December 18th, 2018
Alexander~ "Just a God" Bootcamp 22-24 april Oslo.
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This is the story of my Alexander bootcamp. I'm a Brad Alumni, and my bootcamp this weekend went far beyond my imagination.
I'm a "poor" student in Norway, we're a rich country but I still barely have enough coin for food and my studies, so
an investment of $2000 is no small thing, but this was worth every last penny.

At the moment I work in a prison, and this "field report" / "Testimonial" from my weekend has been written while I've been sitting for 10
hours on a nightshift monday after bootcamp which is why it is extremely long and has an excess of small useless details.

One of my sticking points, which Alex has hammered over and over this weekend is that I think and analyze way too much,
which will become apparent soon.
Skip through, and read the most interesting parts. I've tried to keep it colorful and light read, although my writeing
skills suck. Here it goes;

Like a rockstar Alex walks to the table we are seated, he is psyched! Only thing possibly going through this guys mind is
"Another bootcamp of glory, bitches! Awesomeness - inevitable. WINNING! Pancackes! Woo!".
He is like a tsunami of energy that picks this bootcamp up and sends it away!
He starts by outlining what is going to happen this weekend. I work in a prison and I can't lay down the law like this
guy. The rules of bootcamp fall down like concrete walls which block off forbidden territory. On these walls, or tablets
are written the commandments of bootcamp such as "Never say the word "But"" and "Yes Alex", etc.
In prison, when someone doesn't understand that we are the law up inn here we need to sit down with them and explain how
the real world world (or our world) works we call it; Giving him a "Reality Orientation".
This is what Alex does, and you don't mess with Alex...
The strength, the passion, the agression, it's almost scary, but for some reason you're sitting there with a smile on
your face. These boundries are here for your best interest, which makes you feel, dare I say loved? Though that sounds
gay as shit. Yet there is no mistaking this guy's love for what he is doing and his love for improving people's lives.
If you dont have the attitude and will to change and grow, well then stop wasting everyones fucking time.

Alex gets some basic facts about us, however stories and inner chode shit is irrelevant! A small voice inside of me is
panicing in need of recognition, it wants to somehow have some effect on this guy but it's pointless. We mean something
to him, but we dont have any effect on him. He is the one with complete effect on us. This strength and solidity.
I've never felt anything like this.

He reminds us that we are enough. I am enough.
Words are going from his mouth into my brain, I feel like a puppy, sitting there with eyes wide open and my tongue hanging
by the side of my mouth. Completely clear-headed. In my brain sponge-bob is having a party, he's being penetrated deeply
by thurth. I'm not even thinking at this stage, just feeling. My energy frequency has changed, it's now playing
"Radio Alex".

We hit the streets, enter a club and "get our wine on". Chilling, getting relaxed and sinking into awesomeness.
People say he is "high energy", and he deffinetly is. But this high explosive energy is calm and collected. It's not all
over the place but completely dominating within it's area of influence. Eventually the club fills up, I get sent into
my first set of bootcamp.

A 3 set, nothing decent. The aim is to get in a social mood but I dont blast through their initial walls of shyness and
the conversation dies. I dont want to be a bad student so I linger around a little longer than I normally would have
and try a few more times to reboot the conversation but no dice. I return to Alex and it's all good.

He next sends me into a set that our crew has already got a good thing going with.
I drag a chair up and position myself very weakly almost behind the "target" that I'm opening. She is friendly but doesn't
contribute much to the interaction. In addition she has to turn slightly to continue the conversation, I start doubting
myself my brain starts thinking and I bail.
Alex asks me why I left "duuur, not sure", and Alex sends me back inn. I pull up the chair and sit in the same chode-spot
and when Alex sees this he is a mixed between shocked and amused at my chodelyness. Is quickly becomes apparent that
chode behaviour will not be accepted because that isn't who I am, BE REAL! SIT HERE! and so I do. "Yes, Alex."
I try to reinitiate the conversation with the brunette, but I'm not trusting myself and going inn as strong as I should.
A blonde which the crew has warmed up jumps inn on my attempt at a conversation with the brunette.
The logistics are bad for talking to her however and is something I should have taken control over and changed.
I wish all women were like this blonde, she is positive and contributes to the conversation.

Alex eventually starts a quick talk with me and the other student and sends him into a set, then asks me
"Who do you think should join the party?" to see who I want to talk to, but I panic thinking "Shit, I have to find a set,
quick where?!?!" So I pick the one straight ahead of us, with my tunnel vision I just saw dressed up girls but when I
approach it discover that they are more than twice my age. I tell them and myself that
"It's all good" and "I'm just being social". So the conversation flows ok'ish but I bail.
At this point I start realizing that I'm getting more socially warmed up.

But there is no slacking on bootcamp! Every second is used for personal growth and development. Alex now want us to
approach on our own and stop relying on him. I approach some blonde named Camilla, she's into it and enjoying being
influenced by my so I start feeling more relaxed and social. The dude she's with looks really angry but I introduce
myself and he's apparently just some friend-chode with a "secret crush" on her... Two female friends interrupt,
I tell her to introduce them to me, she does, however I'm still not trusting myself completely and start feeling a bit
scared like I need to impress or get reactions from them. I dont remember why but I bail and almost the entire crew

I feel like I haven't done my best AT ALL. Not only that but when on a bootcamp with Alex he has so much to offer and
wants us to take full advantage of it, and to do so we need to be more independent and create initiative ourselves.
If we can't get ourselves into set? Then he pushes us into sets, if we can get into sets we need to go inn ourselves.
The more we go inn and give Alex the oportunity to see us in set the more he can help us grow.
He has standards that we need to live up to, and if we do he will push us further.

Outside I tell myself that I need to take more initiative and push harder to create more oportunity for myself, the girls
and for Alex. We enter a new club / bar and apparently one of the swedish interns has already banged a chick. While I've
been stressing about taking initiative and opening sets on my own, one of the interns has already had sex? I need to step
the fuck up!

The night kinda blends together so I'm not 100% sure what happened at the beginning but I take off my sweater and
tell myself "I gotta create INITIATIVE and make shit HAPPEN now bro. GO go go!" I go looking for sets and find the
dancefloor. They're playing "Scatman joe" or whatever and doing some wierd spin-dance cowboy move.
This was like a fucking GODSEND!! Two hot girls are jumping around dancing in the middle of a chode-crystal who are all
stareing at these two girls. One or two dudes jump inn and dance with them but most of them are just spectators.
I go in! I jump around in circles, holding hands with one of the hotties. I am the effect now, not the cause. I swap hands
I swap girls, I have a blast! Eventually some chode spills his beer on me and the song ends. I get a free sip of his beer
and find Alex. I feel psyched now! Alex tells me that "I smell like Love" Awesome, I feel like I'm PART of the party not
just looking at it.

I find Alex and he sends me into a seated 4 set, 2 ugly, 1 allright and 1 gorgeous. I say some random
shit, introduce myself to the group then spot a chair "Ooh! Chair! I'm sitting down!" and so I do. I focus inn on the
hottie though, not sure if it's because that's who I wanted or if she was the most receptive, but she's sitting on the
other side of the table so I'm losing self-trust. Shortly the other student joins inn next to the hottie, and I start
talking to the allright one. She apparently works at the bar but she isn't contributing much to the conversation so I
panic a little and feel like finding a higher energy set, in addition they are trying to get the attention of one of the
bouncers she knows, I panic and bail. Alex asks why I left, I have no good answer.

Not sure what happend directly after but I entered a seated 2 set with one of the crew members. We claim to be twins and
speak English. Alex tells me to jump inn (It's a sofa thing and we're behind them) , and so I do. The girl really liked
this ballsyness I think because she was positive and contributing to the conversation. The conversation was playfull and
fun. We talked to one girl each, and I should have isolated more, and before you know it a blonde friend joined inn, '
I got some free chocolate, a little beer and a lottery ticket worth a cheeseburger, WINNING!!! I dont feel that
attracted to the girl but if I had heard what Alex told us on Saturday I probably would have been more into her.
"One thing is how she looks in the club, but if she was in your room, naked, with a wet pussy, would you do her?".
She has a daughter which just adds to my stress. Her other friend returns, I bail.

This is when the best (in my opinion, since I learned a lot from it) set went down. I returned to the dancefloor where I
found the two I danced with earlier, (I only realized that they were the same chicks on saturday though, because I didn't
look that closely at them the first time I danced with them). They were doing some limbo shit, and when thinking about
it now I'm appreciating the initiave that these two girls are contributing with. Not only did they do some fun cowboy
dance to scatman joe, they also initiated limbo dancing, involving more people and expanding the party. Some random chode
was clinging (chode-gaming) the blonde with great tits so I went for the brunette, awesome face, gorgeous eyes,
tight body, yum yum yum. Now the 2 set is split and we're each gaming one chick.

They were doing some limbo stuff and I basically limbo danced with them and made sure I was the effect in the environment.
I didn't wait for them to tell me "Limbo under my arm" I pulled their arm up and went limbo or held my arm up and told
them to. Being the man, asserting dominance, creating initiative and bringing the party/causing the party to happen.
I span my brunette around, and all kinds of stuff.

She told me she was a terrible dancer. "I'm a terrible dancer". This sentence might not mean shit to other people but it's
a loaded sentence for me. I HAVE been the one saying this, OVER AND OVER. I HAVE been the nervous one without self-trust
being self-concious about my dancing capabilities. Now this tight, positive glowing girl is the one saying this?
Alex has been telling me about how when we step up to girls and let them be influenced by us it's like Megan Fox stepping
up to a chode and him being influenced by her. This concept starts to click. I haven't trusted myself enough in the past.
SHE is nervous about making a good impression on ME! I'm Megan Fox. I'm Charlie Sheen. I'm Thomas. I'm just a man.
I'm just a God.

I realise that I can't keep repeating all these positive things. I'm spinning her, doing the limbo, she's even initiating
some high-five jumping dance. A GIRL WITH INITIATIVE! Appreciated!! But too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I need
to sprinkle inn the negative. Alex's words appear in my head, "balance the positives with negatives."
I'm not sure exactly what I did at this point. I'm a first timer with this concept and deffinetly no master of it.
I'm a natually positive guy, then I learned to never dwell on negative topics and avoid negativity in set, after that I've
been constantly overplaying the positive. It's been like trying to light a lighter but only getting sparks.
I now sprinkle inn some negatives but the lighter doesn't just light; It's a fucking NUCLEAR EXPLOSION!
Her eyes SHINE, she is GLOWING, she can't stop laughing and is verbalising this back to me "I can't stop laughing from you"
I'm hearing this and can't believe my eyes.

I once met Tyler in Vegas and this, what I am doing to this girl, is what he did effortlessly with a 2 set. It looked
like magic at the time but now, I, Thomas, am doing it.

The negativity deffinetly wasn't calibrated, I push her away and tell her shes bad or something, I hit her playfully on
the shoulder and say shes stupid or mean or something. She asks me if I'm the type of guy who hits girls and I say "Only
in the weekends". Alex tells me to kiss her on the neck. And I lean inn, but she leans back. She wants to continue feeling
this great, and tells me I'm just some pervert looking for sex. She's probably just giving me an oportunity to inject more
negativity and shoot her attraction through the fucking ROOOOOF THE ROOF THE ROOF IS ON FAYA!! But I get all logical,
paranoid and lose self-trust. I reply with "yeah, hu hu DUUUUR" then before you know it POOF, she's gone. I regret not
re-opening her.

Big lesson learned here; Balance positive emotions with negative ones. I'm a naturally positive "nice guy" so I shoulden't
fear adding even a little "too much" negative. As Alex said "Nothing is better than a well measured FUCK YOU".
I opened some blonde, who appeared to be very drunk, got her number and she said we should dance later. However she also
said she had a fiancee, but if so I believe she wants to cheat on him, and trade up in the world. I meet her group of
friends, one of the girls ask me if I work there. One of the swedish interns sais we should do "truth or dare" in the
club and challenge eachother. I panic and the first thing I can think of is lime in the eye, which is kinda evil but he
accepts the challenge. Next it's my turn and he sends me to a girl sitting alone with the mission of saying
"I know something better than sex" Then massage her head; I approach and it goes very well.

She is appreciative for having someone to talk to, and I guess especially a chill dude like me. However I'm having
a hard time relaxing and letting me trust myself. This set is "messy" but it goes well. I massage her head, she massages
mine, tells me my hair is soft. I started by doing something very "ballsy" which got her very attracted. Then I started
relaxing and tried to "waste time". However I felt the need to escalate but didn't, and wasn't trusting myself enough.
It reminds me of learning to float on water. At first you take a deep breath and relax, then you lay yourself backwards
pull your legs and arms up, lean back, close your eyes and trust that you will float in the water. You wont sink.
However if you think that you are going to sink you will and you'll start twitching. Which is what I was doing.
That's pretty much how this set went down; Me laying in water, trying to float, yet not trusting the process completely
twitching, standing up then trying again. I drink her wine, but I dont physically escalate. I sprinkled inn some negative
stuff but nothing "risky". The interaction was more friendly than sexual. I number-closed her on the way out, however this
set could have easily been a same-night-lay.

Outside Alex has got his own little blonde girl going on and tells us students to socialise with people and make friends.
The other crew members are already doing this and some eventually go to an afterparty. I end up going home, sleep and wake
up for another day of awesomeness in the morning.

We watch infield footage all day. and although Timf Brauwn or whatever was funny, my personal favourite was when Alex
fucked a gorgeous dancer girl in the bathroom. Not only did he pull it off in 20 minutes, he called it, then did it
wired up with a microphone. It was really good it see how even a God like Alex gets nervous.
I really need to keep this in mind when gaming "russ" girls. Which are crazy college student girls here in norway.
Basically they are WAAAAY more prone to do "adventurous" shit such as bathroom fucks.
We take a LOT of notes.

Rules of the retard;
Everyone is retarded.
You can't hate people for being retarded; it's just how we are.
In understanding 1. and 2. take a leadership role and help them get better than retarded.


We meet up at the hotel at 23:00 ready to go out. we headed to onkel donald first, this place was awesome. We were there
early and it was empty but it looked promising. I got a glass of red wine, which is stupid because I shoulden't be drinking
on bootcamp at ALL. We met another alex alumni which told us that the place we were at yesterday Solli Haugen was happening
tonight. So we bounced there. This place is PACKED. Although I heard rumours that Oslo is a "Ghost town" in easter since
50% of norwegians travel elsewhere, this place was filled with people and a lot of them were hot blondes.

I've lived in LA for 9 months. When I first got there, and the reason why I wanted to go there, was that I thought I'd see
hot girls EVERYWHERE. In movies and TV series all the girls everywhere are hot model girls. This is SO NOT TRUE about LA
that I can't even begin to explain how fictional TV really is. It might seem like I'm retarded for believing this, it is
TV afterall, but I'm from Norway. Here all the girls in the streets ARE hot model girls just strolling around minding
their own business. I thought LA would be the same, exept for more girls. Boy was I ever wrong.
When I got back from LA the only thing I could see here in Oslo, and my home town Fredrikstad was hot models.
Everywhere! Just like on TV. And I got a surge of renewed hope and appreciation for my home country. LOVE THIS PLACE!.

Anyway Alex sent me into a set which kinda bombed. I returned and he sent me to talk to her friend. She had lived in miami
or something so we started speaking English to eachother. She was kinda self-concious about talking English when we both
are Norwegians but my "it's all good" frame won. Stuff happens, I'm gonna leave out boring detals, Alex drags me back
and he sends me into a set of 2 old women. I mess around gain social fluidity and relaxation then bounce back.
Stuff happens then Alex tells me to open a girl standing with 2 dudes, I'm kinda afraid and in my head about her being
there with two male friends, but Alex's psychic abilities are never wrong and I must obey my master. "Yes, Alex."

I open her and fully ignore the dudes, I say hi, bla bla bla, what's your name, spin her around and away from the chodes
and keep talking. I am fully focused on her and I dont notice this but Alex and his Norwegian alumni acutally
"Elbow-intervened" on the chodes. They both put up a wall of elbows infront of their faces to completely cut them away
from me and my girl. He speaks the truth, as he said on the first day of bootcamp "I've always got your back".
We talked, and she claimed that I must be pretty smooth since I managed to pull her away from that Italian guy. Horray!
She is really chill, I am keeping calm and not letting it stress me that she's not instantly sucking my dick and praising
my balles so the set isn't rushed and keeps calm. I am 22 and look really young so I think the fact that I work in prison
helps a lot when gaming chicks. Closes the age gap. The biggest surprise I got from this set is how long it lasted.
It wasn't overly awesome. I span her around, danced and smiled. Looked into her eyes confidently, but I need more manly
"I am going to fuck the shit out of you" energy in my eye contact. I lead her around the club a little, but it takes us a
half hour to get to the bar. What I should have done is to take her down to the seating area where Alex and the others
were, then chill with her in a seated isolated place. We were kinda just standing in the crowd. I did the entire bubble
thing, told her we are in a bubble it's just us two here. The set went really well at the beginning then staled out.
I started awesome, then slowly started doubting myself. I've been viewing everything wrong. My earlier viewpoint was
I dont have experience with endgame bla bla bla, dur dur dur, *cry like a fucking baby*. But the TRUTH, and Alex only
speaketh the truth is that I lose self-trust. And losing my self-trust is what is causing me to doubt myself, stopping
me from making shit happen, capitalising on these ho's asses and getting my dick Sucked.'

Lesson; Trust thy self! I S O L A T E! . Bounce not just around in the crowd but to a SPECIFIC LOCATION.
Somewhere where you can sit down, talk and escalate physically. It was a really good help to see Alex and his alumni do
this, helps me picture what I should be doing better. (They both had their own hottie.) She bailed by saying she had to
go to the bathroom ( A lie obviously) my regret is that I should have reopened her and isolated.
One of the swedish interns was gaming her later in the evening which was fine by me as I had entered an "abundance
mentality" But on an Alex bootcamp us students come first and are priorotised above all and he made sure I wasn't mad
about someone else gaming the girl I had a good interaction with earlier. However "It's all good." but it's good to know
we come first, every time.

At this point I feel social and relaxed. So I think "Motion creates emotion" and start jumping around to keep my state up
but I start thinking too much about state which is slowly killing it. I feel asif I've said Hi to just about all the hot
girls in the club. Some girl is limping down the stairs with a hurt ankle as I'm jumping down the stairs full of energy.
I swoop her up in my arms then carry her down. "You're quite strong!" "I dont work in a Prison for nothing hun!"
She thanks me when I put her down but leaves. I guess it's a mix between me not clearly stating that I want to continue
the conversation and her being too nervous or in her head about initiating one or hoping for more talk.

At some point in the night I opened some super hot blonde with great tits who seemed really slow, perfect 10 but
probably very drunk and with some rasta hair chode. At first I thought they were together, but it seemed that had met
just a little while ago. I opened her with "Hey I'm Thomas" or something, then just started doing Jeffy's "Shifting Sands"
thing where I just kept saying random shit. The dude tried to take control and asked "Are you with her?" I told him she was
my twin sister. She said "What", I told her she was my twin, then "I have a simple mind, you have a necklace, it's
twinkling, we are in a club, the music is loud, he has wierd hair" etc etc. Just complete nonsence random shit they were
both listening and trying to catch up with the conversation, and honestly I have no clue why they would but it was an
awesome lesson for me. If I had trusted myself more and been more assertive I am certain that I could have blown the guy
out and taken the girl home. But I started losing faith and they left. My basic strategy with this set was a mix between
"If you can't convince them, confuse them" and "Devide and conquer". I believe that's a good strategy for stealing girls
off chodes. Just be more awesome. I was amazed at this realisation of just spouting nonsence so I opened some other
brunette with the same thing. Talking about her jewlery, saying random shit. She was letting herself be influenced by
me but I dont think the conversation fit into her reality as there was no solid talk to grab onto and POOf she was gone.
After searching for pocahontas etc the crew eventually grouped up outside the club.

Alex and his alumni was with their girls (Note that Alex's girl was a different girl from last night.
This was a hot blonde surgeon. 2 girls in 2 nights, while coaching... Effortless. Alex's game is just insane.)
This night was filled with high's and low's, I had some longer interactions with growth which is really good but I didn't
get any "results" in the form of numbers, makeouts or sex. But concepts clicked, I got more experience and matured.

Us two students and the two interns went to do some street game after the club. There weren't many sets out. Honestly I
feel kinda paraniod about street game after the club has closed because people are really alert nowadays I think as there
has been massive rapports of girls getting raped at this hour and in my mind I dont want to be confused with some wierd
psycho rapist. But the 4 of us approach some 3 set of girls. The swedes start talking to one girl each and semi-isolates
them very well. The last and most defensive one standing with her arms crossed infront of her talks to us two students.
I start talking and am constantly aware that she is probably not feeling safe or comfortable so my goal is to relax her.
I stand far away, give her loads of space, smile, look her in the eyes, talk calmly about stuff I dont remember.
Think I said something about it being an awesome night, birds flying over us, cool people everywhere and we just feeling
social wanting to meet people. She instantly sais something about "If someone tries to hug my I'll punch them" or beat
them up or whatever it was that she said. Eventually one of the other girls start returning to her friend that me and the
other student are talking too and I escalate the conversation with the defensive one telling her friend that she is
really tense and needs a hug. I go closer slowly and say "You look like you need a hug." She sais "no" but it's a mix
between a strong NO and a girly "noooo" so I tell her friend "She needs a hug, dont you think she needs a hug?" she
agrees and I give the girl a hug, wiggle form side to side to shake out her tension, release and step back. She is much
more relaxed after this but the friends start dragging her away and she goes with their program. She went from being
completely closed off and maybe a little scared and wierded out by us to warming up and developing positivity towards us.
But then drifted away into the night. And we all returned to our homes for some sleep.

Back at my place I suddenly found myself in a state of negativity and depression. I started feeling more and more sad
partly because I didn't "get laid" and that Alex was leaving the next day so from now on I would be all alone in field.
But I said "Fuck it I'll deal with this negativity tomorrow" and went to sleep. The cool thing about hanging with Alex
is that all negativity just flushes away, then it doesn't return at all. Alex told me that this negativity and depression
comes from not trusting myself. Not trusting that if I go out alone, by myself I will do great.

Day 3; Daygame.

I've NEVER done daygame before. It's something I've been afraid of forever. Once I got into it though it was a lot more
"me" that I thought. Daygame is so slow and chill. We first went to the pier, Aker Brygge.

Alex sent me to a cute emo chick with really nice eyes sitting alone. At first I said hey, bla bla bla, what's you name.
I paniced and returned."Why did you leave?" "Dur dur dur" GET BACK INN AND SIT DOWN! I sat down and started talking
nonsence. When I observed myself sitting there next to her on the bench I was panicing. But it was a good thing, I was
accepting the panic and thinking of what Alex had explained to us earlier. "The first few sets will be difficult and
you'll feel stressed. But you have to trust the process and go through the motions anyway". "You got free fanta too,
awesome, best thing ever. Little hung over and you're greeted here with fanta. Sweet. The boats here" Bla bla bla.
I asked about the tattoo which looked like letters cut into her wrist, has answer was "It's my mother" with a sort of
break in her voice. My imediate thought was her dead mother, probably why she was an emo. I instantly changed topic
"Yeah so these boats" Dur dur dur... I got kinda stressed at this point and she soon said "Yeah i gotta get on this boat"
complete bullshit excuse, but I was like "Cool, have a nice day" and returned to Alex.

Alex sent me into 2 sets which I approached weakly then a 3 set which I did a little better. I said "Hey guys" then
happy easter or something then one of the swedish interns came to wing me but 2 of the girls instantly started pointing
at him and shouting "eeeeey it's you!" he had no clue who they were but apparently he had nr.closed them on friday night
after he fucked some girl. The two girls were headed elsewhere but the last one was headed the same place we were going,
so I told her to come with us. I quickly introduced her to our crew and we moved.

It was nerv wracking. A part of me was trying to pass her over to Alex, since I was afraid of the responsibility of
leading her. I dont trust myself so I often find myself doing this; I'll be having a good thing going with a girl but
I buckle under the preassure and tell her to meet my friend before I fall together. Alex however sais hey and puts me in
the alpha leader role, tells me to lead the way. And so I do. The image he presented to us earlier poped into my mind
"I want to see us all jumping down the street, each with a girl in our hand". And so I try to make that vision a reality.
I start walking and leading her in the direction we all are going. She wonders where the rest of our crew is and I tell
her we are just all over the place talking but they'll come, no worries. It's all good.

This girl was really hot. Short, mix between afghanistan and italian, huge tits, tight body. She works in the army
as a sergant and wants to become a personal training instructor. I just love girls who work out. As we talk I start
noticing how nervous she is. She is constantly self-concious about how she looks and sais she need to get home and shower.
Perhaps I should have offered that we could share mine? ;) She's hung over from yesterday and needs to change etc.
This is a huge mindfuck for me; Having a gorgeous girl nervous to be speaking to ME. It's usually the other way around,
but that is what being coached by Alex will do to you. And I'm just being coached, imagine how girls feel when talking
to him?

We talk about the army, I tell her I work in Prison I feel we have a lot in common. I'm not very good at conversational
"tactics" but I start to notice her more, instead of being in my head and thinking about how nervous I am. Alex tells me
to get her number early but I am struggeling to find a way that doesn't feel forced or anything. I asked him later for a
good way and "We should be friends, what's your number" is awesome. We ended up sitting down talking and I said
"We should meet up later though, what's your number" it seemed like she was happy to get it since she checked her phone
and made sure she got mine. She had partied with some dude named "The rich guy" from some norwegian tv series and gotten
a lot of drinks the previous night but had stopped him when he was being a spoiled asshole by upholding personal boundries
which I guess you could call it "I qualified her on" I said "I like that, It's really good that you stand up for yourself
and your friends" whatever. I need to get more qualification going on. I got her number and told her that we should meet
up later and talk more. We hugged goodbye. She was feeling very nervous about still wearing makeup, clothes etc from
yesterdays party, and wanted to get home. I was kinda nervous about where I should go with the set so I kinda sent her

Eventually we went to the park. This is where Alex tells us that he wont send us into sets anymore. It can easily be
confused with lazyness on his part but he is actually doing us a huge favor. He starts talking about dick and tells me
"We can either stand here talking about sucking cock or you can find some nice girls who will do it for you, your choice"
I'm on my own, stressed as fuck, and approching. But this is good. I am on my own. Just as I will be when he leaves.
I am approaching on my own. I approach a few sets, I go up with no clue what to say, stressed, feeling wierd and freaking
out, but I'm going up on my own, I'm going through the motions anyway. I sit down and talk to one girl who was alone but
her boyfriend was walking the dog and would be back any minute so I bail. I get lost, then return and talk to some 2 set
of students. I leave then talk to 2 girls who are really socially retarded. They have a fiance and a boyfriend and think
it's wierd that we are a group of people running around talking to chicks but I kinda just take the frame of
"it's all good. We're social dudes." but they are just being socially retarded. I dont let it affect me and basically
just get my social juices flowing, my social machinery oiled up. I meet up with another crew member and open a 3 set,
greet them all, then the other crew member joins we sit and talk. The 3rd girl drops her guard when she realises that
we're cool and lies down. We continue talking to one girl each and the pilates instructor I talk to tells me about some
place called "Blå" which there is some sort of concert at every sunday. Alex tells us it's time to leave and so we do.

I got a lot of valuable lessons from daygame here on sunday although I didn't get any results. The fact that going around
being a social cool, confident dude who meets people is normal and that the girls who think it's wierd are socially
retarded was a huge paradigm shift for me. I started seeing everything in a new light.

We regroup at the hotel for some final chit-chat and debfrief. I feel massively appreciative of this weekend.

The 5 things I need to focus on in order to improve after bootcamp are as follows;

1. Focus willpower on self-trust.
- The Difference between an attractive Alpha male and an unattractive beta male is implementing willpower.
- I need to make a decition and stick to it. BLINDLY!
- Self-trust will give me that consistently positive feeling

2. I need to make the shift from boyhood thinking to manhood thinking.
- The Difference is the only thing that makes men aroused is themselves.
- It's my sence of influence that makes me feel good.
- From an internaly scentered mindset express myself childishly

EXPERIENCE is key. (Which I dont have a lot of. I've wanted to find a way to get mature faster and experience is it.)

3. Dress the part: Maturity.
- Sharper shoes
- Sharper Shirt
- Sharper hair, I need to make it look like I tried to look good.
- Girls like guys who dress expressively. will give me some good pointers.

4. Meditate on the idea of being unapologetic. Reflect on it.
- Remember that when I approach these girls I make their lives better. Because I am socially elite.
- Thinking about "unapologetic" will lock inn the idea that I am enough.
- Remind myself of the "it's all good" attitude.

- Vocal Projection
- Masculine eyecontact; Seeing Through her.
- Holding a calm feeling in my chest.
- Add assertiveness to my existing positivity
- If I feel nervous remember that the girl enjoys my influence.

I am going to read these points every day from today on. Especially before going out.

Things I have learned from observing Alex;
1. He has an intensely strong and stable sence of influence. He is like a tsunami. Nuff said.
2. ANYTHING is possible. There is no hesitation. Let's get it done!
3. I just can't explain it but watching Alex you'd like to say that his game is "Simple and Elegant" yet it's
also "Complex and crazy", he's just a man, but still a God. What he does is realistic, yet unbelieveable. He is a
4. Chodes can fuck off. Aaaah that feels SO good to say.. CHODES CAN FUUUUUCK OOOOOOFF!. I have way too much respect and
care for chodes. Like Alex said, dont give a fool a fair chance. To use a "morbid" metaphor if you are in a deathmatch
with someone who is tied up and rolling around on the floor and you have a machinegun there's no point "helping him" by
untieing him then killing him... Just get it over with and save you both the trouble. If your playing a game of chess,
you dont send inn your king on a suicide mission to give the other player "almost a fair chance" then beat him.
There is no room for mercy, be humane, dont toy with chodes, put them out of their misery as soon as possible.

5. When we "venue-changed" I noticed that it didn't even occur to Alex to "Blow the last sets out". There was no "Since
we are leaving we may aswell blow out all the remaining sets. I see the point of doing all the sets in the bar before
leaving since we may aswell try because we're leaving anyway. But the mindset is focused on failiure.
When Alex goes up to a set "failiure" isn't possible. No matter what happens he "wins". He makes friends, gets talkative
and silly or he gets laid. Nothing can go wrong. If he were to "blow out the remaining sets in the bar" he would end up
going home with one of them. The lesson I learned was that failiure isn't in Alex's reality.

I used to play strategy games where I'd let the AI's try their thing, and let them grow "powerfull" lets them capture
land and build huge bases, then just crush them all. I built them up then crushed them down. However this is pointless
in "the game", just crush the chodes, get it over with and move on.

Sunday night;
I called the girl I nr.closed in daygame. I was in a relaxed "It's all good" mood and said "we're going to blå
you can join if you want" she said she hadn't got much sleep and hadn't fixed herself up so she was not gonna make it
and wondered how long we were in town for. I told her I live here but the other guys were leaving. I said we should meet
up later, she agreed "We should meet up later this week" and I cut the conversation.

I went out alone to Blå. I approached some girl on the street on the way and asked if she knew where it was. She seemed
really happy to talk and positive. I should have escalated in some way. Told her to show me the way, ask her where she
was going or nr closed her maybe? But I am proud of myself for just approaching at this point.
I arrive at blå and there's a TON of people in line. The line takes 1 hour before I enter, I talk to some people in line
but I dont get a conversation going. When I enter I get tense. There's some jazz band playing and a lot of people are just
standing there dancing to the music. I approached some 3 set. I talked to the tall blonde, the friends were fine with it.
It opened well and I was trying to get into a more social state. The blonde left eventually so I continued to talk to the
two other friends. Getting the most out of the set. I eventually bailed to get some water. Just said hey to two blondes.
I approached some 4 mixed set. Asked what the stairs lead too. 3 girls and 1 dude who seemed gay, very high energy diva
person. I bailed. I talked to some older brunette who was standing alone "You look so lonely" She was happy to talk a
little and was waiting for her boyfriend or fiancee who was in the band a packing up his stuff. I talked to a girl with
a red ribbon shortly. Said hi to some other blonde waiting to use the ATM. I tried to open a 2 set of hot blondes but she
just shaked her head and said "Not interrested". And that was it.

I am proud that I approached and talked to girls and stayed in set. I was out alone and sober. I waited in line for 1hour
yet I went up and approahed. Mind you that these approaches are spread out over a 2 hour timespan. If I had approached
like that one right after the other I would have probably gotten my social mojo flowing more.

This REALLY wasn't my type of venue, but I made it slightly "work". There is a HUGE difference between rolling out with a
crew like on bootcamp and alone. When you're "getting your wine on" or shooting the shit with the guys you are being
social and people can see they you aren't some wierd loner standing on "death row" along the wall. So there is no stress
about aproaching instantly or getting into the first set you see. You always have a "Safety net" to fall back on.
Which is really what going out with friends should be regarded as. When you roll out alone you have no safety net. You're
flying solo. The responsibility is all on you. Therefore it is ESSENTIAL to either a) get there early, and mingle with
the crowd to get your social juices flowing and ready for when the club is packed. b) find a set instantly that you can
chat and get to know and make them your "safety net".

Alex told us not to think in terms of "Social momentum". I can completely see why. I've been having a hard time explaining
it any different to myself so I've started thinking in the terms of a "Social engine" which needs to be oiled.
When you're sitting at home, or standing in line for an hour the engine drys and freezes up. It needs to get warm and
loubed. The pulse needs to speed up, the frequency needs to be increased. A machinery which needs oil, or a muscle that
needs to get warm is a much more acurate mindset than "momentum", as momentum is much easier "lost". You only need to get
your frequency properly attuned.

Get relaxed and talkative, it's all good.

I leave the club a little after 2, approach the first girl I see without hesitation yet I dont approach as strongly as I
should have, she slows down to talk but doesn't stop. I return home.

Constructive critisism welcome, Thanks for reading, and see you in-field!
"What the fuck do i care what somebody thinks of me who's not taking as much action as me"
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 Great write-up, man! You nailed a lot of the same points I was gonna mention. (I was on this same boot-camp as a volunteer helping Alex out.) 

You have killer game, and you're just an awesome dude... girls will FLOCK to you soon, if they aren't already. 

It was great meeting you. 

Get your fucking pancake on!!!!!!
 "A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for." --Grace Murray Hooper
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You have to tell me when your article on salon is up, can't wait!
If you ever return to Norway you have a place to stay ;) . Hotel Continental
"What the fuck do i care what somebody thinks of me who's not taking as much action as me"
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Good writeup mate. I'm going to get mine up here when I've got the time. Was cool being on BC with you
My Hot Seat review (2010):
Review of my bootcamp with Alex (2011):
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One thing I could suggest that's helped me out tremendously is something Owen taught me at Hot Seat last weekend and it's this idea about being congruent with whatever energy level your at.

It seems like a lot of the anxiety your experiencing is because your trying to "execute game" when you don't feel entitled to, ie. your nervous.

There's basically this ideal of 10/10 charisma and 10/10 congruence.  However, most of us at the beginning of the night only have maybe a 2/10 charisma, yet we try to roll up to a chick being as 10/10 charisma as possible.  This comes across very incongruent and the sets don't go very well because the girl can sense that your TRYING to be something your not.

So the second best option is even though you have 2/10 charisma, at least be a 10/10 congruence, meaning you roll up and just be whatever energy or confidence level your at.

For example, the default way I open girls now at the beginning of the night is, I first have a very painful expression on my face and I'll waddle over and say, "Hey... your really cute... and I'm totally awkward at the moment... it's ok if you reject me I will understand, but I had to come over and say something..."

When I started doing this I thought girls would me but no, they open up REALLY well.  Like RETARDELY WELL.

The thing is because your being genuine and the fact that your not TRYING to be something your not, it shows you aren't trying to impress her at all and that is attractive.

And the even bigger mindfuck is the hotter the girl is the BETTER the response I get.

Try it out, I think you'll see some interesting results.  It also puts a lot less pressure on you to try to do anything at the beginning of the night and you can just focus on just being fun and social.  Once you get warmed up and more relaxed, you can then start being more dominant, more confident, etc.
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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 Btw, what was the 5 star rating of girls that alex talked about? 
I only remember him saying if she's a five star girl, she's hot enough to brag about to your mates.
What was 4 3 2 1 ? 
My Hot Seat review (2010):
Review of my bootcamp with Alex (2011):
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Summit God~

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wow. there are some concepts in here that just rocked my world.

Alex~ flipped my reality on BC. this report revived some concepts and my head is spinning this moment.

thank you so much.
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semtex wrote:
semtex wrote:

I've lived in LA for 9 months. When I first got there, and the reason why I wanted to go there, was that I thought I'd see
hot girls EVERYWHERE. In movies and TV series all the girls everywhere are hot model girls. This is SO NOT TRUE about LA
that I can't even begin to explain how fictional TV really is. It might seem like I'm retarded for believing this, it is
TV afterall, but I'm from Norway. Here all the girls in the streets ARE hot model girls just strolling around minding
their own business. I thought LA would be the same, exept for more girls. Boy was I ever wrong.
When I got back from LA the only thing I could see here in Oslo, and my home town Fredrikstad was hot models.
Everywhere! Just like on TV. And I got a surge of renewed hope and appreciation for my home country. LOVE THIS PLACE!
Haha Thomas this is so true it's not even funny. I remember you going for the hottest LA has to offer because you fucking grew up surrounded by girls like that.

Good to see you're doing well man.

Hahaha thanks Dave! . I'm going back to LA with my family at the end of June. Hopefully I'll be able to go out some there.

Still not sure what the 5 star rating was. 4 starts was you'd fuck her without hasitation. 

History of the pancake. Rofl
"What the fuck do i care what somebody thinks of me who's not taking as much action as me"
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Bob Jane


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Alkrodion wrote:

Rules of the retard;
Everyone is retarded.
You can't hate people for being retarded; it's just how we are.
In understanding 1. and 2. take a leadership role and help them get better than retarded.
Can you elaborate on this a little more please especially number 2. How do you help them get better than being retarded? 
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 Nr 1 is Everyone is retarded. Retarded in RSD terms is Socially Conditioned. 
Nr 2 is You can't hate people for being Socially Conditioned, that's just how WE (even you an me) are.
Nr 3 is In understanding 1 and 2, take a leadership role and help them become less socially conditined. Or rise above social conditioning.

As a man you live outside of social tension, which is just socially conditioned people exerting their frame of social conditioning onto you. 

I'm still just understanding nr1 myself so I dont really know how to explain nr2 and 3 well.

Read Summit God's testimonial. He had some really good points on self amusement, expressing your manlyness and being your natural self.
"What the fuck do i care what somebody thinks of me who's not taking as much action as me"
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Bob Jane


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Alkrodion wrote:
 Nr 1 is Everyone is retarded. Retarded in RSD terms is Socially Conditioned. 
Nr 2 is You can't hate people for being Socially Conditioned, that's just how WE (even you an me) are.
Nr 3 is In understanding 1 and 2, take a leadership role and help them become less socially conditined. Or rise above social conditioning.

As a man you live outside of social tension, which is just socially conditioned people exerting their frame of social conditioning onto you. 

I'm still just understanding nr1 myself so I dont really know how to explain nr2 and 3 well.

Read Summit God's testimonial. He had some really good points on self amusement, expressing your manlyness and being your natural self.
Awesome thanks Alkr. i thought about point 1 and 2 the same as being socially conditioned but i'm still unsure how about you'd go about helping them to rise above social conditioning. I can see how you can do that with guys but with girls? I can't imagine telling them this type of shit. "OI girlie you got to understand most people are socially conditioned so now it's sexy time cause you don't gotta be socially conditioned and play your silly lil games and shit with me" 

I suppose talking shit and self amusing because you're not faze by social conditioning draws them into your reality which gets them to question their reality as well.  helping them overcome retardation by  influencing them indirectly.

Further clarification on rule number 3 will be much appreciated. summit god? alex? if you even read this...
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