December 13th, 2018
Copenhagen Intro
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The Duck ✘

The Duck ✘

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Following the recent Bootcamp and Free Tour with Alex in Copenhagen, we have 3 fresh Alumnis and several other members we met through networking and going out.

ATM we're about 9-10 guys amongst which have the potential to, and are ALREADY, taking this thing to another level.

I previously stated a vision of wanting to expand the group of people here to include some badass dudes and that vision seems to be coming to life. A bunch of different guys with different backgrounds who have a lot to offer. Together we're taking over this city and making an impact on RSDNation.

If you're in the city, send us a PM or request to join the Facebook group: "RSD Copenhagen Crew".

I'll let the guys briefly introduce themselves here in the thread..

Members include:
- Xantam
- lorian~
- Huseyin
- EvenR1990
- AldoTheApache
- -Matt-
- Wallace
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I'll take up The Duck's suggestion and briefly introduce myself: My name is Mathias or Matt - take a pick.. im a lifeguard in copenhagen and im gonna study business beginning this summer.

I've been in "The Game" for a little over a year and have had a decent amount of succes i guess ;) im taking a bootcamp this summer so even more glory will ensue!

If you want to know more about "The Matt" check out my first field report:

Matt over and out!
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Same Boat as Matt. Boot Camp this summer.

I am a student. I read books. I love the world.

Just got out of a 2 year stint with a manipulative psycho. Looks 10. Stability 2. Forgive and forget :)

I'm a deep daygamer. Moving towards Wild Clubgamer.

I gamed from my comfort zone, and was pretty succesful, but it's slow, and it doesn't work in the clubs.
And my balls need some excercise. (double entendre intended)
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My name is Pranav and I'm 22 years old. I was born in, New Delhi, India; I've lived in 6 cities since. Dubai is probably the one place I consider to be my home. Copenhagen is my 8'th city.
I'm a masters student, studying Computational Biology at the Copenhagen University. I've enjoyed studying biology; programming in a way, is a second nature. Philosophy is also an interest and I'm taking my first "official" course in the coming months. In a decade, I'm going to end up as an entrepreneur.

My interests include reading, listening to music, riding a motorbike and traveling.
Bob Dylan is my favorite artist, Sawshank redemption is my current favorite movie. I don't watch a lot of TV, I'm watching How I met your mother and Man Vs. Wild; I pretty much like them both. Crime and Punishment and Atlas Shrugged are my favorite books. Motorbikes are something I'm passionate about too, I've participated in a couple of amateur motor-bike races and I'm saving money for the Yamaha R6, I should probably have the gear and the bike in a year and half.

I'm a pretty awesome person but I've been a wreck for over two years, there was this girl and we were awesome friends. It's probably the most common story, that I've realized. Since then, it's been a cold-dark place with women. I've decided to fix this area of my life and this is why I am here. I've never considered being a part of "The Game" before and I'm a complete newbie with zero experience.

I may consider the BootCamp in a couple of months, I need to save up for it.( I do not know if introducing myself here is the right place to start with RSD Nation.)
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 Hi Pranav,

You sound like a cool and humble guy and you are more than welcome to join us when we go out in Copenhagen. We go out almost every day of the week, so there should be plenty of opportunities to meet and go out together. 

I know it can feel a bit weird or confusing when you are just starting out with this whole cold-approach pickup thing, but you don't need to read every theory on RSDN to start going out and have fun. 
We have a Facebook group where we plan different events and meetups, so if you are interested PM me with your name and I'll add you to the group. I think I found you on Linkedin, but Facebook has a much larger userbase so there is a lot of people with your name :)
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