October 21st, 2018
RedGlass Journal
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A tight oneitis song lol:

Grocery store
Walk up to register, held eye contact with the cute cashier on the way up. She's a solid 8 really cute.  Maybe I should rate her higher idk.  She looked away to talk to a friend of hers (I’m assuming she’s a friend)

I forgot most of the damn interaction.

Me: You’re cute.
Her: I get that a lot. (I think this is where she started giggling)
Me: Oh really I thought it was rare. It usually is.
Her: Most guys get offended if you call them cute. *giggle*
Me: I don’t give a crap. I’ve been called cute, handsome, even ugly. Everyone has a different opinion.

I forgot what I said next.

Me: Give me your phone number.
This was after I’m done paying for my sodas.

Her: No. Have a nice day.
Me: Ok give me your facebook.
Her: I don’t have a facebook. *giggle*

Then she says some weirdly obvious thing about facebook.
I say something like “well that’s obvious” (I think she might have been nervous) then:

Me: I’ll look you up.
Her: *gives me her first and last name to look her up*
Me: *makes a joke about her last name*

It’s been so long since I’ve done this that my hands are shaking like hell.
She giggles

I look her up. I show her my phone which has people’s facebooks up in the search. She says it’s not hers.

Me: Are you the picture of the duck?
Her: *giggle* No. My picture has 2 girls on it.
Me: Just give me your phone number.

Her: Ok it’s *phone number*

I stand in place and call her. Her phone rings in her pocket. She pulls her phone out, looks at my number and makes a comment about my area code. It’s not local, it’s Hawaii’s code. I love Hawaii so much I wanted to keep the area code.

Me:  Do you know what area code it is?
Her:  What?
Me:  Do you know what area code it is?
Her:  No.
Me:  (Not wanting to brag that I've lived in Hawaii)  "Just wondering"

I leave a message from an idea I got from college flirt:

Me: Hey this is RedGlass1 I’m talking to this creepy girl. She’s really creeping me out.

She laughs for about the millionth time in this short interaction.

Me: Alright I gotta go, I’ll talk to you later.
Her: Bye

I leave.

I’m thinking I should have shaken her hand. Maybe talked about more personal stuff? Someone chime in please if you can.
Sarging is a lot easier with good medication.  I feel better than before.  Right now I feel bad but earlier I felt pretty good.  Especially during the interaction.  A lot less paranoia and less phantom voices.

I gotta fill out paperwork so I can get my CT scan.  I hate paperwork.
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I was also looking sexy having not showering (workers are working on the leech field in our backyard), wearing non-slip work shoes, wrangler jeans, button up dickies shirt, Thundercats beanie from Wal-Mart.

I'm excited to call her tomorrow and see what happens.
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Called her, no answer.  Damn it ain't gonna be easy is it?!  At least I manned up and did it.  I used to have to psych myself up like I'm about to skydive or something.

Went to the bookstore today after I got blood drawn to test if my thyroid is ok.  My blood pressure is 100/50 even though I haven't worked out in months.  I hope that's a good thing.

When I was waiting to see the nurse I saw some dude.  He looked familiar.  I kept looking over because something about the dude was familiar....  (I'm not gay!)  Turns out I've chilled with this dude before and he goes out to a sports bar here on Fridays.  So now I have a social safety net in that venue.

Ok back to chicks:

She's a 6 but had a really big nice looking ass.  She's black.

She went up to buy something, I say "how are you?"

She says fine.

Me:  Are you doing school work?

Her:  I'm studying

Me:  What are you studying?

Her:  Pharmacology.

Me:  That's stuff sounds hard.

Her:  No it isn't.

I get my drink.  Then walk up to her.

Me:  Nice to meet you my name is RedGlass1.

Her:  Nice meeting you.

I go get a straw for my drink.

I walk back up to her and ask her if she has facebook.

Her:  My boyfriend will get mad.

Me:  What's your name?

She tells me her first name but then says she has a crazy last name.  It's a long different name, from some foreign country.

I look her up but can't find her.

Me:  Just give me your number.

Her:  No I can't.

Me:  I'll text you.

She refuses.

Then she asks for my name, I tell her and she says she'll look me up.  Not gonna happen but who cares.

And that was the only decent set in the bookstore.  This small town is really small.
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Text Cashier Chick.

Me:  I hate you!

Her:  Who is this?

Me:  Grandma :p

And that was it lol.

Been getting into Cise Star. Really peaceful music IMO.

I'm going to text Cashier Chick again tomorrow. Maybe call I dunno.

I also have another chick I keep in contact with.  She had a bad childhood and was into drugs and is a constant liar.  Like she can have people in the room with her and I could ask her if she has anyone in the room with her and she'll tell me no.

She's one of the cutest chicks I've ever met though and I wish she wasn't all fucked up.  I'm surprised I didn't catch anything when I banged her without a condom back in Hawaii.
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2 daygame sets today.  Both blowouts.  Nothing interesting enough to put here.

I was going to go out Friday night but I was nearly falling asleep all day at work so I didn't.

Definently have a date with religious girl.  I don't know if I'll be banging her, she's 20 something and still a virgin.

Edit:  Oh yeah I like the feeling that I get when I open.  Feels good.  :)

I used to be friggin all stressed out when I opened.
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I opened 2 sets today.

One when I was at the library doing my final.  I talked to her for a little bit but when I asked her for her name she ignored me.  I asked her again and she ignored me again so I stopped talking to her.
It went like:

Me:  Do you have allergies?  (her eyes were red)
Her:  No I've been crying.
Me:  Did your dog die?
Her:  No that's what it looks like doesn't it.

Later on she was near me so I asked if she felt better.  She said no then I asked for her name and she ignored me.

I was feeling fear about talking to the 2nd set I saw.  I opened and found out was too young after talking to her.  I made a hasty retreat.


I think I need to use more statements when I talk.  And challenge the girl and stuff after I learn what that is.
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Oh yeah with for my health I think I will take up running.  I can't do it near my house, too many dogs.  So I think I'll have to suck it up and burn some gas to go to the track.

On another note I asked my Dad about when he saved some pilots from crashed planes.  In Saudi Arabia he had his nose burnt from the hot air from the Jet.  That was during desert storm.  He got a medal for saving that pilot.  After pulling the pilot out of the plane he was told by the pilot that he had not dropped his bombs.  So there were cluster bombs scattered all over the place and he had ran through them to get to the plane, lucklily not touching one.  He had the pilot hold a flashlight while he was carrying him so they wouldn't run into any bombs.

Another time was in Korea I believe.  For that one he just got a pat on the back, no medal.

I know in one of the incidents everyone ran away from the plane and my Dad was the only one that ran toward it and got the pilot out.  Bullets from the plane were blowing up so that's why people ran away.

My Dad is my hero and inspiration.  Approaching chicks REALLY isn't that hard when it comes down to it.

My Dad really doesn't talk about Iraq or Afganistan that much.  He once mentioned how people were killed so he'd be around today and that was that.
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Did 1 approach yesterday.  McDonald's drive through, went direct, she said she has a bf.  Ran some errands but saw 0 attractive girls when I was out.

Saw a girl at the bookstore that I went to see a movie with last year.  I escalated fast and was rubbing her clit from the outside of her panties like 15 minutes into our date.  Then she left me in the middle of the movie.  She was nice today.  Apparently in the past she tried to get some guy to try and kick my ass.  I said "want to come chill" she said "no I have no time, I'm always with my boyfriend."

The dosage on my meds got increased, made me feel like complete shit again, I'm going to stick with a low dose and get a medication that counteracts that bad effects.  The feeling the meds gave me sucks so bad, it'll be the 4th time I think I've had it happen.  I felt so bad I literally will wish I would die or something so the pain will end.

I got better hours at work now which I've been wanting for a long time, so going out Friday and Saturday night is now an option.  I will go out as long as I'm not too tired.  Sometimes during the day I'll get so tired I have to drink coffee to stay alert.  It might be because of my meds.

Also I wacked off today so I'll be starting my 3 month fast today again.

For health I think I'm going to do walks at the track with my weight vest on.  It goes up to 90 pounds.  I'll start with 20 pounds.


DON'T DO DRUGS EITHER, doing drugs really wasn't worth the bullshit I'm going through.
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I was supposed to get out of work last night at 3am.  Had to cover for a guy since he collapsed in his lawn and had to go to the hospital.  I end up getting relieved by 2:20 or so.

So I roll in the restaurant connected to the gas station.  I order food and wait for it.  I notice some black girl go up to the counter and lean over it doggystyle to talk to someone on the other side.  I stare like a pervert.  Maybe not like a pervert but I stare.  While I'm waiting I go and buy a honeybun and it turns out she's working in the front counter of the convience store.

I talk to her, just bullshitting about how I have a co-worker that collapsed and stuff.  I introduce myself and shake her hand, she asks for my name.  I qualify her, which Jeffy's book really helped me get how to do it.  From the look on her face and the way she was acting it seemed pretty obvious that she was into me.  I buy my hunny bun and she says bye and I walk off.

In a minute I decide to grab her number.  So I walk back, she's busy so I go to the bathroom.  When I come back I decide fuck it and stand in line.  When I get up to her I say what's up and that she seems cool and cute and "give me your number."  She laughs out loud for like 15 seconds and I think I'm going to get rejected, then she starts pulling out reciept paper to put her number on.  I pull out my phone and get her number.  She asks me to call her phone so she has my number.

I tell her if she doesn't answer my call I will punch her.  She laughs.  She's busy and I gotta go grab my food so I say bye and leave.

Then after I'm asleep at home for an hour and a half I get a call from her.  I barely remember this because I kinda sleep answered the call.  She said something about how she called me on accident and I was like "I'll talk to you later."

I read Get Laid or Die trying.  It's not an instructional book, but I got a lot of helpful info about qualifying out of it.

Might go out tonight idk because I didn't get much sleep.  I hope this girl doesn't call me in the middle of the night anymore.
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If you don't mind me asking - seeing as you're still struggling with the meds and all - what drugs did you do and for how long etc - just curious as I may be able to give you some more advice.

I smoked weed when I was younger for about 6 months everyday and it gave me a chemical imbalance where I had too much dopamine and went on the anti-psychotic Solian - - The Psychiartrist said I could have developed schizophrenia if I continued to smoke it and also that the chemicals would have went back to normal over time if I didn't drink alcohol, so I couldn't drink for a year, the duration from when I started taking the meds to when I stopped. I'm completely sane now - I promise lol
  TOOBAD *Parental Advisory* Awesome Adventures Ahead - A Journal - Alexander~ Sydney Bootcamp of Unproportionate Glory - Feb 26-28 - [/u][u]
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