May 21st, 2018
In Berlin, Germany - What Are Some Good Places For Pick Up?
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I'm in Berlin for the next 5 months. Need a bit of advice. Any info is much appreciated.

What are some good  places to meet single women?

What are good places to meet slightly older 27 - 35 women?

Which bars can I find the hottest women?

Any advice on German women in general?  So far they have been kind of aggressive. 

Doing the pick up artist pilgrimage through Europe for 1 year.
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I dont live in berlin, but in hamburg, and where there 3-4 times.
For the night i can suggest you Fritz Club, Kulturbrauerei (an area with a lot of venues!)
For the day, i prefer Alexa (shopping centre), Berlin-Hauptbahnhof (main station)!

Where are you real from? If you want to make experience with a german guy, you can visit me in hamburg and i will show you the city and clubs!

For german women in general: in the night dont be too aggressive. The most hotties in german are not very drunk in the night. Just physical escalation slow down and use your foreign-status as DHV:-) 
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