November 19th, 2018
Real Social Dynamics First Ever Multi Topic Focused Thread: Money + Women + Working Out
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JRad: Id rather burnout then be where I am honestly. I can always rest. I cant deal with this.

An Update:

Past few days have been fucking ridiculous. My energy level is low and I find myself walking around with a completely blank mind. No thoughts, no intense feelings, just complete calmness. Not neccerarily peace. But calm. I miss my active mind and I feel like, If I were to start meditating it would become peace opposed to just mental silence.

On to the important stuff.

Began working on my SEO company, recruiting and interviewing salesmen. I have written a plan for super intense reviewing of principles of SEO I forgot and need to refamiliarize myself with. My goal is to begin cold calling this week like this:

I am going for the meeting on the calls. If I get the meeting there is a solid possibility of getting the close. I found a company I will outsource to as I do not have enough time to deliver the work and work on other things and enjoy life. I will at some point take over my own contracts maybe. I dont really care about giving 50% of $1000 to the company whom is SUPERB and only worry about getting sales. Opposed to 100% and no time and losing my mind. I want to get 10 appointments by the end of this week. And 20 the next. I will keep you updated on this area with any tips or successes.
I have released another ebook and it is doing well. Not really much to talk about as it is pretty much textbook case of good copywriting + something actually worth doing + good presentation = money.
I may have to travel to Pakistan + Phillipines for a busines oppurtunity as I am planning to use the money Ive saved up from releasing products for setting up an Outsourcing Company. This, if it goes through well will have me with unparralled money and oppurtunities and resources.

Gone out twice the past week. Pretty much slowly discovering the oppurtunities available. Went to UGA this weekend a salsa club the weekend before.
Salsa club was cool. Got there early, left to eat came back and the club was packed. Lack of spanish = noticable lack of interest for girls to tallk to me at all. Blown out left and right. TOO MANY GUYS. Probably 1 girl for 8 guys. Seroously. Not much to say about this night besides learn spanish + how to salsa to get it in with the girls there. It makes NO sense.

Next ahhhh Athens. What can be said besides...What. The. Fuck. So many girls. I was with a friend and entered a club in Athens. Had bad approach anxiety and was sort of intimidated. The girls here were WAY hotter than anything I had been around in awhile. Chilled the whole night not doing much UNTIL. I SAW A GIRL that made me go hmmmmmmm, well... That I just knew I wanted. She was grinding on a guy(CHODE) and she looked at me. I knew in that moment. I wanted that girl. I loved her hair and eyes I waited for a bit. And began walking around the club looking for my friend. Me and him chilled more and starting acting stupid and dancing having fun since I was bored not doing anything. Girls or not, I was going to at least have fun dancing mannn. I see her walking around. Approach went something like this...

Me: “Hey, where are you from”
Her: thats not important 
(We start grinding) THIS GIRL. Could grind SOOOO well. She was about a 7 but she was definitely an amazing dancer and that was one of standards for girls that she blew out of the water in addition to her looks and such.
I leaned back on this metal bar and she start going crazy grinding on me and Im rubbing my hands on her blah blah blah.
*Note: I was completely just having fun and total unsure what I was allowed to do. She seemed to be liking me alot. As I definitely had the most swag in the place in my opinion and am a great dancer. But I tried to keep it as ok as possible. Start making out. She is all over me. Lights come on.

This is where it gets fucked up.

The guy who I came to see at UGA had been grinding with her earlier (not the chode, this guys game is STRONG, and his frame + vibing ability is unparralleled) me and her are walking out hand in hand. She keeps kissing me and hugging me. Im like “YESSS GOT HER” and I tap the guy, and say dude whats up. He sees me with her and starts talking to her. Focusing heavy. I realize I left my jacket in the club. Run in to grab come back. He is ALL on her. I couldnt distract him, or even get in without literally grabbing the girl and starting a tug of war match. We start walking abck to my friends car with the guy and her and a group. I felt like Jeffy (minus the beasting ability) in 9ball when he had to battle that guy for the girl at the end of the night. I just didnt know what the fuck to do. I never get my girl stolen. Ever. So I was totally unsure of what to do. I just got silent. I tried a few times to interject but this guy was so focused on this and was getting this girl more and more til she was like IM SPENDING THE NIGHT AT YOUR DORM . I was like fuckkkk. Game over. We eventually get back to the car. I go home. Sleep. Bleh.

LESSON OF THE NIGHT: Get over Approach Anxiety early in the night. Start approaching alot daily + going out at least three nights a week for night game + everyday for day game. Read up on vibing and maintaing a strong frame + how to amog. Ive never had to do that before so I was fucked.

Personal Development:

Started meditating today from now on on a schedule. Personal peace and contentment.
Lucid Dreaming, started a LD journal. Will start doing Induction techniques tommorow. Might help with creativity and sorting out my shit I think.
Been reading DL journal. Crazy. Will continue reading and taking notes.

College and Random Thoughts and Comments:

My college is boring as shit....enough said.

I have a difficulty having fun. Its like I almost forgot to just..have fun. Ive been working and doing homework and playing soccer. I just sort of forgot. How to just relax and party. Any suggestions on how to chill the fuck out and start enjoying myself? I am just too much in the work mindset at clubs and not socially unstifled.
Stumbling and befuddling: When I talk to girls. I stumble. When I talk slow, people lost interest. So... what is the solution? I dont know what to talk about so I say shit that is either boring or just not something they care about. What should I do? I plan to read through all of the RSD Gem threads to start internalizing this information once again that I used to know. I also have been practiing expressing myself as I think this might help as well....

Til next time guys.
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Thanks Man, I appreciate it.
I hope so, I am trying to pretty much just starting going out enough until I start seeing noticable improvements. And very true, I have decided it's the small things that are going to lead to major differences regarding fitness such as cutting out junk food and shitty drinks out of my diet as well as drinking ALOT of water daily and starting my metabolism early as possible. As for sleep I plan on increasing my REM ratio when sleeping so I hopefully feel less like shit when I go to sleep and eating a small amount of something before bed so my body isnt starving those 7 hours.  Im in this for maximizing my time.
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"Transition...The Fucked Up Paradise"

Everyone appears to be in transition. To a new job, to a new relationship, to a new dream and life even.
The Process itself is disregarded as just being a part of it and not 90% of the beauty of what you are attempting to achieve.


Current HeadSpace:

I am battling to figure out what I even really want. I used to lie to myself so often, not watching my thoughts that my inner distractions are blinding me to what I should be paying attention. I am negative still. I was positive for a bit thanks to a mini challenge I did, but then the old habits reasserted themselves. Meditation. Meditation. Meditation. A friend in Toronto suggested it for benefits and I have been meaning to get to it but of course I lack Time. My time management is horrendous. I misuse so much time and miss oppurtunities because of it. I dig my own holes and bury myself in it in terms of school, sports, and even girls.

I've been trying not to focus on girls but that is impossible apparently. I lack the basic control to simply say NO women for x amount of days. I find myself contemplating girls on different continents, different cities, different colleges even.  Is it neccesarily bad I am so...women oriented? I think this whole lack of sex thing is becoming a noticeable problem. Should handle this soon...

Im lacking direction here as I feel I can go anywhere I want to it at this point..

Athens, Girls, Possibilities, Bros B4 Hoes

I went to Athen's georgia this weekend and did a fair number of approaches. I was so impeded by knowing noone + felt an underlying current of a questionable amount of confidence. I am noticing more and more I switch between complete unfettered arrogant confidence and contemplative lack of self esteem.  I need to develop core Refrence Points. How? Approaching. How? Getting rid of fear and build self assurance and just doing it.

I need a car. Soon.

I need a personal assistant to manage my time for me. Soon.

[/]I went to a party friday night, a girl I was very into was dancing with this total dode. I pretend to ignore her as I walk by, more interested in surveying the area first at this dance/party thing. The girls are ok, but ALOT of dodes. Not alot of talent. :( Sad face. *Reminder of need to get into more social circles and get in venues with more girls I feel compelled to approach*. She yells my name reaches out and grabs me. I hush her and tell her as soon as she is done and wants to dance with a real man, find me. She complies and finds me as soon as the song ends. She starts grinding on me. Im not ESCALATING AT ALL. I'm just in complete observance mode of her body and her style. It's so...cute. As if I was taking it all in as she moved her hips against me and felt my hands on them. (Its a problem I have, of not being proactive enough and being too...this is awesome).  She is enjoying the dance, but the guy she was dancing with was STANDING. RIGHT. BEHIND me. Creeper.

She tells me she wants to go back to dancing with him. I leave and run past her periodically with a girl or with a friend. Note: I do this so she seems me having fun without her and shows Im not the usual dode that is (outwardly) focused on her still. She is eyeing me as she is dancing with him and obviously is interested. She grabs me and asks me to talk to the guy. I tell him "bro youre being creepy, let her dance around". He agrees and proceeds to go stand...three more..feet away. I dance with her a bit more and go have fun. Jumping around, having fun. Full on usual  sstupidity.  I see her dancign with another dode. I sighhh. When will her taste improve. I go grab her and we walk outside and we begin talking. I DID NOT ESCALATE OR KINO. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME. We are having a mundane convo and I come across as her shoulder to cry on in my opinion. We chill go back to her dorm, and chill on the steps. THen we go to my dorm and chill in there. Again the convo is a bit less mundane. She talks about her unusually short sex life, her interest in exploring more. I banter, and qualify her toooooo hard. Damn. I did not kino or esclate AGAIN in my dorm, just taking the bantering approach for some reason.. almost like I was hoping SHE would act first.

I know. I know. What. The. Fuck.

I dont lead enough. I am too lofty and not as engaging as I would like to be. I vibe a bit. But I dont take enough chances and really delve deeper into the girl. Instead opting to intellectually engage her opposed to emotionally and physically leading her.  Sometimes I am so uncalibrated though when I go no logic I kill the interaction.

Long story short, em and her were in my room for two hours. half in the dark. It was my fault for not leading. I am almost sure I viciously murdered my only chance with this girl. As tonight I saw her again, including a few other times where I was too..uh.. bantering and not enough serious mode engagement type stuff. Not Too much fun I think. She acted like she hated me at first. Then warmed up to me. Then when I complained and some other really retarded shit, she instantly went cold again. I think I need to reread and immerse myself in game reaidng to get the concepts back into my head and take a bootcamp asap.

I am almost positive that interaction is dead. But hey, Im by alot of major unis. I need to get my grades straight. get my car back. Go and just approach everyday for a few hours and hit the club until I have a good social circle beside shere. There are MUCH more girls out there and I need to not get onetis over this one.

In Athens we arrived a bit early and the club was empty, we walked around not really approaching any girls, and the night pretty much was mundane. Not enough approaching. Not enough out of my head, instate party fun mode enjoyment. Blah. I know where I need to improve.

Game + The Character of Myself:

[/]I recognize the neeed to return to the basics. I need to rebuild. Get a grasp on the process and really understand the female psyche and what makes a man attractive to a woman. I am so confused on the principles that it shows through my game. It comes out jumbled and gargled. I will be going it to the old route: Reading Game Books + Regular Good Books such as Mastery etc. etc. + Lots of Approaching + Bootcamp and Traveling on the Weekends. I need to have hobbies and learn to control my retardedly high magnetism to women. I need to train harder for sports and do other things besides think of girls all day.

I want to be the Dos Equis man eventually.

Business Update + Connections

I have been working on my next two ebooks to release and I will be using this to finish up the Outsourcing Firm I am building overseas. This will grant me a retarded amount of oppurtunities and cash once it is completed and the staff training is finished. I am heavily involved in that process and will soon be back on my SEO Business work. I have found three solid callers to assist in the cold calling and meeting proccess. I will be posting my Powerpoint and script once I begin seeing some good work. Why? Because I dont intend to do this very long. Just until I get bored. Also, the competition is stiff already. Everyone is calling, so whats a few more people. 

I have been working on my Networking Plan for businesses in Atlanta. THere are a few businesses that once I become close with key prospects, could signal a great transition in personal wealth and power in my life. As well as other connections that spread into the nightlife area and include club owners etc. etc. that will grant me the ability to connect and get into some upper end places and thus upper end girls.

School + Grades
Things are going ok. I dropped a class. But the rest are manageable. I just need to set aside a certain amount of time each day to work on my classes work as I am too spontanteous now and it shows in my work quality in my opinion.

I plan to do a study abroad this year. Any suggestions? I am considering japan, australia, or paris.

Sports, Salsa, Meditation, Spanish

[/][/FONT]In my spare time, I have been studying salsa videos and learning spanish. Why? I love hispanic girls. I love. Love. love. Hispanic girls. In my opinion there is no better women. They are passionate. Beautiful. Interesting. Though in some cases. crazy. I have been accelerating slowly. Trying to find speaking partners to practice with and taking group classes twice a week. My salsa is progressing decently fast. My spanish is slow as aforementioned. I am trying though.

Sports, I am not really training seriously. I just havent been. I dont really have a vast amount to say on this, though I will tommorow most likely.

Will update more tommorow. its 3:34 am. So Apologies for the rant like post. More constructive post tommorow.

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An Update:



As of late, Business has been business. I have been working on two new ebooks that once are completed will assure some steady long term work and big ticket prices.  The ebook after those two, will be used specifically as cash for resetting up my SF team and getting back to work on that.  These two, are going back into the WS process + ppc.  I am doing the outline for release today and tommorow. A friend is coming back in town so it's questionable how much will be accomplished. May just not sleep tonight and work straight until class.


I have been trying to get new oppurtunities for content release and finding quality repeat buyers. I have made it my goal to not only provide the best priced, but best quality content around and spread it to about two or three forums max, so that it isnt completely a service and it makes a better connection with the forum owners because they feel they got something unique.
I am finishing building up a forum account before i release my service on a new forum and will report back on how well that goes tommorow.


Depending on the sales of the next ebook, I want to make the transition to releasing products for others and on my own time I wouldve used for releasing products to PPC. So nothing too serious on this end.

-Outsourcing Company and Longer Term Work:

I found a good licenser of workers and now as I work on my own, I will study theirs and pick out flaws which I see. One of which, most outsourcing companies are either not detailed enough when describing their services or just not good at helping the customer through the process of understamnding WHAT THEY NEED.  So, they miss out on alot of quality test oppurtunities that makes the customer want to return and do more business opposed to keep searching.

-Sustainable Business? HA!:

I want to eventually have this all solidified. I am currently engaging in a twenty day challenge starting today to see how much I am capable of accomplishing in a short amount of time.  I want to see some dramatic changes in my life but I also want to see steady incremental progress. I know what I need. I know what I want for now. That's what I am working toward at this point.

-A Word to those that are just starting:

Motivation. Motivation. Motivation. If you can stay focused and make progress daily and dedicate THREE good solidd hours of constant work and not B.s. half hour work with 2 and a half hours of checking fb. Well.. you are ahead of the game.  If you need help. I recommend a game BEFORE you start. Why? it helps to get out some of those prebusiness jitters and helps focus your mind on a task. A good game I use before working is Tetris Battle on Facebook. It is my favorite game and is great for orienting myself for problem solving.


-Frat Parties:

Went to a frat party last night. It was so weird. Just walking in and seeing people socializing and having fun. I feel like in comparison to my university where its extremely pretentious, other univerisities have fun. I see the importance of simply introducing youtself and getting to know people.  I was so in my head and *I NEED TO HAVE SEX* oriented, that It blinded me to the oppurtunity to just have fun and be social and get numbers from everyone. These people become my lifeline for more fun later on. 

-System for Building Social Circle:

I sat down and began contemplating a system. A system of bringing new people into my life, guys and girls, and how I would organize it.  I start by approaching alot daily number closing like crazy for the purpose of first just making connections. This would requier I talk to EVERYONE and also lead to developing SHARP conversational abilities.  Its not just what you know, its who you know.  Then, as I qualify the chicks, I either categorize them as potential fb, gf, just friends for chilling with, cute arm pieces for when I go out/have a party.  Those that have the women, the men follow.  By doing this, I categorize the women Im not interested in/interested in into one category etc. etc.  so that I know what I will have a good circle of women I enjoy being around and potentially have a few I am hooking up with.

For the guy side, I find guys that seem cool that I would either chill with/ go out with/invite to a party. Plus, having a few guys to offset the girls can help in handling the balance and making sure everyone is happy (Secret society shit or whatever article I read) haha.  Also, outside of women, these are guys I can chill with, play sports with, doing something cool and share an experiecne with that arent total faggots.  An entourage of sorts can eventually be produced. A problem I have now is I lack a circle of friends who are actually TRYING to do something besides just study and wait for success to come. Imt alking guys that want to fuck girls unabashedly, meet people, do new things, make money, have fun. Ive met ONE, and he was online (torontokid knows he sees this lol). Ive made two cool friends that are down for adventure recently on campus too and just two are better than an army of tard friends in my opinion as it puts me in a better state of mind as i actually ENJOY being around them.

Also, a good social circle allows me to get into clubs easier as I make more connections, get services easier, meet other business owners and network for more business. When I turn 21, I want to get into the NightLife scene as I find it fun and interesting. One place has a near monopoly on where I live int erms of complete night life dominance. But I am sure I can undercut them as they promote everything whereas I would only promote good shit.

So System would go: Daily Approaches Like Crazy ==Categorize==> Group hangouts =====> More approaches =====> Social Circle grows ===> More approaches =====> Clubs + Parties ===> More approaches ====> connections =====MORE APPROACHES.

It grows and grows and grows. My garden of potential.

-How do you learn to talk: How to Win Friends and Influence People + What Else?

I was recommended a few books by friends, but I am also looking for books on how to become a better conversationalist. Vibing works, but I need something more solid and easier to implement. I will try and figure somethings out in the meantime until I find a good source.


-Getting in Shape:

Sooo, ive lost weight, BUT, I am not putting on muscle. Soo, More proetin, less oreos...less sprite...less pizza...damn you college cuisine. Working on it.
Lifting is going good, I think I will get noticeably bigger within two or three months as long as I stay focused.

-Sports Everday + Lifting:

Part of my morning routine, is running and kicking around the ball and doing 20 shots to help wake up for class and get my mind in gear, that, meditation and tetris equalsme being pretty ready to go. ANd I workout in the afternoons or have practice and swim.

-Eat Healthier

This is the only area going nowhere. I cant eat healthier. It seems imposible. THis campus has no healthy options nearby besides the walmart. I suppose I could go shop once a week and keep it in my mini fridge and cook it myself opposed to eating in the cafeteria, but its  amajor social point to go eat with others, I suppose I could only go to eat a salad and eat my full meal later.



I am a strong believer in systems. I like to have a system for everything. Motivation, is definitely one of the more important areas to have that in.  I realized staying focused is one of my weaker areas. I need to feel motivation and fire pumping through my veins to make me get things done. Randomly I get motivated to do something important.  I need to get and stay motivated. So things I plan on getting done for motivation are: A Motivation Board on my wall, list of quotes on my wall as well, goals written out on my wall, standards for living on my wall as well, watching something motivation directly after meditation in the mornings before class and I get to work.  Looking through that rsd thread of motivation (it seriously does help).  I want to get all this up by thursday.

Any other ways to stay motivated?

-Logistics Are Hell:

Ok, my campus is 45 minutes from the city. I have a few options. I am definitely getting a car soon as I cant wait for my parents to give me back my car.  I will buy a cheap car and get insurance. The options though are, to alleviate my lack of good logistics, I could get a really cheap apartment and simply crash there friday-sunday. OR make friends and crash at their places on the weekends.

The former would permit me to be able to have a place to actually pull a chick then to her place or to a place almost an hour away...

Any suggestions?

-Fuck Boundaries:

Everyday, I want to push my boundaries. Living higher and doing more than the day before. I want to really make the most of the time I have before I lose verything. When you die. You die.

General Shit


Some guys are going to read the following and laugh. Others are going to hate majorly. Either way. I was laying in a bed with a chick a few days ago that I thought was pretty hot. Another guy was in the room, but the only reason I didnt go anywhere...was because I was afraid to escalate. Let me repeat that. (oh and know I am aware of this). I was afraid. to. simply take a chance. This girl, was next to me, I was playing with her ass, and she was laughing as I was tickling her and shit.....under the covers together.....and I didnt...try. (side Note: It didnt really hit me as an OH FUCK SWEET LAWD WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE until just now as I type this....FUCK) Why, I was playing not to lose. I was playing afraid. I have to really internalize the thought process, girls want me, I am awesome, I have nothing to lose. Play to win.  I realized though the next day, when I approched a chick and she was on me hard, I was thinking (sadly) dude, I can play tetris after this before I work, OH BOY! So, I was actually genuinely I dont give a fuck having fun throughout this because I sort of had a prupose. A stupid other purpose. But in that moment, was nothing special and I got the number close. I need to find an actual reason to do things besides getting girls. Right now lol tetris. Its tangible. its something I know makes me happy. I enjoy doing it. Business, I enjoy making money. I enjoy doing shit with it. Sports, I enjoy doing it. I enjoy it. 

Breakthrough through Enlightenment:

I feel like if I start pushing my boundaries enough, Ill start having consistent breakthroughs and will eventually lead to a great shift after all of them that when I look back, I will be like DAMN I was afraid of that?

Daily Posts;

I will either begin updating daily or every three days to show what I have done and keep myself accountable.

Mindset Day:

Wednesay, I am going to go through as much of Awaken the Giant within as possible whenever I have freetime, until I complete it. I need new belief systems in terms of women and success. My belief systems that are fucked up, are the only thing inhibiting me.

Progress + Priorities + My Locked Up Challenge of 30 Day Productivity on a Personal Level:

I am working on getting my current priorities:
School. Business. Myself(mindset, working out, salsa, spanish, art, swag). off the ground. I am doing a 30 day Productivity Challenge to see what I can do in 30 days and will document it here. 8 Hours a day will be focused on progress. Complete. Total. Focus and leading to doing something that will change my life.

Weekend Trips = DC, Toronto, California, Florida, Texas, Winnipeg, Montreal
December will be quiet an adventure whilst I am in Australia + Thailand + japan vs. Brazil + Columbia + Argentina
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Its a long story. I was debating so long whether to get the car or not since my parents kept promising to give me back MY SUPER AWESOME SWEET CAR. I dont want to waste 10k on a car that I would other use a bit for business (alot for business actually) and otherwise for getting women. ughh, its a messed up debate. Plus the stress of going through car insurance and such is neccesary and definitely worth it. If anything I will incorporate my new business and attribute it to the company car and expenses because about 80% of the uses of the car will be for going to meetings + making money.

And thanks, I am just trying to navigate my way to a better living condition as, despite it not being terrible, ther is alot to be desired.
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Sweet Jesus. last nigh was hell on earth. Will update more later on where i am at tommorow morning. I dont want to post prematurely my experiences with. Though, I have alot to update tommorow.
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Another Update:


Three weeks later. Three weeks later. Three weeks later.

These past few weeks have been easily some of the most mentally trying and arduous I have ever faced. I have learned brotherhood. I have learned secrecy. I have learned concentration and how to maintain a strong frame against whatever is thrown at me. I learned it’s all in the delivery and the timing. I’ve learned what makes someone a fantastic orator, what makes someone a man or a child…. And so much more.

It’s crazy.

Along the way though, I’ve had the shit kicked out of me repeatedly. I’ve lost the easiest lay I would have ever had, and a really great girl over sloppiness, fear, and lack of knowledge.

Grades have slipped some, and I had to late register for classes as well.

As I write this, I am on my way home from school, mentally exhausted, body aching, concentration completely blown.
This will be a long post, because I am trying to both log three weeks worth of events AND lessons/new theories and information that I have accumulated and would like to share…. bear with me please.

The Struggle: Brotherhood, Girls, Classes

I joined a highly selective frat on campus. It’s main purpose isn’t like the usual which is to just drink and fuck. It is moreso a network of a small amount of super super super tight brothers opposed to the massive sort of chill brothers network you find in most. It’s been called a cult. Even when I was in it initially I said “Damn, This IS a cult”. But it became much more than that and it was easily one of the hardest experiences, but most rewarding experiences of my life. It was intense. I got blindfolded, the shit beat out of me, questioned, broken down and built back the fuck up. Even as I try to articulate it outloud so I can write it down in the same voice….I just… cant.

It was, amazing, difficult, mind breaking, life altering, hell on earth, and more.

I remember the first night they made me breakdown for the first time in over six years. That’s huge. To bee able to do this to me, even my closest family can’t really do that to the same degree. These guys weren’t like everyone else on campus. They were confident, intelligent, successful, put together, and always in control. Everyone wanted to be them, and everyone tries to be with them. But now I see WHY. They had to go through that shit, and were forced and taught to be confident always, know you can handle anything, and do things that would some people.
Fuck, it was an experience. Talking to girls is EASY in comparison to that. She can never hit me as hard as I was hit. That emotional resilience appears whenever I get rejected. It’s almost like I laugh because it’s so absurd for me to be rejected.

I still try to maintain my usual humbleness though. All the guys in the group are humble yet confident, and well centered, never leaning too far to one side of confidence, neither shy nor sociopathic. I went through that bold stage of HAHA IM AWESOME. WATCH AS I URINATE IN PUBLIC AND BEHOLD MY GOLDEN SPLENDOR….. but it just always felt incongruent, and even though it was funny, hilarious and fun, it just wasn’t me.
Which brings me to my next point.....

I lost the hottest girl on campus. I lost a few of the hottest girls on campus. Due to lack of straight up action, too much gaming and not enough escalating. Too much assholish banter, and not enough balance. Also, just lack of knowledge and experience to know what to do in that situation. It was moreso in the beginning of the three weeks then at the end, but they were sure things I fucked up by pussyfooting around it. After writing this, I realize it wasn’t that bad at all, and I can get more girls now I am free of pledging.

AS for school itself. Yeah, grades are only decent, gpas probably a 3.5. 

I will now work to get it to a 3.8 and I will be happy.

No idea on a major. Need to shadow some people and see what would make me the happiest.

On the Map...

The friends I made during that process are irreplaceable. They are my brothers. Through and through. I realized how I have the ability to not only take our brotherhood on the map on more then just a college level, but also help my brothers each get what they want. I like being able to contribute and offer back for all that has been given to me.

I want to throw massive parties with girls I’ve invited from daytime approaches and make them the greatest. I want us to become the go to guys if someone needs something, anything, because we offer the most value around. I want to make things happen.

HeadSpace Chronicles.....

I feel confident. Sometimes it’s a bit faulty and my frame can crack a minute amount, but that’s just because I need to get more experience handling various situations under my belt and doing things I enjoy. I have enough I could dig down for, but I want to build more ontop of that.

I am trying to accumulate more knowledge about pickup and become more versatile. So, I am going to begin a 30 day challenge now that I have a car. I will go out and approach 30 days straight a minimum of at least 20-30 women day game or approach for 3 hours straight if I go out at night, or both depending on obligations and classes.

I think this will benefit me a massive amount as I will definitely meet some interesting women. It will also allow me to sort of flushout my system of past girls as I focus on the future.
I decided I am going to start talking to everyone as well. Male and female whenever I can. I need to get more practice at just conversating with people and getting to know others, as well as Itd be cool to get to know some more people and network. I use to do this to an insane amount when I was younger, but now as I slid into social reclusehood, it could benefit me a lot.
(An aside: I HATE when girls find me good looking, and eye fuck me, and when I walk up and open my mouth. It all dissipates. It’s weird. It’s a problem I’ve been dealing with.. it could all be in my head because it didn’t go as I would have liked, but either way, I need to learn to address this.)

Also I need a date for an event, new girl vs. random cool friend...decisions...decisions... so... I will keep you all posted on how that goes.

The Process + Personal Development (Homebound)

I’m headed back to my house to get better grounded.

Meanwhile, Ive been formulating my mental philosophy regarding progress…

The process of action is essentially, idea formulation, potential assessment, refinement, motivation, action, execution, results, analysis, execution part two, and so on. Your action can occur as one of two things, an ax slicing chunk out of chunk until it gets through quickly. This is when you take huge steps and make leaps and bounds until the goal is accomplished. You either hit well and make lots of progress, or you fuck up and either do nothing or accidentally mulitate yourself…. Anyways… even sometimes the instruments of your progress, your money, car, job can break and you are forced to either do it by hand or simply go find new tools and start again. This can be frustrating, because a lot of power behind something for a mess up causes monumental let downs and loss of motivation as well as exhaustion.

Conversely, the process could be like a snowball, roling down a hill and becoming a massive snowball and eventually an avalanche. Its slow and incremental and becomes large and unstoppable by bringing many variables together, such as having the right environment, proper conditions etc. etc.

I am a fan on the latter. For instance...

First I generate a concept. I want to be a DJ.
I research DJs, I find DJing mentors, I pester the shit out of them with questions, I question everything, and I try to isolate the variables that makes them a good DJ, and what makes someone a bad DJ. I learn the equipment inside out, I surround myself with good musicians, club promoters, and women, knowing I want to DJ at clubs. I take private lessons in exchange for giving the teacher something, money or lessons of my own. I practice with a set plan meant to advance my skills. My practice + working with experience + hands on teaching + surrounding myself with both a motivating and success oriented atmosphere it’s easy once I get decent or good to get money from it and enjoy the benefits.

What begins small, becomes bigger. If I just went out and bought a bunch of DJ shit, and said fuckit, Ima sit in my room and practice all day until everyone recognizes me, it wouldn’t mean much. I feel like the atmosphere and who you network with sometimes can outdo talent. This is evident in many artists that are garbage but are famous, and contrastingly, many non famous artists that are stupendous.

I need to build an Environment condusive to my goals..
Over the next couple of months, I will be working to build an environment that is condusive to my particular goals and interests. Large social circle of women for gaming purposes, yes. Large circle of business owners, photographers and club owners for business pursuits…yeah.

Business + Art + Mod Phot….

I have begun working full front again on my business after my immersive three weeks in hell. It comes so naturally it’s almost like I was hardwired for it. That’s what experience feels like. Before I was flying blind into personally uncharted territory, unlike now, I could do this with my eyes closed.

I am working to build a solid Social Media Company, revamp my PPC campaigns, and to work on my Outsourcing business overseas. Once I have more results, I will post again, but most likely soon I will do an expansive business only post because I have a lot of ideas I need to air out.

Even in business, your social circle can be your blood line. If I wasn’t disinterested in working, I could get a telecommute job making $200k a year, that allowed me to travel for free easily if I didn’t hate the idea of working underneath anyone. I hate it, hate it, hate it. I could do it, but only if I was forced to.

The money is the motive…..

As for my art, my acting is remaining at it’s finest, and I just need to start doing productions and doing private lessons again for me to improve from here on.
Sports, same old same old training, beasting, not much new to report there. May get to play in the Olympics in Rugby. Swaggin. I just need to fix my nutrition, If I were to train consistently, and take eat well. Jesus, I could only imagine my abilities.

That is all for now…. Cheers.
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 Great enthusiasm :). But your focus is all over the place! 
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