December 11th, 2018
Living With a HB10: My experience
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I kind of forgot what that 1-10 HB scale was about : ). I know girls I felt not comfortable towards were just girls my entitlement radar was looking for "wrong indicators".

Oh, she is in a modelling business! -> have to qualify myself - lower value
Oh, she has her own clothing store, business! -> have to qualify myself - lower value
Oh, she is tall and in a tight dress with high heels - she must be some high value chick! -> have to qualify myself -> lower value.

Eh, I haven't been running in-field lately... but I also noticed that my entitlement levels rise once those indicators of entitlement are ... recognized and dealt with. And then experience, experience = stronger reality. Being on your purpose and having your own values help, too. She is just a lovely little chick :) Sometimes bratty.

I also feel that this whole American culture that glorifies Victoria Secret quality chicks, Hollywood, Designer Clothes are well.. that's partly the reason why they are perceived higher value. Society breeds that myth and these "glamor" standards, and everyone buys into that. However, that doesn't mean that you can immediately tweak your entitlement to match theirs without some internal work and experience :).
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A "large" (no pun intended) part of what's going on also, is that American girls are getting fatter and fatter and fatter. Therefore, thin girls are relatively rare. And thin ghirls with pretty faces are even more rare still. Especially past their early 20's.

So guys are apparently shelling out money like it was going out of style trying to obtain these girls. Solution? KEEP YOUR GIRL AWAY FROM BURGER KING!!!!
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