January 17th, 2019
My Journey to Create Entourage Lifesytle (FRs and LRs)
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Okay, I'm not going to promise to keep this updated consistently, as I have other more important projects on my plate, however, I will make an effort.  I see a lot of people who update their "online journals" regularly and it must be quite inspiring to look over an extended period of time and see your progress, so, with that, I will throw my hat in the ring.

LR:  My South African Girl - (1/15/11-1/16/11)  (I cut this story from an email I sent to a friend who asked me to tell him one of my stories, so this is kind of me talking to him..oh well.  As you can see from the date, this happening at the beginning of this year)) .

I had gone out to that same spot, as I always do solo, but usually it's not "solo" per se because I've been going more or less regularly (although as of recent I've only been going once a month) I usually see people I know.

Either way, I'm walking around and I see this girl with nice, toned arms that looks like she works out a lot but not in the "she-male" sense. I make a comment on the arms while gently squeezing them saying, "Wow, I can tell you work out." (Don't worry, it was done in a "classy" way and not in a sleazy She smiles, we start talking and I find out she's from Brazil. She's definitely a little older, like say mid 40s but this girl was still a dime butter with a RUMP!!!! I mean bro, she had a RUMP! She also had a friend with her who was older as well, who said she was Jewish, and she also had a body that looked like she did aerobics, with a nice toned rump but NO WHERE as nice as the Brazilian girl.

So, I keep on chatting with the Brazilian girl and the friend and start complimenting the rumps as I usually do, not because I'm trying to game them, but just because I'm generally a pervert who likes rumps. The girls are laughing and the Brazilian girl starts to tell me how cool she thinks I am and her friend, who normally would be a cock-blocker is agreeing with her. I just let her compliment me because I know that when a woman compliments you, she's starting to convince herself why she may like you and why she would want to get with you in the future.

As things are going well, some tall white dude comes around, I kind of know the dude, and he had taken my number in the past because the dude likes to network with people which is cool. But this time, the dude is quite drunk, and he starts grinding up on the Brazilian girl and trying to kick it to her. I'm thinking, "What the EFF!" But as I don't like competing for women, I just stand back and let the dude do his thing. The Brazilian girl's friend is quite annoyed and is telling me that she doesn't like what the dude is doing to her friend and I'm trying to get her to cock block because she looked like she was quite good at it. I don't recall what happened at this point but the Brazilian girl comes up to me and tells me and her friend that she's going to the bar for a drink and if I wanted anything and I told her no (STUPID mistake on my part because if she bought me a drink, it probably would've convinced her further why she should get w/ me because she was investing money on my azz). Well, when she gets back, the dude starts feeling up on her again, and the Brazilian girl was too nice to blow him off so I cut my losses and bounce.

Son, I was PISSED because this girl was a DIME BUTTER. She also was one of those cool chicks with a great personality and very intelligent and dated black dudes before, oh well. No girl I saw for the rest of the night measured up to her in my eyes, and everytime I passed her the rest of the evening, some other white dude was up on her...sheesh.

So, I'm walking around just chillin and I see some girl staring at me so I stare back. It was hard to make out what she was and I thought she was actually Filipina, though she could've been anything. I walk up to her and say, "Yo, I saw you just staring at me, so I decided to say what's up." :-D lol She starts saying that I looked mean, we start talking, and I ask where she's from and she tells me she's from South Africa and her moms was Dutch and her father was Black South African. I ask if he was Zulu or Xhosa and she tells me that most Americans don't know much about South Africa and she was very impressed, and it took a lot to impress her. I joke with her that she hasn't impressed me yet but to keep on trying and she laughs.

Anyways, she has her co-workers with her and they tell her that they're going to another part of the lounge but she said she was cool and was gonna stay with me. The thing that was weird though was thaat she seemed like she was into me with her words but she was kind of emotionless so it was hard to tell if she was into me. We go dance, we talk a lot more, about different things, and then I take her out to the patio and sit her down next to me and decide that I was gonna feel her out to see how I can make my move. I start to put my arm around her to pull her closer and just then, one of her co-workers come and say, "We're leaving." She tells me she was gonna go with them and I'm waiting for her to offer her number or ask for mine, but she does neither.

I'm thinking WTF??? Because I've learned through my mistakes over the years that rather than getting 300 numbers in one night, where when you call or text them, not one of them responds because they've given their number out to 200 other dudes and don't remember who you are, it's better to spend time with one girl, get cool with her, where she'll most likely ask for your digits or give you hers without you even saying anything,. Then of course, hen you call or text, she'll remember you and you'll have a lot of built in isht to say.

Well, this girl did neither, so I'm like damn, so I ask for her number and she tells me that she has a South African number and that she didn't know her American number off hand. So at this point I think to myself, "Why the hell am I pursuing? Obviously she's not into me because after all this time I spent with her she's not trying keep in touch...eff it."

So, I say to her quite abruptly, "Okay, nice meeting you. Peace, good-bye." And then I'm about to walk off when she starts stuttering and says, "But're not..uh..but" So then I'm thinking, "Oh..this girl DOES like me." I then get the spelling of her first name (which was some complicated azz Zulu name) and told her I'll send her a message on Facebook.

When I get home that night, I look her up, and to my utter shock and surprise, there were like 300 people with her complicated azz name, so I almost said eff it until I remember her last name began with an "M", so I typed that in and I found her and sent her a message beginning with, "Wow, that wasn't awkward at the end." and then I suggest she meet up w/ me and I'll take her to have some true Bklyn Pizza.

She's down and we meet up the following weekend on 14th Street Union Square on the platform for the 4,5,6 trains.

I take her to the Brooklyn promenade and show her the view of the Bklyn Bridge. I then get on the train with her to take her to my old neighbourhood in Bay Ridge/Sunset Park Bklyn for the pizza. While we're sitting on the platform, I ask her if she lived with her parents in Johannesburg, South Africa, and she says "No." I ask her does she live by her self, and she also says, "No." She then tells me she lives with her boyfriend. Now that's when everything made sense why she was a bit reserved when I met her though she liked me, and why she was fronting on the number and was torn between keeping in touch with me or moving on. I ask her if her man was in South Africa, and she tole me he was in Detroit doing the same thing as she was, which was working on some project. I decided to NEVER bring this dude up again and that I was still going to tap it.

I get to my old neighbourhood take her to the playground I played on as a child with my friends. I then take her for pizza at this joint called Original's Pizza which has the best pizza in NY (though for some reason this day I took her their crust was kind of charred and crusty). After that, I took her to my man's crib who I grew up with, where he lives with his Puerto Rican wife and his son (he's another brother who's fallen prey to the "lure" of the Latina). I didn't stay too long there because my man had one of his boys with him who is a white dude he knows back from high school who is a 37 year old virgin we all call "Captain Porno," due to his LARGE porn collection. As you can figure from the name itself, the dude is a weirdo and I didn't want him weirding the shortie I was with out, so I completely bounce.

It's funny, when the girl asked me why we left I told him about "Captain Porno" and she laughed.

Well, I take her to a bar I know around that area called "3 Jolly Pigeons." We order drinks and we sit and talk more, trade stories etc. I think to myself that it's time to start to make my move and I start caressing her leg and she asks me why I was doing that and I told her basically because I felt like it. She doesn't stop me and the convo continues. I then start to kiss on her lips and she turns her face away. I don't let it phase me and she remarks how Americans are into public displays of affection and how it's not like that in South Africa. I tell her nobody in the bar even cares what we do, this is America.

I wait about 10-15 more minutes and make my move again and this time, she complies and we start making out. We make out for a bit, drink a bit more and talk and finally we decide to leave and head back to the city. I start to think to myself, "I'm taking this chick back to my crib."

On our way back to the train station, I throw her up against one of the walls of a building and start to make out with her again, and she likes it, this time rubbing her pelvis up and down against me. When we get back to 14th Street Union Square I tell her she's coming with me to my house, and she starts to protest telling me she has to go home. I lead her down to the platform on the L train where I get on my train and she's protesting. I tell her fine, I know this great bar by me a few stops before my crib called Northeast Kingdom and that we should go there. She starts saying this isn't good, she needs to go home, etc, etc. I then change the subject and ask her if she gets dark in the summer because she was very lightskinned, (I really did ask her that), and she forgets about her protest and gets on the train with me when it comes. I then decide on the train that I'm not taking her to no bar that I'm taking her straight to my crib.

When we get to my stop, I just tell her to come to my crib, I'll cook her food and buy some wine and beer and we can just chill. She was cool with that so we stop off at the supermarket and I buy eggs, turkey bacon and turkey sausage, for breakfast along with wine and beer. I go back to my crib and cook for her, and as I'm cooking, I can see her lookig at me a "certain way." She had a slight smile on her face, and in retrospect, that meant she was going to let me tap it. After we eat, I pour some wine and drink my beer and start kissing on her. I then lead her to my room, pick her up, carry her on my bed..and BAM! She lets me undress her with no fuss and I commence to tap.

Now, I was kind of surprised. I didn't describe to you her body but she was a thick girl and with clothes on she looked as if she was kind of sloppy, I couldn't really tell. She had some wide hips and some thick azz thighs. The day we met up she was wearing a sweater and a long skirt so it was really hard to get a good gauge on her shape. But I tell you, with her clothes off, her body was ON POINT! A nice fat rump, her stomach was surprisingly flat, and her she had some nice sized tetas. She as a thick but toned girl (though her arms were a bit flabby).

I tapped it twice that night. Now what was funny was that the 2nd time I was tapping it, my phone starts to ring incessantly and it was this 18 y/o I met earlier on in the week on a movie set from England, who was supposed to call me to chill around 10 pm but is calling me at 1 am while I'm tapping the South African girl. Of course I didn't answer it but this girl was a DIME BUTTER. That's for another story for another time.

I then take a shower with the girl, get dressed and then I take her back to 14th street Union Square so she can get back to the corporate housing she was staying at.

That's the story of the South African girl.
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FR: Bad Timing with Filipina (4/21/11-5/7/11)

So, Thursday evening, I head to this Tyler's Free seminar at the Pennsylvania Hotel, and I run into this cat that I had met at some book signing event, and after some convincing, decide to head out for a night out of the town to LES, where there’s this spot call ed Piano Bar.

Normally, I don’t like LES, because I find the girls there a bit too “grungy” for my taste and I’m not too particular of the spots they have out there. I found that while the girls actually tend to have more substance than the girls on the West side of the Manhattan, I find the girls on the West Side a lot more attractive.

Well, though I did have a few things to do in terms of this model showcase I had coming up the following week, and I was carrying my heavy ass gym bag,, I decided “Eff it,” I need some down town, and I agree to head with him to Piano Bar..

Upon getting to Piano Bar, I look around and I remember why I never really grew fond of the place. All I see are very non-descript, plain, pasty, LESish girls, walking around doing absolutely nothing to spark my interest. I was willing to make do with what was there and just have fun when P leads me upstairs to the second floor.

As I’m walking up the stairs I hear hip hop music and then I see a decent crowd of people hanging around of all shades and colours, and I’m thinking, “Aw shyte-no-myte, this is what I’m talking about.” (My phrase “shyte-no-myte” is a phrase I say to myself that is a play on JJ’s phrase from Good Times, “Dy-NO-mite!” Oh well, I like it.)

The first girl I remember meeting was this Vietnamese or Thai girl (I forget which country). She had nice dark skin, long black hair, was slim in a yoga-ish kind of way, sexy, and in her mid to late 20s, but the huge problem with her was she has absolutely no rump to speak of.

Regardless of that, I was completely turned on by her, and as convo ensued, I pointed to her backside and said, “I like this.” Now, like I said, her rump was way too small for me, but it was a way for me to segue into more perverted convo, and also, if I saw her azz walking around in my apartment, I particularly wouldn’t be hating life.

Needless to say, my interaction with her didn’t go anywhere. First off, my wingman, P, who is a genuinely cool dude, was annoyingly sticking around in the convo instead of leaving me alone with her. He did think she was hot, but I felt he could give me the courtesy and let me see what’s up with her (in fairness to him, he might not have thought I was trying to make my move).

Second, as a result of my questioning, I found out that she was into white guys (I usually ask Asian girls that because generally speaking, if you walk around the city for a few hours, you’re bound to see without fail several Asian girls walking arm-in-arm with a white dude), and usually, these girls who have a type like this, LIKE what they like.

So, I would even venture to say if I did have time alone with her, it still wouldn’t have gone anywhere. As a matter of fact, I did see her hook up later on with this long, lanky, dorky looking white dude….He was what you would classify as a “herb.”

Hey, to each their own.

I talk to more girls with varying degrees of success. There was this one cute ass French girl with a dark tan walking around that I flirted with several times during the night. She was on point and knew it, and just from her demeanour, I knew she was more work than I was willing to put in. I resolved to talk to her later when I was a bit more in the “zone.”

Well, as I was chilling with this cat, P, I see a group of three Asian girls dancing and having a good time. I walk up to one of them, who was kind of slim and sexy, and I forget what I said. I may have asked her where she was from, or I may have made a comment about something I noticed about her. Whatever I said, convo starts, and I start talking to one of the other two Asian girls, a short bubbly, girl with a cut face and big breasts.

She tells me she’s a Filipina/Chinese mix on both sides of her family, with the Chinese part having settled in the Philippines. I remark that’s common as Chinese people do a lot of business there, and also have the misfortune for being targets of kidnapping because of their prosperity. She’s impressed and asked me how I know all that. I then run by a couple of phrases they have in Tagalog, one of the languages spoken there, and she knows them all and laughs.

She then tells me she’s from L.A., moved to NY late last year, was there with her two friends who she introduces to me. One was visiting from L.A., (the one I initially approached) and the other lived in NY with her as a roommate. She’s 24 years old and is in P.R.

From her convo, it was quite evident that she was the mother hen/alpha-female of the whole group, you know, the girl who does the cockblocking. She was very protective of her friends and felt “responsible” for them as she was the oldest one.

In any case, we hit it off, and she’s REAL into me, so her being the cockblocker of the group didn’t matter in the least bit, because she would drop the ax on any ruling her friends made. I know that it’s a matter of time before we start making out. In fact, I know she’s ready to go, so I decide to wait it out a bit before making my move.

When I ask her what her type was, she says, “Black guys.” Interesting.

We dance and I see that she has a lot of rhythm as Filipinas usually do. I finally decide to pull the trigger and we start making out. We switch between dancing and making out I pull her to an empty wall at the spot so I could freak her.

We get to the wall, make out more, and I start to pull her hair because something tells me she would like it. I don’t get slapped, she doesn’t stop me, nor does she scream, so I assume she did. I then put my hands in her pants to feel her bare rump, as this is my favourite part of the woman’s body.

She then tells me she wants to sit down, so we find a low chair, I sit down first and then I pull her down on my lap. We make out more and talk about life. She tells me she loves NY guys because she’s never seen guys with so much swagger. I ask about her dating experience here and she said not good. She said she dated two or three guys here and she would always wind up finding out that she was the girl on the side.

I laugh and tell her, “Hey, don’t take it personal, that’s black guys for you. Girls have complained to me about this all the time.”

She then asks me why black guys always cheat. I laugh again because I find this funny.

We get busy more, and she then aggressively grabs my head and literally buries it in her chest. She then takes the top of her shirt and pulls the top forward so I can get a peep at her nipples. She did it in a sneaky way where I was able to see it but nobody else.

They were nice breasts, D cups. She in fact had a breast reduction because since she was short, like 4’11, they were giving her back problems.

We then start to talk about sex, and I tell her that I am a complete pervert with an ass fetish. I then begin to tell her about some of my perverted fantasies and how I love it when women wear those low riders that show butt cleavage. I tell her the slightest glimpse would probably send me home wacking off for a week.

She then shares that she likes to cuddle like I do but she doesn’t like that “soft” sex. Instead she liked rough sex including her hair being pulled. I asked her if she did anal and she remarked the typical, that only with a guy that wasn’t too big.

She said she likes guys with large cocks and asks me how big I am and I tell her honestly that I am average and she says she didn’t believe me. I tell her seriously that I am (I really am) that I didn’t get my pops jumk who is very well endowed.

So, amidst all this, she claims an oft repeated phrase that I’ve heard in the past, “Wow, I feel so comfortable with you, like I could talk to you about anything” This was in spite of, or maybe because of, my raw, disturbed description of my fantasies.

This girl is actually quite cool, and reminds me of an ex who was also Filipina that I dated in college. She was short like her, same bubbly personality, both Libras, and girly, and from what it seemed, a similar chemistry that I had with my ex. Very spooky.

I then give her my phone and she puts her number in it and asks me if I’m gonna call her. I look at her with a blank face and say, “Maybe.” She says, “You mean I let you bury your head in my breasts and all I get is a ‘maybe’?” I then smirk and say, “Possibly.” She punches my arm.

Now, we had been sitting there for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, so she begins to look around and starts to freak out because she can’t find her friends. She takes me by the hand and starts walking around the place looking for her friends. I suggest that they may be in the bathroom and wait on line for the bathroom for them to come out, but they weren’t in there, so she freaks out a bit more.

As a man, I’ve learned from many mistakes in the past that when a girl “freaks out” about something seemingly trivial like her not being able to find her friends, NEVER, EVER, EVER say something like, “Why the hell are you freaking out, they’re both adults,” or anything similar that puts her down for freaking out. That just causes more problems and causes you to look unempathetic or even, an asshole.

Better just to be cool, don’t judge her, and let her go through her emotions while being the strong rock that she can rely on.

Well, she finally finds her friends downstairs. I chill with the girl a bit more, and then they bounce and I bounce shortly after.

I send her a text the next day.

Me: I had this strange dream that I went to some lounge in LES, and some feisty girl was letting me bury my head in her chest.

Her: Ha! I had this even stranger dream that I me this guy that admitted that he was a perv and liked asses.
Me: That guy in your dream sounds very disturbed. Let’s meet up Saturday.
Her: I have to go apartment hunting but I’ll let you know.

(the last two lines went something like that. I don’t remember the EXACT words because they were erased off my phone)

Now, lemme say this: I used to be HORRIBLE at sending texts because I thought about them as some complicated mission. I would try to say something cocky, or I would try and be funny and witty, and in turn pathetically get little or no responses.

What has helped was:
1) Having a solid interaction with the girl when you first meet her so she would WANT to hear from you, rather than being some douchebag that talked to her for 3 minutes and left giddy that he got a number.
2) Be a giver a value. If you don’t know her well don’t send things like, “Hey, remember me, it’s *****!” or, “Hey, how are you doing, it’s *****!” That’s MAD corny and every guy does that. That never worked for me. Instead bring up something about your initial interaction that would make her smile, or an inside joke you shared, etc.
If you’ve already communicated her via text and you want to contact her, bring up something that communicates you have a dope life and you want to bring her into your world. You basically want to send texts that are what you would say in person if you were just amusing yourself: a phrase you find funny; a joke; an observation; you could tease her about something
Leave those “Hey how are you” texts until AFTER you’ve tapped it or seen her several times where it’s established that you guys are involved.

In any case, I didn’t hear from hear that Saturday so I assume that maybe she was tired or whatever, but that didn’t matter because I had a fantastic Saturday where I had brought this girl back to the crib.

I text her the following Tuesday:
Me: Woohoo! I just signed up for swimming courses so now I can finally learn to swim and no longer be a part of that “Black people and water” stereotype.

Her: Ha! Nice nice. I’m swamped at work now, but I’ll text you later so we can talk more.

Next day….

Her: Good morning ike! How you doin? (I got this text several hours later because I was asleep when she initially sent it and had planned to return it later on in the day).

Her: NoHello?
Me: Sorry ******, I've been busy prepping for this upcoming show I have. Hows ur day going?

Her: Oh nice! It's going okay, not too bad, just wanted to say hi bcuz i was so busy at work yesterday that I didn't get to txt u

Me: Are you a "brooklynite" yet?
Her: Haha not yet we didn't find a place Saturday but hopefully this wknd. How has your day been? Model some undies for me maybe?

Me: Haha, that might be able to be arranged but only if u model some lingerie for me.
Her: I think that can be worked out, I have quite a collection.
Me: Yummy. :-) So when can I come and see ur collection. BTW, I think read or black would loook real good on you.
Her: Hah...hmmm weekends are probably best. my work weeks are hectic! Does that work? Haha 2 of my faves. I think nothing would look good on you :)

Me: Well I see its not in ur personality to beat around the bush. ;-) This wknd is not good for me but next wknd may work.
Her: Haha...never one to play games. K that sounds good to me. That's why I like older men, can show me a thing or two.
Me: Or three. ;-)
Her: Now here's a serious question, what's your take on anal sex?
Me: I tried it once, it didn't fit in, but I would like to try it again.
Her: Oh man! That's happened to me before! I want to do it again, but it's gotta be slow, and maybe a little wet. ;-)
Me: Yea, I heard lubrication is key but I've been told that some women like it without lubrication.
Her: Really? That's interesting, so tell me the freakiest thing you've done is? As you can probably tell by now, I'm not very shy sexually.

Me: Ive done a gangbang with my friends from infancy and this girl we used to hang out with. It's a funny story, I'd have to tell you face to face.

I didn’t a response from that so I was worried that I may have scared her off about my “gang bang” comment. I didn’t regret necessarily bringing up the fact we had a gang bang, but rather I felt that the way I had put it left much to the imagination. I asked several people and they told me not to worry about it, that I did just fine. They said what WOULD be creepy is if I started explaining the last text so that I thought that there was something wrong with what I did, because then if I thought that something was wrong, so would she. So I left it alone after that.

A few days later:

Me: Bootylicious!!!!
Her: Hahah who me? Lol
Me: Well, you’re more BOOBYlicious.
Her: Hahah you were all up in there that night lol you would know!

I then out of the blue get a message that I have a pic from her. I open it, and I see it’s a booty shot of her wearing small little boy briefs totally unsolicited on my part.

Her: Send me a pic now, I wanna see your cute face!

I can’t send pics with my phone so I text her:

Me: What’s ur email address?
Her: ******
Me: BTW, that pic was “bootylicious”! lol
Her: Lol glad you liked now send me some!!! Haha
Me: I’ll email you some later.

When I get home I email her my pic:

Me: U gots mail.

I didn’t hear from her telling me that she received anything. I knew it possibly couldn’t be that she didn’t like my pic as we already saw one another face to face. I figured that maybe my email went to spam and she never got it.

The upcoming weekend I figured I was going to try to chill with her but then all this stuff came up, Friday there was something important I had to do with my mom, Saturday my friend was having a Birthday BBQ, and Sunday was Mother’s Day. Hard schedule to squeeze this girl in, but I decided to text her Wed. to see what can possibly be set up.

Me: Happy HUMP day!
Her: Haha Happy Hump Day! I never got that pic btw…Lol

Me: Wait, you never got it? Check your spam.
Her: Nothing came. :-(

I decide to text her a link to a pic of me online.

Me: Let me know if you get this. Dunno y u didn’t get the other one: click below: http://******.***********
Her: Yeahhhh got it, such a stud you sexy ass
Me: Lol. Thx sweetie, glad you liked the pic. Line up ur best lingerie to model for me and u may just get the “real” thing. ;-)

I didn’t hear from hear after that, and again began to wonder if I had said or did anything wrong.

Herein lays one of my biggest problems when I deal with chicks. If a woman responds positively to me, I think my “game” is good and my mind is open to all the possibilities out there. However, if I don’t get a timely response from a woman, I start to think my game is isht and feel like a true loser.

People with tight game who are good with the shorties don’t care either way how women respond to them and it doesn’t affect how they view their “game.”

I need to find some way to rectify this because I hate being insecure like this. It’s wack.

On Sunday, after having a fun filled weekend I decided to send her a text and at the advice of someone, go a bit “balls to the wall” by making solid plans with her the following weekend.

Me: I hope you enjoyed Mother’s Day with ur “twins.” I’m finally free this coming wknd so let’s get together!

Her: Hah thank you! I actually should be honest with you. I just started dating some exclusively!
Me: Bad timing huh? Lol. Best with that. And to avoid “problems,” u may wanna remove my pic from ur phone. :-D
Her: Thank you, I’m sorry I just decided this recently and am trying to do right! Hah yes gone from the phone! Good luck with the modeling!
Me: Well, I’m curious about sth, is it a black dude?
Her: Yes, it is a black dude, hhah.
Me: BTW, watchu wearing?
Me: Haha…ignore that. I couldn’t help myself. :-D
Her: Haha  You’re silly. Hahah
Me: Ok, last txt, but I I just had to say u remind me of an ex, this Filipina. Very strange. Either way, best.
Her: Oh really? What happened between that? Just curious.
Me: That was way back. I was young, like 21, nuff said. But that was the 1 committed relationship I was in. Ur both Libras, similar personalities & vibe.
Her: Haha ok ok well good luck with everything!

She was a genuinely cool, sweet girl and I seriously wish her the best. This was a case where some dude got up in there before me and was tapping it, and therefore had one up on me because she was already emotionally attached to him.

She was clearly very attracted to me, and there was a strong connection between us. I’ve seen a similar thing with the South African girl I tapped who had a boyfriend, where she was attracted, but torn because she didn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend. However, the connection between me and this chick was a lot stronger than with the South African girl. The South African girl was hard to read and though attracted to me, wasn’t as into me as this girl. The Filipina I felt that if I had hooked up with her and the other dude wasn’t around, it wouldn’t have been just a one time thing and I prolly would’ve gotten involved with her in some way. I got this strong vibe straight away that this one would’ve wanted a relationship with me.

Now it made sense through our texting convos that she was torn as she liked me a lot so found it hard to keep herself in check and since she didn’t know where things were going with the dude, she was still keeping her options open in case things didn’t work out.

Oh well, it’s all good. It kinda sucked in a way sine though I’m not necessarily looking for a relationship per se, I do want something a bit more solid than just hooking up with a chick once.

This experience, plus another experience I had with a German girl two days later actually changed my perception of myself and what I have to offer to women. For a long time, I groped in the dark about what I had to offer to women, yes I could logically state to you what it is I had to offer to a woman, but I didn’t FEEL it in my heart until these two instances.

Through the chemistry I had with these women, a click went on in my head about what I REALLY have to offer. Now I know in my heart of hearts that I have a multitude to offer and I deserve the best because of that.
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Saturday, 5/14/11

So, I head out completely pimped out with my ash gray slacks, brown Steve Madden shoes with the square front, a nice lavenderish Kenneth Cole shirt which I got tailored to fit my body, and a dark grey velvet blazer, topped off with sunglasses on top of my head.

Now, I won’t get into every detail of the night, because doing so will make this into a book since so much happened, but there were several very interesting highlights.

First off, on my way to my usual spot on the train, a cute brunette gets on and sits across from me and I could see her scoping. She catches my eye and I try to establish eye contact, but she’d look away in embarrassment, only for me to catch her a few minutes later staring again. I’m quite comfortable in my seat, so I refuse to get up and go talk to her. That would be too much work.

When she gets off at her stop, I point at her to get her attention so she can take her earphones off. She thinks I’m pointing at her because she forgot something at her seat, so she begins to search the seat and then takes off her headphones, and I smile and say, “No, I just wanted to tell you to have a nice evening.”

She smiles in embarrassment, blushes and gets off the train…hehe

So I get to the spot early, at a little after 10. It’s early, but surprisingly the bar area already has a decent amount of people. As always when I first hit a spot by myself, I’m shy and nervous, even after doing this dozens upon dozens of times, because I don’t know what to expect. A sigh of relief hits me when I run into someone I know after walking around a bit.

He’s a cool cat, a short Russian dude who I met some time back after unknowingly being wing-men for one another with these two girls we were talking to. He had exclaimed that I was a great wingman (his other wingmen tend to have sucked) and introduced himself to me, and we became cool ever since.

We go out to the patio, talk about women, and I begin to loosen up but am still nervous. Two loud, drunken Italian dudes from Long Island there for some birthday party come over to introduce themselves and we all start talking and exchange our past wild sexual exploits with one another. One introduces me to his cute ass Sicilian wife, who came here when she was young, had these gorgeous blue eyes, blond hair, and was nice and thick.

He then starts making comments about his wife’s body and eyes and tries to get me to give my opinion about them but I tell him, “Bro, that’s your wife, I’m not gonna disrespect,” to which he answers in his Long Island Italian accent, “Hey com’on bro, who cares, I don’t give a f—k.”

Either way, enough of the background for the night. Another cat I know who I was supposed to meet comes through, the place starts to fill out with people, and we move from the patio and walk around.

One of the highlights of the night is that I meet this BANGING Colombian girl (well, she was born here but lived part of her life over there) who I must say, although I don’t really like doing scales, was around an 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. She was with an exotic crew of two other girls, one was Puerto Rican and also on point, and the other was Ecuadorean and so so and also unsurprisingly the bitchiest one of the crew. They were exotic looking because they seriously looked like they could be from anywhere in the world.

I had met the girls because some tall, good looking Russian cat approached the Puerto Rican girl asking her where she was from, and she, seemingly attracted to him stops to talk to him. I start a convo with the Colombin girl wondering the same thing, where she was from, and the cat I met up with there talks to the Ecuadorean.

The Colombian girl had this honey complexion, dark sexy eyes, slim curvy body (I couldn’t see the rump), and reddish brown hair. She and I immediately hit it off. There was mad chemistry between us and we start flirting right away, and she’s complimenting me left and right. She tells me she’s there with her friends and I look at her with a serious face and say, “Get out of here, you actually have friends, my goodness.” She punches me and it was just completely on. Our banter was like beautiful music playing, jabs made here and there, her curious to learn more about me, wondering why I spoke Spanish, and qualifying herself to me.

It was one of those interactions that you know, if you play your cards right, you would be definitely making out with her sometime during the night, possibly tapping it that night, and definitely meeting up with her again.

But alas, like a record being abruptly halted with a scratching sound, the bitchy Ecuadorean girl wasn’t feeling my friend and wanted to leave to another spot. I didn’t want to take my girls number because I didn’t establish too much of a rapport with her yet, so I cut my losses, hugged her bye, to which she returned warm sensuous hug, and then peaced out.

The next highlight was I see what looked like a mixed, lightskinned black girl walking around that I pass several times. When I see her again, I open her with, “Excuse me, we’ve passed each other several times, so it would be rude to pass you again and not at least say, ‘Hello’.”

She stops and smiles and says hello, and I notice that she has a friend with her, this tall, thick, chocolate skinned, black chick. I start talking to the both of them and they’re both really cool. The girl I approach tells me she’s originally from Rhode Island, moved to Tampa, joined the Navy, got discharged for a knee injury, and is now out in the Hamptons doing personal training. Her friend that was with her was visiting from Tampa.

The three of us laugh and exchange jokes about the “Dirty Souf” and I tell her about some family I have from there and how they talk. I then turn my attention to the exotic girl.

The exotic looking girl had short hair, a tight sexy body, and a funky style. I find out that she wasn’t black but rather a mix of Native American, French and Irish. We hit it off real well and we’re both flirting with one another. I say something and the girl spanks the side of my arse. I think of ways to take it to the next level and I put my arm around her and she cozies up to me. I also compliment her on her body.

In the meantime, I’m also trying to include her friend in the convo every now and then so she doesn’t feel left out and wind up cockblocking. I turn to her and say, “Hey, your friend just got fresh with me, she spanked me in my ass.”

The girl I’m gaming immediately protests and says, “No, I tapped you on the side like this….,” and she taps my hip. I respond, “Yeah right.”

The convo carries on with more flirting and me putting my arm around her waist and her reciprocating. I then point to her rump and say, “I like this.” I then touch it and tell her how firm it is. She liked that.

As I’m thinking of creative places to take this convo, I turn to the girl’s friend, the chocolate black girl and say, “Wow, I just disrespected your friend, I touched her rump.”

The friend now turns to me and say, “You know what, that’s mad disrespectful, you wouldn’t like it if someone touched your girlfriend’s ass.”

Then it all dawns on me, THEY’RE A COUPLE.

I say, “Wow, you guys are together? Hey, I apologize, no disrespect meant. I didn’t know.”

The chocolate skinned black girl then says, “Nah, it ain’t your fault, I didn’t hear her once mention she had a girlfriend.”

She then turns in annoyance to the girl I had previously been kicking it to, “You always be doin’ this. When was you gonna say something?”

The girl I had been interested in starts to defend herself and say that she did mention that she had a girlfriend and that I was just a cool guy and I wasn’t interested in her like that. When I hear this I think to myself, “What planet is this girl on?”

The chocolate girl then says, “Nah, you always be leading people on, you always be doin’ this, you knew he was tryin to kick it to you.”

The girl I was gaming then turns to me and brings up a comment that she told me earlier about her girlfriend’s looks and asks me if she said it and I apply in the affirmative. Here is when now, I decide to step in and diffuse the argument by LYING for the girl I had liked.

I say, “Hey, listen, it was all my fault, your girl did bring you up but it went over my head, no disrespect meant. Your girl was giving you your props and was looking out for you. Y’all make a beautiful couple and look great together.”

The chocolate black girl cracks a smile and tells me I’m sweet and tells me she finds me good looking and that I reminder her of a lightskinned LL Cool J to which her friend agrees. It’s funny because I’ve heard this many times before and I share that with them. The girl then says that I could be a “Future Baby Daddy.” I say, “Hey, the pleasure would be all mine.”

I then wish the two of them a good night and I bounce.

Now, what I find interesting is that when I look back, the girl I liked was in a way kind of “butchish” though she was very attractive because she had a tom-boy way about her. Her girlfriend, though the louder one that looked like she’d be ready to fight was actually the more feminine one who I know has been with dudes before.

I sense that the girl I liked may have been confused because I’ve seen and talked to girls who’ve been in situations like this before.

One girl I used to get with back in ’07 who was molested by her stepdad and then raped in college became a “lesbian” after the latter incident because she had had it with men, but she told me that she started cheating on her girlfriend after a while because she missed men.

Then there was this girl who I used to work with who was a butch, militant lesbian who had this slim, redheaded girlfriend. One time, the couple, some co-workers and I were all chilling in a bar having a good time and I saw the way my lesbian friend’s girlfriend was staring at me and it wasn’t at all with the, “I hate men look,” but rather more as if I were a dessert. I later discussed with a couple of other female co-workers and they too felt that she was definitely still into men.

Lastly, another girl I had dated had been a lesbian for five years and had strictly dated bull dikes. I met this girl through a close friend of mine’s girlfriend who happened to be her sister. Her sister had said to me several times that she thought her sister was still into men because she would see her staring at guys she brought around a “certain way.” Yet, when I finally met this “lesbian” girl, she swore up and down that she was only into women.

Make a long story short, she makes out with her sister’s boyfriend’s brother, but it really doesn’t go anywhere beyond that. Then, her and I hit it off (which I knew was gonna happen), and she winds up coming on to me. We date briefly, and it doesn’t work out. She then goes on a “rampage,” hooking up with all these guys over the course of a couple of months from a local bar and eventually winds up settling down with some dude and having a kid with him.

Go figure. Life is very interesting.

Anyway, back to the night…..

The next highlight was that I was winging with this guy, and he winds up approaching these two Asian girls. Neither were my type, but as I was winging, I had to occupy one of them.

I talk to her, and find out she’s Korean, and was here for six months to learn English. She was tall, SKINNY, and had absolutely no rump to speak of. NOTHING. As we talk, I pry into her dating life and ask if she dated exclusively white men, and she said she dated one while here (or something like that). She explained to me why it didn’t work out and upon asking if they ever had sex, she said no.


I pry more, all for the purpose of getting the convo sexual, and find out that she never had sex for the guy because he was pressuring her too much to have it so it turned her off and he never thus got any.

I ask, “So what would you say your sex drive is, high, medium or low?”

In broken English she responds “That is very private question!”

I then say, “Oh com’on, we’re both adults, who cares? Loosen up…sheesh.”

She then opens up and says that she’s slow to have sex with a guy but once she does it is very high.

We talk about sex and I start to use the excuse that it was breezy outside to start hugging her. She goes for it, and I actually pop a hard on, despite the fact that her rump was woefully inadequate. Even upon me palming and groping her rump, there was absolutely NOTHING there.

So as we talk more, she asks me, “What is best part of your body?”

I say, “I dunno, maybe my chest I guess.”

She then responds and says, “No, this your best part!” and then she grabs and squeezes my pee-pee and starts laughing.

I think to myself that though I’m not digging this chick’s body, I could still just tap it just for the sake of a good story, and I thus move in to try and make out with her, but she totally rejects me.

I never made out with a FOB Korean chick before, so I decide to try several more times after some pauses in our convo, but still no cigar. I want to leave but my wingman is still possessedly talking with her friend. The friend decides she wants to go dance, and since my wingman was still engaged in the convo, I had to follow them.

From the dancefloor, they go to get another drink and we go with them there. My wingman finally closes with his girl’s number. While this is going on, the girl I’m with says, “So….” I’m like, “So?” She then says, “You want to ask me someting?” So now I’m seeing that this girl wants me to take her number, but personally, I didn’t really want it, as I had no intentions of keeping in touch with her. She then says, “You take my number, or you can get from your friend.”

Rather than be a prick, I take the girl’s number only to delete it later on. Finally, we leave these girls.

All in all, I had a very good night, though I didn’t get any solid numbers, or get to go home with any girl.

The best part of the whole night is that after all these years, I’ve been becoming more and more comfortable with expressing myself in a natural, non-tryhard kind of way to the point that SEVERAL women remarked to me how cool they thought I was and liked having me around them. This is a big deal because for years I had this limiting belief that I had a loser personality that wasn’t attractive to women, and I would subsequently over compensate by being rude, overbearing and obnoxious or under compensate by being kiss-a**, or completely stifled because I was afraid of offending someone.

Of course, neither “method” had worked.

I’ve struggled with this for YEARS without little progress to show for this. I still have some ways to go before consistently expressing myself without getting nervous, but I’ve decided that really, all I could do is be myself, who cares what people think, some people will like me, some people won’t. My job is just to make sure that while expressing myself, I’m not doing it at the expense of another person’s self esteem.

This development is the equivalent of me learning at the age of 19 when I thought all you needed was looks, that I wasn’t an ugly, unattractive guy but rather, women found me attractive. Learning that was what got me success back then. When I got older and realized that personality carries a lot more weight, I didn’t think I had anything worth of sh*t for a personality, but now I’m seeing that when I am being myself, my personality is attractive.
For insight on your path of self improvement and self discovery, check out my blog, The Viable Alternative.

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Field Report: Thursday 5/19/11

Sheesh, I'm already starting fall behind on these things.  Oh well,  here's my back log from last week.

This was a pretty, what I would call uneventful night. I first went to this event called the Alpha Male party (or something like that, I’m too lazy to find the actual name). There, I chopped it up with some RSD cats that were signing up members at their section. I heard Papa had left like 20 min before I came, so I didn’t see him.

Nothing eventful to report there. I was feeling a bit “out of the zone” and wound up weirding out this chick who I talked to. I mentioned to her I was a douchebag or something unsavoury, and she gave this face of disgust and said, “Well then maybe I should leave.” And she walks away.

Oh well.

From there, several of us who were chillin’ decided to go to LES. There was not much going on there. After getting a bit to eat, we hit up this bar called Max Fish. Not much to speak up there, and as we were about to leave after being there for about 5 minutes, I spot this thick little Indian girl chillin against the bar. She was cute, but not all that. She needed some firming up at the gym but was hittable. I decided that since I needed some warming up I was going to go approach her.

I approach her telling she had a nice smile, she liked it, and I was in there. We talk, and I find out that she just graduated from college in Miami, and was out just enjoying herself. She’s very flirtatious and is throwing around all this innuendos and speaking very provocatively. I go a little physical and start complimenting her on her body, and she eats it up. But when I go to tap her rump she tells me to cool down.

We continue to talk and I can tell through convo from the way she tries to be provocative about sex that she’s a tease, and I decide to share that insight with her. I tell her she likes to get a rise out of guys and reject them in the end. Her eyes go bright and she exclaims surprise and says she’s exactly like that.

I then begin to tell her more about herself and start telling her my sexual fantasies about being teased by girls. She loves this because she says she likes being teased as well as teasing guys. She begins to tell me how cool she thinks I am and opens up a bit more. She tells me about the first guy she fell in love with and how he was able to bring her to orgasm. She said they hadn’t been together for over a year or so, blah, blah, blah. It turns out that this ex was there with her this particular evening as part of the people she came with.

I read the whole situation and proclaim that they still have sex and he will probably be getting some from her this weekend while he’s in town. I then give her props for playing her “game” on me by acting all sexual and provocative when she knew all along that her ex was there with her. I say, “Hey, you played the game well and you got me.”

She protests and says no and says that she actually wants to keep in touch with me and hang out because she finds me cool. I in turn protest and say that her ex-boyfriend is right in front of us and he looks pretty jealous and that she should just be with him (he actually did look jealous but was smiling to try and hide it). She then insists that we exchange info because she finds me cool and wants to meet up. I give her my number and she texts me hers.

I then leave the place w/ the people I came with and go to Piano Bar.

Again, nothing much goes down here. It wasn’t as live as it was when I went the Thursday leading into Easter weekend.

The only “highlight” was meeting this Bangladeshi girl who I overheard telling some guy she had a boyfriend. Upon hearing this I walk up to her and start a convo with her and she mentions again her boyfriend. I talk with her more finding out where she’s from and talking about her culture and she begins to warm up to me. We start to hit it off and she starts to get comfortable with me. I can see she likes me but she has a man. I decide to peace out and wish her all the best w/ her man. She then says she enjoyed talking to me and asks me if I wanted to join her and her friends outside for a cigarette. Being that I hate cigarette smoke, I decline and head on my way.

Not much of else of incident happened tonight but I brought up these two instances because it shows a change in my “game” so to speak. I’m a lot more comfortable with being myself and expressing myself freely with women. I don’t get in my head as much as I did before and analytically calculate the next thing to say, rather I just say whatever comes up in my head. This has corresponded with women feeling more comfortable around me and telling me so. More are starting to ask that we keep in touch. I really just now need to get amp my success with meeting up w/ women again after first meeting them and also improve my “closing score.”

Oh well, good night.
For insight on your path of self improvement and self discovery, check out my blog, The Viable Alternative.

Check out my field reports: My Journey to Create the ENTOURAGE Lifestyle (FRs and LRs)
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Field Report 5/27/11

I see why I had given up posting field reports in the past: sometimes they can be a complete pain t write so you keep on putting htem off and then you have this whole back log you have to catch up to.

Those of you who are consistent w/ this field report stuff, I don't know how you do it!

Either way, I looked forward to going out tonight because it was the first day to a long weekend, the weather was nice outside, and I know that everyone was going to be out.

I reach the Gans about 10:15-10:30 pm (I need to start checking out other spots). I meet up with the usual suspects, as usual. We shoot the isht about game and after getting comfortable in a social environment we peel off.

Damn, things are already fuzzy as I went out two nights in a row, and everything has melded into one big night..sheesh.

Either way, I as I'm walking around I spot this tall blond chick, who must've been 6 feet with heels on. I'm really not into blondes, I like the more dark haired, olive skinned, curvy girl type of girls, but it somewhat intrigues me how people are so into blondes, and this girl here was the quintessential girl that guys would be into - tall, slim, kind of tanned, pretty face.- so I approach her and say what's up, opening with something like "You look like you're from outta town," or something like that. She's very receptive, and friendly, and we hit it off. She tells me that she's from Austrailia, but has lived in NY for the past year, and is pursuing a career as an actress. We talk about all sorts of things like Aussie culture, Aussie guys vs. NY guys, her family background, and most importantly, astrology, which we seem to connect on.

As I look at her, though she's the quintessentiallly beautiful tall blonde type, I realize that she's physically not my type. Her lips are too thin, and which is kind of a turnoff. I soon get this text from a friend of mind that he finally got into the spot and he comes and meets me and I introduce him to her and her friend, who up to this time, I had said completely nothing to. Her friend looked totally out of place at the spot because while everyone else was dressed classy, and stylish, she was wearing this long, flowered, hipsterish hippy dress and was carrying some earthy leather bag that was equally an eyesore. For some reason it just annyoed me she was dressed like that and so subconsciously refused to say anything to her. When I introduce my friend to the blonde, I mention to her that my friend is into blondes, not really caring that he tries to hit on her. He then occupies the friend and I continue the convo with the blonde. My friend then moves on and I find fro him that her friend, who happened to be Swedish, blew him off. She then takes the blonde that I'm talking to, we'll call her Aussieblond, and says she wants to get a drink, grabs her friend, and her friend tells me she'll talk to me later. Oh well.

I continue to walk around, and I pass these two girls sitting down at a table having a drink. One eyes me and smiles at me. I keep on walking but then say eff it, wtf, and turn around and walk back to them and say hello. They're very friendly and I'm kneeling down talking to them to be on their level, and then one invites me to pull up a stool, and points one out to me since I couldn't find one. The girl who initially staring me was okay looking, nothing to write home about nothing horrible, had light brown hair, and her friend had black her, and though better looking than her friend, was nothing fly as well, but had something about her I liked. She was sitting with her legs crossed, and looked all feminine and classy, and liked that, and frankly, I wanted to have sex w/ her. She's was the first girl of the night that actually I was able to get a stiffy from just talking to her.

The girls are both from Bulgaria, both said they lived here. I like the one with the black hair better, we'll call her BulgariaBlack, and we start talking about a littany of things. We talk about what we do, our lives, and she starts asking me questions. I was very impressed because she seemed very intuitive. We shift the convo about astrology and it turns out she knows a lot about it, just like me. I begin to naturally start touching her legs as we engage in convo, which I comment to her were nice and smooth. She comments about me touching her legs but doesn't stop me. I get even more horny which movivates me to push the convo forward and be verbally more aggressive. I remember I also have to juggle her friend, which we'll call BulgariaBrown, so I include her into the convo once more. BulgariaBrown then goes for a smoke and leaves me along with BulgairaBlack. I talk w/ BulgariaBlack more and continue to rub her thighs and am looking for a segue to escalate and go for the makeout, but for some reason I don't, it just felt odd, and I could tell whether she was into me.

BulgariaBrown returns from her smoke and I start talking to her again. I bust on her for being a smoker and tell her she lost her chance with me (which she kinda did). She tells me she doesn't like non-smokers jokingly. Just then I get a text from one of my friends who winged me earlier asking where I am. I tell him and he literally materializes out of no where, or it seemed like he did because he appeared so fast, especially since I gave him what I thought was a vague description of my whereabouts. He then pulls up a seat and sits next to BulgairaBlack, the one I was interested in. Though he really didn't know I was superbly annoyed, and I was also annoyed that I was annoyed because I don't like getting bother offer isht like this. I talk to BuglariaBrown more while he occupies the other, and we get into this convo about sex and penis size. I'm annoyed at the recent turn of events, and after some more sexual convo, I bust on her again for smoking and decide to leave.

I find the crew of guys I usually chill with at this place and as we’re sharing stories, AussieBlond returns with her granola Swedish friend in tow. She’s completely happy to see me and we hug and talk more. We talk again about astrology and she mentions to me that our signs our the most compatible. Interesting.

A friend of mine tries to talk to the Swedish chick but she blows him off. She then starts hugging on AussieBlond and trying to cuddle with her. AussieBlond rolls her eyes not necessarily looking at me and has this WTF look on her face as if annoyed by the Swedish chick. Swedish chick then winds up dragging her away.

Oh well, no loss on my part, I wasn’t particularly into her. My friends think I’m crazy.

I roll back to the Bulgarian chicks and my friend is still occupying them. I rejoin the convo and get a text from a close friend of mine who’s a natural that he’s downstairs and can’t get in. I bail on them, telling them I’m going to another spot, thinking I won’t be able to get him in. I meet my friend and the manager of the spot lets me bring him in. Cool!

I return to the Bulgarian girls and they’re about to leave. I hug BulgariaBlack first while complimenting her on her rump and feeling it. She likes it. I then hug her chimney smoking friend, BulgariaBlond and she kind of admits she likes me, telling me she said “Hi,” to me earlier on because she liked what she saw. I try to put them both under my arms and walk both of them to the elevator, but they’re not having it, and tell me I have to choose one. We get to the elevator, and I, like an idiot, go after the “easier” target and start to make out with BulgariaBlond, the smoker, instead of her friend, and immediate pull back and say, “Wow, you taste cigarette smoke,” with a grin. She calls me an a**hole and I peace them both out as they get on the elevator.

I see this hot, luscious brunette completely I eyeing me and I approach her.  We begin to talk and flirt and she has a friend in tow.  She's Australian with I think a Lebanese and Greek or Italian background. She has large breasts, and an equally nice plump rump.  Utterly sexy.  She's the hot one for the night that I meet.  She's clearly into me to the point that I now get confused as to what to do next because her friend is there and I know 1) That if I try to physically escalte her, her friend may cockblock me. 2) She may be embarrassed to do anything in front of her friend and 3) I couldn't isolate her because she won't want to leave her friend by herself (I did try this last part).

Because of this, my intent isn't too strong wth the girl because I see no where to take it.  I don't want to take her number becaue I didn't establish enough of a connection w/ her and if I were to take her number, it may wind up as needless chasing.  I needed a wing but even that may have been challenging because her friend is some below average black girl.  Oh well.  I peace her out and move on.

For most of the rest of the night, I mostly just see girls that I’m just plain not into, so I talk with some, with no interest whatsoever.

As I’m walking around, some dude screams out to me that he finds me gorgeous. I wince and ignore him. It’s weird, because he didn’t seem gay.

As the night goes on, my energy continues to go down due to lack of excitement. I’m standing there talking to someone I know when I see this Dominican looking girl that I saw earlier with some dude. I stop her, ask if the dude was her boyfriend, she says no, and we start talking. As soon as she opens her mouth, I know she’s black, not Dominican.

We talk a bit, and I find out she’s from L.A. visiting. We head outside for a seat, but they’re no seats available except at the table where the gay dude who called me “gorgeous” earlier was sitting. There’s only one seat, and her and I share the seat. I see immediately that this girl has a GREAT body. Nice firm legs and a nice fat rump.

The gay dude immediately starts hitting on me while I’m sitting and talking with the Black girl, continuing to call me gorgeous and trying to get my attention despite the fact I’m obviously into the girl. The girl can’t believe it and asks him who he was talking to, and he points at me. She finds this completely amusing. I just decide to continue the convo and completely tune out the gay dude.

It’s then I remember that Black girls are usually a whole different ball game, as she’s sh*t testing me left and right. I usually tend to forget because I usually don’t kick it to black girls as I tend to be pickier about them and many aren’t my type. I just try to remain unreactive. She’s contradicting things I’m saying, asking me why I have my hand on her, etc, etc, etc.

She wants me to dance with her so we go to dance, and I feel up on her a bit more. After dancing we sit back at the spot where we were at before and thankfully, the gay dude is gone. We talk more about life, and she tells me she has a good job but she wants to find a man who’s gonna take care of her so she doesn’t have to work and can focus on charity. I find this very interesting because I one day want to be able to give a woman this option, but of course she has to be worth it.

I try to make out with her a few times but she doesn’t budge. Her lips are sealed. We decide then to go and get something to eat at a diner. At the diner we talk more, find out more about one another, and she starts to ask me if I was going to visit her in L.A.. I told her that’s highly unlikely because I have other places I need to go to first. I tell her I’m going to Miami, and she claims that’s even farther away from L.A. than NY. Oh well.

I try to get her to come back to my place but she refuses. We leave the diner, I put her in the cab and get her number, and peace out.

The chick was cool, great body, decent face, but I decide that I don’t like her enough to call her.

Night ends. Fun night, but no lays…smh
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Field Report: Friday 6/3/11


Damn, I still have another field report to write from last Saturday, which was an interesting night, but, being that yesterday, Friday, is still fresh on my mind, lemme just get this out.

Roll into G'vort about 12:30ish.

I roll in w/ Jared~ who has this hot azz Latina girl on him right from the beginning when the doorman was letting us in.  She comes up behind him, embraces him, and asks him if he could get her and her girlfrend who was with some dude in.  This wasn't some situation where the girl was using Jared~ to get in, she's GENUINELY into him.  What sucks is that I know this guy isn't into Latinas like me, so wtf.  Lucky bastard. teeth  I get girls hitting on me all the time, grabbing me, complimenting me and what not, but not yet in a way where the girl is invested in me firght from the get.  Something about what this guy subcommunicates.   Wow man, awesome.

I spot this cute Asian girl inside with blond highlights in her hair.  I approach her complimenting her on her style, she responds favourably.  I then start telling her what I sense about her intuitively, telling her she's an independent thinker and her sign must be an Aquarias.  Guess what?  I'm right.  She surprised, convo ensues.  I begin touching her and complmenting her body, telling her she must do yoga or some sort of exercise.  She says yes, and then I challenge her to a race.  We talk a bit more, and I start to get turned on by her lips, and am working on a segue to make out with her, just then, she seems distracted.  All of a sudden, some guy comes up to her and she starts talking to him.  I think he might've been a boyfriend because I see them together for the rest of the night.  Damn, what is it w/ chicks w/ dudes hitting on me (or girls w/ girlfriends)? ...sheesh

I roll outside later and see some older dude talking HARD to this Indian girl.  I look beside and I see this blond girl standing by herself.  She must have been with the Indian girl.  Now, I'm not into blonds, but I will say subjectively that this girl is HOT.  Any guy into blondes would say this girl was a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Tall, tanned and toned, though, give me a nice darkskinned Filipina or a nice bubble butt Latina and I'd leave this girl in a heartbeat.

Either way, I open her w/ a simple "Hi, where are you from." She immediately starts talking tellling me she's from Edmonton, Canada, here for the weekend.  As we talk, I find out she's been separated for 9 months and about to get divorced.  We vibe and talk about all sorts of things, like about NY guys vs. Canadian guys,etc, etc.  I then tell her that i know all about "girl coding" and tell her I was trying to read whether her friend was into this guy kicking it to her, she bursts out laughing and tells me no, she isn't.  As we talk, we start holding hands, in fact we're doing it early in the convo.  It wasn't some attempt for me to "game her", but it just kinda happened naturally that I thought to myself after the fact, "Is this actualy happening?"

I start to talk to her about her body, telling her I like her rump (as you see, this is a common feature with me).  She thanks me and I ask her what it's like to have a black girl booty.  She says she loves having one.  Hahah...She begins to compliment me and tells me she likes my hat, and starts talking about my body and my "boobs" (I work out regurlarly).  We talk about doing yoga, swimming, etc.

This girl is into me.

She starts to say that I'm too smooth and the way I approached her so easily I could do that to any girl.  I then ask her if she would rather a guy who is afraid of talking to girls and hides in his basement who would begin to stalk her if she breaks up with him since he doesn't think he can find any better or would she want a guy like me where if things didn't work out, would simply move on and get on with his life.  She said I had a point.  I then asked her if her ex husband was a "player", and she answers in the wonder.

Her friend wants to leave to go to Avenue, and the girl asks me to come with them.  I start talking to the friend and we establish a good rapport.  The guy who was hitting on her was stil around but she's trying to hint that she's not into him.

Here's the moment of truth.  I decline the invite because I can take being with a girl one-on-one but two by myself, I was scared.  I tried calling up Jared~ to wing, but he doesn't answer the phone.  He's still occupied with the Latina.  DOH!  Also, I was afraid if Avenue sucked, I wouldn't be able to get back into G'vort.  I give the girl my number and tell her to call me later.

Let's say ti everyone, I'm an idiot.  And Ir ealized that soon after they left that I almost idiotically chased them down....well, okay, no, i didn't.

I move on.

Later on I see another igirl dancing with her friend.  We establish eye contact, and she demands that I come and dance in between her and her friend.  Who am I to argue?  I oblige.

The girl is a sexy Indian chick from London with a not so attractive black girl.

We dance, and talk, and flirt, etc.  I tell her I'm from Brooklyn and tell her they have the best pizza in the world.  She asks me to meet up w/ her and take her.  I tell her that might be a problem because I'm very busy this weekend (this is true).

As we dance I can see this girl was served to me on a platter.  Herein lies one of my problems.  Because of this, the negative voice goes on in my head saying, "This girl is into you, you better not mess this up.  How often does this happen.  You must prove yourself that you're worthy of this happening to you."

Of course, I'm not consciously aware of this going on, but I am reacting to this.  I then tell the girl to close her eyes, and I start kissing her on the neck, saying something corny that I wanted to "steal a kiss."  Funny enough, her attitude changes and she says she wants to dance with her friend now, though her friend, is being the OPPOSITE of a cockblock and trying to push us together, but she's not having it.  I get her facebook info and then bounce.

Now I've discovered this voice, I will make sure NOT to react to it next time and let it just chatter on as I stay unreactive.  I can see that my reacting to this voice made me seem needy and off.  NO wonder when I emailed her the next day, she never responded.

Lesson learned.


A bit later I see this cute Spanish/Italian looking chick.  She caught my eye to an extent that I was able to approach her full-on w/o any inhibitions.  Those are the best kind.  I find out she's Italian and Mexican.  We chat for a bit and hit it off.  She starts feeling my body and compliments me for being solid.  I feel her body, including her rump and compliment her for being curvy.  Her friend wants to go get a drink so she tells me she'll come find me later.  I don't ask for the number because I felt I didn't build enough of a rapport with her.

As  I move on I spot "her."  She's wearing this tight dress and had this nice, fat JUICY booty.  It was truly a work of art.  I rush up to get a look at what her face looks like and she was cute.  II begin talking to her and immediately put my arm around her, walking with her outside to the balcony area.  I figure out right off the bat that she's Dominican.  She has long black hair and Indian coloured skin.  She tells me it's her birthday and so I say to her that she's a Gemini and I start telling her about herself, and say she must be a lawyer.  She's impressed because she actually is in law school.  I flirt and she tells me she "breaks" guys and makes them bend to her will.  I tell her it's not happening with me.  I tell her let's get out of here and she invites me to come with her to this club called Amnesia.  Remembering my foible earlier, I say to myself, "Why not?" and we leave.

Now, I can begin to see that she looks like she can be a bit of a handful and to be honest, as much as I've grown in the past few years, I still have challenges dealing with women and their tests.  This was one of those hot-blooded Dominicans, and though I'm up for the challenge, I begin to wonder if I may be well over my head.  I'm still not used to standing up to tests from these types of women.  

IN any case, we jump in a cab and head to this club on 29th and 11th ave.  I pay for the cab (like an idiot) and tell her she owes me a drink at the club and she's like cool.  We get outside the spot and we find out that it's HORRIFICALLY ghetto.  Horrifically.  I tell her that we could've gone to Tenjune or something (and had I known I would've suggested that).  She tries to ask for her promoter friend who invited her to come in the first place, to get us in, but he's no longer around.  We now are having problems getting in, namely because it's like 3:40 am and people are filing out.  Finally, the club manager comes out, tells her we're cool, but in the fashion of someone who is pullng strings for you, begins to talk about how and why he normally doesn't do this, how's he's doing us a favour, etc, etc.  Normally when this happens, you just shut your mouth, agree with him and thank him.  However this girl begins to talk back to him and debate with him.  I tell her "Shhhh...." and then say to the guy, "I understand, you're just doing your job," and she then becomes upset telling me not to ever tell her to shut up.  I calmy tell her I didn't say "Shut up," and she talks a bit and finally one of the bouncers tells us not to fight and she says she doesn't argue w/ anyone and the everything is then quelled.

We get in the club, which is so GHETTO I want to go take a bath to wash the funk of the ghettoness off of me.  I go downstairs with her so she can go to the bathroom, and while she's in the bathroom, a fight almost breaks out in front of me....sheesh.

When she comes out, she too comments about how horribly ghetto the place is.  Truly, I haven't been to a place like this in SOOOOOOO long that I feel as if I'm in another country.

Anwyays, when we go back upstairs, she sees a group of dudes she knows and hugs them.  I stand back not to loo be all up around her and look like a herb.  Then I see her go to the bar and as she goes to the bar, she sees another dude and they hug and he lifts her up.  I'm watching this all from a distance.  I decide to walk around a bit and after I do  a bit of my rounds, I come back and they're still hugging.  I take my cue, take my "L" (loss), and decide to bounce from the club.  I respect myself, and will not sit around like an idiot.  That's what losers do.  I realize I'm an idiot, and think, "Lesson learned.".

All in all, it was a fun night.  Truly an adventure.

As for women like this, the hot blooded ones that test you a lot, I realize I need to be meeting more of them, and have them test the hell out of me until I can learn to deal with their tests.  Being able to deal with their tests will undoubtedly make me strong with ALL women, and make me subcommunicate a grounded, confident air about myself.  Kind of like the guy who is used to being calm in high-pressured environments exudes a confidence in a wide range of situations.
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mannequin wrote:
 good stuff.  i think you're putting too much emphasis on phone numbers though.  Just get the number then decide later what you want to do with it, if anything.  You seem to get annoyed/frustrated easily when sets disintegrate.  All sets blow up; the question is when, not if.  Accept it.  I think you'll be less annoyed if you just get the number as soon as possible (without seeming eager or scaring her off).  Then just stay in set.  That way if your friend cockblocks, or her friend cockblocks, or whatever fucking random shit happens at a club, you still have a way of contacting her.  Guys usually make the mistake of getting a number too early and then bouncing; that leads to flakes.  Getting a number early and then staying in set is fine.  If anything, it helps anchor the set cuz she's invested.  
Thanks a lot bro.  I learned since last year that getting a number early and then bouncing is the wrong move, because as you said, she winds up not responding.  What I've learned is 2 solid #'s where you talked to the girl for up to an hour are better than 20 numbers that you get after talking to the girl for about 5 minutes.  I typically build a rapport so that it's a foregone conclusion that we exchange numbers.  Either way, yea, you're right, I need to learn not to get so frustrated easily when the sets don't work out.

thanks for your feedback!
For insight on your path of self improvement and self discovery, check out my blog, The Viable Alternative.

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Field Report: Saturday 6/5/11

What a completely sucky night.

Sure by a “newbie’s” standards, this would’ve been considered a great night, but for me, it was truly wack.

I got to G’vort about10:30pm and chilled for a bit. Chilled out in the smoking area though I don’t smoke and though it was nippy outside simply because I wanted the fresh air and I like standing under the vent that blows warm air.

I got into several conversations with different guys and girls lasting anywhere from 5 to 20 mins. Hit it off w/ everyone I talked to. It’s weird that I get in convos with dudes w/ their girls in tow, and the dude takes a liking to me because he finds me funny while the girl wants to leave. This has happened several times…oh well.

I go back inside and I chill by the bar. I see this dude hitting on this hot azz girl with big perky breastises attached to a very slim body. The dude is all nervous and quite creepy, asking her nervously if she remembers him or something like that, and she is flirtatiously blowing him off.

Finding this funny, I step in to instigate and say, “Wow, you really look like you liked that guy. Stop playing hard to get.” She starts to laugh and then I call to the guy who was creepily hitting on her and say, “Yo, she really likes you. She wants you to be more of a man and step up.”

She starts to protest and from the looks of her, I know she’s a tease and a flirt, and I also know that from the looks of the guy, he’s very inexperienced. I tell her that she’s too intimidating for the guy and he couldn’t handle the way she was flirting with him. Then I started imitating her flirtatious gestures. She laughs real hard and starts to play along, and flirt with the shy guy a bit more. I tell her to bend forward and stick out her azz to really give it to him. She laughs more, says no, and then starts to flutter her eyes at the dude.

Poor dude, he didn’t know what hit him.

Me and the girl start talking and she tells me she likes me and finds me cool. I find out she’s from Paris, visiting here. She’s very pretty, but I can also tell she’s an attention whore. Just then, Jared~ and my other friend, whose handle I don’t know on here so I’ll call him P rolls through. I introduce Jared~ and P to the Frenchie. They talk for a bit and move on. I tell Frenchie that Jared~ was the type of guy that could handle her and she looks intrigued.

I then decide to move on.

I go outside for fresh air and chill for a bit and walk around, then go back outside. I see Frenchie and she take me by the hand and asks me to come hang w/ her. She leads me back to the bar where she’s w/ her friend and some other cat I know that goes to the same spot named Mike. I talk to Frenchie’s friend, who’s also from France. I ask her if her family is from Algeria and her eyes brighten up and she asks me how I know. I tell her I just do. I tend to be very intuitive and that freaks some people out, though not necessarily in a bad way.

Either way, Frenchie flirts more, we take pics, and then I decide to move on.

I go out to the patio and I run into P and Jared~. We talk about Frenchie and all agree she’s hot. All of a sudden, she comes out and she starts talking w/ us for a bit. We talk w/ her for a bit and then ignore her. We know what type of girl she is.

Now here’s one of my problems: I know and experienced girls like Frenchie before: flirtatious, complete attention whores, short attention spans, looking for the next, best shiny thing, and once you try to make a move on them, they tease you and move on. I knew all this about her right off the bat. Now, it’s clear that she’s following me around, but the strange thing is, though I know what she’s about, I start to get attached to her attention. When she leaves, I start to wonder when she’s gonna come back and even want her to find me, in “hopes” that I could get with her.

It’s truly pathetic because I know it’s all wrong but I somehow wind up getting addicted to this.

I run into her again, and she asks me if I want to go somewhere else and also asks me if I know anyone that sells coke. I tell her no. It seems as if hanging out w/ this chick would be the wrong move.

I move on. I don’t see her again.

The rest of the night was nothing to write home about. I meet this hot, azz Indian chick who’s a teacher from Massachusetts, and also a Bollywood dance instructor. She’s tall, slim, with dark skin and long, curly hair. She doesn’t have the rump that I like but she’s still quite sexy. We make out, grind up on each other, and I put her hand on my junk several times. As we dance more I rub her punnana from the outside.

As time goes on, she realizes she lost her girl friend and some guy she was with earlier on who she’s been friends with for a long time. I tell her not to worry about the dude because he’s a guy and he’s probably doing his thing. She tells me he’s not good w/ girls and she feels bad. I sense something else is going on, and true enough, they used to date back in college. I sense the dude still has feelings for her and I ask her, and she acts coy. When she finds him, the dude is upset and jealous. Her and I part ways.

I meet another cute, blond, Irish girl. I can barely understand a word she says. She has a nice rump, we make out within two minutes. She’s a great, soft, sensual kisser, though I don’t like the fact her lips are too small. She then has to get back to her frinds.

Some Swedish dude who I had just been talking to expresses shock when I come back, and was like WTH. I tell him really it was nothing, and that what was event he use because she’s back with her friends and not with me.

This is the part that I hate about my game. I haven’t yet learned how to create that allure that a woman would keep on wanting to come back to me, go home w/ me, etc. Sure I’ve gotten a lot better, but still, all I’ve really been getting are one night hookups, and when I say hookups, I’m not even talking about sex, because it’s been months since I’ve even had that. I’m not looking for a relationship, but I would like something more solid than just a makeouts here and there.

I get compliments left and right about how good looking I am, etc, etc. But honestly, who cares? I haven’t yet learned how to project my personality where they want to keep me around. For someone like me, I should be a lot more successful than I am w/ women.

Again, very sad and pathetic.

In any case, I met another girl who I actually had a very interesting convo with. She was there for a bachelorette party w/ some friends. She was from Long Island, and had her own successful online marketing business with that company Quixtar/Amway. Say what you want about it, but she’s actually making a decent salary from it, such that it’s all she does. I wasn’t trying to escalate or anything, just enjoying the fact she was an intelligent woman with goals, etc. She was cute, blond hair, though she wasn’t really my type, though I liked her mind.

Her friends come to pull her away, she tries to stall them. It works for a few minutes but they come back. She asks me to come with her. We walk and talk, We stop, talk more, but her friends now want her to join them, so now she has to bounce. I get her number, and move on.

The rest of the night was me just uncomfortably and creepily talking to girls, first at the spot and then out on the street. I was meek, w/o full intent and just so utterly ashamed of myself.

One thing I’ve also thought of is that for the last few days, I’ve been talking to several of guys who are real good w/ women and I noticed that they tend to talk a lot less than I do, so I decided to tone myself down, which inadvertently caused me to subsequently turn down the whole self-amusement part of my game. This has resulted in me having a lot less successful interactions.

It just all comes down to the fact that I need to take what works for me and hone it more for more successful results. Everyone has a different personality and what works for some won’t work for others. Some girls will indeed like the quiet guy, others will tend to go for the more talkative, self-amusing guy. At the same time, I need to somehow incorporate stronger, more masculine subcommunications which can only come from experience and growth.

As I write this, I just got texts from P and Jared~ that they wound up tapping last night. I’m very happy for them, but quite depressed for myself.

Yea, yea, don’t worry, I won’t let this turn into a pity party.  I plan to take what I learned from this night and move on.  I won't let this stop me.
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Field Report Saturday, 5/28/11

Okay, so I'm backtracking a bit because I was too lazy/tired to post this up till now, but as you can see from the date, this took place two Saturdays ago.

I do admit, all the weekends have kind of meshed together, so I can't go into detail about the whole night.  This is prolly why I should write this when the whole thing is fresh on my mind.

Oh well.

I arriive at my usualy spot at around 10:30pm.  I see the usual crew of folks and we talk and debrief about our experiences.  I always love doing this, because it loosens me up and gets me to do some male bonding (no homo smile).

After we talk for a bit, I see this cute Middle Eastern looking girl, and I comment to her that she must be from Turkey or something.  She replies she's from Belgium and asks me for some gum (since she sees me chewing some).  I give her some and say something to the extent that "I see you want to freshen up your breath for when you kiss me later," or something to that extent.  She responds to me, "Your lips are not touching mine."

...and BAM!  It's on!

I go to full self-amusement mode.  Note: NOT Dancing Monkey, BUT Self Amusement.  I'm jumping from one subject to the other, saying witty things and making myself laugh (on the inside that is).  She then says to me, "When are you gonna drop the act?"  I'm like, "Act?"  She then says, "Yea, when are you going to start being yourself."  To this I tell her that I am being myself, I'm just having fun, as I enjoy my own company, and that she doesn't even have to be there, I'll enjoy my time by myself.  She disagrees, tells me I'm putting on an act, and we go back and forth.  This is of course not in an argumentative way.  It was more like verbal jiu-jitsu between me and her.

She continues with her argument and now is telling me to "Be quiet" and let her talk.  I completely refuse.  She tries to tell me to "F*ckin' listen to her," and let her say her point, and I tell her there is no way I was going to listen to her with her talking to me like that, and that if she asked nicely, I may listen to her point.

What's interesting about the whole thing is that herb voice inside of me wanted to shut up and listen her out of fear of making her "angry"  This is from my habit picked up when I went through a period where I was trying to be a more polite person after YEARS of being told I was a rude bastard by people.  I didn't trust myself to know what boundaries I shouldn't cross so I depended on other people's reactions towards me to determine them for me.  It was a mechanism I had built to become more "polite" and "nicer."  It was a truly hellish time where I was all stilted and nervous because I was always afraid of saying the wrong thing and having someone subsequently call me "rude."  My ego would take that to mean that I was still a "bad" person and I needed more work.

I'm mostly over that HORRID phase of my life, but the remnants still remain and come up from time to time, especially w/ girls who have a strong personality and throw hardcore tests left and right. 

It's safe to say that this girl triggered this.

Well, I stand my ground, and she finally asks me nicely to let her talk.  I oblige.  She explains to me that she's a psychologist back in Belgium, and tells me that I need to calm down, relax and stop being so "manic"...haha  Now she's actually giving me advice, I try and listen and because she actually may have some nuggets of wisdom.  She then tells me that she likes me as a person, thinks I have agood heart, and finds me very interesting, but she feels I put on an act and need to "be calm".  I disagree, and explain to her that I go with the flow, if I feel like relaxing, I'll relax, but if I feel high energy, I will be hi energy, it's all about what I feel at the moment.  She then says that I feel "tense" and it is making her "tense."  When she tells me this, I remember the whole concept of "whatever you feel, she feels," so I think to myself, "Hey, maybe I am coming across as tense, if she says she feels tense while talking to me."  I now make the decision to cool down and talk to her.

The duel of wills stops, at least for the moment, and now she's trying to read me.  She tells me she thinks I'm a good person, w/ a good heart, that I come across as very confident, and that she finds me cool.  I tell her to look into my eyes, while I look into hers because you can tell how confident a person is by how well they're able to hold eye contact.  You can also tell a lot about a person from what they say w/ their eyes.  We stare into each other's eyes for several minutes, and I start to read her, but she says I'm wrong.  Whatevs, I know I'm usually real good at this.

I decide that it's time to escalate things, so I move her to a spot where there's a plant, and sit down on the side of it, and beckon her to sit on my lap.  She refuses, and then points to me that there's someone else she likes, pointing at some guy.  She explains that she met him earlier, came to venue where we're at now w/ him, and that she really likes him.  She says that she might make out with him, but despite what he thinks, he's not getting any sex.  I wish her all the best, get up, and move on with my life.

I go to walk around a bit and I spot a friend of mine talking to a group of blond chicks.  There's about 3 or 4 of them, and he has one isolated.  I figure, "What the hey.." and talk to one of them just for the fun of it.  They're of course the quintessential blonde beauties, but of course, if you've read any of my field reports, that look cmpletely bores the hell out of me, though I do admit, it'd be interesting to get with one of them to see what all the damn fuss is about. 

From the one I talk to, who's kinda tall, I find out they're from Switzerland here on vacation, or more precisely, to shop.  I shoot the breeze with her, but there's really not much intent at all, and I can't muster any  becasue I'm not attracted to her.

As I'm in the middle of the conversation, I see the Psychoanalyst Belgian chick from earlier on pass by.  She interrupts my convo to tell me that the guy that she was into left and she was upset about it.  I tell her that he prolly left because he saw us talking for a long time, and had had enough.  I say to her oh well, and get back into my convo. 

As I continue in convo for several more minutes, this Belgian chick comes by yet again and tells me once more that she's upset because she really liked the dude.  I tell that sucks, and continue w/ my convo.  She then demands that I come talk to her.  The herb inside of me says, "Wow, you better go talk to her, you could get some."  I thankfully brush that off and tell her no, to go meet another guy.  She gets louder and i ignore her, apologizing to the girl I'm talking to.  Belgian Chick leaves.

The convo w/ the Swiss girl is going nowhere, and I have no motivation w/ her, so I finally bounce.  Several minutes later I see the Belgian Chick by herself so I go talk to her.  I hug her and start getting physical w/ her.  She tells me that I'm a player and that she won't get w/ me.  I don't remember whether I tried to defend myself or not.  I think Itry to make out with her but she turns me down.  I bring her over to my friends w/ my arm around her, and tell them something totally random like, "Check out his exotic beauty with her gorgeous curls.  She's upset now because.blah blah blah."  It was random but genuine, but she sticks her middle finger up at me.  A friend of mine asks her, "He just complimented you, why are you sticking your middle finger up at him?"  She says nothing.  This chick is weird.  I bounce.

I go talk to more girls and I see her pass me again.  It seems like this girl is stalking me or something.  Thankfully, this is the last time I see her.  She probably went home to sulk.. Hahaha...for a chick w/ all this bravado, her facade fell like a deck of cards.

I hang out for awhile with nothing of note happening.  Then the place starts to get packed.  I spot this hot, sultry azz Latina w/ nice olive skin, and curly black her.  I open her and we talk.  She's Mexican and El Salvadorian, from Houston TX, and is in her last year of college.  We trade info, banter, and seh tells me she loves NYC, but that she had a hard time getting into the venue, and this is the first place that she was ever told "No."  She says she's not used to hearing the word "no."  I sense that she's spoiled and also a diva.  I sense it's not the right time to escalate yet, so I chill and talk for a bit more.  She leads me to the bar, and I'm clearly can see that this wants me to buy her a drink.  I stand back and say, "I'll wait right here, while you buy a drink."  She responds, "You're not drinking?"  I say, "Nah, I'm not in the drinking mood tonight.  I don't like the way I get when I'm out drinking socially."  She says, "Oh, well, Idon't trust guys who don't drink."  I then respond, "Oh well, peace, nice meeting you."  I then bounce.

I hang out a bit more Talk to friends about the experiences we had so far and share some laughs.  After this, I decide to go mingle some more.

As I'm hanging out I spot this nice, luscious Latina girl dancing w/ her friends.  I open her with I forget what.  I find out she's from Miami and visiting for the weekend with her girls.  I immediately lift up her left hand to check if she'smarried but there's no ring...phew.  We talk more, she tells me she's Cuban and we talk about Cuban culture and how Latinos and others have said that Cubans look down on everyone.  We talk more, I make her laugh and we start to establish a connection.  I grab her by the hand and take her outside to the patio.  First I have her sit down while I stand and talk, but then I make her stand up, and sit down and have her semi sit on my lap.

I begin to escalate and compliment her rump and talk about her body.  She has a nice thick rump, nice tanned skin and a cute face.  She tells me she's a nurse and I make some naughty nurse jokes.  I then, forgetting that I did this before, lift up her hand to make sure there's no ring on it.  I begin to tell her some of my PG-13 fantasies, telling her something to the extend that I will omit telling her my X-rated versions.  I start to kiss her on her neck and blow gently in her ear.  I ask her what her "hotspots" are, and she responds that it would be no fun if she told me that.  I kiss on her neck more, gently biting it, and she puts her hair behind her ear so it doesn't get in the way.

Just then, one of her girlfirends comes, and tells her where she is, and that if she needs her to punch me out, just holler.  The girl I'm with laughs and says no, I'm cool and she's fine and her girlfriend leaves.

I continue with the kissing on the neck and gently biting on her ear.  However, she won't let me make out with her.  Fine.  We talk more, flirt, etc, etc.  After about another 15 min., her girlfriend returns and says one of the girls they came with is trashed, and that they have to leave before things get ugly.  The girl I'm with tells me she has to go.  I tell her I'm gonna be in Miami in July for the whole month, that she should give me her number so I can give her a shout when I'm in town.

She says, "I have something to tell you."
Me: "Huh?"
Her: I'm married.

I'm shocked, because I checked her finger several times and there was no ring there, and she never mentioned ANYTHING about a spouse. 

Now, this may not be a big deal for some of you, but for me, I don't do the married thing.  Call me a religious freak, holy-roller or whatevs, I don't care, but I believe in God and it's the respect I give to the "sanctity" of marriage.  I will not get with a married woman.  I think it's wrong and I believe in karma.  Maybe the participants in the marriage may not observe it, but Ido just to bring a bit more integrity to the Universe.

I explian to the girl my philosophy and she apologizes, telling me she feels so bad.  She tells me she's completely attracted to me, finds me hot and that I was completely making her horny, but alas, she's got a husband.  I ask her why she didn't tell me before even AFTER I check her ring finger, and again she says she feels bad.  I look into her eyes and ask, "You're not happy in this marriage are you?"  She gives a sad face and says, "No."  She says that her husband is currently at a strip club w/ friends.  She said it's a long complicated story and he has an ex-girlfriend involved in the whole scenario.  I don't even wanna  This was probably her own way of getting revenge on her boyfriend. 

I also inquire as to why her girlfriends never said anything, and she said they were giving her a little isht about that as well.

I peace her out and she tells me I'm sweet and respects my integrity.

Women are very interesting creatures indeed.  I learned A LOT from this interaction  She was truly a hot chick, at least in my eyes, also very sweet, and dug my personality and found me interesting and amusing.

I stood out of myself for a bit, and marvelled at how I was able to soberly approach a chick that I found attractive, talk to her w/ my own unique personality, and get her into me.  A few years back I never believed that I could do this sober.  I was able to freestyle, no going into my head, no "trying to use a technique" like C&F or whatever.  I was just myself pure and simple, amusing myself while I was talking to her.  Some girls would've been turned off, some girls would've liked it, this was one of them that liked it.

It's funny, but for several weekends in a row, I had been going out, just letting myself be, and many girls said that they liked me, liked talking to me, because I seemed cool and funny.  By just clearing my head and talking about whatever came up in my head I've been getting this response.  It's flattering to now be able to positively affect women on an emotional level beyond just my looks.  When I was younger, I thought it was all about looks, and thought I was the man when a girl told me I was good looking.  I didn't think personality mattered much.  When Istarted to learn it's the personality that counted more, compliments about my looks started to mean less and less to a ponit now that I don't care anymore, despite the fact I get them all the time, they really mean nothing to me.  Now, when I'm able to give a woman positve emotions w/ my personality, it really means something, because I struggled with being able to do that for YEARS.

It's interesting because the next weekend when I went out with Jared~,  which I had written about in the previous entry, I saw his style and how he was able to get girls into him by saying little and just being, and I saw how my other buddy P was able to talk little and get girls into him, I felt maybe I was trying too hard and it messed up my whole head where I thought my "game" was inadequate.  I mental block went up and instead of self-amusing, I became dancing monkey, and felt like a tool.  I'm starting to think now writing this FR that there maybe nothing wrong wtih my "style" per se, because it works for me.  I think as I get more reference points of having my natural self amusing personality cause women to be into me, I'll begin to give off a confidence where since I know I can cause positive emotions in a woman, I dont' have to say as much, because the woman will be able to feel it.

Who knows.

Either way, fun interesting night.  It would be nice to get something steady going on, though not to the extent of a full blow relationship, but that's coming.  I'm the best and I deserve the best (this is not to say I'm better than you, it's just an affirmation I say to myself twice a day, you should say it to yourself too.)
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Nassim wrote:
That's what natural game looks like. I like that :)
Keep them coming
Natural game??  Wow, thanks bro, I'm truly flattered. I'm glad you get some value out of this.
I appreciate that you think of my game as "natural", unless you're talking about the guys I described in the field report that immediately preceeded your comment, to which, I then would concur.
For insight on your path of self improvement and self discovery, check out my blog, The Viable Alternative.

Check out my field reports: My Journey to Create the ENTOURAGE Lifestyle (FRs and LRs)
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ikelove wrote:
Field Report: Friday 6/3/11


Damn, I still have another field report to write from last Saturday, which was an interesting night, but, being that yesterday, Friday, is still fresh on my mind, lemme just get this out.

Roll into G'vort about 12:30ish.

I roll in w/ Jared~ who has this hot azz Latina girl on him right from the beginning when the doorman was letting us in.  She comes up behind him, embraces him, and asks him if he could get her and her girlfrend who was with some dude in.  This wasn't some situation where the girl was using Jared~ to get in, she's GENUINELY into him.  What sucks is that I know this guy isn't into Latinas like me, so wtf.  Lucky bastard. teeth  I get girls hitting on me all the time, grabbing me, complimenting me and what not, but not yet in a way where the girl is invested in me firght from the get.  Something about what this guy subcommunicates.   Wow man, awesome.

Ike, I had a great weekend man;  that Latina was possessive as SHIT!  Your game is almost there.  I think we need to work on relying LESS on the verbal and more on the posturing, presence, and masculinity factor that ATTRACTS.  Girls love you dude.  Keep up the good work!! 
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