November 21st, 2018
Dont let them school ya, oh no
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Hey guys, not gonna do a big intro, but hopefully will commit to getting these things down so i can show my grandkids one day.

Ok ,its tuesday night and i'm feeling it, so txt up the gang to see who's keen to head out. Short answer, no one.

Not to worry solo it is.

Hit up the spot and there's a decent crowd in. Hottie backpackers fresh off the boat; giddyup!

Get a beer and chat to 2 brits while i'm there at the bar, they're friendly enough. Spill my beer on the bar, i'm all class, but i'm having a good time and they dont seem to mind.

Couple of funny things happened, i point to her jewellery (broach necklace thing) with my beer and she practically jumps out of her seat, i was going to ask her about it but maybe she thought i would wet t-shirt her or something, haha not sure. Also the bouncer comes over and jabs her in the ribs and goes away again, then repeats it with the friend a minute or so later.

Not sure what to make of that, pretty sure the girls landed 2day so he wouldn't know them that well. Being protective maybe? dunno. Its odd but i think he's just frustrated, he's got a pony tail so that explains alot.

Anyway roll out and open 2 guys, they're irish and kinda chodey, ask them about their travels ,etc. Notice 4 set dead ahead and get some good eye contact, more on them later.

Get a txt from lips, he's heading in, sweet. He gets there and asks who i'm with, i point to the irish boys. I make him feel better about himself just by being old, fuck it, he looks like a freshfaced schoolboy :]

We get a round and go to sit down , i say im opening that 4 set and leave him on the sofa. Roll up and say hey guys was meaning to say hello earlier but blah blah and stuff. Set flys open,they're friendly and cool girls. Ask them to invite lips over and they do.

I get isolated with a petite american girl, fun and feisty, just my type. We see a guy with a jug, woah they serve jugs now, sweet grab one 4 me and lips and return with no glasses. End up drinking from the jug, it was like uni again, no one cared.

Good times ensued, there's lots of playful banter and clowning around and getting physical( something i always do now thanks to ozzie). At one point i poke her in the breast, she doesnt even blink. Then i'm grabbing her ponytail she had a small one, and tell her its perfect to hold on to.

I'm giving her laser like eye contact and getting so close our foreheads are touching but dont go for the makeout. She tells me about her perfect penis, i get her to desribe it,  tell her it sounds like mine. Thought i'd fucked things up tho when i kneed her square in the box and she disappeared for 10 mins. She came back and i apologised and held her, it was a beautiful tender moment.

I look over and see 2 girls competeing for lips' attention, farging outstanding bro! Eventually things are winding down and its 2am and the bar is closing.

While all this was going on various dudes are approaching and hanging around, we give them names, vanilla ice etc. One guy asks me if my girls my gf and i tell him thats my wife bro, haha.

Anyway we're in the foyer and she's there with some guys who were hanging around but not really competition, should've just grabbed her hand and lead her out but she follows me out anyway.

We sit down on the steps and she has a smoke, i tell her im dying, she says move to this side and i do but it doesnt help that much. She finishes her smoke and we're just sitting there, there's no one around. I pick her up and put her in my lap and we start making out.

Things are getting pretty steamy and i'm rock hard, i say 'fuck it' out loud and take my dick out. She strokes it 4 a bit then starts going down on me, holyfuck! I have a quick scope around but the coast looks clear and just enjoy the moment for a while. She's saying all sorts of filthy things, like she wants to ride me etc. Eventually we get up and she motions to the nearby beer garden (just a sectioned off area with chairs and tables) as a likely spot to fuck.

I'm packing connies so i think sweet and vault the barrier. Immediately some old codger comes out of nowhere from inside the bar(which was closed and no lights on) yelling and telling me to fuck off! Wtf! It was bizarre to say the least, i revault the barrier. Now he's on the phone giving my description to some one, i guess police but coulda been bluffing. Whatever i was completely thrown off, we have a laugh about it, i give her a hug and she goes up to her room.

I get home and kick myself realising we could've just found another spot and i've just missed out on some quality yankee poon. Ah well you lives and learns, it was a top nite either way.

God bless america(hope thats not trademarked) .
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Dont u go out in the rain. Dont go out in the pouring rain.

Its a wet friday nite, get the call up from mj, answer the call and meet up with him and his mate J, cool english dude.

One drink at the 1st bar. I've never been here before, its very chill, they're playing jimi hendrix. The crowds a real mixed bag, young and old some hotties and some notties. We shoot the shit for a bit then head round the corner to the japanese joint.

J opens a young 4 set, me and mj stall and mutter about how someone should wing. I go up and introduce myself and say i like tacos and rainbows ( read that in someone's fr) with good eye contact to the nearest one. She smiles but cant talk, she covers her breasts with her hands (i hadnt looked at them) its very sweet and innocent. The group leaves.

Head to the dancefloor and get out amongst it, the guys leave to get drinks and i'm out there alone, feeling self-concious but determined to push thru the pain barrier. Eventually i cave and go to sit down off to the side. On the way get opened by trollied and she motions for me to sit next to her friend where i was about to sit anyway. Engage the friend, she's english 34 and nice enough. I'm not doing much just being friendly and she's having a good time.

Milfs there with her partner and its clear to me they're helping the mate try to get some. They like me and i sit back and chill thinking this one's in the bag. Meanwhile trollied is hamming it up big time. She goes in for a kiss with english and gets denied. So she tries with me, i'm ok with it and aim up to recieve, little did i know she had a mouth full of whatever she's drinking and tries to shotgun it into my mouth. I've got no idea whats going on so most of it spills down my top, sigh. Then she tries to pull off some elaborate spin move overbalances and spills half her drink on my leg, double sigh.

Its after midnight and thinking that the friend wont last much longer try to work out logistics with english. Turns out she's here for a month and is 2 weeks in. I say cool we can hang out and have 2 weeks of mindblowing sex. This doesnt go down to well and she starts busting my balls about how i wouldnt say that to a kiwi girl blah blah. This is not in the bag.

Then to make things worse they pull out a camera and start taking snaps, nothing wrong there but english starts pulling in randoms off the dance floor to join in the shots, ok now i'm annoyed. I contemplate shoving one of them away with my foot (he was at the perfect height as i had the high ground) but just chilled. I think fuck this i'll just grab the number and catch up later, denied. I try to isolate english, denied. I go for the makeout, denied. There is no bag!

I now have a choice, hang in and hope for the best or bug out. I roll out without so much as a glance in her direction.

Head outside and there's some static going down involving the boys. J's fired up and mj's there trying to calm him down. I look the other way to see whats happening. There's some jay-z wannabe douchebag monkey fucker mouthing off and beating his chest. These fuckwits are a dime a dozen. Not knowing the full story i just try to back J up and telling him 'lets go lets go'. But he's not willing to drop it.

Bit of a standoff takes place and finally J throws down the gauntlet by removing his suit jacket and throwing it on the ground. This prompts said fuckwit to charge at us. I realise i'm closer to him than anyone else and think to myself this could be interesting and just stand my ground and do nothing. He pulls up 3 metres short of me and deploys more chests beating moves, it was farging comedic. To top if off his mate gets him in a headlock and chokes the life out of him; hilarity. We leave.

J's too fired up to carry on and goes home and me and mj head to the teener joint.

This place is super young on a thursday and not really my scene, but tonight it's alright.

We hit the dancefloor, mj's on fire clawing girls in and i'm super impressed. We're in primo state and whatever happens from here its already been a good nite. I grab a cutie by the hand and push her into an old indian guy. She runs away and he chases her and her friend around the bar benny hill style. I slap a girls arse twice then watch some douche come in and grind up on her while i did nothing. I knee another girl in the arse and tell her i want to use it as a pillow, she loves it. I open a 4 set and the one i talk to is married and welsh, after chatting 4 a bit i poke her in the breast and leave. Go back and they accuse me of molesting their friend, i say that was nothing and get a handful from her friend. Mj's asking girls if they wanna be the meat in the sandwich, good times.

I'm pushing the envelope and getting good reactions. But while all this was alot of fun nothing eventuated out of it. I wasnt able to escalate with any set. I realise i've got issues with pulling under 25's and its something i've got to come to terms with. Tonight was a big step in the right direction tho. Roll on saturday.
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So saturday rolls on and I head out to meet up with mj , zeph and his girl, and the cutie german me and mj number closed earlier that day.

After last nights alcohol fueled antics i decide i'm on the waters 2nite.

Town is pumping and we head to yc and hit the dance floor. Dancefloors packed and is 90% women. We're in the thick of it and look like the life of the party, get the cameras out and start hamming it up.

I'm not feeling it tho, even though i know this is gold with the social proof, i have a hard time dancing to music i'm not into so I bail to go do my own thing.

Wander aimlessly around observing the hotties in short skirts everywhere that i'm not banging. I'm looking for somewhere i can go and chat without yelling but the usual spots are quiet.

Give myself an internal bolocking which doesnt help my state much. Finally call it quits and go home and watch united vs city. Playa
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Big gap here, due to an earthquake crippling the city. Town is in complete shutdown .

Also, rolled my ankle pretty bad playing footy. So been sitting at home with a big fat purple and yellow foot, taking drugs, playing poker, watching world cup cricket  and pounding it mercilessly to lezzie porn. Can any1 say playa?

Hope to have something interesting soon.
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This will be brief, but chock full of goodness

Its sat nite and we're going full swank (ie . posh part of town). Someone once said u never go full swank, or maybe it was retard, i always forget.

Anyway, get there early and do some low key sets, nothing special. The boys arrive and general laughter and vibery ensues. There's boxing on the telly and we marvel at the chins of some schmucks on the tua undercard getting the snot pumelled out of them.

Eventually Mj claws in a 3 set of english, german and swedish girls. They're alot of fun and we end up spending a big chunk of time with them. Get isolated with the english one for a while. She's a wolves fan so bust her balls about that , its all good stuff.

During a lull in the action, spot a very cute petite girl behind me, mention it to mj turn around to open and shes gone. Later i see her again and shes close so open her with cant remember what. Anyway opens well and turns out shes spanish ( cant seem to avoid the foreign girls) and introduce her to mj as esmeralda.

Fast forward abit and im isolated with her, as i get close to her i realise she is gorgeous, stunning hazel eyes a solid 8. She's giving me serious fuck me eyes and im laser eye fucking her so just go in for the make out in the middle of the bar in front of everyone with no hesitation. She's into it and due to her voice being quiet have the perfect excuse to isolate her outside.

This is where things go abit pear shaped, she asks ' what is your background?' ie what do u do ? I'm loathe to tell her as i find that conversation boring and im basically a bum at the moment and not really into lying about it. She picks up on it and calls me out on it. I realise she's right and counter with amping things up physically. This doesnt go down well and she calls me rude and says shes leaving.

She goes to leave and hovers briefly about 2metres away, i tell her not to go half heartdly. But she disapears into the night. Not sure what to make of it cos it all happened pretty quickly. Definately could've played it better, she needed some comfort i guess.

Shrug it off and head back in to find the boys. They're turning up the lights and its time to leave, find english from earlier tell her we're leaving give her a hug and call her a babe. She mentions they're heading our way.

Get to the next bar and there's a queue. The girls join us but they wont let in the german as she too pissed. So number closed english b4 they jumped in a cab. She's 21 and mentioned how i'm the oldest guy she's given her number to. Be interesting to see what happens.
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