November 18th, 2018
Night game in Brighton
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pretty boy

pretty boy

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Last night went to coalition, i wrote a really shitty field report about it tired at 3am, so i'm rewriting it.

Start of the night my state got messed with a bit.
Went to the busstop to go downtown, bus shows up, I get on, show bus driver my pass and he tells me to get off, won't tell me why.  Drives away.  Have to catch the next bus.  WTf.
Messed with my head a bit.  There was noone else on that bus, maybe he was just being a douche or was actually off duty.
When i get downtown it takes me half an hour to find the club.

Walking around alone in a foreign country at night made me nervous.  Ya, brighton's pretty damn safe as far as the world goes, but no alliances.  Nervous.
Get to club
It's closed.
But there's a couple guys out front who turn out to be american.  We bond over being forigners and how north american women are hotter than english women as well as how everyone thinks im american anyways.
End up doing approaches all night together (me approaching and them tagging along pretty much, they're not naturals, but cool guys despite).  We have an awesome time, they invite me to their party tomorrow, defs going.  

Get opened by these girls from liverpool, we chat to them for half an hour or so, don't bother escalating cause they're not hot.
The one tells us about how she's the niece of one of the beatles, and plays the cello.  I call her on making it up.  They insist its true, i don't argue as to not fuck the vibe.  Maybe it is true.  Either way eventually get bored and stop talking to them, it's one of those things where it gets to the point that you eitehr escalate or it's done.  Eventually some other guy comes along and hits on them while we ignore them, they wander off with him.  See the girls leave alone at the end of the night.  Poor things.

We're at teh bar in line (they're drinking a ton, i had 2 drinks all night)  2 girls, both hot.
The one especially.  Red dress.  Tall, slender, long black hair.  Fake eyelashes, which i dont like so much, but hot girl.
Buddy say's she's mine or something.
She turns to leave having got her drink, grab her in full claw
"hey you're cute. what's your name"
she's like "meh"
keeps walking.
Claw her in, but i realized looking back i wasn't making eye contact.  Incongruence is creepy.
Her friend goes to save her, claw her friend too.
Thing falls apart quick.
Maybe 15 seconds.  Super weak.
Doesn't affect my state.

Next set.
Spot a hot blonde girl, tell buddy to do it.
Trying to throw them into set.
He plays the "you called it, you're job" card.  Fair.
Go up.
Theres two huge guys beside her, i out half way there and turn back.
The guys rib me about it.
I tell them i'm doing it, but fucking watch my back.
Turn back, she's vaporized, but there;s really only one way she could have gone, turn the corner and there she is with her friend.
Now that im close i realize they're not hot, tottal butterface.  but said i'd do it.  So i do.
Open direct again.
The girl says she's flattered.
"wait wait wait. before this goes any further, I am NOT american"
they lol.
guy at the bar is staring at me (hes like 4 feet in front of us)
me: "sup"
back to girls
They burst out laughing and back away.
Like straight up laughing in my face.
No affect on my state
Come back.
me"you alright there?"
blonde"you see that guy?"
blonde"He's my boyfriend"
me"oh.  cool"
I leave.
Could've done more, but trying to take a girl off her boyfriend is a rubbish thing to do, and she wasn't hot up close, practice is practice.

Sent the americans on a walk by to see what i was talking about
they come back
we lol. state boost.

Trying to remember teh other sets, there were a lot.

Tall blond and brunnette, in the loudest part of the club, they were into me, but its so fuckign loud that even an inch away from my ear i cant hear the fuck she's saying.
The poster did say they play it loud.
I bail, which was weak, could have just danced or some shit, stuck it out until they walked away or fell in love.

Various other sets, eventually the girl to guy ratio (which was bad all night, but irrelevant) slips into the 'there are literally 3 girls in this club and 100 guys, and those three girls have told me to fuck off" 
so around 2 something i leave.  Me and the guys make plans to do it again, trade numbers.  Winggs.  They know a bunch of the promoters and shit.  Sick.

Good things;
Went out solo, made a bunch of friends.
Excellent state control, was really happy, super fun all night.  It got me opened a couple times, but by fat girls (go england!)

Ultimately it was a destroyingly bad night, from a results standpoint, no girl numbers, no makeouts, the sets that didn't open me didn't hook most of the time. Fuck.
It came down to bad calibration i think and a couple other things.

Spent a couple hours on the forums and blogs trying to figure out what ive been doing wrong.  Foudn this:
^ by alexander
really helped.
And after that and a bunch of brads blogs and old field reports, tylers new video, and notes from Nathan! bootcamp sticking points identified:
Hellz ya.

1. Too much claw
The claw is great, but opening with the claw right off the bat and just being super aggressive is not that congruent with who i am, and is not hooking sets great, only work well like 1 out of 10 sets or so. When it does tho it works really well. Really glad i've done it as much as i have, because getting physical isn't an issue at all. Now it needs to be calibrated.
Back in the old days of scripted game lore i was all about the microcalibration
"microcalibration! yaa! Awessome!"
Then i was like "FUCK THAT IM ALPHA"
Now i realize that from a different mindset it makes sense.
When you think of it as 'how comfortable is the girl'.
Too physically agressive will blow you out, and too little will fuck you, so there has to be a balance and that'll change depending on the girl.
Bringing calibration back into it.
Balancing act of comfort vs. value.

2. Wrong channels of communication
I used to have hours of verbal shit stacked up that was all super smooth and shit. All pre-planned and practiced a dozen times. At first it was rough, i'd throw out random stories at random times that was just fucking weird, but after a while it got pretty tight.
Then i did a bootcamp (not with rsd, to my regret) but after which i dropped all stories, all my routines, and my game sucked.
Eventually going out a bunch and with a great wing (adonis aka. tuna) i got better at self ammusing and just spewing nonesense.
It still needs work tho.
Since coming here i havent been saying awesome shit, it's just been "hey you're cute, whatsup"
then chodey shit.
I keep being tempted to go back to scripted shit, but seeing the video of tyler today (new york free tour) and how he interacted shit i'd heard about from a buddy who'd done a bootcamp with Nathan! made sense;
it was in his notes from bootcamp, talking about going out and practicing different channels of communication in isolation, facial expressions, eye contact, tone, shit like that, but also things like never giving a straight answer.
At the time i read it and was like 'ya, ya, eye contact, facial expressions. got that dialed' but really that was just ego. Now i think i see what it is.

It's not about what you say, it's about what you communicate.

Get the different channels dialed and then we're talking.

This is going to be a massive paradigme shift in the way i game.

3. express-not-impress / vibe
Talking to girls back home on skype (and watching them strip for me) realized something. I talk to girls in a club and to my girlfriends differently.
I say absurd shit most of the time. I put out a super chill and super fun vibe (girls point it out), but only -ONLY- with girls i know, or, when i'm really on that night. It's a comfort thing, a freedom from outcome thing.

It's just a matter of desensitization, now that i've recognized it more time in field should auto-correct it.

So game shifts for the next couple weeks of practice to get by these:
1.Dial the physical way back. No opening with the claw unless necessary (she's walking by, ADD dancefloor, or such shit)

2. Practice the different channels in that list one by one until i get them down, starting with facial expressions and other non-verbal non-voice stuff, then onto tonality then we'll see if the others havent taken care of themselvs by then.

3. Just gotta lower the bar for what's cool enough to say. Going to open in loud clubs chill by talking about whatever until that gets internalized.

Three things, its a lot to work on, but it's really only two cause i'm just dialing back 1.
Gonna be a busy couple weeks.
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pretty boy

pretty boy

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Party night

Get a text from the american's from the other night with time and place of the birthday party.  Show up.

So many girls, so few guys.  All from either north america, germany, poland, spain, etc.
Only a couple girls are actually english.

Im exhausted cause i only got a couple hours of sleep last night, so i'm keeping this breif.  There's a lot to say.
I drink half a bottle of wine over the course of the night, get buzzed.
It all started with a drinking game.

I walk in do the yay! pretty boy's here he's awesome! meeting people bit.  Sit down and the games begin.
Which is great, cause its a good chance ot display one's personality.

Summarizing funny shit i did.
There was a dude with a similar name to me, and then a girl as well.
After which i named every girl by the girl version of that name.
Which was hilarious.
This one kept being like
me: "Actually, you're parents have been lying to you all your life.  Your name is really ____"

Bunch of other shit, distrurbed a lot of shit with the girls, which was cool, by the time we were in the bar girls whos names i couldn;'t remember were pointing at me and being like "PRETTY BOY!"
or "WINE BUDDY!" (long story)

Memorable moments:
Creepy ug girl (i thought about putting a picture up but that's a dick move) hitting on me a lot right at the start of the night.  

The girl(#1) with my name kept trying to write on my hand, eventually she gets grumpy and is like "Fine! fuck off then"
but it's just a shit test.
eventually when im talking to another girl she starts to draw on me, i just go with it:

<3 fuck off then <3

Mock her a bit.  It's funny, we're all having fun.

The hottest girl there (her boyfriend's also there, cool guy, tall smooth black guy), starts giving me massive shit at one point. 
girl "Where the fuck did you even come from?  I've never fucking heard of you before.  Who the fuck do you even know?"
me:"You have a lot of question"
girl"Where did you come from"
me"Canada.  Where did you come from"
girl"i mean tonight"
eventually i do actually tell her that me and buddies met in the bar 2 days earlier and got drunk and bonded.
she's like "oh cool, ya everyone's like 'pretty boy' and i was like 'wtf where did this guy come from'"
She says she's also canadian.  Didn't see that coming, didn't pick up the vibe.  I'd seen the attitude before but couldnt put my finger on where.
Then she was like "ya i was in canada for 2 years, then i moved to somewhere for a couple then to vegas for the next 15.
It snapped.  Local vegas girl from Pure.  Rooftop.  Thursday night.  Latina type girl.  Blew me out hard.  That's where i saw the attitude.  oh vegas...

I got a lot of shit like that from various of the cutter girls.  It was really fucking with my head a bit, on a logical level i knew it was just shit tests, but i think this was the first night where i saw so many turn like that
I remember at various points thinking "wow this girl is really, really, bitchy"  but just staying unreactive and it turning and being like "what the fuck, why is she so nice suddenly"

I see the way shit tests work with RSD, why they're so key.  Different than other styles.  Will always force the shit test whenever I can in the future.

I end up (still at the party) sitting on the same chair as this french canadian girl (fucking weakness for them) we met when buddy was like "YOUR CANADIAN.  PRETTY BOY IS ALSO CANADIAN, AND HES FUCKING AWESOME"
and she's like "hello"
instantly im like "Vous est quebecois?"
then we chat in french for 5 minutes.
Im talking about how much french girls turn me on.
Dont escelate it too hard tho, her whole social circle is there.
She wanders off for a coupel minutes.
she comes back with roomates,
introduce myself. 
roomates "oh we know all about you!"
i'm like -nice-
as well all just met 1hr ago.
Its bar time and the girl has a ton of work to do and is thus not coming.
I try to give her my number, but she doesnt have her phone, she cant remember hers either because UK numbers are ridiculous.
she tries to memorize mine but is like 'fuck'
Eventually we steal one of the cards from a deck we'd been using for a drinking game and i write my number on it.
Half way through the pen dies.
so its half a number in ink and half an indentation from pushing hard with the pen.
She reads it back to me, so we'll see if it actually pulls through.
I may have blown it by being too cocky at the end when i was all like "she's just fucking excited because she got my number"
and she's like "your so full of yourself!"
I do think she may be too much of a goodgirl to handle me tho.
Either way strong sexual frame is set, so she'll text me friday maybe, or maybe no. 
Hope she does.

Bus down i end up chatting to this georgious brunnette italian girl.  I do love short girls.  She's a shy type, and i fidn that really cute too.  Earlier in the night at the table i'd been like "hey! girlname3!" everyone stops and listens, she blushed a bit. "you have really pretty hair"
she says thank you.  God i love girls that have the confidnece to take a compliment.  We all get on with it.  French girl had got a bit jealous i think. Kinda mean.  
We chat most of the way down, think she's pretty into me, my entitlment isnt high enough tho.  In hindsight at that moment i don't think that i really believed that i absolutely disserved that girl.
Logistics fuck it.  Her friend gets really drunk, she turns into big sister mode.  Massive turnoff btw.

Get to digital.
Bouncers are assholes and wont let birthday boy in.
Fucks my state up.  Girls go in, we end up getting to the front and they literally just as we get there crank the cover to 4quid, after making us wait for 5 minutes, just to be assholes.  Fucking bullshit.  We get to where you pay and the girls like 4quid.  German im wiht is like "seriously? we're early" girls like no it just turend.
I'm pissed.
"Fuck this place i'm not paying four fucking pounds when i was here on time." storm out.  I'm never an angry drunk, but i do have a tendancy to try and make people feel like assholes when they're being assholes in my opinion. Which im pretty sure just makes me an asshole.  Gotta watch that.  Indifference doesn't give you a green light to be a dick, and that's not who i'd want to be anyways.
So where do we end up?
5quid cover.  Buddy tries to pass his student card back to me, that doesnt work and the bouncers take it.
We're acting like idiots cause we're a bit too buzzed to make good choices.  We all get in, but state is fucked.  Get it back tho.  
Really starting to understand that quote by jeffy, it pops up in my head throughout the night,
"The difference is we understand that the night is not a sprint. It's a marathon"
thanks jeffy.

Girl from the party (with the hearts and the fuck off) starts clinging hard.
Me and another guy from the party try to gtfo from around her.
she wont leave us.  it's like "fuckk"
anyways the nights pretty good, we eventually pawn her off, and we know a ton of girls.
My calibration is shit cause of the drinking. 
Lots of dancing and partying, fun.  Get a lot of work in on my non-verbal communcation channel shit from the Nathan! bootcamp notes.  Think it's really what's responsible for the bump in shit tests and attraction i was getting from these girls. 

Also feel like i'm starting to understand longterm beast mode.  Massive macro momentum.  So tired at work today but must keep going.

On the dancefloor at one point various girls kept being like "pretty boY!" pointing at me and grinding up on me.  I kinda just walked off.  Don't really know why, drunk and easily distracted i guess.  Didn't want to blow it with the french girl was the rationalization, but really that's BS because who knows if it will even go anywhere, and even if i hooked up with another girl who says that'd have any affect on that.  There must still be some deeper level anxiety going on.

So it's 2am.  It's me and this other guy from the party and we're like "MUST FIND HOT GIRLS"
because we're drunk.
Oceana is chav.
IT's huge, and not too loud, so that's a plus, but chav.
A lot of ugs.

I'm like "fuck it man.  i got work in the morning. Let's just call it and go home"
he's like "NO. we cannot leave without at least meeting one hot girl!"
Not a community guy, but a good guy to roll with.

Then there she is.
White top.
White bottom.
Standing -by herself - leaning against the railing to the dancefloor.
It hits me.  Ahhhh.  God she's hot. 
me: "bro.  Look at that"
He looks.
me: "goo! just go! that's for you!"
push him at it.  he's like "no. dude, girl by herself how the fuck do you even do that?"
"How? LIke this!"
I feel Flawless Tim -may he rest in peace- rising up from the dead, speaking over the crowd, a quote from flawless natural ""how do you do that?" ghost tim says, "LIKE THIS!  by the way guys,.. i don't evenknow how you do that"

Right next to her. Look at her.
She's looking away.
Tap her on the sholder.  She turns
"HI i'm pretty boY!"
her"oh hey"
quick calculation.  2am. yep twilight.
"Look at you. you're fucking georgious"
grab her, turn her.
Say something else.
Pick her up and spin her around.
"damn. let's me see what i'm working with here"
she steps back.
Spreads her arms out, and shows off her body.
So fucking hawt.
and bam.
Yellow and crooked.
I'm like "FUUUUCK"
I think she saw it in my eyes.  That drop in state.
But i was like "fuck it. Develop the skillset motherfucker"
Grab her, say some shit about us going france and getting married.  Then realize that in brighton it is -in fact- possible to hypothetically go to france, and get married.  It came on a bit too much.
And then it happens.
"Well it was nice meeting you pretty boy"
and off into the night.
Who knows, it was probably like jeffys says, early in the night sometimes he gets girls saying shit like "you're just too much" and bailing, before he calibrates. 
Maybe she had a boyfriend or husband, someshit.
Maybe she had to go score coke and that was the whole reason her body was so goddamn fine, as she never eats.
It was the truest form of "haha, but no".
I'm gonna take ownership of it though, because that's the only way to move forward.
Didn't feel rejected tho, wasn't coming from that mindset, nad haven't been for a while, think its why my approach anxiety is so low, so close to gone.
"Here's me.  If you don't like me you best get the fuck from round me."
I go back and find buddy.
buddy"what the fuck?  What are you doing here.  That was amazing. I thought you tottally had her"
me "i did. fucking bad teeth" 

Our egos will us.  I guess i dont want to admit gettign shut down.  I will to myself, to community guys, but not to normal guys.  Weird.

Despite my "not going to go so physical off the open" resolution that i stuck to pretty well through the night, i definetly abandoned it in this last set.  I think i still need to find that balance between comfort and value when it comes to physicallity.  Too little comfort me thinks, but getting physical is so goddamn fun for both of us i don't wanna hold off.

we leave the club, he's jacked on that set, even i was like thinking, damn wish i'd im film it, to see what it looked like, the good the bad.  learn from it.
We make plans to go out tongiht.  Dunno tho.  Pretyt tired, he was pretty drunk and is probably hung over to shit.  Im gonna nap.  If i get a text i'll go out, if not, i might just stay in.
I'm on a guest list for friday at The Tube i think.
Still havent actually entered digital.  

After a bus home and a jog from the stop to the house i curl up and try to sleep.  Exhausted.
I lay awake for 2 hours.
This is starting to be my measure for a good night, if when i get home i've gotten so many reference experiences, so many shifts in my reality that i can't sleep.  First time it ever happened was on bootcamp, tyler talks about it in the blueprint i think. 

Good night.

1. practiced what i wanted to practice
2. had fun
3. gained reference experiences
4. got much better.
every day i go out here it seems i get signiricantly better.
I think i just got off a plateau.

it's getting pretty crazy. 
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fucking sickkkk man. i basically struggle through my 10 hour-labour work day so i can read about "pretty boy".  sounds like shit is milimetres from clicking fully, and ur gonna be rompin it hard err'night. p.s i got a bouncing job, so there shall never be another line for us. ever. when you return to me my child.
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pretty boy

pretty boy

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Tuna wrote:
fucking sickkkk man. i basically struggle through my 10 hour-labour work day so i can read about "pretty boy".  sounds like shit is milimetres from clicking fully, and ur gonna be rompin it hard err'night. p.s i got a bouncing job, so there shall never be another line for us. ever. when you return to me my child.
I go struggle through 28 hours of partying a week just so i can come here and write about it for you.  The fun, the adventures, the personal growth, the girls, the new friends, the fear, that's all just gravy. 

I just thought about that.  Damn. 28 hours a week of night game.  35 hours a week of work. Bad balance.  I should work 5 hours less and go out 5 hours more.  

The end of lines...glorious...god i hate queing.   August mate, we'll Eurotour for a few weeks.

You girlfriend up, i kill you.

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pretty boy

pretty boy

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Expensive, the weekend are.
I did not want to go out. Had a few pints after work with co-workers, came home good and buzzed, and eventually felt just like crashing.

Really, really didn't feel like going out after the drinks wore off.  Details here:

In a exhausted haze i drag my ass out of sleepless bed around 1030.  Go to bathroom put in contacts.  Notice the sudden explosion of acne on my face.  Thought i grew out of acne years ago.  Not taking good enough care at myself.  Cranking my diet and exercise up one more notch.

Google around green door store's free.  Remember that one that looked sketchy and didn't go to with buddy cause he was like "too scary" and i was like "agreed"  that's the one.

Job to busstop.  feel a bit more awake.  I feel happy, just happy.  That's been the norm for a while, it's pleasant.
Then realize i forgot both my condoms and camera.
Bus is there, fuckit i say, she'll have condoms.
Whoever she is.

On the busride down i feel nervous.  That feeling that im leaving my comfort zone again.  It's like a normal feeling now, i barely notice it.  

Greendoor store.
Walk down private drive to get tehre.
Bit nervous.  Feel a bit dazed from the tiredness.
Bouncer sees me coming, nods, i walk in.
They don't seem to ID here.
Inside its just a short hallway that makes an L turn.
Make the turn.
A wave of what can only be described as strong sweaty boozed stone smell greets my nostrils.
Quick glance at what the venue looks like.
Big bar room, a pub with no chairs really, kegs stacked along the wall to sit on.  Brick and mortar floor.
Full of old folk.

Like jeffy describes "for some reason when we go out here i notice its full of old women and guys jacked on steroids, and we'll talk to them as soon as we enter the venue, just to get in that social mindset"

I'm like "okay jeffy, but i have a bunch of momentum, so im going to go into the other room and just seekout hotties"
Next room.
It's kinda cool.
A disco ball off in the corner puts little dots spinning around the small room.  A little stage up front holds a little dj set up with a tall dj.  Musics very latin/funky mix.  Never heard it before it makes me think of Cuba for some reason.
The dance floor is uneven, pitted, covered with patches of cement over bricks and rocks.  A floor built so long ago it holds the memories of a thousands drunken hookups. 
This rooms also full of dudes.
I don't need to warm up.  So i just start dancing, it's pretty chill.
I feel happy.
2girls walk in.  Go dance near me, mid-height fat brunnettes with bad teeth and bad faces.  Jolly ol' England.  Back home we get morbid obesity, over ehre they get this.  
Time to warm up, but i have momentum, i don't need to.

Decide to leave the venue walk around for a bit until it gets busier, i remember tehre was a busy bar last time i was out on a weekend in the north laines.
Wander over, get lost a lot.  Eventually get tehre.  It's busy, lots of girls, lots of guys, most of the girls are meh.  But there are a few that are so, so hot.
Feel all this pressure to approach, i don't.  I wander off and watch some guy twirl fire(very poorly) while a girl plays a accordian.  She's hot. 
I don't approach.

5 minutes later back to bar.  I see her.
Blonde. Long blue dress, form fitting.  Perfect body.  The face of an angel.  Her hair is only shoulder height, highlights, flawlessly styled.  She is stunning.
Writing about her, thinking of it, i'm getting lovestruck.  So beautiful.  
At the time that's not what i felt tho.
I felt nervous.
Anxious.  Approach anxiety had come back.  I remember thinking "what the hell".
Oh well, your nervous.  Approach anyways, your brain will give you access to the right imprint.  It'll get you started and you'll rock the rest of the night.
I don't.

I walk by.
I walk back to green door store.
It's around 1am.

I realize my innergames off tonight, that when i see the girls tonight i'm thinking "must approach"
What i usually think is more along the lines of: AHHHH.  FUUCK.. SOOO HOOOT.... Wow.  What a stunner. What an angel, we'll dance on the stars, i'll show you the pleiades, we'll swim in the -"Who're you."
Approaching as a biproduct of the lovestruck-ness. 
Focusing just on "must approach" was disconnecting me from that part of my personality, the passionate side, the side that loves women.  Rookie error. 
Soo tired.  Having trouble moving my focus where i want it.  Fuck it.  Do it anways.

Go in.  Feel comfortable here, it's like i've been here a million times.  Strange how all this contact lack of similarity has let me get comfortable so fast.
Back to dancefloor room.
There they are.
3 girls.
All three brunnets.  Each one so different.  Each one so beautiful.  Even that one who's actually a ginger.
Why do girls in england all wear fat bows in their hair btw?  It's not good fashion sense.  And black with white poke-a-dot dresses?  DID YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR.
They're so cute it doesn't even matter.
There is a massive wall of chodes inbetween me and them.
All the guys who'd be chilling around are now all forming up and dancing around them.
Not approaching, just dancing.
I realize that thing Brad says, i really understand it, "just by walking up and opening strong you already stand out from 90% of guys."  You can keep it simple.  Big lesson from last night.  I've not actually taken a moment in a long time to stop and watch the crowd, the social dynamics at work.  I did that a lot when i was new.  Haven't in god knows how long since i stopped.  Guys just dance close to the girls and try and get their attention.

Time to step up.  Time to push those guys out of the way.  Time to make that approach.  It's approach time.  Approach you'll open strong.  You know it's true, you've done it so many times.
I push on the wall of guys to get through.  They do not budge.
Realize they are in fact 2-3x my size.
Can't get through.
Which is very rude on their part.  I think.
The girls leave the dancefloor to the barrom a minute later.
I follow.
So it all works out alright.

They stand in a circle 10 feet from the door.
No guys in the way.
Nothing to stop me.
1 step.
2 steps.
3 feet away.
1 foot.
Walk around.
Half circle.
Go to door.
exit club.

Go home.



But hey, i don't need to warm up. 
I've got momentum.

No one is above the process.  Do your warmup sets you asshole.

When a litany of compaints conspire to push me down (tired, post-drinking crash, solo, cold, sore leg from fucking up my knee biking too much) I can fall back to not approaching.  
Go out anyways.  Eventually the bottom threshold of what i have to have going for me to allow me to open will expand further.

I rely on making early alliances in the venue.  This is going away quickly, and i am becoming much more self reliant.  Different culture, different bar everynight.

I always think english people dislike me (this is from earlier).  I honestly am like 'wow i must be making social faux pas, because they do not like me' then later they get my number and invite me out.  Social cues are different here, and i don't know how to read them.  I feel austisic.  This is having the added benifit of slowly forcing me to not look externally for what is cool.  'cause fuck it.  I know what's cool, if they don't think so they have bad taste.  Not gonna sweat about the opinions of people with bad taste.

As much as i didn't want to go out, i went anyways.  Thus: victory.
As much as i was shit scared, i didn't step up.  Thus: lesson learned.

Tim said it: "You learn equally from your good nights as your bad nights"

As i crawled in bed alone and cold for what was to be 13 hours of uninterrupted sleep i remember thinking of an old alex article i'd read but never really accepted, that I'd never had the confidence to take and internalize before.
If i approach i could have been weird.  I could have looked lame to all the strangers.  I could have got my ass kicked.

But you know what?

I would rather be weird than alone

Where to tonight i wonder?
Got that guestlist to The Tube, but it's gonna be non-pickup condusive i've been told.

Google ho'. Whatevers cheap.

Also took today and layed on the beach.  Relaxed, got my stress down.  It's stressful on the body to keep going hard.
Got exercise, got good food.  Ate lots of fruit.
Feel good.

Also sent my 25USD western union payment to West Hollywood for the RSD free tour in London in june.
Wish it was with tyler, but it's with ozzie, either way, it's gonna be great i hope.

Once again: Solo Round.
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Awesome posts. Sounds like you've kicked it up a couple of notches - top work. :)

"No one is above the process. Do your warmup sets you asshole."
"The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become." - Charles Du Bos

"I'm teaching you game to get laid. I'm not teaching you game to get a good reaction so you can go home and masturbate. If you are not getting blown out, you are not doing shit." - Owen

RogueJedi's Field Reports, or... 'How to Build a Polyamorous Bisexual Harem' <-- Click here to read

Always looking for awesome wings in London, Brighton, Dublin & Saigon - PM me
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pretty boy

pretty boy

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RogueJedi wrote:
Awesome posts. Sounds like you've kicked it up a couple of notches - top work. :)

"No one is above the process. Do your warmup sets you asshole."
Cheers mate,

Look forward to meeting you one of these days
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pretty boy

pretty boy

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The Tube

This is a tale of overcoming.

Tired again, didn't want to go out again.  Talked about it in the blog:

Going out I set a goal to force me to step it up: 
"Facial expressions, tone, and say exactly what i think - as i think it - in 5 sets. Only goal.  I'm trying to change what is success to force myself to constantly evolve.  Weird to think in these terms, i mean i've been in the community for 3 years, i've changed enormously in that time.  In 3 months I doubt anyone back home would even recognize who i am.  Or maybe they will, maybe they'll just think "prettyboy + Magic"
i should have chosen a screen name with a better ring to it.  lol.

Enough pander.
11pm roll out.
Bus stop.
Bus is late.
Some guy asks me for the time.
Tell him.
he thanks me.
10 minutes later i recheck the bus schedule, it is in fact stupidly late
"Whattheefuckkkk" i ask
"It is takin the piss about innit?"  he says.

Oh how different we speak.
My accent jumps around a lot over here.

Anyways on the bus at one point these 3 mildly drunk girls sit down near me.  I've a thing about bus game, i avoid it, the whole "i cannot leave if it goes aweful" still holds me back.  Godhelp me one day i'll probably be doing bus sets the way things are going.

The one girl says "excuse me"
her frined is shaking her head vigourously.
I ignore her because, well i just feel like it.
(they're taking picture of each other)

eventually the one asks me again "excuse me, can you take our picture"
while her friend shakes her head even more vigourously no.
In my mind im like 'wtf is with her' but i'm just -fuck it, why not, dont care if its sublication, the next one is my stop, lets play at being nice.
Say yes take their picture (BLURRY, well i guess im not that much of a gentleman) and get off the bus.
With more time i would have called the one girl out and been like "why are you being weird?" and go from there, it'd get me a big enough opening to barge in.

Get to club.  Get in free.  Good to know the DJ.
And to think i just moved here.
Clubs empty :(
Explore it, kinda cool setup. 
GO to the DJ booth say whatsup, he spins the next song then comes over, man is so happy i came.
I always think english people don't like me when they think i'm awesome.  
We chat, he introduces me to his housemates.
We all chat and such, listen to his music, decide to just let it be.  I keep getting in my head a bit, there are not enoguh sets to do 20minutes of momentum buildign to lock in state.  There are 5 guys and 2 girls.  Fuck it, just enjoy the music, hang out, and game later.

Who needs a warmup set?
Oh wait...
Go say high to the other DJ, we chat.  Dude turns out to be the nicest man who also owns his own record label.  Very cool.
Chill with the guys.
By, i dunno, 1am it gets busier, we're on the dancefloor solo dancing it up.

I learned something from my dj friend tonight, and that is love of the music.  There is more to a club than just the girls, and the booze if your drinking that night.  There's the sounds, the lights, the rhythm.  Something i don't appreciate coming from top 40s clubs of north america.  An aspect of myself that i think i will strive to develop.

Enough about me.
Set 1(or 2 if you count that chode bus shit):
Blonde (of course) keeps looking at me, dancing in a  big circle with her friends.
I decide "hey let's try tylers opening style he keeps talking about."
Walk up next to her, turn her towards me.
"Who are you"  Hard eye contact.  She girlcodes her friends
is like "ummmm" and flees.
It came across so creepy.
Thanks tyler
Tyler: "this is right at the line between smooth as shit and like the creepiest man alive"
oh ya.
I went in weak, didn't jump in, knock the door down, instead i choded.
And i got BLOWN OUT!

First time i actually emotionally felt a girl not being into me of the start in a very long time.
Really crashed my already weak state. (waited too long was a bit in my head)

Back to dancing in the bro circle. (a chode circle but elevated by my presense to bro' levels)
I feel all f-ed in the head.
Then after like 2 minutes of self pity and thinking "wow i'm building negative momentum here, i'm getting worse, this has happened before when i go out too much, i need to take a few days off"
I have a thought, inspired no doubt by the blueprint.
"wait a sec.  It doesn't matter. I am no different, my life is no different than it was 5 minutes ago."
but that's not true, is it? Because i finally started to see what indifference meant.
I thought that i'd crossed the indifference threshold a long time ago.  That it was take care of.
I think i'd reached a level of indifference, but never true indifference.  I think that's what I'm pushing now.

Buddy in our group starts hustling to get drinks.  He steals like 5 drinks from either the bar or randoms.  Horrible villanous behavior, and yet so goddamn awesome.
It's so funny.
Me thinks he missed that day in school where we covered social conditioning.  Reminds me of a guy from back home, they even look similar.   Cool man if ever one walked the earth.  In a sociopathic kind of way.  It's aweful really thinking about it.  Moving on:

One of the guys at one point is like "dude, honestly you're only here for a few weeks, you'll never see any of these people again, ever, i don't get why you're not on the dancefloor ripping it up.  You've nothing to lose"
Though it wasnt meant for game, it was damn good game advice to hear.  The kinda shit a good wing would say to you when you chode out for an hour and a half from one little blow out.

2am hits.  I tell DJ that i've shit to do tomorrow, its time for me to quit, i'm gonna go hit on some ugly girls for kicks and see him at work.
He lols.
It's a tool i use to motivate myself, i make a commitment while simultaneously framing it in a way that for me to not take action would be incongruent and weird. 
We find ways to get leverage on ourself i suppose.

It took me 5 minutes to build up the courage to say that to him.  I was getting mad anxiety.  It's because i knew that once i said that, once i commited i was doing it.  There was no way out.  It was pre-approach anxiety.  I said it, it was the ramping up to the top of the roller coaster to get it out.  Saying it was going over the top.  The epiphany that happened in the next 10 minutes may mean i never feel it again.  It was a helluva ride.

Goodbye AA my bitter sweet friend , i think i shall miss you a bit.  You've been the one constant on this mad journey through this mad world.  Adieu, so long.

Over the top in free fall.
I turn.  Girl dancing at side of dancefloor alone next to stairs.  Older, glasses, bit thick (but it's england 99% of the girls are).  I'm not fucking this girl, but i am going to beat the game.

I point at her.  
Her face:"oh god"
I pounce step up.
She smiles, lols, highfives.
I close my hand over hers.
Extraction time!
me"Come here! no! skoo!'
she comes awkwardly.
I say shit about how shes lovely i really wanted to meet her, (tis rubbish, im talking to fast tho)
i spew shit about being foreign and where shes from. Nottingham.  I m like
"NO way"
she goes to walk away.
"no no no no, come here"
i address her looking uncomfortable at some point to get her to relax, it's funny.
Anyways eventually i just set her free back to the dancefloor, onto the next set.

Set 3(or 4 if you count the bus)
girl hot.
they in my way.
I gesture between them so they split and i can go by (they're blocking the path)
I step in between them, backturn the guy.  And headbop at the girl
"dooo do dee doooo"
say whatever comes into your head first, accomplished.
They walk away.
Think they may actually have been together.

Set 4 (or 5 if you count the bus)
walk past last set, see the door am like "no.  one more pretty boy, or...fuck or CIRCLE THE CLUB ONCEMORE" fine annoying self.
This clubs a bit like a big donut, so i keep walking.  Circles past the dj booth to the dancefloor.  Someone cute redhead with ugly librarian looking brunnette and some dude who's probably their gay brother who they don't know (that's actually what my mind said at the time, which in hindsight looks even more ridiculous.  RAS i suppose).  I realize something as i step up.
It doesn't matter

I say realize, it's something i knew.  Something i've known since blueprint, but now i realized it, now it clicked, at that true deep level, after hitting a couple sets full personality on the line back to back.  It doesn't matter.

I pounced in.  Bounce hop.  
Right in the middle of them.
"You're cute my names prettyboy"
Blows open.
I say shit about how i'm canadian and she's mine.
Have her introduce me to the friends.
Meet chode man first, am just like, "hi" then turn to girlfriend
"Hi, i'm the random canadian that's hitting on your friend."
she lols.  I have this image in my head of a plaid wearing lumberjack with a bever pelt over his shoulder and a axe in his hand mackin' the ho's in some bitchin nightclub.  Law of state transference.
I go physical hard (but less hard than i have been)
then i bail.
I don't hold out.
Next sticking point probably.

I remember thinking i can go now.
I leave the club, get the bus,
arrive home, and spend an hour writing this field report so i can remember it.

It probably is full of spellling errors, and it probably reads not htat special.
I've had nights, many,  where i did as many sets as fast.
But this was the first night where indifference was fueled.  
Where i took a statecrash and recovered(even thought it was just at the end of the night)
For my game, for where i'm at this was a huge breakthrough.

Because i learned on a uni campus i never had to do much cold approaching, so the mid and late game part of my skillset got honed, it god damn good imo.  My front game has always been shit.  My opening always relying on scripted bullshit.

Tonight-crutch free- I blew through a state crash, pushed indifference far, and stepped the fuck up.
I practiced my non-verbal communication channel and all the shit i wanted to do.

Despite being out with dj friend i was basically in it solo, none of these guys approached or talked about approaching.  They never saw or watched any of the shit I was doing, there was no backup.

Tonight i happily claim success and pass the fuck out.  If it counts as 5 sets or not.  Fuckit.  Growth = win.
Tomorrow i should go out to reinforce this shit.  Work on monday but fuckit, we'll see how tired i am tomorrow.

I'm on the cusp here, of something truely great. 
(better catch up Adonis/tuna)
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pretty boy

pretty boy

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This a story of failing, getting lost, and trying to walk to london.

Work in the morning.

A classic FML moment.

A friend i work with had a leaving party.  Went to it.  Several pints later.

Try to go to digital.   End up in a pub instead.  Not sure how.
No sets.
No growth.
Probably a brutal hangover tomorrow at work.

I wanted to go out everynight this week, drink free, really push that growth.
Had fun instead.
When i got lost walking home and ended up walking 3 miles towards london before finding a Domino;'s pizza with directions (exactly the opposite direction of where i was going) it was a bit of a "fml, drunk, lost in forign country"  Eventually sorted it out.

245 am.
Still have a lingering cold.

French girl texted me again tonight.  Wanted me to go to the pub with her and friends.  Too drunk, told her i couldn;t.
Honestly i keep being unavaliable like this her and i will never get together.

I have drank more since coming to the UK than i did in the last year at home.  Strong drinking culture here.  Everyone buying you drinks its hard to say no.

At the same time though, it was fun night, made some new friends, so its positive.
I wonder if this going out everyday is actually a good strategy.
Not sustainable maybe, but i just want to get the bare-bones machanics ofnatural game sorted.  Then i'll walk away, internalize this shit.

248.  Pass out time.

Tomorrow night i'll have to rally.  Text all the community guys.  We'll decend on poundance at digital.  God help me i will enter that club yet.

Cheers mates.
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pretty boy

pretty boy

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The night of 'you suck pretty boy'

Rolled with jediknight to fishbowl.
He opens the first set, bad logistics,  i come wing, end up in it for like an hour.  No kino = lame sauce.
Wasn't particularily into the girl, tho she seemed really really nice.  End of set i don't bother to go for the number.
Lesson: Fuck bad logistics.  Go in anyways.

Eventually go to digital.
Line is epic.  
Tell jedi knight "we;re not getting in"
he argues that's a limiting belief.
He goes to walk in.  Unsuccesfully.  I talk to the promoter, tell him how i used to promote, ask if i can get his contact info for guestlist, he tells me to do it on facebook, but hooks us up with guestlist for the night.
Writes 'cunt' on the back of both our hands.
Classy.  Who needs a stamp when you can just write on peoples hands?
Lesson: You're getting in.  Always play the industry card.

We get in, pay the 3quid cover.  Off into the night.

Man am i chodely.
Super in my head.
I've definetly snapped right back into the "i'm good with girls"
and as a bi-product "I care what people think of me"

Fuuuuuck.  I hate that sticking point.  I really fucking do.  I thought i was over it.
Remember something alex once said "how do you deal with the massive roadbloack that comes after approaching becomes first nature, that is commonly characterized as going out with the 'i'm good with girls ego', not approaching"
I feel like i'm banging my head against the wall with this one.
The pattern is as follows:
1. go to club, rock, awesome, yay!
2. next night in club: ego back, not approaching, full chode, walk home hearing everyone in the club behind you having fun when you really really aren't.
3. go to club, humbled, rock, awesome yay!
4. next night in club: ego back, not approaching, full chode, walk home hearing everyone in the club behind you having fun when you really really aren't.

How do i get out of this one?
I know in theory that I should focus on becoming centered in a 'i am awesome.  woo me! purple shirt!' a la brad ego.  As opposed to the 'i'm good with girls, but if they reject me my world is in risk of tumbling doooownnn' ego.
Frustrated.   Feel like giving up,  having been going out for so long this feels like a bullshit sticking point.  Not approaching?  LIke come on!  whatthefuck.

Going out tomorrow again i guess.
Fuuuuckin hell.

The 3 sets I did in the club consisted of me going up in various kinds of indirect lame ass shit (the lowest of the low being the me "hey high five! "  - girl:"FUCK OFF"  adonis was right, getting told to fuck off by a girl with an english accent does hurt more :(  )

I kept thinking of jeffy and tyler when they talk about that shit about the ego and the dragging your friend with the manual into the plane.
Need to get better at dragging my friend into the plane.
We are flying this shit. 
Tomorrow's another night.  
Work in the AM.
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pretty boy

pretty boy

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girl: "Hey party 2nite if you want to come :)."

So it begins.
Rolling out.
Call her when i'm out front.
"hey i'm here.  come let me in."
"im not ready yet"
"how long"
"about an hour."
"fuck that."
"im sending friends"

So i chat with her friends.  
Something i've noticed in the last 2 weeks is that my conversation skills have suddenly gone to shit. 
I blame it on my job, it was really wearing me down, i've been pretty unhappy. 
But damn has my verbal shit got bad.  Which is lame because verbals pretty damn simple.
to Personal.
to Sexual.

I quit yesterday.
I felt instantly better.

Chatting I eventually i got into conversational mode.  It took like an hour.
Damn.  Massive negative momentum i guess.
Even when i got into it things weren't smooth like they were.
My accent, whilst here, has sped up a lot.  This means I don't have as much time to proccess my thoughts as i say them, which in some ways is good, but it means i'm not communicating emotions well at all.  And my humor is shit, i need to think more to be funny here as english humor is different.

Anyways, it goes on.  Ends up that most of the girls here have boyfriends.
Then suddenly American guy from a few field reports back shows up.
I've been chatting to his buddy.
"dude, we're going.  These girls are shit.  There are some dime girls back at the other party."
Off we go.
Get in.
It's the first time in my life that someone said that and lived up to their word.
These girls are absolute stunner.
The kind of girls that are definetly not from england.  South Cal girls.  There aren't words for hot hot they are.
And then there's one.
These girls are all hot but this one...
Hottest girl i've ever seen.  
That's after 3 years of going in field.
Hottest.  Girl. 
Blonde.  Black dress.  Perfect face.  perfect body.  perfect hair.  So hot she's not even intimidating.  It's just right.
Turns out that guy is her boyfriend.  They're in love, he can handle himself better than i can.

May the best man win.  Dammit.

We all roll to the clubs.
On the way a bunch of girls from the party call me to the back of the bus with them.  Me and my new wing (americans friend) head back.
Cut ahead 2 minutes.  Surrounded by 4 girls.  Center of attention.
We're all talking french.
One's from france, one's from morroco, one's from italy, one's english.
England is growing on me.

We get to the club.  In traditionw we're going to oceana.
For those who don't know it oceana is a chav superclub.  7 rooms or some shit all with differnt themes, really cool club, but a lot of old girls, a lot of low-quality slutty girls.  However it's huge.  We're rolling with 5 super hot and 15 cute girls, and without fail there will be 2 or 3 hot sets in the club.  Out of several hundred people.  But irrelevant.

Get to the front.
Bouncer says i can't come in.
I'm wearing running shoes.
Fuck that shit.
We're last in line, all the girls have gone in.
I feel the rage building.
"leave a ton of hotties and go home alone?  FUCK THAT"
Play the industry card again.
Bouncers like "fuck no.  Talk to the manager"
me"alright cool, what's his name?"
bouncer"mr. Manager"
Fuck you bouncer asshole.  Fuck you.
Walk over with new wing.
Manager is talking to 5 girls. 
I'm not gonna interrupt, so we wait.
He tells the girl his name
(Dani-dany?- for the record if you ever find yourself at that club)
Girls eventually leave.
Walk up.
"hey dani, right?"
"hey man, my name's pretty boy, i work for joseph richards in vancouver, i heard this is the place to go, but one problem"
i point down "my shoes, is it cool if we come in?"

Skip line.  Free admission. For me and my wing.
Later we made fun of everyone we met who paid.  "oh shit you actually paid? hahahaha! they made you pay, that's hilarious!"  channel the hipseter energy.  Arrogant humour.

We're in.  Find girls.
Yay girls.
Kino. Claw. Game.
Everyone is boyfriended up.

Run into girl from a couple field reports back with the massive attitude (vegas girl).
We chat, she has attitude, i give it back.  I mock her.  We lol.  She gets nicer again.  
It's just shit tests i guess, but her boyfriend's cool, i know him, and its just not gonna happen.

This 1 girl.  Hot.  Blonde.  Surrounded by massive dudes.
Wing point her out.  I chode it.  Don't open.
I'm being a bitch.

We continue.
Dancefloor tall hot brunnette.  Wing goes in.  Guys natural.  I can learn a lot from him.  He leaves day after tomorrow with american.  Too bad.  Learn the most from naturals.
He hovers near until eye contact.
Goes in.
10 minutes later she's all over him.
Flawless victory.
He ditches, has a girlfriend back home.
Full natural.
Mad respect.

Next room.
And there they are.
Finally found it.
The 2 girls.
This club is full of old age fat chicks and dudes.
But these two.
Blonde girl.
And red head.
Absolutely stunning.  Waves of "oh shit" roll over me.
"those ones?"
i say.  (chode)
"yes" says new wing.  rolls in.
He doesn't really open.  Hovers for a couple minutes.  Doesn't really engage them at all.
comes back.  I see his method, it requires eye contact, requiers approach invitations.  Later he tells me how he's really good in a limited area.  Give him a girl on his own, he's got it, two or more is beyond him.

As the girls leave he says they are not down.  there is no way.
"Lets make sure"  i tell american.
Here we go.
The girls stop.
Here we go.
waves of 'fuck don't do it,  don't do it, don't do it" are trying to drown me.
"I'll just say 'hi' and leave. just got to make the approach"
Get there.
"YOU!  I'm pretty boy"
Death stare from girl.
"What?  Are you serious.  I eat girls like you for breakfast."
Laughs.  This shit is going to happen, fuck you brain.
" I know." i say "i\m really ugly, it's cool tho, my mom says one day someone will love me"
"nooo you're not!"
"ya i'm sexy as fuck."
Friend looks full pissed.
Talk to her for a sec.
"i can't hear anything your saying."
Fuck.  It's so loud.
Americna has vanished.  Wing-less.  Dammit.  2 set, loud club, wing would really, really be helpful here.  These girls are stunning.
I keep blowing.  It opens hard.  Blonde girl is into it.
red head is getting full pissed.
I go back to talking to blonde, mistake in hindsight.
Cut space.  We're on.  Red head grabs, drag away.

Lessons:  Claw.  Especially in 2 set, if the friend is bored 2 hand claw is absolutely vital.  Otherwise you're open to pull away.
Engage whole group.  Move to quieter area.  Doesn't matter if you can't, do it anyways, if she can't hear after a couple minutes you're in trouble (what you say doesnt matter, but you have to say something usually).

You can't rely on wings most of the time, if they aren't community they can vanish into the ether.

American gets a text from a full hotty from earlier.  She wants him to come over.  Hes gone.
Me and new wing.

Outside smoke pit.  English girl. Brunnette.
Massive attitude.  I've never met an english girl this mean.  Straight up.
I could put the shit down but it's so fucking negative i don't even wanna remember it.
I expect from hot girsl attitude, it's part of the game, but after 5 minutes i'd had enough.
Sometimes it's not a front, some girls are actually just cunts.
Shes hanging out with some of our friends.  I grab the girls we go.  ditch that bitch.  There is a level of bullshit that i won't put up with.  Boundaries.

Lesson:  Assert personal boundaries earlier if she crosses a line.  It's attractive and saves you wasting time on a girl who's actually shit.

Back inside.
Blonde girl i've been gaming off and on all night.
Lots of claw and shit.
Double leg claw.
Air hump.
Shit's hot.

I get fucked by logistics.  Landlady has said i cant bring girls home while she's here (400quid a month rent, fucking bullshit, only 1.4 months left of this bullshit tho.  It kept raining tonight.  Beach is out.  Her place is 1 hour bus back with her prude roomates.
We make plans for the 18th.  She (like most of the girls we rolled with) leaves tomorrow, but she'll be back then for like 2 days.
I realize when i get home that i won't even be here.
Frustrated.  I haven't had sex in 2 weeks, i'm used to having sex most days back home.  It's really starting to get to me.  I've been fucked a few times now by logistics.  Not being able to bring girls back to mine is fucking me over.

Later we see the two hot girls from earlier.  We decide to go fuck with them.  We do.  We laugh.  they hate us.
Later we see them all over an ugly ass guy with a mullet and dreds.  A dred  mullet.  Drug dealer? Better game?  We'll never know.
We decide we should kill ourselves as England clearly makes no sense.

He gives me props "you know man, you stepped up, you walked to those two girls, that i couldn't do, and you got success. That's legit.  They weren't down, we fucked the winging, but you stepped up.  You did good.  But i had that one brunnette try to bull me, so i keep my diginity.  Motherfuckerrrrrrrrrrr"  
Love this guy.

Blonde girl again.  She's dancing with a guy.  Hes been trying to get her all night.
I tap her once on the shoulder.
Immediately ditches.  On me.
Lesson: Do not spend the whole night with a girl.   Meet her early leave adn game others come back.  If late meet and pull.  Know the rhythm.
Tell her i'm leaving.
She says something.  I'm pissed that i'm getting cockblocked by logistics.  Fuck you landlady.  Fuck you.
"we're never going to fall in love now" i tell her.
she;'s like "oh well, we can fall in love anyways"
"tell you what, you fall in lvoe back home with someone else, and i'll fall in love with someone else, and we can never speak again"
"Nooo, you have to add me to facebook!  I'll be back!" this was actually when she told me that she's back for a couple days and we made plans.
Lesson: holy shit; the power of negative emotion.  A(v)=HV+-E.  Now i see.

That's it for the night.  The one big drawback to oceana is that most of the girls are not hot, because of teh numbe of people that show up you can build good momentum, and there will always be a few super hot girls.  But only 2 or 3 sets worth.

I feel kinda shitty tho.
Objectively, ya, approached, did what was required, got a bit better, learned some shit.
I went out with the expectation to get laid.
I brought three condoms, expecting to fuck at the pre-party, at the club, and pull.
It's nuts, this is where my mind is at, but i'm not performing at this level.
Full delisional confience.  
On good nights its on.  I honestly believe i'm going to fuck multiple girls each night, despite having not done that succesfully in like 2 years (my game was down ever since i dated a girl for a year and a half and had a really really bad breakup.  In many ways i think im still trying to get my game back to there.  Add that im learning the natural style it makes things not as tight as they used to be.  But i do believe this is the path.)

So that's it for the night.
It's 4:13 am
Walked home alone.
Had fun tho.
I need to stop settign the goal to get laid maybe.  Dunno.
Ozzie had a video about girls the other day.  I didn't really read the article or watch it.  I think i'll do that tomorrow.  It'd probably be of value to me.

Approaches succesful.
Approach anxiety has definetly come back full throttle.  im not at good at overcoming it as i was a month ago.  Now that im not in that job and i feel better i will be more centered.
The AA will go away.
Or maybe it won't.  i'll work with it.

Damn did we meet some hot girls tonight tho.  
Holy shit.


What i learned: 
Persist.  This shit is opening.
Persist.  We're getting in.
Persist.  You're mine.
Fuck off. You cross my line you're gone.  
Negative emotions.  Use them.  
Natural guys think i'm cool.  I get along better with naturals than most guys ive met throught the community now, that never used to be true.
I guess i really am the shit.

Will this lead to ego and next night consist of me not talking to girls again?
Is this the cycle of this plateau?
I will move past this.
Why approach anxiety?  Why?  It's never an excuse.  There are no excuses.
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