January 16th, 2019
John Smith's Journal of Goodtimes & Awesome Blowouts
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John Smith RSD


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Beach Game

I start off worried that I'm not going to approach any girls without the pressure of being on bootcamp.

I tell myself to lower expectations, approach one girl and then you can go home. But if you go home without doing any approaches you will feel bad so just go do it. The outcome doesn't matter, just the act of approaching. Do that and you get to congratulate yourself either way...

...if it's a total blowout I'll push my negative comfort zone = more indifferent/less anxiety...

....If it goes well I'll push my positive comfort zone, get to enjoy a hot a girl and it might lead somewhere. = more positive Ref. points that approaching girls is actually OKAY and most of them will love you for it.

Winning either way.

It's a hot summers bank holiday and sexy girls are everywhere. I head into town first because I need to buy some "form fitting shirts" for the club tonight as prescribed by Alexander~

Then It's time to put bootcamp stuff into practice, on my own, in the real world.

Te first girl I chat to is actually already on my doorstep. She's come round to threaten me with £2000 fine if i don't fill out my census form. Luckily I've just done it online. I decide to antagonize her a bit to get my mind in the right headspace.

Next I walk into to town and appreciate the hot girls on the way.

I get to the clothes shop and chat to one of the girls there (I already know her). I tell her I need some form fitting shirt and ask her to help pick out some good ones. She's very helpful and picks out some cool shirts for me. She also gives me her store discount card for 15% off. Winning. This is good I'm getting some new clothes at a discount and warming up socially.

Then I go buy protein bars and chat to the health store girl who tells me about her horses and how they don't like the sun...

Next I head to the beach to fulfill my extremely low "success criteria" of one approach. I know I'll probably do more but I'm tricking my mind into making it no big deal.

I walk along the beach. This is NOT sweden. The majority of girls are of a much lower quality. :( Eventually I see a stunner sunbathing in her bakini. It looks like she might be with a group of guys but it's hard to tell as none of them are interacting. I sit down on a wooden bench a few meters away and check my emails on my iPhone. I read about sone new health breakthrough. I read my debrief notes again. I'm totally choding out. I think to myself, "your not going to do it are you?! Your an introvert, just go home and do it another time when x y z" then I think "fuck that, I look at the girl, she is fucking gorgeous. I take her in. I imagine what I'd like to do to her, I let the feeling of excitement and "that's for me" build up inside. I'm like "fuck yeah, I want this I'm going over I don't give a fuck" as I walk across the beach to get to her I start choding out a bit but I trick myself into thinking I'm on bootcamp and alex is watching me, "have to do it now mentality"and just go.

 I remember to keep my distance at first.

Me: Hi *cheeky smirk on my face*
Girl: ??!
Me: how you doing?.. Can I sit there, it's my favorite part of the beach
Girl: yeah sure *whatever tone of voice*
Me: some shit
Girl: my English is bad
Me: its okay, where r u from?
Girl: check republic
Me: cool blah blah

Interaction didn't go anywhere and she brought up that she had a bf but was pleasant and I was persistent. I say it was nice meeting her and move on. I feel awesome for approaching.

The next bakini clad girl is german and a 8-9 easy. I walk up feeling really confident. I stop at a bit of an angle as if I've just noticed her and say hi while taking in her immense beauty.

Again I say "can I sit there it's my favorite part of the beach" because it's stupid and amuses me.

This set goes really well. Hand shake, intro, compliments, chat shit for ages and exchange facebook. I tell her im taken back by how beautiful she is. A big smile creeps up on her face and she blushes and goes all shy. It feels good making her feel good by just being honest and appreciating her beauty.

I recognise an opportunity to try and qualify:

Girl: I'm studying business admin
Me: why did you choose that?
Girl: because I'm really good At maths and science.
Me: really?! Your like the first girl I've ever met who is good at maths & science, that's really cool
Girl: *blushes and smiles*
Me: have you always been like that?
Girl: yes well when I was younger da da da....

She has to go back to her UK carer family for dinner. So we say our goodbyes, I shake her hand again and she holds contact, we hold eye contact and just feel good for a moment then go our separate ways. I will definatly be pursuing her on FB but she's flying bk to Germany on Sunday. So will have to be quick.

Next set is a girl I'm behind in the toilet que at a cafe.

Me: some shit about I hate queuing
Her: haha yeah *turns to face direction of the que*
Me: can I pay you for your position?
Her: hehe no I really need to go *turns back*
Me: okay let's flip a coin
Her: *laughing* no I don't think so
Me: where are you from? *turns towards me*
Me:cool I lived there for a bit, I hated it too many cars...
Her: yeah I hated London too that's why I moved down here after Uni.
Me:*quick story about london gang mistaking me for an undercover cop*
Her:omg so are you from *city we're in*
Me: yep born and breed, where did you study *guess Uni name*?
Her: yes
Me: cool was it good blah blah

Flirty fun vibe lots of eye contact

It's her turn to use the toilet. As she comes out she's like was "Was i quick enough for you?"  I'm like "do I leave the que and pursue her out the shop?.... nah I really need the toilet and plenty more girls out today!"

I walk around more on the beach and I'm like "yes this is fucking awesome, I can go and chat to any of these fucking gorgeous girls! How amazing is that?!"

I see a hot looking girl, I take a second look and realise it's my ex I've been ignoring because I don't know how to deal with the situation, Busted! I go over and we have a personal conversation that's not going in this FR. I decide to conclude my day game after this and go off to meet a mate for dinner and get ready to hit the club later. Awesome bit of day game, shame it got cut short but there's plenty more time and plenty of hot girls. Yes!
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John Smith RSD


Join Date: 04/19/2011 | Posts: 69

  23/04/11: Piccadilly street game followed by intense club fun.

On Bootcamp I struggled a bit with coming up with things to say. After BC the creative part of my brain seems to be activated and I'm just coming up with pure gold, which is very fun and amusing. Tonight the "talk" part of Alex's natural method is totally handled. The more girls I talk to the more I just want them and the physicality is just coming out naturally. That leaves beating tests, which with more experience I'm sure will become effortless too. Good times.

I open a German two set on the train up to London, remembering to concentrate on the less attractive girl first. At first they are confused as to why I'm talking to them and contribute nothing to the conversation. But I persist and they open up, we joke around and have a nice conversation. Nice little social warm up.

I jump on the tube to paddington and I check in to my Hyde park hotel, txt goldfingers (an Ozzie bc alumni I'm meeting for first time) re: logistics and then have a quick nap.

We agree to meet at the famous statue in Piccadilly square for 8 o clock. For those of you who don't already know this is a VERY busy tourist hot spot in the centre of west London, awesome for street game. Me and goldfinger have a chat and get to know each other a bit, we grab some dinner and talk about each others BC experience and agree a plan for the evening. We decide it would be fun to randomly make up chode openers and push each other into "difficult" sets.

After the burger bar we walk the streets. I ask goldfinger what Ozzie would make him do if we were on BC. He says approach a walking set and last 2min no matter what. I see a gorgeous girl and go over. I can't actually remember what I said just that I felt like it went really well. So far so good.

I see another girl walking out of the shop;

Me: excuse me, excuse me. Can I buy your umbrella?
Her: *smiling* I don't sell umbrellas
Me: I know but its raining and I'm going to get wet. Do you like the rain? I'm a tourist and I'm lost. Where are you from?
Her: *smiling* I'm from da da da
Me: cool I'd like to go there. I know I'm probably scaring you (SOE). But that's okay ok I'm just upfront and confident, tell me if you need me to slow down.
Her: okay,.. *smiles looks calmer*
me: what are you doing here blah blah

Not sure how this one ended, I think I tried for the number but she had a bf. But I stayed in set as long as I could and practised using SOE. Cool.

I see an absolutely stunning blond 9-10 standing alone. I'm in beast mode (zero thought, see girl, go) so approach instantly.

Me: hello...
Her: hi *smiling*
me: here is your flyer for free entry to… *I look on the back of the flyer and say the club name* (obviously joking tone)
her: oh thank you. (playing along)
Me: you are incredible gorgeous, that's why I had to come talk to you.
Her:* blushes face lights up, looks a bit nervous* thank you
Me: I'm John Smith RSD who are you?
Her: da da da
Me: you have beautiful eyes.
Her: *looks happy but a bit concerned*
Me: I'm sorry if I'm too upfront I'm just really confident and I'm a bit taken back by how gorgeous you are. What do you do?
Her: I do blah blah

Some guy she knows turns up and doesn't look too happy to see me there. I try to carry on talking to her regardless. She apologies and says she has to go with her friend but I could see she was into me. She was truly gorgeous. I feel I did well but it's very difficult to compete with an existing relationship in only 5 minutes.

We do more and more street sets, so many I can hardly remember them all.

The stunning 8-9 Russian girl;

Me: Hi you are incredible gorgeous
Her: thank you
Me: …aaaannnnd I've got nothing…:)
Her: laughs
Me: I'm from *city* where are you from?
Her: Russia
Me: wow that's cool. I love to go there. What are you doing here?
Her: waiting for my friends they are 30 min late.
Me: hmmm are you sure they're still your friends? *teasing tone*
Her:* laughs*
Me: me and my friend are trying to decide between club x and club y. What do you think?
Her: *reading txt from friends* my friends want to meet me in club y do you know where it is?
Me: yes I'll show you, lead her by the hand down the street.

I don't know where it is lol. I ask some girls they don't know either but a londoner does and points us where to go. I walk her there and continue the interaction. I get her FB. When we get to the club I kiss her on the cheek and tell her I'll be in touch. We chat later on FB I will currently trying to set a meet up.

Back to Piccadilly hotspot to catch up with goldfinger.

Big group of hotties set. I see a big group of girls walking up the street towards me. I approach them head on.

Me: what?!
Girl1: [something along the lines of "go away"]
Me: I'm your tour guide for the evening, where would you like to go? *As I'm walking along the street with them*
Girl2: he's not English look he has too many buttons undone.
Me: yes that right and your not English because your too blond.
GIrl3: *something I can't quite make out but she's smiling and very hot*

I concentrate on girl 3, we will now refer to her as HB Orange Dress

Me: Hi who are you?
HB: *tells me her name*
Me: cool so next stop on the tour is HMV
Her: err why would I want to go there? *bitchy tone*
me: because it's good. They have music and videos. Music and videos are good. *calm, matter of fact tone, I'm right your wrong durr, pass test*
Her: yeah but not at this time.
Me: (BR authoritative tone) no music and videos are always good. Your beautiful. *pass another test*
Her: so are you
Me: *laughs* err... thank you I wasn't expecting that I'm a bit taken back.

She putting on a front to her friends that she doesn't want me to talk to the guy in the street but I'm pretty certain she's interested.

Me: give me your number, we need to continue this
Her: I have a bf
Me: oh, where is he, here?
Her: ......
Me: okay give me your number, your friends can't see, I'll guess the first two digits. 07.. Did I guess right?
Her: *laughs* gives me the rest of the number.

Were now outside the club and she has to go in with her friends I kiss her on cheek and tell her I'll be in touch.

I go back to Piccadilly circus and do some more approaches. I also txt HB Orange Dress:

Was nice meeting u brat ;)
HB OD: Y am i a brat?
Me: Because I've lost my friend and he is sad. I want to see you again, how can we make that happen?
HB OD: Am in on and on
ME: Cool I need to find my friend then I'll come find you :)

A few more street sets then it's club time.

We get in the club and an 8 with a 10 body is grinding on the dance floor in the middle of a chode circle. I go over and she gives me fuck me eyes. I touch her shoulder attempt some lame dance, she is responsive but I feel myself choding out and move on. I can feel a shift in the energy in me. The loud club is disorientating and I'm feeling intimidated by it. A few thoughts of "club game isn't for you" and other crap pops into my head. Goldfinger and I check our coats in and go upstairs to buy a drink. We chat a bit about our BC experiences again. Goldfinger tell me I'm on fire. He asks what I'm working on. I think about my debrief notes. Take initiative. I look around the club at the hot girls everywhere and think to myself "just go".

Walk over to an all girl seated 6 set.

Me: Hi I'm taking initiative.
Girls: your what?

I sit down.

Me: It's my personal goal for the day to take initiative. I saw a group of gorgeous girls so I took the initiative to come over and here I am. They laugh and look interested in what I'm going to say next.

We chat for ages. I concentrate on the girl I'm sitting next to, she giggling and into my shit but has a bf. I tell that's okay because I want to be her gay friend and go shopping for shoes with her. After persisting for awhile she keeps bringing up the BF so I say "it was nice meeting you" and move on.

I go approach a huge set on the dance floor and start talking to a very attractive blond...

On BC Alex taught us about the boyfriend matrix. If the girl is overly friendly she probably has a bf. This is because she has a man so isn't coming from a place of lacking and is chilled out. If she freaks out it likely that she is single and nervous that a man is approaching her because she knows she doesn't have that area of her life handled.

...She's very friendly. The group she is with start jumping up and down to the song while yelling it and creepily staring at the two of us. I tell her that her friends are weird and carry on talking to her as her entourage just watch us and yell shit. I thinking "fucking weirdos, shut the fuck up so I can talk to this girl" She is smiling and obviously flattered that I'm hitting on her. She tells me her friends are being weird because she has just got into a relationship and she's now talking to a random club guy...

Me: that's cool but does he have a blue shirt like me?
Girl: giggles
Me: does he cook you breakfast because I would def cook u breakfast. :)
Girl: *giggles* I'm sorry *sorry face*
Me: can we just not tell him? :)
Girl: no I'm sorry I'm in love
Me:okay I can respect that, it's a shame though because you are gorgeous. See you later *kiss her on the cheek
Girl: *flattered* and that little bit happier for having met me. sweet.

I actually approach the same girl again in the street after the club and don't realise it's her till a few sentences in. Good job I'm not using scripted routines lol. She seem so receptive and into my shit but keeps bringing up the bf.

2 girl set. My target is showing no signs of being interested but I can tell she is and persist for ages. They goto the bar and a promo girl comes past selling shots. I pull the promo girl in and tell her she is gorgeous. We flirt for a bit and then she tells me to come meet her when her shift finishes, I tell her she has beautiful eyes, she asks me what colour they are. I'm thinking thats a tough one *sarcasm* take a good look into her eyes and answer "green" she then points out that she has one green eye and one blue! Something I've never seen before. I think "can i qualify her on that" and decide not too lol. I get her name and what time she finishes and tell her I'll find her later. The girl from the previous sets looks pissed off and walks off. oh well. :)

Up stairs in the chill out bar I see, none other than Mr E. Yep, goggles, top hat, black nails, long hair, ridicules clothes. The lot. Obviously it's not the actual Mr E but a carbon copy. I find this hilarious. He's chatting to a girl in typical old style game fashion. She looks bored. He ejects the set and as he walks past I say "hey man r u a PUA?" in a friendly tone. His responds ( over the shoulder) "no I'm a natural" -  so funny! I now have to approach the girl and ask her what happened.

Me: was that guy trying to pick u up?
Girl: yeah but he didn't try very hard *looks disappointed*

I'm think "awesome this girl is defiantly looking to get laid tonight." I sit down next to her with a grin on my face and say

Me: well let's see if I can do a better job.
Girl: *lights up*

We chat nonsense for ages and laugh about mr e and the pick up community, I'm like "have you seen that pick up show on mtv? yeah its weird I think he's one of those guys" lol . She tests me with a few things, can't remember what but remember feeling the energy shift every time I passed. She's leaning in as she's talking she leans in and her lips are millimetres away from mine. I tell her to shut her eyes. I go for the make out. I can feel her breathing get heavier but she stops me and says "I'm not kissing you while you're chewing gum." I'm like "err..okay" take it out and put it in a tissue. I gently grab the back of her neck and pull her in again. She stops and says "I can't believe you were going to kiss me with chewing gum" I say "get over it" and go in again. She resists. I switch back to talking nonsense for a bit then stand up take her hand and ask her how tall she. She stands up and she is tall. I can see a fuck load of police outside the window on the street. I say "shit look at that" spin her around and get in behind her, press my body against her from behind and kiss her neck. She turns around and pounces me. Full make out times. After dry humping and pretty much "fucking in the bar minus the penetration" we start discussing logistics, friends, where I'm staying what's going on tomorrow etc.. In my mind I'm like "this is in the bag defiantly a pull." Then  HB Orange Dress sends me a txt saying "I saw ya u no" this spins me out as I start thinking "shit I preferred HB OD" Then I'm not exactly sure how (i have some ideas but cant be sure) but I start to drop the ball. The girl I'm with see's the txt and is like "who's HB OD?!" in a confrontational tone. I say she is my sister and laugh. She gets funny about that and I'm now really thinking I'd rather take HB Orange Dress home than this girl. She tells me I shouldn't be a creep. I ask her what she means and she says "your really good looking and nice to talk to but you shouldn't be a creep. If u want girls to home with you and they probably would" I'm taken back by this and puts me inside my head. I start getting a bit hot and bothered and don't really know what to do. She's like "you can go, it's fine" im like "why would I want to go?" while feeling like I just want to go. I can feel sweat on my forehead, I decide I should persist and the best thing to do would be move to another part of the bar and shift things up a bit. I stand up and take her hand

Me: "come to the bar with me"
Her: "no it's okay just go"
Me: "no come on I need a drink"
Her: "breaks hand contact with me"
Me: "okay, I'll see you around"

I walk off feeling a little deflated.

I txt HB Orange Dress

Me: where did u see me? I'm in *club name*
HB OD: Me too
Me: where abouts?
HB: upstairs

I go to the toilet and bump into her on the way back upstairs. She's with her friends and happy to see me. We shake hands. I feel more would be inappropriate in front of her leering friends. She then starts to walk towards the stairs and says "come with us" I'm feeling low after my weird experience with the near pull girl and also don't want to be lead round the club by her so I "lose her in the crowd" Later I get another txt:

HB OD: what's your name stranger?
ME: John Smith. Where'd u go now?
HB OD: Jooooohn. We r about to leave and find somewhere new. U? Xx
Me: after party?
HB: where?
ME: Mcdonalds? ;)
HB: No lie we r actually going there after this about 2 am
ME: Which one?

I carry on gaming other girls. A few more sets. Some good, some not as good but okay. It gets close to 2 am and me and goldfinger decide to do some street sets and head to mcdonalds so I can meet HB Orange Dress.

On the way I open a girl I already mentioned previously in this FR who has a BF.

We get to mcdonalds and HB OD is there eating some french fries. I go over and we chat. She's says get your burger and come sit down. I go get in the que. By the time we get back she's gone. durr next time, no burger. I txt her:

Me: And your gone :(
HB: They made me go :( the cab came im sorry xxxxx

While eating my macdonalds I open the girls sitting next to us and they are loving it. It just feels so effortless by this point. We're not that attracted to any of them so we leave it. I open another 2 set in the street. I spend too long chatting to the less attractive one I want to switch to the fit one but don't quite know how. They leave and I see another two set walking towards us, I open them and walk down the road with them. Set goes really well I have the giggling for like 30 hour with the stuff that is no just effortlessly flowing out of my mouth. It's like I don't even have to think, I just open my mouth, words come out and they laugh. I escalate and suggest they come with me to my hotel for a threesome, they say they have to go home I suggest I go with them and keep pushing. I'm completely unapologetic it the fact I'm trying to pick them up and misinterpret all of their "objections" as green lights. I get their facebook details. Their bus turns up and they get on it. I consider getting on it with them but decide against the idea. I go get my bus back to the hotel. On the bus I sit down next to a swedish blond eand chat to her. Again I really don't have to think at this point, words are just coming out of my mouth. It feels so smooth and natural. 

As I'm walking back to the hotel I get a txt from HB OD:

did you have a good night?

I respond in the morning but in hindsight almost defiantly should have tried to get her back to my hotel that night. The txt conversation ensues for the rest of the weekend/week, she is going through a break up and wants to wait a week or so before she see's me. She seems genuine and keen so will see what happens. I might post the conversation up in a FR (hopefully LR ;) soon) All in all an amazing night and near bootcamp level experience. Lots of growth and lessons learned.

And really really good to meet a great wing and friend, Goldfinger. Goldfinger is great, he approaches, he works on his game, is genuine, intelligent, positive and a very considerate wing (doesn't interrupt sets or open your girls, occupies the fatty etc). Gives good advice in a non-dickhead way. I'm sure if we keep pushing each other like this each weekend we will see some huge leaps forward. Priceless.

What a night. Sooo many girls. I love it! There's nothing quite like cold approach pick up. I'm fully addicted.
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John Smith RSD


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24/04/11 Day game, Ozzie BC drills & saint James park

Meet at Leicester square. Eat noodles. Meet goldfinger. Goldfinger suggests we do Ozzie bc drills. Including picking a topic and yelling about it from a distance outside busy restaurants. Goldfinger does very well with his personal topic of why do you have long hair. I play the role of the anatgosiiing public member but he carries on uneffected.

Walking backwards. Rules: no looking behind, no saying sorry when bumping into people.

2 min walking sets. Pick a set and persist for 2 mins.
Childs play after previous nights antics.

Girl with mum and dad. Goldfinger suggest opening the mum with "excuse me, your sister is very hot" this scares me and makes me feel awkward so I'm like I have to do this. Work very well. Get her FB. The girl is 17 year Australian and very cute. Her mum is actually helping me pick her up by turning her back to us and letting us get on with it. Eventually her dad is like "come on lets go" but she just ignores him and makes sure i have her contact info first. 

American girl with diet coke:

Me: Excuse me where is the shop?
Her: huh? I don't know
Me: Actually arent you the girl from the diet coke advert?, blah blah

Persistant and self amused, sh shows interest but is on her way to meet bf.

Awkward two set at park. Goldfinger gives me a shitty chode opener, i go over "can I buy you a drink, that would make me very happy" awkward but very persistent, girls giggling and having a good time. Just wasn't feeling this one.

Few more sets in the park and at picadilly circus.

I have a new frame that helps me and its the importance of blowouts and expanding your negative comfort zone. My frame is now that blowouts are great because they make me more likely to endure tuff sets and proceed to glory. So blowout or good response, I'm good. Also means I'm less likely to play it safe.
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John Smith RSD


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25/04/11 Bank Holiday Monday

Wake up. Two txts from different girls. Sweet. One's inviting me over to a BBQ other txt is from HB Orange Dress. 

I get dressed go for breakfast and head to the beach to chat up some girls. It just feels totally natural now, like thats what I do. 

I see a very sexy girl sunbathing on her own. I'm feeling a little bit hesitant but no where near as much as a few days before. I start having thoughts that make me laugh like "your just going to approach and there nothing can do about it haha" in this crazed maniac type tone lol like champ talking to the chode or something. She's got her eyes shut and ear phones in. I stop near her (but not too near) and pause for a bit and then say:

Me: Hey, how it going? *smiling*
Her: ??? *smiles*
Me: Can I sit there? * points to the ground next to her*
Her: yeah sure…
Me: talk talk talk
her: talk talk talk
Me: I need to go soon but can I get your Facebook
her: I don't have Facebook
Me: really your like the first person vie ever met who doesn't have FB
Her: I know well i did have it then I split up with my ex and didn't want to delete him so I stopped using it. Plus its really addictive. *starts to tell a story about FB*
Me: *interputs her story because I wanted to tell my story about fb*
her: *annoyed she didn't get to tell story*
Me: *change subject keep talking*
Me: Well you do have a phone right *teasing tone*
Her: *giggles* yeah but I do have a bf
ME: Thats cool *hands her the phone*
Her: *starts putting her number into the phone*
Me: so how long you been together? 
Her: since yesterday
Me: shit why didn't I meet you yesterday? *joking tone*
Her: because I was with him *joking tone*
Me: thats sucks well hopefully it will go horribly wrong for you two ;)
Her: hahaha
Me: where did you meet?
her: work
Me: oh well office romances have a high chance of failure
her:hahaha *hand me back my phone with her number saved in it* well if it goes wrong I'll be well up for it :)
Me: cool hopefully it will then :) *change subject talk some more*
Me: I have to go now but hopefully I'll hear from you soon *hand shake* it was loverly meeting you. Enjoy the rest of your sunbathing. Bye.

I then send her this txt:

"Was nice meeting you, you are absolutely stunning and good to talk to. Gutted u have a bf! :( Hopefully will go horribly wrong ;) John"

Two things I noticed about this set:

I shouldn't have cut in when she was trying to contribute to the conversation with her Facebook story. I felt the urge to show her I was cool with my story. Should have just shut up and let her speak at that point.

Should have stayed in set longer. I did have to go somewhere but could have purposed it a bit and seeming as she was into me and about 5 minutes from my flat. Who knows where it could have led with a bit of persistance…

After hardcore weekend and smooth day game today, just chilling with mates at bbq is boring in comparrison. All i'm thinking is "there's so many fit girls out today that I could be talking too right now" 
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John Smith RSD


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26/04/11 Tuesday

The more girls I approach the hornier Im getting. Now when I go out to the shop or the post office I have a hard time NOT approaching. Almost like I have to hold myself back so I can get important things done. Such a shift from before lol.

HB wine and dine came round for a treatment. After treatment I told her

"I want fuck you... sorry was that too forward?"

We went for coffee and I escalated hard. She was loving it and It just feels totally natural. She had to go to work but she'll be back.

Txt from HB wine and dine hour later: is your sex still on fire?

ME: Lol the sex iiiis on firrre. Yes, what are u doing right now?

HER: Busy, at work

Meet ex to "talk" she seems cool with me ending things but wants us to stay friends and suggests we become fuck buddies. I say I don't want to hurt her feelings but she insists it's okay. We agree to meet up again at some point in the future. She keeps flashing her bum and at me and I'm now extremely horny.

I go for a two hour sports massage and get a hard on while lying on my back. She says nothing and I can hear her breathing get heavier. She's a monster so nothing happens. But I leave super Horney and txt another client who I suspect might be up for it. I ask her if she fancies a "treatment ;)" (it's like 22:30) she comes over. I'm super calm and relaxed. I pour her a drink, we chat. She asks me gf questions. Then asks if I like to kiss?.. "yes I like to kiss" I put down my wine and pull her in and we make out. She suggest we might be more comfortable in the bedroom. I take her to the bedroom and we fuck. She gives the most amazing head. Afterwards we chat shit for awhile and then she has to go. We agree to meet up again in the future.
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John Smith RSD


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27/04/11 Thursday

Pick up hb tattoos go out, meet friends, get drunk, leave friends, new bar, cab home, time to fuck, lmr, im not really that interested so leave it and just fall asleep.
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John Smith RSD


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28/04/11 Friday

HB wine and dine comes round, she's all done up. I escalate her just for trainings sake. She's very keen and txts me later saying she wants to meet me later but I'm not really interested and have plans to hit the field.

Meet friend for dinner after sleeping and the gym. Decide to walk to town and talk to some girls. Friend admits he's feeling negative. So help him push himself into a few sets.

I go over and do a demo on a blond 7.5. Goes well. I ask her how I can I get my friend to talk to girls? They pull my friend into set and the blond chats him. So I talk to the brunette because I want him to warm up. I start to suffer the consequences of cognitive dissonance (anxiety), I was trying to impress my friend instead of just expressing myself and seeing where the interaction would go. I wanted the girl to like me so my friend could see that bootcamp worked for me and this stuff is real which of course is the wrong headspace for cold approach. I saying stuff that has worked for me in previous sets and hoping it will get good reactions. Which it was but I felt internally incongruent. I get really nervous and start sweating. But I verbalize what I'm feeling to the girl and she responds well to that. The good thing is I feel anxious and want to walk away to protect my ego but im persisting and having a good interaction regardless of the awkwardness I'm feeling and the sweating. I tell her i think its because she is tall and tall girls scare me (in a joke way) i tell her take her shoes off and then tell her thats better and she'll have to keep them off. Then i sit down and tell her to sit down two, we keep talking and I'm feeling better because my expression is coming more and more from within I can tell she's into me but I still feel a bit awkward from the initially approach and that I feel like it needs to go well for my friends sake, partly to satisfy my ego but also because I think it would be great for him to get in the game and I underhand his socially condition perspective needs to see me do well. The girl wants to give me her facebook but i know I'm not really interested in pursuing. But in keeping with my low success criterion this is all good, I approached and stayed in set as long as I could, even when it was uncomfortable (I did have thoughts of going to the bar etc but chose to ignore them. Conscious control over myself dispite difficult emotions- a good thing.) but probably should have got her FB she was cute.

Next bar. Big group of girls all called sarahs (i dont believe them and make them get their ids out and they are all in fact called sarah, all 6 or them) goes really well and fit Sarah keeps testing me. I pass by changing the subject. They all have the same tatoo but in different places, i'm finding this all very strange. Fit sarah shows me her tatoo which is on her "V" Should have isolated her but kept talking to the whole group. Don't know why just felt like I was obliged or something. In future I'll go for the fitty.

Next set opens me and asks for a photo. I chat to them for a bit and then go find my mate who has ran away at this point. We walk and talk. I do a moving street set. Doesn't go great as I'm not really warmed up yet or something but I persisted and wasn't effected by the outcome so it's a win. Mate really wants to go home so we walk back in the direction of home.

A few more experiences under the belt. Great. That's all it is, keep "showing up" and approaching girls and working on the points in my debrief. Growth will happen. That's the goal grow as much as I can and internalize as much of what I learnt on BC as I can before taking a second alex BC pre Vegas at the end of July. So fo so very good. Must remember to keep expectations low especially after nights when I'm really "on" and if anything more happens it is a bonus. Slow and steady wins the race.
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John Smith RSD


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 Saturday 30th April '11

Not enjoying the girls enough. Not thinking about their tight little pussies and hot bodies and the stupid cute things they say but thinking about "I must have a good experience" "I must maintain my good results" approaching and playing it safe not pushing myself as much as I could have. Doing it more for something other than the girls, need to really want the girls and feel that. Put personality on the line.

In other words need more:

Appreciating beauty
Antagonizing for my amusement

Still some excellent interactions though.

Street sets:

First set. Weak. "What's the time?" Girls stop take a look at me and walk off. My thought process after this is like "oh :( - nah I'm good :)" within a second.

Philly girls. Very calm, smooth, effortless. Not enough arousal. More antagonising needed.

Very cute German girl, take her towards a bar. Friend calls mobile. Mobile = biggest cock block ever. Again smooth and easy but not enough teasing.

Gorgeous girl in her 30's. Walking set. Persisted but not enough. She had an amazing arse.

3 set. Persisted even though they were dismissive. Persistence good, lacked teasing I wasn't feeling the teasing vibe at this stage.

Club sets:

Russian 10. Initial few minutes are going loverly and then the friends come right in-between us I chat to the friends remembering to not get physical. Her 7 friend is into me. I see her look sad when I express my love for the 10. I just stand there thinking about how I can continue talking to the 10. I eventually walk around the friends tap her on the shoulder and say id like to continue our conversation. I think there's a little bit impression not expression going on again. She says she has to go dance with her friends and leaves. I feel like a chode momentarily but quickly take responsibility for my thoughts and feel good again.

Seated two set. Chechen girls. Very good. Lots of antagonizing. Lots of physicality. Make out on fourth attempt. Teasing her for not wanting to make out first few attempts. Are u into girls? Are u a bad kisser? Are u a weirdo? Do u live on a farm? rubbing. Massages. Near pull. Discusses with friend. Friend says she can't leave. Persist. More make outs, more expressing, more teasing. Try again later. She discusses with friend again. Nope friend won't let her go. Friend makes her leave, we miss out on a fun night together.
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John Smith RSD


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 Meet Gold (short for goldfingers). First set, 2 girls. Blah blah usual crap. Goes fine but girls leave for whatever reason.

Gold says to me "it's so obvious what we're doing man" I absolutely disagree. Gold is certain everyone knows what we're up to. I decide this is probably a great opener.

Next set. 2 girls seated.

Me:"hi guys, was just wondering... Do u know what we're up to?"
Girls: Errr no.
Me:"did you see us over there a minute ago?"
Girls:Errr no sorry we didn't
Me: I knew it, see my friend thinks blah blah. Basically we are shamelessly hitting on girls but no one cares right?


Sit down and chat to my girl. Cool, calm. I focus on appreciating the girl and antagonising. Goes well, she shows interest but has to go meet some friends or some shit.

Next set. Hot blond sitting on a bench alone.

ME: "hi I had to come meet you, you are absolutely gorgeous"
Me: "sorry am I scaring you?"
Girl: "a little bit, laughs"
Me:"I am!? You don't need to be scared I'm a good guy I just wanted to come meet you. I'm John smith Rsd. Who are you?"

Genuine, present, congruent There with the girl. Appreciating beauty and making jokes.

Ended up being a 16 hour set. Olympic level empathetic persistence. The more time i spent with her the more i felt for her and the more she liked me.. We went on the London eye, went for coffee, a casino, something to eat. Her hotel bar. I "accidentally" missed my last train and had to stay with her in her hotel room. Opps. She made me promise not to try anything. Which of course I broke almost immediately upon getting to her room. However she got upset and I had to respect her wishes as I was their out of her kindness. She was also on her period. And she wanted to tie things up with her soon to be ex bf before fucking anyone else. We kissed a lot, cuddled alot. Was very very intimate. Just before i left She started rubbing her against cock. I absolutely had to leave as I needed to pick up my employee for her first day at work in my new business that was launching in 3 hours in a city at least an hour and a half away where I was. Plus my suitcase was half way across London in another hotel. I love my new lifestyle.

Transforming "no" to "yes". I have never tried to kiss a girl so many times and still gone in for more. No exaggeration i tried to kiss her at least 100 times before she let me. Escalation is a win regardless if she allows or resists. As long as I stay empathetic to how she is feeling she will be aroused either way and like me more.

I spent the entire day with her and as time went on the more I got to know her the more i felt for her and the more I just naturally wanted her and knew what to do. It was almost like falling in love for the day.
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John Smith RSD


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 Saturday 8th may 11 "Can we get much higher?"

As I'm writing this on my iphone I'm chilling at Brunswick shopping square in Bloomsbury having a delicious italian breakfast, basking in the good feeling that now comes from just being me and waiting for gold to arrive. The last few weeks have been incredible. I have four brand new extremely hot girls I'm involved with, a great new friend to go out and do pick up with, a very consistent baseline of good emotions that is far removed from ego (at least I think it is). I'm excited about my consistent efforts in field. I'm really looking forward to Vegas and my second bc with alex at the end of July. I know I've earned it by keeping my side of the self actualization process up (ie Going out and really practicing what I've learned wholeheartedly and with 100% commitment.)

This rate of progression is ridiculous.

The last three saturday nights (sat is now my all out guns blazing night) I have come very close to pulling. I know I'm on exactly the right path and with experience and consistently working my "game muscles" and more training from Rsd my "game" will be incredible.

My life is good, really good. My focus is my businesses, my health and then consistant systematic practicing of game. In that order.

Business comes first because I'm my opinion without the resources to do what you want nothing else is realistically possible. I am in a great place financially but I am also aware that can quickly and easily changed so my hustle must remain tight and take priority over all else. Health and game are just as important but without sufficient resources they both become incredible difficult to maintain to the standard I want. With good finances it's fucking easy.

After work I go home, book a hotel pack my bag and head to the train station.

I see what I consider a blond 9 and go over. Easy. I set up a day 2 for the following tues. Done.

Meet gold. I see a stunner in the street with two friends I stop her and talk away but forget to include the friends. Of course the friends drag her away.

We go to shorditch and I am in full nimbus mode. No thinking. I'm a fucking laser beam of pure value.

We game at bus stops, in the street, in shops, in cues, in bars, in clubs, on the bus. Everywhere and anywhere. Unstoppable beasting glory.

We hit the club and I do three approaches.

1 set. Married but keen.

2nd set. Awkward girl with issues and not that attractive (I'm winging for goldfingers) but I persist and just hit her with pure value, i know im being awesome and she has some issues and can't handle it, sucks to be her.

3rd set. This set had previously aggressively told me to "fuck off". So I reproach. "how's your domestic going?" cheeky grin, I hook with a sprinkerling of deliberate illogicality. I sit next to the wrong girl, durr I game her any way. Goldfinger comes over and talks to the girl I wanted. Oh well my mistake. I now winging for goldfinger. My girls not that bad looking and fun so whatever. Its all good practice (especially getting the girls out of the club and back to their hotel, maintaining the frame, positive dominant leading and good winging etc). Also she tosses me off in the street while I stuff my tongue down her throat and finger her all while she tells me nothing is happening and she doesn't normally do this. She doesn't seem to have any knickers on. She is embarrassed that I discovered this fact. I could have fucked but I really didn't like the smell of her pussy. This turns me off instantly. I continue to wing for goldfinger until the 05:00 in the morning so he can game her better looking sister. I'm really happy with tonight. I know it won't be long before I'm pulling turbos left right and center. I can't not fuck hot chicks on the regular. I'm already good, I just need more experience.
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John Smith RSD


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 Sunday chill time: What's "game" and what's "normal" now?

Sunday daygame does not feel like I've "done" much today even though I've actually approached loads of girls, had good persistent interactions and got a cute German girls FB. I spent a bit of time setting up a day 2 for tonight but she flakes, rearranges for mon, flakes again and reaaranges for thurs so we'll see what happens there. Me and goldfingers come up wiv a business plan that cud make us money and get us laid and get side tracked talking about that later in the day.

All the girls I approach are laughing and having a great time with me. I'm not really sure why, the "nimbus" maybe (i'm joking)

First set is a walking two sets lasts a good length of time.

Girl on the bus with funny nose. Laughing loads.

Polish girls that talk like black London girls. Very dismissive and aggressive, but I really persist and hold frame. Lots of tests. ots of laughing. Easy. Ug friend drags off target wen gold enters set. She was cute but very very annoying. + points for persistence though.

Italian girl, going well, 4 talent scouts from Hugo boss swipe in and steal my thunder offering her a modelling job. Great. I wait and reapproach when they are gone the moments kind of deflated which feels wierd but I want to show myself I cab persist who know what can happen.

Cute German girl outside apple store. I sit down and have a nice long chill interaction. Got her Facebook and am in the process of setting up a day 2. She's studying a lot at the moment and wants to wait until she's handed in her assignments. Not sure wether to just respect that and wait or try to push for a meet up?

Cute Girl on tube. Chill, easy going interaction. Set ended when she had to get off at her stop.
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