not a bad outcome for a slow night, at least not where I'm at. What I think I need to work on is consistently getting attraction and more of a sexual vibe during the sets. It has happened to me before that everything went good until I hit some kind of wall and it fizzled out. Also I should be making more moves, being more decisive with my escalation and going for the kiss etc.

Any ideas on these two sets?
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It's been a while since my last field report, so it's time for a new one. I'll start by writing an older one, which was shortly after my bootcamp and then add a new one from last friday.

1. Post-bootcamp: Fun Times (17th June 2011)

It was Friday night and I went out with two friends, both are into pick up. I often go out with the one and we do lot's of approaches together, always pushing each other. My other friend has a lot of approach anxiety and doesn't do a lot of sets.
We went into a club in my hometown. It was pretty early and there were not many people there, yet. I tried to help my friend out and push him into a set, but he didn't want to go, so I did it. It was the first set of the night and I didn't have a lot of momentum, yet. I introduced myself and tried to open hard, tried to speak loudly and use breaking rapport tonality. But it didn't go well. The girls did't really open up to me an I eject. In the meantime my other friend approached pretty much every other group in the venue and got shot down every time and he lost state. We decided to chill for a bit and wait until more people come.

After a while, I spotted a cute girl and approached her with "You are cute" ("Du bist süß", for the German speakers). She responded by saying that "You're cute, too". We started talking an I put my arm around her. She was there with two friends, but they left us alone for the whole time. After a while I took her hand and let her to the dance floor. We danced for a while. I soon pulled her in and we started kissing.

Fast forward about three hours.

We decided to find her friends and after we found them left the club, all four of us. We were two girls and two guys, the girls were from out of town and both were staying with the guy. The other girl was his girlfriend. As we all had to go to roughly the same direction, we shared a taxi. When we arrived at the guy's place, I got out and told the driver to wait. At this point I wasn't sure if I could pull my girl. I just took her number and left. Looking back, this was a big mistake. There were some logistical challenges, but nothing that couldn't be overcome. I should have pushed much harder, trying to take my girl back to the taxi and home to my place. Even if I wouldn't have happened, I should have tried.

All in all, this was still a very successful night for me. I hadn't had that kind of success for quite a while. Furthermore, I managed to apply a lot of things that Brad taught me on bootcamp, like opening hard and leading. I just should have kept leading like that until the end.

I would be interested in people's thoughts on logistics in general, and especially that situation. My main concern was that I wasn't sure of how I should deal with her friends.

Friday, 2nd September 2011

It is the semester holidays and many places aren't as full at the moment. I went out with my wing to a bar. We sat down, had a drink, and talked for a while. We hadn't seen each other for two weeks and had both been on holiday. So we had some catching up to do and some interesting stories (some of which will be shared here).
After a while I saw a girl sitting alone at the bar. I usually don't like to approach girls who are by themselves during the night. Girls hardly ever go out alone, so there is a good chance that she's looking for someone or her friends will come in and interrupt. I usually wait and see what the situation is and then go in.
But in this case she had given me an approach invitation by making and keeping eye contact, so I moved in. I introduced myself and asked if she was alone. She said that she was waiting for a friend. I took her to our table and all three of us started talking. She was very receptive, but I soon lost interest. She wasn't as hot as it had seemed from a distance. My friend wasn't very interested in her either, so we moved on. I later met her again on the dancefloor. She was into me, putting her hand onto my chest. She was def dtf.

We later talked to two girls who we had seen checking us out, while we were talking to the other girl. Both of them were 6es, I would say, so we didn't take it very far.

As my friend had to work the next day, we called it an early night (he was the driver).

Approached two sets, both opened well. Both of them were after approach invitations, though. There were hotter girls in the venue, but I didn't approach them, partly because we had to go, but I also felt a greater resistance in me. Entitlement issue? It wasn't so strong that I couldn't have worked through it.
The two sets were good to get some momentum back, though. I had been out with some friends (non-Pua) a few nights before. After hanging out with them for a long time, I saw a very cute girl on the dance floor. That time I had no momentum and pretty strong AA. I didn't approach her.
I also have the same issue when I'm out during the day and see a cute girl somewhere on the street or in a super-market. When I'm not in a nightclub, where it is more normal to approach, where I can do my warm-ups and where I have my wing, who is very supportive, I'm always battling with myself to take action. Too often, for my liking, I'm losing this battle and don't do it.
Anyone have similar experiences and/or tips on how to get over it?

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Thursday, 8th September


Last night sucked shit. I went out to my favourite club, together with a female friend and a couple of her friends, that I hadn't known before.

I made the mistake of not taking action early on in the night, even though there were some good oppotunities, even an appoach invitation from a really cute girl.

Just chilling and hanging out with my friends got me inside my head when in came to cold approaching. Later in in the night I appoached a cutie on the dance floor. Didn't go anywhere, though. Later on met the girl who gave me the approach invitation before on the dance floor and talked to her for a bit and tried to escelate. But at that point my state was so low and I was coming from a place of outcome dependence so that didn't go anywhere, too.

Afterwards I left feeling shitty. But there you go, took the lessons out of it. Take action early on in the night and build momentum. Otherwise you'll regret it later on.

It's Friday night, so I'm signing off and heading out and TAKE ACTION!!!!!!

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Saturday, 10th September

Just came back from da club, unfortunately alone, but it was an ok night.

I was determined to make up for my bad night of choding around on Thursday. However, it was a pretty slow night in my hometown. It often is during the semester holidays. But I did what I could do, so here goes:

I went out with a friend to an Irish Pub first to watch the boxing match between Vitali Klitchko and Adamek (Klitchko won, 7th round TKO) and we headed out to a club afterwards.

The quality of girls was overall pretty low. We started by flirting with the waitress for a bit. Just for fun. I think this is a good and easy way to get some mometum going early in the night.

My first real set were three girls sitting at a table. I just sat down and talked to them. They were cool and friendly. Two of them were actually quite cute. My friend came in and talked to two of them, while I to the remaining, who was also the hottest. We got along really well, but they had to leave at some point. One of them was quite tired and wanted to go home, the others were on a pub crawl and went on to the next place. Looking back, I could have opened harder. It was a quiet, more relaxed environment, though. And despite that, I still should have tried to number close my girl.

After that I talked to another girl. I'm not entirely sure how that happened. I think she was talking to someone else nearby and then we ended up together. It was a bit of a role reversal. She was the one gaming me and trying to escalate. She didn't do a very good job, though, or rather she just wasn't my type. So I told her I had to go to the bathroom and left.

I went to the dancefloor after that and saw a really hot blonde dancing with a not-so-hot friend. The blonde was, in my opinion, the hottest girl in the venue. So I approached with "You're cute." It didn't go very well. I introduced myself to both girls but it became clear the the blonde wasn't very interested, so I ejected. I could have opened harder, especially in terms of how I used my voice.  My main problem in that situation was that I didn't really knew what to do. In a quieter environment, where it is possible to talk, I can plow through some initial resistance. On the dancefloor this is not really possible, though. I would be grateful for any pointers on that.

Make sure to always open hard.
Take more chances when it comes to closing
Research "dancefloor-game"
Do more approaches
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Hey bro! Your doing good man, keep going out and reporting. For day game I have the same problem so your not alone. I watched Smash 99's day game openers and he just dont give a fuck lol you should have a look at them. 
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Hey blue3boy,

I checked out the videos. Really funny stuff. Quite effective to get you outside your comfort zone

19th to 30th October

It is a very busy time for me at university a th the moment, so I have to focus on getting my stuff done. I therefore didn't go out at night during the last couple of days.  I still managed to squeeze in some day game .Oh yes, and the Pope visited my hometown last weekend and as it is quite small, the whole town was pretty much shut down for all usual activities and no public transport.

Most of the stuff I did was on my university campus, some of it in random places. I didn't go direct with any of those, it was more a social frame. Here are some noteworthy sets:

Girl at a stall, selling juice
I was chilling with a friend in the city centre. We had to talk about some stuff, so we decided to grab a juice at a stall and sit down in the sun.

There was a really cute girl working there, so I started to flirt with her a bit and had a good vibe going. She was preparing a Crêpe while I was waiting.

Me: Wow, that looks like you had a lot of practice with that. You'll have to teach me how that works.
Her: Haha, I can't give away my secrets or people won't come back and by my Crêpe anymore.
Me: Don't pretend. This is just your holiday job.
Her: You're right, I'm actually a uni student.

We were actually doing the same subject, so we talked about that for a bit. When some more customers arrived, I left. She messed something up with my change though and gave me more money that I should have gotten. I only realised that later, myself.
The next day I saw her again at the stall, so I went there to buy another juice. I asked her about the money. She said that she had made a mistake and she that she had to pay the difference (it was only a small amount, I think about one Euro).
So I told her that I wanted to make it up to her and invite her for a coffee. She smiled but said no.

Girl from the club
On my way home from the library I ran into a girl that I had approach about two weeks before in a club. The interaction wasn't actually too good at the time.
When I met her again, she saw me and recognised me immidiatly and we started talking. Nothing special about the conversation, just random stuff. I could see that she was attracred, though. She had to catch a train, so I number closed her.
This was a very interesting experience, especially since our first interaction hadn't gone too well. I'm probably going to call her this weekend. Don't know if I'm going to do anything with her though. She's 18 and still goes to school. I'm 26, will finish uni in a year and then become a teacher. Not that she could be my student or anything. It just feels a bit weird.

There were a couple more approaches that opened and hooked well, but just did't go anywhere. Number closed a girl today.

My goals for day game at the moment are:
-Approach the girls that I find really hot, even if it intimidates me
-Approach directly, even if it intimidates me
-Approach the girls that I find attractive even if I haven't built any momentum e.g. without doing warm up sets

Time to go to sleep for me now. Going out tomorrow and will try to post more regularly in this journal.
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Last night pritty much sucked. I went out with a friend to a bar/club. It was packed, some hot girls. Problem was, I was really tired, maybe a leftover from the hours I spent sleep deprived in the library. Didn't do an approach and left pretty early. I just wasn't feeling it.

Tonight pretty much rocked. I just returned from my favourite club in my hometown. It is as high end as it gets here. Previously I hadn't been here in a while, so in the biginning of the night, the atmosphere and everything was a bit intimmidating. Me and my wing started the night by hanging out on a couch and having a drink. This is usually not a good idea. Getting the first set out of the way quickly is usually better. But in this case we both felt like sitting down and getting accustomed to the environment for a few minutes.
The club acually provided us with an easy way out. They had an event going, called "Catch the V.I.P" At the entrance you get a card with a random male vip, if you're male. You have to find the girl with the card who is the partner of your vip. If you find each other, both get a free drink. That was a really easy excuse to talk to a lot of girls. Easy way to get some momentum going.

VIP girls:

I used my card to approach a few girls and pretty soon found my counterpart. We went to the bar together got the drinks and me and the group talked for a while. My focus was on my girl, The drink somehow made a connection and she was the hottest girl of the group. They later went to the dancefloor and I stayed at the bar.
later I reopened them on the dance floor. They were cool with it. I tried to escaalate things on the dance floor. She was kind of into it, but she turned away from me sometimes, and I had to hook her again. I never got the girl completly hooked.
Also I made a mistake. I got sidetracked. There was another girl in the group who was pretty sexual, with me but also with other guys and even girls. At some point I was dancing with her quite closely. We were almost kissing each other. This change of target wasn't a good idea. I lost the girl that I was actually interested in (the other one was still very hot though) and the other one was a bit of an ADD girl and all over the place.
Despite that, I never had the feeling that I had my girl really hooked into me. After a while I ejected.

School Girl:
This set a bit weird for me. I got approached by a girl, not bad looking, but not really my type. I didn't recognise her at first, but it turned out she was a former student of mine (I'm going to be a teacher and did an internship at a school in my hometown). She was very aggressive with the touching. She was def DTF. I could have done it. We're both not at the school anymore, so there wouldn't have been any trouble. I still though it was weird, though. I probably would have fucked her if she had been hotter. But there were more attractive girls that I wanted to approach.

2nd VIP girl:
She was sitting on a sofa, near the bar with her friends. I sat next to her and opened with the card game again. She turned out to be my counterpart and we got our free drinks. We sat down again and talked. She couldn't stay very long because she had to work the next day. I took her number and moved on. She was cute though, I will go on a day 2 with her if the opportunity arises.

There were a number of other sets, that were not memorable. After a few weeks of not going out, this was a pretty good night and most importantly I had a lot of fun.

Take away points:
- people are generally friendly, even in the high end places
- I should open harder and be more direct towards the end of the night,
- For the next couple of night outs I should approach at least on stunner that intimidates me, esp. when it comes to opening directly.
- More leading (e.g. bouncing in the club)
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