January 17th, 2019
** The Penultimate pocket guide to the Sydney night scene **
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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Sydney, NSW, Australia

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The World bar, Kings Cross

Generally regarded as the official backpacker and foreigner hangout of Kings Cross, World attracts a motley crew of drunks, retards, karaoke enthusiasts , bewildered Germans and – principally – hot DTF foreign tail. Overall it’s a nice, medium-sized, casual venue divided into bar, lounge, outside and double dance areas. Weeknights are good here, with Tuesday and Thursday in particular being the time to go. But avoid weekends , when a hefty cover charge and a lame crowd come into effect. While each night has a varying theme and music, it’s the teapot shakers that most people come for – that and the hook-up potential. As a local, one of the best things about World is that the clientele is constantly recycled, which means new opportunities arise just about every time you drop by...

Favella, Kings Cross

Sporting a semi brazilian motif, Favella seems elegant enough on the outside and non-space lower floor (where it doubles as a restaurant), but as a party venue it’s about as hit or miss as it gets. The crowd varies massively, the music is meh, and it also holds the dubious honour of worst guy to girl ratio I’ve ever seen on a regular night out (100:1). It’s only redeeming features are that an Oporto’s lies handily adjacent, and that on one of my very few visits I pulled a Swedish hottie home. No door charge – nor should there be.

Hugos, Kings Cross

A flash establishment (especially for Kings Cross) if there ever was one, Hugo’s gets massive points for style, music, food and design. While Friday and Saturday are great, the in-the-know head here on a Sunday night – when top Australian DJ group Sneaky Sound System provide an awesome semi-pumping, semi-chill electric soundtrack. The place does feel a little cliquey at times, but it’s definitely not the hardest crowd in town to mingle with given the wide range of dress styles which seem to be accepted. The proper-sized $5 gourmet pizzas available all night are another massive drawcard – and they really are gourmet. Door charges vary from $5 to $20 depending on the day and time of night.

The Club, Kings Cross

While the cover charge and drink prices are extortinate to say the least, this is the place for those who want to hang in in a cool venue with cool music, cool people and really fucking hot girls. In fact, The Club can almost certainly be touted as the place which attracts the highest concentration of hot girls in all of Sydney. Unfortunately, it’s a venue full of clicks and not the easiest place to work unless you’ve already been socially proofed through the roof through some opportune connections. Nothings impossible though, and if money’s no problem then you’ll definitely fit in. Here are some costs to enlighten thee: Asahi beer: $11, Bottle of Polish Belvedere Vodka: $850. Here’s a Protip: Get a bottle of this at your table to attract girls. Works extra specially for Russians.

Kit & Kaboodle, Kings Cross

Another Student/ Backpacker favorite from the Cross. While not quite in the same league as The World bar, the multistoried K&K frequently plays host to a range of university and backpacker events – often with a better girl to guy ratio to boot. As with most outfits catering to said clientele, this is a place to go on weeknights, or more specifically its flagship night – Wednesday.

Bar Century, City Central

Scum incarnate. This shit hole, cretin establishment above Burger King redeems itself off one feature only: extremely cheap drinks. $3 Fridays and $4 Saturdays refer to the price of just about anything you can get here. You’d be lucky to find much talent on any given night and the females that are present aren’t the kind you’d generally be inclined to bring home – unless of course you’d been already been abusing the said drinks for hours. This is a piss-up pit-stop: Get in, full up, get out.

3 Monkeys, City Central 

A downtown budget and backpacker joint, 3 Monkeys is a place which has tried to do it all without doing any one thing particularly well. The ground floor is basically a sports bar with the 3 TV’s usually showing the 3 local football codes. The second is a half-hearted lounge bar, and the third is a generic, fairly mediocre DJ and dance floor. It sometimes attracts a good bunch of people though you definitely wouldn’t call it reliable.

The Ivy, City Central 

Ivy reigns as Sydney’s largest nightclub establishment and could probably be better described as an entity unto itself. The massive main 2 story nightclub is the limit of what most people will get to experience, not that it could be considered a major compromise. It incorporates lavish bar areas and dancefloors on each level, 2 restaurants, a solacing lounge area and the kind of elaborate décor that would catch the eye of the prince of Monaco. Convention has it as the place to be on a Friday night, though the usual crowd can be divided into one of the following groups: Corporate clicks, The Asian Invasion, Assorted Euro-crews, and creeper PUA guys. 

But for the truly well connected there is a greater prize at hand: Ivy Pool bar. In the warmer months this luxury joint acts as the quintessential hangout for the cities elite, also attracting international models, celebrities, sports teams and dignitaries. The description is in the name – an oppulent outdoor bar and pool (with change rooms). Even if you’re totally gameless, getting in here over the summer at least guarantees a great deal of entertainment – whether it be admiring the skills of top international DJs and cocktail maestros, celebrity spotting, or perving on Russian and Ukranian supermodels gliding around in Bikinis.

The Argyle, The Rocks

With its European style cobblestone courtyard, generous seating, well divided spaces, historic building ambience and absence of cover charges, this establishment wins out big on first impressions if nothing else. The drinks, staff and clientele are all pretty much standard fare though, and after a few visits one approaches Argyle with the mindset of it being reliable rather than radical. While nights can vary like anywhere else, the chill vibe and ability to hear your own voice in most parts of the club make it a good place to meet people. If you can facilitate bathroom pulls you’re in for a treat given the unisex bathroom with extra private, over-sized cubicles. Thursday, Friday or Saturday are the days to drop by.

Sidebar, City Central 

Located underneath one of Sydney’s biggest hostels, Sidebar attracts a raucous mix of backpackers, students and opportunists. It goes nuts on a Monday night (and to a lesser degree Wednesday), where the entry line after 9:30 regularly emulates the sort of absurdity you’d expect outside a ticket counter if Michael Jackson rose from the dead and imminently declared a ‘Thriller’ tour. This is definitely a people over place type of joint. Despite the low lighting and general inaudibility, most girls here are approachable. 
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

Respected Member

Join Date: 11/11/2008 | Posts: 611

Cheers bro, though I might have to leave the Day Game places to yourself as I'm notoriously slack about it around these parts. As for Day 2 locations, the masterbedroom in my KX Apartment pretty much sums it up :P
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