January 17th, 2019
Alex~ BC Lisbon 11-13th March
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 Okay first of all, I will split this BC into two.
- a report for people new to RSD that are thinking of taking a bootcamp, newbies/guys new to the game;
- a report for Alex~ alumni and the high level natural instinctsmen who "get it", where i can spit my advanced epiphanies and know they will understand it.

i will make a disclaimer here. if you are new to the rsd community, do not read the second report. if you take bits out of context like calling girls dumb cunts or being antagonistic without knowing the context, you will get fucked up. this is a warning for idiots. do not try unless you're really familiar to alex's stuff, taken BC, know him personally, or similar. in similar way, if you're a deep RSD guy there's no use for you to read the first report.

ready for the rollercoaster ride? here we go.
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Summit God~

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For people new to RSD
For people outside RSD, this is my bootcamp testimonial. if you are thinking of taking a RSD BC, this is my opinion. this is a review of Alex~'s BC from a professional perspective.

Was Alex~ professional?
yes. he did more than the required time. if you are new to the community and the notion of the BC, you have to know beforehand that, when you are in the club, you are doing your own thing and the instructor is doing his own thing. he's not your babysitter.
however, in my specific cases more than enough times Alex~ abandoned girls and screwed up his sets by abandoning them, in order to coach me and help me. there is a portion of the BC which is responsibility of the student himself, naturally. but Alex~ did much more than enough.

Was Alex~'s knowledge in the BC helpful, and did it help me evolve?
fuck yes. to the core. everything Alex~ said was pieced together in a way that at first blown my mind, and afterwards just became so natural and normal.
this is truly natural instincts. it's not about manipulating shit or anything. it's about showing that you are enough. just free what you have inside you, let go, and you'll realize you always had what you needed.
I can say for sure that everything Alex~ taught me was something I consider of value.
he asked my goals for the bootcamp, he did a pure-to-the-core analysis of my game just from seeing me 1 night infield, and he spoonfed me the principles needed, both the general attraction principles, and also the principles for me specifically.
whenever i didn't get it, he explained. whenever I almost got it, he made sure i completely got it. and whenever I got it, he made sure i reinforced it.
with Alex~, there is no way you can lose.

Was it worth the money? (the mandatory question in every BC report)
this is such a subjective question. many guys are rich. many guys are poor. it's hard to know what 1500$ is worth for so many different people. but in my particular case, it was pretty hard for me to get the money. so, taking into account all the experience and knowledge i got from Alex~, was it worth the money? fuck yeah. every single part of it. there is a lot you will learn from Alex~ as a coach but also as a person. for me, it was absolutely worth it.
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For Alex~ alumni
this is a more detailed report. for all RSDNation guys, but I believe it will be more of value to the Alex~ alumni in specific. this is for all the Real Worlds, Dieselboys, Brahs, TOOBADs, Achilles'es and other Alex~ alumni that have contributed to the community and have inspired me personally. so, more than a BC report, trying to give something back here.

Fiasco Friday
me, Alex~ and our assistant met at the hotel. we get off to a nice start. Alex~ is checking his cellphone and mention the Japan earthquake. I turn to him "is everything alright with your family?", to what Alex~ replies. "you are not my friend". "by the end of the weekend, you will be my friend. but for the duration of weekend" - he smirks - "you are going to be my bitch".

we head to McDonalds for debriefing. Alex~ already knew me from the Summit. shit, taking into account how crazy I was I think everybody knew me from the Summit. so, he already had a concept of my game (good and bad points).
before BC I was totally confrontational wild sexual pickup man, lacking chillness and empathy. of course, by the start of the weekend this was subconscious and I had no idea.
as we are heading from the hotel to the McDonalds I ask Alex~, "hey Alex~, can you make me do crazy stuff so I can evolve?". saying nothing more than this, Alex~ replies "that is not what you need".

Alex~ debriefed me in two stages. first, goals for BC, second, principles of natural instincts to apply. even though usually on BC on the first day the instructors don't have reference points of the student to give an opinion, Alex~ had seen me from the Summit before, and he told me about some base ideas that would be explored to depth later on.
he told me I needed to chill out more and not be extremely physical and energetic like I was being. he summed it up as:
"you already proved to yourself you can do crazy shit. now it's time for you to play the game right and be chilled".
he also explains the mechanics of BC and how, due to his elite mega knowledge of teaching BCs for 4 years, I have to obey every single order of him for my best interests. "otherwise I'll kick your ass. you want that?"

Alex~ asked me what my goals for bootcamp were. he told me: I'll take notes of these in my iPhone and I'll show them to you in the end of the weekend so you can see how much you've evolved. due to drunken adventures he didn't show them back to me in the end, but I remember them and I assure you guys - all of them were checked.
I told Alex~ my goals:
"learn to be in a way that makes girls like me naturally".
"be able to walk up to any girl in any situation and get her attracted".
"be able to get really hot girls with my game".
"get laid".
Alex~ told me: "considering you are going to have massive shifts in your mindset these few days, the goal to get laid might be counterproductive. it would be better for you to focus on learning the natural instincts in these few days, and then when you have them down you can get laid with them".
"I see. then erase that one".
then Alex~ asks: "so, these are your goals?" and repeats the other ones back to me. "yep". he puts his iPhone away, smiles confidently, and just says: "done, man. consider it DONE".

before night out debrief: Alex~ reminded me the base principles of natural game. He told me: "there are three principles. the first is: Create initiative".
I interrupt him, "aren't there actually four? Creative initiative, beat tests, be physical, and time is your ally?".
he laughs and turns to our assistant. "can you believe this guy? he knows my stuff tight! yes, you are right. but the time principle is actually a passive principle. the main three are these"

1. Create initiative
Express a full range of emotions. negative and positive ways to do this are (examples):
+ give compliments.
god you are so fucking beautiful. you have beautiful eyes.
- express personal boundaries.
buy you a drink? what the hell? do i look like charity to you?
are you stupid? why the hell would you think something like that, girl?
+ plotlines and roleplays.
i'm gonna adopt you. you're gonna be my little baby daughter.
- teasing and accusation.
+ things i love.
oh my god this song is so awesome. i love this.
- things i hate.
bullshit coffee sucks! i hate this fucking club!

it's important to remember you need negative and positive.
- good guys are always positive so it loses arousal capability after some time. imagine like a wave up and down. after some time the wave starts to get smaller. until it flatines.
- assholes, same. it's negative instead of positive, but same. loses effect after some time.
- chodes, they're not even positive or negative, they're flatline.
- us, natural men, have positive peaks, negative valleys, and because of that, it never stops working, and only gets better.

one crucial distinction for me at the time was the following. I asked Alex~: "how is natural game that different from chodes? stimulating good and bad emotions seems like something anybody can do".
he explained to me. chodes do not INFLUENCE and have no PHYSICALITY. those are the two major differences between us, as natural instincts alpha male, and chodes. chodes are trying to impress. they don't give out positive emotions (you're fucking beautiful) or negative emotions (you're a dumb cunt, get the fuck outta here!). also, they do not get physical.

at the time I was not fascinated. I was an intense guy. if something was not flashy or fireworks for me, it wouldn't stick. I told Alex~ "I mean, this is so simple, how can this work?".
Alex~ looks at me like I'm a retard and says "dude, pickup is simple: guys fuck girls and girls fuck guys. what more should there be?"

one point Alex~ made is that you have to do things for yourself. never for the girl. it was too early in the game for me to understand this, but after watching his videos and doing pickup using natural instincts for some time I get it now.
the concept is: if the girl finds you are in your own rhythm and can't control you, she'll go crazy for you. she'll be aroused.
if you see Alex~ out, he's doing his own shit. he might be dancing. recording videos. talking random shit to random people. but the key is - he does it at HIS pace, for HIS interest. is the most beautiful girl in the club liking it? I don't know. if she doesn't like me, fuck her. tough shit baby.
throughout the weekend I would come to the realization most people are dumb cunts. girls won't say anything interesting in the club and most people you meet in your life will be idiot and irritating, worried about their little problems.
what can you fucking value then? yourself. you are the awesome in your life! people will come and go. money will come and go. girls will come and go. you will be always there for yourself.
so do things for yourself. even though people are idiots, don't judge. have empathy. but do fuck with them and provoke them in a silly lighthearted manner!

I would come to think a lot about this topic over the course of the weekend. cause this shit introduces a pretty nihilistic perspective in one. so I asked Alex~ after the end of BC:
"if people are so stupid and girls are so dumb, what will make you happy in life, at the end of the day?"
"simple: yourself. you are the one who makes yourself happy. your action. your influence. everybody else are just idiots, man".

anyways, back to the principle: you do it for yourself. you entertain yourself and say silly fun stuff because you like it. not to impress the girl in the club that's kinda dumb. the true meaning of expression and not impression would be this.

2. Beat tests (it's not what you do, it's what you deal with)
this is the most essential skill of the three. Alex~ told me this, repeated it and told me to underline it and put a box around when I wrote it down.
the game is played in tests.
the importance of this principle is such: you are enough, so you create a good impression. beating the tests will KEEP that good impression.
you can't demonstrate you're cool. by not being drawn to girls' bullshit it is demonstrated you are cool. that's how it works.

some ways to beat tests are:
- Ignore
- Change the topic
- Irrelevant
- I love you
- By that you mean something else (the randomer the better)
"are you calling me names?" "yes, sunday. you do not exist on friday. you are a figment of my imagination".
"you are ugly". "by ugly you mean master of roots". "by ugly you mean hamburger dates".
- It's fine
- Statement of empathy
"oh, we do it like this in my hometown"
"of course, it's 1 AM on a Saturday night"
"don't worry, it's just a cultural discrepancy"

one of my personal problems in my game up to the BC (and even though I've gotten better, I'm still working on it) is that I would leave too soon. a girl turns her back or says shit, I would get affected inside and it fucks with my sense of self. the girl would give me the look, turn away, insult me, and I would consider it logically instead of just categorizing it as girl bullshit and ignoring it (as I do now).

so, those above are the three principles.

a funny detail: between McDonalds coffees and conversation I would be constantly trying to translate to my own language what Alex~ was saying. I have the principles down now, but at the time I didn't have Alex~'s understanding of them. I had my understanding of them.
so I would be like: "Alex~, when you mean X and Y, is it like W and Z?", and Alex~ would reply something such as:
"do not try and translate the principles to your understanding. understand them just as they are. the point is precisely to open up your mind and make you understand things you are not used to".
and he would constantly hammer this shit down into me. "dude, you are trying to translate them again. just take them in the natural form".

3. Make moves (it doesn't matter which moves you make, it matters that you make moves)
Alex~ mentioned physical rapport, not escalation. no up in the grill. he mentioned four standard moves for getting physical (the ones which he also used in his sets in his videos):
+ Inspecting her jewelry
+ Brush and lead
- Shoulder push
+ Neck kiss
(+ Hold hands - this one wasn't told by Alex~, but I feel it could fit here well)

4. Time is my ally
this one is self-explanatory. respect the timeframes of the night, the more you influence her the better, don't try to fuck her in the first 10 minutes you meet her, or many other ways to tell it. in sum, endure the set until the end of the night and take the girl home. boom.
the more you stay in set the more the girl warms up. if you talk shit to her for 10m she likes you. if you talk shit for 30/45m she will be crazy for you. if you talk shit for 3h/4h at your own pace to her, there is NO FUCKING WAY she's not leaving with you. you'll be the emotion-arousing natural chill man she dreams of.
this would be a totally different approach from my old confrontational, "try and fuck her right away" frame. you know how in one of Alex~'s videos he says ironically "if the girl doesn't get down on her knees and sucks the guy's cock in the first 15 minutes, he goes away sad?". that was totally me before the bootcamp.
look. of course, there are occasions where the girl is ready, and then it's like "fuck yes, pull time right now, shock and awe on this shit". however, as a standard for game and most girls, endure the night and then take her home. interview all the girls in the first 20m, then choose one and follow through with her. no player guy running sets and escalating on all the girls.

Alex~ set some specific goals for me for the first night. this probably won't be of any value to guys that do not have similar sticking points as I did, but I'll post them here as a reference for anyone who might have some characteristics in common with me - you might get something out of them:
- To be calibrated (speak more slowly, no intense up in the grill right away) (do 20+ sets)
- Being chilled
- Leading girls and holding hands
- Tapping feet to create motion

Friday Night
we headed to a club. looked okay on the outside. however only old farts there. we did try to hang around and scan the area.
there were some girls our age, but mostly not. Alex~ said that was no good, so we took a cab and headed to another one.
in that one, there plenty of people my age. at first the club looked dark and loud. dammit. but Alex~ said, wait, on a further look, this is good. let's go! game on.

at first I opened two girls by the door. Alex~ told me to ask them what was the drinking age in russia. they burst out laughing.
as I would find out later in the weekend, my deliberate illogicality is pretty good by nature. i would just say random stuff and keep them laughing.
Alex~ would sometimes even enter the set and ask me "what the hell are you telling them? they just keep laughing! this is good, man!" and I would tell it to Alex~. "wow man, your deliberate illogicality is actually pretty good! keep doing that". I was pissed I couldn't just grab the girl right away, but I was patient and trusted Alex~'s method.

I also started to get a sense of antagonizing the girls. I used to be chode nice guy, but I was now training expression the full range of emotions, being an asshole included.
"you are so dumb, girl. I will speak slower so you can understand me".
"you smoke? I can't believe this. get the hell out of here!" (shoulder push).
I was using my sunglasses too much for game purposes so Alex~ just stole them from me and ran away with them.

a sticking point of mine: there were 2 girls but I was only talking to one of them. Alex~ told me to work the whole group.
i asked Alex~, if i work all the girls, how will the one I want know I like HER in particular?
he told me: talk to all the girls, but be physical ONLY with the one you are after. A-ha. epiphany! I had never thought about it that way.
I left the set at the end of the night. Alex~ told me to say goodbye and tell them i was going to find my arch nemesis. "who?". "the police".
seriously, I loved the kind of random stuff Alex~ made me say and it still inspires me to make up similar stuff. self-amusing timez.

my sense of self-amusement got a particular twist observing Alex~'s behavior. this because, I come from a very polite and humble background. so in the club I just talked and did chode dancing.
however Alex~, as the inspiring guy he his, started breaking my reality piece by piece.
he went to the middle of the dancefloor and started waving his fist in a lame way, making a happy face to unknown people and waving at them.
at the time I thought "what the fuck is he doing?" - today I do the exact same thing or similar and get exactly where it's coming from.
there was like a whole repertoire of dances I got from Alex~. feet stomping, imitating swimming while standing. all of these silly lighthearted things. and the key is once again - do them for YOU. cause you enjoy provoking people and being silly and fun. not to impress anybody.
also, Alex~ would hum, wave his arms, burst out laughing for no reason. at the time I didn't know how to stimulate these behaviors in myself. today, I just do this shit all the time. shit is so cool and silly and lighthearted. It's like Brad in that clip with the green sunglasses.

Alex~ would say "mi scusi" to random people to clear the way or as an opener. or any excuse he had to use the expression he would. haha.
I told him: "Alex~, you sound like the gay guy from Eurotrip. dude, that is creepy as fuck".
he told me: "exactly! you know it? that's precisely why I'm using this expression. I wanna freak these people the fuck out!".
he would say hi with a beaming smile to every person that made eye contact with him.

so coming from an intense/physical/up in the grill mindset I was like at the time. "this can't work. I have to tell the girls I like them. I need to be direct. what is this self-amusement shit about?". now I get it. if you are naturally attractive and express yourself, girls will want to fuck you. you don't even have to tell them you like them. of course you want to move things forward, but you don't really need to be half as direct or physical as I thought you needed to be.
so humming and waving your fist will do more to getting you laid than telling the girl you wanna get laid. lesson learned! haha. that's a gross oversimplification but you get what I mean.

one of my sticking points would be I was not using my instinct. I was not opening sets on my own initiative, going for the girls I liked. I was just waiting for Alex~ to give me guidance. "open that girl", "make friends", "be less touchy", and as soon as the guidance stopped for more than 10 minutes, I would eject the set, fail some test and go sit on the couch on the corner.
I was extremely LOGICAL. I was trying to monitor it from a logical perspective. instead of "so many retards, let's have some fun and provoke them!", I was taking girls seriously. and when that happens, what do you do at the smallest sign of girl bullshit or testing? you eject. so I did. I was thinking with my logic and not with my dick.

he'd tell me to open a set, I would, blowout/eject, and go sit in the corner while Alex~ kept doing his sets.
he actually went out of his way many times to tell me "oi! what the hell are you doing? go back in set!".
the girls would turn their back on me, I'd eject. girls would tell me i was ugly, i'd eject. I was coming from the wrong place. now I get it. but that night was my mind opening.
there was one set I remembered particularly.
Alex~ asked me: "why did you eject the set?". "I don't know". "then what do you think you should do?". "go back in?" Alex~ smiled and said "yep! glad you know what do!". I replied "okay...." and went back. haha. learning timez.

another one of my problems was empathy with the girl. Alex~ would tell me, open the set and make friends.
and i'd be like, what the fuck, make friends? i wanna bang them, not make friends! I was too needy, too physical at the time.
the most interesting factor about this is that by being natural and self-amusing you will get girls attracted much FASTER than you think.
now I just do nothing, wear sunglasses, wave my arms and dance to Black Eyed Peas and girls giggle out of nowhere and claw me. yes. thank you Alex~!
but back to the main point: I did not understand the concept that friendly + physicality = flirty. if you just chat them up and keep touching them it will work. you don't need to be HARDCORE touchy.
I had an epiphany when I ejected (one of the times I did), Alex~ told me to back in. I was having a mind block, so I told him:
"but Alex~, i don't know what to tell them! I can only think of interview questions and normal talk".
he turned to me surprised, "dude! interview is fine! as long as you influence them and be physical, you can talk normal and interview! make friends".

i opened a beatiful young girl in a black dress, awesome legs. with a total chode orbiter, jeans and collared shirt, all buttoned up.
next to her, drink to chest, telling her something occasional in trying for rapport.
Alex~ told me "oh my god. what an orbiter. okay mate. you're gonna approach that girl".
he told me to lift her off the couch, ask her if she liked the portuguese government, sit and then sit her on my lap. so I did.
the talking and influence part worked just fine, but i fucked up the sitting on lap maneuver and she went away shocked. bye bye timez.

Alex~ laughed his ass off. "dude, your influence and illogicality was spot on, you just fucked up the lap sitting maneuver. haha. let's find more girls. lead the way".
I found her again later and talked to her again. she was loving me. getting aroused, laughing at my jokes, getting red, getting the attentive eyes.

at one point Alex~ busted into set, said "mi scusi", grabbed me by the arm and told me "dude, I've told this to you before: talk to the whole group. you are only talking to the girl. i've told you that already. that guy will be the key to taking the girl home at the end of the night. talk to him, be his genuine friend. keep that in mind!".
then he pushed me back in. I talked to the guy. i still had the mentality of "i just wanna fuck the girl, what is this friend shit". I was still not instinctual, too logical, confrontational and sexual, so i did it hesitantly. if it were today i would understand it perfectly and worked the guy. oh wells. sometimes you win sometimes you learn.
also, I was hesitant. coming from a weakened perspective I could not think that, even if I made friends with the guy, I could disarm him and get the girl.
nowadays, making best friends with guys in the girl's group and making my life easier when I wanna lead her around is what I do most.
most of these muscled intimidating guys are just chodes inside. outframe their fake alpha frame, be genuinely warm and a cool guy, ask them if they like football and tell something that appears to their ego like "you're cool man, I bet you're the leader of the gorup", and they'll be all up on your dick. haha. as Alex~ would say, make friends!

Alex~ got blown out by a short blonde girl, which was a real laughing experience. he went in and started doing a weird dance and the girl said WTF? and turned her back on. Alex~ said "mi scusi mi scusi" and went again. she ignored him and kept dancing. she just FULL ignored him.
he turned to me with irony: "OMG, I got blown out! Alex~ got blown out!".
Alex~ getting blown out by a short girl in a small town in a small city? shift in my mind.
natural instincts, game from within is not really about any person in specific or place or club, it's just man to woman, anybody can do it.
of course I got it in specific. but seeing Alex~, the guy I saw in Vegas giving a presentation about ONS and pulling turbos out of the XS get blown out by a blonde short girl in a club in a small city? that sealed he deal in my head. resistance is futile! I accept your principles, master Alex~. natural instincts here I go.

I opened a set of three portuguese girls and influenced them a bit, but soon got into my head and had a mind block. Alex~ entered the set, and the girls loved him after some time. after we left that set and Alex~ got the contact of all the girls (while I sat in the corner instead of approaching girls on my own), he told me:
"did you pay close attention to the set? see the girl with the big tits? at first she hated me. she was like who's this guy? but i kept on. and after 5m, as you saw it yourself, she loved me. this is how it works. nobody hates you in specific or loves you in specific. just beat tests and keep influencing them and they'll open up".

Alex~ told me later, on the topic of self-amusement, "some girls didn't get my english, some didn't get my australian accent and some just didn't like me. does that affect me? never. why should it? why should it affect you?". I started to understand it. "do you get it now?"

me and Alex~ entered a 2 set with a short girl and her tall friend. the tall friend had a boyfriend.
after 1 hour of talking (at leaving time) the short friend wanted to leave with Alex~, was asking him how long he was staying, where he was staying, and the tall friend was telling the short friend to leave with him. influencing and physicality all in the right timeframe is really solid game, and if she's single it's gonna happen. I started to get it. you can't not have ten game.
bonus points: the girl with a boyfriend told Alex~ it was nice meeting me and "I was a nice guy". which translates to "your game sucks and you are a fag, bye bye chump". proof of my miscalibration in that night. haha. I'm like Jeffy says now: if any girl tells me "it was nice meeting you", something's wrong. I failed.

at the end of the night Alex~ dumped the girl and lay possibility to keep the BC going and teached me something more. i thanked him for that. more game timez, bla bla.
we walked to McDonalds while he debriefed me. he saw I was in shit state because I was failing tests.

he asked me "how many girls did I pull from the club?". I replied "I get it". he was like "no, dude, actually reply to me. how many girls did I pull?".
"none", I replied. "how many girls did you pull?". "none".
"exactly. none of us has pulled any girl. however, I am not affected by that, but you are letting it fuck with your sense of self.
you can't let it fuck with you. the end of the night is the most important part of the night. it's when you will pull. so it's critical that you are in a good mood by that time".

at the beginning of the morning, Alex~ gave me a full debrief. some points:
he told me first of all, i should do my own thing.
the thing is, as a student, I did everything he told me to (yes Alex~), and that was commendable. however, I was not doing my own thing. I was a ballsy soldier, not a ballsy leader. "you know what the difference between a soldier and a leader is?", he asked.
"intuition. the soldier follows orders, the leader follows his intuition. from now on, you will be following your intuition".
instead of just following Alex~'s guidance, I should be doing my own thing, and then adding his guidance on top of it.

another topic he pointed out was that I should have empathy for the girl.
I was trying to fuck the girl right then and there at the bar. i was getting physical too fast, not being responsive to the girl, just being a mechanical social robot following the process instead of being a person. as Alex~ would tell me in the final debrief of the BC, "I need to have interactions. not victories". or "work with the girl, not alone".

he pointed out his sets. he kept talking, making them laugh for 30 to 45mins before he even held their hand or tried anything. or he would get physical in a slow manner.
he didn't not get physical because he couldn't. it's because he's at his own pace. the girl can see from square one he's dangerous and sexual. he's just entertaining himself first.
I was still in my old mindset. if you try and make friends with a girl she'll friendzone you. you need to show intent from the start.
I did not understand that, if you are a naturally attractive man,  you show no intent or declare you want her. you go up, and by the qualities you have yourself, chillness, action, etc, the girl will be naturally attracted. so first you establish a social base ("make friends"), then you slowly add physicality.
(naturally there are exceptions, if you open a girl and she's ready to go, by all means open with sexual intent. however, that is the exception and not the rule).
now I got it. at some point Alex~ mentioned from the outside his sets seemed like the girl abusing him for 4 hours, then they go home together. clicked into my reality.

I wasn't passing the tests.
the girl would turn away, and i'd be affected. she'd look away, awkward silence or anything, and I'd go away. In spite of all the cool stuff I had going for me I was still giving importance to stupid irrelevant bullshit.
the frame is, they're little idiots running around, they don't know what's best for them. you do. that's why you persist through their bullshit and make them realize it's good for them you and her are together. but in order to persist, you can't just fucking flinch or go away if the girl has a stupid reaction like "the look", turning away, calling you names. it's bullshit girl behavior, acknowledge it and ignore it.
he told me, "dude, you have so much cool stuff going on in your life and you just don't value it, instead of you value these little idiots running at the club's reactions. what the hell?" then he gave the example of his mindset.

"look, i am awesome. do i want the girls? do i want these dumb girls? no! i wanna make bank. i wanna go to vegas. i wanna edit my videos and be badass. the girls will come. i see all these girls (lots of hot girls walking by us, some 5 star girls). do i give a damn about not approaching them? no! me first! then the girls come. the girls always come. take care of yourself. you are awesome. they come after". 

this is something Alex~ pointed out even in the night itself. as we were leaving the club. he turned to me and stated:
"I can't understand why you're taking these little idiots so seriously. I mean, who knows more about you? you, or some dumb with fat thighs?".
and in that moment, my mind was like BOOM. it wasn't because it was Alex~ who said it, it was because sometimes I asked myself the same question. having somebody else realize this was KEY KEY.

to complete the debrief and contribute to my evolution, Alex~ actually made me write in my notebook a section called "differences between me and Alexander~ last night", where he gave a thorough explanation of every single principle or action I did wrong, and how to make it right.

Alex~ mentioned congruence. he said congruence is an alignment of three things: mind, emotion, and behavior.
first you have the mind. you understand the principles. then you act them - behavior. when your mind and behavior are like that, you start to FEEL it. emotion. when all three are aligned, you have congruence.
he said my mind component was spot on. my understanding of his mindsets and game was very, very good.
but I needed to made my emotions align with that. in layman's terms, i needed to not just know and act logically natural game, FEEL intuitively natural game. first you understand it, then you act it, until you shift and then you start to feel it.

he then explained the pulse of influence on the girl. you have a normal pulse of emotional influence. imagine like a wave with ups and downs. positive and negative emotions. you can go one of two ways:
- slower. insert more logic between emotions. "expand" the influence. this is day game, good for girlfriends. more logic between emotions. it's slower.
- faster. many emotions with no logic in between. "compress" the influence. this is pure shock and awe, sexual kamikaze. it's high-frequency.
from the base "wave" you go either of the 2 ways.

he told me women can win emotional battles but they can never win the emotional war. to have empathy for the girls i should work with them, never try to beat them. they're little idiots running around in the club. they don't know what they want. as men, we know better than them and we know what's best for them, so we want to be with them, we persist through their irrelevant stupid bullshit, and then we end up together.

Alex~ told me to write a list of specific points to focus on to keep getting good:
in my reality, i need to put myself first so i can help others. be selfish so i can be altruistic. be an asshole so people can depend on you. not take girls' reality more seriously than mine. because they are dumb cunts, and I am the high value guy.
the girls will keep testing you and have childish behaviors. not cause they're bitchy. cause they're naive, simple-minded, and even dumb. it's your job to keep passing the tests, not letting yourself be controlled, being at your own rhythm. she can control every other man, but she can't control you and she will love it.

Alex~ mentioned I was being too intense. this was focused on over and over again. be chilled, not up in the grill. if I overstimulate the girl I stifle her ability to like me.
I should create pauses, be chill. he told me, later, to make the shift from intense social guy to chill social guy. don't be player confident, be chill confident. be just a normal cool guy. no superhero.
Alex~ mentioned also, my state should be the same regardless of the situation.
"I can abuse you verbally for one hour or compliment you for one hour and it shouldn't worry you. you shouldn't even notice it. people have only as much power as you give them. I have monopoly over my own emotions".

Cinema Saturday
Alex~ showed some videoclips of his interactions. as this was a 1-on-1 he could show, not the generic videos that produce effects for 2 or 3 students at the same time, but the specific videos of chilled interactions that would produce evolution for me specifically.

one detail from the videos: Alex~ mentioned when he exits the club, he does not assume he's going to have sex. he assumes he is going to hang with the girl. then and only then, if they crash at the same place, he can think of the possibility of sex. you're liberated cause you're not assuming anything.

in one of the videos I noticed the questions the girl asks Alex~ were so normal and I have already heard before too in my game. Alex~ was just saying silly stuff about prom, acne, and the girl out of nowhere turns to him and says: "where the hell do you come up with this shit?". or "you've asked me this fucking question before!". I got these questions so many times

one point I found interesting is Alex~ would just verbalise the value inversion point and always get away with it.
you know, when you stop talking 90% and you start talking 50-50 with the girl.
so Alex~ would just tell the girl after some time: "it's your turn to ask the questions. i'm tired of talking". and he would even fuck with her afterwards.
"your questions are not nearly as interesting and sexual as mine". "i gave you a chance to lead the interaction and you failed".

Alex~ also showed me the role of statements of empathy. they're a technique to disarm the girl's mind before she even gives you shit tests. "you're so out there". "yes. it's 1 am on a saturday night". "you are so aggressive". "yes, it's just a cultural discrepancy". "this is just how we do it in my hometown". it pretty much lets you get away with anything.

Alex~ talked about how 5 star girls behave in the same general manner as 4 star girls, however they do not give as much IOIs and test a lot more. most of the interactions he would have with 5 star girls would be them insulting him and showing no interest, but then after 4 hours they leave together. it's the concept of invisible game he mentioned at the Summit.

in order to stimulate my own expressiveness Alex~ taught me some guidelines. he told me to think about pop culture. adventures. things I love and hate. so this is in my subconscious when i go into the club, I can randomly say things like "i can make waffles and grow strawberries", "i have juvenile young looks", "i use proactive solutions for acne", "this is gonna be like the titanic", or other random thing in the moment right out of the blue, and here it comes, awesome out of my mouth.

specific detail: in the videos Alex~ would get away with making the girl not talk to the friends, after he isolated her.
"let's talk to my friends". "no. you are talking to me. no friends". "okay".
"hey, let's go talk to my friend". "nonono, you are talking to me right now. not her". "okay".

one big mind opener was that you can do whatever the fuck you want and still get the girl.
so Alex~ would self-amuse to the point where he bursts out laughing mid-sentence and doesn't finish the statement.
sometimes the girl wouldn't hear him so he has to repeat himself three times.
sometimes there would be many awkward silences in the interaction.
and guess the fuck what? he still got the girl.
nothing matters. NOW I get it.
"doing what you want won't change if the girl is down to fuck or not". quote.

Saturday Night
we went out that night and returned to the first club of the previous day. Alex~ told me he hated 80's night and made me open a set of two girls. social warming times. the venue was perfect for training purposes. low-volume music, chill, and Alex~ would make me just go and have short conversations with girls. i learned some miscellaneous lessons from him.
when I opened a girl in a group of girls and she excused herself and turned her back, Alex~ told me it wasn't cause she didn't like me. they probably were in girl mode and not want to talk to guys.

when i opened a set of two girls and they were cool but not that much, Alex~ told me, "see, in the beginning of the night everybody is stifled and not out of their minds. so it's not they don't like you. it's just awkward at this time. expect every interaction in the beginning of the night to be awakward. it's like it''s just awkward man". "something like officially akward?". "yes, exactly. this is officially awkward!".
he asked me: "get it now? it's not they don't like you. some are stifled. some have boyfriends. some are just nervous. nobody hates you. they just have their things going on".

i found it funny Alex~ opened a 50-year old warthog by the counter while waiting for his drink.
"mi scusi mi scusi. speak english? hello? speak english? mi scusi". the old woman just blew Alex~ off. it was hilarious.
he said to me: "this is so WEIRD. people here are so unfriendly. why the hell do they come to a club anyway if they don't wanna have FUN?" and muttered to himself "dumb woman".

a thing I started to notice at this point is that all material Alex~ teaches, from expression to deliberate illogicality to fun is not GAME material, it's life material. by this I mean, Alex~ is like that 24/7. 
Alex~ doesn't express while gaming girls. he expresses 24/7 in his being. so he's not just antagonistic to girls or sweet to girls. he's like that to everybody when walking in the nightclub, on the mall, talking to cab drivers or bartenders. and that made me make that identity-level shift.

a small example: when we were at the mall the next day (day game) and Alex~ had his hand dirty, he asked for paper tissues at a counter.
the woman at the counter gave Alex~ a stranged look (aka THE LOOK), just threw them on the counter and didn't even say one word.
he commented: "what the hell? how rude! she didn't even look at me? really? okay, i'm not even gonna put them in the trash can now", and left the dirty tissues on the counter. it's not being rude, it's being expressive and drawing boundaries.
lesson learned: you don't express yourself for girls, you express yourself 24/7. the girls are aroused as any other person in this world. it's a you thing, not a girl thing. realization gotten.

also, newbie alert:
even though Alex~ would say to himself things like "dumb woman, dumb this, dumb that", that would be a way of expression, never judging the person.
during the duration of the program Alex~ was always extremely polite and respectful.
he would say "yeah, you call them dumb as a way of expressing yourself, but never judge them man. it's just a funny comment".
there was one actual time when I got blown out by a girl I said to myself "fucking dumb cunt", not in a self-amusing way, but in a PISSED way, and Alex~ turned to me immediately:
"don't judge man. you can never know what's going on in her life. she's not a dumb bitch, she's just a girl that did a dumb thing".
even though most girls are idiots and have bad reactions regardlessly of you being a man of value, it's your role to ignore their bullshit and not get pissed at them. just have understanding, have empathy, be able to say "I don't really care, it's girl childish bullshit" and still treat them well.

I kept doing approaches on said club but no actual girls our age showed up. so we bailed, took a cab to an open area in Lisbon which actually looked like the Mardi Gras, necklaces aside. lots of alleys crowded with people. Alex~ made me do some street game. always with the objective of being expressive, making friends, no hard physical escalation. he drilled that shit into me until i got it. that's the kind of person Alex~ is and I thank him especially for his intensity.

i opened a two set. completely reactive and not knowing what to say. haha. it's funny when you are trying to express yourself but still coming from a reactive mindset, it just looks bad. if you say "i like unicorns" while free, relaxed, expressing yourself, it's awesome. if you say "i like unicorns" while mentally blocked, reactive, it's like not only is it weird, it's also kinda nerdy and just STRANGE. this approach was the later. fun timez. i learned a lot about being weird and not caring.

Alex~ told me to open sets asking things like "what is the cost of real estate here?", "I am from the United Nations". i would be in my head a little but still try it.
i was so not used to just not touching the girls, occasionally touching them, shoulder push, and introduce myself with a handshake. i was used to clawing, back of neck grabbing hardcore and others. omg. what a shift. it feels so much more light-hearted and natural now. you don't get the girl contact that early, but it pays off in the long road. it's an interesting tradeoff.

I opened a two-set with "what's the cost of real estate here?" and they burst out laughing. I talked about various subjects ranging from the Simpsons to german girls, unicorns, vampires and other random bullshit. Alex~ was laughing and actually asked me again: "what the hell are you saying to keep them laughing so much? dude, you're doing awesome!". however, because I wasn't still totally 100% on the principles, still a bit in my head, and I didn't know wether I wanted to practice or actually fuck one of the girls, they sensed that incongruency soon after and bailed. I did beat some tests, follow them when they left to a nearby place, kept talking when they said I was boring, my friend was looking for me, bla bla. haha. good timez.

me and Alex~ go inside a club to take a leak, and on his way to the bathroom, not even having to say a word, Alex~ is stopped by a group of redheads that start talking to him completely excited. I just thought: "I can't believe this guy! how is this possible??". now, some time after BC I realize, that is just the power that natural instincts have.

me and Alex~ opened a group of girls with piercings and tattoos, punk-like. Alex~'s girl just loved him. mine was liking me too. although extremely testy and a bit crazy even. a blonde dumb friend showed up and tried to get in my way. as in, she gets between me and the girl and tries to start talking to her.
I persisted, told my girl how her piercing reminded me of a robot unicorn, how she probably had a combat knife and i would marry her just to get my hands on it, divorce her and leave her with no self-defense weapons, and overall shot the shit with her, saying random stuff and beating her tests. she even shit tested me when giving me her phone number.
first she just pressed random digits and walked away. I persisted. come here, biatch. the second time she made up a realistic number but FAKE. the third time she gave me her real number. boom baby. persistence beats resistance!
Alex~ would just plainly give me orders with all the girls in the group looking. we're in the middle of the group of 5-6 people, and I eject and Alex~ tells me "dude, back in set". (people asking "what are they talking about?"). he holds his girl's hand and points to my girl and says "do it". I try to grab her hand, she shit tests me, and i grab it on the second try. learning timez.

Alex~'s girl was loving him. he didn't have a PT cellphone so he just got her email.
(the next day, during day game session, Alex~ would occasionally comment "okay I'm gonna email the girl from last night. oh, what a surprise, she already emailed me!" and she had written a will-sized text.
"hello, i am the girl from last night, hope you remember me, qualifying qualifying qualifying, hope I got your email right". unbelievable. this is where it's at. pure Alexander~ game. pure natural instincts).

Alex~ saw I was kinda nervous so he made me do a cool exercise.
he said "come with me". we both opened a set of ugly girls (not judging anybody, but they were in fact really ugly), and he told me to watch as i influence the girl. you know those nerdy girls, with glasses, jeans and blouse, acne galore, straight out of the library or math school? yep, these were of that breed.
previously, I would influence girls but not acknowledge that and so I wouldn't really feel the dynamic and have empathy. so, Alex~ told me in this set, talk to the ugly girl, watch her averting eye contact cause she's shy, watch her get shy and red, watch her become quiet and attentive. acknowledge that you are influencing her. and I did. aha. that's so much clearer now.
(note: this has been a very good exercise for me and I'd come to practice it after the BC).

after we left the set i told alex~ "hey Alex~... i just thought of something. if with the 4 and 5 star girls, I just assume they will be influenced and shy and love me, just like that ugly one did, will that just work and will they all actually be influenced?". Alex~ smirked acknowledging and said "yep!".

after everybody went away at like 3 AM we decided to go to a club. there was a huge line. no use trying to get in. Alex~ and I discussed the demographics of the club and Alex~ told me about a maneuver where we pretended to be friends of the club owner and get in for free, but he decides it's not worth it, therefore we headed to another club by cab.

we arrive at a zone with various clubs. we went to a club that according to Alex~, sucked a fat dick. dark and loud music. the thing was, all the girls there were overstimulated. Alex~ told me "this is bad. we want a place where you can actually game. low-key. here in this club it's just, crocodile grab to the vagina and be there when they leave. there is no skill needed for this. anyways, since we're here, you are going to game here".

Alex~, in this club, made me express myself and have my own fun in a hardcore way. he completely drilled into me what it is to express yourself and not care about reactions. he made me dance on top of the stage. he made me dance on top of the stage and take my shirt off. he made me do weird dances, pump my fist, stomp my feet with a retarded smile, grind random girls, pretend to be gay and grind chodes, and a lot more.
after that night I started to realize something which is: BEING RETARDED IS LOVELY. everytime I go to the club from now on, it's almost like I'm not expressing myself if I'm not acting in a way that will make people think I'm retarded.

he made me open a couple of bitchy turbos with the opener "when my grandparents die, i'm gonna make a lot of money" and try and stay in there as long as I could.

we went to the top floor and took our jackets off. there were to girls Alex~ suspected being lesbians. he told me to go up and dance with them. "but Alex~, I can't dance!". he told me "I know, neither can I!", and smirked devlishly. I just made retarded dance moves, tried hip bumping, waved my fist, swayed my shoulders. it was so fucking awkward, I made such a fucking fool of myself. Alex~ laughed his ass off. "Alex~, I just made a fool of myself!". "no man, that was perfect! that's the point!". expression was coming out of myself.

later Alex~ told me to go up to a blonde girl dancing by herself and try and hold hands with her. she was one of the suspected lesbians. I went up to her and tried and hold hands. she said no and turned away. i persisted. still no.
Alex~ made me just do drills around the club to let the core come out and express myself. everytime I would be stagnating, "come here student, you are now going to do [insert outrageous action here]". and it all worked.

at one point Alex~ made me open a group of Spanish girls and guys that were just plain boring with the awesome opener "I found oil in Italy. I'm gonna be rich".
i kept on influencing the girl, expressing positive and negative emotions. Spanish chode was next to her. I kept influencing the girl. at one point I just got fucking tired of talking to a human brick wwent up to him (he was talking to his own Spanish girl) and asked him:

"Alex~, they're so fucking boring. I just keep on talking and they don't say anything useful". I thought Alex~ was gonna say I was an idiot or something.
he replied to me: "yes. you are completely right. you are a lot more interesting than them. they're fucking idiots. that is precisely why you have to value yourself and not them. game yourself and involve them. it's about yourself, not them. get it now?"

more weird expressive actions in the night (Alex~ videotaping FOOTBALL CHODES "oh my god football chodes. Jeffy is gonna love this").

we met a couple of girls, plus a chode from my hometown. Alex~ took a girl, I took mine. we kept chatting the girls up.
Alex~ told me I started to align into congruence with the principles of natural game in this set. I stimulated positive emotions, negative emotions, I just chatted the girl up, I didn't get physical too fast. at one point I isolated her, Alex~ isolated his and the end of the night was nearing.
Alex~ left the set to do something and told me:
"okay man. prepare yourself. it's the end of the night. look. I want you to go up to the guy and become his best friends. ask his hobbies, whatever you can. he is the one who is gonna allow us to take these girls home".

the girls told us they had to leave.
Alex~ told me to tell them we'd have coffee together after leaving the club. I told the girls that and they accepted it. I made friends with the chode while we got our jackets and headed towards the exit. things were looking good. Alex~ and I leave with our girls in hand. Alex~'s girl doesn't understand English very well and my skill level wasn't that good so we eventually let them go into the cab.
Alex~ said the logistics were kinda bad. 5 people in a cab is fucked. he explained I was hesitating a bit in translating the conversation between him and the girl. if I had the capability to change her mood, not her mind, be like Ozzie or Jeffy and have experience like them, we could have pulled them. but no worries.

we head back. night end.

miscellaneous lessons: it was interesting to observe Alex~'s social acuity.
we were waiting to get into a club and the bouncer just goes in and leaves us outside with the door closed. a group of black stoned guys comes up to the door. I'm like: "dammit, we're not getting in".
Alex~ says: "no. wait five minutes. I think he's just rejecting the black guys cause they're stoned". the black stoned guys leave, and sure enough, after 5 minutes the bouncer returns. holy shit.

Sunday Saturday debrief
Alex~ told me I should practice staying in set and not sitting down in the corner.
"Dude, what the hell? what were you doing sitting down? i was in my set, you should have continued in yours! remember, it's not what you do, it's what you deal with". that was my major sticking point for the night.

he referred to the kind of environment that would suit my game. he said "that club from last night sucked a lot. no skill level was needed. just crocodile grab to the vagina and leave with them. you want to be in a slow lounge environment. the street environment from last night was very good, man".

Sunday Q&A
Alex~ had told me to gather all the questions I had regarding game for this final debrief and bring them to him. so we tackled various subjects.
he gave me some tips on going from 4 star game to 5 star game. knowing where the police and bouncers are in case shit goes down. not drinking at all - Alex~ mentioned for elite guys, no drinking. only pure vodka and pure whiskey if need be. 

one thing I admired in Alex~, not as a coach but as a person, is his ZERO TOLERANCE TO NEGATIVE BULLSHIT.
there is no negative with Alex~. throughout the BC I would break out occasional negative remarks:
"well, my game officially sucks". "no mate, it does't suck. it's in progress". (first night)
"my taste in shoes is bad". "it's not bad. it's just undeveloped". (day game examining shoes)
"so basically the interaction should look boring". "not boring. subtle". (watching video)

Alex~ gave me some tips on style. he told me having better physique, stylish hair and better shoes will help 15-20% with the first impression. it's not needed, but it helps. he said "you are fine as you are now. but you do not want to be FINE. you want to be THE FUCKING MAN. when you get to elite level you can be like Tyler and sometimes dress as a bum just for fun, but for now, you want every single advantage you can get".
he also mentioned life experience was key. "dudes are messing with you in the club because they can see in your eyes you are not used to this. when you are really used to this they won't fuck with you. they can see it in your eyes you are used to it. my mentality after all these years is like: wow. another club. another bunch of retards to deal with. fucking awesome. thank you God".

I asked Alex~ about guys that come into set. what if a guy with game comes into set?
he told me that there is a level you can't compete with. like if a Portuguese soccer team player goes into set. it's like "bye bye. beaten by the best". you're done.
but if it's a normal guy, your age, your society, just let him blow himself out. shadow lording. project an awkwardness to him. you'll be in the frame you already have the girl, and he'll be in the frame of impression. tell the girl to hold his hand when they just met, so she actively rejects him and goes back to you.
Alex~ told me to use supress fire in these cases. only go as far as he does. if he says "screw you" say "screw you". if he says "fuck off " say "fuck off". if he says "screw you" and you say "screw your mother", that's going too far. only as far as he goes. suppression fire.

Alex~ gave me some advice on expressing boundaries too. with girls. in a funny way calling them out on their idiotness. I asked examples from him because one of my problems (and still is after BC) is lack of knowledge on how to express the negative side of emotions.
If I usually call a girl an idiot or stupid it might come out too serious and just fuck it up in the past. so Alex~ gave me examples of how to playfully call them out on their idiocy.
telling girls just straight: "that's bullshit". "nope, that's wrong. you're dumb, girl. try again". "nope, still wrong". "bam, wrong. idiot!".
he pointed out the use of strong language. with a girl he won't say "I'll but you a drink", but "i'll buy you a drink but I am not your little bitch".
he won't call her a "bitch" for example, but he will call her an "ungrateful child". be polite, but use strong language inside that polite range.

another topic, pull excuses:
- coffee, mcdonalds, food, lounge.
there is a distinction between if you are 4 hours with them or just 30m.
if you just met them like 30-45m ago and it's the end of the night, do use these pull excuses.
if you met them since the start of the night, 4 hour-like, on a longer timeframe, let them make the plan and they'll include you.
not rushing it. letting it flow.

i asked Alex~, in everyday life, how do you deal with bullshit? one of my biggest sticking points was taking shit from people too seriously and therefore being affected by it.
Alex~ said: "my mindset is, I am not entitled to anything in life. I am not entitled to cars, money girls. but I am also not entitled to bullshit. it's not being selfish to not help people with their work".
he told me: to have a strong reality you need two components.
1) what you want to achieve. that is what will guide you in the right direction.
2) what your personal boundaries are. that is what will SEAL your reality.

Sunday day game
Day game: for day game Alex~ made me write down the same exact principles that you can find out in his blog post and he even printed them out.
some questions I had before I understood the core of Alex~'s theory were:
why does Alex~ recommend the bookstore? as he mentioned, it's a filtering mechanism. in the hallways of the mall you'll find 14 year olds. in the bookstore you'll find 20-30 year olds that are intelligent or just pleasant. it's a filtering device. there's nothing wrong with going out meeting chicks in the whole mall, but the bookstore pretty much does most of the screening for you.

I also asked Alex~ why did he recommend start with a generic question and just make friends instead of showing intent and saying something like "you're cute, I wanna meet you". Alex~ clarified that girls want a chill cool guy. not a player cool guy.
he told me, be cool confident, not confrontational confident. the focus is on making the girl comfortable, not impressing her. there are two types of confidence, let's call it. normal guy confident and superhero. when you approach with the confrontational frame you're being too flashy and artificial.

Alex~ mentioned that when a girl is walking by on the street she thinks that every guy she doesn't know is the creepiest fuck at the face of this earth. every single guy she doesn't know. therefore, your only goal on day game is to make her feel comfortable and realize you are normal. everything else flows from there. as Alex~ mentioned, day game is about enjoying wasting time.

during day game I did some sets. in my case I didn't really need to learn anything, just tuneup. instead of being confrontational, just shooting the shit and being a cool chill guy. at first I was kind of scared. it was not my style to just do that. but hey, we're talking about the process followed by a top-level coach here, so I just stopped complaining and tried it. I still am not very experient with Alex~'s way but I'm using it and using it until my brain just gets it. and it is in fact very effective.

we went into the bookstore, no girls there. fuck. we went up to the food court area. I opened two girls and focused on just making them feel comfortable and exchanging interview question info with them. Alex~ goes in set:
"what are your ages, actually?"

as we're running out of useful girls, I mentioned Alex~ there's a train station right next to the mall. we head there. two set of girls in the train station. I sat down and talked to them. I was nervous so it was awkward as shit. I talked to them, tried to make her feel comfortable but not even I was comfortable. haha. awkward as fuck!. Alex~ laughed his ass off later. he did tell me to go back in set two times before. "why did you eject?". "hmmm, I ran out of things to say". "dude, talk about normal stuff. where are they from? what are they doing tonight? what did they do today? interview is fine! go back!".

I opened two girls with shopping bags exiting the mall. I had to semi-run after them, but they didn't notice. I tried and be natural, talk, they were in a hurry. Alex~ reminded me "the game is played in tests. when they have to leave, say wait or one more thing and try and get the contact".

we headed back to McDonalds for the final debrief.

Sunday final debrief
in the end, to put a conclusion to the BC, Alex~ summed up all the points to make me progress. he could sum up all that was lacking in me in 5 main points and told me to keep them in mind to keep making progress after BC.

there was also a lot I learned not from the bootcamp itself, but from Alex~'s personality. for one, he is completely chill. someone tells a joke to a normal person, they smirk. someone tells something to a normal person, they make a sad face. with Alex~ it would be something like:
"Alex this is so awesome". "it's fine".
"Alex I'm worried about this point". "it's fine".
"Alex shouldn't X be like Y?". "it's fine".
"Alex the building is on fire". "it's fine".
I learned from him to much less reactive and just keep my chillness. Alex~ defined this characteristic as a "constant baseline chill". he mentioned, when you have a whole range of embarassments and successes, pretty much when you're used to everything, you just have that constant chillness.

another thing I learned from Alex~ is his absolute certainty. I would ask about many little details in game: "does this affect my game?". "it's alright". "shouldn't this be more like that?". "it's alright". I think I pinged and confirmed too much. Alex~ just assumed most of the things would run alright.

funny detail, in mid-debrief a fucking hobo speaking a strange language in grunts comes up to us, sits next to us, and stares at us. Alex~ ignores him and keeps the debrief.

and finally, one thing I learned from Alex~ too is the language he uses. (I don't know if I mentioned this above, if I did sorry).
I would tell him "well Alex~, my game officially sucks", and he would reply: "no mate. your game is in progress. it will only get better".
"Alex~, I just realized my taste in shoes sucks". "nah mate, it's only undeveloped. it will get better".
"Alex~, that interaction was boring". "it wasn't boring. it was subtle".
Alex~ has a zero tolerance to negative bullshit and he demonstrated it. there is no way things can go wrong. life is good!

this was an amazing experience. not only in game terms. my reality got destroyed. my tastes and hopes got changed. and Alex~ is one hell of a teacher and person. both as an inspiration, a superior of game, but also as a person, just a chill cool guy that you can talk with about casual stuff like coffee, roots or leeching from ThePirateBay, and he will make the situation pleasant to the people around him.

really amazing experience. not in the sense of theatrical life change, just a changing of the subtle principles of my game. however, a subtle change of the principles is precisely what I needed in my game, not a dramatic theatrical change.

(edit: I've reviewed the post and added more details so you guys can take more out of it.)
(edit 2: more stuff)
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Awesome writeup man, always good to read about the Alex bootcamps!
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Hey I really enjoyed this write up and I got a lot out of it. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.
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 Cool bootcamp. Thanks for writing it down, I got several new points out of it that I have to apply for myself, thanks!
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 Thanks for writing this up.

This brought me some succes last night, as I was able to "inspire attraction" by "expressing myself instead of impressing anybody". Also the mindset of "beating tests" and "I am enough" stuck more by this detailed rapport of you!
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Epic! Glad you had a great time. Keep us updated..
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 Nice report man! Very detailed and looks like you are really internalising everything
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Awsome stuff. I hope you learned a lot from bootcamp and it seems you have. Reread in a few months to reinforce some of those things. Keep it fresh and discard what did not work for you.

He still amazes me the stuff that comes out of his mouth. His emotional side runs wild in a club. I would love to take a bootcamp with him.

God Speed.
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wow, thanks for reporting so thoroughly. got a lot out of it!

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