November 21st, 2018
Lifestyle Rocket Fuel, Life Hacks, The 80-20
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I'm a "maximiser" at heart and I love anything that amps your efficiency in getting any area of life nailed - the few core actions that give the bulk of the results.

Be that with Girls, Fitness or Business it's the life hacks and core 80-20 methods that really catapault you to the front, and stretch the distance out between you and the rest of the pack who are putting in similar amounts of effort.

('80-20' is the idea that most of our success in an area comes from only a few core actions - Google 'Paretos Law' for more info )

I'm gonna list all the things that I've found so far that I consider Life Hacks / 80-20 / the distilled CORE essentials, for different areas of life. It would be awesome if you could contribute your own. I honestly think that finding the core 80-20 actions and implementing them, is the absolute key difference between being average and being EXCEPTIONAL in anything.

This is the stuff I've found to be absolute rocket fuel:


The key resources and mindsets we talk about on RSDN. Specifically:

-Intent/Sexuality/Leading/Escalation - HUGE. There's thousands of extroverted guys in the world but having this dialled puts you lightyears ahead of most of them.  The "masculine action" that differentiates the men from the boys
-Letting go, not caring, detachment from outcome - HUGE
-Momentum - again HUGE. The diff between a player who pulls hard, or your average social guy out for a few beers, "trying his luck"
-Blueprint stuff, the understandings of what really constitutes value

All this for me has = pulling consistently around the world, and feeling entitled to do so.

Strength Training

-Squats and Deadlifts. Progressive overload, low-ish reps. All you need to reach insane levels of athletic strength... programs can vary but basic idea = do low reps and increase weight gradually + consistently over time, dont train to failure.  Can buy Starting Strength or Tsatsoulines PTTP if you want to pay for a program, or just lift and add weight to the bar. I had by far the strongest legs and guard in my BJJ class with several much bigger guys, just from getting my squat to 120kg x 5 in a few months, which isnt even that much. HUGE for sports requiring any kind of strength or explosiveness (full-body strength = makes you faster).

Losing Fat:

-Cutting carbs, Squats + Deadlifts as above, and short sharp high-intensity stuff; kettlebell swings. The combo has melted fat off me whenever I've used it

(TF's 4 Hour Body is immense for this, although I've only tested a fraction of the things in it)

Injury Rehab:

Trigger Point Workbook.  I Fixed a 18 month back injury that had kept me from squatting, deadlifting and running, just by massaging my glutes 3 times a day for a couple of weeks.  Basic premise = most muscular and join pain (author claims 80%, including arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis) is actually referred pain from chronic unhealed muscle tears that have become hard knotty trigger points.  Pain can be "referred" to different parts of the body - gluteal (ass) trigger points refer pain to your lower back that feels like a herniated disc, upper back trigger points cause pain in the front of the shoulder (frozen shoulder syndrome).  The treatment involves finding the responsible trigger points and releasing them with specific massage techniques.  Similar to ART, except it's free and DIY, but takes longer.  Book contains all major trigger points, their referred pain symptoms, and how to treat - it's amazingly extensive.  Check the Trigger point wiki to read about the existence + validity of trigger points.

Language Learning: Forums. The RSDN of language learning. Some serious heavy hitters there, people with 5-10 languages under their belt who know how to get conversational in a language in a matter of weeks/months. Depending on your language goals you can put together an 80-20 program, a combination of paid and free products, and get up to speed insanely quickly.  Am currently doing German, have put in maybe 25 hours total study time, just got back from Germany and understood a ridiculous amount.   Am aiming for basic conversational fluency in ~ 2 months

General Lifestyle + Travel

-4 Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss
-Life Nomadic - Tynan
-Vagabonding - Rolf Potts

All really inspiring & I took a load of practicalities from each for taking a path other than the "deferred life plan", alot of which I have implemented.

General Life Well-Being

-Trauma Release Exercises by David Berceli - Absolutely HUGE...for me. YMMV.  With meditation I'd start to relax, "get present" then my body would physically tense up.  The basic idea of these is that trauma = incomplete physical movement that got "trapped" at the time it occurred. You do these exercises, you lie on the floor and your muscles shake for 15 minutes,  you release deep surges of energy and emotion, & you gradually become less uptight and more functional within weeks. Was ultra-skeptical and didnt try it for months after hearing about it.  I have to say it's been transformative - I feel massively different inside. BIIG improvement in well-being (but took alot of persistence). Author makes a good case for its biological basis, seems like a together guy and no upsell.   The Book is $13 and contains all the exercises.

-'Focusing' by Eugene Gendlin. Tyler wrote recently about how you have to feel your emotions fully and let them change you, in order to grow from them - this book is sort of a way  of doing that, or rather, allowing it to happen.  Gendlin studied patients in talk-therapy, and the difference between those who changed and those who went round in circles was that the ones who succeeded were doing this 'Focusing' process internally. Book contains the specific steps for it, good examples and trouble-shooting. The idea is you apply the Focusing process to areas of your life you are stuck or struggling with, and it helps foster insight, emotional movement, and thus growth / action steps.  Its sort of a similar experience to journalling, except it gets more to the core of things.

-'Get Out of Your Mind and In to Your Life' by Stephen Hayes - Gives the best explanation of "Values" I've read, knowing what they are + arent, and getting clear on how to contact + stay in touch with your own values. Very in line with RSD concepts.

Areas I'm still delving into, and not really distilled the 80-20 stuff from yet:

-Business and Wealth Creation

-Diet and General Health

It'd be really cool if you guys jump in with your own core-essentials that have worked for you in different areas. Whatever has been "rocket fuel" for you personally in any area you value, and if it beats stuff that's here then that's even better.  I'm personally really interested in hearing about wealth, business stuff & health/diet, or actually any cool or exotic area of life that you have found your 80-20 for and nailed!
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good post
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lol I read your post then realised we have the same name, x2 thumbs up
please delete this account
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Loving this thread! 

Nutrition and Supplements:
Natural Highs by Hyla Cass (Psychiatrist that has her own practice.. naturopath, etc.) I believe you can read excerpts from it on google.

Business and wealth creation:
Think and grow rich

7 habits of highly effective people (Partied at this millionaire house.. he had like four copies of this, Papa told me he has EVERY edition ever made, etc.)

Representing RSD in Toronto.

"You do this for LOVE. Not because there's somethin missing in your life that you think it will fulfill."-Owen

"They say love is in the air, so I hold my breath till I turn purple. Keep a few bad bitches in my circle."

My field reports:
(practice offering value.. drop a comment!)
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Awesome thread. Would love to see more about business.
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 great thread, bookmarking and it and going to start implementing this stuff v.soon.
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uh, you're flitting between so-called "core actions" and whole books/websites to read/view... i mean...

anyway, i don't buy the 80-20 rule.

if you want to be mediocre... sure... but for anything elite - the nuance in learning and excelling is a lifelong process of consistently adding/refining your skillz

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Good stuff.

"There is no world apart from what you wish, and herein lies your ultimate release.
Change but your mind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly." -  A Course in Miracles
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 love this thread. RSDN needs more posts like this. 

i've been rocking starting strength and TRE for some time now myself and can vouch for both. guys love laughing at TRE like chodes laugh at pickup but hey, shit works. try it out. 

gotta check out that language forum this weekend. 

my food go-tos... i've tried a number of different diets over the years (eat whatever, vegetarian, vegetarian with fish, vegan...) and the primal/paleo/low-carb is how i do it now. makes you feel real good.

money... i've always been really shit with money but reading this book brainwashed me out of a life long bad habit of spending everything i get and having an empty bank account at the end of the month.
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Really awesome idea for a thread.
Finally an application of Tim Feriss Idea...
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Awesome man!

Yeah the intent + freedom of outcome + momentum (in my opinion) is definitely 80% of the game.  It's almost all I really think / act on when I'm out.

I've watched the last 5 or 10 instructor assistants in a row go through a process where they hear me go through it on day1 weekend after weekend and initially get bored,  Then get really good results and attribute it to those three factors.  Often they even say it's just ONE of the three:  momentum (since it automatically handles the other two).  A few of have gone on to get some really intense results.

With the workout stuff I'm glad I brought back in the deads and squats, as I lost focus on them for a while.  It's hard to measure if it's done anything or not, but sure it must have given what you're saying here.  I'll try the kettlebells next and see how it goes.

For losing fat the main thing for me was paleo + figuring out systems to stick to it.  Funny enough the last one was harder than the former.  One trick:  tons of probiotics.  Kombucha tea (choose the low sugar ones like GT), Saurkraut , etc.  These cut carbs cravings like a motherfucker.  Drink 2 Kombucha GT's a day for three weeks and you won't even be able to look at refined carbs anymore.  Dump tons of probiotic unpasteurized saurkraut in with all the meats and you won't want carbs to go with it.

Probiotics are so amazing because the bacteria has EATEN the carbs in the food so none remain, and then they proceed to EAT THE YEAST (the shit that craves the carbs and bloasts you) inside your body.  Also cranks up your immune system.  Probiotic/unpasteurized saurkraut has zero carbs, bacteria that continues to eat the yeast in your body so it doesn't want carbs, fiber to fill you up, and indole 3 carbinoles of cabbage to load you with nutrients.  It's really fucken crazy -- just eat that shit with every protein based meal and you're good.

Other thing was packing food.  This is constant:  never leave the house without the shit you're going to eat when you get hungry later.  Beyond that, figuring out fast food meals you enjoy eating that are paleo.  Some favs are Chipotle burrito bowl with no rice or beans, Whole Foods Market steaks I have them cook up right then and there (I usually have to force them to comply, as they get confused by the request), and double steak / spinach salad with all veggies from Subway.

(But yeah I always have ziplock bags on me, so as to avoid cheating.  Key is not trying to have willpower, just make it so you don't have to.  Without this I'd have been lost.)

For business I think the movie "The Secret" is where it's at.  Funny huh?  Because I think the movie is absolute trash for most people, who will simply walk around delusionally trying to manifest parking spots.  But for intelligent people the basic concept is "Focus on the WHAT (you want) not the HOW.  Then your RAS will fill in the blanks."  This is actually hyper important for people of intelligence, it's just sad that it oversimplifies and gives false hope to the masses.  For you Rich, this would be pretty much the key though.

From there the main thing is "willpower" and "execution" -- ie: cultivating the ability to get to task quickly, finding enjoyment in the oftentimes repetitive nature of becoming the best at something, etc.

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