January 17th, 2019
Compliant pulls vs. Non Compliant pulls
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Ayyyy, first of all most of what im saying here will not apply to people reading this until you have passed the “cool-man” threshold in your life. Once you just give off cool vibes without even trying then this will work for you. Otherwise it wont….

Anyways here we go….
Compliant pulls vs. Non Compliant pulls


MOST COMMUNITY GUYS: Spin hug, SOI, blah blah talk for 30 mins, ask to food, or ask he to come to your house to chill and talk, get to know each other as people. Or whatever. That only works 25% of the time

ME: Random intro, light super friendly touching, boring-ass conversation about my family or science. Her friends walk off, I Tell her I lost my cash , or I need some fresh air cause im dizzy, or I want to go smoke outside to pull her. Non physical compliment, and then I physically drag her to a cab and makeout. Or I walk to the ATM half way to my house, and then say my card is not working lets go get some cash somewhere else. Boom at my house.

The difference is compliance…If you are waiting for compliance from a girl to extract her, you are not giving her what she wants. You are not taking responsibility away form her.A girl wants to be tricked, they like it. She wants a man that is more clever then her. Girls are smarter then you, they have seen all game. She knows you want to fuck her, and you will fail half the time if you wait for compliance. Most girls will not logically agree to go to your house unless they are DTF. Most girls are not so sure they want to go anywhere.

Most girls are not thinking I wanna fuck this man. If there is sexual chemistry they are just thinking, “Maybe I would like to kiss him, or see what hes all about”

Kino is for Fag’s:
Heavy kino kills most pulling. Because you are a forgone conclusion and they girl can anticipate what will happen next. She can tell what will happen if she leaves with a random dude buy how you act. If she cannot logical accept fucking you, then kino might get you good reactions, and makout, but not a pull with no resistance. And that’s what I like, non resistance pulls. Heavy Kino is great for fast 10 min pulls and drunk chicks. Not for groups of girls having a ladies night out.

High Value men don’t need to Kino, they just need to show they are indifferent.
A girl just has to know you are nto intimidated by her. That can be communicated in many ways I won’t get into here. But once she believes you have more Value then her you don’t need to kino.

And I also advise against making out. Making out is only pumping Buying temperature for DTF girls. A slight small 4 second kiss with no tongue is better. Maybe a few throughout the night.

Anyway I could say a lot more about this but im kinda lazy right now, so just go out and be cooler then the girl and try to pull how I recommended…
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