November 21st, 2018
The Brad- Aura - Pulling on Lisbon BC, July 15-17th 2011
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 hey guys. I assisted with Brad-, had an amazing experience.

so my track record - I've been to the Summit 2010 and took a BC with Alexander~ in March 2011... lost a bit of the momentum before this Brad- BC, but still full of the right mindsets, tools, and expecting to have a great experience.

just as I did in my Alex~ BC report, I'll write two short reports: one for clients, and one for guys already in the community who want some fresh Brad- material. I'll keep it short and focus on the main points.

here we go !
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Report for clients
let me start off by addressing a specific point... I'm not going to compare Brad- and Alex~. I had the priviledge of being present in an Alex~ and a Brad BC in a very short amount of time so I got very precious knowledge from both... but I won't compare them. I don't wanna be put in that position. they're both amazing instructors, each in his own way, and if you're thinking of taking a BC with either of them it's up to you to choose.

so, what can I say to clients? as an assistant, I was present in the BC in its entirety. I had read Brad's blog before and watched his Summit presentation, but never saw him in action. after this weekend let me tell you... Brad- walks his talk. during the BC Brad- coached the students with incredible professionalism. not only did he give out his opinion on matters, he called on us assistants sometimes to make the points even clearer to the students. he made sure the students got the principles, he used multiple analogies to explain it to them, and told stories to reinforce them too.

infield Brad- knew exactly what the students needed. does this student need to open more girls, does this student need to stick in sets longer? Brad- has an amazing clarity of concepts. I had the priviledge of being present the whole BC but at the same time not part of the instruction. that allowed me to actually realize the students' progress because I had some distance from the process. I could already realize changes in the students at the end of 2 days.

and apart from the opinion I have of Brad- professionally, there's the personal opinion I have of him - Brad-'s a hard worker in every area of his life, he's a chill guy with a lot of knowledge and it was awesome to be part of his crew and assist with him. when Brad- says he's firing on all cylinders in his life... it's completely true.

so if you're wondering wether or not you should take a BC with Brad-... you'll get your money's worth times ten. there's no way you can lose with him.
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Report for RSD dudes
first of all let me tell you about the Brad- aura... Brad- has a strange aura that makes things around him have sex. during the debriefs in Lisbon pigeons started having sex. ha. the first night on BC with Brad- I kissed one girl and fucked her in the bathroom, the second night I kissed two girls, one of which in front of the boyfriend. realistically I like to think it's due to my skills themselves, but it's no doubt Brad- has mystical powers.

so Brad- has a very effective manner of thinking of attraction: you convey high value and she's attracted. if you don't hook or open you just didn't convey enough value. simple. to convey in value, go in hard. how do you go in hard? there's three main components:
- full frontal eye contact
- vocal projection. just being fucking loud.
- tonality. the known command & challenge tonality.

since taking my Alex~ BC I had stopped monitoring any kind of variables, and always focusing on the long-term having fun, self-trust, and test beating. so it was kind of interesting to now, having set down the long-term base principles for myself, actually return to calibrating some variables to actually make the long-term process even more effective. I realized in my case I was not using enough vocal projection.

me and the other glorious assistant KWT made exercises opening girls with loud openers. because I had to be loyal to my Australian roots I chose the "OI" and we went full blaster mode. I was skeptical of the projection and tonality variables (I thought it would be something like, good enough is good enough, just don't do bad), but no. by being loud and using breaking rapport, most girls INSTANTLY HOOKED. as in, giggly, smiling. girls would turn around and open us.

I focus mainly on the Alex~ principles for long-term attraction and game, but Brad-'s three aspects to conveying high value are fantastic for short-term attraction. the way Brad- told us to think of the longer picture is: go in hard and convey the value until the set hooks. after the set hooks, then you can chill back and just talk not worrying about conveying value.

Brad- gave the students advice to focus on the approach. he told them, even if you have fucked 150 girls, I will still tell you to focus on the approach. it's the kind of element in game that can always get better. the better you get at it the faster the girls hook and the more they are attracted. you can always get better by focusing on the approach regardless of how good you are. Brad- told us that he himself still focuses on the approach.

something really interesting I noticed is the similarity between some of Alex~ and Brad-'s mindsets. in my BC Alex~ told me: "the focus is on you, you are awesome, the girls will always come". Brad said: "you are the hero in your own story. it's not about the girls running around". this was interesting cause it's not the kind of thing Alex~ or Brad- wrote in their blogs (I think I've never seen these mindsets actually written down). it's the kind of thing that you find out casually by talking to someone, and Alex and Brad both casually said it. great minds think alike !

also, Alex~ says to use deliberate illogicality, right? his definition was "it's something you use to amuse yourself and the girl doesn't understand. so she's aroused". well, when we brushed the subject of conversational topics, Brad- said "choose something that you have fun with, but that the girl doesn't understand". boom. full correlation of principles.

about the whole concept of vomiting words and saying stuff to amuse yourself, there's one golden distinction Brad- made: it's not the words. it's the actions behind the words and what they communicate. it matters that you're having the intense eye contact, that you're leading the girl, that you're going in for the kiss or trying to pull her. it doesn't matter if you're talking about cats, your job, whatever. words are only the excuse for you to be next to the girl.
Brad- has these famous situational openers: "blinking, you're blinking". "stripes, you're wearing stripes". "plaid skirt, you have a plaid skirt".
talk about something you are interested in. she will find you interesting as long as you are interested in what you're saying.
pick something stupid only you understand and have fun with it.

saying something that amuses you and the girl doesn't understand is thinking this way: "look, words don't matter, if I'm gonna talk to her I might as well have fun, enjoy myself and fuck with her". so you have your own fun and you just talk shit, and the subcommunication and value is just there, in the background, working every second. so another aspect that Brad- didn't mention but that I think does mesh very well with his principles is the time concept. the words don't matter so it's the actions that matter. so they are working, like a background thing, the more time the more you casually take action, leading here and there, going in for the kiss, trying to pull, and the more she's attracted.

some notes on calibration: you have to trump the stimulus level. if there is music, as in a club, make sure you are louder than the music.

about tonalty: command and challenge tonality creates a vacuum. I would call it breaking rapport. Brad- mentioned calling it breaking rapport is kind of wrong, cause you're not really trying to break the rapport, you're just using commanding tonality. if you use "trying for rapport" tonality you're pretty much filling the void. using BR tonality creates a vacuum, creates tension. what's now? the girl will feel the tension and invest in you. the more there is a vacuum the more the girl is drawn to invest. filling the void yourself is not conveying man traits and will not get the girl to invest.

Brad- mentioned he just loves going into interview mode in BR tonality. this is kind of hard to picture if you haven't heard Brad- using BR, but the girl is like "I do this and that dadadada". "really?". "yes, I do this and that, etc etc". "interesting". it's like, short expressions in BR to keep her investing more and more. Brad- used an awesome analogy somewhere (I can't remember where I heard it, blog, Summit?) that it's like you're talking to a dog. sit up ! come here !

one thing Brad- mentioned, is leading when the interaction tends to stall. when the girl is twirling her hair or checking her phone most guys are like "oh no I'm losing her attention what do I do?". Brad- says he views this as an opportunity to demonstrate value. so when she's checking her phone be like "hey ! I'm talking to you". loud, BR. and so on. as Brad- mentions in his blog, the spinning plate analogy. when you feel like it's dying down, boom, convey more value. or lead.
Brad- says, if you're just standing there and she's just standing there it will tend to stall. so lead. hey, let's go to the bar. let's go meet my friends.
leading. as soon as the spinning plate is losing its edge, lead. man to woman frame. close close close.

something Brad- mentioned to the students (pretty basic detail for newbies but might come in handy anyway) is that girls don't see working hard as working hard. be lazy and don't work hard. if you work hard in this game the girl will see it as "this guy is stressed out, why is he stressed out?".

detail to convey value: statements not questions.

inside the club girls are initially less receptive to opening, but they are actually more receptive afterwards to talking and physicality itself.

Brad- makes the division between social time and game time. be social until like 2:30 (Lisbon time, extrapolate for other cities in specific cases). at 2:30 it's game time. you turn that man to woman mode on. sexual eyes, bedroom eyes, the physicality, the whole deal. the whole sexual appeal.

Brad- mentioned girls initially cold are mostly screening to find a cool guy. so when the girl is initially cold most guys think "damn she's cold". Brad- thinks "oh, she's screening for a cool guy. time to show off the skills".

about ego protection (this was a specific student advice but might come in handy for whoever): buck up and go. she's leaving with her friends. will I look like a chode following them ? if you don't you'll lose the girl anyway. so buck up and go. and the same for similar situations.

an advanced aspect is using silence. use eye contact and create silence to create an even bigger vacuum. you show you're massively comfortable.

scare the girls ! be too loud. "EXCUSE ME I'M A LOOOUD AMERICAN".

good conversational topics: your life. something current. so if you go out friday, saturday you can say "oh we were here yesterday, not as busy, etc etc".

the first 5 sets of the night don't matter, never analyze them. they're warm up sets. when you're by yourself hit up those 5 sets pretty quickly, cause there is nobody to hold yourself accountable.

when you miss what is called a "window", like the right time to go for the kiss, etc, use value to reset the girl. use tonality/vocal projection/qualification. you just reset the girl and try again. girls are very short term.

some upper level points for advanced guys:
- using silence and holding eye contact
- being unapologetic. are you a player? yes. I want you in my bed.

this is basically my notes. be aware some might detailed, some not, and I wrote down some for reasons I can't remember. but it's mostly all there. hope this was of use (I guess to everyone but specifically Brad- students). cheers guys

miscellaneous realization: it's curious how Brad- and Alex~ use different terminologies but have a lot of aspects in common.
Alex~ says "say something that amuses you and makes her not understand". Brad- says "say something stupid only you understand and have fun".
Alex~ says "influence the girl, verbalize beauty to her face, use intense eye contact". Brad- says "be direct, use full frontal eye contact, be unapologetic".
Alex~ says "invade her space, fuck with her, be unpredictable". Brad- says "use vocal projection, be loud, and use the command and challenge tonality".
Alex~ says "make moves and expand your reality". Brad- says "lead lead lead, close close close"
Alex~ says "if the girl doesn't game you you won't get laid". Brad- says "get the girl to invest using this".
Alex~ says "it's about you! you are awesome! the girls will always come". Brad- says "you are the hero in your own story, it's not about the girls running around".
great minds think alike !
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Cool report man, thanks for sharing this. I just took an Alexander bootcamp and it's great to see all those principles written again and compared to Brad's.
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 Epic write up. Don't me any of that bullshit about not being good enough at english, I haven't seen anything this good on rsdnation.

Lisbon was damn sweet.
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 shit yeah!  thanks bud!
great notes

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Interesting man,was always curious about brads game. Didn't really get it when he explained it at summit, but makes more sense now. So his whole attraction thing is really just tonality at the beginning of the interaction then just chill back? Strange as well cos he's so damn chill when you speak to him-hard to imagine this commanding voice ;-)
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 What did he teach you about dancefloor game?Does he gets blown out more there?
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Thanks for sharing. I personally understand Brad's stuff better.
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 Brad is a pimp
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Thanks for your always interesting write ups. 
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