December 13th, 2018
FR: Spontaneous Summer Night
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Spontaneous Summer Night

I was working one week ago and forgot my breakfast in the morning rush of tiredness so I had to go out find some sandwich. I went into the closest coffeeshop and was looking at the sandwiches behind the glass counter when I suddenly saw a great smile amongst the sandwiches. The waiter. A quite cute average looking brunette with beautiful eyes and a great smile on her face. I pointed at my sandwich.

- So.. are you eating this here?
- No, a takeaway please
- Are you sure?
- Eeeeh, well… yes?
Im confused.. what is happening?
- I want you to eat it here!
- Well… maybe next time?
- You'd better eat here next time! with an huge smile.

I went out with this awesome feeling. Was she hitting on me?
Of course she was. And I didn't manage to both understand, read and act upon the situation.
I should have number closed her or maybe told her that Ill only sit there if she makes me company.
Any other suggestions?

Forgot breakfast again. Damn. Or wait… time to meet the coffee waitress ;)
Long que this time… but no one came behind me. So I was alone with the girl when it was my turn.
I had planned a number close at the end.

- Hey you again! Eating here this time?
- No i unfortunately have to work
- Thats bad.. cause it is my last week here
- Soo whats next?
- im going to work with blah blah blah
- So we should meet up some day. Give me your number…
She wrote down the number and name at the back of the receipt.
- What your name?
- It's Hank. Well see ya!
Went back to work.

Lated that afternoon I texted her;
- Hey girl, are you still mad that I did the takeaway again? LOL /Hank
- Yeah it still hurts…
- How can I make it up to you?
- It's your thing to figure out
- A glass of wine and good company?
- Sounds great, when?
- Are you spontaneous?
- Yes
- Meet me in city in 1 hour
- Okay!

So we met up and I took her to a poolhall. She was all very skeptical and withdrawn.
- Im NOT playing pool! I want adventure![=rgb(255, 0, 255)] [/]blah blah quite bitchy this one.

Tried to loose it up with funny stories and she was slowly becoming more cool.
Sat down in some sofas talking, getting to know each other. Better vibe.

Went to another bar and some band started to play. It went all high music so talking was hard, it was slowly slipping and was getting late. I should have moved her to a more silent area of the club. Get the conversation going again. Got some kino, but it felt like a long way to makeouts. The pauses went longer and longer. Damn. She excused herself and told me she had to leave.
She needed to get up early. Fail. My state went all down. I had just bought a beer and told her that I was staying a bit. We hug and she left. I felt strange. Maybe live music makes a great vibe, but it seems that you kill attraction if you stop talking for some time with a girl you don't know/made attraction with yet?

Have seen the same things on the dancefloor. If I open a set in a bar and drag her to the dancefloor, it is slowly starting to fade because were just dancing in front of each other and not talking.
Any comments on that?

i txt her when I left the venue:
- You felt a bit reserved and i didn't really know if you had a great time?
- I prefer staying a bit mystical, but I did had a great time, and that you for a lovely night! :)

Well, lets se how this is going to end... 

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