May 21st, 2018
Brad bootcamp Lisbon July 15-17
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Hey guys,
Here is my report of the Lisbon bootcamp with Brad on July 15 – 17. I don't remember all the details but I'll try to give you guys a good insight on how it was.

My background:

I was a total newbie before the bootcamp. I've been reading PUA related articles and forums for years, but I always sucked with women and my only experience was some daygame approaches that didn't go well. The first night time approach of my life was in the bootcamp.
Since I have always been terrible with women and that has been the greatest source of concern in my life I decided to invest in a bootcamp to get that shit handled (and I'm glad I did).

First day:

I arrived at the place where I met Brad. TWK and SummitGod where also there to assist Brad (all of them are great guys who helped me a lot), the other student (also a very cool guy) arrived a little bit later. I don't remember the last time I felt so nervous and uncomfortable (and it only went away when I started approaching later that night).

We stayed there for a few hours talking mainly about the approach. Eye contact, tonality and vocal projection – those were the three main things we talked about. I loved this way of doing things – no bullshit, no routines, no made up stories – just three simple things that any guy can do.

After a few hours talking we headed to the place where we would start approaching. For me this was the worst part of the bootcamp – for a guy like me who was about to approach girls at night for the first time, that 10-15 min walk was pure torture :p
We started with some street approaches in some really crowded streets. As soon as we arrived Brad told me to approach a set of 4/5 girls. I approached them, they were spanish girls spending their holidays in Lisbon – I don't think they were interested in me, but at least they were nice which helped reduce my anxiety.

We kept approaching in that area for a few hours and after a few sets I got my first phone number. I had already opened that set and ejected two times, but Brad told me to go there one last time and ask for the number of one of the girls who was interested in me. Even though she never replied my text, that number boosted my confidence a lot. By this time I was already very comfortable and confident.

After approaching in the streets we headed to the club and stayed there until the end of the night. Since I was having problems approaching mixed sets (I was freezing and ejecting as soon as another guy entered the set) I did some approaches with SummitGod and eventually managed to keep talking and gaming the girls even with another guy around. I also did some sets on my own and some of them opened really well (which was mind blowing for a guy who could barely say hi to a stranger a few hours before that :p).  Even though my sets at the club didn't go as well as the ones on the street, I learned a lot and managed to have a great night at the club on Saturday.
Around 4am I was getting tired and went back to my hotel to get some sleep, and that was the end of the night.

Second day:

We started second day earlier, we met in the afternoon just to talk. Brad asked me and the other student about our sets and the lessons we learned the night before. I also asked for some advice on how to be more playful in sets (I was way to serious the night before) and Brad told me about self amusement (which worked great).

We met again around midnight to start the second night. We started with street approaches again and I was feeling somewhat stifled and uncomfortable and that was probably the reason why the sets in the street didn't open as well as the night before. I did some exercises with Brad, TWK and SummitGod (raising my arms and yelling in the street, counting aloud until people started turning and stuff like that), approached a few more sets and by the time we arrived at the club I was feeling a lot better.

My night at the club was a lot better than the night before. TWK gave me a hat that attracted a lot of attention (I loved it!) and a girl actually opened me and started playing with the hat :p He also told me to be louder, which made sets easier to open (this is something I have to work on, I'm usually not a loud person).
I opened some sets with SummitGod and they went better than the ones we had opened the night before. I was starting to get used to the pressure and was handling it a lot better.
By 3.30 Brad told me and the other student to go open sets on our own (no more pushing us to open sets). It was harder to do it without anyone pushing me but I did it and eventually got a set that went very well (to bad I was stupid and ejected... I could have gotten at least a phone number... maybe even more than that).

Third day:

On third day we just met in the afternoon to talk. We got some feedback about the weekend and some great advice to continue improving our game.
Brad and TWK told us to watch the Blueprint and recommended some good books for us to read.
We talked for a few hours, exchanged numbers and e-mails and the bootcamp was over.

Final thoughts:
The bootcamp was great, what I learned in just one weekend would have taken me months to learn on my own. I can't wait for the weekend to start hitting the clubs and practice my game. I have the whole summer to work on this and for the first time in my life I have the confidence and motivation to actually do it. Now I have to practice getting more physical with girls, being louder (vocal projection) and stop being afraid to ruin sets (escalate more!). I'll keep you guys informed.

Also want to say thanks to Brad, TWK (thanks for the hat man :)), SummitGod and the other student for all the help and the great time last weekend.
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why are you thanking TWK for the hat ?? I paid for it !

haha, good times man ! epic
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 Haha.. But I gave it to him..

Afonso You were awesome! Girls loved you.
Great write up.
I'll send you a PM so you can get the pictures.
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Thanks guys ;)  Great times in Lisbon :)

I've been going out 2/3 times per week just to practice and it's being great. Approaching girls is actually funny once you get over the first "rusty" sets of the night :p

Can't wait to see those pictures ;)
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