January 17th, 2019
Paris Fuck Boobz
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

I want to start a new journal. I think it will be the last one. 

I want to have PU handled by June 2012. That gives me about a whole year. After that I'll still go out, but I'll put my efforts in something else. 

During that time, I want to do my best to achieve my goals, to work on my SPs, and to fuck ze hot girlz wiz ze boobz. 

So my deadline is next year. By next year, I should have addressed all the major issues I can still encounter.

Also I want to get to a point where I get 1 new lay every week consistently with a 8-10.

I commit to going out at least 3x a week (Thu-Fri-Sat). Those are PU nights. Lately I was having a normal life, hanging out with friends during the weekends. Never again. 

My previous journals for later reference:

Ze 30-Day Challenge to ze Fuck
Episode 0
- How I became what I was meant to be :
Episode I & II - Ze Legend of ze Doubble Phuck / Ze Kompute3000 Archivez :
Episode III - Love, Dong, Light & Magic :
Episode IV - The Return of Mandala :


Tonight I went out very late. I met my brother in a bar full of girls. I left quickly. I can't PU much in front of my family or in front of female friends. Well I can, but I need much momentum. 

Then I met a female friend. She is very cool, but she is very annoying when we go out. That's because she wants to fuck me - true story bro. 

Talked to a HOT blonde but she was with a guy. 
Talked to a HOT brunette, but she was with a guy. 
Talked to a girl I approached 2 weeks ago, she was attracted, but I wasn't motivated enough to make things happen. 

Zere are too many guys. Bar closes. We leave. On my way I talk to a girl in the street. She could be a 9.99, but she doesn't care about how she is dressed and how she looks like, so she loses 3 POINTS. Hot boobz though. She has a BF, she wants me to stay around though. 
In the other bar there isn't much talent. I approach a few girls, but almost nothing is interesting.

Last bar. 
There is a group of girls I met 1 month ago. One of them wanted to fuck me, she gave me free entrance to a clun she was going to with her friends and venue changed me, and at the last minute I didn't want to. We spent an ok night out though. Tonight they don't even want to say hi properly. Bitches. 

I talk to 9.99-3=6.99, then a fight occurs, and we get accidentally pepper sprayed. Fuck.
Now my eyes are going out of my head and I look like a crackhead. All the people I knew left and now I feel more comfortable. 

I talk to a cute girl. My opener: "Have I already told you the thing I didn't tell you ? Sorry to disturb you when I am disturbing you, hello". 
I get shit tested hard, but I handle it well. My girls is attracted. When her friend grabs her, I yell "OH LOOK SHE DOESN'T WANT YOU TO TALK TO ME". CB girl is taken aback, and now my girl is protecting me, "he's with us, he's cool". 
Blah blah blah, I claw the 2 girls, one of them is testing me hard. I tell the 2 girls to kiss each other, they're bitching about it. 
Later I make out with my girl. Super lips, wow, loved it. 

Her friends left, but the other girl is still here. I think she's waiting for her, then I double claw them again, and now they're kissing. Then I kiss the other girl, and I kiss my girl. The three of us make out for some time. 
Then my girl says she'd prefer going to somewhere more intimate. We all agree. I go get my stuff, trying not to trip up for the 3some (never happened,once they were hot but I didn't believe it, the other times they weren't hot enough).
Then at the last moment the other friends come back, and it blew everything away. Everybody must sleep at the third girl's place, so she wants them back, no negociations. 
We part ways. I don't take the #. I wonder if this is chode. 
Then I realized that I deserve hot girls and that girls want my 3 some cock. So I can't wait for tomorrow.

Also a girl wanted to fuck me, she tried to, she expressed it, also she wasn't super hot so I ditched her.
Also I approached a cutie.

-The 3some opportunity
-Making out with this cute girl
-Talking to the super hot first blonde

-Don't think, everything is cool
-I deserve hot girls
-Hot girls are really curious about my cock

-Consistently approaching without assuming BF or failure
-Find venues with hotter girls
-Get ze fuck
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

Trusted Member

Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

Also forgot how horny and slutty and beggin for sex girls are. EVERY GIRL.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

Trusted Member

Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

Saturday, #2

Went to a party in a remote area. Spend 1+ hour to get there. See that there are at most 15 people. The girls are not super hot, some are cute. I don't get super physical and super aggressive so nothing happens. Spend 1+ hour to get home. Masturbated to Botticcelli paintings. The end. 

Also a girl I approached a while ago called me unexpectedly tonight. Last time I saw her she was with her BF and he felt threatened. I guess she's not with him anymore or she doesn't care. But I came back too late, so nothing happened. Maybe I should call her but it's already 5am, fuu-.

-Went out
-Talked to girls
-Got attraction

-You have to take the initiative, you have more time if you approach earlier
-Make things happen
-Get physical

-Get laid tomorrow
-Tomorrow get laid
-Get ze fuck

I need to go out Thu, Fri, Sat, organize my night to be surrounded by girls, and get ze fuck. 
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Join Date: 05/08/2011 | Posts: 271

 Keep going paris.

I like how you do like an audit of each night. victories, losses and things to do next time. Shows that you are dedicated to improving each night, and taking the info from the black box. 
 I am enough. 
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

Trusted Member

Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

I had a journal earlier on where I did it and I found it useless. Then lately I realized that I needed to constantly recall my good reference experience instead of having negative thoughts, and to have more focus on what I should improve, so I do it again. I'll see if it helps. 
fullysick wrote:
 Keep going paris.

I like how you do like an audit of each night. victories, losses and things to do next time. Shows that you are dedicated to improving each night, and taking the info from the black box. 
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

Yo dude,

1 year is tight, but you know I have been going on for some time now, so it's not as if I wanted to a beast overnight. I just want to blast through my biggest SPs, so 1 year can be enough. If not, at least I tried. 

I often have that feeling that I have everything down, but I just need that tiny little tweak and I'll make wonders. Then I suck lol. But having a deadline my help me to focus more on my development. It'll motivate me when I'm not in the mood. Maybe.

Taking a BC could be cool, but I don't have the money, and won't have it before some time. I was ready to assist for BC, but it didn't happen. 

I spent time in the field and got results, but I am nowhere where I want to be in this game. Sometimes I feel bad about it, given all the time I spent approaching, so I should take massive action.
I want to be able to lay at least 1 hottie a week (8-10) consistently. But it's still not working that way. Either I lay a hot girl, but not consistently. Or I lay 1 girl a week, but not always the hotties I want. 
Brad- told me on the forums I should rack up numbers and lay 50 girls of any caliber, but I didn't do it. I just want to fuck the hotties wiz ze boobz. To me a girl wizout boobz is like a chocolate cake without the chocolate.
We'll see what happens. 

BTW did you have a period where you just racked up lays only to get more lays under your belt? What was the result? 

2012 will be your year of glory man. Looking forward to it too.

Pilgrimage2012 wrote:
 yo paris! one year is a tight schedule. looking forward to this. i'm curious have you ever considered a bootcamp?

btw 2012 was meant to be kinda my "final year" hence pm2012 :)
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Silicone Pimp

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Join Date: 07/27/2008 | Posts: 437

Fuck 'em all; let God sort them out.
Boning in parking lots journal:

Skeet skeet skeet
Naw thats tha other mayne
'cause my skeet never leak
out this rubber mayne
T&A ain't worth a nigga DNA
                                                          -Ice Cube

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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

05-18-11, **BONUS NIGHT**

(I fucked up during the day, because I saw my 10, and I didn't approach. I followed her a bit in the metro, then thought fuck it and I gave up. This means I will work extensively on day game).

It's a bonus night because my plan is to switch from 7x a week to 3x a week. 

I go out, my buddy is tipsy, I am sober as fuck. We skip the line.

He points me to a 9, huge boobz, cute girl. I whine. I approach. She isn't responsive. She doesn't speak french, and english not so well. I do my usual "oh, neither do I , I forgot my English" with a perfect Londonian accent, but it's lame. I could have tried to be more empathetic, like "yeah, I know that feeling when everybody speaks a language you don't get, etc". 

There are cute girls, but I freeze up. 
I talk to girls, I am approached by girls, bartender offers me drinks. 

I talk to hot girl, I don't stick very long because I assume the guy with her is her BF. Bad move, Johnson. 

My buddy is wasted, he talks to all the girls. What I do is going in after him or winging him, but by staying super chill and not saying much. It works wonder. 

I talk to a girl whom I assume is into me. Cute. She is into me. I remember lifting her up and down continuously, doing my workout on the dancefloor. Then the guy from before comes and kisses her. He was her BF.

Other things happens, nothing extraordinayre, apart from talking to a girl with huge boobz.

-Approached the first hottie right away
-Approached the girl with huge boobz
-I realized what stuff I should work on asap

-BF never exists
-Approach hard and assume success right away
-Get blown out quickly asap to have fun later on

-Get blown out
-Handle social pressure while staying unreactive
-Get ze fuck
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

Trusted Member

Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618

You have no soul.
Silicone Pimp wrote:
Fuck 'em all; let God sort them out.
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Join Date: 11/17/2010 | Posts: 412

"masturbated to botticelli paintings" haha.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

Trusted Member

Join Date: 04/02/2009 | Posts: 3618


Went out alone. See friends of mine. I ditch them. Meet a female friend of mine. I ditch her too.

Let's be real here. Ditch your friends. 

Zere are many ze cute girlz. 

A girls gives me shit because I apologize before walking past her. Of course.

See seemingly gorgeous 10 brunette. Hesitate a lot, but I approach. Goes well. I leave after a while. Wasn't as hot as I thought at first, still pretty solid. 

See little hottie with teh boobz. With 15 female friends dancing. I postpone, they look at me, I approach. I tease her, we talk a bit, but I don't ground the interaction, then I leave. IOW I didn't believe in it, her, us, and the sky. 

See what seems to be a 10, 6ft tall blonde, wonderful face. I hesitate, I approach nonetheless. I have 10 game. That's what I am saying in my mind lolwut. End of story, I am funny and chill, she likes me a lot, but I don't feel she is a 10 for me anymore. She doezn't has ze boobz for example. I don't close. 

Zere are a few hot girls I didn't talk to. 
Zere are hot girls I should have re-approached.
Zere are other girls I talked to. 
Zere is a hot girl I didn't want to approach right away, then she left with her friends. Lol it only happened to me 50,876,877,698,972,9T9,8HI,UGT,YD5,687,987 fucking times so far, maybe I need 50,876,877,698,972,9T9,8HI,UGT,YD5,687,987 more instances until I fully internalize that it doesn't matter how and when I open, it only matters that I value myself and my time. 

I should have approached way harder with some of them. I should also have been way more physical. I am physical already, but I didn't feel entitled yet to make out, touch boobies, etc. 

Also, there is THIS GUY. 

THIS GUY is a motherfucker.
THIS GUY pulls I think, he is a player and very skilled at it. 
THIS GUY I observe very often when he is in the same venue as me. 
THIS GUY decided that tonight he would practice his skills on me when I am talking to a girl. 
Paris Boum Boum. 

So twice tonight the guy approached us when I was with a girl, and tried to take the girl. 
His method: double claw, kiss us on the cheeks, proceed from there. Kind of like Ozzie on his blog. 
Thx man, stolen.
You may be skilled, little THIS GUY, but I am fucking Paris Boum Boum. 
So you tried and you tried, but it didn't work. Why ? Because I am ze shit, but also why ? Because I know ze field motherfucker and you can't outgame me like this.
What I do : ignore, no emotional or cognitive reaction to what little man is doing, lead the girl, attract all the social energy on you, be more chill and more loud. 
Off you go, little man.

Ha ha ha, props to the man though, he works the field, he makes out with hotties, he has game, he gets laid.
He is teaching me what I should do more often. 

-Approached girls although I didn't want to
-Re-ignited a bit my asshole personality with the fake 10 blonde. 
-Dealt with little man the right way

-You don't know shit, stop assuming and just do it

-Get more blow outs
-Get entitled to escalate hard physically sooner in the night
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