January 20th, 2019
Nam's FR/LR of faggotry
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Since the forum is dead Ima make it not dead.
The following content will include alot of the word "faggot". THANKS Fingerman

An introduction of me.

My name is Nam,Im a 5'8" ASIAN, as a child I was a cool ass motherfucker but was socially conditioned to be a as I grew up. I spent alot of my elementary school years playing video games, and not making friends at all. I was bullied. I was the loser. I was alone.
When I got into highschool, I completely changed. I met people who accepted me for who I was (it turns out we became the popular kids). It was then that I started to become social, make friends, to the point that I was very well known in school. That was all in Grade 9 and 10. In Grade 11, I stopped hanging out with the popular people, my best friend/blood brother moved to florida. I started to hangout with EVERYONE. Hungout with the rebels of the school (lol lost weed virginity). The video game faggots (DOTA 2 IS COMING OUT GOODBYE SOCIAL LIFE). The social circle of people who all came from the same elementary school, and some Missisauga people. I basically hungout with everyone except for the black people in my ghetto school.

When I first started out I was a big pussy, like I couldnt even keep eye contact, my vocal projection was utterly shit, I did not know what to say, I was scared shitless. I was a faggot.
I did about 15 approaches in like 2 weeks, shit I know. At school, tho I was pimp, not trying to brag, I was just alot more comfortable and had massive social proof.

ANYWAYS I'll be updating this thread with alot of stuff I did in the past alllll the way to the present.

Comment if you are reading this, just so I know whos actually reading and I'm not writing shit for noting. kthnxbai
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 Nah, keep it in this forum, we need to counteract the Summer season busineses (ie-people too busy to post).  Good post bro, I can CONFIRM that your vocal projection, eye contact, everything has improved.

To sum up, you've make huge progress in killing what used to be ur shyness.  Congrats.
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Finished work early due to some TV series called Transporter is filming at my hotel. FUCK YA

Ok lets get this started

My first lay after being exposed to RSD (NOT first time I had sex)

I was at school and was taking a course called Hospitality and Tourism, in other words cooking class lol. So after every class we would have food for ourselves or can give it to other people, I had a girl that always wanted food from me, no one else, lets call her HBMalta, she's also like a 8.5 in my book. One day I was so full from eating in class, I texted her if she wanted Chicken Cacciatore. She accepted my offer. After class, she was waiting at the door and I bluntly gave her the package and left because I had to go to my next class. 1 hr after school, we had this text convo.

HBMalta - Your chicken was delicious!
Me - Haha of course
HBMalta - My mom loved it too
HBMalta - How did you make this? I wanna know :P
Me - Well first you cut the chickens head off...
HBMalta - Ewww not wat I meant :(
Me - I cant explain. I have to show you
HBMalta - Ok when
Me - Tommorow after school. My house
HBMalta - Is it far?
Me - Nah dont worry itll be fun ;)

The next day after school, I called her and meet her at the bus stop, I dont remember exactly what was said but we talked about how I don't have a girlfriend and why I don't try to get 1. I basically told her that I'm not looking for a relationship and wanted to have as much fun as I can before I settle down.
Anyways brought her home, made chicken, got physical, ate chicken, brought her into my room, glory.

Miss Forever 21
Am just gonna copy/paste from my old post on this and continue it.

We went to Blush Berry (of course lol)
Max, Jaf and Stephen went their ways after that while Ivan, Jake and I decided to hit up Eaton Centre.
Ivan was fairly new to RSD and this whole pick up stuff so Jake and I were mentoring him while walking around the mall.
I wanted Ivan to approach so I can see how it goes and help him so I gave him a mission.
For every 1 girl you approach, I approach 2. It was a done deal.
We ended up in the Forever 21 store right beside dundas square.

We were than discussing on how amazing this place is to find hot chicks and Jake wanted to find out their store number I think.
So he asked a store clerk for it. Jake got the number and proceeded to leave the building.
This was when the good shit happened.

There was this girl working there and Jake was covering her from my vision but when Jake moved and proceeded to leave I looked at the girl and instantly I knew who she was.

She looks at me, I look at her and did not back off, in my mind I was like holy shit no way.
HB10: *laughs* I know you too! *instantly hugs me* This is so random, I saw some guy go up the stairs and called him a tranny cause he looked like 1 and than I see you randomly standing there staring at me haha.
Me: I didn't know you work here.
A crowd goes between us and split us up for 20sec after that I came up to her
HB10: So why are you in a place like this? You with your girlfriend or something?
Me: Nah actually I'm with some buddies, we came here to pick up chicks :)
HB10: Aww how cute of you. *shows me this dress* What do you think about this dress? I'm trying to pick out a prom dress.
Me: You'd look pretty hot in it but I'm not a fashion kind of guy, I usually get my girlfriends to shop for my clothes.
HB10: Oh my god that sounds fun. I always wanted to shop for another guy.
Me: Ummm ok, gimme your number and I'll make plans
HB10: I wish I could but I lost my phone and I'm getting a new 1 soon but facebook me!
Me: Oh ok, thats cool, I gotta go now since you look super serious at work right now.
She hugs me agian before I leave.

Let me tell you some background on this chick. She is the hottest girl in the school, and I seriously mean it. She is good friends with my best friend but I never really talked to her since I was a faggot.

Miss Forever 21 part 2

So like around the end of May she finally got a phone and I planned my usual day2 for us, my plan is for her to shop for me and I reward her with sex haha. We went to Fairview Mall, she wanted to know why I never talk to her, I told her the truth, that she was insanely hot and theres always guys chasing her.
she said "I hate those kind of guys, sure their nice and all but youre different, you dont chase girls, which makes girls want you"

She was getting turned on by watching me take my clothes off like 20times and I can see that so, I dragged her into the change room and madeout with her, than I stopped saying we can't do this here. But she didnt care and raped me. It was just a blow job. On our way home, she let me look at her messages from like 50guys, there always the same faggotry shit, "Hey what are you doing tonight?" "Hey I saw you today and wanted to say Hi" "You are a dork" "You forgot to say goodbye to me :)"  Just alot of cheesy faggy shit that I dont wanna ever see agian.
We go into my garage, where my hookah/shisha is and I gave her some booze and we smoked hookah for like literally 5mins, than I raped her. After she left, my dad told me he heard us having sex and asked if I used a condom LOL.

P.S. Turning 19 on the 16th of september, so close guys!
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 Thanks for sharing here. I agree with Jaf that we should have field reports local to Toronto posted in this forum to increase posting activity.
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I thought you were gay bro
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Fingerman wrote:
I thought you were gay bro
I love you bro no homo

Pride w/ Fingerman

For the whole month of June, I did absolutely NOTING, no approaches, just being a fag with school and exams, hanging out with my nerdy friends, sleeping alot, gay stuff.
So July rolled up, I was done school, and of course I wanted to go meet RSDTIC after a month of faggotry. Showed up at the picnic/bikini contest, met up with Jaf, than some guy that looks like Jesus magically appeared beside Jaf and started talking to him, and I was like WHO DIS GUY. It was Fingerman lol. We decided to peace because it was only us 3 that were there out of all of the RSDTIC, Jake later showed up as we were boarding the bus. We headed to Pride LOL.

  I was very uncomfortable and scared because I havent been out for like a month and first thing I do is dive right into a street with hundreds of gay people. I felt pretty socially retarded. Jaf peaced 20mins after arriving while Dave and I stayed. We spent like 4 hours of walking around, getting hit on by gay guys and me watching Dave do approaches cuz I was a pussyfag. I left to go to eatons and meet up with a friend of mine while Dave was still at Pride, when I came back after an hour, I met Gabe who I later found out is prince charming, cool guy, I am apparently his adopted son. We went to Acme Burger and met Ted there. After we met Johnny Soporno, I didn't know who he was but Gabe told me hes very famous in the pickup community. He actually lectured me but thats later.

  We walked around for like 2 more hours, me still being gay and not approaching, Gabe trying to help me come out of my shell, and it got to the point that Gabe begged Johnny Sorporno to help me LOL. So Johnny Soporno gave me like a half hour lecture, to summarize it, he told me that my ego is not my friend, it only cares about itself and as long as you approach, good or bad, you'll always win. Girls just want a guy that shes comfortable with and to talk to without him staring at her tits all the time. Saying I never do first kisses on first dates to make the girl say to herself "orly? I bet I can make you kiss me" and get her to game you. Him showing off pictures of girls hes fucking just to prove to me hes not some fake shit. After all that talk I was pretty pumped, I went straight to Gabe and was like "LETS GO", so Gabe was looking for a 2set and all he wanted me to do is to just keep talking, we did like 2 approaches I think, met up with Dave and Ted and went back to hangingout. It started to rain, Ted peaced, and Gabe took $5 off me and said I'll only get it back if I held a conversation for 1min, I couldnt do it,people couldnt even hear me, my vocal projection was shit, so Gabe told me to download this program call Roger Love and do the voice exercises everyday of my life. (Which I did and I highly recommend it, really. Do it.)
  More walking around. Dave told me 2 of his secrets to game lol.

1. Don't wash your hair.
2. When you re listening to music, nod your head to the beat because it creates positive emotions and thus making you more awesome in a social interaction and what you feel is what she feels.

We were about to peace than Dave and Gabe went into a 2set as a LAST set of the night kinda thing, and Dave pulled his girl, Gabe didn't want to leave with them and we peaced.

Gabe still has my $5 till this day and it burns my soul every time I think about it LOL.
But it really gave me the drive, the drive I was looking for eversince I got into this thing.

Freetour w/ Alex

Dave was having a BBQ on the same day and time as freetour. I really wanted to go to freetour and went to hangout with Dave and Ted before 7. Ted met a friend of his and we all went to a bar to have a beer, I didn't get ID'ed YES!. We spent 3hours listening to Ted and his friend's stories, and drinking. Ted's friend peaced and Ted went to hit up some chick at the bar while Dave and I peaced. I went to freetour and Dave went to setup the party.

  I arrive at the hotel, only to witness some kind of commotion involving hobos fighting each other. Saw some people I knew, Max, Jake, Allen, Edward, Stephen, Chris, David, and Sanket. Alex arrived and the hotel fucked up, and he couldnt do the presentation. Instead he just told people to ask him questions and he will answer them. Blah blah blah gay faggotry questions that you can find online blah blah blah. He talked about state, just relax, thats how you get into state. Stop being a "ooo Im out of state" fuck off. Thats probably the only thing I learned from it lol. After the freetour, was chilling, met C. He said I was exceptionally good looking, I lol'd. He peaced to Dave's BBQ. Alex didn't have a place to stay and booked a hotel room somewhere near the airport, but before he leaves he wanted to eat, so we ( Max, Allen, Jake, Alex and I) went to a Korean Grill and hungout, I was post drunk, so I was pretty much burnt out. Alex showed us the video he was working on before he released it. It was very inspirational. We all peaced after.

If you havent seen it here it is

More to come, I really gotta finish this shit and start writing more up to date shit =/
one day....
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