January 16th, 2019
RSDTIC - Master List of Events
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Here's a list of the events we've hosted thus far...

1 - Le Marche, Crashing the Candian Music Awards, Crashing the Exclusive After-Party 

Amazing event.  Crashing exclusive parties all around.  Free alcohol.  Shmoozing with industry bigwigs.  Private party afterwards in some record exec's suite, amazing night.

Highlights:  Too many to count.  Looking up and seeing we'd crashed the CMAs, 6 bouncers glaring at us from the doorway.  Amazing, well known band playing the award ceremonies.  Chatting up people at the private party afterwards.  All of us singing the "Star Spangled Banner" at the top of our lungs in Union Station afterwards.

2 - The Ballroom, Bowling, Billiards & Bier Market

Great place.  Like a cross between an upscale bar and a bowling alley.  Lots of fun to be had and caused some chaos on the streets afterwards.

Highlights:  All of us hollering on the streets after the event was great fun.

3 - Earth Hour, Nintendo Game Launch, Indoor Camping @ Sheraton

No concert like we thought, but Nintendo's launch of some game system turned out to be a riot.  During earth hour we did some indoor camping to candlelight, free hot chocolate and smores, and face painting @ the Sheraton.  Explored a bit and filmed a mock interview with painted faces.  Weird night, but great.

Highlights:  @ the Sheraton, face painted like braveheart, sitting in peace with a hot chocolate with candles softly lighting the environment, after a day full of chaos.

4 - Comicon Toronto, Total Health Seminar, Eaton Centre Mayhem

Comicon was just a fan thing, bu the Total Health Seminar was great.  Free food, lots of company, amazing seminars and products.  Also got a lot of free evaluations done.  A great learning event.

Highlights:  Lying back on a dentists chair at the event and in ten minutes getting up and seeing that she'd put an entirely new smile on my face.  Like magic.  A new person.  I had no idea dentists did this sort of thing, even though this round was only temporary.  Oh, also the rich food.

5 - Golden Thai, Markus Schulz @ the Guv, Raving Until 7:00 am

We all gathered and laughed at Golden Thai, then put it down for Markus Schulz.  Dancing to the wee hours of the morning, the RSDTIC Crew.

Highlights:  Smoke machines, fog horns, lasers, and the whole room throbbing rhythmically together.  Everyone flirting with Alex, shot girl extraordinaire, who knows how to work it...

6 - Festival of Chefs, Five Star Gourment Tasting Experience, Kardinal Offishall

Wasn't there, but $5 to taste as much as you want of five-star chefs offerings?  Sounds like it was an amazing opportunity.

7 - Art for Japan, Earhquake Relief Benefit

Looking at art on your own or with some uninformed buddies is nothing like having deep and intimate conversations with the actual artists, and then setting up dates with the artists afterwards to chat even more.  Really a touching afternoon, I had a great time.

Highlights:  Having a long and intense conversation with a photographer about what her work meant to her.

8 - The Clothing Show @ the CNE, Fashion Shows

Wasn't as much men's clothing as I would have liked, but that just meant that the amount of fashionable women around was astronomical, and met a few people I knew already.  Great conversations and networks created and, of course, the runway models from the hourly fashion shows spiced it up quite a bit.

Highlights:  I'm sure lots enjoyed the lingerie runway models.  I had great fun in handcuffs being whipped at the sex toy stall...  Long story don't ask...

9 -   Human Rights Concert @ Yonge-Dundas Square

10 - The IIFA Award Celebrations (A Bollywood Thing)

After general mayhem caused at the Eaton's Centre, working a whole crowd up with our amazing bhangra (Indian dancing), we headed down Queen Stret for some Blush Berry and eventually ran across some Luminato goodness.

Highlights:  "Foodwhore" running after Superman into a crowd of desis listening to the bhangra music, jumping on a chair, and working the entire crowd up to hysterics...  Everybody bhangraing...


We've had an amazing ride.  Come join us for the rest.
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Dam nice work good sir :)

Looking back from our first event, dam, so much good memories.

The clothing show was also great, for me, it was 1 of those days when you didnt feel like going but went anyways and it turned out awesome. I was hungover from the day before from smokin shisha/hookah, drinkin beers straight, going to Zets 2 in the morning, sleeping for only 4hrs.

Dare game, at first I was pussying out but got more into it as the day went on, my last approach turned out pretty well even tho i was saying retarded shit.
That girl ACTUALLY added me on facebook, was not expecting that
Jaf as a magical wizard, handcuffed and whipped
The sex toy booth was very...... educational LOL
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 Glad u guys are making use of the inner circle shit.  This shit is the future of rocking HARD!   \

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