January 17th, 2019
SKO! SKO! SKO!!!!!
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Sup, I'm 25. I'm French Canadian. I love girls. I love sex. Discovered RSD by pure luck. RSD resonates ALLOT with my style & philosophy.

On to the good stuff:

2 weeks ago, on a Wednesday, I went to the Skrillex show with some friends. Awesome performance. At the show, I got a girl on my shoulders and I "danced" with a couple of chix too.

I'm feeling awesome. My shirt is soaking wet ("Security" kept throwing water at the crowd lol.)

After the show, I meet up with my wing (Mr M) and we go to the only solid place on Wednesdays: PBs.

Lately, I've been gaming with almost zero alcohol involved. I had 1 drink that night.

As soon as I walk-in, I can feel that the girls feel my good vibe (Their eyes lit up, smiles across their faces).

I open a couple of sets, to no avail. Hit the dance floor for a bit, then go vibe with some more people.

We open a 2 set outside (We grabbed them as they were going in). It goes very well. The four of us have a very good vibe going. Just laughing, shooting the shit. They're French. And one of them is visiting from Montreal (Lets call her Vicky).

We lead them to the dance floor. The Dancefloor is the perfect spot to get even more physical.

I dirty dance with my girl. I also salsa a bit when the proper song comes on (I just know the 3 basic steps lol). I eventually (5-10mins in)go for the kiss, I get the cheek twice, then on the third shot, its ON. A quick make out (leaving her wanting more. ). More dirty dancing ensues.

At one point, my girl eye codes her friend, they say they'll go get a drink and they'll be back.

The key part here is to stay cool. I tell my wing to just stay here, they'll be back. They are just making sure everything is cool with each other. If after 15 mins they are not, we'll just go grab some more.
5 to 7 mins later, they are back drinks in hand. Dancing resumes. More kisses occur, but no full intense make out. I can clearly tell she wants more.

A bit of time passes, we decide it's time to go.

We hit our local Shawarma place. I'm sitting with the 2 girls and my wing almost fucks it up by flirting/grabbing hardcore with some other girls in line lol.

Sko. We tell em there's an after party at my place (we mentioned this earlier in the interaction while leaving the club). Instead they invite us back to their place, they have a pool.

My girl, Vicky, is driving. So I propose to go with her, and the friend goes with my wing (My wing is sober & has a car). They prefer not, and just give us the address. It's a 20 min drive away.

Let's go! We missed the exit to their place & have to make a detour. Both cars end up arriving at the same time.

We get in the house, I take Vicky to the living room. And my wing ends up in the basement with his girl.

Hardcore make out on the couch. She tells me "We have to go in the shower. Do you understand?". Yes I do, you have your period. Fuck it, shower time. Its a bit uncomfortable having sex in there, but very do-able.

That body is SMOKING she barely weights a 100lbs and has C cups.

( I also hooked up with her again when I visited Montreal for the RSD free tour last weekend)

Ze end.
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 Sick story bro. Keep that shit coming. I'm surprised the waiting game worked, I guess you and your wing created enough attraction to bring them back. 
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Thank you man!!  It took maybe ~1hour till we go into the cars, so not too long lol. Btw, I'm the one that suggested "Puking, your best story & logistics" to Alexander at the free tour.

bordon wrote:
 Sick story bro. Keep that shit coming. I'm surprised the waiting game worked, I guess you and your wing created enough attraction to bring them back. 
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 Sup gents,

I figured some of you guys might enjoy these stories & the lessons that come with them. Lately, the quality (looks wise) & quantity have gone up for me. I've pulled a new girl every single weekend for the month of August.

Julie: It was a Saturday night at liquor store (Late July). And for whatever reason, I was just extremely calm & centered. I was exhausted from the previous nights, but in a good way. Kinda like how you feel after a solid workout at the gym.

I see a HOT (a solid 9) girl having a cigarette by herself on the patio. I introduce myself calmly and sit down beside her. Right away, she's like: "Why are you talking to me?" I respond, looking deep into her eyes, "Your the most attractive girl here, so I had to say 'Hi' and get to know you." She breaks eye contact first, and I can tell she liked it judging from her body language.

We proceed to have a deep, 1 hour conversation. We talk about ambitions, dreams, travels etc. I'm also physical during the interaction: Touching her at key points in my stories, putting my legs on hers, etc.

Logistics aren't working that night, so we exchange phone numbers.

3 days later, she calls me up around 3pm:

Hey Mortalis, its Julie.

Hey, what's up?

I'm in your area, wanna hangout ?

Sure, im done around 5

Mmmm, I live far, my ride leaves Ottawa at 5:30pm, is it ok if I crash at your place?

Mmm, yea, shouldn't be a problem.

We meet up, do groceries together. Cook ourselves a nice meal. Bed time, the rest is history.

Here is the month of August:

Cassy: I end up at Liquor Store a Saturday night around closing time. I see two girls I've met before (but never hooked up with). They are super happy to see me. So I lead them to the Industry side of the bar to dance. I dance with my chick (very physical)& Vastan comes, and actually takes care of the friend (Thx chief). He isolates her. Good.

We all end-up at Garlic corner after the bar. We get a Shwarma, then its "Cabs are here!" time. Afterparty to our place. So me, Vastan & the two chicks head to my place. We make a couple of drinks, then I pull Cassy into my room. The rest is history.

Cayla: On my way to a pre-drink at Tspongt's place, I meet two attractive girls on the bus. We chat it up, we got a good vibe going. We exchange numbers right before i get off the bus. That night, me & the boys go to Studio, then we split up & i end up at Tila with another dude.

At Tila, its the usual: dance with girls, isolate, makeout, screen for logistics & go for the pull. At closing time, im outside Tila just chilling.

I spot the two girls I saw on the bus earlier. They recognize me. I say "Yo, after party at our place, let's go". As we are looking for a cab, Mr Big comes & wings me. Good timing.

So me, Mr Big & the 2 chicks end up in a cab. Mr.Big's girl is kind of hammered & is all over the place.

At my place, Mr.Big's girl is saying random shit like "I was raised Christian & i've never heard of cigarettes & homosexuals until I was 18!" and in the next sentence, she's like "I want coke (not the drink)". GREAT lol. My girl, Cayla, is receptive to my touch, but she's afraid of what her friend will think.(She literally tells me this) 

After a bit, the friend get's a phone call and walks outside the house. I grab my girl & go to my room. Fade to black. Funny thing: Not even 1 minute after we are done having sex, the friend busts in my room and screams "You fucking slut!!". They proceed to have drunken verbal abuse in my living room. Great. I kick them out after things calm down a bit.

Miriam: I was at my buddies wedding. We are close, so me and the other boys spent the entire day together. It was a beautiful, NON boring wedding lol. The reception had an open bar. So I took advantage of that lol.

I spot this SEXY blonde girl & blue eyes in a beautiful dark pink/red dress (a 9). God damn! I go talk to her and just shoot the shit. We have some friends in common (Duh, its a wedding lol) . As the night progress we chat more here and there. Then I invite her to the dance floor. We dance in a very sexual way for a LONG time lol. Eventually we make out.

We go to a more secluded area of the venue and I finger her a bit. No underwear, yessss! As the crowd dies down a bit around 2am, I pull her in the men's washroom. Handicap stalls are awesome, WAY more space. She bends over and the rest is history. Half-way through, I realize there's a guy taking a dump in the other stall lol. Ah well.

At the end of the night, me & Miriam go back to her place. She has a condo with an AMAZING view. More sex ensues.

Nadia: So I realize i hooked up with a new girl for each of the past 3 weekends. And my ego kicks in, making me want to achieve a full month of new girls. So, I go out Friday. No dice. Saturday, no dice. Sunday, no dice. FUCK.

So, I seriously let go of it. How? I focus on just having fun & enjoying myself. I go out with Tspongt on Monday night to Addiction. He convinces me by txting "500 wild 18yo running around". We skip the cover & the line. We are both having a total blast. We open left & right, having fun. I go on the dancefloor, dance like a retard. Grab a SMOKING hot little cutie. Grind, makeout. Finger her on the dance floor a bit. I try to pull to the individual washroom where you can actually lock it. The bouncers catch us & we get a warning.

I say "let's go out for a bit". Then, I lead her outside. Then "let's go to my buddies car". Then we walk by an alley, we go in, wall slam, make out. Sex. She's short so doggy style is weird. I lay down on the wet pavement . More sex as the rain starts to trickle down on us. After sex, we go back to the club, its not even midnight ;)

I txt Tspongt, he pulled a chick back to his place. My girl leaves for a Rez party around 12:30. Tspongt comes back to the club and we keep beasting.

Last week: Sex 5 times with 2 of those girls + another regular.

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LOL! You never know what can happen when you go out! That's what I love about this "game".


I was at an Entrepreneur's meeting last Thursday night. It ended around 11:30 & by the time I got to the bus stop it was midnight ish. 5 mins after, a nice looking chick shows up to my bus stop and lights up a cigarette. I do small talk: "Man, I wish i had a cigarette right now. Quitting is hard you know".

So we chat a bit. I smoke one of her cigarettes. She tells me that she was at the club & her friends left early so hence why she's here. 

At this point, all I'm thinking is "I want to go home & sleep. I have a busy Friday morning". 

We hop on the bus & sit beside each other. She's making conversation & I'm just being polite.

At some point, she's like "I'm not tired, I don't want to go home. I'm coming to your place." 

I nod.

It turns out she lives on the same street as me.

We get to my room, I put music on. 

No prelims, she just gets undressed sucks me.

I pound the fuck out of her.

After sex, she says "Thank you! That was the best fuck ive had in a while. You know what your doing. That's good."

She gets dressed & Ciao peace.

I love this randomness. 
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