November 21st, 2018
30 day challenge (PckUp & Productivity) [PICS]
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I’ve decided to do the 30 Day Productivity Challenge AND a 30 Day Pick Up Challenge.

My schedule is going to be insane compared to what I'm doing at the moment. But It's time I take some massive action.

Here are my habits that I'm going to implement:



-      Scivation Lean Mass Diet (thanks Drama)
-      6 meals a day
-      Prepare meals for the week
-      No sugar
-      No caffeine


-        Rippetoe’s Starting Strength 3 days a week
-        Cardio 2 days a week
-        Read Starting Strength book again

General health

-         Sleep 8 hours a night
-         No snoozing


-         Listen to ecky while walking to lectures
-         Be PRESENT whenever I’m not actively thinking about tasks/between activities
-         Reframe negative thoughts into positive ones.
-         No wacking off


-       Get all my work DONE during the day NB NB NB NB
-       Start assignments, essays, test learning before they are due.
-       Work during free periods
-       Keep up to date with lectures
-       Stick to schedule
-       22 hours a week work (excl lectures)

Pick Up

-      30 day challenge – Go out every night
-      Get lots of numbers, follow up on numbers. Be social ALL-THE-TIME.
-      Build up a social matrix
-      Drinking nights max 2 a week (and 8 drinks MAXIMUM)

Means of Upkeep

-         daily GET IN TOUCH WITH MY GOALS (10 min)


-         Put alerts for things i need to do
-         Keep diary updated

Vision Board

-         Weekly schedule
-         Goals
-         Make it awesome and convey purpose

Time management

-          Time log stuff I do
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 And my weekly schedule:

Sleep (1-9)
Gym (10-12)
Lectures(1-4) (2 hours lectures, 1 hour work)
Work (4-7)
Free (7-10)
BEAST (10-1) 

Sleep (1-9)
Lectures (10-4) (3 hours lectures, 3 work)
Gym (4-5)
Work (5-7)
Free time (7-10)
BEAST (10-1) 

Sleep (1-9)
Lectures (10-4) (3 hours lectures, 3 work)
Gym (4-6)
Work (6-8)
Free time (8-10)
BEAST (10-1) 

Sleep (1-9)
Lectures (10-2) (2 hours lectures, 2 hours work)
Gym (2-3)
Work (3-7)
Free time (7-10)
BEAST (10-3) 

Sleep (3-9)
Lecture (10-11)
Nap (11-1)
Gym (1-3)
Work (3-5)
BEAST (10-3) 

Sleep (3-11)
Free/work (11-10)
Beast (10-3) 

Sleep (3-11)
Cook meals for week (11-3)
Free/work (3-10)
BEAST (10-1)

Gym:  7 hours
Lectures:  13 hours
Work: 22+ hours
Free time: 16+ hours
Extra Work/Free time: 18 hours
Pick up: 22 hours. 

Pick-up hours = hours I spend on varsity work! That's alot more work than I am currently doing though, so this is fine.

So four main habits to implement are therefore: Healthy eating, gyming, beasting and scheduled working (whereas at the moment I pack in all my work a few days before its due, at the expense of everything else in my life).
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Where I am:

-Got a lot of things I want to do
-Have almost no structure in my life
-Have never really set goals until recently
-Have tried to implement habits but keep falling off track

- I am very inconsistent with my health
- Bad eating habits overall (most just from being inconsistent)
- Don't have a diet plan
- Go to gym but inconsistently
- Am not overweight but I am not toned, and too skinny.

- I don't put enough effort into my studies
- I don't make my own money

- I have only really been socializing with my close friends (when I'm not going out)
- I don't make an effort to expand my social circle
- I am in the process of fine tuning my skillz by going out solo


1) Go out A LOT
3) Eat healthily
4) Stick to a study schedule
5) Improve my social circle / lifestyle
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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March PckUp results

Drinking nights:

3 Nights
1 lay 
3 makeouts
50+ approaches (drinking, probably a lot more)


Sober nights:

5 Nights
0 lays
0 makeouts
32 or so sober approaches
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WOW day  has been absolutely AWESOME.

Just got back from going out and the beginning of the day seems like so far away. Got so much friggin stuff done and feel GOOD.

I'm in my hometown on vac at the moment so didn't follow the exact routine I put down for friday. Here's what I did:

Eating plan

- Did really well with my meal plan for the first day
- Stuck to it about 90%
- It's so much more food than I'm used to eating but I had so much energy, it was awesome. 
- And eating that amount of healthy food keeps me full and I don't crave junk.
- A meals I had (like trout, broccoli, sweet potato) were so simple and yet tasted amazing.

Meal 1
Oats, yogurt, almonds, banana, egg whites
- awesome, just couldn't finish the 6 egg whites. Need to try force them down :)

Meal 2
organic steak, avocado, rye bread, apple
- delicious, easily finished. Put some butter on rye though.

Meal 3
protein shake, brown rice, carrots, olive oil
- ew, don't eat rice with olive oil. bad combo.

Meal 4
Trout, broccoli, sweet potato, yogurt, peanut butter
- like a meal and desert. 5 star.

Meal 5
Same as meal 4 minus peanut butter and yogurt
- bit boring eating same thing

Meal 6
Protein shake
- didn't add nuts and vegetable category for this. Who the hell eats green beans with their protein shake before bed anyway??

Thought it went great for the first day. Took waaaay longer than I thought to prepare stuff. This is going to take up a lot of time. Will get faster as I get used to the meal plan though and plan ahead. Note to self: PLAN MEALS AHEAD.

Rating: 4/5 stars


Don't have a gym contract for my hometown gym, so:

- Took my dog for 4km walk
- 4 sets of 20 pushups
- 4 sets of 20 sit ups
Required: 2 hours
Total time: 1 hour (happy with this for not being able to go to gym)

Rating: 3.5/5 stars


- Bought a blender, socks and jocks.
- Took cat to the vet
- Dropped off DVD at store


Finished off an assignment and read a chapter of my psyschology textbook
Required time: 2 hours
Total time: 2.5 hours

Rating: 5/5 stars

10pm - 1am

Had my best solo sober night yet! Got really into state and achieved an indifference level I've never had when sober/solo.

Went to 3 bars and a club.

Did I think 10 approaches. All pretty similar - observational opener ("you were so flirting with the bar tender", "you look too classy for this place with those heels and that wine",  "you guys look bored"). Noticed the initial reaction get better and better as the night went on/as i got more in state. The interactions lasted pretty much as long as I trusted myself for (30sec - a few min) and then as soon as I had some self doubt I prematurely ejac... i mean ejected. 

Rather average approaches, really. The thing was as the night went on I got the most into state I've ever been when sober. It was awesome. I got really into the Drum & Bass at the club I went to (Sigma from the UK was playing) and partied it up on the dancefloor, which I've never done by myself and sober either. I totally reached and indifference level where I DID NOT GIVE A FUCK what people thought of me. Was so cool.

This going out by myself and sober is incredible. So different from drinking, and in many ways better. I'm having all these "first time" moments. It's crazy, I must have 100s of club makeouts and not one of them has been sober. That's my first milestone I need to get over.

Fulfilled my criteria of just going out and approaching. Not too worried that my approaches pretty much sucked cause my progress is going to go up expo-fucking-nentially in this challenge.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Super productive day, great night, and great start to my 30 day challenge.
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superb, a great start to what will be a great month.  Advice:

- don't get too caught up with trying to do better tomorrow than you did today, cuz you'll create outcome dependency/attachment.  
- Instead, just keep doing your thing, enjoy the jounreny, enjoy yourself, and remember there is no such thing as failure, only progress.
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Paris Boum Boum

Paris Boum Boum

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Great. Going out sober is the shit. 
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inspirational... looks like im going out sober and solo tonight too
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@ progress-now
Thanks man! And great advice. I'm actually really excited to see where this takes me.

Yeah man it's really tough for my right now but really rewarding at the same time. This 30 day challenge is going to my reality!

@ adjunkie
Appreciate it. And can't wait to see how your sober night goes!
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Dude, now i know what you meant by being specific.

Frickin awesome man.

Defo waiting for updates on this thread.
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