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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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 3/3 Thursday night

Date tonight with Lithuanian girl from the reception -earlier today we had a text convo that went like this:

Hello little miss Lithuania. We meet tonight at 8. If you like we can engage in eastern european activities like drink vodka, eat potatoes and talk shit about Russians. 

helllo, hello, yeah definitley vodka and russia lol! probably i'll need some after today. Vodka I mean!I'm not sure if I finish till 8 as have class which might finish anything between 7:30 and 8:30 or even 9. Lets plan 8 but I let you know if Ill be late. Town hall?  ;)

This was followed up by her meticuously confirming how far away she was. All I can think is it's on.

We meet up and I cheek kiss and hug from the get go - this is the first physicality we're had since I was speaking to her from behind a desk when I'd met her before. There's a good vibe from the start. We go to Marble Bar underneith the Hilton - for the Sydney Crew I think this place is excellent for a date - it's hidden, classy, extremely beautiful and the drinks are great at reasonable prices. There's also real good live music, usually something in the jazz, chilled scene. When we arrive the act is doing a superb rendition of Human Nature by Michael Jackson. I'm loving it and this gets me in the mood fr talking about stuff that I like and random stuff that I want to talk about. We're vibing well and hands are now being held. She's opening up more and more and starting to crack jokes - something I hadn't seen so far. Things look good. 

Soon she's asking me questions about my travels/adventures in eastern europe and this is where I slip up. She asks me about girls from there and I reply candidly that I love them and have had some girlfriends from out that way. I then over display my knowledge of the region in general. This comes back to bite me. I pull her from the bar and start walking back towards my hotel which is nearby. We get to the entrance and makeout a little - but she won't go in :

You think I'm like other girls from this part of world but I'm not, I'm very very hard to get. I think you need to find another girl for what you want to do.

I laugh it off and kiss her again but nothing else is happening tonight and she starts to get solemn with me. I say goodnight and text her half an hour later saying I had a good night - with her replying right  after saying she did also. We have another cute text conversation but I can't say how far this one will go. We'll see. I do like this girl, shes cute, quirky and has a crazy accent. I've already gotten it done with an Estonian and a Latvian so to knock off the Baltic 3 would be a cool little achievement :D
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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Join Date: 11/11/2008 | Posts: 611

4/3 Friday night

Get to Ivy just before 10pm. Lots of RSD dudes out which is cool - and the club is so big that competition is a non-issue. My cold is still lingering but I'm thinking its going to be a good one. Get some warm ups sets going on with German girls. There are so many German girls in Sydney it's fucking insane - I've met 10x as many of them as Australians - but that's fine - the accent is always sexy. I open some Brazilians who look like Asians and it goes good but they soon shuffle off too dance. 2 Germans are talking behind me so I spin around and double claw them - both are pretty cute. One is half-Swedish/German. Talk about your awesome genetic combo - her ass is outstanding. We vibe for a bit and I get the half casts number - but I say I'll see her again that night - which I will. 

Upstairs now - mooch to far end of bar and see what I rate as the two most stunning girls I see the whole night. They're just talking to themselves and I bust in grinning with

Who on earth are you guys!!! I sense exotic lands from afar!! :D

Yeah, we're from Estonia


I can't emphaize enough how much I love Estonian girls and these ones are utterly stunning - it takes me back to legendary nights in Tallinn and Parnu. Platinum blondes, blue eyes, perfectly shaped bodies and the cutest faces. One is a 6 ft tall model with a giant-ass engagement ring but her friend is available. I talk shit to both of them while sprinkling in knowledge of their homeland. They are leaving early tonight but I get the free ones number before they leave as well as a little kiss on the lips. It seems solid for later:)

CASE IN POINT (song is ridiculous - Girls fucking WINNING) 

Soon after I see halfcast Swede again. I just shout her name and she stops, turns around and smiles at me. I storm up to her, pick her up and spin around. We do Jager shots (which really help a cold BTW) and then find a seated area where things get quite intimate and physical. Getting the kiss takes longer than expected though - she tells me she just broke up with her boyfriend on tuesday and isn't drunk enough to put him out of her mind just yet. But we do make-out a little in the end. We're sort of cuddling/groping on a couch for half an hour, getting her all warmed up - I'm thinking the pull is imminent - until her friend texts her and she snaps out it - she has to rush off to find her downstairs. I go with her. Her friend has left and she says she has to go now to find her. Dammit. I try to stall but no dice. She leaves and my headache which has been building up all day is starting to reach critical mass from a lack of sleep. It's only 12:30 but I decide to go home.

5/3 Saturday night

If last night had been relatively tepid - tonight was a fucking disaster

Tonight it's Mardi Gras in Sydney - a huge-ass deal here. I don't go to see the actual parade but assume that town will be chaotic fun that night. It actually turned out to be quiet - at least where I went. I'm suppossed to be meeting up with King Rat at Argyle but later find out that he is denied at the entrance on dress code bullshit. In any case I'm with the same 2 friends as last saturday - dumb idea - because I already know that they're retarded when they go out and as much as I like them, they bring nothing but bad vibes and mediocre success criteria. They've also brought along a fresh-off-the-boat Iraqi friend of their who turns out to be a fucking psycho - never again am I hanging with this in town. On the plus side he seems to really like me and would definitely make a good bodyguard. Before we bounce from my friends house to town, Iraqi dude pulls out a giant fucking hunting knife and starts talking to himself about whether he'll be requiring it at the bar we are going too. I'm freaked out and tell him to leave that shit here. But he insists on bringing it with him saying he needs to be ready to "deal with shit". Fucking hell - he doesn't actually whip it out that night but he does spend the night eyeing people down, getting into vitriolic conversations with strangers and worst of all - silently hovering around me while I'm opening girls - creeping them out and me. Meanwhile my 2 mates are just getting plastered as they always do.

Not quite as smooth as this guy

My sets go badly this night - for many reasons. I'm being put off by the dudes I've gone out, I get some extreme bitches, and so are some guys as well. One 4 set has 2 guys and 2 girls. The girls are sisters and her psycho Russian boyfriend is there with his chodey, silent mate who is clearly interested in the available (and more attractive) sister. I open well and soon turn my attention to the cutie who is free - she likes me and its on - but the second I move to put my arm around her - Russian psycho grabs my arm and throws it off with a vicious look on his face. I tell him it's nice that he's protective of his girlfriends baby sister but maybe he could try chilling out. This infuriates him and he pulls in the girl (who goes all quiet and into spectator mode) and tells me to fuck off before he fucks me up. I point and laugh at him and tell him he must learn how to not be so angry all the time. I'm actually quite pissed off that this is cockblocking as hard as he is - but what else can you do other than tool pricks like this? Russian declares WE'RE LEAVING and ushers the 4some out of there while glaring back at me. I wave back at him with my middle fingers. Psycho Iraqi has come hovering around and as much as I really dislike this guys attitude - he would have fucked up the Russian had he decided to up the ante on me. 

The next set - I think my 6th or 7th - is actually going good: 3 Hot German girls who are giggling at every piece of nonsense I throw at them. But Iraqi starts hovering creepily again and I can tell the girls are getting nervous. To break the ice I introduce them to him, but he doesn't say anything - he just stares at them with a blank face. Seriously this could not be more scary if there was ticking coming from his shirt. As if the situation couldn't be improved upon, my other friend suddenly appears and tells me that we all have to leave. Our other friend had apparently gotten into an argument with some skinhead who had proceeded to rally his skinhead mates which tried to attack him. The bouncers had intervened and kept these guys at bay but also gave high recommendations that my friends leave. I'm exasperated at this point - the game can be hard enough without having to deal with faggotry like this. I'm in such a bad mood that I just decide to leave with them (since they live close to me and a cab is a big fare from here). I should have stayed though. Lesson solidly learned - Never go to town with these guys again. I should have learned this from last weekend - but thought I'd give it a 2nd go since 2 of them were old friends. I'm glad there's such a solid RSD crew in Sydney to hang with as a viable alternative. 
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 Nice man. Ill be doing a little tour of the Baltics in September.. any recommendations on hostels/clubs?
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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Join Date: 11/11/2008 | Posts: 611

@ Moey: Yeah mate, plenty more to come. I think I'll make Ivy the default Friday spot from now on :) And on Saturdays I'll be seeing you more as well haha

@ Water: Yeah mate, I've done 2 trips there. Once in Summer, once in winter. They're my favourite places in Europe. I did promise travel tips in the title so here:


TALLINN: Go to Tallinn Backpackers - it's fucking sweet. They do crawls EVERYNIGHT to some really cool bars and also do some cool day trips. Most backpackers end up at club Hollywood on any given night - which is pretty average to be honest. Hit up Club Prive - classier, more locals and the best looking girls go there. 
PARNU: Wildly underrated and undervisited town though september might be a little late to enjoy the benefits of its summer capital status and awesome beach. I stayed at the Louna Hostel and got a 4 person bedroom to myself. Interestingly the only other people there were Swedish girls - made things pretty easy. It's a small town so with the exception of the beach club, every other club is on the same street. I went to Mirage and it was pretty cool. You can also go to awesome luxuary spa/sauna centres there for fuck all $$$:


RIGA: Friendly Fun Franks Hostel is an awesome place to stay. The second time I went to Riga I stayed at Flying Squirrel which is overrated to say the least. Honestly I can't remember the names of the clubs in Riga that I specifically went too last time - I was so fucking wasted there and ended up pulling from the street one night. PROTIP: Find hot local girls and ask where's good to go (goes for everywhere). If weather is still holding out take a day trip to Jurmula beach - it's real nice. It only got on my radar after a girl I'd hooked up with invited me to spend the night with her out there. 

Regretably I didn't go to Lithuania either time for logistical reasons - but its in the headlights for 2012. Go to Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda and get back to me on how it is>> 

I also wrote this a few months ago regarding my 1st trip to the Baltics (need to do follow up piece some time):
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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6/3 Sunday night

Went out with a girl I’d met two Saturdays earlier, we’d been having flirty texts all week and conveniently she lived not too far away from me. We meet up for a coffee in the Italian forum. She's Australian raised but full Portugese heritage – cute exotic look – the way I like it. I hadn’t made out with her before which was the only downer since it meant I couldn’t get physical strongly with her off the bat other than kiss her on the cheek . We sit down and get a coffee. She’s giggling away at my stories and random shit the whole time but the aesthetics of the table/seating make physical escalation impossible. I’m very aware of this it starts to annoy me that I’ve made such a rookie logistical error. After an hour or so of this I decide to end it on the ground that I’m tired and have some things to take care of – but say we should meet up in the week for a cooking date which she likes the idea of. As we get up to leave in different directions I go to kiss her but predictably get the cheek. She tells me not tonight with a wink. I know this girl likes me but I sense a relationship dynamic to future interactions. Girl is about a 7 and I don’t want any slow, steadilly esculating relationship. Not sure how to proceed on this one. I think I’ll leave it to her to get back to me. If she doesn’t then no big deal.

8/3 Tuesday night

It’s Polish cherishes (from page #1) last night in the big Sydney for now so we both want to meet up. She’s going to New Zealand for a few weeks but will be back here for a few days afterwards. Even though it looks like I’m not banging this girl (on account of bf), I sincerely love her company. I’ve realized that even though I’m super into her, I’m somehow totally free of outcome. She wants to go to Establishment (flash, awesome place) since it’s salsa night and apparently she’s an awesome dancer. I don’t dance at all by the way. I get there around 10:15 and as I’m about to enter she comes out the front crying. She’s happy to see me but quickly explains why she is upset. Apparently she has a bunch of jealous male Salsa partners who are really good dancers (nothing more she insists) but tonight they all ended up fighting over who got to dance with her and then angrily demanded to her that she choose one of them for the night. This led to her getting really pissed off, calling them all pathetic losers and storming out the front too where we are now. I tell her to forget about it and lead her back inside to get vodka shots. We chill for a bit, catch up and then she sees some dancer guy she knows in the crowd and wants to dance again – I tell her to go since I want to watch. She is actually fucking amazing – like really, really good. It’s a pleasure to watch - she's easilly the best dancer and best looking girl in here and everybody is watching her. Then when the song stops she drops the guy, comes back to me and starts dirty grinding on my dick, looking back with a smirk on her face. Fuck I love this girl. We make-out a little. This process repeats for a while, with her going off to dance a bit with some salsa chode, then transferring the built up sexual energy off onto me afterwards.


While she dances I just stand by a table and talk to girls who are also salsa impaired. I'm so at ease and socially turbo proofed by Claudy that they all go super well. Most of them are quite older but then I catch a total stunner sneaking a glance at me. Darked haired super hottie slavic girl. Russian it turns out. I tell her she's cute and that I'm in Timati's entourage. She's very giggly, fidgety and just loving everything I say. She's there with 3 hot friends and one token psycho looking Russian monster who luckilly is too preoccupied with another girl to pay attention to me. It seems to be going really well but I decide to go take-away on her and see Claudy again for a bit. We get some more vodka and I molest her in the corner of a club in a private area for a bit - but that's as much as I'm getting. However, unlike the last time I wrote about her it really doesn't bother me that much. The realization that she won't cheat on her boyfriend for some awesome player who smooth-as-hell picked her up in a cafe actually makes me like her more. Shes my ideal girl - which mean there are plenty more like her out there :) I have to get up early in the morning so we passionately kiss gooodbye and I leave the club . On the way out I see HBRussia. I tell her I'm leaving. She gives me her number and I give her a lingering neck kiss as a parting gift. I can't wait to meet up with this one later. I REALLY want her. 

Text Updates:
*Estonian from friday doesn't actually live in Sydney  (South Coast or something) but does come here every weekend and is keen to meet up then. 
*Still texting flirty stuff with Lithuanian but I've lost a little interest in here since hotter chicks have come up. Only really want her for the Baltic trifecta. 
*I do Tims 5 min gf text thing with turbo Russia and she bites the following minute. She's calling me baby right off the bat and wishes she didn't have a cold right now so we could hang out. I call her up and she sounds REALLY sick. I hope she gets better fast also... promiscuous facebook convos will have to suffice until then. 
* French girl from friday wants to meet up at Ivy on Friday night.

Fuck I love Europe. Since I've been in Australia I've only met maybe one or two aussie girls lol

Oh yeah and this is Timati. Most dope-ass pimped out soviet playa eva dawg. 

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 Timati's got nothing on Timf Bhraowhn. HOLLA AT A REAL PLAYA

Friday night - get glorious, mate :) 
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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11/3 Friday night

Talk about your what-the-hell-is-happening-to-me nights. And I don’t say this in a good way. Looking back I can see why it was a train. Let me set the scene for you:

- I’m pretty tired and slightly irked that I had to work longer hours than normal for a Friday.
- On the train into town my friend calls me (slightly sobbing) that our old school mates buddy has been retrieved from the pile of twisted smoking steel formerly known as the Canterbury TV Building in Christchurch. We knew he was ‘missing’ in the earthquake but this absolute confirmation suddenly made things painfully real.
- I arrive at Ivy at 10:04pm. Hefty door charge commences from 10pm. I’d been rushing to beat it and am pissed off that I have to pay.
- I’m cold sober.

Scene is set for Chodes ‘tragic’ night out III. None-the-less I meet up with Moey and try to put that shit behind me. The French girl from last weekend texts me and tells me she’s upstairs so I go to find her. It takes a bit of time but eventually I do and she is fucking smashed. Like horrendously drunk. She greets me with a super enthusiastic kiss and hugs but she’s also there with an ugly friend and an entourage of 8 enormously gay Parisian wankers. These retards barely speak 2 words of English and all take a disliking to me immediately on the basis that I cannot converse with them. I’m having a close conversation with Frenchgirl but they start smothering me out and pulling her away. Her, being drunk just goes with it while they all glare at me. I get her back again for a bit but soon get cut out again. I can’t be fucked dealing with this shit.

Time for some proper warm up sets – they go the way warms up sets usually go – just ok with a bit of fizzle at the end. But that’s expected and I just move onto the next ones to gear it up. It doesn’t happen though. Something weird happens tonight – instead of gradually shifting up into second gear as I usually go, my gearbox jams and grinds to a complete halt. Suddenly the combined cons of my setup come pooling together like a vile poison and just settle there brewing away. I see a girl with a Dutch passport and ask her how things are in Holland. She looks at me in disgust and shirks off somewhere. WTF. You’d have thought that I’d asked her to partake in an ass-to-mouth threesome with a Kings Cross hooker.

Things just get worse, the law of state transference is held to be self evident. Girls are being Teflon and all I can think about is leaving, but I tell myself to keep going and eventually i’ll reach the indifference threshold and come crashing over into the land of glory as I have done many a night before. But not tonight. I see Moey and chill with him for a bit but he’s simultaneously getting physical with an Asian girl so I quickly let them be. My breaking point eventually comes. I awkwardly re-engage a girl I’d spoken to briefly earlier. My tonality feels ok in my head but on reflection it’s awful and I reinitiate with something so lame (Can’t remember exactly what it was) that I actually stop myself halfway through and then just stand there silently trying to think of something better to say. Pathetic. The girl gives a wide eyed get-me-the-fuck-out-of-here facial to some distant vantage point then turns back to me and says yeah, no, sorry, please go ok. I do. I leave the club at this point. Fuck this. I haven’t had my game this off since before I even knew about the game. No wonder so many people quit at this – sometimes it can be brutal.

MAJOR LESSON: There are nights where it’s ok not to go out. You aren’t actually doing yourself a favour in some circumstances.

Come the 4 week mark I plan to condense all my lessons from the part month into one post. I have gotten quite a few. 

12/3 Saturday

I at least sleep well and despite the horrendous night previously I feel better and call up two girls I’d met on more auspicious nights to organise dates. Both answer and both are keen. I have HBEstonia (from previous Friday) for 5:45pm this afternoon (she’s only in Sydney on Weekends) and HBRussia (from previous Tuesday) for Tuesday night. My gut feeling says both of these dates should go well given how awesome the initial interactions were.

I meet HBE close to my new apartment where there is an Italian style forum – it’s a beautiful square and good for a date. It’s also a 2 minute walk from my house. Definitely winning. She’s there early, looks very sexy and tells me she wasn’t sure where the place was so she’d actually taken a cab. This is a good start. We were originally meeting for a coffee but it naturally evolves into pizza and a few drinks given the time of day. Nothing really groundbreaking to report here, over the date we vibe really well, get some handholding/stroking going on and the sexual tension builds. After a couple of hours we are making out intensely and go back to mine. She won’t let me get as far as banging her this night but we fool around for ages, watch a movie and it’s actually quite romantic. Her accent is so cute and she’s very witty and playful to talk too. Did I mention hot also? I hear-by declare I shall seal the deal with this one next weekend. She’s the hotter one on the left:


Suddenly I look at the time and its 11-something pm at night (Sorry Moey). After a deep embracing goodbye, my girl leaves around midnight. I feel all warm and fuzzy and can’t be bothered with town now. I watch the end of a Super Rugby game, then get on skype where a fine German girl who gave me head on new years eve (I was on crutches with busted ankle at the time) is messaging me lots of dirty things. Turn video on and she’s there naked playing with herself. Too bad she’s in Lausanne, Switzerland and I’m in Sydney.

Funny how you can be dealt a two and a seven one night, then a king and an ace the next.
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 Your posts are inspirational. Keep living :) !
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Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

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@ Lovehandle: cheers man - nice for some positive feedback. 

14/3 Monday

On Sunday night at 9pm party-Russian HB9 gives from Tuesday gives me a text. I’ll just call her M* here. Remember, I’ve had about 15 minutes of facetime with this girl and there was no making out or anything. Though if you read my FR you’ll see that in that environment I looked like a rockstar.

come to bondi now

She’s at a party there with her friends but Bondi is an hour and twenty away from my place and it’s a freaking Sunday night, so I regretfully decline. Turns out I needn’t have been concerned, the next day we are chatting on facebook around 7pm, she has some hospitality assignment due first thing in the morning which she still has to finish and her English is kind of bad. This is convo (complete with her bad english grammar):

Is DJ product or Service?


Oh thanks

So you just sitting around doing nothing at house?

Pretty much, Monday and all

Do you need some company?

YES =)

Where do you live?

122 ******** street, ******

Ok, I’ll come over at 8:30


I go over to her apartment feeling pretty good - this just has to be on tonight. She lets me in and her apartment also turns out to be really flash with awesome views of Darling Harbour. Her two hot Russian friends/flatmates are there also. I’d met them all when I first met M* the other night and they looked like real cold hearted bitches, but they were extremely nice to me tonight – one offered to make me a banana smoothie which I accepted. While her friends are there, M* wants me to look at her assignment and fix a few errors – which I do quickly. All this time she is testing/teasing me with stuff like:

 - You don’t look 25, you are younger like kiddo – your id is not true (she's younger than me)
 - You need to get more muscle at gym, you look weak (for record I’m just an average build)
 - You presume a lot of me

I smirk it all off with yeah and it’s cool, but it’s a very playful interaction in any case. Eventually her friends clear away and I pull her in for a make-out and we go hard. She asks me if I can give her a shoulder/back massage to which I concur. She likes it really hard, and makes lot of pleasure noises as I give her one. Eventually I slip her tank top down and go for her whole bare back with her tits out and give them a massage as well. But it stops there for now. No rushing she insists. I really want to go for gold  but it becomes evident that will have to wait for another night.

I cab home and she texts me twice within 2 minutes before I can reply:

Goodnight Kiddddooooo ::))))))))))


I think you are cool

Next time mates…

Girl is a goddess, can’t wait


I also need too work on speeding up these day 2's. 
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king rat


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Damn, I don't think I've ever seen you with a girl that wasn't fucking gorgeous :)
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