November 19th, 2018
Punning the obstacle Course - This is my orange, I use it to hypnotize people
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Arlin Kjellqvist

Arlin Kjellqvist


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The Preview of the review of the Ozzie bootcamp 17/6/2011 - 19/6/2011.

I'm gonna keep it short. Free of perfection but complete, at least to some extent. Then I'm gonna post longer versions of each the days but this is more like a tl;dr version to give direction to the upcoming posts.

Day one

1. Introduction.
2. What the bootcamp will contain.
3. Expectations.
4. We declare our goals, expectations.
5. Fear technology introduction with focus on long term reward from exposure.
6. Relationship between fear and performance.
7. Small talk about something we're good at that's cool.
8. More fear talk.
9. S(ocial)P(reassure) drills.

a) We chose a chodey subject, mine's puns.
b) We hold court for 2 mins.
c) We reiterate b) in front of other people several times with more and more people, louder and louder speaking and in more awkward body positions.

10. Approaching moving sets, I suck.
11. Seminar mode and eating. Discussing NTP's.
12. Arrive at club.

a) 15 minutes spotting with Loser BL, Winner BL & Neutral BL.
b) Challanges, I fail, fail, fail, fail, fail...
c) Easier sets, I do good.

13. Debrief.

Day two

1. Debrief.
2. Deeper into fear technology. Spot, question, expose & question.
3. Mantras.
4. Physical Game.
5. SP drills but more people and larger distance to Ozzie and the guys.
6. Pre club approaching - I do really good.
7. Food preparatory talk.
8. Arrive at club, clearly progress made.
9. Debrief.

Day three- daytime

1. Debrief.
2. More fear technology.
3. SP drills.
4. Approaching moving sets, too easy and have to turn jacked backside to front, harder.
5. Approaching easy sets.
6. Debrief.
7. Eat.
8. Goals, commitment.
London bootcamp alumnus
Punning the obstacle course - the bootcamp review
Pounding Fear in the Rear - the field reports
Looking for qualified wings in the south west of Sweden.

"Failure is an option, fear is not" - James Cameron
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Arlin Kjellqvist

Arlin Kjellqvist


Join Date: 05/08/2011 | Posts: 64

Let's go back to about 8 months ago. A friend of mine introduced me to "the pickup artist" show with mystery, j-dog & matador. We watch it. Sucking in all info like the little horny kids we are. I feel like, I want to do that! I WANNA DO THAT! Let's do it, comeon!

I get my hands on a MM book and start studying, learning routines, DHV stories and all of that. The miscalculation is that when I go out and actually approach, we do like one set each and feel like shit. I was a really nervous and shy guy. The routines I felt did me a disservice, I felt dishonest, like I was performing tricks to get people to like me. So I kept on searching for more pickup material. I went through a lot but accidentally came over a copy of the blueprint. I really felt that it resonated a whole lot better with my own core beliefs of what works and what doesn't.

After the blueprint I did something no other material had helped me do, I approached. I had some nights when I hit state and then I would approach and I had other nights where I would stand in the corner and feel like shit.

I thought, man... I should get a bootcamp and do this for real, so I signed up for a BC with Ozzie in London but little did I know what issues the future would bring upon me.

This was in April this year, but let's fast forward to about 10th of May. I wake up, with a strange feeling in my left knee. I notice that I can't really move it a lot. I can't straighten it out and I can't bend it properly. I also notice that it's red and really swollen. 2 weeks pass and I find out that the same shit happened to one of my toes, I'm like FUCK!!! During this period I've been seeking medical assistance. A lot of possibilities are tested like Clamydia, Borrelia and other different diseases you do not want to believe you are infected with. More joints get inflammated, it's about 3 weeks to the bootcamp and I start to freak out, like omg... maybe I'm not gonna make it. At this time we also started to suspect that I might have this for life, that it was a rheumatic disease. I talk to my doctors and we agree that I'll start a cortisone treatment but I have to be examined by a rheumatologist first as cortisone will mask the condition. Long story short, I start my cortisone treatment on the thursday before BC (started at friday) and I can jump on the plane and get to London. On my way to London I stop at my brothers place and notice something really terrifying.

I've forgotten all of my underwear... FUUUCK! Cudos to my bro for lending me some during the weekend though... Really gotta get him something nice for thanks, dunno what though.

So anyway, I take my cane, hat, backpack and pills and head off to copenhagen -> gatwick -> Hostel and finally the lobby of the hotel that the BC is being held. I'm there first, a bit nervous and then two guys show up, tap me on the shoulder and asks...
London bootcamp alumnus
Punning the obstacle course - the bootcamp review
Pounding Fear in the Rear - the field reports
Looking for qualified wings in the south west of Sweden.

"Failure is an option, fear is not" - James Cameron
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Arlin Kjellqvist

Arlin Kjellqvist


Join Date: 05/08/2011 | Posts: 64

Day one

The seminar part

I'm sitting in the hotel lobby when two guys about my age taps me on the shoulder and asks if I'm here for the RSD meeting. We sit down a small talk 'till Ozzie shows up. He sits down and orders an espresso. After a short introduction Ozzie finds out about our purpose of attending the bootcamp, our expectations and our insecurities. He then informs us about the bootcamp, what we should expect and what he will expect from us. He tells us:

"It will be apparent how much you suck with women this weekend"
"You're gonna want to quit at times"
"I'm gonna put you in situations where you're gonna fail and you're gonna fail big and feel like shit"

He then tells us that if we're not gonna accept that and do exactly what he says, when he says it we can take our money and leave. Simple as that. We can go and spend it on drugs and whores, W/E. Nobody finds that thought appealing so we all agree to follow his directions. I inform him about my knee problems and he assure me that it won't be a problem. If I can't do something 'cause of the knee it's fine. If I have to rest 'cause of the knee it's fine. But he tells us that he's had a guy in a wheelchair that did everything. An ex military guy from afghanistan with a bullet in his knee that did everything. A 52 year old that did everything and a dude from Vietnam that only spoke Vietnamese and Danish that did everything so we have NO reason, except my knee, do not do anything. I feel like such of a little crybaby but bootcamp continues and all is good.

Explains more his bootcamp more in depth. Why the it contains what it does, how it's evolved during his period of teaching and why his methods are effective. This leads onto what Ozzie calls fear technology.

Ozzie hands out a paper but we're not allowed to look at it. First we're gonna talk about our fears and issues. I tell him that when I see someone I want to approach I feel awesome. I go there and then just before I'm about to do the actual approach I get a feeling inside as if I were gonna puke and just take a route around the target. We ponder this back and forth and agree on the thesis that I do this because I want people to like me from the get go, otherwise I don't do it.

Ozzie informs us that human progress and human interactions aren't linear. We might have a good first night and suck donkey balls on the saturday and sunday. We might suck the whole weekend or just be intermediate the whole weekend. Actually, it's good if we suck because then we'll have more to work with and we'll learn to transform sucky nights into good nights. There's absolutely no need to worry because Ozzie is gonna make sure that we suck. You're a funny guy Ozzie....

He teaches us three very common thinking errors:

1) If people would just get to know the real me, they'd like me
2) If poeple would get to know the real me, they wouldn't like me
3) Unrealistic expectaions

I identify with no 1. and 3. but after a brief discussion it becomes apparent the no. 3 is my main thinking error. Awesome, it's time to turn the paper and learn about the relationships between Fear, avoidance, performance and Exposure. Both short term and long term. And guess what, as a reward for reading patiently I will give this to you <(^_^<) <(^_^)> (>^_^)>

Short term (2 minutes)
Avoidance: Fear starts high and then drops quickly after you avoid the situation. Pick up performance goes down.
Exposure: Fear starts high, jumps a bit up even higher but drops down rather quickly. Pick up performance goes up.

Long term

Avoidance: Fear comes back up higher and you beat yourself up for not acting in line with your intentions. This makes you more likely to avoid again and again... Creating the Circle of Avoidance.

Exposure: Fear stays down. When you're facing the same situation the next time fear will be a little lower, again and again and again until it's practically gone. Then, in order to grow, you'll have to produce fear artificially. We all agree on that this is a better problem than the ones we're having now. It's what Ozzie calls a quality problem.

Things to keep in mind
* Drinking alcohol numbs the fear and this is a very common avoidance strategy.
* Using pickup lines and gimmicks are also common avoidance strategies.
* Checking out the club first, going to the toilet, etc. is avoidance and should be avoided. I.e. go to the toilet before entering the club.

During the seminar talk we're having a 5 minute break every 30 minutes or so to get to know each other better and to just have conversations with each other. During one 5 minute break we're gonna talk about something we're good at that's cool. No problem here. I talk about playing the piano, growing up with music and working as a bar pianist in Oslo. Ozzie asks us to think about something that we enjoy doing, but isn't cool. Don't mention your porn stash or something like that, it's over the line. I chose puns. If I'd known that I'd be stuck with this subject the whole bootcamp I might have chosen another one but it's as Owen usually say: The universe gives you what you need, not what you want. Oh.. it's amazing how often the two doesn't align.

Anyway, we get ready to leave the hotel, I manage to lock myself in on the toilet and can't get out for like 5 minutes... ah, glory times. The universe gives you what you need but not what you want? Whaaa.. I'm not sure I fully understood why I needed to be locked in for 5 minutes, but maybe it was necessary for a successful life. Anyway we've now left the hotel and are heading for Day one - the street part.

// AJ
London bootcamp alumnus
Punning the obstacle course - the bootcamp review
Pounding Fear in the Rear - the field reports
Looking for qualified wings in the south west of Sweden.

"Failure is an option, fear is not" - James Cameron
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Arlin Kjellqvist

Arlin Kjellqvist


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The field part

SP Drills

Back to the puns! We stood close to each other and talked for two minutes each about our dorky passions. When I presented that I was going to talk about puns Ozzie looked a bit puzzled. "Could you talk for two minutes about puns?" I answered "probably not, but let's do it anyway". Ozzie was satisfied and I started talking, and kept on talking... talking for two minutes is a long time. Talking for two minutes about PUNS is a very long time. This is the start of our SPdrills (Social Preassure drills). We now reiterate this stuff in the following scenarios:

1. Standing with Ozzie and the other bootcamp students about 4 m away.
2. Standing like a star (widely spread legs with arms up in the air) and Ozzie 5 m away.

We then have to walk backwards on a busy pedestrian street.

And then, as the grand finale, Ozzie had some instructions for us. First he showed us the gayest body position you could ever imagine. Then he showed us a humping position where we had to grind our cock against a pole.

So as the fourth social drill we had to cross a zebra crossing half the way to the safety island in the middle. There we had to stand next to the traffic light looking seriously gay. On a given signal we had to start talking about our subject. Then on the command switch we had to switch to the second humping position. This is a non sexual motion! HAH! Really Ozzie, REALLY?

When it became my turn I felt really weird doing this. But it passed quickly. Apparently (I didn't hear this myself) a group of girls yelled "Why don't you hump me instead?". Ah.. happy times :)

Pre club approaching

We stood on the beginning of the pedestrian street I mentioned earlier. It was approaching time. As an opener we were giving the very intellectually tickling opener: Is leicester square a real square?

We had to last for two minutes. We were only to walk away if the wish for our absence was verbalized.

This is the first time it became apparent how much I sucked. It became frickin' crystal clear. I could not get to the two minute mark. I felt so bad for being ignored that I walked back to Ozzie. I felt so bad getting eclipsed by promoters that I went back to Ozzie. I felt so bad when they asked me to leave that I went back to Ozzie. They said, please leave. BYE BYE! Basically things like this is a pretty good remedy for a perfectionist. It tastes bad, but most medicine does. It hurts, so does the shots you get. It's tiring, so is surgery. You don't wanna do it, but you get over that with practice. So basically I get failure after failure, some more failure and then... Finally, guess what? Failure. I think maybe one time out of 20 I actually make it!

I'm tired, hungry but I feel pretty good for being able to face my fears, handle so much failure and actually get it right one time. It's escalator time. We're supposed to do the same thing here, but I didn't do that. It actually went well. HAPPY TIMES! ROAR!

Little did I know that my newfound happiness wouldn't last for long. But I'm skipping ahead. Let's not do that.

Anyway, it's time to get to another district of London for food and club. No pickup talk allowed. We talk a little but mostly I just try to pick up the pieces of my shattered reality.

We hit up McDonalds for some food, water and a much appreciated visit to a mysterious chair that would flush with water if the correct button was pressed.

Anyway, we used the time to uncover some more of the many mysteries of Fear technology. The Negative thinking patterns - NTPs.

We got 6 NTPs and they are as follows.

- Catastrophic thinking
- Fortune telling
- Mind reading
- Labeling
- All or nothing
- Disqualifying the positive

We spent some time discussing the NTPs, how to use them and apply them to thoughts we often were thinking. One NTP we could agree on had a huge impact on me and my comfort levels was All or nothing. Apparently this is very common for perfectionists.

So, we hit up the club where Ozzie told us to walk around with three different types of body language. Loser, Winner and Neutral while spotting our thoughts. Loser and Winner felt incongruent, dishonest and weird. When in Loser body language I also found myself thinking that I was disturbing people with my mere presence... hehe. Neutral body language felt better. Not as much NTPs.

Dance floor challenges! This was what Ozzie had in mind for us now. All of us walked to the dance floor where Ozzie said that he would be sending us into challenges. We were to do friendly game and just get our two minutes. We stood there for a couple of minutes or hours, I honestly don't know. Felt like hours. Then Ozzie asked us, can we all agree on that this (points at a girl grinding a guy) is the hardest set around? Everyone agreed on that and Ozzie went in. They were smiling, hi-fiving and really vibing. It seemed so easy. He got his two minutes and some more and a lot of attraction from the girl.

"Now it's your turn" Ozzie said.

I was like... Oh shit! (All or nothing NTP by the way, pretty tough one too). He sends us out and I can see the two other guys doing fine while I get blow out after blow out, ignorance after ignorance up 'till the point that I got paralyzed. The problem here was my intensity level. I was being a sissy while doing manly things. A mouse would've demanded more respect than I did. But Ozzie knew what to do. He used his secret weapon, the "war face". I still failed once after that BUT I also managed to succeed. What happened then was that I immediately started disqualifying the positive.

Time to get off the dance floor for some easier sets. Ozzie sent me to a girl with her friend. It went well, I dragged her to the dance floor and then ejected. Ozzie explained that this was very common for perfectionists. We leave when things are good. So they don't get bad. Avoidance ;) And we all know what happens when you avoid something, long term - fear goes up and performance down!

I also went in to wing and help one of the other guys,

Then it was time to leave for a quick debrief and some quality sleep.

Over and out, Astronaut.

// AJ
London bootcamp alumnus
Punning the obstacle course - the bootcamp review
Pounding Fear in the Rear - the field reports
Looking for qualified wings in the south west of Sweden.

"Failure is an option, fear is not" - James Cameron
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Arlin Kjellqvist

Arlin Kjellqvist


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Day 2

Some lovely sleep I said? Hell no!

When I got back to the hostel some guy was sleeping in my bed. I was like, wtf? Grabbed my stuff and found another free bed. I managed to sleep like 5 mins and then I woke up, checked the watch to ensure I hadn't overslept and this went on throughout the night and morning until the lovely cleaning lady showed up and scolded me for sleeping in the wrong bed for like 15 minutes. Ahh, lovely cheap hostels :) Lesson learned, always place your bags ON your bed if you sleep in a dormitory.

After the lovely cleaning lady left I decided that it was time to shower. This is kinda self-explanatory so there's absolutely no need to tell you how I shampooed my hair, twice, and carefully washed my genitals with soap...

Anyway, I got out to try some fish 'n chips. Highly overrated, could've done without it. Bought two oranges, ate one and then took the subway into the central parts of London where I walked around a little and had a double espresso with cream. There I chatted a little with a lady from Canada that apparently had moved to London. I went back to the motel for some sleep and FINALLY I'm gonna start rambling about nonsense and get to the BOOTCAMP which started at 7 pm.

Seminar part

After some repetition and debrief we started with the new stuff. Physical game. Basically we made an escalation ladder of moves where the hierarchy was determined by how comfortable we were with the moves. Mine were as follows:

1) Hand shake
2) High Five
3) Spin
4) The Claw
5) Hug
6) Lift (and spin if you like)
7) Kiss

We also got the rules of physical game.

1) Start PG in the first minute
2) Don't read signals
3) Get up close

We also discussed the benefits of PG, that instead of waiting for signals to Start PG, PG will actually create them. We also discussed our fears towards PG and a lot of more things that I sadly don't remember but maybe they're somewhere in my subconscious. I don't feel like writing TOO much so it's time to move to the:

Field part

We started with the exact same SP drills as the day before but they were a bit harder, (seemed easier though). There were more people out, Ozzie and the other bootcamp students stood farther away and Ozzie would bring your comfort down by shouting things like YOU LOOK STUPID, LOOK! YOU SCARED THAT BABY - NOW SHE*S CRYING!!!
The really interesting part was our pre club approaching because it was so totally different from the day before. There were more people out, more promoters and they were more aggressive. But something had changed in me. This is what happened.

I approached with the same shitty opener but I was much more intense. Despite the fact that I was mistaken for a promoter (which I had to overcome) I managed to keep to the two minute mark almost every time. When I didn't, it was because the girls stopped or had to go to a side street. It was completely awesome. I was invited to go with girls to clubs here.

After this we go to the tube and do the same, another club invite, but I politely declined, told her that I had to go back to my friends downstairs and that I just got on the escalator 'cause I wanted to talk to her. She seemed puzzled to say the least, hehe.

We hit McDonalds for some food, a painkiller (for me) and some brief discussion then it was clubbing time. We got in, went to the closet to get rid of our jackets and started the 15 minute spotting drill. (Loser BL, Winner BL and Neutral BL). The thing here was that Ozzie had a little surprise for us after the loser BL part.

- Let me see your winner BL. Ozzie Said.
- Sure. I responded
- Now, grab your nuts like this. Ozzie said while grabbing his nuts
- Okay. I said and grabbed my nuts.
- You've gotta walk around for 5 minutes like this, if you remove your hand from your nuts you've gotta do 40 pushups on the dance floor. Ozzie said.

After this it was time for some friendly, challenging dance floor game. Ozzie started with opening the hardest set around and then we did the same. The difference was InSANE! I opened like a pro. Really cool experience. One time I felt so confident that I buttoned my shirt all the way up and popped one side of the collar open. I looked stupid but I went in and gamed a group of 4 - 5 girls HARD! At one time Ozzie whispers in my ear - Lift her. I tried but was quickly reminded that my knee was pretty sore 'cause of the arthritis. FUCK! Ozzie drags me out of the set and apologizes 'cause he forgot about it. One last challenge, a girl dancing with two guys.

I went in and before I could deliver my opener she grabbed me by the shoulder, turned me 180 degrees and shoved me out of there. The message was really clear. Fuck off! Me and Ozzie had a laugh about that and then we did some zig-zagging (going from hard challenges to easy sets, back and forth).

During one challenge Ozzie sent me back to the girl that shoved me out before (we didn't see that it was her) and the exact same thing happened again. Decisive girl huh?

Anyway, one challenge I remember was me opening a group of like 5 girls and one guy. It went really well, I did all the physical game moves but I didn't kiss close. I think the girl I had isolated didn't like that I dropped the pace and choded out. They were approached like three times when I was in the group and every single time I heard them say, we're only interested in girls, sorry! Girls and me apparently :D

Anyway, we debriefed and I went to bed. Was a pretty astounding experience.
London bootcamp alumnus
Punning the obstacle course - the bootcamp review
Pounding Fear in the Rear - the field reports
Looking for qualified wings in the south west of Sweden.

"Failure is an option, fear is not" - James Cameron
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I used to hypnotize myself into not being a then I became a man and dominated life.. but it took a little while.. Oz is a great guy for attacking fear.. Still my biggest hurtle.. after being in Thailand for a about a week.. Physical game is part of life.. grab a girl you want ... she says no.. try again... no?... Try again.. no go? Oh well... Look to your left , look to your right.. there is another one and do it again! 

Rinse ,wash,repeat... it's the same fucking cycle we are all on.
Bootcamp of Champions - Mar' 09! Austin Resurrection Crew !  - Embrace Uncertainty
Ozzie - July '09 - London - your social self and become you.

 "In those moments that most people say I can't,  most people say self preservation, most people say what if?... We say "What if?" the other way. What if you land it? What if it is possible?" - Travis Pastrana - X Games Movie   "i'm not in this world to live you up to your expectations. And your not in this world to live up to mine." - Bruce Lee If you are taking more action than anyone else, why should you care about their opinion?" ~Derek "I want to see the world through my own eyes not in the reflection of others." - "While you standing around looking dumb. I make it happen, taking action over time. Got damn good at it too!" - T.I.
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