October 23rd, 2018
Telling the truth to no one but yourself
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Red Leader

Red Leader

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I've realised there is a big difference between being 'genuine' and telling the truth to yourself.

I think there is a trend to associate being 'genuine' as being nice.  Like a societal attachment to the word 'nice' or something...

The truth is raw.

I've noticed when talking to people - especially girls I find attractrive.

I've actively started asking myself various questions while in conversation with them -

"Which one of us is actually aware of what is going on here?"
"am I awake to what is actually going on here?"
"Is this girl full of shit trying to impress me or trying to impress everyone in general?"
"Is this girl normal/real/talking one on one with me?"
"Do I need to spend anymore time being nice to her?"
"Do I need to give her a dose of reality and start making fun of how retarded her charade is?"
"Is this girl REALLY all THAT perfect?"
"I wonder what she looks like without all that makeup on?"

Also, while I've been in conversation, I've been imagining them as a young girl, or from where they really came from, their past, their upbringing, what kind of insecurities they have... we ALL have them, sometimes It's good see a more REAL and GENUINE part of someone they haven't brought into the club/bar.

You don't have to verbalise any of it, but telling these things to yourself can help you connect/understand the person you're talking to ALOT more - it also gives you a byproduct

A REALLY important byproduct that is FAR underrated in this community -


Listening to not only the conversation, but to her (I hate to use this air fairy word) soul.

Listening deep into who she REALLY is...  Cutting through ANY bullshit you MIGHT be being led astray with -

nearly 100% of people in a club/bar will have some barriers or walls up, if you take their image and conversation on face value, then that's all you're going to get out of it.

You need to listen.

You need to feel.

You need to understand who this person is and WHY they are they way they are... What is it about them talking to you right now that is giving them whatever reason to say whatever they are saying.

Look deeper than the surface,

Hear deeper than the surface, feel and understand what's happening underneath - imagine what's under neath - TAKE a GUESS as to why she wears so much make up - why she wears such taste in fashion.... etc why she says certain things/stories...

One thing I've realised is that 'bringing the truth', doesn't mean, being honest to everyone...  I've found it means being totally honest to yourself AROUND everyone.

There is no cardinal rule that says you have to lay everything on the table for someone all at once.  MOST girls don't deserve that kind of priveledge.

However, laying things all on the table for yourself is paramount.  At all times.

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Sorry, but it is pointless.

As Tolle said.
Only Egos talk to other Egos.

What women say they want, what women feel they want, what women think they want. Are 3 different things.
And in the end, none of the 3 matters, because the alpha male is able to project and shape what she wants.

You can truly be a playa. You say explictly that you are a playa, but she still may raise create romantic and hopeful feelings of loyality from you you.
Why? dumbness? No. Evolution. She has to create a illusion of you, so she can accept her being a slut.

Her soul is there. Waiting to be shaped by you.

Watch her at 1:07
and vanished
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Red Leader

Red Leader

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she is laughing under pressure at her own jokes - I don't think you get what I'm trying to convey here at all.  sorry bro. - this has nothing to do with accepting girls as a 'slut' or any label... this almost isn't even about picking up girls...

It's more about looking into yourself, listening to yourself and not being led astray by fanciful things brought on by talking to certain people.
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its about being present in the moment and realising things for more than just the superficial conversational layer but to understand her coming from a place of understanding urself. Its liek when u have sex ur not listening to her words but ur lsitening with ur dick ur feeling her body agsint ur own body. 
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Yep, seeing the depth...

at the same time, sometimes you can be too tuned in.  Not exactly reactive, but just tuned into a wavelength that might not be helping... sometimes its more fun and you get more laid just by being hurrdurr dumb 'drunk' caveman, like your 'be dumb be pulled' post.  Like, you dont always need to cut to the core of everything... sometimes you just want an adventure where you beat your chest and pull some random girl along for the ride, if that makes sense.  But I do agree with your post and find myself doing the things you talk about.
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Love this post.  These kinds of posts fly under the radar a lot on RSD since it's not a mainstream topic that's been beaten to death by an instructor and pounded into people's heads, but it's just as important as anything you'd find on some seminar DVD.  Really subtle, nuanced and deep understanding of the inner crusts of this whole seduction process.
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Fuck damnation, man! Fuck redemption! We're God's unwanted children? SO BE IT!
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